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It is financial support for babies, children and young women so they can embark on an individualized development program.  It may cover the cost of a hair mineral test, consultation and nutritional supplements.  However, we want the person on scholarship to pay at least $50.00 toward the consultation.  Most everyone can afford this.  It is good to have participants pay something.




The scholarship program assists children up to age 19 and women up to age 30.  The goal is to produce healthier babies and children.  Some day, we hope to expand the group of people who can receive scholarships.




Here are the steps:

1. We require that applicants follow the ÔfreeŐ or basic program found at this link for 6 months before we consider a scholarship.  The reason is to make sure one is serious about the program.

            2. After following the basic program for six months or longer, one applies for assistance by sending an email to Dr. Wilson with the following information.  The information allows us to check on the need:


-Full name(s) of all those requesting assistance

- Date(s) of birth

- Street address

- Telephone number

- MotherŐs maiden name


3. We will inform then inform you if a scholarship has been approved, usually within a week of receiving an email.  If you donŐt hear back within 2 weeks, please email again or call us at (928) 445-7690, in case your message was not received.


            4. If we approve a request for assistance, the applicant then contacts one of the Approved Helpers listed at this link.

            Tell the Helper that we have approved you, your child or children for a scholarship and any other instructions we have given, such as how much we want you to pay toward the consultation.  We send funds to the Helper, not to the person on scholarship.

            The Helper then needs to send us an invoice for the hair mineral test(s) and consultation(s), and we will send a check to the Helper for these.  The foundation will pay up to $150.00 for these (plus we ask the applicant to pay at least $50.00). 

If $200.00 is less than the HelperŐs usual fee, the Helper may give the applicant a discount from their regular fee.    If a Helper does not want to offer the mineral test and consultation at this price, then the applicant needs to find another Helper.


            SUPPLEMENT PAYMENTS: When the mineral test result comes back and a program is set up, the Helper needs to send another invoice to us for the cost of supplements for 4 months.  The following is our policy regarding nutritional supplements:

- The foundation will pay the retail cost of the nutritional supplements minus a 20% discount, plus shipping.

- The foundation does not pay for vitamin D and EPA-DHA.  We want those on scholarships to eat sardines.  There are ways to disguise the taste, if needed.  DO NOT SKIP THEM!  THE OMEGA-3 AND VITAMIN D THEY CONTAIN ARE VERY IMPORTANT.  Read the Sardines article for ideas about how to eat them.

- The foundation does not pay for the optional products – Endo-veggies, Renamide and Selenium.  We do pay for lecithin.




We expect anyone on scholarship to follow the diet faithfully, take the supplements faithfully, and do the 6 basic detoxification and healing procedures as much as possible.

Children need to receive two foot-rubs daily and use a red heat lamp on the abdomen, chest or back each day.

In addition, those on scholarship must stay in touch with their Helper.  If a person on scholarship does not stay in touch, please let us know and we will discontinue the scholarship.




- The scholarships are intended primarily for short-term help – up to six months, although we may make exceptions.  This is due to our limited resources at this time.


Donations.  We greatly appreciate donations of any amount to support this program.  For details, read Donate to The Center For Development.



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