By Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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All information in this article is for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.


            Seven basic pathologies are possible.   An older medical word for these tendencies is diatheses.  All can be discerned easily from a properly performed hair mineral test.  They are:


              1. A low Na/K ratio and a tendency for a bowl pattern.  Dr. Eck called a low sodium/potassium ratio The Give-Up Pattern.  It is often associated with physical nutritional deficiencies – especially a bowl pattern.  In acupuncture, this pattern is called Yin And Blood Deficiency.


              2. A four lows pattern.  This pattern is also called In The Tunnel Of Death.  It is often associated with hatred and self-hatred.


              3. A very low potassium level (less than 3).  This is autonomic nervous system burnout.  It is an important mental imbalance.  A related diathesis is a calcium shell pattern.


              4. A step up pattern, also called Stepping out of life.  This usually causes a sudden and quick death from a severe heart attack of the fast oxidizer variety.  The latter term means that all of the coronary arteries constrict due to a powerful sympathetic nervous system response.  As a result, the heart loses all of its blood supply within a second or two, and the heart attack is usually fatal. 

            It is to be contrasted with a heart attack due to a clot or thrombus in just one of the coronary arteries.  Most people survive this type of heart attack.


              5. A double low ratio pattern.  This is also called Double give up pattern.  It is associated with a desire to die, and a slower decline in health if the pattern persists.


              6. Extreme heavy metal toxicity.  This is a chemical give-up pattern.


            7. A “flat line” hair mineral analysis.  In this pattern, all the mineral levels are somewhat low, below the ideal levels, and the oxidation rate is usually fairly balanced.  This pattern is associated with old age and what may be called etheric giving up.  This means that the level of etheric energy is very low. Life cannot continue for long with such low etheric energy.




            If  a person shows more than one diathesis pattern, it is usually even more significant.




            If a diathesis that appeared on the initial hair test continues on the retest, it means:

a. Perhaps the person did not follow the program well enough, OR

b. The diathesis is serious and the body is still healing it, so it is still present.




            This generally indicates just a retracing and while it may cause temporary symptoms, it is less important than when the diatheses appear on an initial test.


            For more details about the diatheses or serious illness patterns, please read Serious Patterns on this website.





            Now let us contrast the above with their opposites – the seven joy patterns:


              1. The hill pattern.  This is an overcoming, a celebration and definitely a joy pattern.


              2. Coming out of four lows OR settling down into four lows.  Coming out of four lows pattern may also be called The return to life.  The pattern called Exploding Out Of Four Lows, which is just a more extreme coming out of four lows pattern, is even better.

            However, one can also feel joy when on a retest one has the pattern called Settling Down Into Four Lows.  This is a combination of:

a. A settling down pattern (the first four macrominerals are the same and at least one is lower) AND

b. Going into a four lows pattern.


              3. Out of sympathetic dominance, and a calcium/potassium ratio between 2 and 8.  This is a more balanced oxidation and balanced glandular pattern.


              4. Step down pattern.  This is also called Stepping In To Life.  It is a pattern that indicates that one is becoming more engaged with life.


              5. Double good ratios (the Ca/Mg ratio between 5 and 9, and the Na/K ratio between about 2 and 6).


              6. Low heavy metal toxicity.  This is difficult to assess because most toxic metals are not revealed on any current medical test.  This includes blood, urine, feces or hair testing.  The reason for this is that most toxic metals are locked away deep within the organs and tissues of the body.  The metals might be revealed on biopsies or tissue samples, but one would have to biopsy every organ, gland and tissue of the body to find them, and this is basically impossible.

            In general, a reduction in all the toxic metals only occurs after a person has been on a nutritional balancing program for at least ten years.  In addition, a hair test should show all the toxic metal levels in their ideal ranges.


              7. Good etheric energy.  In order to have a good etheric energy level, one must either:

a. Be a young person – usually less than about 30 years of age, or

b. Develop oneself or evolve, by doing the Roy Masters exercise with my modification for at least 10 to 20 years.  This will bring in a lot more new etheric energy into the body to help restore it.




            I am including another set of very positive patterns that often cause relief or calming.  They are almost as good as the joy patterns, and often occur on retests.


1. Coming alive.


2. All settling down patterns, especially an extreme settling down, which means that at least two of the macrominerals decreases by 100% or more.


3. Improvement in the Na/K ratio, especially if the ratio flips from low to high, or if it doubles or improves even more than this.


4. Any large elimination of one or more toxic metals.  I would define this as a jump in the level of a toxic metal of 100% or more.  This is the same as a doubling of the level on a retest.


5. Possibly coming out of a double low ratio pattern.




            If a person has more than one joy pattern on an initial hair test or on a retest, the joy tends to be even greater.




            If a joy pattern that was present on an earlier hair test persists on the retest, it usually indicates a continuing feeling of joy and happiness for some reason.  This is uncommon, but certainly possible.



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