by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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1. Satan is the name used in the Old Testament of the Bible for a being who causes many problems on earth.

According to the Bible, the one called Satan is a high-level being who has a body type called an angel.

According to the Bible, Satan does not like to obey the Creator being. Instead, Satan mocks him/her and defies the Creator instead of following orders from the Creator.

Also according to the Bible, this behavior is allowed at this time. The purpose is so that everyone can learn certain lessons.

2. Satan can refer to the large group of psychopathic alien beings that are on earth at this time. They rule over many aspects of the planet. The group includes human-looking beings and animals.

Their activities are so horrifying they defy description! They tear bodies apart, and they rape without a second thought. They murder anyone they don't like. They torture, they tempt, and they attack in the most devious and disgusting way.


This website uses the word rogues to mean the same thing as the Satan group. Others use the names the scav, the crud, the malos, the negs, the horror and other names. For details, read The Rogues.

3. A satan is a human being who is at an advanced stage of aberrant development. The being is very sick and indeed looks like the classic drawings of Satan.

The body is reddish in color, with a strange look. There is a tail, pointed ears and the skin is very rough and has suckers on it. The being can be male or female and is quite sexy.

The alien group called the negs or rogues use these creatures to frighten and torture women, in particular, and to give them intense sexual pleasure.


The word Satan means full of himself or herself. This word is related to the English words sated, satiated and satisfied. These also mean full.


Angel is a particular fine matter creature. This means the body is made of a type of matter that is of much lower density than ours, so they are not easy to see.

Angels have DNA just as we do. They vary in size from microscopic to enormous – much bigger than our planet. Their body organs are similar in shape to ours and they eat, drink and reproduce in ways similar to us, as well. However, they eat very little and they reproduce using eggs rather than live births.

Angels are very light in weight and can fly around easily using a power unit located in the middle of their chest. There are millions of angel beings on earth and even more out in space. For more details, read Angels.


A good place to begin is the Book Of Job. It is quite unusual. It contains a conversation between the Creator of life and Satan. The Creator allows Satan to torture a good man in order to test his faith in God.

Job keeps his faith even though he loses his money, his land, his flocks of sheep, his health and his entire family. It is a somewhat dramatic story.


Because we believe that the Satan group is real and that very active on earth at this time. We believe they beat, rape and torture our people, especially women. They poison our food, air and water to weaken the people.

In addition, they corrupt our governments, our education system, our health care system, our legal system, our entertainment system, our businesses and much more.

Some political analysts call them “the left” or “the communists”, but this is not correct. They are much more than this. They are a very technologically advanced and very clever invading force.

Fear. Causing fear is one of the main weapons of the Satan group. They use it to upset the people and creatures of the earth. The Satan group is terrorist, basically, and uses fear and terror to control and depress everyone.


I am told there is an attempt to remove this group from the earth. It is in an early stage and not very far along. We are just becoming aware of the problem and they are a formidable enemy. So it may not succeed.

Meanwhile, they appear to be increasing their numbers and their power. Some believe they will completely get rid of the normal human beings and good creatures on our planet and turn the planet into just a breeding center for their kind.

I am told there was a shield around our planet and it needs to be restored. I am also told the rogues or Satan moved the earth away from its proper location in space and that the earth is now in a much less healthy area in space.

I plan to update and add to this article as those defending our planet learn more. The latest news and updates are found in the New Earth Newsletter.

… to be continued.

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