by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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This is a truly unfortunate article to have to write.  However, it is necessary to spare people great expense and trouble by thinking they will get well by using older healing modalities that, in my 30-year experience, do not work nearly as well today.       The therapies that are the subject of this article include:

1. Herbal medicines, especially Oriental herbal medicine such as Ayurveda and traditional Chinese herbal medicine.  For more on herbs and their proper usage, read Herbs on this website.

2. Yoga.  This is the worst therapy today, in terms of injuries that most people are unaware of.  Yoga is discussed in a separate article entitled Yoga And Its Dangers.  Therefore, I will not spend time on it here.

3. Acupuncture, acupressure methods such as shiatsu, jin shin jyutsu, jin shin do, and hand and foot reflexology.  Reflexology is discussed in a separate article entitled Reflexology As A Healing Modality, so I will not cover in depth in this article.




            The basic problems are that they:


1. Do not go deep enough.

2. Do not stress nutrition and lifestyle enough.

3. In some cases, such as yoga and herbs, they can upset the body in very subtle ways that are hard to explain and even harder to reverse later. 

4. Toxicity.


Let us explore these problems in more detail.


1.  They do not go deep enough.  This may sound strange, since acupuncture, in particular, along with jin shin jyutsu and the others, are very complex, profound therapies that operate on many levels and can take years of study to perfect.

However, modern humans are in need of a type of biochemical balancing that is not addressed by these healing arts enough.  This will come as a surprise to many, but I would just suggest that they try nutritional balancing science before judging the statements above.  I think anyone will notice the differences.

2.  They do not stress lifestyle, diet and nutritional supplementation enough, if they discuss them much at all.  This may also sound alarming and odd to some people.  However, the state of the people’s health due to their abysmal diets and eating habits, and resting habits, is a major cause of all illness today, both mental and physical. 

The older healing arts did not need to stress a healthful diet and lifestyle because most people, until perhaps 100 years ago, ate only unrefined natural foods.  They also lived generally more healthful lifestyles in traditional family settings that are far more stable than how many people live today.

They also lived in a world that moved ahead slowly, and was not filled with all of the modern distractions, electronic gadgets, all-night movies and television, and so on.  This, in essence, forced people to just sleep and rest more, and the pace of life was far slower than it is today, especially in the cities of all nations of the world.

Another difference is the degree of pollution of the water, air, food, oceans and so on.  This is not discussed enough in the older healing arts because it simply was not the case and there was no reason to include it.  Today, it is a major health factor, as is electromagnetic pollution from cell phone use, portable phone use, computer use and more.  These health factors are critical in some cases.

Another problem with the older therapies is they do not take into account the far poorer nutritional content of even the finest organic foods, compared to their nutrient content 100 years ago, for example.

Today, most food is hybridized and fertilized with superphosphate fertilizers that damage it.  A lot of it is sprayed with intense poisons, shipped long distances, and then processed and refined.  It is simply not the same food, even if a carrot still looks identical to a carrot of 100 years ago.

Some people can taste the difference, but often it is not obvious to even the most discerning person.  However, it is the truth and the true healing art of today must discuss and compensate for the decline in the nutritional content of the food supply in most nations of the earth.

Fortunate are those who live in nations that do not import food from the West and that still produce their food in the traditional manner without pesticides and superphosphate fertilizers that mainly stimulate growth and carbohydrate formation.

3.  They can unbalance the body in subtle ways.  This problem applies mainly to yoga, in my experience.  The problems with yoga are described in a separate yoga article, and they are very critical in some cases.  Many injuries occur with yoga and I suggest avoiding it altogether.  This is important.

4. Toxicity.  This applies to herbal medicine today, especially from the Orient such as Ayurvedic herbs and Chinese herbs, but all are affected today.  I do not know why this is so, as it affects all brands of herbs, even wild-crafted.  The planet is far more toxic and this is part of the problem.  However, the herbs may absorb more toxic metals and this may be another part of the problem.  I suggest avoiding most Ayurvedic and Chinese herbs, in particular, and longer-term use of most herbs.  See the article on this website about herbs for more details.



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