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This is a rather unusual article that I hope won't offend or upset anyone. It is meant as a very positive article.

About thirty years ago, I read that perhaps the messiah spoken of in the Bible will not show up as a strong leader. Instead, the messiah will work through the bodies and minds of millions of people.

Very recently, the same idea came up in a completely different context. This time it had to do with the universal language called Ebre that I have been asked to teach.


I am told there is a wonderful language spoken throughout the universe called Ebre. The language teaches many profound truths and helps elevate spiritually anyone who speaks it.

I am also told there have been a number of attempts to bring this language to the people of the earth through the Greeks, the Hebrew Bible, and earlier attempts, as well.

However, the group we call the rogues, called Satan in the Bible, does not want this language spoken because it empowers people and teaches many truths. For details about this group, read The Rogues. As a result, we don't have this language on earth.

NOTE: The rogues speak a corrupt version of Spanish. They shorten many Spanish words. If you ever hear this type of speech, stay away!


In the Ebre language, the word messiah means a group of leaders or messengers who bring about a rebirth or renewal of society.

It is a pleural word referring to a large group, not one individual. So once again, the idea surfaces that perhaps the messiah is us!

Related words. The English language contains a number of words that have a somewhat related meaning to the word messiah. They include message, messenger, master, mister, miss, Mrs., and mass. One of the most interesting words related to the word messiah is mess.

The original meaning of the word mess is sustenance or food. For example, in the military and other institutions, the area where people eat is called the mess hall. Also, the area where the officers relax is called the officer's mess. You can look up these phrases on the internet.

However, in the past hundred years, the word mess has been corrupted to mean something sloppy or mixed up.

I am also told that in the original Ebre language the words miss and Mrs. refer to a person of substance. They are words of praise. These words are being used less today, especially by the multiple gender crowd. However, we should be using them because they are good words.

The word mass is also interesting and related to the word messiah. The word mass means substantive. This word is used in physics to describe the weight of an object. The Catholic church uses the same word to describe their main worship service.

Here is a further description of the word messiah.


MESS = substance or nourishment. This is explained above.

SI = wisdom . This is related to the English words science, psychology, psi, (certain psychic phenomena) and the word cyber, which means a code and often relates to communication).

A at the end = a pleural word. For example, four of the five continents on earth end in A because they are home to many people - Africa, Asia, Australia and America.

Many nations also end with an A for the same reason. They include:

in Africa: Botzwana, Nigeria, Liberia, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Algeria, Ghana, Angola, Zambia.

in Europe: Austria, Albania, Armenia, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Bosnia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Croatia, Slovakia, Moldova, Slovenia, Georgia, Syria, Arabia.

in America: Canada, Guatemala, Venezuela, Argentina, Columbia, Bolivia.

In Asia: Russia, Mongolia, China, Korea, Indonesia, Cambodia, Malaysia, India, Sri Lanka.


The above suggests that:

1. The messiah is not, or will not be, one person. Instead, the word means a group of people.

2. Perhaps the idea of a single person who will restore the earth is an improper translation of the Bible or a misunderstanding.

3. Perhaps you and I are among the group who will renew and rebuild and restore the earth.

4. If this is true, no one is to just sit around and wait for the arrival of a special person to save us. We are to get busy restoring the earth in whatever way we see fit. In other words, the messiah is you!

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