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Definition. Etheric resetting means increasing the etheric energy content of the body and by so doing, the original etheric blueprint of the body found in our DNA can restore the body to its original pristine condition.

This is very different from most healing, which is often just a band-aid or superficial elimination of symptoms.  Development programs are able to etherically reset the body, and more, as described in the next section.




While not the focus of this article, development programs also turn on a large area of the genetic code of an individual that in almost everyone remains unused because of poor nutrition and too many toxins in the body.

By so doing, development programs can cause the unfolding a the complete genetic potential of a human being.  This is actually the process we call development, and it is different from healing or etheric reset.




Etheric reset is different from retracing.  Retracing is the process of going back into one’s illnesses and traumas and reviewing, reframing and then healing them.  It often causes some temporary symptoms that can be annoying and very rarely are serious.

Retracing is a necessary part of etheric reset, which is the larger process of restoring the body to its original state of health.




Problems our clients encounter with a number of therapies today that seem “natural” and benign is that they do not reset the body.  They just compensate and actually make things worse.  Among these are much of physical therapy, some other body work, exercise programs, most yoga, prolotherapy, most drug therapies, most herbal therapies and many nutritional therapies.




This article is about anti-aging.  Many people today are looking for anti-aging methods and therapies.  A development program is one of the best methods, if not the best.

Many of our clients tell us that their friends and acquaintances often remark how young they look.  Also, they feel younger inside, with more energy, more flexibility, and fewer symptoms of aging.




This theory states that, in fact, human beings are etherically-powered.  This means that although we absolutely require many nutrients, food calories, air to breathe and water to drink, there is another level of our being that does not depend directly upon these chemical substances.  Instead, we depend on a flow of a subtle form of energy that may be called life energy, vital energy or etheric energy.  It has also been called vital force, adaptive energy, chi, qi and other names throughout history.

This hypothesis is not new.  In fact, it is discussed often in some healing sciences including such as chiropractic and traditional naturopathy, and others.

According to this hypothesis, babies are born with a large supply of this etheric energy.  It slowly runs down as we age.  If we live well and remain well-nourished and well-rested, the etheric reserves last a long time.  However, many factors can deplete our etheric reserves such as stress, traumas, malnutrition and having our bodies out of balance in various ways.  These tend to shorten our lives significantly. 

When the amount of etheric flow decreases to a certain level, the body simply cannot rebuild its tissues and organs fast enough to overcome the normal wear and tear of daily living.  The result is called aging, disease and ultimately death.  This is the essence of the etheric or vital force hypothesis of aging.




This is the idea that as certain conditions within our bodies are fulfilled or achieved, more etheric energy, life force, vital force or chi can flow into and through the body.  This energy will restore protein synthesis by our DNA.  As this occurs, the more rapid and more accurate protein synthesis can actually reverse some or even all of the aging process.




There are several sources of etheric energy.  The main three are:

1. Intrinsic etheric.  This is the etheric we are born with.

2. Environmental etheric.  This is etheric energy found in our food, water, air and certain locations.  We can absorb some of this through our diet, breathing, and where we live.  We will absorb much more of it if the body is kept in balance and healthy.

3. New etheric.  This is etheric energy in the environment that we can draw into the body through the Pushing Down Exercise described on this website.




            Many factors can be used to enhance etheric energy in the body.  Since ancient times, these methods have included special diets, along with herbs, prayers, chanting, and other methods.

Development science is ancient, but we have updated it .  So far (September 2018), the most important factors needed to 1) conserve our intrinsic etheric, 2) enhance absorption of environmental etheric, and 3) enhance absorption of new etheric energy are:


1. More rest and sleep, in many cases.

2. Much better mineral nutrition, which can be accomplished only by eating 6-9 cups of well-cooked vegetables daily.

3. Balancing the oxidation rate and the sodium/potassium ratio.  This must be assessed in the hair tissue by Dr. Eck’s method, not by other methods and not in the blood or other method.  This part of the program was pioneered by the late Dr. Paul Eck.

4. Making the body much more yang in macrobiotic terms.  This means strictly avoiding raw food diets, smoothies, vegetarian diets, eating sugar and other yin foods, activities and attitudes.  Note that raw foods and even a vegetarian diet may help one’s health temporarily, but over time it will make the body more yin, and this is deadly.  I have found this repeatedly to be true.

            5. Retaining one’s sexual fluids as much as possible.

6. Certain procedures.  These include the pushing down exercise, coffee enemas, daily use of a red heat lamp sauna, twisting the spine daily, and foot and hand reflexology.


Other factors that are sometimes important are:


1.Stress reduction.

2. Toxin avoidance.  This generally includes avoiding:

A. Most all pharmaceutical drugs unless absolutely needed.

B. All recreational drugs, alcohol, and most over-the-counter drugs.

C. Exposure to other toxic substances such as insecticides, pesticides, solvents, thousands of food chemicals, and others.

3. Deep breathing to obtain more oxygen.

4. Hydrating the body properly with the correct type and amount of water.  We find that only spring water is best for long-term use.  Carbon-filtered tap water will usually work, although sometimes this is not of good enough quality.

5. Eliminating chronic infections of all types using development program, and not other methods such as herbs, drugs, or even colloidal silver and natural products.

6. Structural correction with chiropractic and soft tissue correction may also be needed.


Restoring etheric energy, or etheric reset, is the secret to the entire development program program, and is why it works as well as it does.


What is wrong with just eating a good diet and taking basic supplements?  The diet needs to be correct for today, not just “good”.  The diet also needs to be adjusted depending upon one’s oxidation type.

In addition, much more etheric energy is found in and can be obtained from eating certain foods such as eggs, meats, cooked vegetables and blue corn, but much less from other grains.  Eating fruit, beans, sugars of all kinds, nuts and seeds does not bring in nearly as much etheric energy, so these foods are not nearly as good for this reason alone.  It does not matter how nutritious they are.

Also, just taking various nutritional supplements will not balance the body chemistry.  In fact, random nutritional supplementation can make things worse.  It always makes the body more yin, for example.  As a result, using supplements as remedies does not bring in nearly as much etheric energy as does delicately balancing the oxidation rate and the major mineral ratios as revealed on a properly performed hair mineral analysis.


Why not just do yoga and follow their recommendations for a long life? The needs and the condition of our bodies are very different than they were several thousand years ago when yoga, acupuncture, Ayurveda and other Oriental sciences were developed.  As a result, following these sciences today does not work nearly as well as it once did.  In fact, many people become injured with yoga because the bodies are so tense and not as strong today.  For more on why we do not recommend yoga, read Yoga – Its Benefits and Problems.

Also, herbs used in these sciences are somewhat toxic today.  That is our experience with most herbs, especially the Chinese and Ayurvedic ones.  For more on this, read Herbs.

Vegetarian diets that some gurus recommend do not work as well, either.  In fact, they are harmful today.  For more on this, read Vegetarian Diets and The China Study – A Book Review.

Now let us examine etheric resetting.




            Essentially, etheric resetting activates protein synthesis within all cells of the body. This goes far beyond activating the thousands of enzyme systems or nourishing the body.  It is directly working at the level of the DNA and protein synthesis throughout the body. 

As the proteins are synthesized faster and in larger quantities, they replace damaged proteins, enzymes and cells much faster.  This process then causes and/or enhances the removal of toxic metals, toxic chemicals and biological toxins such as infectious organisms or all types. 

By a feedback process, this further enhances the absorption of etheric energy, speeding the process along.  So, in essence, etheric resetting causes a speeding up of all metabolic regenerative processes.


Is increasing etheric the same as increasing the oxidation rate?  No. The oxidation rate is also influenced by many other factors, at times, so the two do not correlate.

For example, many young children today have a slow oxidation rate even though their etheric energy level is quite high.  Everyone is born with high levels of etheric reserves.

The slow oxidation state may occur because these children also have high levels of toxic metals and toxic chemicals in their tissues, and because they are very stressed and usually quite nutritionally deficient.  As these blockages or negative health factors are removed, their oxidation rate speeds up, often rather easily, because they have plenty of etheric regenerative ability.

Conversely, some people have a fast oxidation rate at age 60 or older, an age when the etheric energy is definitely beginning to become depleted.  This is also often due to the presence of toxic metals and toxic chemicals, and nutritional imbalances.

However, in this case, the stress that results from these biochemical imbalances causes an alarm reaction in the body.  This temporarily increases the oxidation rate due to excessive sympathetic nervous system activity.

As older people remove their toxic metals and toxic chemicals using a development program program, their oxidation rate generally settles down to a slower rate since there is less etheric energy available for protein synthesis and regeneration of the body tissues.




            The process begins at once, as soon as a person begins a development program.  It goes much faster if one does all of the program faithfully.  The process begins slowly, in almost all cases, and little by little picks up speed as more toxins are cleared from the body and the nutritional state is improved.

            In fact, one might not want it to go too quickly as this will cause healing reactions that can be unpleasant.  These include flare-ups of old infections as they are resolved, and reactions due to the elimination of stored toxins of all sorts. 

These must be moved out of storage in body tissues and placed in the blood, where they move to the liver, kidneys and bowel for final removal from the body.  During this process, the poisons circulate in the blood, and this is generally the cause of most healing reactions.  Most flare-ups are short-lived and minor. 

Also, we notice that standard blood tests are altered during this process.  This scares the medical doctors and some clients, but is no cause for concern.  These include liver enzymes, thyroid hormones, hemoglobin levels, and more.




One goal is anti-aging.  When the synthesis of proteins in the body is accelerated enough, this can overcome the pace of normal wear and tear on the body.  As this occurs, a person actually begins to become younger inside.

The process begins in the internal organs, and only shows on the skin much later.  This is the design of the human system, for whatever reason.

Another goal is to fulfill the genetic potential of a human being.  This can only be done with very superior nutrition, and it takes years of being on a program.  It involves developing unusual abilities such as telepathy, and much more. 

This may sound fantastic, but there are cases of people who have lived to very old ages on earth, such as Enoch and Noah in the bible, as well as many others.  They and others lived to near 1000 years of age.




Development program science is an anti-aging science designed for the twenty-first century human being living in a highly polluted world with a depleted food supply, foul air and significant electromagnetic stress, as well.  It is a science that is changing and adapting as new hazards are revealed.

However, most importantly, it is an etheric resetting science.  This means that it has as its ultimate goal the resetting of the protein synthesis mechanisms of the body that can actually de-age the body.  This is entirely different from just giving anti-oxidants, or restoring the mitochondria, or many other anti-aging approaches.

For related articles, read Etheric Energy and Telomeres, And How To Lengthen Them.



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