By Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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Reasons that many women become and remain angry are:


            1. Bad values and lifestyles.  This is a large problem in Western societies today.  Women have been sold a pack of lies by the so-called liberal, secular, humanist, socialist, progressive, left-wing mass media, entertainment and education establishments.   Among the worst lies are:

1. Male and female bodies are basically the same. 

2. The Bible is just a bigoted, homophobic, anti-woman book and Western religious values are stupid and wrong.

3. Men are just stupid, boorish, vile creatures who only care about sex.

The effects of these lies on modern women have been devastating.  They lead women into poor quality relationships, unhealthy eating and lifestyles, shacking up instead of marriage, many more rapes, unhappiness, depression and plenty of anger.


2. Women are very sensitive and pick up the vibrations or energy of planet earth, where there is a lot of anger.  Men are partly to blame, but plenty of the anger on planet earth is due to the thoughts, words and actions of women and girls.


3. Some women of all ages are quite immature in regard to men’s nature. The truth is that all men are biologically programmed to stare at women’s bodies, and to think of having sex with them.  It is the plan of nature to help reproduce the species, and it is not likely to change.

Women need to learn this and accept it fully.  This means learning that certain thoughts, words, deeds, styles of dress and activities are always unsafe for women.

Instead of accepting the biological truth, many women think that men are just gross, disgusting, infuriating, sexist, male chauvinistic and misogynistic (meaning they hate women).

A few men understand their own nature well and refuse to play along.  However, they are often the sensitive, “nerdy” men.  But they are much less likely to approach a woman for a date, for example, because they are less hormone-driven.

Even when these men do approach women for friendship and dating, many women find them less attractive and don’t want anything to do with them.  As a result, most women have never even met one of them.  The men they meet are the hormone-driven, sexually aggressive types and they are the worst in this area.


4. Women, especially attractive women, are often spoiled by their parents, by men, and by society, in general.  They are given nice clothing, jobs, money and other things just because they are attractive.  This is harmful for the women and it, too, makes some of them angry.  It is not love, though that is what this form of adoration is called.


5. Women have higher copper levels than men, and are often toxic with copper.  Copper is the emotional mineral.  It affects brain chemistry in ways that cause a person to become more emotional, and anger is one of the most common of these emotions.  For much more on copper, read Copper Toxicity Syndrome on this website.


6. Women are more fearful than men and more likely to project their fear as a way to get rid the feeling.  Women, in general, are more fearful than men because they are physically weaker and smaller than most men, and for other reasons, as well.

However, living in fear all the time is very unpleasant.  A common way to deal with this is to project the fear, and this results in anger.  In other words, anger is fear that one projects.

Instead of thinking I am afraid all day, one says to oneself, it is someone else’s problem and someone else is to blame.  This is the essence of anger.


7. Negative attention.  Attractive women, in particular, attract lots of “bad” attention.  This often angers them.  These women often need to dress more modestly, and to look less sexy if they want less negative attention.  However, some of them resent these restrictions upon their freedom.


8. Reversed energy centers.  The seven physical energy centers of almost all women spin somewhat backwards.  This is a biological phenomenon that is difficult to correct.  However, if a woman corrects this imbalance, women find themselves less angry.  For details about this, please read Raising Girls.




            Forgiveness is a great secret to letting go of anger and other negative emotions.  Here are a few comments about it.

            1. It is a long process.  One cannot say “I forgive this or that”, and expect all trace of an incident or trauma to go away.  One must repeat the prayer or request for forgiveness over and over.

2. A nutritional balancing program may be needed, and in all cases will help with forgiveness.  The program helps the mind work better, increases adaptive energy needed for processing traumas, and helps balance and relax the body and brain so they function better.

For much more on this topic, please read Forgiving and Forgiving Parents on this site.


              Understanding.  Knowing the information in the first part of this article can help one to forgive and let go of anger.



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