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Reasons that many women become angry include:


1. Upbringing. Daughters are often not treated or loved properly.  This is explained in detail below.


2. Social Reasons.

General.  As teens and adults, some are not treated well enough by men, and by the society, in general.  Many also end up in poor-quality relationships for various reasons.  This usually results in anger and depression.


3. Problems With Men. 

Biological programming.  Many women do not understand the biological programming of men that makes men sexually aggressive.

Negative attention.  Attractive women, in particular, attract lots of “bad” attention.  This often angers them, and they do not understand the cause. 

These women, in particular, often need to learn to dress more modestly, and to look less sexy if they want less negative attention.  However, some of them resent these restrictions upon their freedom.

More aware in some ways.  Most women are more aware in some ways than most men, so they often see aspects of the world around them more clearly than men.  They often resent the lies that men use to try to woo them, for example, and they often resent the coarseness and stupidity of some men (and some women, as well).


4. Physical Reasons. 

Brain fog.  Many young women, in particular, do not think clearly today, are chronically tired, and have some degree of brain fog.  This is related to their nutrition, use of vaccines and medical drugs, and other common insults to their health.

Copper.  Women’s bodies also tend to be high in copper, which accentuates all the emotions, of which anger is one.

Menstrual difficulties.  Young women’s menstrual cycles cause almost constant changes in their moods and energy level, and can affect their attitudes.  This can directly bring up anger, usually during the pre-menstrual phase of the cycle.  It can also lead to resentment of the entire menstrual cycling, especially if the cycle is painful or debilitating.

Reversed energy centers.  The seven physical energy centers of almost all women spin somewhat backwards.  This is a biological phenomenon.  If they correct this imbalance, women will find themselves less angry.  For details about this, please read Raising Girls.

More delicate bodies.  Women cannot “get away with” junk food eating, late nights, and other improper living habits as well as most men.  They are more delicate creatures, which is not a disadvantage unless they feel they must compete with the boys for how stupidly they live and eat.


Negativity.  These attributes of women also make many women quite negative.  This is not helpful for them, or for their friends and families.


Forgiveness.  The quality and process of forgiveness is very important for all women.  It is continuous and it requires effort.







Some people will disagree with the entire premise of this article.  I get emails from women, mostly, who say that the article is wrong.  They say that women are not angry, and in fact, men are a lot more angry than women. 

I do not doubt that many men are angry.  However, this article deals with women’s anger, and its causes.






Fathers and brothers.  Not loving a young girl properly is very common.  Here some may disagree, but I believe that all women want and require the love of a mature, detached, non-sexually involved man in their life.

It is a fatherly love that they crave.  It is basically the love of the Creator or God, but this begins, usually, with someone in human form.  Men, of course, need this, too.

Women also want and ideally need an excellent male role model.  This helps them to grow up centered and relaxed.  Then it is much easier for them to identify the right types of men to become involved with later in life.

When one’s father or older brother does not provide this role model, young girls become very angry, and it gets worse if they later marry men who are like their somewhat dysfunctional fathers or older brothers.

Several different scenarios of improper love for a daughter by a father or older brother are possible:


1. Spoiling.  Some fathers do not know how to be parents, or just don’t bother playing the role of parent.  Instead, they spoil their children to win their approval, or because it is easier than disciplining children.

2. Setting a bad example.  The father may be alcoholic, or a poor provider, or perhaps he mistreats and/or cheats sexually on his wife.  This can cause tremendous anger in a daughter.  It can turn to hatred that separates the daughter from her father.

3. Roughness. Some men are rough with their children.  Girls, in particular, definitely need some tenderness, especially when they are young, but also at all times.

4. Dislike for all children.  Some men (and some women) do not like having children around, and this can be felt by the children easily.  If a man does not like children, he should not have them.  The same is true of women, of course.

5. Intense sexual attraction between father and daughter.  This is not that common, but it occurs and can cause discomfort, separation, and rarely incest, rape or other serious problems.  At times, neither the girl nor her father fully understand the attraction.  They may even subtly encourage it, making it worse.

For example, a daughter might parade around scantily clad, for example, not realizing how it affects her father.  The man may also walk around with just a towel on, or less, not realizing how it affects his daughter.

6. Abusive.  Some parents abuse children, at times without understanding it.  Physical abuse includes beatings or inappropriate touching.  Emotional or mental abuse is more common and includes lying, yelling, ignoring, confusing, berating, denigrating, or making fun of a child.

7. Unavailable.  There are various ways parents, especially fathers, make themselves unavailable to their daughters:

A. Physical absence.  Fathers may be absent from the home due to work schedules, travel or other reasons.

B. Henpecked or intimidated by his wife.  Some men are hounded by their wives to such a degree that they basically give up on the role of involved parent.  Instead, they withdraw into their work, usually, allowing mother to raise the children.  This is common, sadly.  The basis for it is usually a very angry mother who secretly hates men and does not want a man around her daughter.

C. Personality clashes.  Sometimes there is a clash of personalities or wills between either parent and the daughter.  Dad may believe one way, while his daughter believes in a different way.  Instead of trying to resolve the issue, Dad may just withdraw.

D. Fear of intimacy.  Some fathers fear harming their daughter sexually in some way, so they avoid hugs, handshakes, or other loving contact with them.  This, I think, is a big mistake.  Girls need the love of a father, as it is can be quite different in effect and feeling from the love of the mother.  It also helps a young woman get used to the proper attention from men.

E. Emotionally stuck.  Some fathers do not know how to express feelings or to speak from the heart.  They are awkward and inept around their daughters, and may withdraw emotionally.

F. Other reasons for withdrawal.  Some fathers just do not relate well to women, often due to their own unresolved and unforgiven traumas.  This can affect a young girl who cannot understand why her father is distant, seems mean, or acts strangely in some way.


Mothers.  Many mothers secretly or openly resent and hate men.  They may either overtly or secretly teach this trait to their daughters.

Some mothers spoil their daughters, while others are abusive in various ways.  The mother’s influence can thus be very positive, or be quite negative and cause intense anger in a young girl that carries on for the rest of her life, or until she matures to a great degree.




            In general.  Many teens and older women experience less than ideal treatment from men and from society, in general.  This is changing, fortunately, but sometimes old attitudes that women don’t think clearly, are not in charge, are stupid, and so on persist. 

This can cause intense anger, especially in more intelligent women who want to discuss things such as what is wrong with the car or the plumbing, or the electrical system of their home.


            Bad values and lifestyles.  This is a large problem in Western societies today.  Women have been sold a pack of lies that the Bible is just a bigoted, homophobic, anti-woman book and that religious values are stupid.  This is a complete lie, by the way.  Judeo-Christian values work, and are the only ones that work well.

              Many women today have not been exposed to religious values in a positive way, and have been discouraged from learning about them.  This is to their great detriment.

            Instead, they have learned so-called liberal, socialist and progressive values, and left-wing victim thinking.  This leads them to enter sexual relationships without marriage and to shack-up and “play house” without much commitment, in many cases.  It also leads to more rapes and other abuse.  All this results in tremendous anger, even if it is hidden or suppressed.




Many women do not understand that :


1. Men are biologically programmed to stare at women, and to think of having sex with them.  This helps reproduce the species, and it cannot be changed.  It is not “gross” or disgusting, although it can feel that way.  It is biological programming, and women must get used to it.  A few men have gone beyond it, but very few.


2. Certain body parts of women such as their breasts and legs are particularly “attractive” biologically, so the men’s eyes go there.  Some men know how insane this is, but most men have a lot of trouble changing this programmed behavior.

Hating men for this won’t change it.  Understanding it and learning to forgive  helps a woman not to be angry all the time.


3. Many men do not know what love is about, and they confuse sexual desire with love.  This is unfortunate, but many women turn around and hate men for it, when this is not the solution. 

The solution is to understand biological programming and start forgiving.  Also, keep your body well-covered up and avoid tight clothing, lots of makeup, sexy outfits, flirting, and other things that many women do.


4. Women are often more sensitive than men, in general.  Instead of appreciating their sensitivity, some just resent what they see as the boorishness and stupidity of many men.  This can easily turn into a generalization about all men, with anger and hatred against half the human race.  It then affects and often ruins their relationships with all men.




Fatigue and brain fog.  Many women, especially some younger ones, are unhealthy.  Many suffer from brain fog, or lack of mental clarity.  This can result in anger because they cannot think and process information well.


            Higher copper and lower zinc.  Women have higher copper levels and lower zinc levels than men.  Copper enhances ALL the emotions, including anger.

In addition, many girls and women today are badly copper toxic.  In other words, they are overloaded with copper.  It begins with getting too much copper in utero from their copper-toxic mothers. 

The problem is made much worse by vaccines, medical drugs, especially antibiotics, poor quality and deficient diets, vegetarian-leaning diets, and later by the use of the birth control pills, the birth control patch, and the copper or hormone-containing IUDs.  For much more on copper, read Copper Toxicity Syndrome on this website.


            Menstrual difficulties.  Women go through almost constant changes in their mood and energy level during their monthly cycles.  This is annoying, at best, and terribly frustrating and anger-producing if the cycle is painful or debilitating.

Men, of course, do not have the same problem, which also makes some women angry and resentful.  Part of the problem is that womanhood and motherhood have been denigrated in the modern liberal value system, worsening women’s self-esteem and also causing more anger for some women.


            Reversed energy centers.  This is rather esoteric.  However, most women are born with the seven physical energy centers somewhat reversed, which means spinning incorrectly.  This can be changed, though it is not always easy.  A good upbringing is critical for this, as it is easier to shift when one is young.

              Reversed energy centers often give rise to anger, negativity and some depression in women.


More delicate bodies.  Women are more sensitive than men.  It is a good thing for them, not a disadvantage.

A pernicious lie is that male and female bodies are basically the same.  More women than men are exhausted and ill today from poor quality diets and unhealthful lifestyles, such as staying up too late or working too many hours.  This can result in anger and other problems for women.



            Forgiveness is a great secret to letting go of anger and other negative emotions.  Here are a few comments about it.

            1. It is a long process.  One cannot say “I forgive this or that”, and expect all trace of an incident or trauma to go away.  One must repeat the prayer or request for forgiveness over and over.

2. A nutritional balancing program may be needed, and in all cases will help with forgiveness.  The program helps the mind work better, increases adaptive energy needed for processing traumas, and helps balance and relax the body and brain so they function better.


For much more on this topic, please read Forgiving and Forgiving Parents on this site.



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