by Lawrence Wilson, MD

© March 2012, The Center For Development


            At this time, I strongly recommend using only Analytical Research Laboratories or ARL for hair tissue mineral testing.  The reasons are:

1. Accuracy.  This lab appears to be the most reliable and accurate lab for this testing.  This is because they do not wash the hair at the laboratory, and their methodology and care are very good.  To read about how important this is, read Controversy In Hair Mineral Testing.  Also, they are the only lab that automatically repeats testing a mineral at no charge if a reading comes back far outside the normal range.

2. Their graph is the easiest to read, by far.  In fact, most other labs do not even list the ideal mineral levels, which are absolutely required for interpreting the test using nutritional balancing science.  The other labs often just list ranges and standard deviations from normal. This is not adequate.  To read more about this important problem, read Controversy In Hair Mineral Testing.  The design of the graph is also important, and that from ARL is by definitely the best I have seen, so far.

3. Their interpretation profiles are the best.  I am biased, however, as I consult for them, and helped to design their interpretation profiles.

4. Their dietary and supplement suggestions are the best.  This is very important, by the way.

5. Their brand of supplements, called Endomet Labs, are superb, better than others.  While the supplements are not all food-based, our results with them are better than with other brands of supplements, at a lower cost, in my experience.  I am aware of all the arguments in favor or food-based and 100% natural source products.  However, our results are best with the Endomet supplements.  For more on this topic, read Food-based Supplements.

Beware of false advertising and that many excellent natural product companies are being secretly bought out by drug companies.  They are cheapening and damaging some products secretly, such as those by Shaklee, Carlson, and even Standard Process, in my view.


Having said this, however, I believe a few of the supplement recommendations can be improved.  I have discussed this with them, and some day I hope the changes will be made in the computer and put on the interpretation reports.  In the meantime, the main changes are discussed in this article.  I am also available to assist doctors and nutritional consultants  to interpret hair analyses.  Any doctor or nutrition consultant who is interested may call me at (928) 445-7690.

The following suggestions are divided into changes for all programs, followed by specifics for fast and slow oxidizers, and a few other situations.




1. Dietary Aids.  Give GB-3 at all times unless it causes diarrhea or severe cramping.  There are at least 6 or 7 reasons why this product is superior to Betaine Hcl-pepsin that the computer recommends currently, at times.  Sometimes the computer fails to recommend any digestive aid.  Always give GB-3, if possible.  To read more about GB-3, click here.

            Children:  Most young children enjoy a little GB-3 ground up in their food.  Older children may not like its taste and smell, unfortunately. 

Exceptions:  If a client cannot tolerate even 1/2 a GB-3 per meal, substitute Enz-aid or Betaine Hcl-pepsin.  These could also be used along with GB-3, but this is not necessary in most cases.  Eventually, give GB-3 to everyone, if at all possible, as it has many benefits.


2. Always replace Ova-adren with Thyro-complex or Endo-dren.  The ARL computer currently recommends Ova-adren for some women with PMS or menopausal symptoms.  However, I much prefer Thyro-complex  if the potassium level is between 1 and 4 mg$%, or Endo-dren if the potassium level is above 4 mg%.

            The problem with Ova-adren, a product designed to increase estrogen production, is its high copper content which upsets some peopleÕs bodies.  Also, the herbs it contains are a little toxic.

Most cases of menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes will respond to enough Thyro-complex.  In some women, however, they may need other support such as adding boron, 3 mg, at 1 to 3 daily.  Only if this fails, would I suggest adding Ova-adren, only if all other methods fail for hot flashes.  I do not recommend progresterone cream or pills, however, and very rarely is this needed.  Taking hormones definitely and always upsets the delicate hormone balance, and should only be done if the adrenals or thyroid glands have been surgically removed or are not present for some other reason.  To read more about this topic, read Hormone Replacement Therapy.

Lifestyle is also critical for menopausal symptoms   More rest and sleep can be excellent as well, along with an excellent diet and a low-stress lifestyle.


3. I omit Endo-C-1000, Endo A-C, Super Vital E, Pyridox, Thym-adren and Magnesium in almost all cases.

              Although Dr. Eck recommended these in most cases, they add many tablets and I think they are less needed.  Some of all these are in Megapan and other Metabolic Paks.  All these products are helpful in certain circumstances, but not for most people.


4. Add EPA-DHA 300 at a dose of 1-1-1 to all adult programs.  Everyone needs about 1000 mg daily of extra omega-3 essential fatty acids.  Deficiency of the omega-3 fatty acids has to do with farming and livestock practices, the widespread use of vegetable oils, and perhaps other factors.  This is not an optional product for many people today, in my view.

Exceptions. No supplement is needed if one consistently eats three or four cans of sardines weekly.  Salmon and tunafish also contain omega-3 fatty acids, but they are too high in mercury to recommend.  Everyone who eats salmon or tunafish on a regular basis has high mercury levels on their hair mineral tests, in my experience.  This is sad, but true.

Supplements of hemp or flaxseed oils are also okay, though they may not be as good as the fish oil.  I do not recommend products containing omega -3,6,9 and I do not recommend krill oil, as it is slightly toxic and may leave a residue in the liver.

Children over the age of about 4 also need some omega-3 fatty acids.  In fact, it is a very important product for children.

            Pregnant and lactating women all definitely need about 1000 mg of extra omega-2 fatty acids.  Overlooking this fact by the medical doctors and public health authorities and the government, especially during pregnancy, is basically criminal.


5. Add 4000-5000 iu daily of vitamin D3 for all adults.  Most people need far more vitamin D than is contained in foods, most supplements including those from Endomet Labs, and that which one can get from sunbathing or living out of doors.  This is newer research since Dr. EckÕs death and needs to be added to the nutritional programs.  Endomet Labs sells an excellent 5000 iu vitamin D3 capsule.  However, the computer does not recommended it for anyone at this time.

Children need a little less, but also need extra vitamin D3 after around age 4 in most cases.  They may take 5000 iu once a week if under age 10 or so, and one every other day if older than 9 or 10.

Exceptions. I have seen no exceptions to the need for vitamin D3.


6. Kelp – Add six capsules of about 600 mg each, or about a teaspoon of kelp granules or powder to most all adult programs, if tolerated, but only the following brands: NatureÕs Way or Endomet capsules, or Frontier Herbs or Starwest granules or powder. 

Other brands, sadly, are toxic for some reason.  This may have to do with drug companies buying natural food companies and ruining the products.  To read more about this awful trend, click here.

Kelp is a wonderful source of all the important minerals to help remineralize the body.  It is also an excellent natural source of iodine, a mineral most people are deficient in due to their diets, but mainly due to exposure to excessive chlorides, bromides and fluorides in the air, water and food.  Kelp will help correct a low thyroid condition faster than any other single product.  While it is found in several other products often used on nutritional balancing programs, there is simply not enough of it found there and a supplement is helpful for most everyone.

Capsules or granules are the best ways to take it because the tablets are so small that one needs to take 15 or so daily to obtain enough. The granules may be cooked with other foods, if desired, but have a slightly bitter taste.

            Children. Children often need kelp as well.  Small children can take one half to 2 per day, while older children can take 3 or 4 daily.

Exceptions: Reactions to high quality kelp by NatureÕs Way or Endomet are rare.  However, reduce it and work up slowly if one feels jittery, irritable or unable to sleep.  These are usually healing reactions and will subside in time.  If the patient is taking medication for hypothyroidism, the dose of medication may need to be reduced if kelp causes nervousness.   If kelp interferes with sleep, do not take the evening capsule or take more in the morning or at noon.  Patients with GraveÕs disease or hyperthyroidism may not tolerate it as well.


7. Paramin – Give extra, if needed, in these conditions:

            a. Muscle cramps or muscle tightness.

b. Some cases of anxiety, nervousness, or irritability.

c. Insomnia or trouble sleeping.  One can take more at supper and at night, even in the middle of the night and this is a simple sleep remedy for many people. 

Caution: Too much causes diarrhea, especially in children and babies, but it is not toxic at all.

Children: Children can often tolerate more Paramin than their size or age would indicate.  Therefore, it is an excellent product for all hyperactive, anxious, nervous or tense children, and may help with insomnia as well.  Some is excellent for all children, even if they donÕt want a hair mineral analysis.

Exception: Do not give as much Paramin during the day if it makes the client too sleepy.


8.  Endo-pan or Zinc – Give more if the sodium/potassium ratio is greater than about 5:1.

Dr. Eck always gave more zinc or Endo-pan to those with a high ratio of sodium to potassium, regardless of the zinc reading on the hair chart.  The computer program was changed after his death.  It now only recommends up to 1-1-1 Endo-Pan or Zinc.

Dosage Changes: If the sodium/potassium ratio is between:


5 -12                         give 1-1-2 zinc.

13 – 30                       give 2-1-2 Zinc.

31 or higher           give 2-2-2 Zinc.


Endo-pan contains a lot of pantothenic acid.  Therefore, do not give more than 3 tablets daily.  Also, give zinc instead of Endo-Pan to all fast oxidizers who do not need the stimulation of the pantothenic acid.


9. Optional extra products.  These are helpful for basically everyone, and necessary for a few people with extremely high toxic metal levels, high mercury and a few other cases.

The optional extra products are Renamide (2-2-2 or 1-1-1 for adults), Endo-Veggies (2-2-2 or 1-1-1 for adults) and Endomet Selenium (1-1-1 for adults).  Other brands of selenium are not quite as good for some reason.

Children: reduce the amounts of all of these according to a childÕs age and size.

Exceptions: none.


10. Optional - Replace Paramin with MCHC plus magnesium if the client is osteoporotic.  MCHC or micro-crystalline hydroxyapatite crystals, is a bone extract specifically designed to help build strong bones.  However, it is more costly and one must give magnesium with it, as it does not contain nearly enough, which means one must give more pills.  This is why it is optional only.

Dosage: Give about 1-1-2 MCHC instead of Paramin (1-1-1).  Be sure to add Magnesium (1-1-1) with MCHC to balance the calcium/magnesium ratio.  I hope some day the magnesium will be added to the MCHC, which is otherwise a superb formula.

              Note: If the client is taking more than 3 or 4 Paramins daily, only replace three or four of them.  Keep the rest of the Paramin, as it may be better than all MCHC for some people.

Exceptions: none.




            ChildrenÕs supplement programs are often more difficult to design due to age and weight differences in children, and other factors.  The ARL computer does not do as well with them.  Here are some new guidelines that I recommend you follow:


1. I do not use Endomins too often (the childrenÕs chewable multiple). Instead, I usually use adult products in very small doses for children. 




            1. Use Megapan all the time instead of Hi-B. The ARL computer used to give Megapan to all slow oxidizers.  This was changed after Dr. EckÕs death.  At present, some slow oxidizers receive Hi-B instead.  This is unfortunate, as Megapan is preferable and contains far more nutrients that everyone needs.

Dosage: Use 2-2-2 or perhaps 3-2-1 except:

a. With sympathetic dominance pattern.  In this case, reduce the dosage to 1-1-1 or even less.

b. Perhaps a few other cases, such as very mild slow oxidation or if one is concerned that the patient may be accidentally pushed into fast oxidation.


One may perhaps give Hi-B along with Megapan if:

a. The patient is severely depressed.  Always give extra B-complex for severe depression.

b. Perhaps if the calcium/potassium ratio is greater than 200:1, or if the Na/K ratio is less than 1:1.  Do not do this if the patient is in sympathetic dominance pattern.


3. Give either Endo-dren or Thyro-complex, but not both.  The computer sometimes recommends both products.  They are both excellent, but both are rarely needed and giving both adds cost and inconvenience.




As a general rule, do not give Megapan, or SBF to those in a four lows program.  The computer was changed, I believe, after Dr. EckÕs death to add these, at times.  Dr. EckÕs original concept for this difficult pattern of body chemistry consists of ONLY:


1. Paramin 3-3-3, or perhaps more for a low four lows pattern.

2. Zinc or Limcomin.

3. GB3 (work up to 3-3-3 or Enz-aid, 2-2-2 if GB-3 is not tolerated.  Betaine Hcl-pepsin would be okay, but not quite as good.)

4. Taurine at a dose of 2-2-2.


In addition, every adult needs kelp 2-2-2, GB-3 1-1-1 or more, and EPA-DHA 300 1-1-1 and vitamin D 1-0-0 or 3 cans of sardines weekly.  The extra optional products (see above section) may also be given with most cases of four lows pattern.




1. Drinking water.  This was not a priority of Dr. EckÕs.  However, I have added it as a basic aspect of all nutritional balancing programs.  It can make a huge difference!

Most people should begin a program with 3 quarts of steam distilled water each day, and none other.  After 3-6 months, most people need a quality spring water.  Many good brands are available and this depends upon where the person lives.  Once again, three quarts daily is needed.  Drinking a quart of water in the morning is a very good way to start the day.  If the water is warmed slightly, it is even better, and will often cure constipation as well.

            Strictly avoid reverse osmosis water, Òdrinking waterÓ, Òpurified waterÓ, and all alkaline waters.  Read labels and do not be fooled by fancy names for reverse osmosis water such as Dasani or others.


2. Adults need a daily amount of about 10-12 ounces of carrot juice, not more, and not green juice, though you can add a few greens to it.  This was also not part of Dr. EckÕs work and is not in the computerized reports.  However, it is extremely helpful for most people, especially women.  The carrot juice provides a form of readily available calcium.  It also provides many other essential minerals and vitamins.  A substitute is one or two ounces of wheat grass juice, but do not combine this with carrot juice on the same day.  Cautions with juicing are:


á           Use a real juicer, not a Vitamix or other blender.  Blenders do not break up the carrots enough and they mix it with too much water and air, which is not desirable. 

á           Do not add fruit to your vegetable juice.

á           Limit juice to 10-12 ounces daily.  More can make the body too yin in some cases and can interfere with digestion. 

á           Do not eat when drinking the carrot juice.  Wait at least 15 minutes afterwards before eating a meal to let it digest a little.


3. For severe depression, if necessary, add Hi-B or more Megapan.  You may always give some extra B-complex to anyone who is severely depressed and possibly suicidal.  This is mainly to protect the patient and the practitioner in the very rare case that a person harms himself or others.  B-complex can relieve the stress the depressed person feels.

Dosage: Use more Megapan, up to 4-4-4 or Hi-B 1-1-1 (even in fast oxidizers, but only with severe depression).

St. JohnÕs Wort may also be helpful in some cases of severe depression, though most research indicates it is best for mild to moderate depression.


4. Additional Procedures.  Five additional therapies or procedures help enormously to improve the results of the nutritional balancing program.  They are not in the computerized reports at this time.  However, they are fabulous, as many clients report to us, and may be added to most programs.  The only exceptions are listed below:


1. Sauna therapy.  Everyone except children under about age 5 can benefit greatly from near infrared LAMP sauna therapy.  Other types of saunas are not nearly as good.  Begin with 20 minutes once per day.  Slow oxidizers can do two sessions daily for 20 minutes each session, at first, working up to 40 or 50 minutes.  Those who are debilitated, or have a four lows pattern or a fast oxidation pattern should use the sauna just once daily.

The best times to use a sauna are first thing in the morning and/or last thing in the evening before bed.

Among the types of saunas, the near infrared lamp sauna is by far the best.  Ideally, every home should have one.  The far infrared type is second best and some of these can be converted to a near infrared type by adding lamps easily.

The traditional sauna found in gyms and health clubs is not as helpful.  The temperature is rather high, it is less comfortable and it does not penetrate the skin as do the infrared types.  Also, saunas in public locations are usually not as clean.

The cost of building an excellent lamp sauna is several hundred dollars.  We also offer a basic but very effective one for $579.00 at this time, including shipping in the continental US.  Read more about saunas on this site at Sauna Therapy.


2. Coffee enemas.  This is the fastest, safest and most powerful detoxifier of the liver and colon.  It is a wonderful addition to a nutritional balancing program for most adults.  Children can use them, but it is more trouble to convince them of it. 

I have extensive experience with them of over 30 years. They have proven to be very safe, inexpensive, simple to do at home and most powerful and helpful.  For more information about them, read Coffee Enemas.

A series of colon hydrotherapy sessions is also okay at the beginning of a nutritional balancing program.  However, do not do more than this, as they can make the body too yin by introducing too much water into the body.


              3. The Roy Masters meditation exercise with my modification.  This is a very simple, but very powerful and safe mental concentration and observation practice.  It is non-denominational, not a religion or cult, and not harmful at all in any amount.  This cannot be said of most other mental practices in my long experience with them.  It is good for everyone, although children and teens usually wonÕt do it.

            I would recommend it daily for 1 hour or more, preferably in two half-hour sessions in the morning and later in the day.  It is available on our website on a compact disc for $9.00 plus shipping, and free by clicking Meditation.  The changes occur slowly so one needs to practice it daily.  Its only disadvantage is that it requires some discipline, but one develops this over time.


4. Daily or twice daily 10-minute foot reflexology sessions.  This is a wonderful, free, and very powerful yet safe way to relax the body, balance the body, and develop the body in unusual ways.  Do it on yourself or have a friend or partner do it for you.  To learn more about it and view a map of the reflexes of the feet, read Reflexology.


5. The Spinal Twist daily or more often, if needed.  This is the most recent addition to a nutritional balancing program, and is helpful for most everyone.  To learn about it, read How To Help Adjust Your Spine.




            Endomet and Analytical Research Labs do not advertise much, but they sell all of my books, as well as all of my 21 compact disc nutrition programs, and they now sell Joyful Cooking, a cookbook by Joy Feldman, exclusively for nutritional balancing science.  These are all excellent resources.




            To help people begin a nutritional balancing program, or to help them stay on a program, two new services are:


1. Program support counseling.  Here is a link to this service: Program support counseling.


2. A residential nutritional balancing retreat.  Here is the link to this service:  Residential retreat.


            I receive no financial reward from either of these services. 


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