by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

Ó December 2016, L.D. Wilson Consultants, Inc.


All information in this article is for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.


Women and men are quite differently designed, in some ways.  This is generally denied today in an effort to equalize the rights and opportunities of both sexes.  This is helpful in many ways, especially to the women in the business world.

However, it is wrecking havoc on women’s bodies and their ability to bear healthy children, in particular.  This article addresses this important topic so that hopefully the laws, the customs and the general approach to men and women can be changed for the better to help women to be healthier.




The main difference is that women are designed for reproduction of the species.  This is clear to anyone who looks closely.  Only women can bear the children and nurse them. 

A more subtle difference is that women generally prefer caring for babies, which is a full-time job, at first, and not the most pleasant of jobs in terms of waking up at odd hours to nurse, and often at the same time having to change smelly diapers, dealing with crying spells, vomit and other annoying things.

Another difference that is clear to anyone who cares to look is that women are less physically strong.  Their muscular development is simply not as good as most men’s, even that of men who are not that physically fit.

This is important and it occurs for a reason.  The female hormones, which determine all the secondary sex characteristics of men and women, tend to build more fat and less muscle in women.  As a result, women have more body fat, in general, and less lean muscle mass than men.  This is not always true, of course, but it is in general.

When it is not at all the case, the woman usually has a hormone imbalance that makes her look more like a man in terms of muscular development and often attitudes as well.

The same hormonal differences make men more aggressive, more sexually-oriented in most cases, more active physically, and often not as kind and sweet as most women can be.  This is another important set of differences, and no judgment is meant with any of these.  It is just a fact.

Women are also much more interested in spiritual matters, as a rule.  However, men often succeed better at the pushing down exercise, which is a spiritual practice.  This is due to many factors.  A separate article entitled Women’s Plight discusses them.

Women tend to be more multi-taskers while men tend to be far more focused and one-pointed in their efforts.  This makes men less congenial, perhaps, but when they set their mind to a task, such as meditating or doing anything, they are often more diligent, disciplined and therefore successful at it than many women. 

This has to do with real differences in the way men and women are designed and think.  It is not “cultural bias” or some prejudice, as some see it today.




As a result of all the above, women are generally more physically delicate, though this does not mean they are “weaker” or inferior in any way at all.  It simply means they are not as capable of physical exertion, nor are they usually quite as interested unless they have hormone imbalances.

This means they are more vulnerable to injury, accidents, physical harm and danger when they insist on acting “just like the boys”.

While both men and women are extremely nutritionally depleted and toxic, women have the added problem that they often push themselves physically far beyond what they are capable of in order to compete and keep up with the men.  This is an important problem in developed nations today.




This will sound very politically incorrect.  Women need to know they are different from men, not the same!  They also need to be taught from the time they are young that they are here to bear children if they wish, which is not an option for men.  Therefore, they need to take excellent care of their bodies at all times!  It can make all the difference between enjoying years of family joy, and suffering years of misery raising sick children and nursing their own bad health.

Women need to know they are not weaker, but their muscle structure, bone structure and physical design is not the same as men’s and they need quieter activities.

If is very foolish for women to try to copy or compete with men, especially in areas such as sports.  This causes rape in most cases.  Read Girl’s Sports on this site for details.

Women need more relaxation and rest, better nutrition and more attention to their health if they are to bear healthy children and raise them properly.  Otherwise, the epidemic of autism, ADD, ADHD, birth defects and worse, will only continue and become worse.  This, I see , is the main task in the future for the entire world if we are to raise a generation of children that is healthier, instead of sicker than the one before it.




Men and women often work differently.  This can be an advantage to working together, or a definite disadvantage.  This article outlines a few of the differences in perception between men and women that may be used to advantage.  Most are obvious, but sometimes helpful to recall in work situations.  This can help men and women to work together better, and this is the purpose of this article.




Women tend, overall, to be more people-oriented and less task-oriented.  Men, in contrast, are often, though not always, more task-oriented.  This means they care a little less about who is involved, and more about what is involved. 

Results: Men may stick with a task better than women, though, once again, this is a generalization.  Women may stick with a client better than men, though again this is generalization.  In some businesses, sticking with the tasks is most critical.  In others, sticking with the clients is most critical.




Men are generally more likely to want to solve problems by themselves, alone.  Women often prefer doing it together, as a group.  Often, women prefer to negotiate, while men just prefer moving ahead at full speed with less negotiating.

Results:  Once again, some business issues require teamwork and negotiating.  Others require that you send a person out to do the job, and the job gets done by one person working alone.  There is no “best way” to work.  The idea here is just to point out differences so that a business can make the best use of its personnel, and so that employees and everyone else will be as satisfied, happy and successful as possible.




            Women tend to want to talk about problems, often excessively if they are not sure what to do about it.  Men, on the other hand, often keep problems to themselves, often suppressing the desire to speak to others and trust others with personal information.

            Results: This is often an issue in the workplace.  Some do not want to share personal information at all, while others want to share too much.  It can cause significant friction in some cases.  Understanding the differences between men and women, generally, may help somewhat.



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