by Lawrence Wilson, MD

Ó September 2012, The Center For Development




Etheric energy refers to a type of very fine matter or substance that is all around us, and which permeates all physical matter.  It is the same as that which is called chi, qi, vital force, prana and other names in various languages.  It is a wave-and-particle type of energy, in terms of modern physics.

This energy activates and gives life to all beings and even all physical matter in the physical world.  It must be present or life ceases.  It cannot usually be seen, but its effects include the life forms on the planet, and everything else in our physical universe.


The etheric pulse of life.  If the etheric “driver” were to run down, which happens every few trillion years, the entire physical universe, even the planets and stars, cease to exist.  The term an eon describes a period of time of about three and half trillion years, during which the etheric pulses forth and allows the creation of physical worlds and physical life forms.

Books about this subject assert that we are in the middle of one such pulse or eon, and December 2012 marks this midpoint.  After December 2012, the universe will start collapsing, as it were, for the next trillion and a half years until the end of this eon.




One of the most important implications is that one cannot just focus on nutrients or chemistry to heal the human body.  One can and must also focus on preserving and enhancing etheric energy in our bodies, as well.

A second implication is that etheric force is really what counts, not the nutrient content of a food alone, by any means.  In fact, a food or substance may be somewhat deficient or toxic in some way.  If it has high etheric energy, however, it is still very good for us.  A good example of this are meats, which do contain some toxins, but have very high etheric energy because they are animal-based products.

A third implication is that procedures that increase etheric energy are fabulous, even if they reduce the nutrient content of a food or damage it physically in other ways.  A good example of this is cooking one’s food properly.  This, in fact, drastically increases the etheric energy of many, though not all foods.  Foods enhanced by cooking include most meats, grains, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and a few others.  Foods that do not need cooking to increase their etheric energy are mainly fats and oils.

            Other procedures may increase etheric energy as well, and these are generally very helpful for one’s health, although they may seem strange to some people.




            Etheric energy is present in all bodies.  However, in order to increase it a lot, one must develop the soul more than the body.  By this I mean that the soul must begin to take over and control the body, not the other way around.

            In immature people, the body urges, desires, propensities and aversions largely control the person.  However, in order to increase the etheric energy a lot, one must develop the soul.  This means develop or listen to the “high self” or God within, or the holy spirit, and this will slowly increase the etheric energy that flows through a person.

            This is not a guarantee that one will be healthy or live a long life, because there are other factors that are discussed in the rest of this article.  However, this is a principle if one wishes to embark on a journey of deep healing and a long, happy life.


Sources of etheric energy.  It is helpful to understand where our etheric energy comes from.  The main sources of it are:


1. Intrinsic, physical or inborn etheric.  Each person is born with a certain amount of etheric energy.  This is the main source of etheric energy in most people.  As it runs down, we age and finally die.  At its most basic, aging is the depletion of the physical or inborn etheric energy supply.

Some people are born with more of it than others.  This is one reason that some people who eat badly and have unhealthful lifestyles may live longer than some others who eat and live well.  This may seem frustrating, but there is much one can do about it if one is unhealthy at any age.


2. Environmental etheric.  This is etheric energy found in certain foods, in the air, in drinking and bathing water, in certain locations on earth, and to a degree, even in objects such as some rocks and gemstones. 

One can accumulate a little etheric energy by eating only fresh food, drinking only high quality spring water, and living in healthful places.  This fact has been known for millennia and accounts for certain practices and beliefs such as the biblical prohibitions against eating old, poor quality or spoiled food.  Today’s food, however, is generally much lower in etheric energy than in the past due to transporting food long distances and food processing.


3. Other possible sources.  Etheric energy from one person or from an animal can be transferred to another person, to a degree, using various healing practices.  In other words, with certain techniques, etheric energy will move from the healer to the patient.  In fact, it occurs a little in all doctor-patient relationships.  It can be enhanced if one knows certain techniques.  Healing methods such as laying on of hands, massage, Reiki, foot reflexology and others can do this to some degree.

While this is not an important source of etheric energy in most cases, I include it because in some cases it saves a life.  It is one reason I suggest doing foot reflexology on a daily basis, for example.


4. Tuning up the body to receive more environmental etheric energy.  This is not exactly a source of etheric energy.  However, it is a way to receive much more of it.

All of the cells, organs and glands of the body can be “tuned up” to a degree so that they can receive more environmental etheric energy directly from the air, as well as from the food and water one ingests.

This can be an important source of etheric energy in those who are willing to follow a disciplined lifestyle, eat well and take about 8 or 9 nutritional supplements that are part of every nutritional balancing program.  In fact, it is a secret of the success of a nutritional balancing program, as compared with most nutrition and medical regimens and programs.  Most diets, lifestyles, and healing methods do not offer this benefit.


5. Moving energy down the body from head to feet by the use of the will moves more intrinsic etheric energy into the body.  This is the most powerful method to receive more etheric energy into the body.  It is not directly dependent upon the diet or lifestyle, which is interesting.

By doing this enough, it can lead eventually to rejuvenation of the body and reversal of the aging process.  As one does this, the silvery cord becomes thicker, just as it was when one was young, indicating a faster and more robust flow of etheric energy into the physical body.  It is like pumping more gasoline into the car engine, or putting more electricity through a wire.

This is the reason that the Roy Masters mental exercise, with my modification, is recommended with all nutritional balancing programs.  In my experience, other concentration, meditation, visualization and other mental practices cannot accomplish the same thing as well.

This is also the reason that only certain procedures and even foods and supplements are included in a nutritional balancing program, as they encourage this process.  This subject is beyond the scope of this article, but is very important.  It has to do with what is called on this website mental development.

It also has to do with what is called on this site human evolution, which has nothing to do with apes.  The human being is unique and did not evolve from animals at all, as I understand it.  Hunan evolution is about our future potential as individuals, which can be explored this lifetime, not in the distant future.


Here are more details about all of these methods of obtaining etheric energy.




This is the etheric energy with which each person is born.  The amount varies somewhat from person to person.  To some extent, this will determine your lifespan and your overall health, although it is modified a lot, in many cases, by your diet, lifestyle and even your thoughts and emotions.


How does the intrinsic etheric enter the body?  According to the ancient Chinese and Indian texts, it enters via “the silver cord”.  This, we are told, is a silvery-looking thin wire or cord that can be seen by some people.  It extends upward from the area of the pineal gland in the middle of the head, exits near the back of the head, and goes directly upwards in most cases.  It may waver a little as a person moves, but not much.  It is through this cord that the basic etheric energy of life enters the physical body.  When the cord is cut or stops pulsing, life ends. 

In this regard, we are like puppets on a string.  We are not independent beings at all.  We depend upon the “umbilical cord of etheric energy” to keep us alive, as do the animals and the plants, as well.  Life, in other words, is not some spontaneous process whereby cells aggregate and suddenly come alive, as science often portrays it.  Life is very organized and only comes into being when the silvery cord is attached and functioning properly.

The other end of the cord goes into another dimension, and somehow connects to a part of ourselves that never leaves its home in other realms.  Some call it the “high self”, the “spirit”, the “child of God”, “Christ self”, or other names.


How does the energy flow from the cord into the body.  It flows through a series of channels that run vertically down the body.  Most of these are not working well in most people, and some therapies, notably foot and hand reflexology, some advanced acupunture, and certain other therapies help open these channels faster.

From the channels, it connects to the fascia layer of connective tissue that runs throughout the body.  This is very important, because when the fascia are tight, twisted, damaged by accidents, injuries, or surgery, it will affect the etheric energy flow throughout the body. 


What happens as we age?  As one ages, the silver cord becomes thinner because less energy flows through it, in almost all cases. This is a way one can tell how “alive” a person or even a plant is.  As aging occurs, the etheric with which the person was assigned this lifetime begins to run down and it eventually runs out, causing death of the physical body in every case.

Making things much worse, the fascia layer becomes damaged, twisted and tight due to injuries, accidents, spinal misalignments, infections, electrical interference, and today most of all, by nutritional depletion and toxin accumulation.  This is a bad combination and causes our death in all cases.


How to conserve your intrinsic etheric energy.  Here are six major ways this is done:


1. Reduce stress.  Most of the time, stress from any source uses up the intrinsic energy much faster.  This is a large area that has to do with one’s lifestyle, diet, where and how one lives, work, and so on.

A very powerful way to reduce a subtle type of physical stress and strain on the body is by balancing yin and yang forces in the body.  These are physics forces of cold and hot, and expansion and contraction.  This concept derives from macrobiotics and traditional Chinese medicine or ancient taoism.

Nutritional balancing focuses on this facet, among others, in terms of one’s nutrition and lifestyle.  Balancing yin and yang is why we do not recommend fruit, sugars, any alcohol at all, no chocolate and very little nuts, seeds and raw food or juices.  These are all too yin.  This is also why we recommend mainly cooked food, and every day to eat some meat, eggs, poultry and other more yang foods.

It is also the reason to not eat the yin vegetables such as the nightshades – tomatoes, white or red potatoes, eggplant and all peppers, ideally.  It is also the reason to avoid overeating, and avoid all smoothies and shakes, and other sweetened foods and beverages of all kinds, at all times.  Maintaining the yin and yang balance of the body does so many things that are positive it requires a separate textbook.  However, helping to conserve the etheric energy is one of them. For more on this subject, read Yin And Yang Healing on this website. 


2. More rest. To really conserve and restore the etheric, most people today need 10 or more hours of solid sleep every single night.  I know this sounds impossible or difficult, but try to do this as much as possible.  Do not skip your afternoon naps on the weekends, and go to bed early.  Going to bed by 9 PM seems to reduce the need for sleep to some degree, though people still need loads of rest.  There are many complex reasons for this.  For more on this subject, read Rest and Sleep on this website.


3. Sexual restraint.  Sexual restraint is most helpful, as well.  Have sex with orgasm only once a week, maximum, and less, even much less, is better. 

The important thing is to retain the vital sexual fluids, which are extremely rich in various nutrients such as zinc and selenium.  They are also rich in etheric energy.  This is one reason why modern loose morals of society are harmful for both men and women.  Women reabsorb some of their vital sexual fluids, but the men generally do not reabsorb it.

It does not mean one must avoid all love and sex, but it means that retaining one’s fluids is most helpful for long life and health.  One can still cuddle up and enjoy one’s partner, but having many orgasms is not helpful for health.

I know some so-called health authorities will not agree, saying that sex is good with ejaculation for the prostate gland, for example.  This may be true.  However, at other levels sex depletes the etheric energy with which each person is born, so it is not good at this level, which is a deeper and more important level.  If a man has prostate problems, which most do at some age, he should follow a nutritional balancing program and it will self-correct in most cases.


4. Stay warm enough. Another way to conserve the etheric one is born with is to stay warm at all times.  This is a problem for women, I have found, more than men.  The women, in an effort to look fashionable, often wear no socks, and walk around in short sleeves, no sleeves, or even with bare shoulders when they should be far more covered up just to stay warm.  It is possible to dress nicely and stay warm.

Men have the same problem, but covering up is more accepted so they don’t hesitate to put on more clothing when they are chilled.  Too many women just don’t have the fortitude to say they are not going to wear the short dresses, no socks, no jacket, and so on.  Intelligent women dress warmly at all times, no matter how unfashionable it appears.  At least carry a sweater or jacket at all times, and wear socks most of the time to keep the feet and legs warm.


5. Deep breathing of pure air, preferably enriched with oxygen.  This is most helpful for everyone.  It is one reason that athletics helps some people as well.  It is also why living in a rural area with a higher oxygen content to the air is preferable.


6. Other.  Other natural therapies, avoiding most medical drugs and vaccines, and other methods may also help to conserve intrinsic etheric energy.


Increasing the flow of intrinsic energy.  This can also be done by the same methods as those listed above.  The silver cord can become compressed, and chiropractic, for example, can be helpful in some situations.  Reducing muscle tension in the body is another way to keep the energy flowing well.  Avoiding toxins is a third way, along with proper nutrition.




As one ages, the intrinsic etheric energy with which one was born will naturally decline.  This is the most basic cause of aging, although certainly nutrition, toxic metals, lack of rest, or other problems can deplete one’s vital forces.

If one wishes to live much longer, one must enhance the absorption by the human body and mind of the environmental sources of etheric energy.  This is the etheric that is found in the food, air, water and elsewhere around all of us, no matter where one lives.  Here are a few simple ways this is done:


1. A nutritional balancing program.  This includes following the entire program.  This includes a diet of mainly fresh, organically grown, whole foods that are still rich in etheric energy.  Cooking the food properly ENHANCES its etheric energy and does not deplete it, as some would teach.  Foods high in etheric energy include meats, whole grains and cooked vegetables.  In contrast, fruits, juices, dried beans, nuts and seeds have much less of it, so they are not recommended in nutritional balancing science.

The proper type and amount of drinking water is quite critical, as well.  Good quality spring water is best.  Tap water varies.  Most RO water is devoid of etheric energy, as is distilled water, as the minerals have been removed.  Also, avoid most specialty waters such as alkaline water and others, as these are also lower in etheric energy.

The lifestyle is critical, and has been discussed above.  It involves plenty of rest, sexual restraint, and even positive, helpful thoughts.  Deep breathing every day of fresh air is also helpful.  Contact with the earth is also helpful every day by doing some gardening or walking without shoes on dirt, or even on bare concrete or tile. 

The proper supplements ONLY can also help.  These are recommended as part of every nutritional balancing program.

In addition, the procedures such as using a near infrared lamp sauna, but not other types, on a daily basis for at least 5 to 10 years for most people, is most helpful.  It also includes using the coffee enemas for at least 5 to 10 years for most people.  This is what it takes today to detoxify the body sufficiently to restore it to the way it is supposed to function.  I know this may be depressing for some people, especially those who are young and don’t want to spend the time healing themselves.  However, this appears to be what is needed, so it is best to just get started.

A hidden benefit is that the ‘side effects’ are wonderful.  They include great health, lots of energy, a happy disposition, and usually most of one’s “issues” and problems in emotional terms also are handled as one detoxifies the body in this very profound way.  You will also drastically reduce your chances of getting cancer, having a heart attack, having a deformed baby and more, if you really dedicate yourself to your health at a young age.  So I want to encourage all readers to start at once. 

If cost is a factor and one cannot do the hair mineral testing, then start with the “Free Program” discussed in the article entitled The Healing Lifestyle.  It discusses the basic diet, about three quarts of quality spring water every day, loads of rest and sleep and, if possible, do saunas and coffee enemas each and every day.  Also, take a few basic supplements at once, such as about 1000 mg of omega-3 fatty acids, 3-6 600 mg capsules of kelp, about 5000 iu daily of vitamin D3, and also about 750 mg of calcium, 450 mg of magnesium, and a powerful digestive aid.  You can add the hair analysis and more specific supplementation later as you can afford them.


2. Other natural and rarely medical therapies.  These include quality chiropractic adjustments, possibly bodywork such as Rolfing or structural integration, and rarely medical therapies but only if needed and if natural methods do not work.  For example, surgery might be required on very rare occasions, or a medical drug might rarely be needed for a particular condition, though this is rare as well, in our experience.


These methods can help detoxify and tone the liver and other organs to increase their ability to absorb more of the etheric energy in the environment.




The Roy Masters Meditation.  The correct mental exercise is the most powerful and simple method of all to absorb more etheric energy through the silver cord.  The basic mental exercise for this purpose that works exceedingly well is described in a separate article called Meditation. 

I was motivated by very poor health to do the exercise daily for the past 30 years.  Many people are loathe to spend this much time, though it really does not interfere with my day very much.  I have been blessed in that I had the time and the situation in which it has not been hard to do it, so that has helped, and I started young – age 29 or so, so I have not become discouraged by old age or any other factor.  Now it is easy to do after all this time, but it is hard to start for most people. 

I want to encourage everyone, however, to stay with it, particularly those who are young, as they are much more easily distracted and prone to forgetting about it.

Also, beware of all other concentration exercises, visualizations, meditations and other mental exercises.  I hear from many people that they do different meditations, or they mix several together.  My experience, which includes trying a number of them, is that the one I suggest is the only one I’ve found that can increase the etheric energy in a significant way.  Others may have other benefits such as relaxing you, but they will not increase the etheric energy very much, if they do so at all.  This is an important warning, as one can waste years on the incorrect exercise.

Also, be warned that for the correct effect, one must modify the Roy Masters exercise.  So please read the two articles on meditation on this site, in addition to reading this article carefully to have success.

The proper meditation actually increases the thickness of the silver cord, which is a way to measure the amount of etheric energy flowing through it.




Conserving the etheric energy with which you were born, and learning how to get more of it from the environment, food, air and water are extremely worthwhile to learn.  Even better is to learn how to get more of it directly from Source or spirit using the modified Roy Masters exercise.  This article is a good introduction to this fascinating subject.  For more on this subject and related issues, read Etheric Resetting and Telomeres, And How To Lengthen Them on this website.



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