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I. Introduction

II. The Fifth Energy Center

III. Problems Of The Fifth Center

IV. Healing The Fifth Center



The basic construction of the human body consists of 21 energy centers. The lower seven energy centers are found on the physical body. The other 14 are found above the head.

Those who can see the energy centers say they are bright spinning vortices of subtle energy. When the body is healthy, they spin to the right at high speed. When the body is diseased or old, they slow down, and they may spin backward.

This is basic knowledge about the human body that is sometimes called subtle anatomy. However, it is not well known because most people cannot see the energy centers.

If people could see the energy centers, we would all be healthier because we would understand more about nutrition, psychology, trauma and many other aspects of human health. A goal of this website is to teach about the energy centers.


One of the lower centers that give people the most problems is the fifth. This center is found in the throat area.

It looks like two funnels that are joined at the narrow part of the funnels. One funnel opens outward horizontally in the front of the neck. The other funnel opens horizontally toward the back of the neck.

In most people, the funnels are about two to three inches long and of a dull brownish color. As one develops, the funnels grow in length. They also become brighter in color until they take on a beautiful bluish color. Blue is the color associated with the fifth energy center.

As one develops, the funnels also begin to spin in the right direction and at a much higher speed. The fifth energy center spins somewhat inward on girls and women and somewhat outward on boys and men.


The fifth energy center has to do with self-expression. Speaking originates in this area. However, the fifth center has to do with expression of every kind including writing, singing, and even moving the body.


Most people, and especially women, have a weak fifth energy center. Many factors cause this.

Suppression. One reason is that self-expression has been suppressed by parents, teachers, friends or others. One may have been told that what one says is not important, does not matter, or is wrong.

Self-suppression is also common. Many people learn or are taught that speaking up is improper, offensive, impolite or dangerous in some way. As a result, one suppressed expression for protection and safety.

Trauma to the neck is also extremely common due to accidents, injuries, beatings and other causes. It is a very delicate area of the body. During beatings and rapes, rogue operatives often damage the neck intentionally to weaken a person. One type of severe damage is called Breaking The Neck.

Disease in the thyroid gland or the throat is almost universal today and damages the fifth energy center. Most everyone has a weak thyroid gland due to iodine deficiency and toxicity with the iodine antagonists – bromine, chlorine and fluorine. Copper and mercury also accumulate in the thyroid gland and damage it.

Infections often affect the throat, an area where bacteria and viruses often lodge.

Surgery to remove the tonsils also damages the fifth energy center.

Poor posture often affects the fifth energy center. As a result, the muscles near the fifth center are often very tense. Also, most people have some degree of misalignment of the bones of the spine in this area that damages the health of the fifth center.


A goal of the development program is to heal the fifth energy center. This requires healing the thyroid gland, aligning the bones of the neck, improving posture and undoing trauma to this area. All parts of the development program can help with this task.


The development diet is especially important. Nourishing and detoxifying the throat and the thyroid gland are critical to restore the health of this energy center.

The thyroid gland requires compounds of zinc, selenium, manganese and many other minerals that are primarily found in cooked vegetables, sesame tahini, almond butter and goat cheese or goat yogurt. Other foods contain much less of them.

Kelp is a critical supplement to supply iodine and many of these minerals. Trimethylglycine is also most helpful for the fifth energy center. A digestive aid is also needed by most people as are supplements of omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D.


Most people need quality chiropractic care and/or daily twisting of the spine to keep it aligned. How to do this properly is found in the article entitled The Pops, Pulls, Kicks And Twists.


The neck pull. This is another most helpful healing procedure. This deceptively simple procedure is best done several times each day. It helps open the area and move more subtle energy through the neck. For details, read The Neck Pull.

Open position procedure. This is a newer development procedure. Some people will have difficulty with it at first due to trauma or for other reasons. However, if you will persist, you will come to enjoy it and it is excellent for healing the fifth energy center. For details, read The Open Position Procedure.

Broadcasting. An extremely helpful procedure to heal the fifth center is learning and practicing broadcasting. This is a powerful spiritual exercise and practice, especially for women. For details, read, Broadcasting and Maturity For Women.

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