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The Center For Development, Inc. is a public foundation set up for scientific, religious, educational and charitable purposes within the meaning of Section 501(c) 3 of the Internal Revenue Code of the United States.

It was established in December 2007.  Its current place of business is PO Box 54, Prescott, Arizona, 86302-0054,  USA.




The Center For Development, Inc. exists to educate people throughout the world about how to mature and how to reach their highest potential.  This applies to the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual areas of life.  Part of the maturing process about which we teach is called development. 

Development is the growth of the electromagnetic field found around every living body. 

In other terminology, it is the activation of the bodyŐs so-called Ňnon-codingÓ DNA.  This drastically improves oneŐs health and tends to cause a longer lifespan.  It also enables one to have many unusual abilities such as the ability to communicate telepathically.

Development has been known on earth for thousands of years, and is described in numerous books.  However, it is rarely taught today.  Our website and healing programs are bringing back this old knowledge.

For more details, read Introduction To Development and other articles on this website about development.  These are listed on the Read Articles page.






The scholarship program offers financial assistance for children up to age 18 and for women up to about age 30 who wish to embark upon a full development program, but who cannot afford the cost of the mineral analysis, consultations, food and nutritional supplements.

One goal of the program is help produce healthy children.  We currently support about 20 people, mostly children.

Our financial goals are to be able to support more women and children.  We would also like to be able to support women of all ages, and men, as well.

Another financial goal is to be able to support or employ young adults who want to spend half their day doing the development program.




A new project is to help children through education of parents, teachers, political leaders, doctors and others.

The need.  The project is needed because:

- Most children are born unhealthy today. This occurs because most mothers are malnourished.

- Modern medicine usually makes childrenŐs health much worse, mainly with vaccines. When the author grew up, there were three vaccines. Today, by the age of about five, children receive up to 60 shots. They all contain toxic metals and toxic chemicals.  They contribute to autism, attention deficit disorder and hundreds of other symptoms in our children today.

More and more children are also given too many medical drugs that do not correct the cause of their problems.  However, they add to a childŐs toxic load.

- ChildrenŐs diets are often atrocious.  This is due to a combination of ignorance on the part of healing professionals, ignorant and sometimes lazy parents, and corrupt food regulations.

- Children are exposed to high levels of stray electromagnetic fields from phones, computers, television sets and other devices.  This contributes to poor health.

- The education system in most nations is also harming children.  For example, today children are taught that they will not be able to survive on earth by age 50 or 60 because of climate change (not at all true).

They are taught that humans are bad (not true), that humans are Ňkilling the planetÓ, (not true), that there is overpopulation and soon we will all starve to death (not true).

They are taught that they are racist (not true) and that hatred is everywhere (not true). They are taught that God is dead (not true) and religion is stupid and bad (not true).

They are also taught that freedom, capitalism (economic freedom) and limited government are bad (not true), and that socialism is good (not at all true).

They are also taught that America was founded upon slavery. This is called the 1619 Project. It is a complete lie, but in more and more American schools it is taught as the truth! They are taught to just trust the authorities (a total lie).

Among the worst lies is children are taught that there are 50 or more genders, not two. They are taught that you can be a boy or a girl or a transgender or a bisexual or have sex with your dog, and you can change every day of the week.

They are also told that their biological gender means nothing.  Teaching all of this is a horrific crime against children.

- In some schools, children are even taught to hate their parents and to disobey they parents. This is what the schools now teach, instead of basic skills, critical thinking and truthful history.  This is a very serious crime against families and parents.

- The social media harm children.  Anyone can post erotic photos and can speak the most disgusting lies about anyone they wish. Social media administrators allow this, while many of the same websites illegally censor anti-vaccination and natural healing posts.




To carry out its mission, the Center For Development has many activities.




At this time, there is a struggle underway for control of the earth.  The foundation supports and promotes the moral and spiritual restoration of the earth and the maturing of all of her people.




The foundation teaches nutrition, natural healing, development science, healthful lifestyles and more through writing articles and books.  All books are available on the internet free of charge.  Printed copies are also available.




The Center For Development sponsors a lot of research in the following areas:

1. Development science and development programs. 

2. Nutrition, psychology, physiology, pathology, diseases, veterinary medicine.

3. Food and agriculture.

4. Environmental science and safety.

5. Mineral testing and other laboratory methods to measure minerals.

6. Diet, cooking, nutritional supplements, healing remedies, and procedures for healing, detoxification and development.

7. Enzyme chemistry, genetics and the energy field.

8. Unusual life forms: souls, guide creatures and the fine matter world.

9.  Guidance and how to receive it.




The foundation evaluates many types of consumer products and reports upon them in articles on the website and in the New Earth Newsletter.


To help with this and all our programs, we gratefully accept tax-deductible donations of any size.




The main office worker is Dr. Lawrence Wilson.  Due to illness in his family, he became interested in nutrition at the age of 20.

He received a Bachelor of Science degree from the Massachusetts Institute Of Technology, class of 1972.  He also earned a Medical Degree (MD) from the Centro De Estudios Universitarios Xochicalco: (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xochicalco_University)

He passed the ECFMG exam for foreign medical graduates.  Today, he chooses to work as a nutrition consultant without a medical license because licensing greatly restricts what a doctor can do.  For more details, see Dr. WilsonŐs Bio.




We greatly appreciate donations of any size to help with these activities.  To donate, please visit Donating To The Center For Development.



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