by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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Definition. Broadcasting is a human ability that develops automatically as one does the Pushing Down Exercise (formerly called the Meditation Exercise) described on this website.  One becomes able to radiate a subtle energy in a wider and wider sphere around the body.

Broadcasting begins slowly after about six months of doing the pushing down exercise daily for at least one hour.  If you do the exercise for longer periods of time, it speeds up the process.  Doing it for less than one hour slows the development of broadcasting.

At the most basic level, broadcasting is the radiation of thought energy.  It is extremely high in frequency and not detectable by usual electronic detection equipment.





One reason is that certain devices in use around planet earth and elsewhere require this particular energy to operate.  It is different from regular electricity, magnetism and other sources of energy.

Among these devices are special weapons that have the ability to distinguish whether a target is friendly, or belongs to others who seek to infiltrate this planet and cause havoc here.  The energy is somehow able to tell whether both human beings and machines such as ships are friendly or unfriendly.




Broadcasting this subtle energy also helps greatly to improve a personŐs health.  The subtle energy promotes deep healing.  It works on a soul level, and on larger levels, as well.




When one broadcasts this energy, others can often see more around themselves.  This is unusual, but it occurs.




After about two years of doing the pushing down exercise, broadcasting causes the development of the merkabah.  This is a very important sign in the energy field of a person that is associated with other human abilities such as telepathy, enhanced sensitivity and more.  For more on this topic, please read Merkabah Science on this website.



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