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This is a visual pattern that looks somewhat like two goal posts of an American football stadium. It is two elevated mineral levels that are not next to each other. Outside of the “posts”, the mineral levels are lower. In between the posts, the mineral levels are also lower.

So far, the mineral levels between the two goalposts are even lower than the levels of the minerals outside of the goal posts.

The look of the pattern must also be fairly symmetrical so that it is recognizable as a set of goal posts.

The pattern may involve five, six, seven or eight minerals, so far. For example, we name the pattern a 5-goalpost if it involves five minerals. It is a 7-goalpost if it involves seven minerals. The five goalpost so far is the most common.


The meaning of a goalpost pattern is reaching the goal.  The person has achieved something that was wanted at a deep level.


At this time, (March 2020), we believe that all goalpost patterns involve the return of one or more of the guide creatures. For details about this subject, read The Controllers And Other Guide Creatures.


5-Goalpost. One type of 5-goalpost pattern is formed by high levels of potassium and copper with a lower graph level of iron in between these two. The person is often eliminating toxic potassium and toxic copper.  This is excellent. On a retest, this particular configuration is always an intervention in which the person gets back one of their lower guide creatures.

Another type of 5-goalpost pattern is formed by high levels of iron and manganese with a low level of copper in between them. This is associated with an amigo dump (this pattern is listed under Patterns Only Seen On Retests). This pattern may be associated with an intervention, but we are not sure at this time because it is less common.

7-Goalpost. We recently found a 7-goalpost consisting of elevated levels of potassium and manganese. In this case, there were two minerals between the goalposts – iron and copper.

8-goalpost. Recently, we observed an 8-goalpost pattern formed by a high level of magnesium and manganese. The minerals between these two and outside of these two minerals on an ARL hair mineral chart were lower.

In this case, the person received a controller creature, which apparently caused the pattern. When one gets back a controller creature, the magnesium level usually rises. The elevated manganese was an elimination of toxic manganese.

Recently (February 2019) we found that this goalpost pattern can be part of a Big Rise pattern.

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