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The Rogues. A hidden factor in all matters related to the earth is the presence of what we call the rogues. They are a group of beings from elsewhere in space who have controlled planet earth for at least 20,000 years.

They don’t want their identity known. However, unless you know about them, many events and situations on earth make little sense. These include the real reasons for media bias, wars, diseases, famines, rape, government nonsense, and much more.

For example, they use rape for at least 10 purposes and are experts in its use. To learn about this, read Rape. For more details about the rogues, read The Rogues.

Climate fears. The earth’s orbit, speed of rotation and distance from the sun are tightly controlled. It is adjusted constantly to benefit the human beings, animals and plants on the planet. Nothing is left to chance.

Concern over climate change is pure rogue lies designed to keep people in fear, to distract people from the real problems of planet earth, and to impose totalitarian controls on the economies and governments of the world. For details, read Climate Change.

We are also told that the earth is not “dying”, as some teach. It is just fine. The only way we could kill it is with an all-out nuclear war, and this will not be allowed.

Fine and coarse matter bodies. A very important concept that has been suppressed is that there are two basic types of bodies in the universe:

- Coarse matter bodies include the bodies with which we are familiar.

- Fine matter bodies are of a lower density, so most people cannot see them. Examples of fine matter beings that some people know about are angels, elves and souls. Some young girls can see these beings. They are definitely real.

For a true story about elves, we suggest watching FairyTale: A True Story (1997). It is the story of two English girls, about age 10, who lived about 100 years ago. They saw and photographed elves near their home. The photos were authenticated by photographic experts.

Fine matter beings are well-adapted to survive in space because they can tolerate the extreme heat and cold. They are also able to find enough food to eat in space and enough oxygen (creatures) or carbon dioxide (plants) to breathe. Most of them live for thousands of years or longer.

They vary in size from microscopic to enormous. They all can fly around using a ‘power unit’ located in the area of their chest. They have many shapes, some of which are similar to earth creatures, and some of which are unique. For more details about them, read Bodies in Space.

The biological theory of space. This theory is closely related to the idea of fine matter bodies. It states that space is not empty. It contains fine matter creatures, some of which are enormous. This idea has never been disproven. However, the rogues don’t want it known because it helps explain many phenomena, including how the orbit of the earth is closely regulated.

The earth is a living being. Planet earth is not just a hunk of rock. This is another untruth taught by the rogues. The planet is actually alive and has many features of all living beings, such as a complex inner structure and a set of physical energy centers, which all living beings in the universe have.


The Crust. Our planet is composed of several layers. The outer layer is called the crust. It is what those living on the surface call ‘bedrock’. In places the bedrock dips down and fills with water. These areas are the oceans. In other places, the bedrock extends high into the air, forming our mountains. As the bedrock is eroded and broken down by wind and water, it forms the topsoil that supports life on the surface of the planet.

The Mantle. Inside the crust is another layer called the mantle. This is a layer of bedrock that is being hollowed out from the inside to make room for more growth inside the planet.

The way it works is that new bedrock is continuously added to the outside of the crust of the earth by volcanic eruptions. Meanwhile, bacteria and other microorganisms slowly dissolve the bedrock on the inside of the crust. In this way, the earth is slowly growing a little larger.

Early in its existence there was more volcanic action, so the earth grew faster. The planet is now more mature, so there is less volcanic action and the planet is growing very slowly.

The Inside. Deeper inside the earth, beyond the mantle, are many other layers that are actually alive. They are somewhat like the layers of an onion. This area contains many large tubes that conduct nutrients around the inner part of the planet. The nutrients feed millions of mostly fine matter living creatures that live within the earth.

The earth is not molten on the inside, as scientists believe. In most areas, the temperature is quite moderate inside the earth. Molten lava is found in the crust, but not deeper inside.

The rogues have perpetrated the lie that the earth is molten on the inside because they don’t want people exploring deep inside the earth. The reason is that they have lots of electronic and mechanical equipment there, with which they communicate with people on the surface and run their entire scheme to control the earth. Usually, anyone who ventures deep into the earth is quickly killed and it is blamed on an accident.

Why is there so much oil inside planet earth? We are told that oil is a living substance and it is food for millions of fine matter creatures that live in the crust and the interior of the earth. For this reason, it is best if we do not burn it in our cars and power plants. It is not causing global warming, however.

There are much better motor fuels, the simplest of which is water. To learn about this, type ‘Joe cell cars’ into a search engine. Later, I am told, all vehicles and homes will be powered by what is called ‘free energy’, or etheric energy that is present everywhere. This was discovered over 100 years ago by Nikola Tesla, John Worell Keely and others. The rogues don’t want it, however, so it is suppressed. It would clean up the pollution in the cities and increase the prosperity of all people on earth. As a result, those that build such devices are usually killed. For more details, read Nuclear Power And Alternatives.

An ancient Hebrew dialect. The fine matter creatures that live inside the earth speak a very ancient version of Hebrew. They say it is a language spoken throughout the universe. It is a powerful language that is rather unique and helps one understand many things about life. Eventually, they say, we will all learn this language.

This language is not the same as the Hebrew of the Bible or modern Israeli Hebrew. These languages, they say, have been somewhat corrupted by the rogues many thousands of years ago. Some of the words are correct, but others are not. Some of the words in the ancient Hebrew sound more like American English. There has been an effort to revive this language on earth in the past 1500 years.

Anti-semitism. The beings who live in the earth tell us that one reason the rogues spread anti-semitism on earth is to discourage people from learning Hebrew, which would help our understanding of the universe. Other reasons are to discourage Biblical moral values, which strengthen people. This website contains one article about the ancient version of Hebrew: An Ancient Hebrew Alphabet. Soon, we hope to have more articles about it.

Fear as a serious problem on earth. We are told that one of the worst problems on earth is fear. The rogues teach fear in hundreds of ways. The goal is to weaken and discourage the people of the earth. This makes the planet much easier to control. Here are just a few examples:

We are told that the real Bible teaching is about the Love of God, not about hell and damnation. For more details, read The Two Branches of Christianity.

The medical professions spread fear. We know that if people eat correctly and follow a development program, most of the “killer” diseases of our time would disappear.

The television, radio and other media outlets often focus on bad news, while ignoring happy news.

The rogues also use violence such as murder, robbery, rape and more to keep people in fear. More subtle means include radionic machines that broadcast fear into everyone. They also use poisons, such as certain copper compounds, that make people more fearful.

- end of the introduction -

1/4/20. Iran. The Iranians just masterminded a vicious attack on the American Embassy in Iraq. In return, the Americans under President Trump killed the leading Iranian terrorist, General Sulimani.

The worldwide communist-controlled media are making it sound like Mr. Trump just wants a war with Iran and wants to distract people from his impeachment, neither of which is true.

This is the same media who praised Mr. Obama when he was president of the USA and killed another prominent terrorist, Osama Bin Laden. The media simply want to deny Mr. Trump credit for doing what needed to be done and should have been done years ago.

Even some of the Christian media, which is better, is tainted in this regard. The truth is that good people around the world today are celebrating, including within Iran. For more truth about the Middle East, read The Women Of Arabia.

In fact, a cold war has been going on with Iran since their Islamic Revolution of 1979. They call the United States “the big Satan” and have vowed to destroy it.

Mr. Trump has been tough on Iran since taking office and this has helped slow down their nuclear weapons program.

In contrast, the former American president signed an agreement with the Iranians allowing them - and even funding them - to develop nuclear weapons. This was a treasonous act and the man should have been immediately removed from office for it. Mr. Trump canceled this agreement and forced Iran to return the $150 billion US dollars given to them by Mr. Obama.

1/6/20. Nutrition. Planet earth is slowly becoming healthier, we are told. The only way this can occur is for all the fine matter and coarse matter creatures on the planet to develop, which is mostly a nutritional healing process. This, in turn, affects all events on the planet. The importance of nutrition has been suppressed, again by the rogues who want people weak and sick because they are much easier to control in this condition.

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