by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

© December 2010, The Center For Development


All information in this article is for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.


            Many people are interested in healing themselves, but not all are ready for a complete nutritional balancing program.  Here is the way to begin on your own, with an inexpensive, but still very good starting program.


1. Start going to bed by 8-9 PM and sleeping at least 9-10 full hours each night.  Also, consider taking a nap in the afternoon.  This may seem like a lot of sleep.  However, most people need this much rest for a while, as most people have what is called a sleep deficit.  After a few months, you may find you do not need the nap, but it is excellent to continue it if you find it helpful.


2. Get some fresh air daily and do deep breathing daily, at least for 15-30 minutes per day or more.  This will help oxygenate the body and feels good as well.


3. Walk: 1x/day, at least three times weekly or more for 20-40 minutes each time.  Walk slowly and gently on fairly level ground.  Do not overdo or try to do more.  More is not better.


4. Consider purchasing an ozonator/ionizer air purifier.  A good one that is not too costly is the Better Living unit available at and elsewhere for about $200.00.  Place this in your bedroom turned up about halfway, so you breathe the ozonated air all night.  It is not dangerous, though some health authorities say it is.


5. Drink three quarts or more daily of spring water or carbon-only filtered tap water – and no other type of waters.  Do not drink reverse osmosis water, “drinking water” or alkaline water.


6. Diet – Begin to follow the slow oxidizer diet, as described in the article on this website.  Also, begin to practice excellent eating habits as well such as only eating sitting down, peacefully, chewing thoroughly and not eating too fast or on the run. 

The only exception is if one is sure one is a fast oxidizer.  In this case, one needs to follow the fast oxidizer diet.  However, about 85% of people are slow oxidizers. Only a properly performed hair mineral test can tell for sure, however.  Symptoms are not a good guide.

However, if you are craving more fats and oils, you may need the fast oxidizer diet for a while.  Also, all babies and children up to the age of 3 to 6 may follow the fast oxidizer diet.


7. Work to avoid all types of toxins, including toxic food chemicals, most prescription and over the counter drugs, handling all chemicals, pesticides, toxic skin care, cosmetics, metals, solvents and other toxins.  If you have silver/mercury amalgam dental fillings, start having them removed unless you have active cancer, in which case wait always wait until the cancer is definitely in remission.


8. Sauna therapy. Use a sauna daily, if possible, or at least three times per week.  The best is a near infrared light sauna.  Read about it on this website at Sauna Therapy.  You could also use a far infrared or traditional type of sauna, but these are not quite as good, particularly a traditional sauna, which is often too hot and not as clean if it is in a public place.


9. Take the basic supplement program we recommend for practically everyone today, including (adult dosages):


 - EPA-DHA: from fish oil, about 900 mg every day. Alternatively, you may eat sardines, 3-4 cans per week for adults. Avoid all other fish and shellfish due to their mercury content.  Sardines are very small, and for this reason are less contaminated.

 - Vitamin D3: 4000 iu of vitamin D3 each day.

- Kelp: if tolerated, 3-6 capsules per day of 500-600 mg capsules.

 - Calcium and magnesium: About 750 mg calcium chelate, citrate or lactate and 450 mg of magnesium chelate, citrate or other.

 - A digestive aid is also good for most everyone.  We prefer one with ox bile and pancreatin, rather than the vegetable enzymes or betaine HCL and pepsin.


Additional procedures you can do yourself, using the instructions on this website:


1. Coffee enemas: 1/day for 1 year or more.  These are extremely helpful for most people if done properly, and are very safe, in our experience.  Call if you experience anything very unusual.  Most people will pass parasites, colonies of yeast and other foreign material at some point.


2. Work with a good chiropractor.  An adjustment every month or more, if desired, is helpful, particularly if you are undergoing a lot of change or if you are very out of balance.


4. Work on simplifying your entire life style so that you have much more time for resting, relaxation and joy in your life.  The hectic lifestyle of most people is not conducive to healing and definitely not conducive to mental and spiritual development.


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