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The biological concept of creation and space, also called the living theory of space and creation, is the idea that:

a. Outer space is not empty. It is, in fact, populated by many large and small living beings. These include both plants and animals or creatures.

Their bodies are different than ours so that they can tolerate the heat, cold and low level of oxygen in space. However, they eat, drink and breathe just as we do and have organs that are somewhat similar to ours.

We cannot easily see these beings because they are made of fine matter. Fine matter is much less dense than the matter that makes up our bodies, which is called coarse matter. However, fine matter is real.

Examples of fine matter creatures that are known on earth include elves and angels. For more details about fine matter, read Bodies in Space.

b. The earth and all the planets and suns were birthed by some of these enormous fine matter beings.

In other words, creation did not occur as the result of the “big bang” or some other accident in space. I am told that the “big bang” theory of creation is wrong and more and more scientists are realizing this.

c. I am told that these beings are nested. That is, there is one enormous being. Inside that being are smaller beings. Inside of them are more even smaller beings, and this occurs at many levels.

This is similar to the way our bodies are constructed, with the body containing organs that contain smaller structures that in turn contain cells, and so on.

d. Creation occurs by a sexual joining process, just as it does in human beings. The enormous creator beings are either male and female or they have both male and female sexual organs.

I am told that it is correct to call our creators father/mother creator or god.

A being that has both male and female sexual organs is called a hermaphrodite. Some earth creatures are of this nature. Most plants also have both male and female sexual organs.

This view of creation is part of a greater concept that we might call the living order of the universe.

NOTE: The idea that life is the same on large and small scale is sometimes called the hermetic principle. It is often expressed: As above, so below”. Hermes was a Greek philosopher who lived about 11,000 years ago. For details, read Hermes.

e. We are completely dependent upon the creator beings for our existence and our life. This is very important to know. We are dependent upon both our local creator and the big creator.

Let us explain this theory in more detail.



The large being who gave birth to the earth and all that is within and on it is our local creator. She is a very large, female, fine matter being. I am told that the forces defending the earth can communicate with her.

I am also told that at least 20,000 years ago the alien group called the Rogues on this website, or called Satan in the Bible, removed the solar system from her and separated us from her. This has caused and is causing many problems on earth.


There is also a much larger creator being who gave birth to smaller beings, who in turn gave birth to our local creator. The forces defending the earth are not in touch with this being at this time, as far as I know.

We are, however, in touch with a number of the large beings that live in space. Some are assisting the earth and we are very grateful for this.


I believe that the biological concept of space is deliberately withheld from the people of earth to confuse them. The goal is to instill the false idea that there is no creator or that the creator of life is somehow distant from us and does not love us very much. Neither of these ideas is true.

In truth, we are loved dearly by our local creator being and by the much larger big creator. Everyone needs to know this. Hopefully, some day soon we will have more proof of the biological or living theory of creation.

to be continued.

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