By Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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            People move back and forth through three basic phases of healing and development while on a nutritional balancing program.  They are eliminating, building and gathering energy.

In fact, all three of these phases go on together, at the same time when one is on a proper program.  However, one or another of them usually predominates.  This is the subject of this article.




            One can usually tell if one is in this phase because symptoms of elimination occur.  These may be headaches, insomnia, rashes, aches and pains, or other symptoms.  Some have emotional symptoms such as crying, fears, anxiety, anger or other mental or emotional reactions.

            Hair test patterns.  Usually, if one does a retest at this time, the test will reveal changes in the toxic metal levels.  These are caused by the metal elimination.

              The oxidation rate may be fast or slow, depending on which toxic metals are being eliminated.  For example, if boron is eliminated, fast oxidation often occurs.  If copper is eliminated, often slow oxidation occurs.  The oxidation rate may also switch back and forth.

            In some cases, zinc will increase on a hair mineral retest because it acts as a “shepherd” to help remove toxic metals safely.




            At this time, the body is creating new tissue very quickly.  One may be more tired, at times, and need more rest and sleep.  One may need more food, as well, particularly meat, which is high in zinc.

            Hair analysis patterns.  Often the oxidation rate increases, and may go into fast oxidation.  The zinc level often decreases because zinc is retained when building new tissue.  Other vital minerals such as chromium and selenium may also go lower if they, too, are being retained to build new tissue.

            Toxic metal levels may even decrease during this phase because less toxic metal is coming out through the hair and skin at this time.




            In this phase, the body is not yet building itself up.  Instead, it is increasing its adaptive energy level so that it can continue to eliminate toxic metals and build new tissue.  One may not feel elimination symptoms in this phase of a program, but one may feel a little more tired.

            Hair analysis patterns.  Often, on a retest mineral analysis, the sodium/potassium ratio will increase at this phase.  This indicates a better adaptive energy level, which is required for both building and eliminating toxic substances from the body.

            Often mercury will decrease, as well.  This also helps increase adaptive energy.  The arsenic level may increase at this phase, which is also indicative of an elimination of this metal, which assists with energy gathering.

            The oxidation rate usually slows down in this phase.  It is somewhat of a resting period for the body while it gathers energy.

The phosphorus level may decrease a little.  This is a pattern called gathering firewood, which is the same as gathering energy.




In addition to the three phases above, some people move into several other rather dramatic patterns, at times:


1. Four lows on a retest.  Some move into a four lows pattern for a while as they heal.  This is a lower energy state, and involves an intervention to assist deep healing.  Apparently, this unusual pattern is required, at times, to heal certain imbalances.


2. A calcium shell on a retest.  This is another rather dramatic phase that some people move into for a time, to accomplish certain types of healing.

In this phase, the calcium level often rises extremely high – often up to 300 to 500  mg%.


3. Dramatic oxidation rates or dramatic sodium/potassium ratios.  These are also possible, and are apparently needed to heal certain imbalances and toxicities in the body.


4. Dramatic armoring.  This is where the toxic metal levels become extremely low for a time.  It is apparently needed to shield the person and may help handle some emotional traumas.




The above phases of a nutritional balancing program often last a few weeks to a month or more.  It depends upon which toxic metals are being eliminated, and other factors.

The phases do not alternate in any particular order.  This is important to recall.  In fact, it is quite impossible to predict which phase you will enter next, for this reason.  I purposely did not number the phases for this reason.  They just alternate, depending on the needs of the body.




            Often, no program changes are needed during these phases.  However, here are a few exceptions:


1.  A dramatic change in the oxidation rate.  It may go from slow to fast or vice versa, then a new program is needed.  You will not feel right if this is needed.

            If the oxidation rate increases, you will usually feel anxious and hyped up.  If the oxidation rate slows a lot and you are on a fast oxidizer diet and supplement program, you will usually feel sluggish, tired or depressed.


2. A dramatic change in the sodium/potassium ratio.  If it increases a lot, you may feel irritable, have headaches or other symptoms.  If it decreases a lot, you also will not feel well.  Symptoms vary.


3. A dramatic toxic metal elimination.  Often, you will feel worse if you take all of your supplements.  You will need to slow the program down by taking fewer supplements until the stage passes.

You may need to do more coffee enemas, as these often help.  However, you may need to reduce sauna therapy, as this can bring out more of the toxic metal for some reason.



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