by Dr. Lawrence Wilson and Friends

© March 2011, L.D. Wilson Consultants, Inc.


All information in this article is for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.




Men and women can enter into relationships to varying degrees of intensity and involvement.  They can just be friends or even just acquaintances.  This means that their energies do not mix to any significant degree.  They can even just meet as strangers on the street or at a party, which is an even less intense interaction in most cases.

On the other hand, few realize that men and women, more than those of the same sex, can interact on levels that are so intense it is almost unbelievable.  The results are the following:

1. Intense pleasure, either on a sexual level or more often, on other levels such as mental or emotional.

2. Healing.  This is important as it is now a part of nutritional balancing science.

3. Development.  This is a bit esoteric, but is explained in other articles such as Introduction To Spiritual Development.


To understand these interactions, one must know the basics of how the energy fields of two people interact on subtle levels.  Let us explore this concept a little deeper.  Each person has a body, but also a field or sphere of subtle energy around and within himself or herself.  This can often be felt when you are with another person.  We often say this person has a warm feeling, or a harsh feeling, or a loving feeling, or a strong aura, or something else.  These common phrases are referring not to a person’s looks or dress, for example, but rather something far more subtle that each person has.

In any relationship, even the most casual encounter on the street, the subtle energy fields of the two or more people interact.  This is a hidden side to relationships that we will now address, as to how it works. 


What makes up the subtle energy field of a person.  A person’s subtle energy field is very real.  Some people can actually see it.  It is often called the aura.  It has a color, consistency, movement patterns, indicators of health or disease, and much, much more.  To a very sensitive or clairvoyant person, this is what the energy field actually looks like.

When two or more interact, their subtle energy fields blend to some degree.  This is what we are feeling when we say a person feels warm and loving, cold and detached, ill or sad, etc.


Details on the subtle energy field.  This subject is covered in much more detail in articles on this website entitled The Aura and The Centers.  Here I will just summarize for clarity.

The centers are small, spinning vortices of energy that are arranged along the midline of the body, starting with the first one at the level of the perineum or anal region.  The highest one is near the crown of the head.  They are extremely important for health and much more.

In most people, the centers are closed, which means they are small and extend mainly straight outward about 2-4 inches in front and behind the physical body.  Sensitive people, however, can sometimes feel them on another person as either a slight pleasurable feeling or more often, an unpleasant sensation.  Often, one or another of the centers is also larger and can be felt across a room, for example.  Most people have had the experience of walking into a crowded room, for example, and either feeling more happy or perhaps feeling fearful.  These are center effects, in some cases.

The aura is the sum of the center effects and other energetic aspects of a human being.  It is what a clairvoyant person sees, and it has colors, textures, movement patterns and much more information about what a person is thinking, feeling, sensing, etc.  The aura of a person always blends with that of the other during any interaction, and much more so in a close relationship.

The intensity of these center and aura interactions varies, usually, with the distance between the two people.  So it is minor across a room, for example, and it is much more pronounced, for example, when two are naked and having sex, for example.  The bodies are simply in much closer proximity.

With this introduction, let us examine the possible closeness or intensity levels of man-woman interactions.


Superficial relationships.  These are the rule in most cases.  What this means is that men and women do not enter into deep relationship.  They may flirt, sleep together, and even live together for a lifetime.  However, the level of interaction on a subtle energetic basis is limited.


Deeper, but still somewhat superficial relationships.  In some cases, the energetic interaction between man and woman is deeper.  These are often “love stories” or “hate stories” between men and women.

The love situations occur when the pair is well-matched, energetically speaking.  This means they are approximately the same height and build, and their center patterns are compatible.  This is a complex area of science in which I am not well-versed.  I am told however, that it has to do with the degree of maturity of the person, and the direction of spin, the rate of spin, and the particular damage to each center that has been sustained earlier in life. 

When two are compatible in this way, and when they truly care for each other as people first, not just sexual pleasure, then a deeper connection is very possible and occurs, at times.  In these cases, more interaction of the centers of the body can occur, causing more profound pleasure, more healing and some spiritual development.

In the unhappy relationships, which includes many, sadly, the centers are not aligned or compatible.  When the two people come together for sex, or even just talking or working together, the centers “grind” on each other, like gears that do not mesh because they are turning at the wrong speed or the wrong direction.  They may also grind because the teeth are the wrong size of shape.  This analogy is crude, but fairly accurate to describe.  Some people know this and say “he or she just rubs me the wrong way”.  Or they say, “we’re just not made for each other”, or “we just don’t have chemistry”.  These are ways that people explain some of these feelings.

In these cases, the interaction is actually somewhat harmful.  The centers react poorly to each other, one person is usually “drained” by the interaction while the other may or may not be, and often depression and even disease and death can occur from being in an incompatible relationship.

This is an entire area of counseling and relationships that someday will become a new science when researchers figure out how to visualize and measure the centers of all people.


Profound man-woman interactions.  These are the ones I wish to explore, as they offer immense potential for male-female relationships.  They require the following:


1. Willingness, and the time and space for a deep relationship.  Many people are simply not interested in such relationships.  They may not believe in them, as they have been disappointed over and over or are simply ignorant about them.  Others may not feel they need them, so they are not willing to take the time and perhaps training needed to have them.

2. A very loving nature.  One must be loving and sensitive to one’s mate or partner.  It is not enough to say “let’s have sex” or “let’s go to bed now”.  Both must be “in the mood for love” so they will be receptive.

3. Some knowledge of this subject.  This is the purpose of this article, and perhaps others on this website.

4. A degree of health.  Otherwise, such interactions are far less likely to occur.


What occurs when two who are compatible first meet in a non-sexual way. 


First, the physical centers blend beautifully.  This cannot be seen with the naked eye.  It can be felt, however, as a pleasant sensation, often just by being in the presence of the other person.

A second phase is that as the physical centers blend, they spin each other or induce spinning in each other that enhances that of both partners.  This is pure induction or a kind of resonant phenomenon.  It is like gears that mesh well and assist each other to run smoother.  This has a general healing effect.  It may be felt as an intensity, and it might even cause a healing reaction in one or both people.  It is a deep form of healing, as it occurs at the aura and center level.

The third effect is usually sexual attraction.  This may or may not be important or needed.  However, it is natural to be attracted to one with whom you feel good and healed.  This is important to keep the relationship alive in some cases.  For example, if the two live far apart, the sexual aspect may keep them coming back to each other instead of drifting apart.






Women offer to men a certain etheric frequency that may be called sexuality.  That is, they have an etheric energy that men want, and this is what causes sexual attraction.

 Sexual attraction is thus a frequency phenomenon.  Women, in general, have more of this frequency of energy.  Men have a lack of it, by design, and they desire it, so they pursue the women for it.  They don’t know what they are seeking, in general, but they feel a lack and they believe that the right woman will supply what they feel they are missing.  This is vague, but it is the truth about sexual desire.

Most men, by the way, feel this lack as an itch or a burning sensation in the genital area of the body.  Women do not experience this sensation, and thus they do not understand it in their men.

Men are made to wander the world, in a way, looking for this frequency, usually in women but sometimes in other places.  Sometimes a career supplies the missing frequency, and sometimes having a lot of money, a lot of friends, or even becoming a spiritual master supplies the frequency.  However, it is the male nature to be missing a certain frequency, while woman’s nature is to have it, often in superabundance, to give to men.

One may ask, what about sexual desire in women for men, or what about sexual desire in homosexuals who look to the same sex for satisfaction.  These are good questions.  The answers, however, are subtle.  Some women are less feminine than others, basically.  In other words, some are more yin or more yang.  All humans, in fact, have some of both qualities.  So one encounters extremes and mixtures of both qualities.  In general, however, women have more sexual frequency or attraction, while men have less of the sexual frequency and more desire for it.




This article introduces a subject that is somewhat controversial - the use of sex for healing and development.  Books about this subject often call it tantric sex, new-age tantra or conscious loving.  These books are helpful, but not enough.

This article describes the basics of a deep form of sexual contact between a man and a woman.  This type of sexual contact may look similar to regular sex, but is much more loving and more intimate.  It combines aspects of regular sex with much more on a subtle level to produce some ecstatic feelings.  However, far more important, it can dramatically enhance mental or spiritual development as well as heal the body and mind faster.

It is very different from regular sexual intercourse, for which reason the article explains the differences in some detail.





Tantra is mutual rape by the etheric.  True love is rape of the ego by another.  It may be called a rape from above.  Here I am defining rape as any violation of your present integrity or body/mind. 



Love, as used in this article and, in fact, in all articles on this website, means the desire to be melted or crumbled by another human being. 

Love, on this website, also means the positive flowing energy of the universe that, in turn creates all things, including human beings.  Love is not an emotion or feeling, though it is responsible for all feelings, in fact, even the one called hate or repulsion.

However, the most important definition of love for this article on sexuality is the first one above.  I will repeat that love is the desire or willingness to be melted or crumbled by another human being.  Let us explore this definition.

Love, as here used, means that one is willing to be used, in a sense, by another person in such a way as will burn away or dissolve away certain harsh traits, insensitivities, untruths, and other “sharp edges” of the personality of a person through a kind of interaction with another person.  This is a rather psychological description, but it is accurate. 

In addition, it is the willingness or desire to be ‘killed in spirit’, meaning to be humbled and transformed by another person, into a better person.  It is as though one gives permission to be sculpted, to be reshaped, to be perfected and allowed to ‘die to the world’ in a sense, by another person.

Note that the other is not to do this consciously.  The other is to connect one with higher forces that do the actual work upon one.  This is what is meant by the willingness to be melted or crumbled. 

This is not the same as dissolved, by the way.  One’s ego remains intact.  What is taken away are one’s sharp edges, one’s flaws, one’s unpolished facets, if I may use this term.  This is a lengthy process that can take years, but is one that is well worth the effort spent to find a suitable person of the opposite sex, and it is a pursuit that pays great dividends and rewards in better health and far better development.



Getting together - sex between compatible lovers.  When a pair that has the willingness, health, ability, knowledge and compatible centers engage in a sexual act, the effects described above are much more powerful.  In addition, many other interactions may occur, at times. 

The reasons why this is possible are:


1. The physical proximity of the pair.  This causes far more center interaction.

2. Sexual foreplay and intercourse spin the centers much faster.  They spin backwards, which is okay in moderation, though not ideal by any means.  It is possible if one of both partners are sufficiently developed that this will not occur.  However, this is rare.  It is necessary, however, for even more profound contact and interaction.

3. The pair relax with the foreplay, and the woman, in particular, opens her aura and it becomes much brighter.  This is pleasurable for her and for him in almost all cases.  If it is not pleasurable, then the couple is likely not that compatible or there is so much trauma that they cannot enjoy the interaction.

4. Other factors may come into play as well, such as the overall relaxation of being together with one you love or enjoy.

All of these reasons can lead to some healing, and a more compatible and happy couple.




Even deeper interactions and etheric orgasm.  Requirements for this are all of the conditions or requirements discussed above.  In addition, the couple must not spin their centers backwards.

When this happens, then the couple can interact at the level of the etheric body, as well as the physical body.  In fact, they can interact at the level of other subtle bodies or energy levels as well. 

Essentially, the man’s and the woman’s etheric bodies blend to a lesser or greater extent.  This is a wonderful type of energy exchange during sexual contact.  Foreplay spins the etheric centers faster, and does not spin them backwards as this does not occur with the etheric body. 

In addition, foreplay excites the partners, which further enlarges the etheric bodies.  Then, when orgasm occurs on a physical level, a type of orgasm also occurs on the etheric level that is not only more pleasurable, but has a healing effect as well.

It is an etheric orgasm, basically, though it is better described as etheric blending. Instead of weakening the bodies, as the physical orgasm does, this orgasm is a true joining of male and female energies in a true spiritual embrace, as it were, that strengthens and balances both partners.

This does not feel like an orgasm, as it is milder in nature, but it is exactly the same in its effect, in that it is a release, of sorts, but not of physical energy but of an etheric energy that is much more healthful and wonderful.


These are the most profound of relationships.  They are healing in the extreme, and they produce mental and spiritual development in ways that are impossible otherwise.  They are truly unique, and are the reason this article is being written at this time.

While such relationships between men and women are rare in the extreme, they are the ones spoken of as true love stories.  They can last for decades or more.  The partners feel good about each other, their health improves, and they grow together spiritually in unusual and in profound ways.

In the future, these will occur, and this is another reason for this article.  It is to give people hope who are looking for true love in personal relationships.  It is also for those who seek deeper connections with another person than the usual sexual or other types of man-woman relationships.




Physical sexual exchanges.

1. The usual penetration of the penis into a woman’s vagina.  This is a pure yang to yin exchange.

2. The movement of the seminal fluid or semen from the man into the woman, and the movement of the woman’s lubricating mucus and amrita, which is another female secretion, out of the woman and into the man’s penis to some small degree.

3. The woman is then able to reabsorb some of her own fluids and those of the man.  This is more of a yin-yin exchange, as both parties lose fluid in the process, although the man loses much more of it.

4. The movement of the sperm in the man’s seminal fluid into the woman’s fallopian tubes and its movement up the tubes to the waiting eggs.  This is more of a yang-to-yang exchange of energies that, of course, can produce an offspring.


Energetic exchanges.  This has been discussed above.

1. The main exchange that takes place is that as foreplay progresses, the centers on the physical body, in particular, spin faster and faster.  This is designed to arouse the partners for regular sex. However, it does more than this, as it throws off certain energies that are picked up by the other partner who is usually deep within the field of the centers, even in an undeveloped human being.  This means that even in a person with very closed or small centers, the other partner is close enough that he or she will be affected by the spinning of these centers.

Also, the centers begin to spin in a sort of backward manner.  While this is complex, it is the case.  This is not healthful, but it is the rule in most foreplay for complex reasons.

2. The centers also interact in another way.  They tend to reinforce each other.  This occurs because the direction of movement of a man’s centers are opposite that of a woman.  As they mix, when the partners face each other, they tend to reinforce one another.  This is an important key for heaing, in fact, and the main reason why homosexual sex is not nearly as healthful as man-woman tantric sex.

3. Profound interaction at an energetic level. The next exchange occurs at an even deeper level than the centers.  Only in partners who are more developed, as the word developed is used on this website only, the etheric body, in particular, grows very large, up to more than one thousand feet in height and up to 10 feet or so wide at its widest point.

Then the etheric bodies blend in what is really an etheric orgasm that can be continuous for hours and is profoundly healing and helps develop the partners profoundly.


Can these occur in homosexual relationships?  The answer is generally no.  This is one reason the bible and other books prohibits homosexual relationships.  Other reasons for these prohibitions are for health, safety, infection prevention, family preservation and other reasons. 

Homosexuality is not natural in the animal or human world, and is thus discouraged among tantra practitioners.  They are not “bad” or “evil”.  They are just less profound, less productive of health and development, and thus not as attractive.  In most cases, they occur for reasons that are not as healthy, such as childhood molestation or abuse, hatred of a parent, hatred of men, for example, or some other aberrant mental or emotional reason.  So I am not condemning homosexuality per se, just explaining why it is not ideal.




Love can be many things.  It can be the energy of God moving through us, or it can be the feeling one gets with an orgasm or even just a hug.  In this article, however, I will discuss another kind of love.  This is a particular frequency that men give to women and women, in turn, can give to men.  This is a type of love that is just pleasant, but not terribly sexual, in fact.  Here is how I would describe it.

Men provide a certain warmth for women that they feel in their lower or pelvic organs, mostly.  It is the penis energy, but not the physical sexual penetrating feeling, but rather a grounding type of energy.  Men are generally more grounded than women, especially in these modern times.

Women offer to men a different type of loving energy that the men feel in the middle of their chest.  It is a warmth, as well, and an opening and loving feeling in this area of the body.  The chest, or fourth center area, is the seat of the emotions and it is an area that many women are in better shape than most men.  Women are more loving in this area, which is the opening to the higher centers, and when in love, in particular, or just out of respect for a man, which is a type of love, of course, women let loose this energy that a man can feel easily.

This description of loving energy is important because it is a key to happiness in relationships.  If a woman, for example, cannot feel this warmth in her hips and lower pelvic organs when she is with her man, he may not be offering her his grounding energy.  He may not have it to give, or he may be simply using her, and not loving her enough.

If a man does not feel the warmth of the chest area from his woman, then the woman is not opening her heart to him, so to speak and this is not a good sign.  In many relationships, the woman is so damaged by past experiences that she is afraid to open her heart to anyone.  However, if she wants a happy relationship she needs to let go of her hurt and her anger and open her heart anyway.  If she cannot, she becomes much less attractive to any man, guaranteed, ladies.  You must learn to open your heart to your man, even if he is not perfect.  It is for your health and joy as well as his.  It also cements the relationship better than anything else imaginable.  This, too, is an etheric energy exchange between men and women that is very important in a tantric or conscious relationship situation.

Something else about this exchange is that it should continue unabated.  That is, the man and woman should feel each other’s energy all day long, even if they are far away from each other physically.  It will not be as strong, but it will present.  This is because it is not strictly physical, but rather emotional, psychological and etheric in nature, so it is less dependent upon being present physically with each other.  This is also why it tends to hold a relationship together, as it will be present even when the partners are with other men and women, for example.  It will make it hard for a man, for example, to cheat on his wife, or a woman to have an affair with another man, as both will feel this energy from their loving partner, and not from the cheating person.   




A loving embrace is not about taking one’s clothing off and laying in bed together.  This is more of an animal level of relating that feels good because one touches the skin of the other, and so on.  The very sight of the other’s body is also exciting, but this too is more of an animal excitement.

The essence of deep loving has more to do with the opening of the energies of the man and woman, energies that are usually kept to oneself for protective reasons, in fact.  In this regard, tantra, when practiced correctly, is a kind of training for how to open and receive others whom one does not even know.  One begins by opening oneself to an intimate friend, as it were, but the training is so that the same can eventually be done with everyone.  So the essence of total loving is to open oneself.

The man must open his energy field, so as to receive the woman into himself.  It means he must become very yin, or open and empty, to create a special space inside of himself into which she moves her body energetically.  This is new and somewhat scary for most men.

She must give herself over to him, surrender into him, and must essentially enter into him, penetrate him and blend with him, energetically speaking.  This is very difficult for some women who do not trust men or who have had negative experiences with men or just with male sexual partners. 

The couple will then experience an unusually loving experience, even though it may not feel that way initially.  He and she both will feel loved in unusual ways.  He may feel like he is in a womb, a warm, fuzzy, expanded, somewhat yin feeling.  It is unusual, but if he persists he will feel surrounded by love, and less isolated and alone, a feeling that many men feel inside.

She will become more in touch with the energy of the father.  This is a yang energy that descends from the head down to the feet.  She will feel a part of something greater than herself that may seem scary, at first, until she realizes it is benign and very healing.

The centers of the couple will blend in very unusual ways, causing deep healing and balancing of both bodies.  This is a very powerful, safe and pleasant method to heal and balance both human bodies.  In addition, it has other subtle benefits in that by healing the centers and subtle human bodies at deep levels, it promotes mental or spiritual development, a topic explored in depth in a number of articles on this website.

In this sense, tantra, done properly, is definitely a healing science and a developmental tool that is within reach of any couple.  In fact, there are exercises that achieve some or even all of the benefits that can be done if one does not have a partner as well, although it may be easier with a partner.

An even higher purpose of this science or method is the development of the higher subtle bodies of a person.  These include the etheric body, the whole body, the mental and causal bodies, and even others.


Tantric yoga books. This is a more advanced aspect of tantra, as taught in this article, though not found in most books on the subject that I have reviewed.  In fact, I don’t recommend these books, as I think they mainly take the reader off in directions that are not as productive, though they may feel good and may be helpful for relationships in other ways.

Another reason for caution with tantra books is that one’s attitudes and emotions play an important role in success with the exercises in this article.  Many tantra books do not pay enough attention to this aspect of the science, and therefore can lead one astray or not protect one enough from problems that can arise in the relationship and elsewhere.

Also, these books do not stress the importance of general health, nutrition, lifestyle and other things that may be important for success and safety with the exercises below.




Differences between regular sexual intercourse and deep loving at an energetic level.  Both man and woman obtain some temporary pleasure from regular sexual orgasm, and it is the main reason they may both want it.  The pleasure is more intense for some men, though some women may feel powerfully it as well.  Regular sex has other advantages for some people, such as offering some degree of intimacy, and spinning the centers in ways that are hard to do otherwise.  However, the problems with regular sex are important to know about in terms of its effects upon one’s energy and mental development.  Here are the main problems with regular sex and how deep loving or energetic sex takes care of them.


Duration of pleasure.  Regular orgasms only last a few seconds.  Women can sometimes experience many more orgasms, but the total duration may still only be a few minutes.  In contrast, deep loving can go on for hours or more without tiring the partners.


Fatigue.  While regular sex can be thrilling in some cases, both the man and woman become tired from this experience.  For some people, this feeling of tiredness is more extreme than for others, but it occurs for everyone.  An important reason it occurs is that regular sex depletes vital nutrients and unbalances the body or “depolarizes” it, to some degree.  This is absolutely harmful for the body, no matter how pleasurable the sex.

In contrast, deep loving does not cause fatigue.  If it does, it is only because it causes healing to take place and the body then requires some rest time to rebalance and complete the healing process.  The reason it does not cause fatigue is that no precious fluids are lost and incompatible center patterns are actually healed, rather than spinning or grinding against each other.  So fatigue, if it occurs, can be due to this problem, but this will fade in time as the two are healed more and more.




Dangers of physical sex.

Dangers of etheric exhanges.

Dangers of auric and other levels of sexual exchanges.



“Cut” or “splitting” by sex.  Another problem with physical orgasms and sex for women is they are “cut” by it.  This means that a woman may feel somewhat “split in two” by a man’s intrusive penis and his energy.  This is very subtle and some women may deny it fervently.  However, it is true that having the penis moving up and down in the middle of the pelvis upsets the woman’s main central meridian flow to some degree in all cases.  It upsets the man’s flow, also, but much less.

This cutting sensation does not seem to occur with energetic loving, or if it does, it is much, much less and eventually goes away.  This is because there is no pumping of the penis, and in fact the main flow of energy is downward from the head to the feet.  This actually heals the woman’s “split” that is due to being with men in a purely physical or regular sexual way.


Loss of precious body fluid.  Men, in particular lose semen and with it, many nutrients and other etheric substances that are best preserved.  This literally wastes one etheric energy reserves.  Women lose some precious fluids as well, particularly during the orgasm.  However, she is able to reabsorb some of it, fortunately, but not enough to restore all of it.

Women also absorb some of the man’s fluid, and this gives her some extra zinc and other nutrients, and some etheric nutrients as well.  However, in almost all cases, it is not the correct blend of nutrients and energies, so it is slightly harmful, ultimately.  She has to rebalance her energies afterwards, which takes more time and energy. 


Spinning the centers backwards. Another problem with regular sex is that the centers are made to spin the wrong direction by the orgasm process.  This causes a pleasurable sensation, but it also upsets the centers greatly, and they have trouble recovering their equilibrium.

With the energetic sexual encounter to be described, the centers do not spin backwards, even if there is an orgasm.  The orgasm is not as powerful with the deep love enounter, but it does not spin the centers backwards, and this is important for longer-term relationships and for general health and longer life.


Lack of intimacy, at times.  With regular sex, it is not always intimate, or even slightly intimate.  This may sound strange, as the couple is naked and certainly in close contact.  However, anyone with any experience knows this does not mean that one is connected with the other person in a loving way.  In fact, it is sometimes a woman’s biggest complaints that the man does not “open up”, or does not “share” as she would like.  Of course, the same is true for her in some cases.

In contrast, the energetic sexual connection is far more intimate in all cases, perhaps too much so for some couples, but I believe they can get over this.


Worsening problems of compatibility.  Many couples are not that compatible sexually.  While this is a complex subject, it has to do with their height, anatomical structure of their genital organs, but most importantly, their mental and emotional makeup.

The result is their centers do not spin very evenly together, and when the couple has sex, which opens and spins the centers faster, albeit backwards, the imbalances multiply and the couple is left negatively affected by this.  In other words, regular sex is not healing, as a general rule.  In fact, for all the reasons listed in this section, regular sex is usually destructive, no matter how good it feels. 

When two are not that sexually compatible, usually the woman suffers more, but not necessarily.  A sensitive man who is with a woman whom either he does not love, or he fears or is simply not attracted to will also suffer, as described below.  She or he may suffer because:


Š           The person is more sensitive to begin with.

Š           The person’s energy is often lower.

Š           The person is often more involved emotionally, so he/she may feel things more for this reason.

Š           Other.


In contrast, in the energetic blending or deep loving type of sexual encounter, the couples centers tend to balance and heal each other, amazingly, even if they are not that compatible to begin with.  This basically occurs because this type of sexual contact tends to subject both the man and the woman to the father energy more than in other situations and this energy tends to balance and heal them both to some degree.  There can still be incompatibility, but eventually it will be resolved by the father energy if they can continue the embrace and the practices long enough.  It is still wise to be with someone who is mainly compatible with you.  However, it is less necessary.


Sadness or emptiness. Regular sex, for women, at times, leads to a feeling of emptiness and even sadness and despair later in life.  This does not occur as much if it is coupled with love, but even then, many women report that sex leaves them somewhat drained or sad.

This does not seem to occur with energetic sex because it is more of a healing art than it is just a physical encounter that spins the centers backwards.


Yinnizing.  Regular sex makes the bodies of both men and women much more yin in a certain way, due to the loss of fluids, mainly, but also due to spinning the centers backwards and other reasons, perhaps.  This does not occur with energetic loving.  In fact, the latter will eventually make the bodies much more yang, as it brings in more of the father energy.


Slows development by focusing energy on the lower centers.  Regular sex is harmful for this reason, especially in one who wishes to move on in life and develop the upper centers and the mind.

This problem may be much less with energetic sex, as it does not just focus on the lower centers and, in fact, without orgasms, has much less focus on the lower areas of the body.


Causes upward moving energy in almost all cases, especially for the women.  Regular sex has this effect, especially upon the women who are “upped” by the penetration of the penis.  There are other reasons why the energy flow is upward as well, in general.

In contrast, energetic love-making is much more downward-moving in its effect.  This actually feels more loving and leaves the woman, in particular, with a more wholesome and complete feeling afterwards.  Upward-moving energy, by contrast, is up-setting and makes one nervous and up-tight.


Not as safe for many reasons.  Many of the reasons why it is less safe are discussed above, such as moving energy upward, yinnizing and depleting the body of certain nutrients, and others.

Another reason is that regular sex can easily be overdone, especially by those in poor health, which includes most people.  By this I mean that one can have a heart attack during sex because the body simply cannot handle the strain of sex, for example.

While I have less experience with deep loving sex, I believe this is much less likely to occur.  If one overdoes it, the most likely consequence would be a healing reaction.  Although this may seem dangerous in a few cases, it is nothing at all like depleting the body of nutrients or making the body more yin, both of which are far more harmful.  A healing reaction just means that the movement of energy through the bodies has set in motion the release of toxins, waste products or even mental or emotional toxins that need to be released.  However, the body cannot release them fast enough, so they “back up” a little, causing discomfort in the body.  This is uncommon, however.




Stage 1. The basic embrace.  The couple ideally should be naked and in bed together, or elsewhere where they are totally comfortable.  Possible positions are:

1. A sitting position on comfortable cushions, for example, or on a firm mattress or bed, facing each other.

2. Lying down. In this case, the man should ideally be on top of the woman, facing her, or the couple could be on their sides facing each other.  However, the side-to-side position will only work if their bed is so comfortable that this does not hurt their shoulders.  They must be comfortable, in other words. 

Wherever they are, a key is their spines must be as straight as possible.  This is important. 


Inserting the penis.  Ideally the man inserts his penis into the woman, but does not pump it in and out, or move around too much, as that will provoke an orgasm and then he may not be interested or able to continue.  So it is more just connecting sexually, so to speak, than it is foreplay and sexual stimulation.

Kissing. At the same time, if desired, the couple may kiss on or around the lips.  However, some do not want this and it is not needed  However, at least their heads should be close together, along with the rest of the bodies, so the centers will interact as fully as possible.

Placing the tip of the tongue onto the top of the palate in the mouth may be helpful for each partner as well.  It helps the flow of energy up the back.  However, it is not absolutely needed in most cases.

At first, the couple should remain in this position for a while, perhaps even an hour or more.  They need to do this, at first only, so that they recognize the feeling of just being together in what amounts to a sexual embrace only.  In other words, it is not so much a sexual orgasmic experience as just a sexual or sensual embrace.  This may be called the first step in the tantric experience. 

Later, this step can perhaps be omitted because the couple will have achieved a certain rapport or comfort zone with this sexual embrace and do not need to spend much time on it.  Having the man go inside the woman, at first, however, may help with some of the more advanced stages of the experience, including those that are orgasmic.


Stage 2. Merging energetically.  In this important step, the man must slowly relax and energetically invite the woman into his body.  First, he must become somewhat empty, yin, open and “small”, shrinking his aura in a way.  One very effective way to do this is for the man first to focus the attention on a spot that is at the base of the spine, along the back.  However, one must later also focus on the entire spine, but at the level of about 1 inch or ½ centimeter behind the skin, off the body, in other words.  This helps “make room” for the woman to merge with the man energetically.

Another good visualization is to imagine oneself extremely thin, like a pencil.  This is to empty the aura, which allows her to “move in”, so to speak.  However, in addition to being thin, imagine the pencil-thin aura at the level of the skin of the back or just outside of the body near the back.  Also, move energy downward from the head to the toes, as this helps greatly as well, with the later stages that follow.

Tipping the pelvis.  Next, it may be helpful or even necessary for the man to tip his pelvis forward, rounding the low back and causing less of a lumbar curve in the lower back. 

This is not a very natural feeling for most men, but it creates almost like a cradle or hollow in the pelvic area, energetically, into which the woman moves herself energetically and perhaps physically, somewhat.  This may be important for success, as the connection at the level of the first, second and third centers is important that it be firm and grounded with each other.  This actually allows chi or subtle energy to flow up the couple’s spines far more easily and with less interference, assuring that the energy can rise up the spine and into the upper physical centers and beyond.  This is important both for the sexual pleasure aspect of the procedure, and very critical for the healing aspect of it as well.

Clasping the hands in front of the body. Next, it may also help the man to clasp his hands in front of him, especially if he is doing the practice in a way that he can get his hands around the woman’s body.  This helps center his energy.

Women may also do this if they wish, and if they can in the way they are embracing.  If the woman is on the bottom, of course, it is easy, though it may not be comfortable.  It will help center the woman as well, but is not as important as it is for the man.

Women naturally have a more divided or yin energy in most cases, especially women that have had children and those with more sexual experience.

Merging energetically.  While the man is opening himself to her, she, at the same time, must allow herself to merge with the man’s body energetically.  To do this, she must leave a certain comfort zone of hers.  Then she must 1) align her centers with the front of his body, and then 2) move the front of her body energetically, in line with his back.  In other words, starting with the first and second centers, she must move her body energetically into his body.  This will feel odd at first, like moving into someone else’s space.  It is absolutely necessary, however.  He cannot move into her space.  She must move into his body space energetically.

A good visualization is to imagine that his body is like an energy field only, and she can simply move inside of it to “check it out” and feel what it is like.

This will take a little practice the first time or two.  Afterwards, it becomes easier, just as does the sexual embrace step.  In other words, as each one feels more comfortable with the other, both physically and energetically, these steps should be able to be accomplished in a few seconds, or at most a few minutes.


Stage 3. Loving one another. As soon as the couple begins to merge energetically in stage 2 above, both man and woman will start experiencing some unusual feelings.  She will feel his energy and he will feel hers.  What follows is a rough description of what it feels like.


What the woman will feel.  His energy will feel heavy, or dense, perhaps, and she may feel a downward flow of energy coming from above their heads downward toward her feet.  This is a very important feeling.  If the woman does not feel this, it is not a good sign.  Men are usually more grounded today, and they have more of a downward-flowing energy.  Some do not, however.  These men are much less grounded.  This is not helpful for the relationship, as today tantra is to help ground the women and elevate the men, energetically.

This downward flow may seem harsh at first, and it may even feel like it is crushing her.  However, she is to stay strong, as though one is continuing to stay put even though one is under a powerful shower stream or waterfall. 

As she does this, she will realize that the powerful downward flow is a positive energy, a strong and masculine energy, the energy of the father or ‘father energy’.  If she just stays strong, it will soon change to a loving energy that is healing as well.  This is the main sensation the woman must be ready to experience and “put up with”, until she gets used to it and learns to love it, which I believe she will. 

This is a male type of penetrating energy, but not one that divides her, as does the usual sexual encounter with men.  Instead, it flows downward, all around her and through her.  It is a much finer energy, even more so later, and it is energizing, healing, balancing and strengthening to her.  She will emerge from the session or love-making in this way stronger and happier, in my experience.  This is quite remarkable, as it can happen within about 5-10 minutes of blending together in this way.


What the man may feel. The energy of the woman will feel yin in most cases.  Yin, in this case, means soft, at first, deep, penetrating but not harsh or strong.  It means soft in the sense that it is a dense, cooler, slower moving force.  At first, he may feel it most coming from her vagina and pelvic area, as this is the most yin area of a woman. 

In a few cases, he may feel overwhelmed by this energy, swallowed up, enfolded in it, “swimming” in it or wallowing in it.  That is the nature of the woman’s yin.  Depending upon her level of development, this yin may be very dense, or it may be becoming more ethereal and light as she develops herself.  Eventually, it goes away altogether, but this may take many years of development on her part.

This feeling is usually not pleasant at first for the man, just as the woman’s feelings at first are not pleasant.  The man may think he will be swallowed up, or mired in the muck, or has fallen into a dark cave or pit.  He may feel somewhat spacy, confused, disoriented and so on.  He might be tempted to quit at this point, thinking he has taken on too much, more than he can handle.

However, if he persists and focuses on his seventh center, in particular, and on bringing down or moving energy down the body, particularly down the front of the body, the yin of the woman will bother him less and less.  Eventually, it will not be so bad and he will feel just more of a general warmth that is quite pleasant, like being in a womb and surrounded by warmth and caressing energy.  So this is a rough progression of what the man will feel, especially the first time he experiences this energetic love-making.


Staying yin or passive. The man needs to stay yin or passive with this step.  In other words, he needs to keep allowing the woman to enter him energetically and not turn yang and try to protect himself or project his energy, but actually the opposite, to become more empty and small, and accept the woman’s yin energy into himself.  It will, of course, blend with his ‘father energy’, all at once.  This may be a key to moving past this step into real connecting and love-making in a pleasant way.


Stage 4. Holding the space.  As you do this procedure, you will feel each other moving in and out of the oneness or togetherness.  In other words, the woman will enter and blend with the man, but then she may get scared or uncomfortable and move back out.  The man may accept her completely, but then change his mind and reject her to some extent.  This little dance will go on, perhaps for some time, and perhaps for days, weeks or months, as the couple learns more trust and more skill at resisting certain fearful forces that may arise.  The degree of this might depend, in part, on one’s previous sexual experiences, or any previous traumas that either or both have had. 

Slowly, however, the energetic bonding and love-making smoothes out.  The man becomes more comfortable just allowing the woman inside of him energetically, and the woman becomes more comfortable accepting his body as her own, allowing herself to enter and stay there, even though the feelings are somewhat foreign for her as well.  She slowly comes to rest inside of him.

This is important, and of course it is the opposite of the physical sexual act, in which he must come to rest inside of her, at least temporarily.  Here are some other differences between the two types of interactions.  With energetic blending:

1. As stated above, she enters him, and not the other way around.

2. It is much longer term.  Physical blending is momentary, while the energetic blending can be for an hour, or many hours.  In fact, it can last a lifetime with little interruption once the couple gets good at this procedure, because it can be done “long distance”.  In fact, all couples who are close do this.  She just imagines herself in his energy space.  He just imagines making room for her and receiving her.

3. It is much milder than hot sex, but more healing, gentle, pleasant and perhaps comforting, especially for the woman.

4. It feels safe for both parties, gentle and loving and never is harsh or “too much”.

5. It unites the couple in a unique and new way.  In fact, it is more intimate than sex, which is not necessarily an intimate embrace.  This is why one needs a partner who is willing to go along with it.  Some will feel scared, and a few will think it is silly and just want to get on with orgasms.

Stage 5. Merging the centers and the aura.  The woman will now feel herself resting inside the man.  She will feel his chest, most of all, as it is the most yang part of him with its aura of double tetrahedron energy.

The man will notice that the woman’s energy now comes to rest inside of him.  He may notice it most in the area of the pelvis.  This is the most yin area of the woman, so that is why he will notice it as it is the most different from his pelvis.  It may feel very full, almost heavy, and perhaps somewhat dense and liquidy.  This is all yin energy.  As she develops and balances with him, it becomes much lighter and less dense feeling. 

This is the woman becoming man, a metaphor that is important.  Woman is somewhat of a hybrid creature, while man is more of a pure male or yang creature.  Woman must be more physical and yin in order to have children.  Man has no such restriction as he does not have or cannot fulfill this other function.  However, this hybrid nature of woman is a disadvantage to her as she ages, particularly.  She needs to become more ‘male’ in a way or yang.  This loving experience helps this process along greatly in most cases.

Earlier in her adult life, the raging female hormones get in the way, so to speak, as they make her more yin and more sexy, but less grounded today.  She remains much more yin than most men, and this is not good today.  It can be remedied to some degree with the diet and the lifestyle of more rest and less fear.  However, blending with a man in this energetic manner is also a wonderful way for her to let go of her yin energy.

She gives this energy to the man, who is usually able to process it.  If he cannot, he will feel somewhat bloated or full in the abdomen or pelvis when he makes love energetically in this way.  He needs to meditate more, bringing more energy downward.  This downward flow is the yang ‘father energy’ that will help him transmute the woman’s more yin pelvic energy.


Merging the centers and aura. The next step for both the man and woman are to blend their centers and aura.  This happens any time two are in an embrace, even just a simple hug on the street meeting a friend.  However, it is more intense when no clothes separate you and when you are engaged sexually. 

Usually, the first center is the one to blend first.  This occurs because the penis is in the vagina, and there are sexual feelings.  Also, because of this positioning, these centers are lined up perfectly, even if the man and woman are not the same height.

By the way, the penis should be pretty far into the woman, not just touching, if possible.  This is not easy in some cases, I realize.  The reason is that the best blending of the first centers takes place if the tip of the penis is touching or very close to what is called the G-spot in the woman.  This is very misunderstood, so I will explain it.

Women has a point inside the vagina called the G-spot.  This means good or sweet spot.  It is a pleasure center, but it is not the clitoris.  This is critical to know.  It is found on the top of the vaginal wall, about two-thirds of the way back toward the cervix.  This spot is not visible and it cannot be felt, so don’t even try.  It is just a small area that is very sensitive, and it is the base of the first center in a woman.  The tip of the penis must be near it, however, for proper blending of the first centers.  That is really its only importance for this exercise, since the goal is not stimulate the woman sexually.  This is very important.  Many books discuss the G-spot, which is often confused with the clitoris, which, of course is one top, but right at the opening of the vagina.  The G-spot is far inside and is very sensitive, so some men look for it and cannot find it.  The woman mainly feels it during intercourse when the man is pumping in and out, assuming their anatomy allows this to occur.  Some men’s and women’s genital organs are of such size and shape, along with the rest of their bodies, that this does not occur.  This causes less pleasure for the woman, usually, though many don’t care because they don’t even realize the G-spot exists.


Blending the higher centers.  Next, the woman is to blend not only the first, but then the second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth centers of hers with those of the man.  I say the woman should do this, but the man should do it, too.  If only the man does it, it won’t work too well, so this is why I say the woman must do it, but really both should do it.

To do this, both partners must know about where the centers are, how they look, and how this occurs.  It is not complex, however.  The centers are little funnels that emerge from the bodies of everyone at specific places.  To save space, I will not explain their locations in a lot of depth.  This information is contained in a separate article entitled, The Centers, along with a lot more information about them that is interesting, to say the least.

Essentially, the first center faces downward in most people, and spreads out like a ballet dress.  Blending yours with that of another person is easy, as they naturally touch one another.

The second and third centers are usually small, 2-inch funnels extending out the front and the back of the bodies.  They do not blend so easily, as they are often small.  The second is about the level of the navel, and the third near the level of the solar plexus.

The fourth and fifth centers are easier because they are larger in most people.  The fourth sits at the level of the nipples in most people, while the fifth is at the Adam’s apple in the throat, which is easier to find in men, but present in women, too.

The sixth and seventh are also fairly easy to blend.  The sixth is at the level of the eyebrows, right in the middle of the head.  So putting your heads touching here will do it.  The seventh emerges at the crown of the head.  So just imagine your crowns of your heads merging and the centers will energetically merge.

An important principle is that the centers don’t have to actually merge physically, although this is best.  They can simply be visualized.  You visualize your centers and your partner’s centers coming together and spinning together.  That is all there is to it.


How long should a couple love each other in this way? This is difficult to say for everyone.  In general, I would recommend starting with no more than half an hour at a time for deep loving.  Then increase the time and intensity as you feel comfortable doing so.

The actual time must depend on the physical, emotional and mental health of the couple, the sensitivity of the partners, the nature and condition of their relationship, and perhaps other factors such as their age and familiarity with such matters as tantric sex.


Stage 6. Onward to the upper centers and the aura.  The above is just the start of tantric loving.  It is an adventure that will keep growing, forever.  This is its appeal, unlike regular sex that is done and gone, and can only be repeated a number of times before most couples decide it isn’t that exciting anymore, especially as they get older and the organs don’t work quite as well, and they become less sexually oriented and less attractive sexually as well. 

Tantra, by contrast, just grows more and more intense, at any age in any situation.

Once the first seven centers blend, the couple then moves on and learns how to blend the second set of centers that everyone has, numbers 8 through 14.  Then they go on to blend the higher bodies or auras that some have developed, and many more will develop soon.  If one has done a nutritional balancing program for at least a year or more, the process of developing these other bodies is usually well underway.  They are called the etheric body, the whole body, the mental body, the causal body and have other names.  These are described in a separate article entitled The Aura.

The entire goal and practice of this tantric loving is to blend more and more.  This will cause unusual healing to occur, more mental and spiritual development to occur, and has other unusual benefits for the couple.  For instance, they will become more connected and telepathic, so they can read each other’s thoughts and intentions.  This is quite beautiful and very loving and healing for most people.  The greatest benefit is to know you are not alone, you are connected in amazing ways with another, and eventually you will move to a space in which you feel ready to connect with all human beings in this beautiful, safe, healing manner.




            A reaction may occur as the energy surges through the couple.  This reaction could, in theory, be anything at all such as a headache, a stomach ache, soreness in the liver, perhaps, or an ache or pain anywhere in the body.  One might need to sneeze or blow the nose, for example.  One might develop a rash or a discharge.

            These reactions are called purification reactions, flare-ups or healing reactions.  They are described in a separate article on this site entitled Healing Reactions or Retracing.

            In most all cases, these are mild and will pass quickly.  One can rest and this is usually sufficient to help the reaction pass.  One may also do simple supportive techniques such as hand and foot reflexology.




            The answer is yes.  However, it is far safer than overdoing on regular sex, in a number of ways explained above.  If one starts to feel quite tired, achy or uncomfortable, it may be time to rest and stop the session.  This is fine.

It does not mean the couple is not in love, or not in synch in some way.  It is just that the energy that pours through both bodies is strong, much stronger than one might imagine from the simplicity of the techniques described here, which are the basic ones.  Therefore, the couple should stop and not feel as though they have failed somehow, or are not compatible.  Of course, if problems develop, it is wise to ask for help.  I may be able to help if someone wishes to email me at Larry@drlwilson.com.




Anytime sexual activity occurs, the attention is drawn to the lower energy centers or charkas.  This is only natural as this is where the genital glands are located.  However, this lowering of a person’s attention can deplete energy in some people.

In addition, the act of intercourse spins the centers for a time backwards.  This is part of the thrill, so to speak.  It also occurs with some drugs, like LSD and others.  They give the person a high, which is how it actually does this.  This is the most at the climax or orgasm, for which reason many people insist on orgasms.

However, the smart ones also know that it is the orgasm that often depletes them in mysterious ways.  This is one reason why tantra often instructs that one should not always be needing and wanting orgasms.  It is fine to just cuddle, hug, kiss and so forth and can be very satisfying at one level, though it is not, of course, the same as the orgasm.

Multiple orgasms, very popular today among women and men who are capable of them, therefore tend to deplete the body even more.  This is important to know.




Energetic imbalances are different from energetic depletion.  Depletion is a fatigue that comes after sex.  Energetic imbalances are the result of incompatibilities in the energy fields of the two partners.  Let us explain this a bit.


Imbalances or incompatibilities in two people’s auras.  Anytime two people are living in close proximity, and especially if they are intimate such as touching one another, there is an energy exchange between them.  A very superficial way of saying this is that their subtle electrical and magnetic energy fields blend or clash in varying degrees and complexities.

This is a very subtle area, and it is hard to talk about without understanding that human beings are not just physical, but they are mental, emotional and energetic beings as well.

For our purposes here, let use just say that each person has an aura and spinning vortices of energy called the charkas.  In everyone, these are somewhat imbalanced.  If two people are close to one another, and more so if they are in a sexual and sensual embrace, this is amplified.  As the energy fields of the two people overlap a lot, any imbalances in the aura and centers tend to affect the other person quite strongly, in fact.

The stronger person will generally influence the weaker one, but not necessarily, as the ineractions are quite complex in many cases.  Only with the help of a clairvoyant who can see or feel the energies could one possibly hope to elaborate all the interactions for this reason.

As a result, whenever two engage in sex, in particular, but even if two live together or even work together, their energies will influence each other.  This can, of course, be beneficial.  It helps explain why some people just love sex while others do not like it as much or even at all.  It can explain why some couples just seem to get along well, and others tend to argue more.  It helps explain why some love going to work, while other just don’t enjoy it, even though they may like their work.

Unfortunately, in most cases, the interaction of two people’s centers and auras is harmful, or at least not helpful at all.  If nothing else, the person’s energy becomes somewhat confused with that of the other person.  This is a main reason I recommended that young women abstain from sex with young men, who are usually a lot stronger at that age.  The teen or young woman will usually end up confused and less confident in herself.  This is almost a given in all cases, even if she is “in love”.

Here is what often occurs.  When a young virgin woman has sex, especially with a man who is not her husband, she becomes somewhat confused.  The encounter may feel wonderful, but something is also lost, and some young women know it.  Unfortunately, women can not get it back.  This is the breaking of the hymen, the flap of skin around the vaginal area.  But it is much more, and sewing the hymen back, which is done in some barbaric cultures of the Middle East, does not usually fix the problem.

The real problem is that sex makes her more yin and ‘split’.  Her energies become disturbed in ways she does not understand.  This clouds her judgment and usually affects her delicate and fragile sense of herself.  This is what sex does in fragile and sensitive young women.


Sexual vampirism.  This fact, of course, is used by ruthless men who only want control over others.  Sexual prowess has been an old-fashioned way for men to control women for thousands of years.

However, often the young women turn round and use the men as well.  This is discussed in a separate article called Women’s Fear Of Men on this site.  This is often called ‘love’, when it is no such thing.  Sadly, it colors all future man-woman relationships that they enter.

In these cases, the woman is stronger and takes advantage of decent men through sexual attraction.  Some call these ladies hookers because they hook the men sexually, but also energetically, so they keep coming back for more.  Little do they realize they are actually the ones that are being used by the women, and not just financially. 

So it is a double-edged sword, though men dominate in the sexual arena far more often.  This has to do with women’s more emotional nature.  In other words, it is usually the men who are the hookers and the women who get hooked sexually and become ill from it, either mentally or even physically.


Balanced partners are happiest.  In the best case scenarios, both partners are about the same strength and both suffer a little from their sexual encounters, but not much at all.  These are the ones that usually have the happiest sexual lives together, although it is so confusing that many who are being used energetically think their sex life is great.




Depletion of nutrients also always occurs during sexual intercourse in both men and women, as well as during masturbation.  The man’s seminal fluid, semen and sperm contain quite large amounts of precious minerals such as zinc, selenium and others.  These are essentially wasted through ejaculation. 

This problem can be minimized, though usually not eliminated altogether, through methods to control the ejaculation in men.  This is why many tantric textbooks describe  the methods for men to avoid or stop ejaculation.  Unfortunately, it usually doesn’t work all the time.  When it does work, it can be harmful.  Therefore, be careful with these methods such as holding a finger on the ejaculatory duct or breathing and squeezing the perineal area.

Women are more fortunate in that they lose fewer nutrients in their ejaculatory fluids.  The fluids are less nutritionally rich and more mucus-like, and the woman may reabsorb at least half the fluid during and after sex.   On the other hand, it may be more difficult for the woman to avoid the fluid loss since it starts at once during sexual foreplay and continues uninterrupted during the entire sexual encounter, even a minor one.

As a result, both partners always lose these precious nutrients.  This is not an issue if one eats very well and engages in sex only occasionally, such as once a month or less.  However, if one has sex more often it is a factor that slows healing and spiritual development, especially for men.




A third problem with sex today, especially if it is casual or if both partners are not faithful and have affairs on the sly, is the transmission of some powerfully toxic ailments. 

These include, of course, the AIDS virus, although this is the least common of them.  Others are symphillis, gonnorhea, genital warts, hemophilus, yeasts and many, many other viruses, bacteria and fungi. 

Even some parasitic infections can be spread through sexual contact.  Intercourse is not the only method, by the way, since passionate kissing, oral sex and other sexual behaviors also involve significant fluid exchange and possibilities to break the skin in microscopic manner that opens the way for infections of all kinds.

The sexually-transmitted disease problem is not as significant in monogamous relations, which is one reason why these relationships are superior to casual sexual encounters and so-called one-night stands.  These are essentially dates that turn into sex to some degree or other.

However, sexually transmitted diseases can be literally life-threatening today in casual sexual acts, which unfortunately are suggested on television, the movies and elsewhere, with little or no understanding or appreciation of this issue.

 The poor nutritional condition of so many people today makes these diseases even worse.  Also making it worse is a lack of proper sexual hygiene.


Douching.  This is a subject that is worth mentioning, though it is off our topic a little.  It used to be taught to all young women, in particular.  I am referring to douching with warm water, salt or better dilute hydrogen peroxide after the sex act. 

Many prostitutes still do this for self protection, as they know how important their sexual organs are for their business.  However, most women have either never learned this or have forgotten in the quest for romance and spontaneity. 




Depletion and imbalances due to sexual contact often causes emotional, physical and marital problems as time goes on.  As a result, relationships that are based on sex or mainly so often deteriorate as ill will, confusion and distrust build.

Sex can become mainly a physical release, or a competition for dominance, or some become discouraged and avoid it altogether.  Many believe that if they would just switch partners, all would be well.  Occasionally, this is true as they find someone more compatible, but usually the same thing eventually happens. 

By then, however, the partners are older.  Many decide that sex is just not as important as they thought when they were 20 years old.  They can see through the sexual fantasies and hoopla a lot better.


Teaching the young.  Good parents tell this to their teenagers and even younger children, to help them avoid the same fate.  Unfortunately, this is not the common thing to do, so the teens suffer with unwanted pregnancies, abortions, sad friendships and more.




Tantra is an ancient Sanskrit word meaning intertwining.  Yoga is a related word, though they do not sound alike.  Tantric yoga is actually a large branch of yogic science having to do with relationships.  It is a huge field.  We will focus on that related to sex, however.

Definition of Tantric Sex.  Tantric sexual yoga, therefore, is a set of techniques and philosophies that mankind has developed over thousands of years to overcome some of the problems with sex and relationships and increase or enhance their beneficial aspects.

Tantric sex may be defined as that experience in which partners are more aware and knowingly create their experience.  This ‘cooperative or conscious sex’ requires equality, respect and knowledge.  Conscious sex and deferred gratification satisfy deeply, especially for women.

Tantric sex is the subject of many books in metaphysical and other book stores today.  Some of the techniques have become quite popular, in fact.  This is good if it enhances sexual enjoyment and aids relationships between committed partners. 

It is very bad, however, if it encourages experimentation with other people outside of marriage.  In fact, sexual experimentation brought on by reading tantra books and DVDs cause much more sexually transmitted disease today.

Definition of Lemurian Tantric Yoga.  The rest of this article is about a lesser-known alternative called Lemurian tantric yoga.   Unlike the tantra found in most books on the subject, it is not just about conscious sex.  It is still more specific, having to do with the charkas, the aura, balancing the partners and more.


Lemurian tantric practices repair the physical body and help develop the subtle bodies. They balance the subtle energy system and remove physical and emotional toxins. This greatly enhances health and prolongs life.
            Man-woman relationships are the basis for society. Through tantric practice they are entirely transformed.  Healing and spiritual development become the focus. All those around them benefit greatly. Lemurian tantra helps couples, families, communities and society.

Sex and the Subtle Bodies. Every person has seven bodies. The lower bodies are the physical, astral and etheric. Astral and etheric compose the aura. The upper bodies are the mental, causal, monadic and spiritual. All the subtle bodies are larger than the physical. They extend up to 1000 feet beyond the physical body.
            When two live together, their subtle bodies blend to a greater degree. Their sharing is deepest in relationships that are sexual. The etheric content is beliefs, attitudes and judgments. Feelings and emotional traumas compose the astral body.
            Partners’ subtle body content may be complementary. Strengths in one may compensate for weaknesses in the other, and teamwork may occur on a subtle level.  At work, in sports or in marriages, teamwork involves blending of subtle energies.
            If, however, health and spiritual levels differ greatly, blending can be harmful. One may pick up negativity, trauma or the illness of the other. This causes anxiety, depression or physical symptoms in sensitive people.  For this reason, one needs to choose carefully one’s intimate partner.

            The Centers. Intimacy also powerfully impacts the centers. Whirling centers of subtle energy, the centers maintain the health of the physical body.  Located along the axis of the spine, they blend when bodies are in contact. The spin of the stronger person’s charkas powerfully affects the spin of the weaker person’s charkas.  As the centers become larger with spiritual development, they impact each other even more.
            Intercourse has a much greater impact on the centers than simple hugging or kissing. Inserting the penis in the vagina completes a circuit that deeply connects the partners. Therapeutic possibilities are greater as are harmful consequences from energetic clashes. Inserting the tongue in the other’s mouth during intercourse increases the effect.
            A sexual encounter affects the centers for several weeks. Women are often more aware of the impact of sex, though the majority have no idea exactly what transpired.  They are often weaker and therefore more affected by the encounter.  Women need much more gentle sexual contact than men offer, as a general rule.  Women often secretly hate men for not understanding their sexual needs.  This is unfortunate, as what they really seek is a proper blending of the charkas and aura which would satisfy deeply.
            The centers should spin in opposite directions in men and women. Like gears that are engaged, embracing sexually should enhance the center spin, with a healing effect.  This principle is called induction.
            For example, in the wiring of a transformer, the current in one set of wires induces a current in the other winding.  In an automatic transmission in a car, the spinning of a bladed plate in a fluid medium transmits power to another bladed plate that faces it, but has no direct contact with the first except through the fluid medium.  In both cases, energy sent through one side induces a response from the other   Lemurian tantra employs this principle for healing through sexual union.
            However, most people are unaware of center blending and their intimate contacts are harmful rather than helpful. Often, one partner’s charkas are reversed and the experience depletes one or the other partner.  It is like engaging gears that do not mesh.
            In other cases, both partners have charkas spinning in reverse. When both partners’ spins are backwards, relationships can seem to thrive.  Coming together feels wonderful, but in fact sexual contact reinforces an unhealthy pattern that eventually causes emotional and physical problems.  The reversed centers mutually reinforce each other, as when two gears mesh because both are rotating backwards.


The centers spin properly at birth. Childhood emotional traumas and physical imbalances cause the spin to reverse in most people.  Some people survive childhood with the center spin intact, or work on themselves to re-establish the proper spin.  Unfortunately, many enter relationship with some or all of the charkas spinning in reverse.
            Emotional healing and spiritual development require that the centers begin to spin correctly.  In a relationship, as one partner begins to mature, his or her centers begin to switch direction.  Development requires improving the diet and lifestyle, and changing one’s attitudes.
            Often the weaker partner develops first. This occurs because when one is in excellent physical condition, one enjoys life too much to care about spiritual development.  Pain and suffering are what drive most people to self-improvement.
            As one person develops, the interaction with the other partner’s reversed centers will hold the developing person back. The result is emotional and physical difficulties and discord.  Sexual contact now causes the developing person’s centers to revert to their previous spin. Spiritual development halts and they may feel drained, anxious, angry or depressed. Neither partner knows what has occurred. The energetic shift affects not only sex but all their interactions. Possible outcomes are:

1) the relationship ends
2) the weaker developing partner becomes ill and may die
3) the developing partner gives up and reverts to the old ways in order to hold on to the relationship
4) occasionally the developing partner pressures the other to develop as well
5) an unhappy truce is called. Sex and loving cease, partners shut down emotionally and the two live more like roommates, doing their best to get along and stay out of each others way. The latter is all too common, often displayed in public as ‘the happy marriage’.

            In other instances, the stronger partner develops first. Now contact, especially sexual contact, forces the weaker one’s centers to spin the other way. This, too, is liable to cause discord in a relationship. If the weaker partner is capable of spiritual development and allows it, the relationship can remain energetically viable.  If this occurs, the relationship will have a therapeutic effect on the weaker partner. Otherwise, the same outcomes as in the paragraph above will occur.

Energy Vampirism.  Center interactions between people can also be used to intentionally or unconsciously drain another’s energy. This is called energy vampirism.  The one acting as a vampire may have discovered the techniques for stealing energy accidentally, often in childhood. Anger can also teach a person how to steal the energy of others. Often it is not done consciously.
            Energy vampirism through subtle energy manipulation occurs in every area of human activity, from friends and lovers to preachers and politicians. Many parents drain their children’s energy. Some children allow it and become ill while others rebel.  Some become unable to take it any more and may kill themselves or another.
            In general, those who drain other’s energy have had their own energy drained earlier in life by siblings, parents or sexual partners. As a result, they do not know how to function on their own energy and learn to depend on stealing energy from others. Like some beggars or welfare recipients, they have become dependent in unhealthy ways.
            To steal energy requires causing centers that are spinning normally to go into reverse, or causing backward-spinning centers to spin faster. One way to do this is by upsetting another. This technique is used all the time by parents, teachers, doctors, preachers and in friendships and relationships.
            The effects are more powerful in sexual relationships because the partners’ centers are in close contact.  Often this occurs unconsciously. The victimized partner usually has no idea what is going on except to feel more tired or weaker after an encounter, particularly a sexual one.
            A few people seem naturally protected from energy vampires. Learning about the centers and Lemurian tantric principles can help to protect oneself and to correct a problem in a relationship, assuming the partner is willing to change. A significant amount of illness, depression and violence stems from energy vampirism and responses to it.


Another energetic imbalance between sexual partners stems from the inward or outward direction of energy flow of the centers. Men and women should be opposite so that during sexual contact a healthful exchange occurs.
            At times, however, emotional traumas have caused one or several of the center directions to reverse. A clash will occur during intimate contact. If the stronger partner’s centers are aligned properly, the interaction can be healing for the misaligned partner. If the stronger partner’s centers are misaligned, contact will damage the centers of the other partner.
            Other center misalignments and imbalances occur as well. These can also cause problems in intimate relationships, and may be healed through proper practices.


All sexual relations involve much more than physical contact and sensual experience.  The faster one learns this, the happier one will be.  All relationships are sacred, and should be entered into carefully and consciously.  A simple bond marriage agreement is most helpful to protect both partners.  Casual sex is never a good idea for one who wishes to heal and develop spiritually.
            Understanding center induction and Lemurian tantric yoga principles can benefit all relationships, greatly accelerate physical and emotional healing and promote spiritual development




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