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The unity of life. This chart shows the unity of all life forms on earth and elsewhere, based on their ideal sodium/potassium ratios.  This is one of the most interesting charts anywhere.

Amount of etheric held in a body.  The reason for its importance is that the sodium/potassium ratio indicates, among other things, the electrical charge of the cells.  This is dependent upon various factors, but mainly the amount of etheric energy that a body holds.




One of the most important reasons for following a development program for a number of years is to cause the body to retain more etheric energy.  This vastly improves health and slowly raises the sodium/potassium ratio, indicating that the body can hold or store more life energy.

In contrast, illness and normal aging causes our bodies to be able to hold less and less etheric energy, and this shortens the length of the life of the body.


The chart.  Below is the life chart.  Notice that the ideal sodium/potassium ratio changes in multiples of 5:  0.1, 0.5, 2.5, 12.5 and 62.5.  We donŐt know the reason for this. 


For more information about these bodies or life forms, please read Body Types and What Is In Space? on this website.



Life Form

Na/K Ratio


Ultra-fine matter creatures and plants


Most fine matter creatures, including souls, elves, angels and many others



Most fine matter plants



Developed human beings


2.5 – 5

Undeveloped human beings



Sea animals such as fish, sharks, shellfish and others



Most earth animals, including birds, rodents and mammals



The soil (this is due to bacteria, mainly, as well as some small creatures such as earth worms and other soil microorganisms)



Most parasites such as amoeba, giardia lamblia, as well as fungi, yeasts and most other parasitic organisms


0.1 – 0.2

The rogues (see Rogues)

0.1 – 0.2




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