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Many people worship sex, almost like it is their god or perhaps their goddess.  In fact, in ancient Greece there was the goddess Eros, who was known for her erotic beauty and qualities.  Her name is the origin of our word erotic.  Sex is used to sell every product and service imaginable, and in this regard it is a type of god in our modern society.

However, the truth is that the sex act or sexual intercourse is merely the coupling of two bodies, and needed for the purpose of reproducing the species.  True, it causes a special tingling sensation in the body, and it can relax the mind and the emotions.  It also causes a subtle energy exchange and even some identity exchange.  So it is rather complex.  However, to just say it is beautiful is incorrect.  A more correct statement is to say that it can be a part of a loving relationship and it can assist people in some ways.  However, as most people know, it can also spread disease, make one ashamed and embarrassed, or worse, as those who have been raped know well.

In fact, regular sex is totally selfish and totally stupid if you want to be healthy and whole.  Sex is dependency on another person, unless you just masturbate which is not sex and is even stupider.  Read the article entitled Masturbation for more on this important subject.

Sex moves your energy downward into the sexual area instead of up into the realms of higher thought and higher emotions.

In fact, I would go so far as to say that the penis and vagina are not the most beautiful organs of the body, although Playboy Magazine devotees will disagree.  They are needed for reproduction, and the penis can do other things, for which reasons it used to be called the “wand”.  However, otherwise, they are just appendages and not that great.  So stop worshipping them, especially the ladies.

Ladies and girls, did you know that the more you use the vagina for sex, the larger and uglier it grows?  This is true because it distends and fills with evil thoughts and other things.  Ladies, keep the vagina small and you will live much longer and be much happier – much, much happier!

Men and boys, did you know that the more you use the penis for sex, the smaller it grows.  This is because you exhaust the vital fluids you should be keeping inside and finally you will be impotent when you die, which is sad.  Men, keep the penis strong and large by not using it much for sex.  You will live a lot longer and be much happier, too.




Sexual desire is simply a hormonal effect that helps reproduce the species, and nothing more.  Do not read more into it!

Husbands and wives, or loving partners can do plenty together that is pleasurable without inserting the penis, or if you do insert the penis, don’t ejaculate and don’t orgasm, ladies.  I know this suggestion is the opposite of what the psychologists and movies teach, but it is true. 

You can hug, you can touch, you can kiss a little but watch out, you can bathe together, perhaps.  You can shop together, do coffee enemas and perhaps use the sauna together, you can hold hands, rub each other’s feet and back, and more. 

You can also read together, talk together, work together, walk together, travel together, entertain together and so on.  All of these activities become quite sexy and wonderful when you are with someone you love.  If you do not enjoy these activities together, perhaps you are not with the right person.




            It is important for many reasons including one’s safety, health, self-esteem, and others.  It is also especially important if one is to progress with nutritional balancing science because too much regular sex, for any reason at all, whether out of love, or boredom, or seduction, or for any reason, tends to slow progress dramatically. 

This occurs because sexual fluids contain vast amounts of nutrients that are difficult to replace with foods and nutritional supplements.  If one has sex with fluid loss more than about once a week, one depletes these vital nutrients and progress in healing slows or even stops.  This is very important to understand, and perhaps is not clearly stated in some other articles and books I have written.




One result or implication of the above is that just having sex because you feel obligated, or you are bored, or you think it is fun, is actually rather stupid.  It just slows your progress on the path to healing and mental development, especially. 

It does this in many ways, not just nutritionally.  It keeps one’s attention focused on the lower energy centers of the body , for example.  This is always a selfish focus and one that impairs brain development that involves the upper energy centers of the body.

Sex also wastes a type of etheric or subtle energy as well, that can never be replaced, or in most cases is never replaced.  It also opens one to diseases if one engages in loose sexual behavior, and it opens women, particularly, to rape. 

This is unavoidable, ladies, by the way.  If you are having a lot of sex, you are automatically subject to rape, which can mean little more than that a man keeps going longer than you tell him to.  This is all it takes to deplete a lady sexually and effectively rape her.

Too much sexual activity is also a total waste of time, and often stimulates lewd and unclean thoughts, such as how great it would be to have sex with one’s non-marital friends, employees, employers, teachers, students, doctor, lawyers, and others with whom it is not appropriate or even nice to think about.

Another important problem in many, but not all situations, is that during orgasm, the aura or energy field opens up very wide, and both partners are mixed in a subtle energetic way.  In fact, a degree of identity exchange takes place in all cases. 

This is a very subtle concept discussed in more detail in the article on this website entitled Rape.   Some people notice that after having sex they are somewhat confused, unclear about their identity, and off their center or base. 

This can last for at least a week or two, or much longer in the case of rape, perhaps.  This mixing of the subtle energy fields can be positive, by the way, but often it is not, and it particularly upsets sensitive women, for example.  They think it is “love” or normal, but it is not necessarily so.

Another problem with a lot of sex, in some cases, is that sex is a common way that some people vampirize or steal subtle energy from others.  This is more common than one may imagine. 

This is a separate topic discussed in the article entitled Psychic Vampirism on this website.  It is, in fact, a very important topic of discussion in regards to sexual activity, but one that is beyond the scope of this article, except to mention that it is a factor in casual sex, in particular, but also in some marriages.  Giving up your energy and identity to others is an important cause of depression and illness, and even early death.  So for all these reasons, too much sex is not helpful, and it is not beautiful.

Another problem with focusing on sex as beautiful is that usually such people will worship youth, and will not respect, or even hate, themselves and perhaps others who are older and less beautiful looking or less sexy looking. 

Other problems are dressing in ways that are unsafe and definitely unhealthful, such as not wearing enough clothing to keep warm, wearing high heeled or fashionable shoes that deform the feet.  Others are wearing synthetic clothing that is toxic, or clothing that does not allow you to be comfortable at all times. 

Some fashionable or sexy habits cause horrible chemical toxicity and toxic metal poisoning such as dying the hair, wearing any nail polish at all, wearing lots of makeup, hair creams, body lotions with perfumes, and many toxic shampoos, hair conditioners and more.  This may seem trivial but it is not so, in fact. 

Teens, please pay attention and do not “doll up” the body with toxic junk cosmetics, hair sprays, hair colors and nail polish.  Think of your future babies and yourself and realize these chemicals are very bad for your health, no matter how sexy they make you look.

Older ladies and men, beware of the hair restoration, lasix eye surgery, and hundreds of cosmetic surgeries available to make you sexy.  You end up with a load of anesthesia and often foreign metals or plastics in the body that are harmful in the extreme in some cases.  They just shorten your life. 

Instead, for both young and older, begin a nutritional balancing program and you will “youth” or become and look your best.  Read the article on this website entitled How To Be Beautiful.

Even if you are not sexually active, the belief that sex is beautiful is always harmful because it is incorrect, and it drives women, in particular, to impure thoughts and the use of clothing, body care products and other things that are harmful.  It can also cause the masturbation habit, which is always harmful, as explained earlier in this article.




The mass media uses sex or sexual innuendo to improve its ratings, sell every imaginable product, and in other ways to draw people’s attention to what the producers and advertisers want. 

They do this mainly through images, at times through subliminal images and gestures, for example, and through the use of musical tones, voice inflection, dress, settings like romantic beaches with scantily clad ladies swimming among the dolphins, and much more.

They may not realize what they are doing, but in their efforts to win ratings and sell products, they are reinforcing and promoting the false belief that sex, of itself, is beautiful and good.  The answer is to shut off most of it, and realize the false nature of almost all of it.




Believing that sex, of itself, is beautiful serves to bring men and women together in close relationships.  This helps some people work out various issues and problems between them, and within each person.  In fact, some spiritual books and teachings say that close human relationships are our salvation.  This is another deep topic discussed in other articles on this website.

The idea also serves to ensure the continuation of the human species on earth, which, of course, is important to provide opportunities for experience for billions of developing souls like yourself and me, who wish to experience life on planet earth.

Believing that sex is beautiful might also teach a few other lessons.  However, this does not alter the deeper truth that sex, in and of itself, is not beautiful or special, although it causes a tingling sensation in the bodies that is interpreted as pleasurable.




            Sex feels good because this is the way the body machine is built, and that is all.  This does not make sex special or “meaningful”, and it definitely does not mean that sex equals love, which it does not.  To find out what love is, read the articles on love on this website such as Loving Versus Destructive Relationships And How To Tell The Difference.



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