by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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A new method to introduce coffee into the body is to breathe it in. We are researching it at this time.

NOTE: This procedure is NOT a substitute for coffee enemas, and will not heal the colon and liver to nearly the same extent. It also does not protect one from the rogue rapes and beatings nearly as well as coffee enemas. However, it helps to distribute coffee to the upper part of the body.

Materials. To breathe coffee one needs a shallow bowl, preferably with a flat bottom. One could also use a standard enema bag or enema bucket to hold the coffee.

Strong coffee. Make some coffee that is strong. We would use three or better yet, four tablespoons of coffee to about two cups of water.

Body position. The easiest position is to lie on your side. Place the bowl with coffee right under your nose.

Another idea is to lie on your back, since that is more comfortable, and use a breathing tube to deliver the coffee. To do this, buy about a two-foot length of large plastic tubing. One could also use a rigid plastic tube such as a snorkel.

Place one end of the tubing in your mouth. Hold the other end of the tubing just above the bowl of coffee. If you use an enema bag or bucket to hold the coffee, you could hang the bag or bucket near your head and hold or tie the tubing to the bag or bucket. Perhaps some day someone will offer a ready-made version of this arrangement.

Relax and breathe deeply. For the best effect, relax completely and practice deep breathing. Fill the entire body with coffee.

This takes some practice but is an excellent healing procedure all by itself that combines perfectly with breathing coffee. For details, read Breathing.

Toe breathing. To inhale coffee, we suggest toe breathing. This means placing your attention at or preferably about two feet below your feet. Keep your attention there at all times. Take long, slow breaths. Fill your feet and legs with coffee first. Then keep inhaling as you fill your chest, arms and finally your head with coffee. Hold for a few seconds and then release your breath.

How long? You can breathe the coffee for as long as you like, but do it at least for 10 to 15 minutes.

Combining. I have been combining breathing coffee with a coffee enema. You can also do the oral coffee hold at the same time and one can also combine breathing with the vaginal or penis coffee procedure.

Coffee saturation. Doing coffee breathing allows a phenomenon we are calling coffee saturation. It is a better distribution of coffee throughout the body.


This procedure can also be done gently and slowly for an hour. We are researching this way of doing it and will report on it.

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