by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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Onions are not what they seem. They are one of the most interesting plants on earth! They possess special souls and special chemicals that are healers, builders and detoxifiers all at the same time. When cooked properly, they are also one of the safest foods to eat plenty of. We cannot say enough good things about them!
- Builders. Onions contain excellent quality proteins that our bodies require to build new tissue.
- Healers. Onions are balancers. This means that they have the ability to normalize or correct many imbalances in the body. This is due to their content of certain minerals, especially zinc and selenium. Onions are also rich in silicon, another mineral needed for healing.
- Detoxifiers. Onions are high in certain compounds of sulfur, chlorine and boron. These are the cleansing minerals.
Safety of onions. Today, many foods are somewhat contaminated with pesticides, insecticides, and more. An important advantage of onions is that they are usually safe to eat.
Very few people eat enough onions. We recommend eating at least three kinds of onions with every meal, and eat three meals a day.
I will divide these into four groups:
- Shallots are very important to eat every day and preferably some with each meal. They are a little more costly, but well worth the money!
- Small onions are also important to have each day and preferably each meal. These are called boiler onions and pearl onions. They can be white, red or gold in color.
- Regular onions. These are also good to have with each meal and include standard red, white, brown, sweet and vidalia onions.
- Garlic is also a member of the onion family. However, it is slightly toxic, so only eat about two small cloves per week. Many people overeat on garlic.
Shopping for onions. Look for smaller, firm onions. These are the warmest or most yang in macrobiotic terminology.
Structure of onions. The structure of onions in layers is a protective mechanism. It protects delicate nutrients. Ideally, the layers should be close to each other and tight, somewhat difficult to separate.
Steam or pressure cook all onions. Our bodies cannot extract enough nutrients from raw onions, so it is always best to cook them. Excellent methods are steaming and pressure-cooking.
Growing onions. Onions are very easy to grow. They need very good soil such as potting soil. They also need plenty of sunshine and water. We recommend that everyone grow some in your garden or in pots.
Problems eating onions. Some people will get some intestinal gas from eating onions. This is often due to their sulfur content. The gas is often a detoxification reaction. If you continue eating onions, usually the gas will diminish.

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