by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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All information in this article is solely the opinion of the author and for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.


            To develop rapidly, one needs to follow a certain lifestyle.  Here are the main components:






            Moving into the future as fast as possible.  Keep your living space very simple and clean.  Give away or get rid of material possessions that you donÕt really need.  This applies especially older furniture and items that remind you of dead relatives and your past. 

Keeping a lot of ŅstuffÓ around your home draws you back into the past, such as photographs, old furniture, old books, and so on.  We call these Ņold energiesÓ and they will slow you down.

Keep a simple schedule.  This is quite important.  Do not Ņbook up your lifeÓ far in advance or tightly during the day.  This is true even if you are a business executive who must go to meetings, etc. 

Keeps your schedule as simple as possible.  This will give you more time to rest, for example, which is often needed, at times, as you develop. 

As you develop, you may expereince Ņfatigue attacksÓ.  Out of nowhere, you may feel tired and need to lay down for 15 minutes or so.  The body is making changes and needs rest.  It is like reprogramming the computer inside. 




            Do not engage in any unsafe activities or go to unsafe locations.  Unsafe activities include bicycling, skiing, riding on motorbikes or scooters, drinking alcohol at all, going on most dates, especially with people you donÕt know well, walking alone for women, and even visiting doctors for annual checkups, pap smears and other tests.  These are very rarely needed or helpful if one follows a development program.

            A safe life also means avoiding unsafe locations.  These are places where accidents can occur and places where people are attacked.  Among the worst places, especially for women, are athletic clubs, spas, casinos, and hotels and motels.  Schools are not safe places for girls, in particular, and high schools are the worst.




            Travel almost always slows development.   The less travel, the better.  Women should never travel alone.

Travel is generally hard on the body and it often upsets your normal eating and sleeping schedule.  It usually exposes you to much more electromagnetic stress, no matter what method of travel you use. 

Flying is usually the worst form of travel due to filthy seats, x-ray machines, electromagnetic stress, breathing impure air for hours, and some danger of crashes.

Car travel is usually best.  Other types expose you to many germs and the energies of many other people, and sometimes a lot of poisons in foods, beverages and items you touch.  Also, usually one cannot do the program well when traveling.

Drive a large car, if you can afford it.  They are definitely safer than small cars.




            Short hair.  We donÕt know exactly why, but cutting oneÕs hair short speeds up development.  For women, we recommend a Ōboy haircutÕ.  We know many women object to this, but it can look quite cute and you will get used to it.

It is also much safer for women because no one can hold you by wrapping a hand around your hair.  This is an old rape trick.  It also saves a lot of time washing and combing the hair.


            Cover up.  Always dress warmly.  Dressing too lightly, such as not wearing socks, always slows development.  Even in summer, dress warmly because many places use air conditioning and places such as food stores are often kept cold to preserve the food.

            Also, cover up for modesty, especially women.  Do not pay attention to fashion, but to safety and warmth!

Anti-rape.  This is unfortunately important for women at this time (2019).  The best clothing for safety for women are pants with no zipper in front and with a drawstring holding up the pants that you can tie in a double or triple knot. 

Many women wear tight-fitting blue jeans because they, too, are harder to get off.  However, they have a zipper in front and that is not as good.

Bathing suits with drawstrings are also much safer, which means two-piece suits.  However, avoid skimpy and sexy ones.  White or light colors are also best for swimsuits.

Color.  For the best development, wear light-colored or white clothing (best).  White reflects other peopleÕs energy and your guides can see if the rogues put electronic devices on you.  It is much safer!!!  For more details, read Color. 

Natural fibers.  Ideally, wear natural fiber clothing.  It transmits subtle energy the best and usually contains fewer toxins than synthetics.






            It is important to feel comfortable and happy where you live.

Climate.  Higher altitude is considered a little better for development, as is a drier climate.  A serious problem that can occur anywhere but is worse in damp climates is mold in the home.  Check for this before moving into any living quarters.  

Living inland, at higher altitude and in a dryer climate are more yang, which is helpful.  However, some people feel much better in a wet climate.

Health.  Cities have less oxygen in the air and much more electromagnetic stress.  They are also more noisy, dirtier, less sweet smelling, with more air pollution.  The sheer numbers of people living there can be distracting and mixes your energies with those of others, which is not helpful.

Safety.  Cities are often, but not always less safe, especially for women.  The large American cities, for example, are not as safe as most rural areas.  Having a place to walk safely and quietly is very helpful.

Other.  Cities offer more to do, including more distractions that take time away from your development program.  Living close to family members and friends is sometimes very good, while at other times it is a hindrance.

The case for cities.  However, some suburban and rural areas are not safe or clean, either.  For example, living near a factory or even a farm or ranch that sprays chemicals from the air or pollutes in other ways is not a good idea.  Some towns are home to large prisons, which may be less safe places, as well.

Also, in a city you may find work more easily, find more outlets for natural foods, and you might encounter more people who are following a development program than if you are living in an isolated community.




Ideally, live in a small, easy-to-clean and easy-to-maintain, safe, comfortable home.  The smaller, the better, in many cases.  A small home means you wonÕt be as tempted to collect ŅstuffÓ and it is much easier to keep clean and maintain.

Apartments and condominiums are usually less than ideal because of too much electromagnetic stress and other stray energies when one lives in close proximity to others.  However, they can work well for some people because they require little maintenance, unlike a house.

            For rapid development, it is usually best to live alone or with one other person for companionship, but not in a large home with a lot of people.  The exception is living in a monastery or convent with others who are also developing.

            Ideally, live on the ground floor.  Living in a high-rise building off the ground is less desirable.






            If you are just working for money, look for an easy, safe job that wonÕt wear you out and does not take up all your time.  Avoid jobs and careers that are stressful, take all your time, put you in contact with many others who are not developing, or put you in danger of any kind. 

Examples of dangerous kinds of work are jobs in toxic factories or other toxic situations.  Other less desirable work is climbing on rooftops, or jobs requiring a lot of travel and staying in hotels.  Night jobs are usually much harder on the body.  Ten-hour shifts are also hard on the body, as is any job in a doctorÕs office or worse, today, a hospital.  Do not work in a hospital.

Sitting is easier than standing up all day.  If possible, avoid jobs where you must stare at a computer screen all day. 

Eventually, try to find work that relates to development, such as being one of our Approved Helpers or teaching others in some way.  Part-time jobs are best if you can afford it, so that you have time to do your procedures without getting up very early in the morning.




Avoid all costly and all dangerous recreational activities such as skiing, ice-skating, bicycling and other activities that cost a lot of money or that put you in danger of any kind.  Walking is good as long as you have a safe place to walk. 

Women are best walking where there are other people close by, within earshot.  Hiking in the woods, for example, even with a dog, is not safe.  You can easily by followed without realizing it and attacked.  Camping out is fun, but also not as safe because tents cannot be locked.

Pistol shooting is actually not a bad pastime.  For women, carrying a weapon is a good idea as long as you are skilled in its use.  However, it is not a substitute for living and dressing in a safe manner.

Shopping for excellent quality food can be an enjoyable recreational activity that will move you ahead.  As long as it is safe, go to the farmerÕs market in your town and look for the best food possible.

Other shopping can be a recreational activity as long as there are other people around for safety. However, donÕt just waste time trying on clothing and donÕt waste money.  Keep clothing very simple!

For women, avoid recreational activities where you have to undress, such as swimming, unless you are with a strong man who is your husband or a trusted friend.  Pool parties, for example, are always a bad idea, as are going for massages and other ŌundressÕ activities.  We know some women like these for various reasons, but they are not safe and rogues often use them to rape.

Some people go to doctors and dentists for recreation.  This is not advisable.  Dental x-rays every six months are not needed when you are on a development program and just fill the thyroid gland, in particular, with poison.

Some people go to weekend or week-long retreats for recreation.  Lately, we have become aware that many retreats are extremely unsafe for women and are setups for rape, even the most spiritual-sounding ones.




            Beware.  Parties are not worth the risk, no matter how wonderful they sound.  Some parties are setups for rape, poisoning and more.  Men use parties to lure women who they think might not go on a date with them but would attend a fun party – maybe one with live music, or on a boat (very bad idea) or at a hotel (another bad idea).

Parties often bring you into contact with sexual predators, though you are not aware of it.  The rogues love parties for this purpose.  The predators may seem like the nicest people.

However, they target women for rape and may follow you home or put a tiny locator beacon on your car or your clothing and follow you home that way.  Even worse, at some parties, rapists can suddenly pull you into a closet or bedroom and wreck your life. 

Parties also often expose you to drugs, alcohol and food that is not good for development.  They often keep people awake too late and they are a huge waste of time.

A huge hidden problem with parties, and indeed many social activities, is that you are tempted to do things you would not ordinarily do on your own.  This is called the herd mentality or peer pressure.

For example, you might ordinarily not drink alcohol or eat junk food.  But if it is there in front of you at a party and everyone is tasting it and saying how good it tastes, you are tempted to go along to fit in.

Other unsafe things many people do at parties are to smoke marijuana or drink alcohol.  Everyone else is doing it, so how bad can it be.  Drugs may be in the punch or spring water, or even in the food, and you wonÕt know it.  

Even worse, you may be tempted to jump into the beautiful (but always filthy) hot tub – perhaps naked - because, after all, five other women will be there with you and weÕre all friends, and it just feels so good.

So, ideally, skip all parties.  If the friendly neighbor or anyone invites you to a party, just say thank you, and say you are too busy.  There are much better ways to meet people, such as joining a church, for example, or engaging in safer activities.




This is a very important subject.  For details, read Dating.




            The reason is that they are not developing and so they will slow you down, both energetically and often with idle words and actions.

            Instead, try to be in touch with others who are developing.  This is better, although even with them, too much socializing is not helpful for development.  It mixes your energies with those of others, which is not ideal.






This is very important if you want to develop quickly.  Get used to cooking.  Ideally, learn to relax with it and enjoy it.  You will move ahead much faster the more often you cook.

Work out regimens and schedules to save time.  The kitchen need not be picture perfect and can be a little messy.  This is better than not cooking because you donÕt want to mess up the kitchen and have to clean it all the time.




            The development program is what we call ŌmechanicalÕ.  This means that if you follow it, it will work.  If you change anything – the diet, the nutritional supplements or anything else, it usually will not work nearly as well.

            At times, it may seem like the recommendations are incorrect.  At times, this occurs because we were unable to tune in properly.  Please let your Helper know if you think this occurred and ask that Dr. Wilson check them again.

            Ideally, eat your food in the correct order.  Drink water first if you are thirsty.  Then wait about 10 minutes.  Then eat protein first, then cooked vegetables and finally adults need about 5-10 blue corn chips.

            Be sure to drink enough water.  Adults need 2-3 quarts or 2-3 liters daily and never less than this.




            Development requires a lot of rest.  There is no substitute for rest and naps!

It may seem like a waste of time to go to bed early and take frequent naps, but it is necessary.  It does not mean you are ill, weak, or lacking in a nutrient or food.  It is due to the requirements of early development.

Interrupted sleep.  A long and deep sleep period every day is not the best for rapid development.  Do not become upset if you wake up at night. 

For rapid development, it is best to get up once or even a few times during the night.  Walk around a little, stretch, do the spinal twists, rub your feet, use the bathroom and drink some water, and then go back to sleep. 

Some people like a biphasic sleep cycle. This means one goes to bed about 8 PM and sleeps for several hours. Then one gets up and works or reads for an hour or more, and then goes back to sleep for several hours.  This type of sleep pattern is okay and works well for some people.




            Relaxing and staying in a parasympathetic mode of living is required for rapid development.  Avoid places and activities that are too noisy or even too exciting.  A calmer lifestyle is best.




            The Pulling Down exercise.  Do not skip or minimize the pulling down exercise.  Do it for at least one hour daily, and preferably for two hours daily or even longer.

            The neck pull.  This is excellent to speed up development.  For some people, it is a necessity.  It is a little scary, at first, but we have seen no problems with it providing you do it lying down with no pillow under your head, and with your head straight.

Deep breathing.  Do deep breathing every day for at least one hour.  You can do it while you are doing a coffee enema or while doing the pulling down exercise.  It is very important for health and for development.

The twists.  Do the spinal twists, the neck pull and opening the joints by popping the toes, knees, and hips every day – preferably several times a day.  This can greatly speed up development.

The bidet toilet attachment.  Using a bidet toilet attachment for detoxification is also very helpful and simple once you attach the toilet attachment.  Attaching it may require help if you are not familiar with plumbing.  Then just sit with it turned on for 5 minutes or more daily.




            Ordinary sex with orgasm, no matter how good it feels, depletes the body.  One loses precious nutrients and one loses special souls in the sexual fluid.

Instead, we strongly recommend Down Sex.   This is a wonderful and ancient practice for couples.  It rejuvenates the body and can be done every day, if you wish.  For the best effect, do it at least 3 times per week. 

Women generally love it.  Men require some practice with it, but often enjoy it a lot, too, once they learn how to do it.  If men have a lot of trouble holding an erection, you can do down hugging, which does not require intercourse. 

NOTE: The rogues or adversary donÕt want people doing down sex, so you will hear voices in your head telling you not to do down sex, or it is dangerous, or it is smelly or a waste of time, or something similar.  Do not listen!  




            These are other procedures that will speed up development.  For details, read The Accelerators.






            We believe that if you are really dedicated to development, you will be helped and guided to have the financial means to follow the program and live in a safe manner.  How one does this is different for each person.  A general rule is do not reject financial help from parents, friends or other methods that allow you to follow the program.

            We do not recommend aggressive investing of any kind.  It is risky at this time and many people lose all their money.

At this time (December 2019) we recommend you put your money into gold, either solid rare coins that are evaluated by a reputable company, bullion coins, or buy GLD, a stock fund that buys gold bullion and seems to be safe.  We believe that gold will rise in value in the future.  There is also an intrinsic good in owning gold.  It is more than just a metal and it gives a person as strong sense of financial safety and security that other investments do not provide

Other investments.  Be careful and preferably avoid other investments.  For example, you can buy homes and rent them, but this requires skill and work to maintain the homes.  If you are good at it, fine.  The same is true with stocks, bonds and other investments.  We do not recommend cryptocurrencies at this time.  It is too easy for sheisters to cheat you.









            These machines and the entire cell phone system – towers, phones and other devices – put out harmful energies.  Someday we hope the system will be replaced by a better system.




            This is usually very good for development.  It keeps you focused and teaches you more about how to move along quickly with development.

How to guide others.  Some people do well becoming one of our Approved Helpers.  Others can guide in other ways, such as becoming teachers, writing articles, speaking, blogging, or just helping family and friends.




            Improve the quality of all your relationships.  This can help speed up development a lot, in some cases.  Ending or changing unhealthy relationships can be temporarily painful, but is a very good idea.

Divorce.  Be careful with divorce because if a marriage is not that bad, it may provide financial security, safety, and other benefits that will end if you divorce.  Also, if children are involved, divorce is often not a good idea unless the relationship is abusive.

However, in other situations divorce is needed and extremely helpful.  Each situation is different. 

Help.  At times, we can help by doing healing work on your husband or wife, even if the person is not on a development program.  You can ask for this when you send in your retest – put it on the information sheet that you would love help with a partner or with others with whom you live or even work.



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