4/18/19. Please do not read or listen to Dr. Eric Berg, DC. He is being paid well to badmouth our program and is an imposter. He speaks well, as though he is informed. However, he has no experience with development and is not developed himself.

4/12/19. Don’t buy a newer type of washing machine. Get a used older one, at least 10 years old. The newer washing machines in the USA and perhaps other nations must comply with new Obama-era regulations that limit the amount of water they use and limit the amount of agitation of the clothing. The result is they don’t clean the clothing well.

We think this is deliberate because it leaves toxic chemicals in the clothing that slowly poison anyone who wears them. Instead, repair your older washing machine or buy a used older machine with an agitator and one that uses more water.

4/7/19. We posted a new newsletter. Please read it and share it by clicking here.

3/10/19. Lecithin. We are now adding lecithin to many people’s development programs. It helps greatly to reduce feelings of anxiety. We did not use it formerly because Dr. Eck believed that it slows toxic metal elimination. However, we are finding this is not true.

2/25/19.  Heirloom beef.  This is a continuation of the update of 12/10/18.  Heirloom beef is even better for development than eating organic or grass-fed beef, if you can find it. It is beef from older, non-hybridized cows. It is not widely available. If you cannot find heirloom grass-fed beef, just have other organic or grass-fed beef.

The beef must be cooked rare by braising to preserve the chemicals needed for development.  See Food For Daily Use for cooking details.  For adults, we suggest three 3-4 ounce portions of this meat weekly.  Reduce lamb to once a week.  This supercedes other recommendations in older articles on this website.

 1/8/19. Detergents.  We just found that most or all detergents used on dishes, clothing and general cleaning contain a toxin that slows development and damages the liver. It is also in most baby wipes and many other products that contain soap or detergents. This applies to all natural products, as well. At this time, the only household products we can recommend are regular soap and Bon Ami Powder Cleanser.  Vinegar and baking soda is also safe.  The cleanest way to clean hard floors is with a steam mop.

 1/6/19. Do not cook with olive oil, especially in the oven.   Olive oil becomes toxic when heated, and causes liver damage.  Ideally, do not cook vegetables in the oven.  The high temperature damages them too much.  Pressure cooking is the best, followed by steaming or crock pots (slow cookers).


1/8/19. WARNING. Do not use castor oil packs. They are toxic.


12/31/18. WARNING. Do not use fermented cod liver oil. It is a very dangerous product – rancid and probably not cod liver oil. Also, there is a report that there have been many deaths among members of the Weston A Price Foundation. We have written about the dangers of: 1) a high-fat diet, 2) fermented foods, 3) salads rather than cooked vegetables, 4) fruit, and 5) fermented cod liver oil. Weston Price would be very upset with what is being recommended in his name.


12/14/18.  Beware there is a fake Dr. Wilson on Youtube.  We do have programs on Youtube, but the programs are audio only.  We have no video of Dr. Wilson.

Also, if you tell clients to go to this website, be sure to include the L in the URL (  If someone just types, they will get a different Dr. Wilson.


12/10/18. We are finding that organic ground beef, which usually comes in a small square package in America, is a very good food for development.  Adults may have a few ounces of it every other day.  It is important to eat it rare to obtain all the nutrients intact.  For cooking instructions, read Food For Daily Use.


11/24/18.  Do not eat a diet of mainly chips of any type such as potato chips, corn chips or others.  This is very unhealthy because the chips are very high in omega-6 fatty acids.

We strongly recommend eating a small amount of blue corn chips each day because they contain chemicals that greatly assist development.  However, this is all the chips one should eat.

For safety and development, most of the diet must consist of well-cooked vegetables with each meal, along with some protein and the rest of the foods recommended in Food For Daily Use.


11/20/18.  Some people need more omega-3 fatty acids or EPA-DHA.  Due to a shift in the energy of the earth, some people may need an extra capsule of EPA-DHA or a fourth can of sardines per week.  If you don’t get enough of the omega-3 fatty acids, you may experience pain, irritability or other signs of inflammation.


9/1/18.  New feature – books.  This website will eventually have all of Dr. Wilson’s books available free of charge.  Most are already posted and the rest will be posted most likely sometime this year.  To read books, go to Read Books.  


Other recent updates to the program are:

- Don’t eat much rice.  It is not too healthful at this time. 

- Pressure-cooking.      The best method of cooking is pressure-cooking.  You may also steam vegetables in a steamer or in a frying pan with a little water in it.

Be sure to cook all vegetables until they are soft in order to absorb the most minerals from them.  Cooking does not damage the minerals.  Pressure-cooking for about 3-4 minutes is sufficient if vegetables are chopped or sliced correctly.

- Use Hawaiian Bamboo Jade sea salt, rather than a lot of Real Salt or others.  The jade salt seems more protected, and is available on the internet.  You can switch off with other sea salts such as Hain and Celtic Salt.

- Eat 1 tablespoon of roasted tahini or 2 tablespoons of humus daily, but not more.  This is in addition to 2 tablespoons of toasted almond butter daily.  These seem to be important foods for development.

- To get enough of many nutrients, eat a vegetable medley or mix of 12 or preferably more of the preferred vegetables at each of three meals daily. 

Mono meals, which we used to suggest, are not working as well.  There should be a rainbow of colors on your plate at each meal:

white = daikon radish, white onion, white pearl onion, boiler onion, cipolline onion, white cauliflower

red = carrots, red onions, red pearl onion

orange = orange cauliflower  yellow = rutabaga, yellow onions

green = green beans, green onions, cauliflower leaves, leek

blue/indigo = red cabbage, purple cauliflower, a few blue corn chips or other blue corn products


 NOTE: You will often not find the newest articles with a Google or Yahoo search because it takes up to a few weeks for the search engines to find them.

Right now, to find all the articles below: 1. Go to the Read Articles page of this website. 

2. At the top of your browser click on Edit.

3. On the dropdown menu click on Find. 

4. In the box that appears, type a keyword from the title of the article and hit Enter.  You may have to hit Enter a few times until you get to the article.



APRIL 2019

- The Food Story – new, very important article needed to understand the development diet and development, in general.

- Notes On The History Of Christianity – new article with some basic information that many people do not know about.

- The Regulatory State – This is a very important article. It is cleaned up and improved.

- The Bible And The 7 System – new article.

- Interventions – corrected and some new information.

- We Like The Fear Of Death – new, short article

- Women’s Special Missions - new

- Basic Economics - redone

- Mercury Toxicity - improved

- The Development Program Supplement List – updated and clarified.

- Whole-Food, Food-Based And Other Supplement Issues – redone and better

- Intravenous Nutrient And Drug Therapies

- Prenatal Care

- The Seven Human Bodies

- Blood And Urine Tests During Development Programs

- Types Of Bodies

MARCH 2019

- The Big Lie Technique - improved

- Introduction To This Website – this is a revised version of the Big Picture article and very important

- Beryllium – new, short article about a toxic metal that is associated with violence and other toxic effects.

- Complaints About The Bible – cleaned up

- The Bible And Development - improved

- Bible Prophesy - improved

- Bidets – this article is much improved with more detail

- Beef – new article

- Balance Concept In Healing - improved

- Batteries - corrected

- Heirloom Cows And Vegetables – new article about better beef and vegetables

- Beauty - redone, much better

- Blood Tests Versus Hair Tests – new article comparing blood and hair tests and why the results are often different.

- Lecithin – improved. We are finding that some people need a supplement of 1200-2400 mg of lecithin every day. This seems to apply more to women.

- Healthy Attitudes – improved (attitudes.healthy.htm)

- Attention Deficit Disorder - improved

- The Atkins Diet - improved

- Arrogance – improved

- Food For Daily Use – only plain goat yogurt is a food for daily use, not any other dairy products.

- Arteriosclerosis – improved and better organized

- Zirconium – a short, new and somewhat unusual article about why some women act very sexy and teasing. (zirconium.htm)

- Anxiety And Panic Attacks – improved. We added the use of lecithin as a remedy for anxiety that occurs during a development program. (anxiety.htm)

- Beyond Antibiotics – improved (antibiotics.htm)

- The Care Of Cows With The Development Method – much improved and expanded. (cows.htm)

- The Low Body Procedures – added the cold sitz bath.

- The Cold Sitz Bath – a new, short article about a procedure that can help with prostate and other problems.

- Anti-Oxidants – updated.

- Anorexia – cleaned up.


- The Flight Analogy To Understand Hair Mineral Patterns – still being updated. This is an excellent way to understand some of the hair analysis patterns.

- Anal Itching – improved and updated

- Beef – new, important articles

- Almond Butter – improved and corrected

- Activation – new article about a way to help heal the planet.

- Become An Agent – updated.  Important article

- How Long Does Healing Take? - a new article.

- Diabetes – completely updated. One of the epidemics of the 21st century explained.

- The Liver And Its Problems – reorganized and improved. A basic article if you want to understand our modern world.

- AGES or Advanced Glycation End Products – new material. A very important article to understand the cooked vegetable diet.

Digestion – updated and corrected

The Rogues – new small section added about women and the rogues.

Turnaround Therapy, A Powerful Teaching Method – new, important article.

Food For Daily Use – several important little changes.


- Reasons For Rogue Secrecy – a short new article about the reasons for secrecy.

- Acupuncture – cleaned up and corrected in few ways.

- Addison’s Disease - clarified

- 5G – new article. Scary, but guides say it won’t be fully implemented.

- Addiction – cleaned up

- Carbohydrate Addiction – cleaned up

- Twin Souls – new material added

- Mixup, A Powerful Psychological Weapon – new important article, will be expanded

- Settling In – this new pattern was added to the Hair Analysis Section of the Read Articles page.

- Low Flat Line – this interesting new pattern was added to the Hair Analysis Section of the Read Articles page. It is associated with drug addictdion.

- Adhesions – cleaned up and updated

- Bodies – Basic Anatomy And Physiology – improved

- The Life Chart - corrected

- Psychosomatic Symptoms – Acting Out Your Life – new article on a common source of symptoms.

- Levels Of Creation And The 7 System – new, important article about how life is organized.

- The Irony of Socialism And Communism – new article, and a humorous example of one problem with socialism and communism.

- The Baby Manual – a lot of cleanup and corrections

- Plating, Hardening and Tempering – cleaned up

- Blue Or Purple Corn - updated

- Minerals And The Energy Ceneters – With Notes About Cancer - improved a lot

- Rape – some new material was added in the Introduction section

- Hair Sampling Procedures – updated

- Minerals And The 7 System – very cleaned up

- Personality Patterns And Psychological Interpretation of Hair Tests – updated

- Joy Patterns – new, important article about hair mineral testing

- Vectors – new - more advanced hair test interpretation article

- Anthropomorphic Qualities Of Minerals – new, short article about psychology

- Counseling And The 7 System – updated. This is a short article for all Helpers and others who counsel people.

- Colonic Irrigation – cleaned up and better written

- Cooked Versus Raw Food – updated

- Healing The Earth – updated. This article will continue to be updated every few months as the cleanup of earth progresses.

- The Weston Price Diet – updated and corrected

- Warning About Fermented Cod Liver Oil – this is a new short article



- Complications That Arise On Development Programs - updated

- Compensations And Adaptations – The Basis For The Stress Theory Of Disease - updated

- Compensated Hair Mineral Tests - updated

- George Carver – An Inspiring Story – cleaned up.

- Canned Foods - updated

- Children’s Nutrition Programs - updated

- Chiropractic - updated

- The Two Branches Of Christianitysome new information was added

- “From Those To Whom Much Is Given, Much Is Expected” – new important article.

- Minimum Wage Laws – Pure Communist Evil

- Healthy Attitudes – cleaned up

- Ballet - updated

- Newsletters – a new page with our newsletters.

- The Balance Concept - updated

- Persistence - updated

- Our Narrative – new article about the big picture in the world

- Mineral Bioavailability – cleaned up

- Bible Complaints – new article

- Bible Lessons – cleaned up

- The Bible As A Guide – cleaned up

- How To Write, Based On The 7 System – new information added

- Morality And The 7 System - improved

- 7 Steps To Personality Integration - improved

- 7 Steps To Reading Comprehension – cleaned up

- Seven Laws Of Noah – improved

- Receiving Guidance - improved

- How To Evaluate Advice To Make The Wisest Decisions – cleaned up

- Minerals And the 7 System, with notes about cancer – new information

- What Is The Meaning Of Life? – cleaned up

- Character Flaws – new material

- Unsexy – Some new information added

- Genetic Paths – new, interesting short article

- Know Your Foods – expanded and corrected

- The Pulling Down Exercise (formerly titled The Pushing Down Exercise) – a little new material.

- Diversity Thinkingan important new article.

- Food For Daily Use – the best chicken is dark meat chicken.

- Understanding Yin And Yang – a little new information.

- God, And How He Works – many new additions and clarifications.

- Everyone Is Depleted And Toxic – a few changes

- Downward Moving Energy And Healing – a few updates

- Maturing – better organized and a little new material




- The Big Picture - updated

- Molecular HydrogenWe do not recommend this product

- Read BooksThe entire Nutritional Balancing And Hair Analysis book is now posted on the website.  We plan to break it up into 7 or more smaller books.

- Lyingnew additions

- Why Does God Hate Me? – new article

- Sleepminor changes

- Four Lowsminor changes

- Second Four Minerals - updated

- Aura Shifts And TiltsA new article

- Food for Daily Useadded Savoy cabbage as a full-use preferred vegetable and golden beets, celery and grape tomatoes in small quantity

- Humornew additions

- Funny Moviesan important new article

- Head Congestion Syndromenew article

- The Mediterranean Dietexpanded and updated

- Posturenew material added

-Smoothiesadded that thick soups are working well to provide cooked vegetables.  Salads do not work well.

- Constipationnew material added.

- The Real Women’s Liberationnew article.

- Cancer And Alternative Therapiessome new material.

- Forgingnew material added

- Introduction To Developmentreorganized and new material




- The Hearts – a lot of new information

- Lyingnew information added

- Spinal Twists – 2 new twists were added

- Development Shortcutsa short new article explaining that the program is basically shortcuts to development.

- Sleepadded - drink at night if needed to avoid dehydration.  Also, it is perfectly okay to get up once or twice during the night.  This is sometimes best for development.

- Kitchen Setup – new article – tips for setting up your kitchen.

- Vaginal Coffee Implantsa few changes based on feedback we have received.

- The Big PictureChanges at the beginning.

- How To Increase Energy  - very important new part at the beginning of the article.

- Anchors And Pivotsimproved organization and some new material.

- Introduction To Developmentsome changes

- Butterupdated – Butter is not a special food for development

- Food for Daily Usewe now suggest 12 or more of the preferred vegetables with every meal.  Also, we now recommend goat yogurt twice a week.  An excellent brand in the USA is Redhill Farm, plain.

- Silicon – article is updated – interesting mineral.




- Paul C. Eckthis is a short biography that can help one understand development science.

- The Controllers And Other Guide Creaturesmuch expanded.

- Vaginal Coffee Implantsadded a new protocol for trauma release, starting with much less coffee.

- Magnesiumupdated

- 7.Moralitycorrections and improvements

- Black Salve - updated

- Pivots and anchorsnew material has been added and corrections made.

- Autismimproved – linked to Anchor patterns.

- Criminal Patternsadded a paragraph about healing criminality.

- Dyslexianew information added

- Cliff Pattern – More specific criteria about these patterns.

- The AuraUpdated and simplified.

- The PlumesA new article about development.

- Introduction To Developmentadded information.

- The Seven Energy FieldsImportant article about development.

- Women Mastersa new article about women who develop themselves.

- The Wizard Of Oz: A Dream Interpretationsome improvements.

- Users Versus High Integrity People, and Relationships Versus Friendshipssome improvements.

- Raw Foods And Juicingupdated and improved.

- Principles Of The LawA very important new article explaining the basics of our legal system.  Everyone needs this information today.

- Lessons From The Judge Kavanaugh Situation – a short new article using this situation to explain some legal and other principles.

- Blue Cornupdated

- Dantienscorrections. 




- Arrogancea few corrections

- Serviceslight corrections

- Dogs – added a small section about which fats to feed dogs.

- Food For Daily Use, Slow Oxidizer Diet, and Fast Oxidizer Dietonly eat a little cooked garlic and ginger once or twice weekly.

- Witchcraftgeneral improvements

- MagicA lot of changes

- Public Bathroom Designnew, short article

- How To Solve Problemsnew article

- Coffee Enemasadded how to get the coffee into your brain, where its effects are wonderful.

- Color and Healthnew article about wearing light-colored clothing and having light colors around you.

- Food For Occasional Usea few improvements


JULY 2018


- The Procedures Handbooka new article that is a compilation of the development procedures.  It is still being written but is partly done and available.

- Morality And The 7 Systemnew article.  Very important.

- Cantronupdated purchasing information.

- Oxygena little new information.

- Homosexualityimproved

- Development And Seximproved

- The Energy Centerscleaned up

- Poles And Climberscleaned up

Pivots And Anchors new, interesting hair analysis patterns

- Raping To Liberate Yin Energyupdated

- Explosions And Surgesimproved

- Open Water - revised

Outer Space new introductory article

- GMO Foodsa new update in the beginning of the article.

- Get A Braincleaned up

- Rubidiuma few minor improvements

- Open Watera few details added

Shape Technology new, interesting article


JUNE 2018


Rocking Pattern – a little new material added.

- All Is Well Pattern – this was added to the Read Articles page and is a very good hair analysis retest pattern.

Elves – a lot of corrections were made.

Phosphorus – cleanup, new material and better organization.

Soul Science – corrections.

Merkabah – factual corrections

- Trauma Retracinga little new material

- Cliff Patternsarticle was redone

- Criminal Patternsupdated with the addition of another cliff pattern.

- Colloidal Silveradded a new reference

- Propolisupdated

- Down Healinga number of corrections

- Forgingimproved clarity

- Women-Sex Talkmuch improved.

- All About Marriageimproved.

- How Important Is Diet?new

- Rapeadded the ‘crushing’ effect, hatred of all men because a few rape.

- Clothingcleaned up a little

- Homeopathymore about the problems with homeopathy

- The Sexual Orderbetter explanation

- Food For Daily UseAdded an explanation of why we need blue corn chips, though we do not like chips, in general.

- Poisoningadded a short important section at the beginning of the article.

- What is Spirituality?new article

- Is Development Science Satanism or Devil Worship?improved



 Know Your Vegetables – new.

Sunglasses – new.

Workaholic Patternbetter criteria.

- Criminality PatternsCleaned up.

- Coffee Enemasavoid high-caffeine and green or light roast coffees.

- Veterinary Pagecleaned up.

Malnourished Patterns – new.

- Toxic Metalscorrected a small typo

- The Oral Coffee Holdcleaned up

- Anxiety And Panic Attackscleaned up

Turmeric – new

- Eyesnew diseases added

- Introduction To Developmentnew material

- Wellnessupdated

- Prenatal Vitamin Problemsnew

- Deep Muscle Therapy - new

- Calcium shellcleaned up

Hard Core – new

- Earsadded material

- Hair Analysis Conceptscleaned up

- Releasingreorganized

- The Sodium/Potassium Ratiocleaned up

- Women And Developmentcleaned up

The Sting or Fire Retracing – new

- Rubidiumnew material

- The Hill Patterncleaned up

- Sodiumbetter organized and a little new material

- Four Pains That Are Common During A Development Programnew material

- RetracingCleanup

- Four Lows PatternCleanup and small corrections

- Vitamin Dmostly a warning

- Food For Daily Useadded a warning against baking vegetables with olive oil.

- Fast Oxidizer Diet and Slow Oxidizer Dietadded a warning against baking vegetables in olive oil, which should not be heated.

- Autonomic Nervous System Healthcleaned up and clarified.

- Becoming God’s Servant To Overcome Brainwashingimproved.

Salt ruba little additional information.

The Vaginarecommended lower concentration of hydrogen peroxide for safety.

- Angelsthe article was updated and corrected, and more warnings added about the unreliability of most angels.



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