by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

© November 2019, LD Wilson Consultants, Inc.




            The hand pull exercise is an enhancement of the Pulling Down exercise.  It adds impact to the pulling down exercise that moves even more subtle energy in a downward direction from the head to the feet.

            Doing this exercise to the count of at least 100 is very helpful to heal many illnesses and to speed up development. 




To begin, lie down comfortably on your back on a bed, couch or even on a carpeted floor.  Have your feet together, knees straight, and your hands at your sides.  Your palms can be either up or down, whichever is most comfortable.

Do not have a pillow under your head.  This is important.  Your head and neck need to be able to move freely.

We suggest to have your attention focused at your feet, pulling energy downward from your head to your feet.

Now, imagine that someone is holding both your left and your right hands.  The imaginary person suddenly pulls both hands straight downward toward your feet.

It is a quick pull.  Your hands may move an inch or so downward toward your feet.  As this occurs, both of your shoulders move downward a little.

            Now imagine that the person pulling your hands lets go and both hands and your shoulders move back upward to their original position.  Do not hold the hands in the down position.

            Repeat this sequence about once per second.  DonŐt go too fast.  This is all there is to the hand pulling exercise.  Continue to do the pulling down exercise all the time that you are doing the hand pull exercise.




If you do the hand pull exercise correctly, it is not very tiring.  The downward jerking movement need not be too vigorous.

You should be able to breathe easily through it and be able to continue doing it for 15 minutes or more. 




How much.  For the best results, do the hand pull exercise to a count of at least 100.  This will only take a few minutes.  You can do it longer if you wish and it will just work better.


Tahini.  So far, we are finding that eating some roasted sesame tahini, also sometimes called sesame butter, is important if you do the hand pull exercise a lot.  This food provides certain nutrients needed for development that few foods provide.  Eating tahini alone is a little better than eating hummus because hummus is more yin.


When.  First thing in the morning is a good time to do it, but any time of the day will work.  For example, if you wake up at night, do the hand pull exercise before going back to sleep.


Feedback.  You will know if you are doing the exercise correctly because it tends to warm up the body.  In fact, it is an excellent way to warm up the body. 

Done correctly, you will also soon feel a tingling in your legs and feet.  Doing it for a little longer you will feel a tingling in your toes. 


How often.  You can do the exercise many times a day, if you wish.  Do it at least once a day for best results.  We are not aware of the possibility of harm from overdoing the hand pull exercise.


Does this exercise replace the pulling down exercise?  No.  It is an enhancement of the pulling down exercise.


An additional visualization.  It may be easier to do the hand pulling exercise if you imagine that the person pulling on your hands pulls on one finger at a time.  For example, the imaginary person first pulls on your thumbs.  On the next pull, he or she pulls on your index fingers.  On the following pull, he or she pulls on your middle finger.  On the next pull, he or she pulls on your ring finger, and so on.



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