by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

October 2014, L.D. Wilson Consultants, Inc.


            An interesting area of research in nutritional balancing science are deeper levels of retracing that may have to do with:

1. Other, earlier physical existences.  This is highly controversial, but appears to be valid.


            Let us examine each of these:




              Who can do this deep retracing? Anyone, it seems, can do this type of retracing, including babies at one year of age and above.  So it is fine to begin the process at this age.  In fact, it is easier for babies to do deep retracing than it is for adults, perhaps because most babies have more adaptive or etheric energy than do most adults.  So please begin the process with the babies.  They have little else to do but retrace in the first years of life, especially while they rest and sleep, which they do a lot.

            However, many adults report especially deep retracing, so it is definitely possible for adults, as well as for children and babies.


            What is required?  Adults may need to take a full supplement program, with all of the optional products.  Also, the person must follow the diet scrupulously, and do the extra procedures such as the light sauna therapy, coffee enemas, foot reflexology, Roy Masters mental exercise, and the daily spinal twist.  Usually, it takes a few years on a program before it begins to occur.

            Babies and children may or may not need a slightly heavier nutritional balancing supplement program.


              Cautions.  Anyone who undertakes a complete nutritional balancing program can experience flashbacks or purification reactions that may make little sense.  This could be because the retracing may have to do with other physical existences or other lifetimes.  Thus the people, places, events and even the contexts may seem bizarre and certainly unfamiliar.  This is the only real caution needed.

            In fact, most of the deeper purification reactions are mild and no cause for concern.  Occasionally, a deeper retracing reaction is severe or very strange, but this is very unusual.


            To read more about retracing, in general, please read Retracing And Healing Reactions and Spiritual Retracing on this site.



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