by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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A common question that people ask is whether there is human or other life on other planets. 

In truth, there is plenty of life on other planets.  This article discusses several important sources of information that support the idea of intelligent life on other planets.




Christian websites say that the Bible does not specifically say if there is life on other planets.  However, Moses and the Israelites were led through the Sinai desert by something. 


“And the Lord went before them by day in (or as) a cloud, to lead them the way; and by night in a pillar of fire, to give them light; to go day and night.”

- Exodus 13:21


What was it?  It was not a star because it led the people in different directions depending upon the date and where they needed to go.  Stars do not do that.  It also moved at their pace, which is too slow for a star, a comet, an asteroid or even a satellite.  It also stayed with Moses for a number of years.  Stars don’t do this.

We believe it was a space ship that turned on its lights at night!

Some believe that Ezekiel 1 also describes spacecraft.  However, we believe the vision of Ezekiel in this chapter describes fine matter creatures that have the appearance of disc-shaped craft.  For details, read Controllers And Other guide Creatures and Ezekiel’s Vision.

Hindu scriptures such as the Mahabarata also discuss disc-shaped objects in the sky and even battles in the sky. 

References to people who came to earth from other worlds are also found among some Native tribes.  These include the Hopi Indians of North America, the Bushmen of the Kalahari desert in Africa, and the Aborigines of central Australia.




There are literally trillions of planets in outer space.  Even if a tiny percentage have mild climates and atmospheres like ours, this would still amount to millions of possible places where life could exist.  So the chances that life flourishes on at least a few of them is quite high.




Certain structures on earth are so amazing that it makes one wonder who could have built them.

Among these are the pyramids at Giza in Egypt.  These are built so well and so precisely that even with today’s technology we cannot duplicate them.

For example, the stones in some of the pyramids are so tightly spaced together that not even a credit card can fit between them.  Yet the blocks weigh many tons each.

A French engineering team tried to duplicate the building of one of the Egyptian pyramids and could not do it.  We simply do not have the technology to cut stone so precisely, and then lift such large and heavy blocks of stone and place them so carefully.

The natural question is who built them?  It could be an extinct race of advanced earth humans, but it also could have been by people from another planet.

The History Channel on television has a fascinating series of programs on this subject entitled Ancient Aliens.  It examines the physical evidence for extraterrestrial visitation in an unbiased and scientific manner.




Each year, people report literally thousands of sightings of unidentified flying objects or UFOS.  Often there are multiple witnesses and often they include trained, reliable witnesses such as police officers, airline pilots, or military officers. 

Many of these sightings have been thoroughly studied by investigative groups such as Mufon (The Mutual UFO Network).  Anyone can access their findings.  A number of books exist bout them, as well.

Even if just a small percentage are real and verifiable, they definitely defy explanation unless we assume that the earth is being visited by people from other planets.

An unfortunate fact is that most of the world’s governments do their best to suppress information about these sightings.  As a result, getting “official government information” about them is often difficult.  However, the internet has quite a bit of information about them, including photos and eye witness reports.




Contactees are people on earth who have had contact with beings who claim to be from other worlds.  Some contactees and abductees are highly trained military officers, and other credible witnesses.

The United States Air Force Project Blue Book documents some of these cases.  Some of this information has been recently declassified and is now public information.

This project began shortly after World War II and continued for at least 50 years.  In a number of cases, the contactees communicated with humans or human-like creatures who claimed to be from other worlds.




There are more than 100 books on earth that detail UFO contacts, information given to people on earth, design of their aircraft or ships, drawings of life on other planets, and other technical and non-technical details about other worlds.

However, be careful if you want to read this literature because a few are fake.  I strongly recommend any of the books by Colonel Wendell Stevens of Arizona, USA.  These books are well-written and the cases are well-documented.  Some of his books are available on the internet, and some are out of print.

An interesting UFO contactee is Billy Meier.  For details, read The Billy Meier Case.

There are problems with all of these contactee cases, so do not believe everything in them.  However, it is difficult to deny that something occurred.



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