by Lawrence Wilson, MD

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                  This article is an accompaniment to the article entitled Retracing And Healing Reactions on this website.  That one is a general article, while this article is much specifically about a certain type of healing crisis or reaction that involves the whole body, and often the mind.  It also always has far-reaching consequences beyond just correcting a problem in the lungs, the stomach, or some other organ or system of the body.


                  Definition.  The so-called spiritual healing crisis is really an entire realignment of a person’s being and personality.  It may be said to be a reduction in chaos in the complex system of the body.  It is an integration process that I sometimes call personality integration, meaning that all aspects of a person begin to line up better or integrate better in an overall way.

                  It is also somewhat like the idea of an initiation in the old Oriental spiritual literature.  It is a time when you must test all that you have learned and achieved.  It is a time of testing, so to speak, and that is how it is like a form of initiation.  Unlike most initiation ceremonies, however, these are precipitated by the body, mainly, and not be a conference of your teachers, for example.  However, events in life along with events in the body often coincide or reinforce each other in unusual ways to aggravate or push one into the crisis or initiation.


                  Difficulties with this type of crisis.  This type of crisis causes us the most problems of any type, because the readjustment of the body and mind are so profound that some people do not want to go through it.  As a result, they hold back and continue with their old way of thinking and being.  They may even dig in their heels and actively resist the changes that they need to move through.

                  The reason this type is difficult is that it is natural for the body to resist change, and this is change on a very deep level, so the level of resistance can be rather high.  Also, as one approaches the crisis, the old way stops working as well, so the person works even harder to make it continue to work.  Also, the person often begins to feel tired and stressed in his or her older ways, and believes that this means one should stop moving forward, when, in fact, this is exactly what is needed.

                  Also, people start feeling worse and they stop listening to us.  They think they are getting worse, when in fact, they are just in a healing crisis, and their judgment is impaired.




In fact, one’s judgment is always impaired, and most impaired, during a spiritual healing crisis.  This is because these reactions or crises always affect the mind, not just the body.  So it does not matter if one believes that one’s mind is totally clear, or totally lucid.  The mind is always seriously affected.

                  Most of the time, the person is in a mixed state, with part of the personality in the present, while another part is the past cleaning up certain mistakes or traumas or other types of imbalances.  Yet another part of the mind is in the future, looking ahead to what is coming and trying to make sense of it, which is hard.  It may seem amazing that this could be taking place all at the same time, but many people report exactly this phenomenon.  The person is at the same time a 30 or 40 year-old adult, but another part of the person is a sad or unhappy 10 year-old, and yet another part is looking into the future, in fact, wondering where all this will lead and trying to get a handle on it before it bursts on the scene full-blown.  However, this is basically impossible because the future, by definition, is new and one has no reference points for it in one’s memory banks.  So the effort is futile, but people spend a lot of time trying to figure it out ahead of time instead of gently moving forward and trusting in God and “thy will be done”.  This is the correct solution to this problem.  These are the reasons why judgment is seriously impaired in all cases of spiritual or life healing crises that arise on nutritional balancing programs.




This is also one reason we insist that clients keep in close touch with their practitioner, and I am available if the situation is severe, which is rare, but it happens now and then.  If you try to handle this type of crisis on your own, you will often fail, or you will prolong the agony or damage the body by taking drugs such as anti-depressants, anti-anxiety pills or others to make it through the crisis.  Often the person gets stuck in the crisis and never fully emerges.  This is unfortunate, as it is not that hard to make it through with correct guidance and a correct nutritional balancing program.

                  At times, a new hair mineral analysis is helpful, but not always.  But guidance from an experienced practitioner is always needed.  I bring this subject up because these crises or retracing reactions are really quite exciting and represent significant movement forward and healing.  However, if they are not handled correctly, a person can get stuck at some level or point in the process and progress often stops for one’s entire life due to fear and other forces.

                  One may say that the spiritual healing crisis is a kind of turning point in a karmic way.  It must be handled correctly or the process stalls and one cannot move on properly.




                  The practitioner must take the time to explain what is going on and have the client read this article.  This is a must.  Also, the practitioner must know exactly what is going on, or contact me to confirm that something else is not occurring, such as just a stressful event.

                  Practitioners also need to take the time on the phone with these healing crises to “be there” for the clients.  They must also help the person to stay the course, in most cases, although in a few cases it is helpful to back off on the supplements and perhaps the use of the sauna for a day or two.  In general, however, the sooner one can get through the crisis, the better.

                  Practitioners must understand the high level of confusion and dissociation that can occur with these crises.  This is why they must “be there”, both mentally and in other ways to essentially love the person through the crisis and out onto the other side.  These are general ideas only, but are the most important ones to handle these situations with clients.



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