Here are three methods:


Search Method #1: Click here for a ZoomSearch.


Search Method #2: Go to and type:  and then type a keyword.


To find new articles or articles written or updated within a certain time period:


Type the month and the year and they will all come up.  For example, to find all articles written or updated in May of 2017, type May 2017 with either search method.  You may have to put the date in quotes.  It will bring up all the articles written or updated in that month.  However, the search engine may take a few weeks to pick up the newest articles.


Search Method #3. Go to Read Articles.  This is only helpful to find a particular article.  At the top of your browser page, click on Edit and then click on Find.  A box will appear somewhere on your browser window.  Type in a key word or key phrase to find a topic and press Enter. 



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