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2/29/20. New, improved way to eat sardines. The sardines with bones and skin are more nutritious, but contain more mercury, which concentrates in the spinal column of the fish.

A way to eat them without the mercury is to buy sardines with skin and bones. Before eating them, slice open the sardines and carefully remove the spinal column. Then you will obtain the benefit of the skin without the mercury.

We also sometimes remove the organs, which is a small, elongated part of the sardine near the head of the sardine. It is not too important, but organ meats also tend to be more toxic.

2/19/20. Corona virus. For our views on this, read The Corona Virus. Another new article is The Cell Nucleus.

2/12/20. The new Megapan. The Endomet product, Megapan, is a different shaped tablet and is a lighter color. It is from a different manufacturer and we feel it is better than the older tablet.

2/9/20. Stay away from celery juice! It is a stimulant so one feels better for a while, but it is harmful and very yin.

2/7/20. Pressure-cooking. If your pressure cooker has a choice regarding high or low pressure, use low pressure. High pressure seems to damage the food a little more. Only pressure cook for about 2 minutes. More than this overcooks and damages the food.

2/6/20. Brands of nutritional yeast. The best brands we have found are: KAL, Frontier Natural Products, NOW, Thompson, Blue Bonnet, Anthony’s, Lewis Labs, Whole Foods, and Bob’s Red Mill.

2/3/20. We just received two more complaints about ThermaLight bulbs sold by SaunaSpace. The bulbs are dangerous. Do not use them! Use standard brands such as Philips, GE, Sylvania, Feat or Havel Sli. Avoid Westinghouse lamps for now.

2/2/20. A few clients are cooking vegetables using a VitaMix or other high-powered blender that chops and then cooks vegetables. At this time, we don’t recommend this method quite as highly as pressure cooking or steaming.

If you use a blender, the machine first chops and then it speeds up when the vegetables are pulverized. From the time it speeds up, stop the machine within 20 seconds. Otherwise, you will overcook your vegetables and ruin them. Also, use as little water in the blender as possible. The vegetable puree should be as thick as possible.

2/2/20. Some people are reporting stomach upset today. We have learned that the rogues have sprayed a poison in some areas that is the cause of this symptom. It is a fine powder that is tasteless and odorless.

They are telling people it is a problem with the development program, which is not true. If you run a HEPA air filter or perhaps a vacuum cleaner in your home for about half an hour, it can reduce the amount of the poison in your home or office. To use a vacuum leaner, place it in the middle of a room and just turn it on let it run for about 30 minutes.

1/27/20. New Endomet website. Endomet Labs has a new website called This is where to find their product catalog.

1/26/20. Nutritional yeast. A new food for development is nutritional yeast. This is not the same as brewer’s yeast, which is not as good. Adults may have 1 teaspoon per day of nutritional yeast. It is easy to eat by sprinkling it on your vegetables. Above are recommendations for the best brands to use.

1/26/20. If you are in America, call, write and email your senators every day to dismiss the phony impeachment of the president. The whole thing is sickening – for details, read The Impeachment. The easiest way to find their phone number or email is to type their name into a search engine and you will get their website.

12/23/19. We are having trouble selling books on The books are listed. However, if you try to order Development Science And Development Programs or Sauna Therapy, a message may come up “temporarily out of stock”. If that occurs, you can call Analytical Research labs at 1-800-528-4067 to buy books.

12/9/19. Kombucha tea is moving people into a four lows pattern. This is quite harmful. Please avoid it.

11/30/19. WARNING! If anyone contacts you and asks you to help set up another ‘secret’ development program, say NO. It is a trap and possibly very dangerous.

11/23/19. More tahini. A change in the food for daily use is to eat 2 tablespoons daily of preferably organic, roasted sesame tahini. The previous recommendation was to eat just one tablespoon of tahini daily.

11/23/19. We are very sad to announce that one of our Helpers, Robert Morgan, just passed away after a motorbike accident. If you are one of his clients, please find a new Helper from the Helper List.

11/20/19. Stay far away from the “medical medium”. We do not like his recommendations. Celery juice may make you feel better for a while, but it is toxic and damages the body.

11/19/19. The crime rate is down in America. The American Federal Bureau Of Investigation just released the crime statistics for the United States for 2018. Crime is down once again in the USA. At the same time, gun ownership has increased tremendously in the USA to over 400 million guns. This means the politicians are lying when they say that more guns cause more crime. The opposite is the truth. Guns in the hands of the people reduce crime. Also read Quotes About Guns By The American founders And Religious Leaders.

11/19/19. The Fish exercise is not safe enough for now. Instead, do the Hand Pull Exercise.

10/27/19. New crime and violence section of articles. This has a number of articles about the causes of crime that people usually do not think of. It is found on the Read Articles page/crime.

10/14/19. Detergents. This is just a reminder that we’re finding that all detergents, even so-called natural products, are toxic and best avoided. Soap is much better. For details, read Detergents.

10/13/19. Hacking. We’ve become aware that this website has been hacked and it is an ongoing problem. Usually, the grammar and spelling are affected, and sometimes key words have been altered. Please be patient – it is difficult to correct so many articles.

10/3/19. Warning. Avoid the medical medium. He does not know about development and his healing programs do not cause development.

10/2/19. The Guides For Living. This is a new list of about 10 articles that are most important for living in harmony and happiness.

9/20/19. - Love Is The Answer The Real Self book has a new title, Love Is The Answer. The change was required because the subject of the book is understanding love and its importance for solving all problems. At this time, the content of the book is the same. However, this may change slightly in the next few months.
You can read this book online at no charge. It is also available in hard copy from Analytical Research Labs or from The hard copy version still has the old title of
The Real Self.

9/14/19. SBF and GB-3. Endomet has changed manufacturers recently. We just learned that minor changes were made to the formula of SBF. The amount of magnesium is slightly less and the amount of potassium aspartate is less. We do not believe this impacts the effect of the product. GB-3 now has a different look, but Endomet says the product is the same.

9/12/19. Organic lecithin. Organically grown sunflower lecithin is available and a few clients say it is better than the standard lecithin. Its cost is not too much more than standard lecithin. The source is the website, This is a breastfeeding website, but they sell lecithin.

8/30/19. Avoid Wendy Myers, Morely Robbins and Dr. Philip Goglia. They do not set up development programs properly and they do not work with us.

8/26/19. Do not follow the instructions that come with pressure cookers or that are in many pressure cooker recipes in cookbooks. They are wrong and will result in overcooking and ruining your food. For correct cooking instructions, read Food For Daily Use.

8/21/19. Hospitals don’t do enemas. This is apparently a policy in America and Canada, and perhaps elsewhere. If a person comes in with constipation and laxatives don’t work, they will operate to clear the blockage rather than do an enema. We find that enemas or colonic irrigation work excellently.

8/11/19. Avoid John Bumpus. He does not work with us, has little experience, purposely sets up programs incorrectly, and purposely confuses people. He is not certified with us, as he claims, because we don’t offer certification. We only offer a diploma in basic development science. We clearly say this diploma does not prepare a person to set up programs on one’s own.

8/11/19. New pregnancy guidelines. We believe that if a woman follows a development program for at least a year, she can safely have children up to age 45. This is a change from past suggestions not to get pregnant after age 40 due to the danger of Down’s syndrome. We will monitor how this works.

8/5/19. Development Science And Development Programs (700 pages), is now available in printed form or you can read it online on this website. This book is a replacement for the large book, Nutritional Balancing And Hair Mineral Analysis. It is basically the same book, but with about 80 updated pages.

8/1/19. The “Recipes for the Developmental Diets” book is now available. This cookbook is 162 pages and contains many easy-to-make recipes with photos for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.  It also contains information about the development diet, in general. It is for anyone looking for recipes that can help with development and health. The book is $16.00, and is in an e-book format. To purchase it, go to:

7/30/19. Attacking red lamp saunas. Some websites are telling people that reddish heat lamp saunas are dangerous. We agree if you use the wrong lamps and we say this. However, a sauna powered by the correct reddish heat lamp does not age your skin, does not cause loss of genetic protection, and does not cause cancer.  In fact, we find this sauna is wonderful to help rejuvenate the skin, increase genetic protection and reduce cancer in the body.

7/15/19. Change to Stress Pak. Endomet Labs has changed their Stress Pak product by reducing the potency by 50%. They say that the pill was too large for new FDA regulations. I was not consulted or told about this at all. On a new price list, they lowered the price somewhat. Those taking Stress Pak will need to increase the number of tablets when using the new product.

7/12/19. New food recommendation – Marcona almonds. These are small, round and flat almonds. We’ve only found them roasted and salted, and that is okay. Have a few each day and we will ask for feedback about their effects. Chew them very well. We still recommend 2 tablespoons of roasted almond butter daily. Other than these, avoid eating whole nuts.

7/5/19. Change in the double low ratio pattern criteria.  The calcium/magnesium ratio for this pattern needs to be less than 5.  Previously, the cutoff point was a ratio less than 4.  Also, for this pattern to be present, the sodium/potassium ratio needs to be below 2.5, and this did not change.

6/3/19. Google problems. Google has censored this website, removing some of our articles from prominent places on their search engine. Two options are: 1) Search on Yahoo instead of Google. 2) Type a keyword into Google and then a comma, and then type Dr. Lawrence Wilson. This will bring up some of the censored articles. Also let your government representatives know that censorship by Google should not be tolerated.

5/19/19. Almond butter. We took down the warning about almond butter. It now appears that it is not toxic, but rather it has a stronger effect at this time that is more difficult for some people to handle. If you have difficulty with almond butter, just eat less than the recommended two tablespoons daily for adults or less for children. Organically grown is still best, although it is more expensive.

5/15/19. Chives, horseradish root and a wild garlic called allium canadense (hard to find). These are new daily foods for development. For faster development, eat a very small amount of each of these with each meal, such as a dime-sized, thin sliver of horseradish root and no more than a 2-inch or 4-centimeter piece of the thinnest chives you can find or grow. If you can find allium canadense, a little bit of this form of garlic is good.

5/14/19. A new attack on women. A number of women, often mothers or wives, are not feeling well and acting in antagonistic ways. This is a new type of rogue attack. If you notice this in yourself or someone else on the program, we can often help. Please contact your Helper and ask that Dr. Wilson and the development team assist the person.

4/18/19. Dr. Berg. Please do not read or listen to Dr. Eric Berg, DC. He is being paid well to badmouth our program and is an imposter. He speaks well, as though he is informed. However, he has no experience with development and is not developed himself.

4/12/19. Washing machines. Don’t buy a newer type of washing machine. Get a used older one, at least 10 years old. The newer washing machines in the USA and perhaps other nations must comply with new Obama-era regulations that limit the amount of water they use and limit the amount of agitation of the clothing. The result is they don’t clean the clothing well and they leave soap and other chemicals in the clothing. This is very unhealthy.

We think this is deliberate because it leaves toxic chemicals in the clothing that slowly poison anyone who wears them. Instead, repair your older washing machine or buy a used older machine with an agitator and one that uses more water.

4/7/19. Newsletter. We posted a new newsletter. Please read it and share it by clicking here.

3/10/19. Lecithin. We are now adding lecithin to many people’s development programs. It helps greatly to reduce feelings of anxiety. We did not use it formerly because Dr. Eck believed that it slows toxic metal elimination. However, we are finding this is not true.

2/25/19.  Heirloom beef.  This is a continuation of the update of 12/10/18.  Heirloom beef is even better for development than eating organic or grass-fed beef, if you can find it. It is beef from older, non-hybridized cows. It is not widely available. If you cannot find heirloom grass-fed beef, just have other organic or grass-fed beef.

The beef must be cooked rare by braising to preserve the chemicals needed for development.  See Food For Daily Use for cooking details.  For adults, we suggest three 3-4 ounce portions of this meat weekly.  Reduce lamb to once a week.  This supercedes other recommendations in older articles on this website.

1/8/19. Detergents.  We just found that most or all detergents used on dishes, clothing and general cleaning contain a toxin that slows development and damages the liver. It is also in most baby wipes and many other products that contain soap or detergents. This applies to all natural products, as well. At this time, the only household products we can recommend are regular soap and Bon Ami Powder Cleanser.  Vinegar and baking soda is also safe.  The cleanest way to clean hard floors is with a steam mop.

1/6/19. Olive oil. Do not cook with olive oil, especially in the oven.   Olive oil becomes toxic when heated, and causes liver damage.  Ideally, do not cook vegetables in the oven.  The high temperature damages them too much.  Pressure cooking is the best, followed by steaming or crock pots (slow cookers).

1/8/19. Castor oil packs. Do not use castor oil packs. They are somewhat toxic. Their use was an older recommendation on this website.

12/31/18. Fermented cod liver oil. This is recommended by the Weston Price group and others. However, we find it to be a very dangerous product – rancid and probably not cod liver oil. Apparently, there have been many deaths among members of the Weston A Price Foundation. We have written about the dangers of: 1) a high-fat diet, 2) fermented foods, 3) salads rather than cooked vegetables, 4) fruit, and 5) fermented cod liver oil. Dr. Weston Price, DDS would be very upset with what is being recommended in his name.

 2/14/18.  Beware there is a fake Dr. Wilson on Youtube.  We do have programs on Youtube, but the programs are audio only.  We have no video of Dr. Wilson.

Also, if you tell clients to go to this website, be sure to include the L in the URL (  If someone just types, they will get a different Dr. Wilson.

 12/10/18. Grass-fed or organic ground beef. This food is helping development. We still do not recommend regular beef, which is from feedlot cattle that are quite unhealthy. However, grass-fed beef, which is not perfect and still comes from hybrid cows, is good to eat twice a week. Limigt portion size to 3-4 ounces. It often comes in a small square package in America, is a very good food for development.  It is very important to eat it cooked rare to obtain certain zinc compounds it contains. For cooking instructions, read Food For Daily Use.

11/24/18.  Blue corn chips. Do not eat a diet of mainly chips of any type such as potato chips, corn chips or others.  This is very unhealthy because most chips are high in omega-6 fatty acids and contain AGES (advanced glycation end products).

We strongly recommend eating 8 to 10 blue corn chips with each meal because they contain chemicals that greatly assist development.  However, this is all the chips one should eat.

11/20/18.  Omega-3 fatty acids. Due to a shift in the energy of the earth, some people may need an extra capsule of EPA-DHA or a fourth can of sardines per week.  If you don’t get enough of the omega-3 fatty acids, you may experience pain, irritability, fears or other signs of inflammation.

 7/2018. Rice.  Do not eat much rice. A little occasionally is okay, but no more. It is not healthful at this time. We hope this will be resolved soon.

4/18. Pressure-cooking.  The best method of cooking vegetables is pressure-cooking.  You may also steam vegetables in a steamer or in a frying pan with a little water in it. The use of crock pots for making vegetables is also okay.

AVOID baking, frying, broiling, grilling, barbeques, sauteing or stir frying. Unfortunately, these methods produce AGES, which slow development. Occasional use of these methods is not too bad, but do not use them regularly.

Be sure to cook all vegetables until they are soft, not crunchy, in order to absorb the most minerals from them.  Cooking does not damage the minerals in foods. It makes them more available to the body.  Chop up vegetables and slice rutabaga, golden beets, celery and ginger. Then pressure-cook them for 2.5 to 3 minutes only. Never pressure cook them longer or you will overcook them and ruin them.

AVOID pressure-cooking beef. Eat it rare. Lamb chops can be pressure-cooked for about 1.5 minutes, but require a cut or maybe two to help them to cook through, especially if they are thick. You can pressure chicken legs and thighs, but there is a better method of cooking chicken. Read Food For Daily Use for details.

4/18. Hawaiian Bamboo Jade sea salt. We are once again recommending this salt, which was an older recommendation that was changed. The jade salt seems more protected, and is available on the internet.  You can switch off with other sea salts such as Hain and Celtic Salt.

AVOID Himalyan pink salt, which is too high in aluminum and may contain nickel. Also, do not use a lot of Real Salt, which we previously recommended.

1/18. Roasted tahini. Each day, eat 1 tablespoon of roasted tahini, preferably organically grown. It is also called roasted sesame butter. Alternatively, eat 2 tablespoons of humus daily. Do not eat more of it.  This is in addition to 2 tablespoons of toasted almond butter daily.  These are important foods for development.

1/17. A vegetable mixture. With each meal, eat a vegetable medley or mix of 12 or preferably more of the preferred vegetables at each of three meals daily. 

Mono meals, which we previously recommended, are not working as well.  There should be a rainbow of colors on your plate at each meal:

white = daikon radish, white onion, white pearl onion, boiler onion, cipolline onion, white cauliflower

red = red onions, red pearl onions

orange = orange carrots, orange cauliflower

yellow = rutabaga, yellow onions, yellow cauliflower

green = green beans, green onions, cauliflower leaves and stems, leeks. A little chives are also good (newer recommendation).

blue/indigo = red cabbage, purple cauliflower, a few blue corn chips or other blue corn products


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- Chronic Yeast Infections – This is an important article because many people have yeast overgrowth. The article has been updated and is better organized.

JULY 2019

- Bidets – The article now includes how the anal sphincter reflex system is set up. This is one of the main reasons the bidet can be used for healing and development.

- The All Patterns – This is several hair mineral patterns in which all or almost all the mineral readings, or all of a set of readings, move together. Either they all increase, decrease, or all remain basically the same. It is a very positive pattern and known in advanced acupuncture.

- The New Rules – this important article has been updated and improved. Please read this short article a number of times.

- Bodies In Space – A few corrections have been made.

- Detergents And Bad Washing Machines – updated and improved. This is an important article about how we’re being poisoned by a combination of toxic detergents and washing machines that don’t wash the detergent out of clothing.

- What Is A New Age Religion? - new, short article about an important topic.

- Cancer And Alternative Therapies – Added: avoid the ketogenic diet and intermittant fasting – they are short-term solutions. You won’t be able to eat enough cooked vegetables on those regimens.

- The End Times – a new, short article about current and coming events.

- Saving The Righteous – new, short article about how things work in the universe.

- Introduction To Development Programs – revised and improved.

- Anchors And Pivots – The criteria for anchors was not correct and is corrected. We are still learning about this interesting pattern.

- Wisdom Patterns – New, important pattern basically of 9 or more anchors on a retest.

JUNE 2019

- The Tapping Procedure – this is a new development procedure for us that is working well.

- Challenges Of Aging While Following A Development Program – a new, brief article about confusion that occurs as one reaches age 60 or older while following a development program.

- Diabetes – cleaned up and improved

- Diarrhea – cleaned up and improved

- Seven Levels Or Understandings Of God – new, short article that explains ways to understand God using the 7 system.

- Learning Patterns On A Hair Mineral Test – new, short article on an interesting topic.

- The Trophoblast – improved. This article discusses the cause of cancer that few know about.

- The Rogues – A new section has been added called Living The Ten Commandments.

- Nosebleeds – new, short article with a few observations about this health condition.

- Anchors And Pivots – added the criteria for cobalt, molybdenum and lithium.

- Dry Drunk Syndromes (Two Types) – new, short article about the very common problem of people who do not drink alcohol but exhibit some behavior as if they do drink.

- Outer Space - improved

- Nuclear Power And Alternatives - updated

- Water For Drinking – updated. Look out for water labeled “purified” water or “drinking water”. These are just filtered tap water, often with a few minerals added. It is poor quality np matter what the label claims. Also, when you buy spring water in a plastic bottle, if possible pour it into a glass bottle for best freshness.

- Blue Corn Chips – updated. Only eat 8 to 10 blue corn chips per meal.

- Wise Person Patterns – new, short article about some new hair analysis patterns.

- Hybrid Cars – new, short article. Learn how the cars should be and hopefully get angry about the insane rules that now prevent all cars, trucks, buses and aircraft from being hybrids.

- Parenting And Manganese – new, short article that in animals, manganese is required for proper care of of the young. Today, the entire food supply is low in bioavailable manganese and this likely affects families and parenting.

- Selenium – a very important “spiritual mineral”. The article is
improved and better organized.

- Cleaning Up Your Mistakes – a new article about how and why to correct errors.

- Cancer And Alternative Therapies – updated and improved.

- Disease Boxes – a new, unusual article

- Implants – some corrections in this important article.

- Introduction To Development – a little cleanup

- The Stages Of Development – completely redone and much better. Very important article for understanding your program.

- Links – updated with new vaccine-related websites that are superb.

- Toxic Potassium – completely revised and it is now a very important environmental article.

- Climate Change – a little new information was added

- Inaccurate Hair Testing – a new, short article about a common problem with hair mineral testing and what to do about it.

- Notes On The History Of Christianity – a newer article about the history about Christianity.

- The Two Branches Of Christianity – a new article about the founding of Christianity, and the Roman influence.

- Claiming Healing – cleaned up

- Black Salve – change in recommendation – the Sun Skin Salve is no longer available. We’ll try Salve-X or Virxcan-X.

MAY 2019

- Responding To Evil – a new article about an important and somewhat difficult topic.

- Hydrotherapy Today And In The Past – a short, new article about an old and excellent healing method that must be updated for today’s yin bodies.

- The Border Crisis In Americaimportant new article.

- The Baby Manual – added sections about sleeping alone and about pets.

- Phosphorus - improved

- Apathy And Cynicism- Overcoming Themvery important new article needed by most of us.

- Parasites – a little new information.

- Kombucha tea – additional information – we find that this tea moves people into a four lows pattern.

- Abortion – improved, with some additional reasons not to kill your babies.

- Cancer And Alternative Therapies – improved. We are learning much more about cancer.

- Caring For Dogs – cleaned up and now there is a much expanded section on supplements for dogs and a procedure for doing coffee enemas with dogs.

- Prenatal Care – reorganized, cleaned up and has new material.

- The Fathers- new, important article.

- Down Sex – cleaned up.

- The Missions Of Abraham And Jesus – a new article that we hope people will like and won’t feel it is blasphemous and non-religious.

APRIL 2019

The Food Story – new, very important article needed to understand the development diet and development, in general.

The Regulatory State – This is a very important article. It is cleaned up and improved.

- The Bible And The 7 System – new article.

Interventions – corrected and some new information.

Women’s Special Missions - new

Basic Economics - redone

- Mercury Toxicity - improved

- The Development Program Supplement List – updated and clarified.

- Whole-Food, Food-Based And Other Supplement Issues – redone and better

- Intravenous Nutrient And Drug Therapies

- Prenatal Care

- The Seven Human Bodies

- Blood And Urine Tests During Development Programs

- Types Of Bodies


MARCH 2019

- The Big Lie Technique - improved

- Introduction To This Website – this is a revised version of the Big Picture article and very important

- Beryllium – new, short article about a toxic metal that is associated with violence and other toxic effects.

- Complaints About The Bible – cleaned up

- The Bible And Development - improved

- Bible Prophesy - improved

- Bidets – this article is much improved with more detail

- Beef – new article

- Balance Concept In Healing - improved

- Batteries - corrected

- Heirloom Cows And Vegetables – new article about better beef and vegetables

- Beauty - redone, much better

- Blood Tests Versus Hair Tests – new article comparing blood and hair tests and why the results are often different.

- Lecithin – improved. We are finding that some people need a supplement of 1200-2400 mg of lecithin every day. This seems to apply more to women.

- Healthy Attitudes – improved (attitudes.healthy.htm)

- Attention Deficit Disorder - improved

- The Atkins Diet - improved

- Arrogance – improved

- Food For Daily Use – only plain goat yogurt is a food for daily use, not any other dairy products.

- Arteriosclerosis – improved and better organized

- Zirconium – a short, new and somewhat unusual article about why some women act very sexy and teasing. (zirconium.htm)

- Anxiety And Panic Attacks – improved. We added the use of lecithin as a remedy for anxiety that occurs during a development program. (anxiety.htm)

- Beyond Antibiotics – improved (antibiotics.htm)

- The Care Of Cows With The Development Method – much improved and expanded. (cows.htm)

- The Low Body Procedures – added the cold sitz bath.

- The Cold Sitz Bath – a new, short article about a procedure that can help with prostate and other problems.

- Anti-Oxidants – updated.

- Anorexia – cleaned up.


- The Flight Analogy To Understand Hair Mineral Patterns – still being updated. This is an excellent way to understand some of the hair analysis patterns.

- Anal Itching – improved and updated

- Beef – new, important articles

- Almond Butter – improved and corrected

- Activation – new article about a way to help heal the planet.

- Become An Agent – updated.  Important article

- How Long Does Healing Take? - a new article.

- Diabetes – completely updated. One of the epidemics of the 21st century explained.

- The Liver And Its Problems – reorganized and improved. A basic article if you want to understand our modern world.

- AGES or Advanced Glycation End Products – new material. A very important article to understand the cooked vegetable diet.

Digestion – updated and corrected

The Rogues – new small section added about women and the rogues.

Turnaround Therapy, A Powerful Teaching Method – new, important article.

Food For Daily Use – several important little changes.


- Reasons For Rogue Secrecy – a short new article about the reasons for secrecy.

- Acupuncture – cleaned up and corrected in few ways.

- Addison’s Disease - clarified

- 5G – new article. Scary, but guides say it won’t be fully implemented.

- Addiction – cleaned up

- Carbohydrate Addiction – cleaned up

- Twin Souls – new material added

- Mixup, A Powerful Psychological Weapon – new important article, will be expanded

- Settling In – this new pattern was added to the Hair Analysis Section of the Read Articles page.

- Low Flat Line – this interesting new pattern was added to the Hair Analysis Section of the Read Articles page. It is associated with drug addictdion.

- Adhesions – cleaned up and updated

- Bodies – Basic Anatomy And Physiology – improved

- The Life Chart - corrected

- Psychosomatic Symptoms – Acting Out Your Life – new article on a common source of symptoms.

- Levels Of Creation And The 7 System – new, important article about how life is organized.

- The Irony of Socialism And Communism – new article, and a humorous example of one problem with socialism and communism.

- The Baby Manual – a lot of cleanup and corrections

- Plating, Hardening and Tempering – cleaned up

- Blue Or Purple Corn - updated

- Minerals And The Energy Ceneters – With Notes About Cancer - improved a lot

- Rape – some new material was added in the Introduction section

- Hair Sampling Procedures – updated

- Minerals And The 7 System – very cleaned up

- Personality Patterns And Psychological Interpretation of Hair Tests – updated

- Joy Patterns – new, important article about hair mineral testing

- Vectors – new - more advanced hair test interpretation article

- Anthropomorphic Qualities Of Minerals – new, short article about psychology

- Counseling And The 7 System – updated. This is a short article for all Helpers and others who counsel people.

- Colonic Irrigation – cleaned up and better written

- Cooked Versus Raw Food – updated

- Healing The Earth – updated. This article will continue to be updated every few months as the cleanup of earth progresses.

- The Weston Price Diet – updated and corrected

- Warning About Fermented Cod Liver Oil – this is a new short article



- Complications That Arise On Development Programs - updated

- Compensations And Adaptations – The Basis For The Stress Theory Of Disease - updated

- Compensated Hair Mineral Tests - updated

- George Carver – An Inspiring Story – cleaned up.

- Canned Foods - updated

- Children’s Nutrition Programs - updated

- Chiropractic - updated

- “From Those To Whom Much Is Given, Much Is Expected” – new important article.

- Minimum Wage Laws – Pure Communist Evil

- Healthy Attitudes – cleaned up

- Ballet - updated

- Newsletters – a new page with our newsletters.

- The Balance Concept - updated

- Persistence - updated

- Our Narrative – new article about the big picture in the world

- Mineral Bioavailability – cleaned up

- Bible Complaints – new article

- Bible Lessons – cleaned up

- The Bible As A Guide – cleaned up

- How To Write, Based On The 7 System – new information added

- Morality And The 7 System - improved

- 7 Steps To Personality Integration - improved

- 7 Steps To Reading Comprehension – cleaned up

- Seven Laws Of Noah – improved

- Receiving Guidance - improved

- How To Evaluate Advice To Make The Wisest Decisions – cleaned up

- Minerals And the 7 System, with notes about cancer – new information

- What Is The Meaning Of Life? – cleaned up

- Character Flaws – new material

- Unsexy – Some new information added

- Genetic Paths – new, interesting short article

- Know Your Foods – expanded and corrected

- The Pulling Down Exercise (formerly titled The Pushing Down Exercise) – a little new material.

- Diversity Thinkingan important new article.

- Food For Daily Use – the best chicken is dark meat chicken.

- Understanding Yin And Yang – a little new information.

- God, And How He Works – many new additions and clarifications.

- Everyone Is Depleted And Toxic – a few changes

- Downward Moving Energy And Healing – a few updates

- Maturing – better organized and a little new material




- The Big Picture - updated

- Molecular HydrogenWe do not recommend this product

- Read BooksThe entire Nutritional Balancing And Hair Analysis book is now posted on the website.  We plan to break it up into 7 or more smaller books.

- Lyingnew additions

- Why Does God Hate Me? – new article

- Sleepminor changes

- Four Lowsminor changes

- Second Four Minerals - updated

- Aura Shifts And TiltsA new article

- Food for Daily Useadded Savoy cabbage as a full-use preferred vegetable and golden beets, celery and grape tomatoes in small quantity

- Humornew additions

- Funny Moviesan important new article

- Head Congestion Syndromenew article

- The Mediterranean Dietexpanded and updated

- Posturenew material added

-Smoothiesadded that thick soups are working well to provide cooked vegetables.  Salads do not work well.

- Constipationnew material added.

- The Real Women’s Liberationnew article.

- Cancer And Alternative Therapiessome new material.

- Forgingnew material added

- Introduction To Developmentreorganized and new material




- The Hearts – a lot of new information

- Lyingnew information added

- Spinal Twists – 2 new twists were added

- Development Shortcutsa short new article explaining that the program is basically shortcuts to development.

- Sleepadded - drink at night if needed to avoid dehydration.  Also, it is perfectly okay to get up once or twice during the night.  This is sometimes best for development.

- Kitchen Setup – new article – tips for setting up your kitchen.

- Vaginal Coffee Implantsa few changes based on feedback we have received.

- The Big PictureChanges at the beginning.

- How To Increase Energy  - very important new part at the beginning of the article.

- Anchors And Pivotsimproved organization and some new material.

- Introduction To Developmentsome changes

- Butterupdated – Butter is not a special food for development

- Food for Daily Usewe now suggest 12 or more of the preferred vegetables with every meal.  Also, we now recommend goat yogurt twice a week.  An excellent brand in the USA is Redhill Farm, plain.

- Silicon – article is updated – interesting mineral.




- Paul C. Eckthis is a short biography that can help one understand development science.

- The Controllers And Other Guide Creaturesmuch expanded.

- Vaginal Coffee Implantsadded a new protocol for trauma release, starting with much less coffee.

- Magnesiumupdated

- 7.Moralitycorrections and improvements

- Black Salve - updated

- Pivots and anchorsnew material has been added and corrections made.

- Autismimproved – linked to Anchor patterns.

- Criminal Patternsadded a paragraph about healing criminality.

- Dyslexianew information added

- Cliff Pattern – More specific criteria about these patterns.

- The AuraUpdated and simplified.

- The PlumesA new article about development.

- Introduction To Developmentadded information.

- The Seven Energy FieldsImportant article about development.

- Women Mastersa new article about women who develop themselves.

- The Wizard Of Oz: A Dream Interpretationsome improvements.

- Users Versus High Integrity People, and Relationships Versus Friendshipssome improvements.

- Raw Foods And Juicingupdated and improved.

- Principles Of The LawA very important new article explaining the basics of our legal system.  Everyone needs this information today.

- Lessons From The Judge Kavanaugh Situation – a short new article using this situation to explain some legal and other principles.

- Blue Cornupdated

- Dantienscorrections. 




- Arrogancea few corrections

- Serviceslight corrections

- Dogs – added a small section about which fats to feed dogs.

- Food For Daily Use, Slow Oxidizer Diet, and Fast Oxidizer Dietonly eat a little cooked garlic and ginger once or twice weekly.

- Witchcraftgeneral improvements

- MagicA lot of changes

- Public Bathroom Designnew, short article

- How To Solve Problemsnew article

- Coffee Enemasadded how to get the coffee into your brain, where its effects are wonderful.

- Color and Healthnew article about wearing light-colored clothing and having light colors around you.

- Food For Occasional Usea few improvements


JULY 2018


- The Procedures Handbooka new article that is a compilation of the development procedures.  It is still being written but is partly done and available.

- Morality And The 7 Systemnew article.  Very important.

- Cantronupdated purchasing information.

- Oxygena little new information.

- Homosexualityimproved

- Development And Seximproved

- The Energy Centerscleaned up

- Poles And Climberscleaned up

Pivots And Anchors new, interesting hair analysis patterns

- Raping To Liberate Yin Energyupdated

- Explosions And Surgesimproved

- Open Water - revised

Outer Space new introductory article

- GMO Foodsa new update in the beginning of the article.

- Get A Braincleaned up

- Rubidiuma few minor improvements

- Open Watera few details added

Shape Technology new, interesting article


JUNE 2018


Rocking Pattern – a little new material added.

- All Is Well Pattern – this was added to the Read Articles page and is a very good hair analysis retest pattern.

Elves – a lot of corrections were made.

Phosphorus – cleanup, new material and better organization.

Soul Science – corrections.

Merkabah – factual corrections

- Trauma Retracinga little new material

- Cliff Patternsarticle was redone

- Criminal Patternsupdated with the addition of another cliff pattern.

- Colloidal Silveradded a new reference

- Propolisupdated

- Down Healinga number of corrections

- Forgingimproved clarity

- Women-Sex Talkmuch improved.

- All About Marriageimproved.

- How Important Is Diet?new

- Rapeadded the ‘crushing’ effect, hatred of all men because a few rape.

- Clothingcleaned up a little

- Homeopathymore about the problems with homeopathy

- The Sexual Orderbetter explanation

- Food For Daily UseAdded an explanation of why we need blue corn chips, though we do not like chips, in general.

- Poisoningadded a short important section at the beginning of the article.

- What is Spirituality?new article

- Is Development Science Satanism or Devil Worship?improved



 Know Your Vegetables – new.

Sunglasses – new.

Workaholic Patternbetter criteria.

- Criminality PatternsCleaned up.

- Coffee Enemasavoid high-caffeine and green or light roast coffees.

- Veterinary Pagecleaned up.

Malnourished Patterns – new.

- Toxic Metalscorrected a small typo

- The Oral Coffee Holdcleaned up

- Anxiety And Panic Attackscleaned up

Turmeric – new

- Eyesnew diseases added

- Introduction To Developmentnew material

- Wellnessupdated

- Prenatal Vitamin Problemsnew

- Deep Muscle Therapy - new

- Calcium shellcleaned up

Hard Core – new

- Earsadded material

- Hair Analysis Conceptscleaned up

- Releasingreorganized

- The Sodium/Potassium Ratiocleaned up

- Women And Developmentcleaned up

The Sting or Fire Retracing – new

- Rubidiumnew material

- The Hill Patterncleaned up

- Sodiumbetter organized and a little new material

- Four Pains That Are Common During A Development Programnew material

- RetracingCleanup

- Four Lows PatternCleanup and small corrections

- Vitamin Dmostly a warning

- Food For Daily Useadded a warning against baking vegetables with olive oil.

- Fast Oxidizer Diet and Slow Oxidizer Dietadded a warning against baking vegetables in olive oil, which should not be heated.

- Autonomic Nervous System Healthcleaned up and clarified.

- Becoming God’s Servant To Overcome Brainwashingimproved.

Salt ruba little additional information.

The Vaginarecommended lower concentration of hydrogen peroxide for safety.

- Angels – the article was updated and corrected, and more warnings added about the unreliability of most angels.


© July 2020, LD Wilson Consultants, Inc.

Welcome. This blog is unusual. In 2012, a group formed that consists of millions of beings who live on and around planet earth. We were told that we could help the planet and would receive protection if we follow certain rules.

The group has observed that if we follow the rules, we remain fairly safe from a certain group of souls called the troph, the otros or the rogues who cause most problems on earth. In the Bible, they are called Satan. For more details, read the Rogues.

The rules we were told to follow are: the Ten Commandments given to Moses on Mount Sinai, the Golden Rule (behave toward others as you would have them behave toward you), and work together with others.

Also, all animals and plants are loved equally by the Creator, all are needed, and all are to be respected equally. This does not mean never eat meat or never kill a bug, for example. However, realize that all are equal in the eyes of the Creator. Some live as food creatures and eating their flesh in no way damages or harms their souls.

We are also to seek and speak the truth. This is not always easy. The only exceptions are rare situations when speaking truthfully endangers our lives or that of another.

Also, everyone must develop themselves - for safety and for purposes of becoming a leader. We are being told that the earth is a special planet that requires developed souls and developed bodies.

Development is a precise process that requires a particular diet, particular nutritional supplements, specific detoxification procedures and a healthful lifestyle. Following this program only, and no other health program, grows the size and brightness of the energy field of the body and builds excellent health and longevity of the body.

Other healing programs, medical, holistic and others, may alleviate diseases and reduce symptoms. However, they do not cause development to nearly the same degree. For this reason, we use them only very rarely. Otherwise, they are best avoided altogether. For details about development, read Introduction To Development. For Details about the nutrition program, read Introduction To Development Programs.

The rules above are together called the COVENANT. It is an agreement that applies to all the inhabitants of the earth. The COVENANT is not a religion. It is a set of rules. The more closely one follows them, the safer, more successful and happier one will be. For more details about the covenant, read the post dated 2/16/20.

Those in charge of this blog, we are told, are a group of advanced masters who have lived on earth a long time. They set up the major religions on earth to guide the people of earth. For the past million years, the earth has been in a dark age controlled by the rogues, as we call them. These masters are now able to make themselves known more directly through this website and blog. We will post more information about them as things become safer on earth.

The author does his best to relay information from them to the public through this website because, at this time, they are not in charge of the mass media or many websites. In fact, this site is one of very few that they control. We hope this will soon change, but we don’t know when that will be.

Disclaimer. All information on this blog is solely the opinion of the author and is not intended as diagnosis, prescription, treatment or cure for any health condition.


7/4/20. Today is the anniversary of the signing of the Declaration Of Independence which was the birth of the United States of America 244 years ago. Men such as George Mason, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and others - and their wives - studied every government in history and tried to take the best ideas from them all for the new nation. Among them were the following:

All power and sovereignty belongs to the Citizens, not to the government. This was and still is a very radical idea. Today in almost all nations, a king, queen, dictator, ruling party or government is sovereign (meaning ruling above all), not the people.

In America, however, the arrangement was to be that all power belongs to the Citizens. They then delegate a little of it to their government using a special contract called a constitution. The US national and state constitutions specifically state which powers and responsibilities are delegated to the government and which are retained by the Citizens.

Sadly, this beautiful arrangement has been terribly violated in the past 100 years in America. As a direct result, the nation’s health and prosperity has declined severely until today America is one of the most debt-ridden and unhealthy nations on earth. For example, many people don’t know that the United States ranks about 30th in the world in areas such as infant mortality, heart disease and cancer statistics, and other measures of health.

Self-government. Another radical idea of the American founders was that the Citizens would govern themselves. There would be no king, queen or other “strongman”. Indeed, there would be no royalty or privileged oligarchy at all.

This idea was working out fairly well, but has been totally abandoned in America since the coming of the very mild Chinese virus. Today in America the state governors rule without consulting anyone! They open and shut businesses, order everyone around, tell people to stay home, etc.

Declaring an emergency and then using it to suspend the government and replace it with a dictatorship is one of the oldest tricks in the dictator’s book! It has been done hundreds of times in the history of the earth.

Limited government. America was founded upon the idea that the power of the government, even self-government, must be severely limited. The founders knew that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

This beautiful principle has also been more or less completely ignored in the last 100 years in America. For example, the American national government is not allowed to be involved at all in health care, education, welfare, housing, transportation, communication, food safety, drug safety and many other areas of life. These are supposed to be handled by local governments and the free market. This is clearly spelled out in Article I, Section VIII of the US Constitution.

However, starting around 1900, bad Supreme Court decisions violated this principle. As a result, during the 20th century, the American government began to grow larger (and more corrupt) with every passing year as they took over more and more areas of life and gained more and more power. Today there is hardly any area of life that is not regulated by one of the 47 (illegal) government agencies such as the Federal Communications Commission, the Food And Drug Administration, etc.

Natural rights. This American founding idea states that basic human rights come from the Creator, not from any earthly source or government. These are rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. No government may take them away!

The pursuit of happiness means the ability to start and operate businesses freely. It also includes the right to basically live your life without government interference, providing you respect the rights and sovereignty of the other Citizens.

Sadly, today this idea has been largely abandoned. One rarely hears about natural rights. Attorneys and the corrupt media only discuss civil rights (those bestowed by the government) and constitutional rights (those bestowed by a constitution). For the founders of America, these were of minor importance compared to natural rights.

One positive leftover from this concept is that many in the world talk about “human rights”. This is really the same idea as natural rights. For example, communist nations regularly violate human rights by randomly killing, torturing, locking up and stealing the wealth of their citizens. So the idea of natural rights lives on, although it is vague and not codified in any law book.

One set of laws for everyone. Another new idea of the American founders was that everyone, with no exceptions, would be under one set of laws. Two hundred years ago Great Britain and most other nations had one set of laws for the royalty, another set of laws for the commoners (the common law) and another set of laws for the church (the cannon law).

America adopted the British common law for everyone! This is an important fact that is not recognized by most attorneys and courts in America today. The British common law was a proud tradition of legal cases dating back 400 years.

The British common law tradition is firmly based upon the Ten Commandments of Moses and other Biblical laws and principles. For example, abortion and homosexuality are specifically prohibited in the Hebrew Bible, and they were illegal under the common law of England. They should be illegal in America unless altered by a new law or statute, but that is not what occurred in America. Instead, judges made up new laws about abortion, which violates another principle discussed below – the separation of powers.

Voting. Another new idea in America was that the people would vote for their leaders. This is common today in many nations, but it was a new idea 244 years ago.

Sadly, it is not working out well because of voter fraud. This has now reached such a point in the United States that we do not believe there are any national or state elections that are uncorrupted.

Mail-in voting is particularly prone to cheating since these votes can easily be thrown away or more added to the pile. Mail-in voting also allows a horrible practice called vote harvesting.

At the present time, the Democratic Party in America is calling for mandatory mail-in voting for the whole nation. This political party does most of the cheating and they know that mail-in voting makes it easy.

Electronic voting machines are also a terrible idea! It is very simple to put a computer virus inside of them and completely corrupt them without anyone’s knowledge.

The purpose of the government is only to protect the people’s rights. This is another key idea of the founders of America. In other nations, the government is a “provider” of services and goods. For example, in Europe, the kings or queens owned most of the land and factories and doled out “benefits” to the people. The governments continue to do this in most nations.

In America, the purpose of the government was only to be to protect the natural rights of the Citizens. The Citizens were to handle owning the land, growing the food, building and operating the factories, educating the children, providing health care, welfare, retirement benefits, and everything else.

This idea has been seriously weakened in America. Today the American government illegally provides welfare, retirement benefits, funds colleges, sponsors medical research, and much more. In the past 30 years or so, socialist forces (the opposite situation) want the government to take over the entire health care system!

In fact, the national and state governments have already taken over about 60% of health care with illegal programs such as Medicare (for old people), Medicaid (for poor people), The Indian Health Service (for Native Americans) and the Veterans Health Administration (for war veterans). All of this is absolutely illegal under the national Constitution!!!

Separation of powers. The founders of America knew that any concentration of political power brings corruption. So they built in many checks and balances to limit even the limited powers given to the government at all levels.

One of the most important was to separate the government into three co-equal branches: a legislative branch to make the laws, an executive branch to carry out and enforce the laws, and a judicial branch to judge the constitutionality of the laws. This is based upon the book of Isaiah in the Bible, where it says that God sets up the laws, carries them out and judges the laws, as well.

The idea of separation of powers has without question sustained America. In the past 70 years, however, it is under serious attack. Today, judges often make laws. This common practice is called legislating from the bench. For example, judges invented a “right to abortion”. Meanwhile, the people’s representatives in the legislatures have become rather impotent.

We could go on. The above is a brief and incomplete summary of why America was and still is a very unique and extraordinary nation. Anyone who denies this or tries to minimize it by saying America is just a racist nation based upon slavery is a liar and a destroyer of human freedom worldwide. Such people are also very ignorant of history.

Very sadly, at this time, America appears to be completely infiltrated by the rogues who control the media, the education system, and the political leaders at all levels. The rogues and their agents are poised to end the American nation, and indeed to end Western civilization as we know it. They want to return our world to one of poverty and oppression.

We sincerely hope this blog post is not an epitaph for America, but it may be. People around the world must stand up for their freedom and do their best to resist the rogue takeover. We ask for help and guidance in this effort.


7/3/20. Here are some new or recent food recommendations for the development diet. Creamy goat cheese such as chevre is a substitute for goat yogurt. Some people cannot find goat yogurt.

Nutritional yeast is a recent recommendation for all adults and children over the age of about 3. We are finding it very helpful for development. Have one teaspoon daily for adults and less for children.

Organic beef or 100% grass fed is an excellent food. Although one can have any cut of beef, sirloin appears to be especially helpful for development. It can be eaten as a steak or ground into hamburger meat. Be sure to braise the meat, which means to cook it only very briefly so it is rare or raw on the inside.

Sardines. To avoid the most mercury when eating sardines, slice them from top to bottom and remove the spine. If you can, also remove the organs, which are a long slender piece of tissue near the head end of the sardine. At times, it has been removed already. Organ meats tend to accumulate toxic metals.


The “planned” protests are continuing in the United States, but there are fewer. One reason is that Mr. Trump sent in some national troops and is putting people in jail who deface or damage monuments. It is a few weeks too late, but better than doing nothing at all. Funny thing how enforcing the law stops lawless acts.

The Democratic Party governors and mayors are not enforcing the laws and the constitution they swore to protect. They need to be removed from office at once for this crime. Mr. Trump should have done this when the trouble started.


7/3/20. News reporting on the Chinese virus in the United States, at least, continues to be pure fear-mongering. Commentators talk about more cases that were discovered though testing, but not about more deaths because there are very few. More cases mean nothing because it is a virus that spreads easily, so most people or all people will eventually contract it.

Meanwhile, we have not heard one word about the critical importance of nutrition to prevent and heal the virus. The conservative talk radio shows are no better in this regard and a great disappointment to this writer.

Also, no news broadcast we have seen, read or heard mentions that forcing people to wear masks or ordering businesses to close is completely illegal and unconstitutional in America. One state governor, Christi Nome of South Dakota, stands alone in discussing the illegality of the shutdowns. Her state is doing much better than average without illegal shutdowns.

Also very rare in the news is any mention of the damage done by shutting down businesses. This includes great financial loss and many more suicides, drug addiction, alcohol addiction and other social problems. In other words, there is no balance in the reporting or in the government policies.

Children have about a 0% chance of getting the virus, but the schools remain illegally shut down in America. This means that many parents cannot go back to work even if the government “allows” it.

The worst cities in America are those with Democratic Party governors such as California, Michigan, Illinois and New York. These governors seem to revel in the idea of shutting everything and everyone down for as long as possible. Maybe they think it will help their chances of re-election, although we doubt it.

Some of these states are mandating that people wear masks, although a standard mask will not stop a virus because a virus easily passes through these masks. A valid analogy is to believe you can stop flies from coming in by putting up a chain link fence.

The author finds it sad that most people on the street cower in fear about an illness that can only be described as extremely mild. For example, our county has a population of 225,000. A total of 11 people have died from the Chinese virus. This is a death rate of about 0.005%! For this, the governor of our state recently again illegally shut down some businesses.

Meanwhile, the negative consequences of the shutdowns and social isolation are deadly. Here is a recent article detailing this:

This blog and website love the US Constitution and hope that it is copied in other nations. The fact that many Americans are willing to put up with stupid, deadly and unconstitutional and therefore illegal policies is a sad commentary on the American people.


7/3/20. Female genital mutilation, also called cutting, is the removal of part or all of the external genitalia (clitoris) of a woman or girl. It is a common practice in the Arab nations of the Middle East and in parts of Africa and Asia. It affects at least 200 million women and it ruins their societies.

Everyone needs to understand this horrendous practice because the media, owned by the Rogues, rarely even mentions it. It needs to stop! It is a feature of the Islamic religion and one reason this religion must go. Other problems with Islam are that Rape is legal and murder is legal.

Female genital mutilation, rape and Vaccination are among the worst problems on the planet. To evaluate world leaders, watch what they do about these problems. For more details, read Female Genital Mutilation.


7/2/20. One of the shortest articles on this website presents, in the simplest terms, how to develop yourself. The article does not describe what development is, although that could be added.

The article is How To Love Using The 7 System. Please look at it and study it.


7/2/20. The same article referenced above – How To Love Using the 7 System - also teaches the 7 system. This is one of the most important teachings on the website.

The seven system is the best way to organize all knowledge and all activities. It is based upon the organization of every living creature, so it is nature’s own organization system – very natural and organic! It is basic physics.

You will find the 7 system a joy to use. It will improve everything you do - from planning your day and helping your friends and family, to designing and building websites and performing all other tasks. The days of the week are based upon it, as are the months of the year and much, much more.


7/2/20. You might answer the above post by saying that our months are not based on a 7 system. That is true – the calendar has been quite altered!

The most common calendar in the world today is the Gregorian calendar. It was presented by Pope Gregory the 13th in October, 1582. It sets a year (which is one rotation around the sun) at 365.2425 days. This is fairly close to the current orbit of the earth, which is 365.2422 days. (I am told that the rogues messed up the orbit of the earth and it is not correct.) If you do the math, the Gregorian calendar is off by 11 seconds every year.

The Gregorian calendar was an improvement over the older Julian calendar. That one was set up by the Roman Emperor Julius Caesar in 46 BC. His calendar was off by 11 minutes every year! This slowly wrecked the timing of all the Catholic holidays, so they had to fix it in 1581.

Some people know that the Hebrew calendar has 14 months, not twelve. That is because it is much older and has been ruined less than more modern calendars. It has problems, too, however, because the length of the earth’s orbit has been altered. Otherwise, it would be the best one.

This might all sound stupid to talk about, but in reality the 7 system should permeate all of our life, including our daily, weekly and monthly activities. Some day I hope the calendar will be fixed.

Some day, even the computer operating systems will be based upon it and they will be much more intuitive and simple to use.

We didn’t make up the 7 system. Someone a lot smarter - who designed all the bodies in creation - figured it out. Some day it will be taught to every young child. That is how basic and essential it is to your thinking.


7/1/20. There is much activity of the fine matter creatures of earth. We are still bringing back to the earth many ‘refugees’ who were imprisoned in space.

Some of the fine matter beings believe that space is now brighter and that they can see further. We view this as a positive change.

Large beings. We are also rehabilitating two large beings in space. One was mentioned early in this blog and calls herself Yaway. We thought she was killed. However, this was not true and she says she cannot be killed because she is integral to the structure of space in some way.

The other is a large male being who is similar to the female in size and type. In earlier blogs, we called them angels, but at this time we do not think they are beings of this type.


6/29/20. Today’s message is the critical importance of gratitude. Gratitude is NOT just a feeling. It is a process of mental conversion!

FIRST - The decision. Gratitude begins with a decision. You must become thankful for what you have and what you are. This is a mental attitude and a choice. It is the first step in the conversion of your mind to one of gratitude, rather than selfishness, depression, guilt, fear, horror or anger.

NEXT STEP – the list. Next, you must make a list called the grateful list. Make it long and keep adding to it. Every day think of more and more things for which to be grateful. Please do this. It is required and there will be inspections!

You will be surprised when you do this. There is much for which to give thanks. This is true even if you believe you are ill, deprived, lonely, poor, alienated and living in the inferno!

THE FINAL STEP – living a life filled with grace. When you make the list and follow all instructions, you will soon be so overwhelmed with thanks and appreciation for what you have that you will want to help others. This is an important step – to spread the message of gratitude. It is to be as Christ was on earth.

If you don’t come to this view of just wanting to be of service, then you have not followed the gratitude instructions properly. Work harder at it! It is worth it for your own safety, and for a planet that needs it badly.

The planet needs much healthier, more honest, more loving, happier, more competent, and more generous people. This is our message for today. For details, read Gratitude.


6/29/20. This post is related to the one above. We were positively influenced by a set of recordings sold by the Shanti Christo Foundation. They are not perfect, but we highly recommend them. They made such an impression that we wrote a short book, The Real Self, summarizing the material they contain.

On one of the recordings, someone asks Jeshua a question. (Jeshua is the wrong spelling of the name in Aramaic of the one known as Jesus. The name should begin with Y.) The questioner asks why does he bother with humanity and with this sick planet. His answer is excellent. He says:

What has come to motivate me must come to motivate you. I work continuously because I am grateful for the grace that has changed my mind. This is the message for today and forever.


6/28/20. We are bringing in many more refugees to the earth who were imprisoned in outer space. Also, the seven physical energy centers of the earth are functioning somewhat better. Both of these activities are critical to clean up the earth and give us hope that things will improve here.


6/28/20. There are still problems with the website that the hosting company seems unable to resolve. We will move the website to a different host next week to hopefully solve the problem. The site does work unsecured, as explained in the post on 6/26/20. Type


6/28/20. Yesterday we posted about the danger of some supermarket food in the Southwest USA and perhaps elsewhere. Today we visited a farmers market and were able to find broccolini and cauliflower that are safe to eat. So this is a way around the problem of possibly contaminated food.


6/27/20. A new breakthrough on earth today is the discovery of some unusual implants that are inside most people’s heads. These emit electromagnetic frequencies that are harmful, and cause a person to feel weaker.

A group of fine matter creatures are starting to remove these implants from people. Developing yourself helps the creatures to see them, so stay with the program. Removing the implants is improving health. For more information about implants, read Implants.


6/27/20. At least in our area (Southwest USA), lamb, cauliflower and broccolini seem to be contaminated and we are not eating them. The other preferred vegetables and organic meats seem to be fine.

If you can find a farmer’s market that has good quality vegetables and meats, this is probably the best food available. Commercial organic food, we find, is often not as nutritious or clean. Better food means faster development. For details, read Organic Food.


6/26/20. This website has been hacked. We are working on solutions. If the website does not work right, try opening it as an unsecured site. This means do not use https at the beginning of the URL. Instead, try typing or click on This might work.


6/26/20. We are told that some things are improving on earth, although you would not know it by listening or watching the news. More good souls are being returned to the earth, and are going all over the planet to help with problems.

More cleanup is also occurring, we are told, though there is much to be done and it will take years to restore the earth to its full potential. Things will be a bit scary for a while, but we are told that the power of the rogues is lessening.


6/25/20. Today’s posts are all about lies. We will begin with the planned and lying “race” riots going on particularly in the United States and elsewhere around the world. They are not about race!

These riots are being organized by communist insurgents and terrorists. Earlier posts have discussed this fact about groups such as Antifa and Black Lives Matter. These are violent communist terrorist groups, somewhat similar to ISIS, that need to be stopped.

In truth, the United States is not a racist nation built upon slavery. It is one of the most tolerant nations in the world that fought a bloody war to end the slavery system that the nation inherited from the British.

The communist insurgents and terrorists who vandalize and loot should be imprisoned for a long time for the crime of treason – seeking to overthrow the legitimate government of a nation. However, the political leaders have not done this, so they are guilty of violating their oath of office and are accomplices in treason.


6/25/20. In truth, the Chinese or Wuhan virus is mild. 98% of the people recover, and most never have any symptoms at all. The virus spreads easily, so most people have it or will contract it.

The current tests for it give some false positives, so this falsely inflates the numbers of positive tests. In addition, in America, at least, the hospitals report people who die WITH the virus as having died FROM the virus. This lie also inflates the death toll from the virus and probably doubles the numbers.

Then the political leaders of America lie to the people that they have the legal authority to shut down the economy and force people to wear masks. In summary, the hysteria is a big lie designed to scare people and ruin the economies of the nations.


6/25/20. Sadly, lies have permeated even all the major religions of the world. Here is a recent example involving the catholic church, but this message applies to all the religions.

Two days ago, a catholic chaplain at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, lost his job for telling the truth about George Floyd. Mr Floyd is the man who died during a police encounter in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. This is blamed for starting the current riots around the world.

The chaplain spoke the truth that George Floyd had committed many crimes, including armed robbery. Also, he was high on drugs at the time of his death. Telling the truth caused some students to complain about the chaplain.

The Catholic archdiocese and archbishop of Boston, which hires and fires chaplains, then bowed to pressure and removed the chaplain from his job. In other words, the Catholic church did not stand behind the chaplain who followed the Biblical Commandment to tell the truth. Instead, the catholic hierarchy followed the lie.


6/25/20. We know this is offensive to some people, but Jesus did not set up the catholic church. The catholic branch of Christianity was set up by the Roman Emperor Constantine in 325 AD at the Council of Nicea (see Wikipedia for details) or read Saint Nickolaos And The Legend Of Santa Claus. (Nickolaos attended the Council Of Nicea.)

Emperor Constantine also decided which writings would form the gospels or New Testament of the Bible, and which writings would be left out.

The Roman catholic church incorporated the story and ideas of Jesus, mixed with some Roman and pagan religious ideas. The catholic church has done much good. However, it is important to set the record straight.


6/25/20. On a related subject, a huge lie is that George Floyd was “killed by the police”. In truth, that possibility can only be determined by a jury during a trial, and such a trial has not yet taken place. All we really know at this time is that a man died during a police encounter.

The media should all be forced to print and speak a retraction of the statement that “the police killed George Floyd”, which they repeat almost daily. Otherwise, they should be shut down for fraud. Freedom of the press is not the freedom to lie (called fraud in the law).

The American president and all presidents before him have not done their job as chief executive officers of the law to hold the media accountable to the truth. As a result, they are all guilty of violating their oath of office, and possibly guilty of treason - so they need to be removed from office.


6/25/20. Your blog author’s belief is that the group we call the Rogues are behind much of the current chaos and lying on earth. We believe the rogues lie because human beings on earth lie. The rogues are a sort of balancing force in the universe.

What occurs is that when one lies, one usually projects the lie outside of oneself so that one will still feel like a “good” person. The group we call the rogues picks up the projections of the people and acts them out. In some mysterious way, this is needed and balances the universe.

The same occurs with rape. Both men and women sometimes think thoughts of rape. Then they project these illegal thoughts so that they will feel good about themselves. The group we call the rogues picks up these thoughts and acts them out.

The moral of the story is if you don’t like what is going on in the world, then stop lying in your own life.


6/25/20. This occurs rarely, but it is okay to lie when you or someone else’s life is put in danger by telling the truth. There is a higher integrity about preserving life. For more details, read Lying.


6/24/20. Yesterday we switched this website to a Windows server, as part of fixing problems on the site. However, I apologize for not announcing it in advance because there were problems and the site was down yesterday. I believe the problems are fixed now.


6/24/20. Today we learned about an unusual fine matter parasitic infection that the rogues have spread all over the earth. It can cause some people to gain weight, among other effects. We are learning how to overcome this problem and this should assist the healing of the earth. Future posts will discuss more details.


6/22/20. As we posted earlier, Black Lives Matter (BLM) is a communist front organization that is using African Americans to further the cause of world communism or Marxism. Here is a video clip by a co-founder of that group admitting she is a trained Marxist:

Communism remains the main threat to Western civilization throughout the world. BLM should be declared a terrorist organization at once! The president of the United States should then order their complete destruction at once. However, so far he is doing nothing. He also is not arresting the violent protestors.

This makes him an accomplice in what is a communist revolution in America. That is why we call for a different Republican presidential candidate.

Tearing down statues of George Washington and others is just the beginning of the communist revolutionary activity. After that, they will come for you, as well. They look like rabble, but that is a lie. The radicals are extremely sophisticated and well-organized. We are sorry if this is scary, but truth has power and we feel we must discuss it.


6/22/20. Today there was an earlier post about the planet leaving a retrograde orbital position. We now believe that is not necessarily true, so I removed the post. I only remove posts if they are very recent and we get new information. Getting true information is often not easy.

What we notice today is that space, in general, is somewhat brighter and our forces can see more rogue bases to remove them. Our forces can also see more of the “bubbles” or prisons in space that contain human refugees, souls, and creatures. These are being brought back to the earth. Some of them also contain beings that belong on other planets in our solar system.


6/21/20. The word measly means not too important. The health authorities are once again scaring people about the Chinese virus. The testing shows more cases, they say. However, they often do not tell you that over 90% of the people had and have absolutely no symptoms!

In our city, the news announced yesterday that there were only three cases in the local hospital. So far, no one following the development program has tested positive.

In truth, the virus is mild unless you are very ill, and it spreads easily. So, of course, many people will test positive for it, but the great majority are not ill at all. Some people also test positive because the test is not very accurate. Some of the positive results are simply errors.


6/21/20. Today the forces cleaning up the earth found what are called the earth masters. These are highly developed men and women who are essential for the planet’s rehabilitation. They were imprisoned near the earth and have been freed. They will now be able to assist with the cleanup of the earth. We believe this will be a great help.


6/20/20. The guides tell us that while the television news may not sound good, it could be much worse. We discovered more weapons in space that were going to be used against the people of earth - and this plan has been stopped. The rogues also wanted the economic shutdowns to continue for at least a year, which has not occurred.

Also, everyone needs to know that as you develop, your prayers automatically have more influence in the world. So if you are upset with current events, keep praying, continue the development program, and follow it more closely to have the most impact on the world.


6/18/20. The number of human refugees who have arrived on earth from space has reached at least 50,000. Most are living in tents in various locations within the United States. This nation has been the most receptive to allowing them to settle here.

We are working on their legal immigration status, and this will take a few years. In the meantime, they are being allowed to remain. They cannot vote or receive any government assistance. A few are in other nations, where they have blended into the local population. For the most part, they are light-skinned people who look like Europeans or Americans.


6/16/20. Regular beef in the supermarket is full of bacteria and possibly parasites such as beef tapeworm. As a result, it must be cooked thoroughly. Even then, you can become infected with parasites from it. Please do not eat it! The worst meat is at the fast food restaurants and some other low-price chain restaurants. It is disgusting and should be banned.

To cook beef properly, you must start out with high quality beef. In the markets of America and Europe, it must say “grass fed” or “organic”. Or it must come from a farm that you trust. The labels are not a complete guarantee, but they are usually okay. (Grass fed, at least in America, really means 75% grass fed, not 100%. This is a typical government lie.)

Smaller ranchers cannot afford the fees required for government certification, so they are not allowed to call their meat grass fed or organic, even though it is often better than the best so-called “organic” meat in the markets. This is just a ploy to drive the best food producers out of business.

Good quality beef has many fewer bacteria in it and is usually free of parasites. This is one of its secrets!

Braising. The correct way to cook high quality beef is braising. The simplest method is just to put a little water in the bottom of a pot – perhaps half an inch or 1 centimeter of water. Bring the water to a boil. Then place the meat in the water. Cook it for about 10 seconds. Then then turn it over and cook it on the other side for another 10 seconds or so. Now it is ready to eat.

The meat may look raw in the middle. To avoid this, slice the beef into thin slices and then it will cook through. If it is red in the middle, it is okay, however. If it is high quality meat, you will not get sick from it.

Do not eat raw beef, also called steak tartare. It is not healthy. Braise your beef and eat it this way. It is much safer than raw meat and better than overcooked meat.

Small vegetable farmers have the same problem as small ranchers. They cannot afford the fees for organic certification, even though their vegetables are often better quality than the so-called “organic” vegetables in the supermarket. This is just a ploy to drive the small farmers out of business.


6/15/20. A rather humorous fact about modern genetic science is that doctors officially call about 98% of our genetic material “junk”. This very derogatory word really means that the scientists do not know for what purpose almost all of our genes exist.

Modern medicine has many spooky-sounding words like this. Common examples are “essential” hypertension, “idiopathic” thrombocytopenic purpura, and “intrinsic” asthma. I hope they impress you.

Stated differently, ALL of genetic knowledge today involves only about 2% of our genetic material.

We are told that the other 98% our our genetic material has to do with development. This is the science that we teach on this website. Scientists do not understand it because they do not study developed people. Therefore, they dismiss most of our DNA as “junk”. But it is not junk. It is very important. For details read Introduction To Development and Introduction To The Development Program.


6/14/20. The communist takeover of seven city blocks in the city of Seattle continues with no action by the president or any other government authority to restore order. We believe the involved government authorities are, in fact, enemy agents or they would not behave this way.

We now believe that Mr. Trump, and perhaps other leaders, have been replaced with look-alike rogue infiltrators. This is not as difficult as you might imagine.

We call upon the military of the United States to stop the illegal riots, arrest everyone involved, and arrest all government leaders who have gone along with the uprising. This includes the governor of the state of Washington, the mayor of Seattle, the Seattle city council, and the president of the United States.

We believe they also need to arrest and prosecute all senators and congressman at the state and national levels, as well as other leaders, who have not called for an immediate end to the takeover. We ask this in God’s name.


6/14/20. One of our Helpers called yesterday. After being on the development program for several years, he had supper at a McDonalds restaurant two days ago. A few hours later he became violently ill with diarrhea and vomiting. He panicked and went to a hospital emergency room.

The good doctors ran tests, but could not figure out what was wrong. (This is truly sad, but the doctors are used to seeing the sick and dying people who live on this kind of food.) The doctors sent him home with some drugs in case it happened again. Two other clients have reported the exact same story. I am glad he called because we are investigating poisons in fast food.

Stay away from fast food. It is not fit to eat! And always use your tools if you don’t feel well – coffee enemas, foot reflexology, twisting the spine, deep breathing and more.


6/14/20. There are strange rumors floating around that this website is going down. No – what occurred is we moved the site and the new server was the wrong type, so it does not work perfectly. However, that will soon change. Before moving it, I am updating a number of older articles, and finding many that were not even listed, so the website will be better than ever.


6/12/20. As many readers know, this website supported the election of Mr. Trump in 2016. We also praised many of his policies. However, one of the main jobs of the president of the United States is to defend the nation against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Mr. Trump is not doing this. He has allowed a small band of communist insurgents to completely take over part of the city of Seattle, Washington. He has also allowed illegal rioting and looting in other cities.

One may answer that the problem is with local mayors and state governors. We do not agree. The president of the nation also has the authority and responsibility to defend the nation - and he has done nothing! He has threatened to act, but so far it is just empty words.

We point this out because the conservative talk show hosts and conservative organizations seem completely unwilling to criticize the president. They also failed to criticize him for allowing the recent illegal economic shutdowns and illegal stay-at-home orders.

We believe these so-called “conservatives” are covertly attempting to get the president re-elected. In reality, the president should be tried for treason, along with the local mayors and governors who are allowing the illegal street riots. The Republican political party in America can find a better presidential candidate!


6/12/20. Coffee enemas are one of the most amazing healing and development procedures. Their many benefits are discussed at Coffee Enemas.

To get the most out of coffee enemas, while you do them, also at least do deep breathing and the neck pull. Here is the procedure:

Deep breathing. Inhale in three steps. First inhale into your abdomen while you count to 3 or 4. You are doing it correctly when the area of your belly button rises up from the bed or floor where you are.

With your belly button area expanded, continue the inhale by counting to 3 or 4 while expanding your ribs to the right and to the left. You are doing it correctly when your chest widens a little.

With your belly button area risen and chest widened, continue the inhale by breathing into your upper chest while you count to 3 or 4. You are doing it correctly when your upper chest moves upward a little, away from the floor or mat. This is often the most challenging part of the breath.

The neck pull. While holding the full breath, extend your neck. This requires that you do not use a pillow under your head. Keep your head straight on your shoulders and look straight upward. Try to make your neck longer and have it touch the floor or mat you are resting on.

Then, still holding the breath and with your neck extended, suddenly move your shoulders and hands away from your head, toward your feet. With a little practice, this will cause a slight “pop” in your neck and perhaps in your upper back.

This is not harmful, and moves a lot of subtle energy downward from the head to the feet. It is a powerful way to do the pulling down exercise, which is essential for development.

To help with the neck pull, imagine you are wearing a tight pair of boots that you want to remove. Imagine two friends are at the foot of your mat or bed, facing you. Each friend is trying to pull off one boot. As you move your hands and shoulders away from your head, they both pull on your boots at the same time.

There is more you can do while doing a coffee enema such as the spinal twist, foot reflexology and shining a red heat lamp on your abdomen. This is how to develop the fastest and use the time most efficiently.


6/12/20. This is the title of an article on this website. We believe it is an important article for handling the events occurring on earth at this time. For details, read Saving The Righteous.


6/11/20. Cleanup of the earth is continuing, but there is still a lot of rogue activity. Our forces just discovered one way the rogues are controlling our politicians and others. They put very small implants all around the seventh energy center, which is at the crown of the head. The seventh energy center connects a person with proper guidance. Without it, the person is rather easy to influence.

The large orbit. Also, we think we discovered the proper orbit of our solar system around a large central star. It is a very large orbit that takes thousands of years for one rotation. This orbit has been adjusted and the change is helping the safety of the earth.

The large orbit is NOT THE SAME as the orbit of the earth around the sun, which cannot vary or the climate would be a mess.

Minerals. We also discovered piles of minerals in space that belong on earth. Our forces are bringing the minerals back to the earth and spreading the minerals on the ground.

These minerals are essential to produce healthy food. If the earth had these minerals, we would not need to eat so many cooked vegetables. We believe the minerals and trillions of souls were removed from the earth thousands of years ago in an effort to weaken the planet and her people.

The other planets. We also now believe that earth is in the best condition of all the planets in our solar system. We also believe that some of the souls and human beings on earth are actually from some of the other planets in our solar system and need to be returned there. They came to the earth thousands of years ago when their planets were damaged.

Rehabilitation of the other planets is starting and we expect some souls and humans will leave the earth in special spacecraft and go home. As a result, the population of the earth may diminish somewhat.


6/11/20. Excellent websites are Blue Lives Matter in was formed in 2014 in response to the formation of Black Lives Matter – an evil group. Black Lives Matter is communist. We think they are not about race. Just read their website. It talks about “comrades” and “liberation”. These are code words for communist organizations.

We strongly suggest that everyone call their local police departments and tell them you support the police. This is important because we need good police officers and some are quitting because of the completely unfounded attacks upon them. presents data to help people get over irrational fear of the Chinese virus.

An interesting website that says some of the same things we say, but in different terms, is


6/10/20. Is the whole world systemically racist? We say no. The world is not perfect, but there is more racial tolerance in the world than ever before.

Then why all the fuss and the lies? Because it is a way to divide the people of earth. This makes the people and the nations much easier to control.

And why attack the police, who overall do an excellent, excellent job. Because that breaks down law and order and makes the people easier to control.

The media does not tell you that in America, for example, most African-American people are killed by other African-American people. That is the truth. The police shoot relatively few.

However, as a race, African-Americans commit more crime than other races. The most likely reason for this is because many more of them are born into single-parent homes. Anyone who reads enough knows that single parent homes breed more criminals.

Statistics: The latest statistics of children born into single parent homes are: African-American - 65%, Native American – 54%, Hispanic – 41%, White – 24% and Asian/Pacific - 15%. Source:,871,870,573,869,36,868,867,133,38/10,11,9,12,1,185,13/432,431


6/9/20. We recommend having variety in your proteins and vegetables. The same is true of fats. Fats and oils that are daily foods for development are chicken, organic beef and lamb fat, and the oil inside sardines (Also, a little of the oil in which sardines are packed is okay. However, it not the best quality oil and it is cooked olive oil, which is not very healthful. So don’t have a lot of this oil.)

Other daily fats and oils are 8 ounces of goat milk yogurt weekly or some goat milk cheese if you cannot find goat yogurt, a little olive oil but don’t heat it, almond butter (2 tablespoons daily), and roasted sesame tahini (2 tablespoons daily) OR hummus (4 tablespoons daily).

Among fats and oils that are for occasional use only are a little of the other vegetable oils and a little of other nut butters. A good one if you can find it is pumpkin seed butter.


6/9/20. In the past, we recommended using Grandpa’s Pine Tar Soap. About a year ago, we discovered it had been weakened and we stopped recommending it. Recently, we checked and it is better. So we can recommend it once again. It has disinfectant qualities that are very helpful.


6/8/20. Hundreds of prisons that were in space have been brought back to earth. This has added trillions of fine matter creatures, plants, souls and about 15,000 human beings to the planet. Vital water and minerals have also been returned to the planet.

This is very exciting because the minerals are much needed for our food. They were deliberately stolen from the planet to wreck the food. Also, the returning souls are generally quite advanced and mature. This will help stop the rogue attacks on the planet. Among these are the mild Chinese virus scare and the “well-planned” demonstrations and riots that really have nothing to do with race. That is just the excuse they use to frighten people and destroy property.


6/8/20. Earth forces continue to destroy the underground agartha network of “spiritual” cities, which are not really spiritual at all. They contain equipment that is extremely harmful for the planet.

This is a slow process and the rogues are trying to stop it as best they can. We are saving some items from the cities to use with the human refugees from space (see above) such as clothing, kitchen items, etc.


The rogues are able to tether our sun to large ships and bases in order to slow down the orbit of the earth around her central sun. This is quite harmful for the planet. Earth forces are breaking these ties when we find them, which helps restore the planet’s proper orbit around the central sun. For details about this important orbit, read the post on 5/23/20.


The environmental cleanup of the earth is also moving forward. You may not notice it yet, but the plan is to reduce the mercury and toxic metal content of the fish of the earth. They will become safer to eat. Millions of people depend upon this source of protein.

Farmers and ranchers are also learning how to stop using agricultural chemicals and pharmaceutical drugs in order to clean up all farming and animal husbandry on earth. The new normal on earth will be ‘organically grown’ - not dirty face masks some states and nations are requiring.

(We believe the mask requirement is completely illegal in the United States. In this nation and probably others, people have a constitutional right to assemble, to worship freely and to speak freely, among other rights. The state and national constitutions say nothing about the need to wear a face mask to engage in these activities.)


A travesty of justice is occurring in the United States in regard to the incident in which a policeman allegedly killed a black man, which supposedly set off worldwide race riots. The constitutional way to handle the incident is that the policeman goes on trial for a possible crime. Then a jury of his peers would listen to all the evidence, figures out what really occurred, and decides the punishment.

Instead of doing it correctly, the newer unconstitutional procedure in the USA and in some other nations is to force the prosecuting attorney to list the charges BEFORE the trial. Of course, the prosecutor cannot do this correctly because he or she does not have all of the evidence! The evidence only comes out during the trial itself!!!

By mixing things up this way, the Rogues have wrecked the American justice system! The rogues love the mixup because if the charges are found to be incorrect, which often occurs, the criminals go free - and the criminals are usually rogue agents. This horrible injustice needs to be corrected at once!


6/7/20. A very important project for planet earth is stop the use of toxic agricultural chemicals. These are polluting every continent and all water supplies on the planet. They even include massive amounts of antibiotics fed to our farm animals.

To do this, we need to vastly improve the health and fertility of the soils of the earth. To achieve this, we are told that the same principles of development programs can be used to heal the soils of the entire earth. We don’t have experience with the method. However, we welcome feedback about it. Details are at: Regeneration Of The Soil With The Development Method.


6/7/20. To stay safe, continue your development program and do it well. It changes your energy in subtle ways and is definitely protective.

Also, to clarify previous posts, we would never advocate or condone police violence against peaceful protestors. However, when protests turn violent, the police need to step in and stop it.


6/4/20. This post sounds negative, but I am told not to worry about the uprisings in the streets of America and other nations. However, know that they are not spontaneous protests. They are well-organized terrorist attacks. Their intent is not justice, as they claim, but instead to scare people and damage the Western nations. They would like us to get rid of our freedoms in order to combat the “riot threat”, just like they want us to abandon our freedoms to combat the phony “disease threat”.

Our information is that they are organized by a very small group based in Europe and they are rogues – meaning not from this planet. They move from city to city and they depend upon corrupt mayors, governors and judges to get their protesters out of jail quickly so they can riot some more.

Also, most of the mass media is corrupt and are exaggerating the numbers of protesters. There are not that many rioters.

Project Veritas in America infiltrates groups like this and has infiltrated Antifa, as well. In an interview today, the founder of Project Veritas said that Antifa is extremely well-funded and completely sophisticated. For example, they have the most advanced electronic means to avoid detection and infiltration.

This week, the American president declared them to be a terrorist organization. However, so far the American and other governments have not gone after them to utterly destroy them. This is a major failure and goes right to the top of most Western governments.

If you know more about these terrorist groups, pass it on to Project Veritas. And remember, if you can, do not to worry about this because this sort of thing is being cleared from planet earth at this time.


6/3/20. We have had one or two complaints that the topic of this post scares people away from the wonderful development program. Some also say that this post is reckless and will lead to more killing of innocent people.

We answer that we believe the truth is most important, and this post is the truth. We also believe the Biblical saying, “Know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” We also need to help our police who are at a disadvantage if they do not understand these creatures.

The rogues have brought to the earth human-angel hybrid creatures that they call satans or sats, for short. They appear perfectly human and speak many languages, but they are twice as strong as human beings and very difficult to kill. They are also completely psychopathic. They kill, rape, beat, lie, cheat and steal. The rogues have put them in our governments, companies, schools and other important jobs to disrupt and control our world.

Some sats are being used in the current riots. To help the police (NOT JUST ANYONE), here are tips about how to subdue and kill them. First, tie up their feet or they run away. Then, tie their hands. They all carry about 50 weapons or more and they are good shots. Their weapons are small, but powerful laser weapons. They often even keep one in their mouths, so be careful to check there and tie them well.

They can break out of some handcuffs and you must tie them with wire or chain because they may break out of rope unless it is very heavy.

To kill them, one needs a 50 caliber or larger bullet, shot at close range, aimed at the pituitary gland. Shoot through one ear. Another method is to beat the head with a club or bat enough to crack the skull. Shooting the heart does not work because their organs can be in unusual positions. Another method that seems horrible but works is to spray them with gasoline, especially in the mouth, and light it.

We apologize for this post. However, it is necessary at this time and we will take it down when it is no longer needed. The sats are being cleared from the earth and most are already gone, so do not worry about them.


6/3/20. I recently read a column by Mr. Dennis Prager in which he called the American government response to the Chinese virus “a police state”. We agree with this. It means dictatorial rule. However, he was careful to add that it is not a totalitarian state because the Citizens still have some rights and freedoms.

However, we think this is not correct. We believe we are living in a new type of totalitarian state. Let us explain:

The old style totalitarianism that Mr. Prager is talking about. These were places such as Nazi Germany (1933 to 1945) and the USSR or Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (1917 to 1989). In these nations, every third or fourth person walking the street was a secret police agent.

These agents followed and watched every citizen. They knew where each person went, whom they met, what they said, what they bought in the stores, and more. If the government decided they did not like your views or something else, you would be found dead, you would experience a fatal car accident, or people just disappeared.

Today, life seems better. However, some of this is illusory. Today there is no need for all those secret police agents. Instead, your computer watches and listens to you all day, your cell phone listens to you all day, your newer car listens in and probably watches you when you drive, and your “smart” new appliances – refrigerators, stoves and washing machines, for example – watch and listen to you.

They do more than that. They can influence your thoughts. This is NOT such difficult technology. They can tell you what to buy, where to go, what to think, who to vote for, and even who to have sex with and whom to marry. It is true – it is the science of Psychotronics.

Furthermore, if you don’t go along with the government agendas, the same devices can easily give you a headache. (This author experiences this often). If they really don’t like you, the same devices can promote a heart attack, a stroke or give you cancer. This is a major reason I stick closely to our healing program!

Implants. Actually, things are much worse than this. We know that everyone has electronic devices implanted in their brain and elsewhere. Some are put in in the hospitals at birth, and the flu shots and vaccines may contain them, as well. Other methods can also be used to place implants, such as rapes.

The implants listen to your thoughts and words, can observe you and send you messages all day long. They can also inflict pain or give you tingles of pleasure if you do what you are subliminally told.

The rectangular antennas. In our town, unusual-looking rectangular antennas have sprouted all over the city. We are told that these are psychotronic transmitters that connect directly to the brain. (You will not be told the truth if you ask about them.) They don’t require that you have a cell phone, computer or other device or appliance that is rigged for spying and mental influencing. This is modern witchcraft and ...this is the new totalitarianism. It is the book, 1984, on Steroids!

What to do about it. The first thing is to know about it. Then we can get to work changing the laws and getting rid of the rogues who are behind it all. Also, we do not suggest using a cell phone and we suggest following a development program because these lifestyle changes make you much harder to control.


6/3/20. Today, we realized that many of the problems of the earth are due to the existence of about 70+ underground cities. These, we were told, are “spiritual” centers that have been there for thousands of years. We were told to leave them alone and that they are not rogue creations.

A horror. The opposite is true! Quite by accident, we realized that the cities are terrible rogue creations that are crippling the earth. So we have begun removing them.

This is huge job. They are enormous metal spheres inside large mountains or just below the surface of the earth. Large hollow tubes connect them, through which air-powered vehicles can pass to move people and goods between the cities.

The tube system is similar to the way drive-in banks move paperwork from your car to the inside of the bank. The bank teller instructs you to put your checks or cash in a small plastic canister. You then place the canister in a holder. Then you push a button that sends a jet of air that moves the canister along a plastic tube that runs to the inside of the bank. They return your receipt by the same method.

Books. A number of books and articles discuss these cities as being beautiful structures where spiritual people live in luxury and peace. We found out this is a lie. Here is an example of a post about the cities:


6/2/20. Earth has about 10,000 new refugees who were imprisoned in space. They have an interesting story that we will detail in the future. They are malnourished and not healthy, but getting better quickly.

They are looking for jobs as farm helpers and they know farming. Some speak a version of Spanish. We are looking for land for them and will buy it when we find it. If you know of any decent land for sale, or other opportunities for them, send us an email to Contact Us.


6/1/20. We recently learned that several thousand years ago the rogues slowed down the orbit of the earth around her central sun. This has caused many problems on earth.

In the past few weeks, the orbit has been corrected by large fine matter beings. This will help stabilize the climate on earth. Also, some people notice they feel better. We have also seen better results on some hair mineral tests.

For details about the earth’s orbit around our central sun, read the post on 5/23/20.

More beings. The number of total inhabitants of the earth – fine matter beings and coarse matter beings combined - has grown much larger since our last update. The reason is that we found literally trillions of souls and other beings who were imprisoned in space around the earth.

These have been freed and brought back to the earth. This is very helpful for the planet because most of the imprisoned souls are more mature ones. To understand fine matter beings, read the posts: FINE AND COARSE MATTER and MORE ON FINE MATTER BEINGS. Much more detail is in the article, Bodies In Space.


6/1/20. In an earlier post, we discussed the five major cleanup projects on earth. These are:

1) Cleaning up all the toxic metals and toxic chemicals on the planet, especially in the oceans.

2) Restoring the fertility of the earth’s soils.

3) Stopping rape all over the earth.

4) Getting rid of the Chinese 5G cell phone and weapons system.

5) Changing the world’s health care systems. The current system is mainly based upon the use of toxic drugs and surgery. This system shortens lives, is too costly, and harms people and society in many ways. The correct system is based upon improved nutrition and development science.

These projects are all moving ahead and need your assistance. The ocean cleanup is one of the most important. Billions of human beings and trillions of other creatures depend upon fish as their main protein food. It is all quite contaminated with toxic metals. This is the reason the development diet restricts fish intake to only 3-4 cans of sardines per week.

Rebuilding the soils of earth is at an early stage with the growth of the organic food movement.

To help reduce rape, earth forces are removing the worst rogue beings from the planet, and this will continue. Rape laws need to be much more strict, as they are in the nation of Israel, and the laws need to be better enforced. For many more details, read Rape.

The 5G phone system will be taken down. The worst installations are underground and not visible. This project is not needed, harms people’s health, and destroys any vestige of personal privacy. Also,cheaper and cleaner automotive and power generation technology is available right now and will be implemented soon. For details, read Nuclear Power And Alternatives.

Changing the health care systems of the world is difficult due to quite complete rogue control over these systems. However, their influence is waning. The wildly inaccurate predictions about the death toll from the Chinese virus is causing many people to question the intelligence and integrity of the medical profession. For more details, read Health Care For The New Millenium.

For many more details about the vital environmental cleanup on earth, read Healing The Earth.


5/31/20. I was just told that on the day of Pentecost, there were, in fact, several hundred followers of Jesus who experienced the ability to speak in different languages.

About half of this large group of followers were women. This is very important for women to know. Some of the women were married, and there was also a group of unmarried women. They stayed together for safety, and were an important part of the group.

There was also a core group of about ten followers, but they were mainly organizers of the larger group. They were not more learned or more holy than anyone else.

There were a few women in this core group, as well. This was absolutely necessary to deal with all the issues and problems that every large group has to handle.

The men and the women were told to work in teams because the world, at that time, was not a safe place. There were no nations, as we have today, and travel was very hazardous. Territories were under the control of various warlords. There were many bandits and thieves who would assault people and take their valuables.


5/31/20. I was told that the description below, and the spelling of Pentecost, were not quite correct. Pentecost was was the beginning of the teaching ministry of Jesus to bring the Hebrew Bible to the non-Hebrew people of the world.

The followers of Jesus suddenly found they could speak many different languages. This was needed because the ministry would require them to communicate with people in their own languages all over the world. There may be other corrections, as well.


5/31/20. Please beware of all conservative websites. We have been reviewing a number of them and most are rogue-controlled. They can sound quite good, but then they mix lies with truth. Please beware.

Right now, any website that favors Donald Trump for president is suspect. We are sad to say this, but we have lost confidence in him, Attorney General Barr, and the rest of his team. This does not mean we support any DemocratIc Party candidate in America. It means we would like to see someone else nominated by the Republicans.


5/31/20. Shavuot. On May 28 to 30, 2020, Hebrew people around the world celebrated the anniversary of the giving of the Ten Commandments to Moses on Mount Sinai. This took place about 3500 years ago.

While the exact date is not important, the event marked the beginning of Western civilization. Shavuot is not a “harvest festival”, as some lying websites assert.

Shavuot is a major holiday in the Hebrew religion. In the nation of Israel, schools and most businesses close for this holiday. Some day, we hope this will occur all around the world.

The beginning of Western civilization. The Ten Commandments are still the bedrock of our civilization, though some will deny it. This is the reason we emphasize it often on this website.

If these commandments are ever forgotten, civilization will very quickly fall into chaos, tyranny and horror. In the past three months, we have witnessed the result of the violation of at least one of the Ten Commandments - “Thou shalt not bear false witness” (which means do not lie).

The Ten Commandments should be posted in every home, every business, and certainly in every government office. This was the custom in Great Britain, particularly, until the 19th century when secularism began to arise in this nation. America adopted the British tradition for a time, but it has died out there as well.

Pentecost. Today, May 31, 2020, is also an important holiday for many Christians – the holiday of Pentecost. This holiday celebrates the coming of the Holy Spirit upon the early followers of Jesus. They were gathered in Jerusalem at the time to celebrate the holiday of Shavuot.

For some unknown reason, this holiday is described only in the Book of Acts. However, many Christians believe that the story is historically accurate. Many Christians believe that this holiday celebrates the true beginning of the Christian church. Until that time, the followers of Jesus were only loosely organized. For details, read


5/20/20. I am told not to worry about America. It is true that there is an effort by the rogues to destabilize America in order to end the republic. I am told the plot will not be successful. In part, this is because of the efforts of the readers of this blog!

So keep writing and calling your representatives in America and in other nations. Gently remind them of their duty to follow the Constitution and other laws. This is the message of this day.

Those who inspire this blog want to teach about rogue methods. Therefore, the following messages about gradualism, the riots, and the apparent paralysis of the government are somewhat negative. However, we don’t want to miss this wonderful teaching moment.


5/30/20. An important rogue tactic is called gradualism. Slowly erode the people’s rights and freedoms until they are ripe for martial law. This effort has been going on in America for at least 150 years.

Another vital tactic is divide and conquer. So we have black skin against white skin, conservatives against liberals, homosexuals against heterosexuals, women against men, and it goes on. These are nothing more than attempts to divide the people to weaken the nations.


5/30/20. We have checked carefully and we assert that the recent riots are completely planned, not spontaneous. They began with a hired thug (he is not a real police officer) killing a man intentionally on camera.

Then the rogues brought in hired protesters – another group of thugs. Then other rogue operatives - the city mayors or governors – told the police to stay away because we are supposed to feel sorry for the black slaves of long ago. So the thugs burned down the police station in Minneapolis and committed other crimes.

More riots are planned in over 100 American cities. All are fake, meaning they are not an uprising of the people of the United States. They are orchestrated by imposters posing as Citizens. In truth, the people of color in America are doing well, and most are quite happy.

The rogue-controlled media feeds it all, inflaming the emotions and lying on a daily basis. The Trump administration Department of Justice, and those of past administrations, have refused to shut down the media for fraud. The First Amendment to the US Constitution, which guarantees freedom of the press, does not allow fraud!!!


5/3020. During the present chaos, the national government of the United States and some state legislatures seem paralyzed:

The Congress. Not one American senator or congressman that we know of has stood up for the US Constitution. In our view, they all need to be removed for this offense.

The executive branch of government. Mr. Trump’s Department of Justice has done nothing about the shutdowns! Indeed, it has done almost nothing about many injustices and scandals, as explained in previous posts.

We are sad to say the president is part of the problem. He tweets a lot, but he lets it all happen. He intervenes only when he believes that he might lose the support of his political base.

He did, indeed, do some positive things for America. We now believe he is a good con artist who has to establish confidence before he cheats you badly. We think he and Nancy Pelosi are playing a high-stakes game of good cop-bad cop with the American people, and little else. He fooled us!

As one constitutional scholar wrote, the conservatives in America have substituted faith in Republican Party leaders for faith in God and in the US Constitution.

The judiciary. The judicial branch of the American government could have easily stopped the illegal shutdowns and stay-at-home orders with a simple injunction. Except for a very few minor exceptions, all American judges are guilty of treason and violation of their oath of office, and need to be removed.

The supposedly conservative Supreme Court justices Neil Gorsuch, Brent Cavanaugh, Clarence Thomas, John Roberts and Samual Alito are major disappointments. We believe the rogues murdered Antonin Scalia a few years ago as part of this plan. He might have stopped the whole thing. For details, read The Death Of Antonin Scalia And The Future Of The Supreme Court.

We do not mean to sound negative, but one must have the big picture. Then things makes sense. Once again, don’t worry – just keep thanking God for showing us the truth.


5/29/20. Few people know that in America, the county Sheriffs are the highest level of law enforcement. The sheriffs answer only to the Citizens and to the constitution.

Sheriffs do not have to obey the president, the Congress, state governors, or any local leaders such as city majors or city councils. This is of vital mportance. For details, watch a wonderful Video Interview With Sheriff Richard Mack. It is at an excellent website – What we call the rogues do not like this system, of course, so few people know about it. Another very good website is


5/27/20. We just posted an important new article about the contamination of many of the world’s water supplies with medical drugs. For details, see Medical Drugs In The Water Supplies.


5/27/20. One of the most important tasks occurring on earth at this time is to defuse and destroy thousands of bombs that the rogues have placed in strategic locations throughout the planet. The bombs is one of the major methods they use to maintain control of the earth.

The forces helping the earth have removed thousands of these bombs. There are still at least several thousand more to remove. The bombs are in population centers, especially in the United States. They are also on high-tension power lines, dams, highways, computer data centers, cell phone towers and switching installations, nuclear power plants, conventional power plants, subway systems and elsewhere.

The rogues show the bombs to political leaders and tell them that if the leaders do not go along with rogue agendas such as keeping the American states locked down and other harmful policies, the rogues will explode the bombs, killing thousands of people.

The bombs are of a special type called plasma bombs. They are similar to atomic bombs, but more powerful so that they need not be very large. A bomb the size of a suitcase can easily destroy half of a large city, for example.

They tell political leaders that the attack would be called a terrorist attack, when really it is just due to these bombs. Usually, they demonstrate the bombs on a harmless target that they set up in a desert somewhere away from easy detection.

This is a major way of controlling a planet, and a method the rogues perfected long ago.


5/27/20. A recent article clearly shows face masks carry risks and there are no studies showing that they help prevent the spread of covid-19. Here is the article:


5/27/20. We are happy to learn (and the regular news is not reporting) that there is some resistance to the shut-downs and stay-at-home orders throughout the USA. Here is an article about it:


5/26/20. In addition to the loss of our liberties that has occurred with the government response to the Chinese virus, an even worse problem is the ease with which the American and other government officials have violated the law.

The rule of law is the mark of modern civilization. Its basic concept is that the leaders must follow what is called due process of law. This means that the leaders must follow specified procedures to enact laws, to enforce the laws, and to judge the constitutionality and fairness of laws. Also, everyone must obey the law, including the leaders.

The alternative to the rule of law is called the divine right of kings. It was the system on earth for thousands of years. Under this system, the rulers or leaders mostly do as they please. It is rule by edict or decree. Also, the leaders do not need to abide by the decrees they issue to everyone else.

In their response to the Chinese virus, our leaders have ignored the constitutions and due process of law. This is a great step backward for Western nations and for the noble tradition of self-government and limited government power. This is the reason the leaders need to be punished for their illegal actions shutting down economies, ruining businesses, and insisting people stay at home. In America, at least, we believe they all need to resign and be put on trial for violation of their oath of office and for the crime of treason.

The authoritarians will answer that the police powers doctrine in America, and similar emergency power doctrines in some other nations, give the leaders the power to act as they have in this “emergency”. However, this is a false argument.

In America, and some other nations, the national and state constitutions are the highest law. All other laws need to conform to it. The constitutions can never he suspended, as has been done in this situation. Everyone wants to avoid illness, but a virus, or a natural disaster such as a tornado, may not override the constitution and the rule of law. Our leaders either do not understand this or they don’t care.


5/27/20. A number of people are sending me websites about the lockdowns. Here are a few that so far look excellent: This website has an excellent interview with retired Sheriff Richard Mack. The interview is at


5/27/20. Moving away from the rule of law, as has occurred with the Chinese virus response, takes Western civilization back to a very dark time when kings and other tyrants just lorded it over an enslaved population. This governmental system is called The divine right of kings.

It was the norm on earth for thousands of years. It did not change much until the giving of the Ten Commandments Of Moses. This was a higher set of absolute laws that everyone, even the kings and other rulers, are required to follow.


5/26/20. One of our Helpers has reported a serious problem with an Instant Pot ® pressure cooker. The cooker had to be set to 0 minutes in order not to overcook her vegetables.

In other words, as soon as the cooker reached its operating pressure, she had to turn it off and quickly depressurize it or it overcooked the food. This is a serious defect that means that the pot is operating at too high a pressure and probably ruining her food.

Unfortunately, one company, Intex, makes at least a dozen brands of electronic pressure cookers – perhaps all of them. They all have the identical design. Therefore, other brands of electronic pressure cookers may be no better. We have had no reports of problems with the old-fashioned stove top pressure cookers such as Presto and others.


5/26/20. In the past, we have suggested discarding the water in which you cook meat in a pressure cooker. However, we recently found that using quality water, and using the same water to cook vegetables and drinking the water seems to improve the vegetables and certainly adds flavor to vegetables.


5/26/20. No one following a development program has so far tested positive for the Chinese virus, let alone be sickened by it. Several clients went to emergency rooms around the world because they feared they had the virus. So far, all that we are aware of tested negative. All were having bronchial purification reactions, and nothing more.

The real sickness, as we have repeated in this blog, is the serious loss of constitutional rights that has occurred due to the response to the rather mild Chinese virus. Readers have no idea the level of disappointment and sadness that this blog author feels regarding the violation of basic liberties and lack of outrage and protest about it from individuals and groups who claim to love the concept of political liberty.

We have checked the websites of Liberty International, Heritage Foundation, Cato Institute, Pacific Legal Foundation, Institute For Justice, Future of Freedom Foundation, Breitbart, Town Hall, Washington Examiner, websites of Rush Limbaugh, Shawn Hannity, Dennis Prager, and other conservative talk show hosts, and the websites of Hillsdale College, Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, and the Foundation For Economic Education.

Our disappointment with these groups is profound! Better websites are and I am sure there are many other freedom organizations around the world, but I don’t know their names or websites.

Dershowitz. Among the most despicable, disgusting lies spoken recently were by well-known attorney, Allan Dershowitz, of Harvard University. In an interview reported by the Washington Examiner, he said:

"Let me put it very clearly, you have no constitutional right to endanger the public and spread disease, even if you disagree," he said. "You have no right not to be vaccinated, you have no right not to wear a mask, you have no right to open up your business....if you refuse to be vaccinated, the state has the power to literally take you to a doctor's office and plunge a needle into your arm."

He based his statement upon a 1905 Supreme Court decision that gives the government the right to vaccinate people against their will during an epidemic. We say that decision was totally unconstitutional.

The truth is that every time anyone comes close or touches anything that another will touch, he or she can and often does infect others with hundreds of diseases. Even using the toilet spreads literally hundreds of parasitic and other diseases. Mr. Dershowitz, this is why we have an immune system. (Thank God for constipation – less contamination!)

On a more serious note, in our view, this man needs to be put to death for the crime of treason - a traitor to everything America stands for.


5/26/20. The above leads us to ask, did the founders of America and many other brilliant thinkers before them intend that the rights of the people can be suspended if it is flu season, or perhaps if there is a hurricane or some other emergency? If so, why didn’t they say so? Were they so stupid they forgot?

The answer is no. They were well aware of disease epidemics, which were much worse in past times than they are today. However, they realized that a free society requires absolute limits on government power. Otherwise, tyrants always find an excuse to take away the people’s rights.


5/26/20. Beware of the website www. Someone sent me a recent article from this website praising president Trump because he is not planning to impose forced vaccination upon the American people. The article also said he deserves praise because he is not planning to impose a second lockdown if viral cases increases. Also, the president was willing to tell everyone that he is taking zinc, a nutritional supplement.

This is all nice, but completely misses the point. Under the US Constitution, the American government may not shut down businesses or issue stay-at-home orders. Under the Constitution, neither the nation or state governments may invade your private property – your body - and force vaccines or any medical treatment upon the people. This is how the president needs to speak, and he is not doing so.


5/25. At this time, is once again selling our books, so they can be purchased there, as well as from Analytical Research Labs.


5/24/20. The author voted for Mr. Trump and will vote for him again to prevent a socialist, communist, Democrat from becoming president. He has also done many wonderful things for the American nation such as lowering the capital gains tax, appointing better Supreme Court judges, renegotiated trade deals, and much, much more.

However, Mr. Trump must accept some blame for the wholly illegal Chinese virus response in America and elsewhere because America is an influential nation.

The president said on television that he would not order a national shutdown due to the virus because he “cherishes the constitution”. However, if the president cherished the constitution, he would have said, “There will be no shutdowns, no stay-at-home orders and no mask orders because the United States Constitution forbids it. The government can advise and suggest, but it may not abridge the right to assemble, the right to worship freely, the rights to speak freely and to contract, which means to keep your businesses open.”

If the president cherished the Constitution, when the American state governors violated the Constitution, which most did, the president would have ordered his justice department to have them arrested at once for treason. He would also have had his justice department arrest all judges and Supreme Court justices for treason who did not issue injunctions stopping the shut down orders.

We think the president should also speak up about the horror of vaccination in America. He set up a commission to study the problems with vaccines and they reported the true horror of this disgusting medical practice.

The president has done nothing with the excellent report by Robert Kennedy, Jr – son of the slain former attorney general of the United States and nephew of the former president of the United States. We consider vaccinations a form of treason and therefore the president has the authority to stop it.

Now the president is bragging that America will soon produce 300 million doses of a Chinese virus vaccine. It is not needed and probably won’t work, except as a way to further poison the population.

We believe that if the president truly cherished the Constitution, he would have immediately upon taking office stopped the illegal sanctuary city movement. This horror in some American cities protects from deportation those who enter the United States illegally, including murderers and rapists.

If the president cherished the constitution, upon taking office he would have immediately arrested Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama for their multiple crimes – of which he is aware. He would also have long ago shut down ALL the marijuana and CBD production and sale because marijuana is illegal in the United States. And he would have pushed much harder to repeal the totally unconstitutional Affordable Care Act of 2010, or Obamacare. He has done none of this.

Also, immediately upon taking office he would have ordered his justice department to shut down the lying media. They commit fraud and treason on a daily basis and have done so for years. We do not think the First Amendment, which protects the right to speak freely, protects the right of the media to lie.

We don’t think this is harsh criticism. It is simply the truth. We are extremely grateful for many of the president’s actions - and we certainly do not want a Democrat-socialist president instead. But we are sickened by the way many people overlook the illegal and very harmful Chinese virus response that he supported.


5/24/20. I am told this is a testing time to see if the people of earth deserve the their freedom as specified in their constitutions, or if earth is to become a slave planet, as are most other planets.

I am further told that the current leaders, especially in America where the rights are clearly spelled out, are not passing the test. For example, the state and national constitutions clearly say the Citizens have the right to assemble and to worship freely. The constitutions do not say, “but you must wear a mask, you must stand 6 feet apart”, or any such thing. It is a legal issue, and this must take precedence over the health issue or the law means nothing.

Legally, the governments of America and some other Western nations can only recommend or advise the people. They do not have the legal authority for force people to stay at home, to close churches and businesses, to wear masks, or to stand six feet apart.

Your blog author is particularly disappointed and upset with so-called conservative and constitutional judges, attorneys, think tanks, policy institutes, and television and talk radio hosts. None of them are teaching the truth stated in the paragraph above.

For example, one of the most outspoken critics of the stay-at-home policies is Mr. Dennis Prager on the radio. He calls the shutdowns “the worst mistake in the history of mankind”. At least he is not just going along. However, we strongly disagree with him.

The government actions are not just a mistake. They are blatantly illegal – and if the leaders, including the president of the United States, are not severely punished, it signals the end of the rule of law and a reversion to autocratic and dictatorial rule.

Those who understand this fact need to keep writing letters and emails every day, leave phone messages for the leaders every day, organize protest marches, sue the leaders for damages, organize recall elections, and impeach (attempt to remove) all judges and others who have failed to defend the highest law of the land.

We also recommend civil disobedience. This means that if the government fines you for opening your church or business, or not wearing a mask, you say - “I will not pay. Instead, I will challenge you in court based upon my First Amendment rights”. Note that a private business can require you to wear a mask to enter their private property. This is not the same as being forced to wear a mask or stand apart from others in a public place such as a street or park.


5/23/20. One should feel good most of the time while on a development program. If one is not feeling well, in some instances the problem is that one’s drinking water is not hydrating the body well enough. The ability to hydrate the body is a complex property of water that we do not understand well.

Symptoms. If the body becomes partially dehydrated it can cause many symptoms. Among the most common are fatigue, an inability to take many supplements, headaches, dry mouth and back pain in the area of the kidneys. Drinking more water does not help much.

A simple solution is to try drinking carbon-filtered tap water. It may not be the purest water, but it usually hydrates the body. We don’t know why it works. We believe it is a secret project on earth to help save the people.

Another solution is to find a different brand of spring water, but this can be hit and miss. If you cannot figure it out, then contact your Helper and ask that the guides review your entire program.

Once you start drinking water that hydrates the body, it can take up to two weeks to restore full hydration, so symptoms may not go away immediately.


5/23/20. Modern people such as ourselves know a lot about operating cars and cell phones, but not much about the universe. We think we are so smart, but we are really quite ignorant! This blog will hopefully correct this problem with a series of posts about the universe.

We are still checking a few items in this post. Most of the information is well-known and found on websites such as Wikipedia. However, the schools and the media don’t teach it enough.

Let us begin with the rotations and orbits of the earth.

The main movements of the earth are: 1) spinning on its axis every 24 hours and 2) rotating around the sun very 365.25 days. The sun is an average of 92,955,807 miles or 149,597,870 kilometers from the earth.

In addition, however, the earth and the entire solar system move in roughly a circular orbit around what is called our central sun.


The central sun is a point in space about 422 light years from the earth. One light year is the distance that light travels in one year. It is equal to about 5,878,625,400,000 miles or 9,460,730,500,000 kilometers. If you multiply this number by 422, you will know exactly how far away we are from our central sun.

Australian aborigines, the Maori in New Zealand, some native Americans and hundreds of other ancient cultures on earth know all about this!

For example, in the Japanese language, this area of space is called subaru. An automobile is named after it and the car’s logo is a cluster of stars.

This area in space is called The Pleiades. The Old Testament of the Bible mentions the Pleiades three times because it is a very important area of space.

Rotation. The earth and our entire solar system rotates around the central sun every 25,450 years. Ancient astronomers divided this cycle into 12 parts, which are called the ages. Each age on the earth is a little more than 2000 years long. The ages are related to what are called the signs of the zodiac – a Greek invention. These are star clusters that appear in each phase of the cycle.

Our rotation through the ages around the seven sisters is a major cycle on earth. Right now we are told that the earth is moving out of what is called the Piscean Age and moving into what is called the Aquarian Age. Scholars say this will be an age of reason, as compared with the previous age, which was dominated by superstition.

We believe there are also two even longer cycles in the universe that we will discuss in future posts. However, now we will pause and discuss the languages spoken in the universe.


5/23/20. We will keep this post short, but there are at least three languages that are spoken throughout the universe. All of them are known on earth, as well. There is a secret reason for this that we will discuss in a future post. Here are the languages:

Ebre. This is a major language spoken by trillions of beings in the universe. The word Ebre is similar to our word Hebrew or Hebreo in Spanish. It does include some Hebrew words. However, even more words in this language strangely sound like American English! We plan to teach this language in a series of lessons that have already begun in earlier blog posts.

The rogue language. Another prominent language in space is similar to, and sounds like, a corrupt version of the Spanish language. The rogues speak this language. They have forced trillions of beings on many planets to speak it for their convenience. It has a sort of nasty sound, unlike earth Spanish which is quite a beautiful language. Some space creatures don’t know whether to laugh or cry when they hear beautiful religious music, for example, in the Spanish language.

The clicks. A third common language in space is a series of clicks. All souls seem to know this language, though we do not know how they learn it. The Bushmen of the Kalahari and some Australian aborigines know this language. These people say they learned their language directly from the souls.

The souls apparently use this language because the clicking sounds are easy for them to pronounce. They have more trouble pronouncing words in Ebre, the common language of most beings in space.

Animal communication. Most creatures in space, like the earth animals, use distinct sounds to signal each other, to warn of danger, to search for food, to find a mate, and for many other purposes. Some of their sounds are quite complex. These are not formal, written languages, but they function exactly the same way.

Plant communication. We are told that plants in space and on earth communicate using a type of language. Its structure is similar to the Ebre language. However, plants do not have mouths or vocal chords, so the words are produced in a different form and are spoken and heard via radio signals.


5/22/20. In most nations, government officials still need you to write and call them repeatedly. Tell them the people demand their rights and want the economies completely opened up. We have had enough of the largely fake “epidemic”. The quotes are because there is no epidemic or pandemic.

On a related topic, the news is also reporting that wearing a mask during athletic activity has actually killed a few people by reducing their oxygen intake. How can that be healthy?


5/22/20. The souls of babies and children tell us that it is good for parents to let children listen or watch stories such as Alice In Wonderland, The Wizard Of Oz, and even cartoons such as Bugs Bunny. They tell us these stories help children have more love for their parents. Here is why:

Children are very aware of strange behavior in their parents. This includes inconsistent discipline, raising the voice, interrupting children’s speech, hurrying them along, or pushing and shoving children when this is rarely needed.

These behaviors cause many children to intensely dislike their parents. The stories and cartoons above can help children know that some people are just odd and strange, and it is commonplace. This can help children to laugh about it, and not hold on to resentment and even hatred for their parents.


5/22/20. This blog entry is about a common situation that we do not think is being handled well in most nations. Today, while shopping for food, the author observed a mother forcefully grabbing her 5 or 6 year old boy – several times – by the wrists and planting his hands on the handles of a shopping cart. Meanwhile, she was pushing another cart with two babies in it. She also spoke harshly to all of the children.

The author wondered, and asked silently, what to do for the child and the mother. He could have followed her to her car, written down her license plate number, and reported her to Child Protective Services. However, the guides said they would take care of it, so he let it go.

Captures. Some of these women are captures. This means they are being raped and beaten, and forced to have children against their will. The perpetrators want sick, deranged children on earth because they cause problems for everyone.

Sats. Usually, the rapist is a satan or sat, for short. This is their term, and it mean men who are from other planets who speak and look just like earth people, but are actually hybrid human-angel body creatures. They are hard to kill with old-fashioned weapons because they have an electronic force field around them.

To kill them, one must use at least a 50 caliber bullet at close range, which most police do not have. Better to use newer electronic weapons – lasers, rail guns or disruptors. However, these are not permitted to the people of earth at this time. We hope this will change. More on the sats is in the Rogues article and perhaps in the Captures article.

The election. There are many sats in the United States, at this time, because they are preparing for the November election. They plan on defeating Mr. Trump by forcing thousands of women whom they rape and terrorize to vote Democratic. They also use at least 50 other methods to rig the election.

We know this sounds awful and we wish it were not true, but it is best to know the truth. Other writers have documented the ways cheating occurs on elections, so we won’t say more about this important subject at this time.

The Legality of Child Protective Services. Today’s supermarket incident brings up an important legal issue. We, the helpers of this blog, do not like Child Protective Services because 1) they are based upon adhesion contracts and 2) they usually try to enter people’s homes without a properly executed search warrant. This is blatantly illegal. If you let them in, you are usually in trouble and can lose your children. Let us explain how this works.

Adhesion contracts. These are contracts that are easy to get into, but have all sorts of hidden and negative effects. Two major ones are the marriage license and the birth certificate.

People do not realize that when one obtains either of these, it makes the government a party or participant in your marriage. It gives the government the power to take away one’s children if they so desire. If you are smart, do not sign up for either of these contracts.

We know this is difficult. For example, the hospitals just give one a birth certificate when a baby is born. Also, without a birth certificate one may not be able to get a passport or even vote in some nations. The system is rigged, in other words, to force people to take the contracts. However, they are quite evil in our view and not needed.

Search warrants. One might ask, how else could Dr. Wilson have proceeded when he watched the mother abusing her boy? The answer is he could have recorded the incident with a camera and turned it over to the police.

The police could then bring the recording to a judge who can issue a search warrant based upon probable cause. This means that the judge decides that, most likely, a crime is being committed. Therefore, the judge gives the police the right to place a camera or a listening device near the person’s home, or perhaps gives the police the right to enter the home to investigate further.

It would still be necessary for Dr. Wilson to obtain the person’s name and address from a license plate number or some other means because a search warrant must be specific about the person and the place to be searched. We are discussing all this because there is a proper and legal way to handle child abuse, but Child Protective Services is not the right way.


5/22/20. One of the most egregious horrors of the Chinese virus incident has been the failure of judges and Supreme Court justices of the United States to issue injunctions stopping the illegal economic shutdowns and stay-at-home orders. The same is true in other nations that guarantee the Citizen’s rights to assemble, to worship freely and to contract and speak freely – meaning to conduct business.

The role of the judicial branch of government in every nation is to assure that the laws that are made, including executive orders, conform to the constitution. This is their only job! If an order or law does not conform, it is to be struck down.

Injunctions. Judges in America and some other nations also have the power to issue injunctions. These are temporary orders stopping the enforcement of a law or executive order that is most likely unconstitutional until the matter can be properly tried or adjudicated.

Yet very few judges, in America and elsewhere have issued injunctions to stop the clearly unconstitutional economic shutdowns and the stay-at-home orders. We view this as a terrible situation because the judicial branch of government is supposed to be the check on the legislative and executive branches of government when they overstep their power.


5/22/20. Just to complete the post below, here are three other notes: Dr. Paul Eck, founder of nutritional balancing, once told me that as a young man he worked in a laboratory. One day he spilled some mercury. In his attempt to gather it up into a glass pipette or straw, he swallowed a little of it. He said the little incident changed his personality.

Toxic waste. The mercury situation in dentistry is quite insane. In most nations, when a dentist removes an amalgam filling from a patient’s mouth, the dentist is required to send the mercury filling to a licensed toxic waste site rather than just throw it in the garbage. Yet the dentist is allowed, and in some nations forced, to put the same poison directly into people’s mouths.

A Quack. This word means a healing practitioner who is fake or does poor quality work. The origin of the term comes from the German and Dutch word quacksalver, or in English quicksilver. It is an old name for mercury! Over 100 years ago, dentists who began using mercury amalgam dental fillings were labeled ‘quacks’ by more responsible dentists, who found the practice abhorrent.


5/21/20. Events on earth today can seem insane. One reason for this is mad hatter disease. “Mad as a hatter” is an old English saying that means a person is insane. According to Wikipedia, the phrase originated in Luton, Bedfordshire, in the Eastern part of Great Britain, in the early 1800s. This was a center for hat-making.

Men who worked in this industry used mercury to make felt for hats. They touched the mercury and breathed the fumes all day. After a few years of this work, they became timid, fearful, irritable, with low self-esteem, and they acted strange.

Lewis Carrol wrote about the mad hatters in the famous 1865 book, Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland. It was the most popular children’s book in England for many years. They were real people! Today, the mad hatters appear in a number of movies like Batman and video games such as the 2006 video game, Alice’s Warped Wonderland.

It is all the truth! Most people have too much mercury in their bodies. If you wonder why many people act warped, this is a major reason! Knowing this helps your blog author to have compassion for the craziness occurring on earth right now.

The rogues are bringing more mercury to the earth and spreading it everywhere. The oceans, lakes and streams are particularly contaminated. Fish and shellfish concentrate the mercury in their bodies. The larger the fish, the more mercury it contains. Tunafish and sushi are among the worst sources, along with dental amalgams that are 50% mercury!

This is why we only allow very small fish on the development diet, especially sardines, a special food for development. Even with sardines, some people eat too many – only have 3 or 4 cans per week. If you remove the spine, you will ingest less mercury.

The development program is one of the few ways to reduce your mercury load. Then you will becomes smarter and more sane. The only other method to remove it is chelation therapy. We don’t like this methods because it is less effective and damages the kidneys. Even worse, it always removes some vital minerals from the body, which slows or stops development.


5/21/20. This is another update about planet earth. An amazing number of souls have been found around the earth that belong on earth. They are being returned to the planet and we believe that this will help the current problems on earth.


5/20/20. There is a war going on at this time for control of the earth. It is largely unseen, but very real and the battles are quite fierce. It is scary, but knowing about it can be reassuring because powerful helpers are stopping the worst of the rogue attacks.

I often ask the souls who assist me to share the full truth with all the people of the earth. They say they can’t because they don’t control the minds of our leaders at this time. So they tell me to write about it in this blog, and that this helps more than I might imagine.


Putting toxic metals in our food, water and air is one of the most powerful weapons being used against the people of earth. We need to learn how to avoid taking them in, and how to remove them effectively and safely. This is uncommon and definitely suppressed knowledge. Chelation is not the solution!

The extent of the problem is kept quite secret. For example, we measure toxic metals with the hair mineral test. Blood and urine tests do a poor job of measuring them. So do x-rays, MRIs and other scans.

To further hide the knowledge, medical doctors and even naturopaths are taught at their rogue-controlled schools that toxic metals are not too important and hair testing is “unproven”, “unreliable” and “a fraud”. Of course – because otherwise people would know what is wrong with them and would become healthy! For details, read Toxic Metals and Detoxification.


An excellent new book is America On Trial by Robert R. Reilly, Ignatius Press, 2020. The book is not really about America as much as it is about the distortions being taught about the history of Western civilization around the world. The author is one of the pre-eminent thinkers of our time. We thank Dennis Prager for interviewing Mr. Reilly on his radio show. Here is a short summary of the book:

The Founding of the American Republic is on trial. Critics say it was a poison pill with a time-release formula; we are its victims. Its principles are responsible for the country's moral and social disintegration because they were based on the Enlightenment falsehood of radical individual autonomy.

In this well-researched book, Robert Reilly declares: not guilty. To prove his case, he traces the lineage of the ideas that made the United States, and its ordered liberty, possible. These concepts were extraordinary when they first burst upon the ancient world: the Judaic oneness of God, who creates ex nihilo and imprints his image on man; the Greek rational order of the world based upon the Reason behind it; and the Christian arrival of that Reason (Logos) incarnate in Christ. These may seem a long way from the American Founding, but Reilly argues that they are, in fact, its bedrock. Combined, they mandated the exercise of both freedom and reason.

These concepts were further developed by thinkers in the Middle Ages, who formulated the basic principles of constitutional rule. Why were they later rejected by those claiming the right to absolute rule, then reclaimed by the American Founders, only to be rejected again today? Reilly reveals the underlying drama: the conflict of might makes right versus right makes might.  America's decline, he claims, is not to be discovered in the Founding principles, but in their disavowal.


5/20/20. This is the name given to one of the most important functions of the 5G system. The way it works is that if you speak or even think thoughts that the rogues don’t like, the 5G system sends you a painful feeling.

For example, if you speak or think about the illegality of the economic shutdowns and other recent executive orders, the system sends you a slight headache, nausea, weakness or some other painful feeling.

However, if you speak or think thoughts the rogues approve of, such as the need to blindly follow the orders of your leaders, then the system sends you a warm fuzzy feeling or a feeling of sexual pleasure. This is very easy to do with the science of radionics or psychotronics.

This is being done to us all day long through your cell phone and with the underground 5G base system. It slowly conditions most people’s minds to think in ways they want and discourages independent thinking. It is the same method used to train dogs and circus animals.

This blog author is very aware of the conditioning and I have trained myself to go against it. This means if I feel pain when I think or as a I write, I intentionally keep going rather than respond to the conditioning. This takes some practice and I am not always successful at it. It is a very powerful method of control, especially if don’t realize it is being done to you.


5/20/20. We are also learning that most web hosting companies are secretly owned or controlled by the Microsoft Corporation. They use a number of methods to do this, including killing or threatening the owner of the company.

A common technique to control hosting companies is they send in thugs who put tiny, radio-controlled bombs on website servers in data centers. If the owners of the hosting companies do not go along with orders from Microsoft to allow ‘back doors’ and other spying and control mechanisms into the servers, the Microsoft thugs explode a few of these bombs that destroy servers. It is quite nasty and totally hidden from public scrutiny.

Once in control, Microsoft monitors all web activity. They can shut down web pages or entire sites, hack web pages in extremely subtle ways to change their meaning, insert subliminal messages on web pages, and more. This is going on now and we have experienced it on this website.


5/20/20. We are learning that the 5G system is mainly a set of underground base stations. Underground means unseen. It also means that if people complain about the cell phone system, the above-ground towers can be removed and the system still works perfectly.

We don’t think the 5G satellites we are told so much about are really needed. The 5G system operates at a radio frequency that does not carry very far, so satellites would not be too useful.


5/19/20. To develop fastest, it is important to prioritize a healthy lifestyle and the rest of the development program. This means go to bed early, get plenty of sleep, cook your meals – preferably cook at least twice daily, and do the procedures daily.

It can be tempting to consider this too much trouble or a waste of time, but it is not. You will move along much faster and the rewards are significant.


5/19/20. Recently, two of our clients visited emergency rooms before contacting their Helper or Dr. Wilson. One had a rapid heart rate and one had trouble breathing. In both cases, many tests were run – some invasive and costly - and all came back normal.

One of the clients had to fight with the doctors for a few hours or they would have done cardiac catheterization. This is an extremely invasive and dangerous procedure.

Please beware. We think there is a lot of bad medical practice going on, especially at larger hospitals. Especially avoid the University of California Los Angeles Hospital.

We never tell people not to see doctors. However, when one has been on a development program for at least a few months, symptoms are almost always due to retracing.

One problem is that doctors are accustomed to dealing with very malnourished and toxic people. As a result, they automatically assume that something terrible is wrong and proceed quickly with invasive testing. Doctors today tend to rely on tests, rather than talking to and examining people thoroughly.

Another problem is that even if you tell a doctor that you are following a development program, it won’t mean anything to them because they don’t understand the program.

If you have a troubling symptom, before running to the emergency room, it is always best to try to talk to your Helper. Better yet, call Dr. Wilson, even in the middle of the night.


5/19/20. In the USA, lamb, carrots and broccolini now seem to be fine to eat. We suggest continuing to avoid all cauliflower in the USA at this time.


5/18/20. An earlier post mentioned that many souls, fine matter creatures and some earth animals and human beings were taken away from the earth and locked in rogue prisons out in space. This was a nasty trick of the rogues to weaken planet earth. Apparently, the rogues were not authorized to kill the creatures and humans, but they were locked away in these prisons.

Over the past week or so, trillions of quite advanced souls and millions of fine matter creatures and a few thousand human beings have been returned to the earth. Also, forces from the earth returned much needed minerals and some water that was also locked in the prisons.

As a result, we expect the climate on earth will be somewhat wetter, especially in arid and drought-stricken areas. This, plus the extra minerals, should help with agricultural production, especially in the Western United States and in the Middle East.


5/18/20. Sweden is one of very few Western nations that decided not to trust the dire predictions of the medical experts concerning the severity of the Chinese virus. Unlike most nations, Sweden decided not to shut down its economy and did not tell people to stay at home or wear masks.

Instead, the government appealed to people to take precautions. If one was sick, the authorities said to avoid public places, and that is about all the restrictions that were issued.

Swedish hospitals are not crowded. The death rate there from the virus is similar to neighboring nations and much less than in the United States and some other nations. We hope the rest of the nations will learn from this story, which is not being widely reported.

Indeed, the computer models and experts have been wrong many times in the past 30 years or so about the severity of disease outbreaks. Readers may remember that we were told we would that millions would die of AIDS about 25 years ago. In many cases. the “experts” have caused extreme fear that weakens the immune response and causes more illness. Meanwhile, they ignore the basics of excellent health – better nutrition.

This blog author wrote his college these about a similar scare in 1972. At that time, The Club Of Rome “proved” with computer models that we would all be dead of pollution by 1990. The truth is that many parts of the earth are cleaner today than they were 50 years ago due to better laws.

At about the same time, a book was published called The Population Bomb. It “proved” that we would all starve within 30 years due to overpopulation – once again, based on computer models that were completely wrong. There is less starvation today than there was 50 years ago.

Do you see the same pattern of doom-and-gloom negativity AND LIES repeating itself today? How about the climate change bugaboo, again based on computer models? Refer to Climate Change.

This time the “experts” made things far worse by advocating the economic shutdowns and stay-at-home orders that are still in place in many areas. Taking away people’s livelihood and wealth also just weakens the immune system. When will we stop listening to these often corrupt people and stand up for our constitutional rights as Citizens?


5/17/20. The number of cases of the virus is definitely decreasing - even as many nations are re-opening their economies. Today I watched at least 30 people in our town sitting close together at an outdoor restaurant – having a good time and no sickness.

In light of the latest statistics, we find it very disturbing that the media and the American president talk incessantly about the need for a vaccine. The president is spending millions on a ‘crash project’ to make enough of the non-existent vaccine for the whole population, including babies and children who never get the virus! We think either the president has been replaced, or he has been tortured to the point that he goes along.

Our attitude at this point is that the rogue agenda is to cause as much economic damage as possible. They also want to harm people with 5G, smart phones, poisoning the food, air and water, and poisoning people with drugs and vaccines. They are also censoring the internet, removing some articles and videos that point out the truth about their schemes. We believe they are having problems carrying out their plan, but they are doing their best.

Stopping the rogues requires being informed, using common sense, and resisting any violation of your rights. Protests are occurring in some nations such as Italy, but are not always being reported.

Keep writing and calling your government officials to tell them the “crisis” is over and they will be held responsible for their actions. Unless required for a job, just following stupid orders such as wearing a mask if you are healthy is not the way to behave, in our view.


5/17/20. We are starting a large project of reorganizing this website with a single directory and simple codes with the article names to make navigating the site much easier. Meanwhile, the READ ARTICLES page is working fine and lists all the articles on the website if you want to find them quickly.


5/15/20. The article listed in the post just below contact tracing is just one small example why only idiots have smart phones. Besides being terrible for your health, they are potent spying devices and weapons.

Smart phones and all cell phones track your every movement, record every word you say, and can also record every other person you come in contact with! And they can do a lot of this even when turned off.

The next step, which is already in place in communist China, is that the government will “rank” the citizens by how cooperative they are. It is called the social ranking system.

Anyone who disagrees with government policy will likely be quietly murderedperhaps given a heart attack, cancer or infection from their cell phone, or perhaps they will have an “arranged” fatal car accident. This can be done easily using the science of Psychotronics. This is part of the Psi War.

If this is the world you want to live in, then keep your cell phone. Otherwise, tell your representatives you’ve had enough of their “covid-19 safety measures” - and dump the weaponized phones. This blog author keeps a simple flip phone in his car for emergencies with the battery removed. If the battery is in place, the phone gives him headaches and tracks him. Newer technology can make the phone work even without the battery.


5/14/20. For excellent reporting on covid-19, we recommend Dr. Mercola’s email newsletter ( Here are two recent examples: How Does Covid-19 Compare To Earlier Epidemics?,20cc38ab,20ee7914&et_cid=DM534079&et_rid=871442264.

** (Important New Horror - Just Say No!) Contact-Tracing Apps Violate Privacy:

NOTE: We often disagree with Dr. Mercola about subjects such as diet, nutritional supplementation and exercise. However, we agree with his critiques of vaccination, fluoridation and the illegal and reckless way that covid-19 is being handled by most governments around the world.


5/13/20. Some readers have complained that this blog has become rather negative lately. So here is some very good news. We are told that the earth is in transition to becoming a much more spiritual planet. The present events are the beginning of the transition.

The new earth requires that people take excellent care of their health, which includes preparing very good quality food and educating their children at home. Around the world, people are also learning not to trust most medical experts and the media, and to seek for better sources of information. Current events appear to be a way to stop people from living their “normal” life and to force people to pay more attention to how they live.


5/12/20. This vital post is about America, but everyone can learn from it and perhaps copy the idea in other nations.

On May 1, 2020, 45 members of the US House Of Representatives co-sponsored Bill HR 6666.  It spends $100 BILLION dollars in 2020 to hire contact tracers, coronavirus testers, and reporting agents. They would go around the nation invading people’s privacy to trace corona virus contacts. It is nothing short of "medical martial law".

Proponents of this bill want to hire a massive number of staff to enforce "social distancing", administer tests in our homes — apparently whether we consent or not — and apparently even grant themselves the right to take people who "test positive" from their homes!

Please - all Americans send this NOTICE of NON-CONSENT to say NO to the "Big Brother" bill (HR 6666) by clicking on these links:

The first link above came from the website: This website has international news. You can subscribe at no cost at:


5/12/20. A number of posts on this blog concern an ancient language that we are told is spoken throughout the cosmos. It was apparently given to the early Hebrew people. However, it was altered over time so that it is not spoken on earth. We plan to continue these lessons, but not immediately because this is not as high a priority as urging more people to follow the development program.


5/11/20. The Chinese virus narratives are more than the two mentioned in the post of 4/13/20. A new article about the virus situation is The Hidden Agendas Of Covid-19.


5/11/20. The large angelic-looking being in space was not, in fact, an angel and was harming the earth. She had to be killed because she was not who she claimed to be. Since doing this, planet earth is doing better and more cleanup of the planet is going on at this time.


5/9/20. As explained in a post on 5//8/20, the nations and the American state that did not violate people’s rights have so far had a similar death rate or better than those that did. In addition, the no-shutdown places did not suffer the lethal side effects of the illegal shutdowns such as thousands of ruined businesses and many extra suicides, drug addiction and more.

For example, in the USA, suicide hotline calls are up 41% in one location and doubled in another city since the shutdowns. One headline in America read “More People Die From Suicide In Tennessee This Week Than From Corona Virus (


5/8/20. U.S. military documents show that, in 1992, the current Director of the US Centers For Disease Control, Robert Redfield, and his then-assistant, Deborah Birx, knowingly falsified scientific data published in the New England Journal of Medicine.  They fraudulently claimed that an HIV vaccine they helped develop was effective. They knew the vaccine was worthless.

Dr. Redfield now runs the agency charged with mandating COVID vaccines. Birx, a life-long protégé to both Redfield and Anthony Fauci, served on the board of Bill Gates’ Global Fund. Redfield, Birx and Fauci lead the American coronavirus task force. (from Robert F. Kennedy Jr, Children’s Health Defense.) Here is the link for the whole article:

Meanwhile, in Great Britain, Neil Ferguson, the epidemiologist who made wild predictions about the death toll of the Chinese virus, has resigned after violating the stay-at-home order to see his married lover.


5/8/20. Today is the 75th anniversary of VE day (Victory in Europe), the day the Nazis were defeated in Europe. We are still battling forces of totalitarianism, but today they are much more subtle and pervasive.


5/8/20. A republic is a nation governed by clearly written laws that apply to everyone, including the leaders or rulers. The laws must be simple, clear and well-publicized. The punishment for disobeying them must also be clear to everyone.

(A corruption of this idea is the socialist and communist “People’s Republics” such as the People’s Republic of China, and many others around the world. These are called republics, but they are no such thing! They are pure dictatorships – the opposite of a republic.) They employ the word republic just to ruin its meaning.

Rule by edict or decree. The opposite of a true republic or rule by law is dictatorship, or rule by decree or edict. This was the situation on earth for thousands of years. It is also the situation today in America and elsewhere due to the Chinese virus.

Under this system, the ruler(s) wake up each morning and decide or dictate the rules for the people. The same rules do not apply to the rulers, who pretty much do as they please.

Also, there is no consistency or even any logic in the rules. This is because the rulers are not necessarily logical or smart. However, there is another reason. The rulers want the people confused and upset because it makes the population easier to control.

Also, under socialism or dictatorship (these are the same), the rules often change from week to week or even day to day. We see this going on today in America and elsewhere. The news just announces that “today the hair salons can open for business” - but that, too, could change if the rulers think too many people are getting sick, and so it goes.

Also, the rules may not be made public so the Citizens are surprised when the police arrive and say, “You are breaking a rule – come with us”. The Citizens did not even realize they were breaking a rule. All of this is occurring today in America and in other nations around the world in relation to the Chinese virus.

We believe the people of earth will have to choose which system they prefer to live under - the rule of fixed laws that apply to everyone or basically a dictatorship, which means rule by edict or decree.

One might answer that we are in an emergency so the normal laws have been temporarily suspended for our safety. However, suspending the rules is only a feature of dictatorship, not the rule of law. Under the rule of law, the laws prevail no matter what!

Otherwise, there is no end to the so-called emergencies that the rulers might manufacture or concoct. Actually, manufacturing emergencies is the oldest trick in the dictator’s book. Diseases, climate change, overpopulation, pollution – these are just the latest ones.

Adolf Hitler got himself elected prime minister of Germany using this trick. He staged a phony attack on the German parliament and then sent in his thugs to stop it in order to win over the people of Germany.

You might answer that not giving the government emergency powers sounds dangerous. There are two answers to this. The first is that yes, there is potentially some risk, but there is some risk in all situations!

The second answer is to check the death rate in places that did not violate the people’s rights. These include South Dakota, USA, and the nations of Sweden, Mexico and some Eastern European nations.

The death rate from the virus in these places is similar or better than places that shut down! This might sound strange, but the reasons are that scaring people, angering people, disempowering people and treating them like slaves is horrendous for the immune system.

Also, staying indoors with less exercise and fresh air is not healthy. Even just inconveniencing people by forcing them to stand in lines and wear masks harms the immune system because it adds stress to the body.


5/8/20. The previous three blog posts have pointed out the basic problem in the United States and other nations – the abandonment of the concept of limited government and self-rule or rule by the Citizens. Instead, the rogues on earth have moved the planet back toward the old idea of unlimited government power. This has been given many names such as statism, monarchy, oligarchy, dictatorship, socialism and communism.

The destruction of the idea of limited government has been very calculated and imposed bit by bit. The term used by those who do it is gradualism. It works because people have short memories and most people do not study history.

The statists and socialists have also made sure that the textbooks used in schools, including law schools, have been altered from the original teachings. As a result, even those who enjoy reading history have less opportunity to read the ideas of the founders of America and other modern democratic republics. This blog will seek to provide some of the lost knowledge.


5/7/20. This blog takes the position that the United States Constitution and the 50 American state constitutions are the law of the land. This is NOT the position of most judges, most attorneys and most of the constitutional, libertarian, conservative and other legal groups and organizations in the United States at this time. This is the cause of much confusion at this time in the United States.

For example, the US constitution clearly states, in the First Amendment, that the Citizens have the right to assemble. However, if you check the website of the Pacific Legal Foundation, the April 28, 2020 blog post entitled Frequently asked questions About the government’s emergency measures to combat the coronavirus states the following:

(Qu.) “Do the stay-at-home orders violate my right to assemble in groups?

(A.) The Bill of Rights guarantees that governments (both state and federal) shall not infringe on variety of individual rights, including the First Amendment protection of the rights to speak, assemble and petition the government (and they left out the right to worship freely – author’s comment). These constitutional rights can be curtailed when the government has a “compelling” purpose and so long as it restricts such rights no more than absolutely necessary to accomplish this purpose.”

WE CONSIDER THIS ANSWER TO BE TOTAL RUBBISH AND GARBAGE! It means your constitutional rights are purely optional. (And this Pacific Legal Foundation blog post is full of similar nonsense).

However, this is the perspective of one of the most conservative and “constitutional” legal foundations in the United States. Most others are no better, such as Cato Institute, Heritage Foundation, American Center For Law And Justice, Foundation For Economic Education, Institute For Justice, Hillsdale College and Grove City College.

Also no better are forty or fifty conservative websites and all the conservative talk shows in America that we have checked. Many are complaining about the situation, but none are proclaiming the total illegality and constitutional horror of the virus response. If we have made a mistake lumping these groups together, we apologize and will gladly publish a correction.

Americans need to know that these once-excellent groups are now controlled by the rogues, even though they do some good. We are greatly saddened to have to write this, but it is true!

One might ask, how is this possible? The answer is it is not difficult for the rogues. They murder, they rape, they beat people, they threaten, they replace people with look-alikes, and they implant the brains with electronic devices that control one’s thoughts. That is how they do it.


5/6/20. This blog began as simply a health and earth changes blog. However, due to recent events, we have felt the need to explain how the constitutions of the United States and other Western nations have been violated in a most egregious way.

We firmly believe that the these republics – the most noble experiments in self-government and limited government authority in recorded history – have ended if the present crimes are not punished harshly. So we are deviating from the original purposes of this blog to teach a little constitutional law.

One might ask: How can the state governors of the American States be brought to justice for their crimes of violating the basic rights of the people guaranteed in the national and state constitutions?

One possibility is that charges against a governor could be brought by the national attorney general or by the state attorney general. However, the attorneys general are appointees. They are not likely to prosecute the men and women who appointed them, so this possibility is slim.

The other possibility is that an American Citizen’s tribunal would be formed. This is a Citizen’s grand jury with 24 members. We are NOT referring to a military tribunal or an international environmental tribunal or a British-style tribunal.

An American Citizen’s tribunal is an old constitutional court that is not well known in the United States. It would first hear arguments on both sides of the issue. Then the tribunal would decide if an indictment is needed. If they vote to indict, meaning to implicate the governor, then they would issue the governor a subpoena. This is an order to appear at a set location on a certain day to stand trial.

If the governor complies with the subpoena, a public trial would be held. The governor would have his attorney present to defend him against the charges of treason. If the governor were found guilty, he could face punishment as harsh as hanging, according to the laws of the United States.

If the governor does not show up for the trial, a warrant would be issued for his arrest for violating the subpoena. He would then be guilty of another crime - obstructing arrest or obstructing justice.

In this case, the governor might well ask the local or county police to protect him from the citizen’s tribunal. This could result in an armed standoff between the people and their government. We would hope this would not occur, but it could.

If an armed standoff occurred, the Citizen’s tribunal members might be arrested and become political prisoners in a dictatorship. The other possibility is the Citizens would prevail and the governor’s trial would proceed. We hope the Citizens would not accept a compromise – such as the governor stepping down from his post and no public trial - but this is also possible.

We want to lay out this scenario because it could occur and we want everyone to understand it thoroughly!


5/6/20. Today’s news is that a citizen has filed papers in Arizona in an attempt to get rid of the governor of the state of Arizona, USA. He is collecting signatures and if he gets enough, there will be a special election to see if the people of the state want to vote out the governor for violations of the state constitution. We think this is admirable, but the governor’s crime is treason (violation of the constitution) and requires much more punishment than a new election.

Most of the US governors need to be arrested for their illegal actions. There are also accomplices in the crime. These include other government officials who have taken an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States.

The accomplices. These include the president of the United States, the Supreme Court justices and thousands of judges across the nation. They might also include most members of the national and state legislatures and the police.

The above officials all took oaths to uphold and defend the US Constitution. However, instead of objecting, most of them are going along with the illegal actions. They are just “following orders”, like good little German Nazis, instead of defending the national and state constitutions, which they swore to do.

Injunctions. Also needed in most American states and around the world are temporary injunctions. These are orders issued by judges to stop illegal actions immediately until the situation can be adjudicated. For example, in America, judges could issue orders to block the illegal economic shutdowns and the illegal stay-at-home orders until legal cases against the state governors can be brought to court.


5/6/20. A nurse from Elko, Nevada came to New York City to help out with the covid-19 patients. She was assigned to two hospitals. She has just posted a tearful video that reports that doctors in New York city are murdering covid-19 patients with medical mismanagement.

We believe her story is true, based upon other similar reports. Future posts will give more details. Her message – stay out of New York City hospitals. This is just one way that doctors and hospitals are inflating the covid-19 death statistics.


5/5/20. Why these updates? One of the purposes of this website and this blog is to chronicle and record the progress of our planet through a turbulent period of transition and awakening. We know that some of the information written here appears to have little to do with nutrition and health. However, in reality it has very much to do with the health and well-being of the people of the earth.

If the blog posts about changes on our planet are not of interest to you, then just ignore them. However, some readers are very interested in these changes. They help explain events on earth and where the planet and her people are headed.

Return of souls to earth. We are learning that trillions of souls who belong on earth were moved off the planet over the past 1500 years or so. Most were taken away in the past 100 years. The rogues, a group of beings from another area of space, apparently captured them and placed them in large metallic domes away from the planet. As we write this post, these souls are being returned to the earth.

We don’t know why the capture of the souls was allowed, but it has caused many problems on earth. One reason is that planets require all their souls. This is similar to human beings, who also require all of their souls in order to function properly.

Soul loss in human beings. For example, one of the worst effects of rape is the loss of a person’s advanced souls. We believe this is why the Bible suggests the punishment for rape (and we add to this seduction rape) should be death.

Without these more mature souls, a person will feel rather lost, less intelligent and less able to cope with life. Other traumas such as beatings and even serious illness can have the same effect. This topic is discussed in more detail in the Rape article.

A development program is one of very few ways we know of to enable the return of a person’s more advanced souls. This is an important reason to follow this program, and not other healing programs – including the older mineral balancing program of Dr. Paul Eck. His program, along with most other medical, holistic, naturopathic and nutritional programs, may provide symptomatic relief. However, they do not cause the return of advanced souls nearly as well as the updated development program that we now offer.

We know that our programs sometimes bring up difficult issues for healing. This can be very unpleasant. However, this seems to be needed to clear traumas and bring back a person’s more mature and more advanced souls.

Planet earth needs mature souls. There is another reason why returning the exiled souls to earth is critical at this time. Many of those who were exiled are more mature souls. Their intelligence and compassion are much needed at this time!

For example, most people on earth – even those who have not experienced traumas - seem to lack the wisdom to see through the lies and deceit of the medical experts regarding the Chinese virus. Most people on earth don’t seem to realize that there is a hidden agenda in the response to the rather mild Chinese virus.

The real agenda is to ruin the economies, take away basic rights, and impose a virtual dictatorship in the name of ‘health”. We believe that returning the more mature souls to earth that is now occurring is the only solution to this problem.


5/3/20. A former development program Helper is spreading lies about the program and Dr. Wilson. For example, she says we do not really use the hair mineral test. This is not true. The mineral test is the best method we have found to assess body chemistry for the purpose of development.

The souls who assist us also use the test to locate the person, which is also critical. Then they check to see if the mineral values need updating because the test is always at least two weeks old when the results arrive. Usually, the numbers are still valid. At times, however, a person’s body chemistry shifts quickly. In these instances, the souls will suggest an updated program.


5/3/20. The term, the dark web, is somewhat commonly known. It refers to illegal websites. These include sites about hacking, pornography, prostitution, human trafficking, terrorism, drug smuggling and other illegal activities.

However, there is a second, much more sinister secret web that we will call the EVIL WEB. It a parallel internet system in the United States and Europe, at least. It is real. Please do not doubt this.

The EVIL WEB has already been turned on and has at least partially replaced the internet. The author just had an experience with it that he describes at the end of the new article entitled Plague Of Corruption - About Dr. Fauci.

The EVIL WEB does everything the internet does, but it is controlled by the rogues. They can easily hack, change or shut down any website, email or data communication they wish, and they are doing this now.

This EVIL WEB is thoroughly and completely illegal and unconstitutional! It MUST be utterly destroyed or there will be absolutely no freedom of information on earth. We, the Citizens of the earth, beg for help from the Creator to destroy this monstrosity.


5/3/20. A new book by Dr. Judy Mikovits, Plague Of Corruption, details that Dr. Fauci is an evil man and is not what or who he appears to be. He is a psychopath and an anti-christ. He may be the anti-christ.

He has deliberately lied to the American people and to the whole world about the efficacy of hydroxychloroquin. He has also lied about the real Covid-19 statistics, which show a very benign virus with a death rate of about 0.1 to 0.3% or less. This is like the flu or even less dangerous. Many people also know that the statistics are being inflated and fudged.

He has also lied in not telling everyone that there is now a herd immunity to the virus due to its natural spread. As a result, everyone should go back to work immediately.

Fauci also has a long history of lying and covering up the truth. It has caused the death of millions of people. This is very important for planet earth. For more details, read Plague Of Corruption - About Dr. Fauci.


5/1/20. We believe there will be an increase in the speed of political and other events on earth. This will be upsetting to some people. However, it is necessary, both to rectify mistakes that have been made and to move the earth forward in her development.


5/1/20. Today, we were told that many more souls have been found around the earth who belong on earth. They are now back on earth and helping with the cleanup of the planet.

Also, more water has been brought to the earth. This may result in a wetter climate, particularly in the deserts and more arid parts of the planet. This would be a welcome change.


5/1/20. Today, on the radio, someone said the next epidemic in the United States and some other nations will be the lawsuits resulting from the economic shutdown orders. We sincerely hope these are not simply dismissed by the courts “due to the emergency”.

Gross constitutional violations. Universities, hospitals and some large and small businesses have lost millions of dollars of revenue. Many churches and synagogues are also in bad financial condition. All of this is the result of executive orders to shutdown parts of the economy and stay-at-home orders. The orders are a direct violation of the First Amendment rights to worship freely, to assemble, and an implied right under the Ninth Amendment to operate legal businesses.

The takings clause. The national and state constitutions of the United States also make it very clear that if the government shuts down a business, it must compensate the owners for the fair market value of that business. This is called the “takings clause” of the constitutions. Of course, this has not occurred and there are no plans for it to occur.

The same clause states that the government may only take a business “for a public use”. For example, there might be a need to build a road or bridge on the land on which the business sits. There is no provision that allows the government to shut down a business to reduce the spread of an illness. This power was entirely made up by the governors in violation of the national and state constitutions.

The governors can argue that the “police powers” doctrine gave them the power to do what they did. However, this law is extremely vague and the governors are still bound by the constitutions – which they took an oath to uphold and defend.

We believe the governors MUST be held personally liable for their unilateral actions. Anything less is a mockery of justice and will cause a repeat in the future of the same type of horror.

We hope the state governors keep this in mind who are continuing to issue shutdown orders in the face of mounting evidence of the benign nature of the Chinese virus.

The state governors in the United States may argue that their executive orders to shut down businesses were never legally binding – that they were they just “suggestions”. However, they were certainly not portrayed this way.

We also hope the matter is handled without saddling the taxpayers with huge legal costs. Otherwise, the only winners are attorneys.

The bailouts. Individuals and the American states should not be “bailed out” for actions that were their (the states’) responsibility. This is just another corrupt action and insult to the people of America.

The current “bailout” and “relief” measures passed by the US Congress are thoroughly illegal. The proper functions of the US Congress are spelled out clearly in Article I, Section 8 of the US Constitution. Bailing out individuals or states is not among them.

We suggest that all Americans contact their representatives. Tell them the Citizens don’t want the national government to bail out state governments for the states’ stupid, reckless and unconstitutional actions over the past several months. How else will the states learn their lessons?


4/30/20. Over the past few days, we have spoken to many people. The Chinese virus appears to be a fake emergency. It seems like the crisis was fabricated, perhaps to help people become wise.

More specifically, the virus is mild for most people. Hospitals around the world are mainly empty! Also, the authorities are not enforcing the economic shutdown orders and stay-at-home orders with jail sentences or other harsh measures.

In other words, most people are quite safe and are free to disobey the largely illegal and often stupid government orders. Some people are keeping their “non-essential” businesses open and they are not being arrested. The situation is helping people become wise in at least three areas:

- Getting over the fear of an illness that is not really serious and, in most cases, causes few problems.

- Getting over the fear of disobeying illegal and ill-advised government orders.

- Getting over the fear of being different from others. For example, if everyone around you is wearing a mask, you should feel fine not going along with the crowd if you don’t see the need for a mask. In fact, as masks become dirty, if they do anything, they increase your risk of becoming ill.

In short, the lessons are about thinking clearly and independently and then acting wisely by taking back your power. This is great wisdom.


4/30/20. We took down the post from yesterday because now the author is being told it was not quite correct. In addition, he would like the blog to remain focused on the nutrition program and on current events. The events in space may be important, but some readers think they are too strange and that we are not grounded.

Following the nutritional balancing program seems to be protective against the current electromagnetic and other assaults on the people of earth. So keep it up.

Coffee enemas, vaginal coffee or at least holding coffee in the mouth seems to be very helpful. Coffee is known to neutralize some black magic that is being used to control the people of earth. This is why it neutralizes homeopathic remedies. Drinking coffee does not do this nearly as well.


We urge people to question the authorities, with their fear-mongering and lying statistics. Demand of your political leaders that they stop violating the Citizen’s rights to move about and to operate their businesses. Act independently and use your common sense.

The Chinese virus is not that serious for most people – less serious than the flu. That is proven even by most government statistics. The statistics about New York City are lies – falsely inflated. Even hospitals there and the hospital ships are empty. There is no respirator crisis.

Masks and gloves are not needed and don’t work too well. They get dirty very quickly. Dirty gloves, in particular, are worse than nothing! Shutting the economies of ONLY the Western nations is just an effort to destroy Western civilization or to wake people up, and nothing more.

The schools and universities need to shut down until they start teaching the truth about the Citizen’s rights and the excellence of Western civilization.


Sending relief or ‘stimulus’ money to the people is illegal under the US Constitution (you can read the proper functions of the Congress in the US Constitution). The illegal handouts just wreck the economy more because they add debt, worsen inflation, and encourage people not to work.


Today, the author called the comment line of the president of the United States. A message came on announcing that the comment line is shut down. Even worse, the governor of the state of Arizona does not give a telephone number or an address to contact him.

So he is writing letters and sending emails. Some Citizens are marching in the streets. Marches are planned in California and other US states.

Others are just ignoring the shut down and stay-at-home orders. In the USA, so far, they are ALL doing just fine. It is the noble tradition of civil disobedience – meaning that the Citizens will not just “follow orders” if they don’t make sense.


4/27/20. Getting millions of people to use CBD and/or marijuana is one of the aspects of the war on the Western nations that is going on today. The effects build up as the amount of CBD builds up in the body. It is a narcotic drug and numbs the mind. We are sad that it is so widely advertised as being safe when the opposite is the truth. Please stay away.

Another part of the war is advanced mind control. We think they do this with powerful radionic or psychotronic devices and that rectangular arrays of antennas in the towns are the antenna systems for it. They tell people to just follow order, ignore the Constitutions of the nations, and that the Chinese are superior people and need to be their leaders.


4/27/20. We have been monitoring the poisoning of foods, at least in America. Several clients reported not feeling well after eating certain foods. Right now the broccolini in our area is safer, but organic carrots and cauliflower are best avoided. Non-organic carrots are okay. Lamb is best avoided at this time.


4/26/20. We believe that very few people are now dying of the Chinese virus. However, the negative forces on earth are lying to keep the fake “pandemic” going. Their goal is to shut down the economies of the Western nations as long as they can in order to do the most damage possible. Meanwhile, the economies of China, Russia, and other dictatorships are fully operational.

The dark forces will keep the shutdowns going as long as they can unless people call, write and email all their local, state and national government officials - and also take to the streets - to demand their rights and their freedom. This is what we recommend.

In America, this is perfectly legal, since the Citizens have the right to assemble and to petition their government. We don’t know the laws of other nations.


4/26/20. We just learned that most, if not all of the telecommunication companies in America and Europe, are secretly owned by Huawei, a Chinese criminal mega-company with very close ties to the Chinese government. This company does business in at least 70 nations, and probably a lot more, including nations that have sanctions such as Iran and North Korea.

In America and elsewhere, their 5G installers may drive around in unmarked trucks. We suggest staying away from them.

Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd is very much like the ultra-sinister organizations in the older James Bond movies. They have one goal – world domination.

Supposedly, there is a ban on this company in the United States, but we think this is a lie. Here is a short article about the so-called ban: Huawei, The US Ban, And Links To Chinese Spying. You should read some of the responses to this article in the posts just below the article.

Evil cell phones. The Huawei plan is to tear up the telephone lines and the cable systems in all nations, and they have begun to do this in Europe and the USA. This will force everyone to use cell phones that today are all weaponized.

Weaponized means they do much more than emit harmful microwave radiation. They can track your movements, listen to your conversations, damage the body, and send you messages to control what you think and what you do.

This is why we have written that cell phones are extremely dangerous. Only an idiot uses one! Please throw them away. The author has a simple flip phone for emergency use in his car, but he must keep the battery outside the phone or it damages his brain. He has asked for a newer flip phone, but those in charge of this blog tell him they are even worse!

Most people reading this blog can get a wired phone line or landline, or an internet phone at home. Repairmen, truckers and other that need wireless communications may still be able to buy citizen’s band radios. They are not as convenient, but much safer. Please do not use cell phones at all, or only in emergencies, if you value your life and your health.


4/26/20. We are being told that about half the people on earth have been brought in from other planets by the rogues for the purpose of controlling the planet. They are in many nations and speak our languages perfectly.

You can sometimes identify them because they often have tattoos, nose rings, other piercing, large earrings that stretch the ears, and many wear baseball hats backwards. However, some earth people have either been persuaded or forced to get tattoos and piercing. So you cannot necessarily tell which are the imposters.

The imposters are being cleared from the earth by the fine-matter beings, but more keep arriving. We are told that the flow of new arrivals is slowing as the earth is moving to a safer area in space. We hope this is true.


4/25/20. This lesson is about the ninth letter of the Ebre alphabet, the ye.

Gender. Ye is a masculine letter because the letters alternate in gender.

Energy Center. The ye corresponds to the ninth energy center located above the head.

Pronunciation.  The Ye has a hard sound. Its is the same as the Y in English, as in the word yes.

Application. The English word yes is similar to the word in Ebre. It is a positive emotional and expressive response.


4/25/20. Both political parties in the USA are illegally spending taxpayer money on bailouts and doing other illegal actions. We believe that the antics of the Democrats and the mainstream media are being used to distract attention from the fact that the president and Republican leaders are also at fault in violating the constitution.


4/24/20. This is the most difficult blog post we have yet written. However, it is also one of the most important. It is a continuation of the blog post of 3/31/20 entitled THE REAL SICKNESS.

The president of the United States, Mr. Trump, as well as most of the state governors, some members of the national and state legislatures, and some local government officials in America all need to be removed from office at once and tried for treason. This is the crime of violating the US and State Constitutions and/or giving aid and comfort to the enemies of the nation.

A difficult post. Suggesting this action is most difficult for the author because Mr. Trump, in particular, has done much that has been helpful for the American nation and, indeed, for the world. He has opposed ISIS, and opposed the growing threat of Communist China’s military buildup and growing influence in the world. He has also clearly recognized and supported the only democratic nation in the Middle East, the nation of Israel.

He has also clearly opposed the crime of infanticide – the killing of our unborn children. He has also chosen excellent Supreme Court justices and many excellent lower court judges. He has also been an outspoken supporter of the Second Amendment – the right to own and use firearms.

He has presided over the largest reduction ever in the American corporate income tax, an illegal tax. This has largely been responsible for reviving the American economy. He has done much more, as well, such as renegotiating illegal and unfair trade agreements worldwide, and more. Some of the above actions were hardly reported by the mainstream media in the United States or elsewhere, most of whom should be shut down for the crime of fraud or lying.

However, the president’s recent actions are thoroughly repugnant to the US Constitution and he must leave office at once for this reason. He even made a statement recently that he had “absolute authority” over the state governors, a total untruth except in time of war. Specifically:

- There is no authority whatsoever for the leader of the American nation to advocate or authorize in any way the shutting down of private businesses, especially when there is no declared state of war.

In America, there is an implied right to work - to earn a living, to contract with others, to assemble for this purpose, and to speak commercially, meaning to promote and sell one’s goods or services to others.

- Even more egregious is the very idea of stay-at-home orders. These are thoroughly illegal and right out of the Nazi era. They are a subtle way to minimize dissent and uprisings of the Citizens.

In America, the Citizens own the roads and other public infrastructure. They also own all public property, such as parks, and all public buildings, as well. That is the law. The Citizens must be permitted to use the roads and the public buildings at all times, within the usual hours of operation. This has been upheld by the courts of America since its founding.

Why treason? This is a very harsh accusation because the punishment can be death. Why do we suggest it? Because the president and every other official who supports the president’s suggestions is guilty of this crime and nothing less.

The crime of treason is rarely invoked today. It means an outright violation of the official’s oath of office to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States, and/or giving comfort and aid to the enemies of the nation.

Actually, President Trump accused the opposition political party members in Congress of it in their opposition to his idea of a border wall to stop illegal immigration. He was correct in this accusation, but his justice department has done nothing to pursue it. This is also one of his crimes.

Treason does not require a state of war, as some false legal authorities assert. The crime can be committed during wartime or peacetime.

In this case, both charges – violating the oath of office and giving comfort to the nation’s enemies - apply to the president and to about 40 or so of the state governors who have agreed and implemented the recent illegal policies. It also applies to about half of the members of the Congress of the United States who have actively supported the unconstitutional actions now occurring.

The crime of treason also applies to members of the state legislatures who have gone along with the lockdowns and stay-at-home orders. It also applies to many county and local government officials who have also gone along with the orders. It also applies to former government officials who have voiced their approval of the illegal actions, giving them further support.

Those in favor of the recent illegal actions will reply that the police powers doctrine in every American state applies here and gives the governors the power to give the orders. However, we say that this doctrine is thoroughly illegal because it violates the national and state constitutions. A flaw in the nation’s laws is that the police powers doctrine has not been ruled unconstitutional at an earlier time.


4/23/20. We have already written about the gross violation of the national and state constitutional rights to assemble and to worship freely that is taking place in America. We have said that if this is allowed to continue and the perpetrators go unpunished, that it is the end of the United States of America. We are basically back to a monarchy or, the modern word is a dictatorship.

Another important section of the national and state constitutions that is being grossly violated is called the takings clause. It states that the government may not take the people’s property without due process and without due compensation.

Explanation. Now and then, the government needs to take property, for example to build a highway or perhaps a canal. The constitutions say that this must be for public use only, there must be due process - meaning it must be properly carried out and approved - and the government must pay the owners of the property the fair market value of their property – meaning what it is really worth.

Today the governments of the United States and other nations are effectively taking people’s businesses illegally. While it is not outright stealing of the businesses, if a person cannot use their property or business, it amounts to the same thing as stealing it.

This stealing is not for a public use such as building a highway. Also, the government is not following due process, which means they are not following the correct procedure for taking the property. Also, the government is not compensating the owners the fair market value of their property and has no plans to do so.

Sending people checks for $1200.00 a month is nowhere close to the value of most businesses in America. Small business loans do not in any way compensate a person for the loss of their business.

So this abuse of power – violation of the takings clause of the constitution – is yet another egregious crime against the people of America and some other nations that have a similar law. The people must object, must do it now and must do it strongly. If they do not do this, we fear for the future of the nations.


4/22/20. Here are some revealing statistics. As of about April 17, one state in America, South Dakota, did not close its businesses or tell people to stay at home. It has reported 1755 cases of the Chinese virus and 8 deaths.

Meanwhile, other states that are roughly the same size that shut down businesses and issued stay-at-home orders ALL reported a higher death rate, as follows:

Idaho - 1577 cases, 44 deaths; Nebraska -1287 cases, 28 deaths; Minnesota - 2071 cases, 111 deaths; Montana - 400 cases, 8 deaths; Wyoming - 300 cases, 19 deaths

We are not surprised that where the economy remained open and the people went about their business normally, there were fewer deaths. The reason is that shutting the economy and forcing people to stay home frightens people, which weakens their immune system.


4/21/20. Apparently, the American president, governors and other leaders believe that the US Constitution is nice except in an “emergency” such as this one.

This attitude reveals a lack of understanding of the concept of limited government and constitutional rule as a whole system. Whole systems work in unusual ways and are quite self-correcting if you allow them to work. Properly informed, the citizens tend to be smarter than the government in regard to how to cope with situations voluntarily.

An analogy occurs commonly in nutritional science. Many holistic and natural physicians believe that nutrition is nice except in an emergency such as a bad infection. Then, they tell me, one needs to resort to drug medicine. We find this is not true, but it is a prevailing attitude.

With the Chinese virus, our leaders have abandoned the principles of limited government and self-government. Instead of giving people solid information and allowing them to make wise choices, a solution has been imposed that does not work well and is causing massive economic, social, mental and health damage.

We believe this is all intentional. We further believe it is an attack on Western civilization, and perhaps on all civilization. The virus is being used as the excuse to take away the people’s rights, their livelihood, and more.

We believe this is the main lesson of this experience. Fortunately, many are waking up to the deception, but not all and somewhat late to save all the businesses.

We are very disappointed in our leaders at all levels of government. Almost all of them are going along with the lies and the abandonment of the principles of limited government.

This is especially true in the United States, where the rights of the people are clearly spelled out in the national and every state constitution. Either the leaders are controlled in some sinister way or they are not who they appear to be.


4/19/20. We urge everyone to write to your president, prime minister, representatives, members of parliament and other leaders urging them and warning them to stop the shutdowns and the stay-at-home orders. These letters are much needed.

Here is what to say: Dear ______, Your actions in closing down the economy and ordering people to stay at home are doing far more damage than the corona virus. The orders are causing increased suicides, massive drug addiction and alcohol abuse, and much more disease from other causes such as heart attacks. They are also causing great economic loss, and great wealth transfer from the poorer people to the wealthy people as people lose their businesses and must sell them at a low price. Please change course at once.

We believe you are being used by the enemies of the Western nations to weaken your nation’s economy and to harm your people.


Your actions also violate the US Constitution and the state constitution, both of which protect the right of the people to assemble, to worship freely and to speak freely. Freedom of speech includes an implied right to operate a legal business.

If you wish, sign your name to the letter or email (emails are never private). If you prefer, or are concerned that someone may come after you, just sign the letter: “A concerned Citizen” or something like that.

We suggest writing, calling or emailing every public official and leader you can think of, with the hope that someone will stand up for your constitutional rights.


4/19/20. The worst effect of the response to the Chinese virus is not the health effects or economic ruin.

The worst effect is the disregard of the rights of the people to move about and to work. These rights, such as the rights to assemble, to speak freely (includes doing business) and to contract, are the underpinnings of any modern, free society!

Very sadly, extremely few people are objecting to the violation of these rights. All nations have gone through many, far worse disease outbreaks for hundreds of years without these violations.

The courts. The courts of the United States and other lands should be objecting to the violation of the basic rights of the people. However, so far we have not heard a word from them.

In fact, the courts of America have been shut down – another horrible violation of the Constitution.

The radio talk show hosts. We are disappointed in the conservative and patriotic radio commentators. Very few discuss the legal problems with the shutdown and stay-at-home orders.

The commentators and our leaders also do not spend nearly enough time discussing the “side effects” of the shutdowns - the suicides, alcohol and drug addiction, diseases and more. We believe the shutdowns are causing more deaths than they prevent.

Evidence of this is that the state of South Dakota, which has not shut down its economy, has a lower death rate than neighboring states that did shut down.

The daily briefings in America and other nations are lacking. The president, some of whose actions in the past were very good, is going along with the violations of the constitution.

What about the suicides and the addictions resulting from the shutdowns. Where are the numbers about those horrors? Our leaders clearly know about them and they don’t want the people to know the truth. We believe these oversights are intentional and people should object to them.

We know this is strong language. However, we believe we are in the midst of constitutional crisis and hardly a word is said about it.


4/18/20. Protests are taking place in the United States by people who want to go back to work. These have occurred in Michigan, Texas, and Minnesota. The Pennsylvania legislature also passed a bill to try to force the governor to reopen the economy.

Some of our Helpers are reporting trouble with mail delivery from Europe to the USA.

4/18/20. The court system in the United States has been shut down. This is another outrage and horrible violation of the US Constitution which guarantees the Citizens due process of law and a speedy trial.

4/18/20. We have laid out what we believe is the truth about the Chinese virus - it is not a killer virus. The danger is from poisoning that looks like a viral disease.

The poisoning is part of a larger plan to disrupt and then completely defeat and destroy the Western nations. Some foods are not that safe to eat – among them lamb, organic carrots and brocollini, and perhaps other organic produce.

Other products may also be unsafe to touch or handle. These can even include the steering wheels of cars. We will try to alert you to dangerous products, and there are efforts underway to clean everything up.

Poisoning is done by at least five methods: direct spraying by operatives; spraying from overhead ships; EMF toxins from 5G towers, home computers, television sets, cars and other equipment; putting fine-matter creatures around individuals who then harm them; and the worst - the use of fear and witchcraft to sicken and kill people.

Fear. For example, hospitals are exaggerating the death count from the virus. Also, most of the mass media has a tone of fearfulness and panic instead of calming and correctly informing the people.

Witchcraft. This is a set of evil methods to use the mind to harm others. It is a science that the rogues understand very well. It is a terrible weapon because it is quite powerful and it is difficult to detect.

It is not an accident that the Bible warns against the use of sorcery, witchcraft, lying, casting spells and other mental projection techniques, also called black magic. Many people use these methods unconsciously to get what they want.

Many women and men don’t mind manipulating others with their sexy bodies, their lying words, and their thoughts of domination and control. However, these people pay a price because this is not proper behavior. For example, sexy behavior often leads to Rape.

If you wish to influence others, do it clearly and directly with words, thoughts and actions. For example, praying for oneself or others is fine. This is a method in which you ask for the best outcome, often stated as “Thy Will be done”.

Asking in prayer that another person recover from an illness or become wealthy is not as good because it may not be the best outcome for all concerned. It is often also somewhat selfish. For details, read Prayer and Witchcraft.


4/18/20. Although there is no declared war between China and the Western nations, it appears that they are the aggressors in what is unfolding. We believe this nation is controlled by the rogues. Most of the people of communist China are not at fault, but the leaders are affiliated with the rogues.

Infiltration. Chinese dominance in industry is just a small part of their control over the Western nations and, indeed, most of the world. You don’t have to believe this, but it is true.

The response. Fine matter creatures from earth and beyond have been called in to stop the attack. There may be shortages of certain items for a while. We hope there will not be many other problems, but we are not sure how difficult the cleanup will be.

The shutdowns. Meanwhile, the corona virus is mild and the problem is chemical poisoning, as explained in earlier posts. The economies of the Western nations need to open at once – not in two weeks! Those who shut down the economies – the governors, presidents, legislators and others - need to be held accountable for their violation of the rights of the people.

Lessons. The Western nations must learn not to do business with communists and the importance of teaching Biblical values. There are many other lessons that we will discuss in future posts.

Right now, there will be some chaos, but the truth will come out eventually. It is a time to stay centered, balanced and grounded and we know of no better way than to follow a Development Program.


4/17/20. Today, the author bought a package of facial tissues at Trader Joe’s market. When he opened the package, they had a strange smell. Within minutes of touching the tissue, he became hot and short of breath. These, of course, are symptoms of the Chinese virus. He threw away the facial tissues and the symptoms slowly faded away in about one hour.

This may explain why our supermarkets do not have facial tissues. The reason may not be just hoarding. Perhaps it is also to protect us from poisoned facial tissues.


4/16/20. Even the lying New York Times just reported that the deaths from the corona virus are being exaggerated. Corrupt hospitals add to the death figures each day because they “think” more people died of the corona virus who did not make it to the hospital. We believe the actual number of deaths in America, for example, is about half or even less than what is reported.

South Dakota, USA. This state never shut down their economy, and the people are fine with very few deaths. It is a rural state, but it has cities, as well.

Mexico. This large nation did not shut their economy. It is reporting just above 5000 deaths – extremely low for a nation of 250 million people. Check the figures yourself. This is a much lower death rate than the annual flu!

Eastern Europe. We spoke today with people in Estonia and Croatia. They told us that their economies are open and everyone is working. The same is true for some other nations of Eastern Europe. Another nation with a fully functioning economy is Nicaragua.

The Western news media is not telling us the truth about any of this! World leaders and the conservative talk show hosts are all controlled at this time, so you are not hearing much about it from them, either. As we have posted earlier, this is not a serious illness and there is no “pandemic”!

However, it is part of an attack by the rogues, who are using the Chinese as their front group, to weaken the economies of the Western nations and eventually take them over. The media is not telling us about this, either.

People need to go back to work! In America and in some other nations, the constitution of the nation gives the people the right to assemble, to worship freely, and to speak (which legally includes the right to work). This means the shutdowns and stay-at-home orders are all illegal!


4/15/20. A few people on the development program in the USA report that they don’t feel well if they eat certain foods. We checked and certain foods are being secretly poisoned.

Foods that seem to be most affected are organic carrots (non-organic are better), broccolini, cauliflower and lamb.

We believe that rogue ships are spraying farmland with arsenic. The crops take it up and it damages the food, which looks and tastes fine. The ships overhead are cloaked so people are unaware of the illegal spraying.

We are told the spraying is being stopped. However, some foods in America and perhaps other nations won’t be right for a while.

We welcome feedback about this problem.


4/15/20. We now believe the Chinese virus, the weaponized 5G network, and the recent poisoning of our food – yes, they are poisoning our food (see the post above) – is all about taking back your power. Until Western people decide they have had enough of the insults, we believe it will continue.

The government authorities are not respectful of the rights of the Citizens and we don’t think this will change until the people demand it. If it means marching in the streets because the people own the streets, then so be it. People must stand up for their rights or lose them. That is what we are coming to believe. Cowering in fear is wrong!


4/14/20. It is becoming clearer every day to more people that the shutdowns are not just about a virus. NO. The shutdowns and the stay-at-home orders are parts of an attack on the Western way of life - liberty. It is the only explanation that makes sense.

The virus, itself, is not that lethal for most people. The measures to stop are worse – causing more death – than the viral disease.

The economic shutdown and stay-at-home orders are wholly illegal and some are just insane. For example, in Michigan, USA, the governor declared that the people may go sailing or use a rowboat, but may not use a motorized boat. The reason, she declares, is that the motorized craft require stopping for gasoline, which exposes oneself and others to the virus.

Well, how about wearing gloves when fueling the motorboat and standing apart from the nearest person? I guess the governor thinks the Citizens are just too stupid to do that! Take back your power!

Easter. A pastor in Kentucky, USA, held Easter services yesterday “in defiance” of the stay-at-home order. We salute him and all who stand up for their Constitutional rights to assemble, to speak freely and worship freely.

We say, live your life and open your businesses. Take back your power and take the state governors to court for overstepping their power and perhaps other crimes. If the courts side with them, then impeach the judges and get rid of them. If this advice proves to be stupid or reckless, we will let you know in future posts.


4/13/20. The discussion on television of the virus is mainly what we call the totalitarian narrative. This is all about shutdowns and stay-at-home orders, both of which are an authoritarian approach and we believe quite illegal in the United States and some other nations.

There is another approach to handling epidemics that we can call the legal narrative. It is first about respecting the basic rights of the people to move about and earn a living. This is written into the United States national and state constitutions as the right to assemble. Also, there are rights to worship freely and to speak freely, and speech in legal terms means conducting business.

Those who are over the age of about 75 or 80 and those with chronic health conditions need to be most careful. Younger and healthier people who care for their health are quite safe from serious harm.

The Chinese virus is quite contagious, so stopping it is not possible. Instead, the Citizens need to practice cleanliness and excellent nutrition such as avoidance of sugar, chemicals and other junk food and fast food. This is basic common sense.

We find that Cooked vegetables, not raw ones, are best because, in our research, the human body cannot extract much nutrition from raw vegetables. Salads give one a lot of fiber, but not a lot of mineral nutrition. Vegetable juices are better in this regard, but should be taken in limited amount because they are very yin in macrobiotic terms. For the same reason, we find fruit to be harmful.

We also find that nutritional supplements such as vitamins A, C and D, and zinc in the proper amounts are also powerful to prevent, mitigate and heal the Chinese virus.

A complete development program of the type we offer is actually much better because it balances the body for each individual and avoids guesswork.


4/13/20. We recommend that people do not invest money in the 5G phone system or in the cellphone system. Our guidance is that these systems will be torn down and replaced by a fiber optic phone system that is not harmful for health.


4/12/20. Our information is that president Trump is essentially being held hostage by the rogues. Here is how they do it:

They usually start by beating the person up – perhaps breaking a leg or an arm. They may poke out an eye or break a few teeth if they feel it necessary. If this is not enough or not ‘appropriate’, they imprison the person’s family and friends, and the tortures get worse from there. They may also threaten to wreck the power grid, the phone system or something else in a nation.

Something similar is probably going on to force other world leaders and the media to go along with the shutdowns and stay-at-home orders. The rogues know the orders are illegal and are devastating the economies of the West and ruining people’s health. But dissent has largely been stopped. We believe it is a rogue plan.

Suicide. For example, we are told that the suicide rate in many nations is up as much as 50% in the past month or so. However, the media and leaders are not discussing this fact.

Suicide is affecting people of all ages, whereas the virus is mainly killing people who are so old and in poor health that many would die of something else within six months. This is according to Neil Ferguson, a respected British epidemiology expert.

We believe the shutdowns, stay-at-home orders, fearful rhetoric, and violation of basic rights are causing more death than the virus. In most cases, the virus causes only minor symptoms or none at all.

We hope this situation will eventually backfire on the perpetrators. The earth forces are working to free the families and friends of the world leaders and to bring more accurate information to the Citizens.

Meanwhile, so far, those who follow a development program faithfully are safe.

Fear. Fear and panic just weaken the body, which creates more disease in a vicious cycle. Don’t fall into this trap! It is what the rogues want.

If you don’t feel well and you are on a development program, we suggest submitting a question to your Helper and we will check you. We do not recommend just loading up on vitamin C or other remedies and we never say don’t go to doctors. However, if you are on a program, we suggest checking with us first.


4/11/20. A short, but important new article is Killers Of The Development Program. I will add more links to it to make it easier to use.


4/11/20. We have been asked to change our focus. Instead of writing new articles or adding to existing articles, we have been asked to spread the development program to everyone on earth. To do this, our energy will be spent helping others put up fairly simple websites in different languages that teach the development program.

Please help us do this in your nation. We need websites in every language on earth that contain the following articles:

- Food For Daily Use

- Food For Occasional Use

- Forbidden Foods

- The Healthy Lifestyle

- The Basic or "Free" Program

- The Procedures Handbook

Other helpful articles are Unknown Concepts, The Food Situation, Remineralizing The Body, I want The Program, But Not The Feelings and Killers Of The Development Program.

Other articles could be added, but the above are the most important.


4/11/20. For safety and happiness, everyone on earth needs to develop themselves. This is a genetic therapy that expands your energy field. This method, and this one only, will give you the most protection against all viruses and diseases and heals the body at the deepest level. It also heals you mentally and emotionally at the deepest level and can remove even quite severe traumas. We believe this is the best way at this time in history to eat and live in order to promote a much longer and happier life.

Other benefits. Development also brings in new abilities such as telepathy and many other abilities. It also will give you much more and much better guidance and assistance from advanced beings.

For details, read Introduction To Development. This website also has many other articles about development.

To develop quickly requires the development program we offerand not other people’s healing programs. Other programs may make you feel better, but they don’t cause development - and most of them stop development. What you stay away from is just as important as what you do.

Programs that are popular, but do not cause development and often stop it. These include the use of random herbs, chelation, intravenous vitamins, homeopathy, energy medicine, most healing machines, fasting or intermittent fasting, most diets, taking a lot of supplements, many detoxification procedures such as baths and clay, and more.

The development program is mechanical. This means that if you do it, you develop quickly. You need not believe in it or understand it or like it.

It just works. We don’t know all the reasons why. We just know that those who follow it diligently do the best! So that is what we sincerely recommend. For details, read Introduction To The Development Program.


4/10/20. Planet earth, our entire solar system and many other planets and stars continue to move through space, at least that is what appears to be what is occurring.

The earth remains within the head area of a very large, female, fine matter being who looks like an angel and says her name is Yaway (emphasis on the second syllable). Several times, she thought she found her husband or twin, but so far these were other beings and not him.

She is now moving quickly in space, hopefully to a location that is away from the rogues, as we call them. As we do this, we are better able to clean up the earth, which has been under rogue control for about 20,000 years.


4/10/20. We are being told that important lessons from the Chinese virus that most people are NOT learning at this time are:

1. It is not wise to have a foreign nation make most of one’s products, especially a communist-controlled nation.

2. Medical experts are often wrong in their predictions and in their methods.

3. Excellent nutrition, along with cleanliness, are the most important single factor to mitigate disease.

4. Liberty and basic human rights are absolute values, not to be debated or compromised. People have inalienable rights to move about freely and to conduct their businesses. When governments overstep their power and deprive citizens of these rights, it amounts to STEALING. No “stimulus package” can hope to make up for this stealing. It is like taking away people’s homes and then giving them tents to live in.

5. Causing fear dramatically worsens people’s health and leads to more disease. The 7 system can help us understand how the current handling of the Chinese virus is causing fear:

1. Survival fear. This is due to job loss and other effects of economic shutdown.

2. Emotional fear. Almost constant hysteria and lack of calm, objective reporting on the news frightens people. Both the mass media and the leaders have made this problem worse.

3. Fear of loss of control and power. Depriving people of basic rights such as the right to move about freely, to earn a living and to worship freely greatly frightens people.

4. Social fear. Social isolation from having to stay home frightens many people and easily leads to suicide.

5. Creative fear. Forcing people to stop working deprives many people of their major creative and expressive outlet and is a terrible event for some people.

6. Mental fear. Putting up with incompetence, lies and deception frighten people. For example, the mass media are not careful enough about reporting the truth. Also, many stories are circulating that some hospitals exaggerate the corona death numbers.

Also, the disease experts confuse the people by insisting we need extreme measures based upon computer models. A week later, when the models prove wrong, they tell us that computer models are not very good.

7. Spiritual or religious fear. Depriving people of the right to worship freely is a violation of basic human rights and it causes deep fear among some people.

These seven fear factors multiply the problems of the virus many times over. They cause much more physical disease and mental problems, such as suicides. The “daily death tally” on the news should include these deaths.

Then we believe the current policy of lockdown would be found to be killing many more people than if the economies were kept running, the rights of the citizens were respected, and better nutrition, nutritional supplements and simple rules of cleanliness were the primary methods used to control the virus.

The 7 system helps us understand that we do not just live at the physical level. The founders of America, for example, understood this well. Current world leaders desperately need to understand this, as well. For more information about the 7 system, go to The 7 System.


4/9/20. is not fulfilling orders for any of Dr. Wilson’s books. They may take the order, but the orders are not passed on for fulfillment. To order Dr. Wilson’s books, order from Analytical Research Labs in Phoenix, Arizona, USA: 1 (800) 528-4067 or 1 (602) 995-1580 or or 2225 W. Alice Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85021.


4/9/20. There is a new wave coming to the earth. It is being brought by the fine matter beings. Most people do not know about fine matter beings. We wrote a little about them in posts on:

- 1/29/20 (Coarse And Fine Matter Beings)

- 1/30/20 (Assistance)

- 3/7/20 (More About Fine Matter Beings).


4/8/20. The Chinese virus event of the last few months has shown just how far America has drifted from legal constitutional rule. Here are a few examples:

- The right to assemble. The First Amendment to the US Constitution in America makes it very clear that the Citizens have a right to assemble. This means to gather and to move about. The governments of many American states are directly violating this right at this time with their shut-downs and stay-at-home orders.

- The right to work and to earn a living. This is not specified in the national and state constitutions and needs to be. However, it is implied. Some constitutional scholars say it is part of the right to speak freely.

Article 1, Section 10 of the US Constitution also prohibits the states from interfering with the Obligation of contract, which also has to do with running a business.

Without a right to work and earn a living, none of the rest of the constitution means much. If the government can just shut down businesses when it feels like it, there is absolutely no economic freedom whatsoever.

The current economic shutdowns in the United States are purely whimsical or arbitrary, and this is wholly illegal. Some businesses are arbitrarily deemed “essential” while others are not.

In our community, the thrift stores and other used clothing stores are all shut down, but the Target store is open. This is purely arbitrary! It just harms the poor people who need the second-hand stores and it harms the churches and shelters that need the money they earn from the thrift stores.

The purpose of the governments in the United States is to protect the people’s rights, not take them away.

The current economic shutdowns are among the most horrible violation of the constitutions imaginable. THEY MAKE IT IMPOSSIBLE FOR PEOPLE TO TAKE CARE OF THEMSELVES and are nothing less than STEALING AND DESTROYING THE WEALTH OF THE PEOPLE. We sincerely hope the government officials who have instituted these policies will be held accountable and end up in prison for their crimes.

Even more despicable are the stay-at-home orders. In America, the Citizens own the roads, bridges and all the government-owned infrastructure. The Citizens have a right to use the roads as long as it is for legal travel. Restricting travel is called martial law and indicates that the constitutions, national and state, have been completely thrown out. These orders are complete dictatorial rule of the people. This may be allowed in other nations, but is abhorrent to the American way of life and sovereignty of the Citizens.

Some will say, but we are in an emergency situation. We answer, read the US national and state constitutions. They say nothing about throwing out the constitution due to viruses, wars or anything else!!! If the government wishes to advise, recommend or suggest that people wash their hands or stay home from work or school, that is fine. Forcing it on people is abhorrent to every principle of freedom the nation was founded upon.

All elected officials in the United States and all police must swear an oath to uphold and defend the constitution of the United States. We hope the leaders who have violated this oath will be held accountable for the crime of treason, among others. Treason is working with the enemies of the nation to destroy it.

- The Illegal National Institutes Of Health. A number of the American president’s advisors about the virus come from this institute. However, it is an illegal organization. If you read the US National Constitution or the state constitutions, medical research is not listed or enumerated as a function of the government. ENUMERATED is the key word because the national and state governments of the United States are only supposed to carry out enumerated functions.

The physicians and others at these institutes are government bureaucrats first and scientists second. They have a history of suppressing natural methods of healing and mainly do research related to drugs. They have not solved America’s health problems and have cost the Citizens countless billions of dollars.

Their advice in this crisis has been poor. In truth, the virus is relatively mild, their computer models have been wrong, the panic is not needed, and the shutdowns and other measures are thoroughly illegal, but they don’t care.

Sweden and Mexico have fewer or the same number of deaths from the virus with no shutdowns. Sweden, however, recently caved in to pressure to conform to the shutdowns using false statistics.

Health research is best done privately. This is more efficient, less subject to waste, fraud and abuse, and much less politicized.

- Illegal executive orders. The power to issue executive orders is not found anywhere in the US or the state constitutions of America. They are wholly illegal. They are a return to the days when kings and queens ruled by decree or edict, rather than the rule by law.

Executive orders are being used to establish and enforce economic shutdowns, stay-at-home orders and other policies that utterly disregard and destroy the rights of the Citizens.

- Bailouts and welfare bills. The US and state constitutions do not empower the legislatures of America to bail out anyone or to set up welfare programs. Yet the Congress of the United States has just spent several trillion dollars of the people’s money doing just that. This legislation is completely illegal.

Other welfare programs in the United States that run contrary to the Constitution are Social Security and Medicare for older people and Medicaid for poor people. All of these laws are repugnant to the US and state constitutions. They sound good, but these systems are rife with the three horrors of government programs – waste, fraud and abuse. Private welfare systems, which America used to have, are much more efficient and much more compassionate, as well.

The medical system. Among other problems, the illegal welfare laws powerfully support the drug medical care monopoly in America. With the exceptions of surgery and trauma care, this method of health care is a dismal and extremely costly failure in America and around the world. Too often, it poisons the Citizens, worsens their health, and shortens their lives.

Development science is so superior there is no comparison. We hope someday this method will be permitted and used in hospitals and everywhere.

- The illegal regulatory agencies. America has about 49 regulatory agencies. They make laws about everything from food and communication to transportation and advertising. They are all thoroughly illegal.

The power to make laws in America is given to the legislatures in the national and state constitutions, not to unelected and therefore unaccountable bureaucrats in regulatory agencies. These agencies also violate the vital constitutional doctrine of separation of powers. The regulators have the power to act as legislators, executives and judges - all at the same time. The word to describe this style of government is tyranny.

These agencies have given us “FDA-approved” junk food that fills the supermarket shelves and cars that waste billions of gallons of gasoline. Even with current outdated technology, many cars should get 100 miles per gallon of gas using hybrid technology.

The US regulatory agencies also give us fake drug advertising that does not even begin to tell people all the adverse effects of the drugs. They have also given us the health-destroying cell phone system and the new 5G horror, all without the people’s permission or the approval of their national and state representatives.

The Department Of Agriculture is one of the worst illegal regulatory agencies, giving Americans food containing toxic agricultural chemicals and meat from animals that are drugged and basically abused on factory farms.

We could go on for pages about regulatory abuse in America. The regulatory agencies are one of the worst violations of the national and state constitutions. For more details, read The Regulatory State, The FDA Menace and Death By Regulation by Mary J. Rewart, PhD (Sunstar Press, 2018). Dr. Ruwart’s other book, Healing Our World, is also quite good.


A major way is an unconstitutional legal doctrine called the police powers. It came into being about 125 years ago. It gives state governors broad powers, especially in the area of health. Attorneys learn in law school that “this is the law”, and that is the end of it.

This is incorrect and this entire doctrine needs to be thrown out. Unfortunately, the Supreme Court of the United States is quite corrupt and has been for over 150 years. This court has permitted the police powers doctrine to stand, although it clearly violates the national and state constitutions.

The police powers doctrine is the basis for a lot of horror in the United States. For example, it is the basis for the illegal medical licensing laws and all the illegal occupational licensing laws in America. Americans are supposed to have the right to work and to earn a living. Occupational licensing laws thoroughly destroy this right.

The police powers doctrine is also the basis for forced medical treatment such as forced vaccination. This horror is absolutely abhorrent to the rights of the Citizens. If a person cannot decide what will be done to his or her body, that person has no rights at all. The Citizens are just slaves.

The police powers doctrine, along with Obamacare (The Affordable Care Act of 201) is also the basis for essentially arresting people if they go to a hospital, restricting them from leaving, and electronically monitoring their movements within the hospital. This is abhorrent to any idea of rights and liberty.

We call upon President Trump to keep his campaign promise to completely repeal the horrendous and unconstitutional Obamacare law. This would be easy to do because the US House of Representatives has already passed a repeal law. It just needs to go to the US Senate, which the Republicans control. The president’s failure to do this is egregious.

The police powers doctrine is responsible for many other violations of the Citizen’s rights that are occurring at this time in America. The government of the United States may suggest or advise, but cannot legally and constitutionally force Citizens to wear masks, stay six feet apart from each other, and much more.


4/7/20. 5G antennas are being installed near schools throughout America and probably around the world during the Corona virus shutdown. They are taking advantage of the school closures to install the antennas.

Photos collected by many people show police, AT&T workers and others installing the antennas. These antennas put out a tremendous amount of microwave radiation that causes headaches, fatigue and perhaps more serious illness as well.

A powerful weapon. 5G, it turns out, is primarily a weapon with which the rogues can sicken and most likely kill anyone they wish who does not go along with their control of the earth. The antennas are tuned to the frequency of each person who lives nearby. If they turn up the power, the person feels sick. Their use for the phone and data transmission is secondary.

Some of the covid-19 “epidemic” is manufactured using the 5G network to sicken and weaken people. For example, New York City has more 5G than most other places in America, so that is where most of the sick people are. In fact, many who are listed as dying from covid-19 actually died from other causes. Hospital personnel in New York and elsewhere are lying about this and need to be put in jail for a long time for this crime.

PEOPLE MUST TELL THEIR CITY OFFICIALS AND ALL GOVERNMENT REPRESENTATIVES THAT WE DO NOT WANT 5G, which is a global weapons and spying system. For more details, a good source is:


4/7/20. A minor illness. This virus causes a minor, self-limiting illness in most people. How do we know this? The numbers say so and the nation in which it began – Red China – is back operating at basically full capacity. They closed some businesses in some cities for perhaps two weeks, and that is all.

Some say, “Oh, but you can’t trust the Chinese because they are communists.” You don’t need to! Many people in America and elsewhere have friends or family in Red China, and can talk to them by phone or email. The streets of China are not filled with dead bodies.

Once again, in almost all cases, this is a minor illness. The very old and very sick need to be more careful, and that is all.

Some will accuse this blog of being a corona virus denier. This is not true. However, we believe in a balanced, natural and legal approach to the problem.

This would mean: 1) emphasizing nutrition and the use of diet and nutritional supplements to boost the immune system, 2) freely discussing the horrendous health effects of destroying people’s jobs and restricting their movement, and 3)respecting the rights of the people by recommending, but not forcing measures upon them.

Instead, millions are being thrown out of work. In some European nations, the police are arresting citizens for going more than 50 yards from their home! This is martial law and, we say, is not about disease prevention. In fact, shutdowns and stay-at-home orders have a powerfully negative effect upon the Citizens’ physical and mental health. This has been proven and is well-documented.

End of the road. If this is allowed to continue, it is the end of Western civilization as we know it and the beginning of a new dark age. If that is what people want, then just go along. Otherwise, Citizens everywhere need to rise up and protest.

Lying. Stories are spreading that some hospitals and doctors are lying about the number of people dying from the virus. Today, the Italian Minister of Health announced that he reviewed the cases in Italy and only 12% of the reported deaths were directly linked to the virus! People dying of other causes were falsely and, we think, maliciously labeled as dying from the virus.

Similar stories are surfacing in the United States. Several physician friends said that the US death rate from heart attacks and cancer have decreased, and the cause of death is often being falsely reported as corona virus!

Our guides say that lying is taking place in Sweden – to “prove” that their better policy of leaving the economy in place does not work - when really there is not more illness there or in Mexico, which also has not shut down its economy.

Falsely inflated statistics just feed the fear and panic, which causes much more disease and death, as explained in a post on 4/6/20.


4/7/20. The Chinese virus situation has all the earmarks of a rogue attack. Here is what to look for:

- They always employ the old military tactic of DIVIDE AND CONQUER. For example, stay-at-home orders divide the people and make it much harder for them to organize against the government. As stated above, we believe such orders are illegal and have little to do with disease prevention. For example, the air outside of homes is always cleaner than the air inside homes. Staying inside a lot of the day just makes health worse.

- They always do their best to wreck the people’s morals and character. Work is an important moral value that gives great meaning to many people’s lives. Shutting businesses and forcing people to be idle is very harmful for the mind and for the morality of people. We believe it is also completely illegal in America, at least. It is pure socialism or communism. It amounts to stealing people’s wealth and their ability to take care of themselves.

- Despite their high-sounding rhetoric, the rogues always hurt people. For example, in our city, all the thrift stores were shut down as “non-essential”. But thrift stores are essential for poorer people who depend upon these stores for supplies, clothing, etc. The shutdown also causes unemployment and hurts the churches, who depend upon the stores for income.

Our city also restricted the farmer’s markets. This hurts subsistence farmers and the patrons, as well. It forces people to shop in somewhat dingy, crowded supermarket isles where social distancing is a joke.

The arrogant elites would answer - just order food and have it delivered. But not all markets offer this service. Besides, odd as it may sound, some of us like to pick out our own food rather than have other people handle it and perhaps sneeze all over it!

Restaurants that serve real food are all shut down. However, the drive-through fast food places that harm people’s health immeasurably are open.

The state of Florida, USA, has closed many beaches. Beaches, with their sunshine, fresh air and salt water bathing are among the healthiest places on earth! Salt water kills most germs. The sun shining on the skin produces vitamin D, among the most powerful immune-boosting nutrients. Surely people can figure out how to stay six feet apart on the beach. The only logical conclusion is that this is about totalitarian rule, not about health.

These are observations of how stupid and/or corrupt the government is at all levels. It is why the founders of America attempted to restrain the government and why people should never trust them and always work to limit their power.

- The rogues always want the people in fear and impoverished. They know this weakens people’s resolve and their health, and makes them much easier to control. Forcing business closures and job loss is already causing a massive wealth transfer from the people to the elites.

- The rogues always favor top-down, authoritarian solutions to problems. They always push for increased government power and reduced personal freedom. The hidden agenda is to increase their control over the population.

- They always lie and deceive. This is because truth is not one of their goals or objectives. Political power and control are their objectives. Lying is perfectly okay if it helps achieve these goals.

- They always advocate toxic methods of health care. These are mainly drugs and vaccines, rather than the use of pure food, pure water, rest, sunshine and nutritional supplements. They know that toxic methods weaken the bodies, making the people easier to control

- Rogue operations are always expertly-coordinated and well-executed. They usually plan an operation years ahead. They make sure that their operatives or agents are in positions of authority such as hospital personnel, media personnel, political leaders, police and others.

Their methods of controlling their operatives are extremely high-tech and secretive, such as the use of brain implants. For more about the group we call the rogues, read The Rogues.


4/6/20. We are sorry that some pages on our website are not coming up. It is due to changing to a different type of server. We are working on the problem and it will soon be fixed.


4/5/20. The economic shutdowns coupled with fear-mongering on television is causing a lot more covid-19 illness and death, as well as other illnesses. Here is why this occurs:

- Stress causes anxiety and depression, among other mental problems. These negative mental states weaken the entire body, including the immune response. This is well-known in medical research.

- Stress activates the sympathetic or fight-or-flight branch of the autonomic nervous system. This is good for fighting or running, but it turns off the immune response, leading to much more illness.

- Stress depletes many nutrients in the body. This is part of the fight-or-flight reaction. Unless the nutrients are replaced, which is difficult, the body develops serious deficiencies of zinc, calcium, magnesium and dozens of other nutrients. This seriously impairs the immune response.

- Stress causes more toxic metal accumulation that severely impairs the immune response. As minerals such as calcium, magnesium, zinc, iodine and others become depleted, as explained above, the body absorbs more toxic metals.

- Stress impairs blood circulation. This is why people get cold hands and feet due to stress. Impaired circulation increases one’s susceptibility to disease.

- Stress impairs oxygenation of the body. This occurs because it causes shallow breathing. Less oxygen in the body greatly impairs the immune response.

- Stress often causes a lower body temperature. This greatly impairs the immune response. The cause of the lower temperature is damage to the adrenal glands and thyroid gland due to the fight-or-flight reaction described above.

- Stress impairs hydration. This, in turn, greatly impairs the immune response. Hydration becomes worse due to adrenal weakness from the fight-or-flight response. Also, many people are already slightly dehydrated already due to drinking coffee, tea, juices, soda pop, alcoholic beverages or other sweet beverages. Stress just makes this worse.

- Stress and worry often impair one’s ability to sleep deeply and soundly. Lack of proper rest greatly increases one’s susceptibility to disease.

The above helps explain the higher death rate from the Chinese virus in high-stress places such as New York City. It also explains why an article in the medical journal, The Lancet, found that 500,000 extra cancer deaths occurred due to the 2009 economic slowdown (which was much milder than today’s economic shutdowns).


4/5/20. One of our clients lives in Milan, Italy. He wrote me that the two cities in Italy that experienced the most deaths from the Chinese virus are where the government had recently vaccinated most people for meningitis and for the flu. Here is a reference:


4/5/20. We would rather not keep writing about the corona virus, but we will keep writing until the news media is more balanced and the policies change.

The news media continues with TOTALLY one-sided coverage, attempting to instill pure panic and fear in the population. Fear and panic just weaken the immune response and cause more disease. This may well be the media’s and the health community’s real agenda because that is what they are causing.

Journalism means presenting both sides of a story and allowing the reader or viewer to draw conclusions. Presenting just one side of a story is called propaganda. That is what is going on in most of the media and even in the American president’s daily briefings. How about telling people about the suicides and other problems with your present policy?

Privately, we believe the American president and probably other world leaders are being forced to go along with the economic shutdown. The rogues have dozens of ways to force people to obey rogue dictates.

The truth is that the illness is mild for most people. Most people who get the virus, which is millions of people, have no or few symptoms.

To find out the real statistics, we suggest omitting the old and the frail people. Why – because many are ready to die, want to die, and will die of any minor illness that comes along.

Both of the author’s parents, when they reached their eighties, asked him to end their lives. I told them I could not do this because it is illegal. They said they had lived wonderful lives and they had had enough. Many older people feel this way. Take the old and the very ill people out of the statistics, and covid-19 is very minor!

The health authorities continue to completely ignore excellent nutrition, nutritional supplements, especially vitamin A, drinking pure water, lots of rest and sunshine as basic preventive and curative measures. So we will keep reminding people of the truth - that these measures work, cost very little and are really the only way to survive all viruses and other illnesses.

The health authorities continue to give the impression that detecting more cases is bad, when the truth is that detecting more cases is good! because most people recover without incident and this lowers the overall death rate.

No one is discussing the “side effects” of shutting down economies and taking away people’s constitutional rights. However, the adverse health and other effects are massive and getting worse each day.

By restricting people’s movement and shutting their businesses, state governors in the United States and others around the world have basically declared martial law.

That is, they have suspended the most basic principle of the rule of law – the US Constitution – in favor of dictatorial rule. They could just suggest that people do this or that, but they are going beyond this, imposing legal penalties for violations of their edicts which were not passed by the representatives of the Citizens or by a referendum of the Citizens.

At best, this is terribly discouraging to people who love their freedom. At worst, it is a horrifying realization that our leaders have no respect for the rule of law, which is the basis of a free society. This leads to more depression, more suicides and lots more illness.

So far, there is very little discussion of this complete abuse of political power to stop a minor illness. We call it minor because the numbers around the world so far, even in nations that have not shut their economies, such as Sweden with about 239 deaths, do not support the idea that this is a major illness.


The law of cause and effect is the highest moral imperative or moral principle for anyone, anywhere in the universe, at any time. It is even more inclusive than the Ten Commandments or the Golden Rule. Actually, this law is found hundreds of times in the Bible, stated in many different ways.

An example - Forgiving. The law of cause and effect is the reason we eventually must forgive everyone, for everything, at all times. We need to forgive because we do not know the full reasons for traumas and events. The wise person wants to move on in life and holding on to resentments slows one down. The best idea is to let them all go. Let everyone off the hook! For details, read Forgiveness.

Another example – taking responsibility. The law of cause and effect is the reason we all need to take responsibility for everything we see around us. This is quite a burden, but it is part of this moral principle. This idea is discussed in the Real Self article, book and audio program.

One science. In development work, the law of cause and effect is called “One Science”. This is because it concerns the unity of all things, all events, all living beings and, indeed, all matter.

Large books discuss it in detail, although some of the information is incorrect. At this time, we will just call attention to it and suggest you learn about it. For more details, read The Law Of Cause And Effect.


4/4/20. Increased suicides is just one effect of the economic lockdown. As for its severity, here are some data for the United States. The number of suicides in 2018 was about 48,000. During the economic slowdown of 2009, the suicide rate increased 6.8% in the USA, which amounts to 4272 extra deaths.

The economic shutdown of today is 10 to 20 times more severe than the slowdown of 2009. Also, suicide is just one negative effect of economic slowdowns. An article in the medical journal, The Lancet, found there were 500,000 extra cancer deaths due to the 2009 economic slowdown. WHY ISN’T ANYONE TALKING ABOUT THIS?


4/4/20. Overnight we learned a lot. The author is being told:

- The corona virus is quite benign. Many hospitals are empty. As for the “hot spots”, those responsible for the panic (see below) can easily poison the water or air in an area to make the people more prone to the virus.

- The media is largely irresponsible, spreading fear and ignoring better news. For example, more diagnosed cases of the virus is not necessarily “worse”. These are people often with few symptoms who recover and this means the death rate is lower.

- Some medical personnel are also lying to us about the severity. For example, in some hospitals, they are falsely listing the cause of death as corona virus when the real cause is unrelated bronchitis or pneumonia.

- The virus spreads easily and, in most cases, there are no symptoms or few. Very old or sick people are more prone to any infection. Neil Ferguson, prominent British epidemiologist, wrote that half of the very sick people would be dead in six months due to something else, so blaming this virus is not quite correct.

- The real statistics are extremely encouraging. For example, Mexico, which has 250 million people, is reporting 60 deaths, as of April 3, 2020.

- Eat good food and if worried, take a nutritional supplement of vitamin A and you will be quite safe. There is no need for shutdowns, masks and other restrictions.

- The fear and panic are part of something else. There is an attack on the people of the earth. It is not by the Chinese, but is coming from the Rogues, who are using the Chinese and Russians, mainly, as their base, but the rogues are not from the earth.

- In fact, the Chinese people are very worried that the world will turn against them due to the virus and they will all lose their jobs. We have assured them that the products they make are needed by their own people, and that it is best for every nation to manufacture many products.

- The 5G cell phone system is part of the attack on earth. It is basically a spying system run by the rogues to control the people. It also increases microwave radiation, which is toxic and dangerous, and it involves many satellites which will make it impossible for anyone but them to approach the earth to be of help. We are told that the 5G system is being dismantled as we write.

- Junk food on earth, pollution of the oceans with mercury and other toxic metals, poisons used in agriculture, and widespread use of toxic medical drugs and homeopathy are also part of the attack. These all need to be cleaned up and can be cleaned up.

- Military hardware has been found, stored around the world for the day when the rogues were planning to openly take over control of the earth. Most of it looks like earth military hardware – ships, planes, guns and more. However, this is all a disguise. In fact, it is extremely high-tech, outer-space technology that is far superior to anything built on earth. A lot is painted with American flags to make the Americans seem like the aggressors, but it comes from outer space.

- The cleanup is being done by fine-matter beings who are helping the earth and are in control now and will continue to help the people of the earth. There is no need to panic. The cleanup may be lengthy, but is underway. The economic shutdowns and stay-at-home orders need to end immediately. They are doing much more harm than good – causing suicides and much more illness due to stress.


4/2/20. People need to complain to their state governments. We feel that the shutdowns are a plan to take away people’s rights and their health, and it needs to be stopped.

We believe that in America and elsewhere, there is an implied right to contract, which means to conduct legitimate businesses. The government may not just shut it down due to a minor illness, which is what this is for most people, even according to Neil Ferguson and other top epidemiologists.

The authorities in the United States have effectively suspended the national and state constitutions, in direct violation of their oath of office.

The governments are causing much more disease and death with their shutdowns than if they just allow the virus to run its course. WE URGE THEM TO CHANGE COURSE IMMEDIATELY AND FOLLOW THE SWEDISH APPROACH THAT IS WORKING VERY WELL. Leaders, you will be held accountable for your shutdown policy.

Sadly, medical authorities the world over are incompetent or malicious because they are not recommending the most obvious and least expensive remedies for viruses. These are better nutrition, more rest and simple nutritional supplements such as vitamin A, vitamin C and zinc. Thousands of pages of medical literature support this fact.

Governments need to ignore these medical authorities for this reason. In fact, the corona virus spreads easily and in most people it is completely benign. Cruise ships and nursing homes are filled with old and often ill people, and do not represent the majority of the population. Meanwhile, the shutdowns cause even more death than the virus (see below).

Civil disobedience. Today, the newspapers reported that some businesses in Georgetown, a part of Washington, DC in the USA, are boarding up their places of business in preparation for the riots that they expect will occur if the shutdown continues.

Meanwhile, gun sales in the United States hit an all-time record last week, based on the number of background checks. TO OUR LEADERS, DO YOU SEE WHERE YOUR VIOLATIONS OF THE CONSTITUTION ARE LEADING?

Health effects of economic downturns. Articles have been published, one in the Lancet Medical Journal, about the horrible health effects of any economic downturn. For example, during the 2009 economic slowdown, suicide rates increased by 17% and there were 500,000 extra cancer deaths – and this downturn was not as bad as the corona shutdown.

The suicides and other problems are occurring now due to stress. In one county in Tennessee, USA, there have been 15 suicides in the past month. During the same time period, there was 1 death from the corona virus – and this is just one negative health consequence of the shutdowns.

The entire idea of the sovereignty of the people is to stop stupid and repressive government policies such as the shutdowns. Unfortunately, the liberties of the people of the USA and elsewhere have been whittled away by unconstitutional legal doctrines such as the ‘police power’ in the USA and similar doctrines in other nations.

We believe the state governments in the USA are overstepping their legal authority since the US National Constitution and the state constitutions say the people have a right to assemble. We think shutting churches is also beyond their authority since the National and state constitutions say that the government may not pass a law abridging the right to worship freely.

People need to fight back, complain vigorously, and take back their liberty or things are likely to get worse with forced toxic vaccinations and other horrors.


4/2/20. This language instruction began with a post on 3/4/20. We are told it is very important to learn right now. We know it seems strange to mix it with information about the Chinese virus and other topics.

I have been told that this language was given to Sarah, the wife of Abraham, but I don’t know for sure. This couple founded the Hebrew religion and really Western civilization on earth. However, a deliberate effort was made by the rogues to mix up the new language in order to corrupt it. These lessons are intended to restore it to its original form.

The Ebre language is spoken throughout the cosmos and is a powerful spiritual language. Learning it will assist humanity to safely move into the future. It will also give humanity a much deeper understanding of many scientific and spiritual subjects that human beings need to learn at this time.

Earlier lessons introduced the first seven letters of the Ebre alphabet. These relate to the first seven subtle energy centers of the body. These are not visible, so most people don’t know about them. However, they are real and they actually generate the physical body.

The te or the. Let us now discuss the 8th letter, the te. At this point, the letters in Ebre differ from Biblical Hebrew, which has an extra letter in its alphabet. We are told this was added to the original language and distorts the meaning and flow of the letters.

Gender. The te is a feminine letter because the gender of the letters alternates.

Pronunciation. The te is always pronounced and sounds like our letter T, except the sound is softer because it is a feminine letter.

Appearance. The te looks like a squared off U in English. The symbolism of the shape of the te is that the mind is a crucible or vessel that can be filled with good thoughts and ideas.

Meaning. The te relates to the 8th subtle energy center. This is located about one inch above the head of everyone.

This is the first of the seven mental energy centers. Because it is the first, it relates to mental beginnings, mental basics and mental survival.

Application. The pronoun the in English has the same sound and meaning as a similar word in Ebre. It is an announcement and basic pronoun, and is a beginning of something. Other words in English that are similar to words in Ebre that begin with te are think, thought, theory, thrifty, this, and thank. Each of these words begins with a soft T sound.

Tallit. A beautiful word in Biblical Hebrew that begins with the te is tallit. It refers to a prayer shawl that one puts on before praying to help one “get in the mood” for prayer. Since prayer is a basic mental aspect of life, it begins with the letter te.


4/1/20. America, Canada, Europe and elsewhere need to follow the Swedish approachkeep the economy going, let the virus run its course, and we’ll be fine. Stop shutting down businesses and everything else.

In Sweden they are not allowing large gatherings, such as at theaters, and people may not go to supermarkets if they are ill, but those are the only restrictive measure.

The souls or guides say the reason Sweden is doing things right is that they (the guides) are in better touch with the Swedish leader who does what they tell him to do, at least in regard to the virus. Sadly, this is not the case in most other nations. We suggest everyone stop listening to the naysayers and doomsayers and turn off the lying media news stations, which is basically all of them, and their websites and Facebook pages. Go about your business and ideally go to work.

If you company is closed, then perhaps start your own business or look for another job – some businesses are hiring and need help.

I hope our leaders will wake up and realize the virus is not a serious disease. Eastern Europe and Sweden are almost completely open for business and there are few problems! A few are dying, most of whom are over the age of 80 and very frail and would die of almost anything.

Learn to eat correctly, and to cook and prepare food correctly. If a development program makes you feel angry, it is because you need to forgive. You will forgive everyone for everything eventually, so get started now. It is required. Holding grudges and judgments only hurts you!

If you follow a development program properly and honestly, we believe you will be safe. If you are still concerned, you can fortify your immune system by taking vitamin C, 500 to 1000 mg (NOT 10 or 20 grams daily, which is too yin in macrobiotic terms and harmful).

Also, you can take some standard cod liver oil daily – NOT fermented cod liver oil – about two tablespoons daily for adults and less for children. Also, eat carrots every day, preferably organically grown.

Carrots contain beta carotene that the body will convert to vitamin A if your thyroid gland is healthy - which is somewhat rare today. However, the gland can be restored with a complete development program, so it is not a problem.

If you don’t have a thyroid gland, you have to use replacement hormones. If you have the gland, we find everyone can slowly wean off their thyroid replacement hormones, though it may take some months or a year or more to do so.

Cook carrots until they are soft or your body will not be able to extract enough nutrients from them. Adults can also have up to 12 ounces of carrot juice daily. Children need less.

Only have carrot juice and not other juices because too much or other juices are too yin in macrobiotic terminology. Carrots grow underground and are reddish and slender – indicators that they are a more yang vegetable than almost all others. Don’t use white, purple or other colors of carrots unless that is all you can find.

Remember the lesson – you get what you want in life. Also, fear is unreal. F-E-A-R means False Evidence Appearing Real.


3/31/20. It is now becoming clear to this author that the corona virus is part of a coordinated Chinese attack to weaken the Western nations. While the Western economies are a mess and more are dying in the West, the Chinese economy is back up and running, and the epidemic seems all but over.

We’re hearing it is because the Chinese government is giving people natural vitamin A, a powerful immune booster that is mysteriously unavailable in the United States and Canada. Most likely, it is all in China.

There is also evidence that the Chinese are stealing food and masks from America to make things worse.

I correspond with someone in Sweden. There, the economy is operating fairly normally and the government wants everyone to get the virus and get it over with. Their approach is working very well, with few deaths.

Meanwhile, the state governors in the USA are exceeding their constitutional authority in shutting down the economy and restricting people’s movements. It is basically martial law and the suspension of the constitution. The authority for it comes from the anti-American legal doctrine called the police powers”. We have written about this doctrine in the book, Legal Guidelines For Unlicensed Practitioners.

We view the present situation as a sort of dry run to see how far the leaders can go to suspend people’s rights. Our leaders, including Mr. Trump and the other Western leaders, are either not paying enough attention or they are complicit.

This is not out of the range of possibility. You need to understand the ability of the Rogues to deceive, brainwash, rape and use other ways to control people. To understand this better, read the posts below. Please wake up and tell your local and national representatives that it is time to realize the real agenda and reopen the economies.


3/31/20. We are hearing that the Chinese are giving all their people capsules of natural vitamin A. They have plenty of it because starting about two years ago natural vitamin A was suddenly “unavailable” in the in the United States. Our guess is the Chinese, who make it, were hoarding it – preparing for the present disease outbreak. Natural vitamin A is derived from cod liver oil.

Natural vitamin A helps stop the corona virus. The synthetic vitamin A available in the USA does not work nearly as well. The only way to get a little natural vitamin A is to take cod liver oil – an old fashioned remedy for infections. However, it is not concentrated the way it is in the capsules that are no longer available here.


Even worse than the health effects of the Chinese virus, in our view, are: 1) suspending the constitutional rights of the Citizens of the United States and other nations, and 2) withholding information from the people of the Western world about the use of excellent nutrition, drinking pure water (not soda pop or coffee) and the use of sunshine to mitigate or stop the virus.


Over 100 years ago, Florence Nightingale revolutionized hospital design, greatly reducing death from infectious diseases. Today, her innovations are being ignored!

For example, she taught that sunshine and fresh air kills viruses and other germs. The rays of the sun shining on the skin produce vitamin D in the body – a potent immune system booster.

Yet we hear nothing about this from our public health leaders. Instead, they are telling people to stay indoors. This is quite stupid!

In our city, the outdoor farmer’s market was shut down. The citizens are now forced to patronize the far less clean indoor supermarkets. Please, leaders, wake up! For details, read Florence Nightingale.


3/31/20. This lesson concerns the seventh letter of the Ebre alphabet, the ze. It corresponds to the letter Z in English and many other languages.

Gender. The letter ze is a masculine letter because the letters in Ebre alternate between masculine and feminine.

Sound. The ze is always pronounced and sounds the same as the letter Z in English.

Appearance. The ze is shaped like a stick with a horizontal line on the top. It is similar to a narrow capital T in English. The line is a crown on top of the line.

Meaning. The ze corresponds to the seventh energy center of the body of all creatures. This is found nearer the back or crown of the head and is sometimes called the crown center.

The seventh energy center connects the physical body with the higher energy centers. These are found above the head. The seventh center also is associated with higher emotions and high-level thoughts.

In Christian doctrine, the seventh center is associated with the Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost of Catholicism. It is the connector.

The seventh energy center is also the culmination and coordinator of the six lower centers discussed in previous lessons. It ties them all together and coordinates their activity.

In the Ebre language, words containing the ze, and especially those beginning with the ze, all have to do with connections to the divine, to God, to the Father energy, or to higher dimensions of reality.

Application. The words zeal and zealous are similar in the Ebre language. They refer to having a deep religious connection or intense interest in something.

The zero in English is the same word in Ebre and refers to the way to extend or connect numbers to make them larger. A zoo is where human beings connect with animals. A zipper connects two pieces of fabric. The zodiac connects the earth with the stars. All these words are very similar in the Ebre language.

A beautiful word in Biblical Hebrew that is the same in Ebre is zadik. It means a wise, gentle and kind person who connects easily with others. Calling someone a zadik is a true compliment.

The word ZINC is very similar to the word in Ebre. Dr. Eck said that zinc activates the brain cortex, or higher brain centers. It also connects the cortex with the emotional brain, also called the diencephalon. The cortex sits like a crown on top of the emotional brain and moderates one’s emotions. Zinc deficiency causes emotional instability.

When zinc is deficient in men, they lose the ability to connect with women sexually. An older word for this condition is impotence. This is an excellent description of what occurs physically, mentally and spiritually when zinc becomes deficient in either a man or a woman.

Zinc is also vital for the skin, the organ that connects the inside of the body with the outside world. Zinc is also vital for the eyes, the organ that connects us with the world in many ways.

Zinc is vital for the immune response. This is the system that connects us to bacteria and viruses to fight them off. If you have enough of it, you don’t have to worry about viruses. This knowledge is well-documented but the Rogues don’t want the doctors to know about it, so the medical schools do not teach it.

The rogues have stolen most of the zinc from our planet. Symptoms of this include fear, anxiety, emotional instability, depression, bipolar disorder, erectile dysfunction, immune system weakness, skin and eye problems, digestive disturbances and more. At the societal level, zinc deficiency causes stupidity, conflict and war.

Every mineral has human-like or anthropomorphic qualities. Metallic zinc is quite strong, but relatively soft, flexible and protective. Its main use in industry is to prevent steel from rusting. Coating steel with zinc is called galvanizing and was a major breakthrough in metallurgy in the early twentieth century. For details about the human-like qualities of minerals, read Anthromorphic Qualities Of The Minerals.

One of the most popular items in every drug store is zinc oxide ointment. It softens, strengthens, soothes and protects the skin. You won’t need the ointment, however, if you ingest enough zinc by eating enough zinc-rich food – meats – and taking a zinc supplement. All other foods today are quite zinc deficient. This is a major reason why vegetarian diets slow or stop development.

In development science, zinc is called the gentle strength mineral or the Jesus mineral because it gives one’s personality a strong, but flexible and very protective quality. Note that these are the exact qualities of physical metallic zinc.

Every development program includes supplementary zinc. Anyone who tells you there is enough of it in our food is either ignorant or malicious. Without enough, we all become physical and emotional cripples! (another word that is the same in Ebre language). For more details, read Zinc.


3/30/20. This post is about a new article that can help you understand nutrition. Please excuse that it is not complete, but some wanted it in its incomplete form to begin learning about the cell nucleus. The article is The Cell Nucleus And Its Activities.


3/30/20. Warning. In the past, we recommended Grandpa’s Pine Tar soap. However, in the past few days we realized that the rogues have ruined the pine tar soap. This is a common trick of theirs – to ruin excellent products. As a result, we can no longer recommend this soap. We hope someday it will be restored. If you have some bought at least 6 months ago, it is probably okay.

An excellent way to clean the body, in particular, is to buy 3% hydrogen peroxide at the drug store or market. Put some in a spray bottle and use it in the shower. It can also be added safely to the washing machine and on dishes and to clean other surfaces. We do’t think it will be sufficient by itself for laundry, dishes and other surfaces.

We also recommend Bon Ami for dishes and other surfaces. Another option is soap nuts or a concentrate called Extreme 18. This product is expensive and slightly toxic, but okay for laundry, we believe. Plain castille soap is fine, but it leaves a slight film on everything. For many more details, read Cleanliness Is Next To Godliness.


3/29/20. We recommend most the Brisling sardines, although any sardines are an excellent development food. Brisling sardines are smaller, more delicate and tastier. They are sold with the skin and bones.

Eat the whole sardine or, if you don’t mind a little extra work, slice them along the spine and remove the spinal column. This will further reduce their mercury content. To read why sardines are such an excellent food, read Sardines.


3/29/20. This lesson introduces the sixth letter of the Ebre alphabet, ve. It corresponds to the letter V in English.

Gender.  Ve is a feminine letter because the masculine and feminine letters alternate.

Appearance. The ve is written as a vertical stick with a small hook to the left at the top.

Energy center. The letter ve has to do with the sixth physical energy center.  This center is located at the level of the forehead between the eyebrows.  It is sometimes called the brow center.

Meaning. The sixth energy center has to do with qualities of the physical brain.  Words in the Ebre language about the physical brain often begin with or contain this letter.

Pronunciation.  Ve is always pronounced, and is pronounced similarly to the English letter V.  It is a soft sound because it is a feminine letter.

Example. In English and other languages, some words beginning with V have to do with the brain and mental work such as valid, which means one has thought about and concluded that something is true. A related word is verify.

The word very indicates emphasis, which is a mental trait. The word vast, meaning expansive or large, is related to a quality of the brain. A vent is an opening to something larger than itself. This word also has to do with a quality of the mind.

Viahavta.  This beautiful word is found in Hebrew. In the Ebre language it means one who has great mental ability.  Notice that the letter ve appears twice in this word, emphasizing its meaning.  This word is used in some Hebrew prayers, such as one that begins Viahavta Adonai.  This is often translated as “Very wise Creator”. In Ebre, it translates as “Very knowledgeable Creator”.


3/28/20. Among our clients on a development program, we do not believe any have had symptoms from the Chinese virus. A number of clients have reported symptoms, but so far these were due to retracing and not this virus. We believe that anyone following a development program need not worry about the virus.


3/27/20. The lying media are not reporting that Neil Ferguson, a prominent British epidemiologist, yesterday revised down his prediction of the death toll from the communist Chinese virus. (We prefer this term to the politically correct words: corona virus or covid-19).

Based on recent testing, he said that many more people in the UK have contracted the virus than previously thought, and most have no symptoms or only minor ones. Therefore, the death rate is much lower. He also believes we will all get the virus because it spreads easily, similar to a cold or the flu. Most people will recover easily.

Therefore, he reduced the predicted deaths by a factor of 20! This downgrades the seriousness of this disease significantly. It is more like another flu virus such as the Wine flu, the Asian flu and others that come and go over the years.

He also said that of those that die from the Chinese virus, at least half are so old and so sick that they would have died of something else within six months.

He now recommends against shutting down the economies of the nations. We agree with this and think the shutdowns or lockdowns are, in fact, a plot to weaken the Western nations. For details about Dr. Ferguson, see


3/27/20. A few health authorities recommend taking high-dose vitamin C to prevent or care for the Chinese virus. While this works in some cases, it is harmful for those on a development program.

The problems with high-dose vitamin C are: 1) It is very yin in macrobiotic terms, so it upsets the body. 2) This vitamin acts as a chelator. This means that it lowers the level of copper and other minerals in the body. This is probably why it kills the virus. However, chelators also remove vital minerals, which is very harmful for development.

As a result, we never recommend high doses of vitamin C or other chelators. We find we don’t need them. All development programs include a small amount of vitamin C found in cooked vegetables and, at times, as a supplement.


3/27/20. The extremely large being in space, whose name is Yaway, is now pregnant. Very soon she will give birth to two babies. Here is basic information about these births.

The gestation period is very short – a few hours. The babies are born live, rather than in eggs. Their size at birth is about the size of North America or Australia. Their food at birth and for about 3 months is mainly breast milk from their mother. They will also receive supplementary nutrients because their mother is not yet well nourished.


3/26/20. Today, the group found four more very large female angels imprisoned in space. (We are fairly sure these large creatures are angels, which is a type of fine-matter body.)

Finding more angels is critical because we believe most angels were killed by the rogues. They don’t like angels because angels can be wonderful, powerful and most helpful beings. Many books on earth discuss them, as does the Bible.


3/25/20. The time required for pressure-cooking, in particular, is a little less in the past several weeks. This is important because it is not good to overcook food.

Perhaps the reason is that we believe that the earth and the solar system are moving through space. As we move, the ether or basic energy in space is more dense and this reduces the time required to cook food. Please be aware of this and adjust your cooking time accordingly. Use the criteria in the Food For Daily Use article to assess whether your food is cooked properly. Improper cooking greatly reduces the nutritional value of your food.


3/24/20. The first six language lessons discuss the basics of Ebre. This is a language spoken throughout the cosmos by the advanced beings who live in space and on many planets. If you don’t believe this, that is okay. The language lessons began with the Post of 3/4/20.

Earlier lessons introduced the first four letters of the Ebre alphabet – the al, bet, gi and de. This lesson introduces the fifth letter, the he. It corresponds to the letter H in English and other earth languages

Gender. The he is a masculine letter. The gender of the letters in Ebre alternate between masculine and feminine.

Energy center.  The he corresponds to the fifth physical energy center on the body.  This center is located at the level of the throat.  It is sometimes called the throat center. This is where the voice box of a person is located and this center has a lot to do with expression. It also has to do with teamwork and working together on specific projects.

Meaning. Words beginning with or containing the letter he have to do with expression in some way. This can relate to one’s job, career, hobbies, marriage (which bring forth children so it is expressive) and other ways that people express themselves. 

Pronunciation. He is pronounced the same as our letter H in English.

Examples:  Words in English that begin with H that are similar in the Ebre language are heat, have, high, hat, hill, he, and hit. These all have to do with expression in some way.

Hasmal.  This is an interesting Hebrew word. It appears in the Bible in the Book of Ezekiel, where it is usually translated as an apparition

In Ebre, this word means an electrical being or expression made of light.  This is a more exact and scientific understanding of an apparition. Ebre is a scientific language as well as a spiritual one.


3/24/20. The covenant with God contains more than is in the earlier post on 2/16/20. It also includes, at minimum, the following:

- Everyone must observe the sabbath day. This is one of the 10 Commandments given to Moses. However, it is too often ignored.

At least one day a week needs to be set aside for spiritual matters only. This does not mean one may not drive a car or cook food on this day. It means that on the sabbath one’s thoughts are to be mainly spiritual – and not primarily physical, emotional, mental, social or intellectual. We will discuss this more in future posts.

- The covenant also include that all male babies need to be circumcised on the eighth day of life. The main reason for this is that when done properly at the right time, it reduces the chance for rape. Circumcision is not primarily for cleanliness. Those who say it is simply mutilation are wrong.

In some cultures, circumcision is done later than the eighth day of life. This is far more traumatic. Also, instead of reducing rape, it increases tends to increase rape.


3/23/20. By removing many parasites (see the previous post), our angel, as we call her, is moving about 100 times faster through space. She is also thinking much more clearly and remembering more.

Either her speed or the change in location in space is affecting some things. For example, the time to pressure-cook vegetables has diminished a little. We find it now requires about two minutes and 20 seconds to pressure-cook vegetables in our cooker and less than one minute for lamb chops and chicken thighs, legs or wings. The exact time will vary with the brand of pressure cooker.


3/22/20. Today, quite by accident we discovered parasitic creatures living inside of Yaway. We had heard about them from the immune creatures, but could not see them. However, playing a certain piece of Celtic music at Yaway’s seventh energy center upset the parasites and caused them to come out of her body.


3/22/20. As the parasites came out, Yaway began thinking much more clearly and remembering much more. Among her memories is how to fly much faster. As a result, we are now moving at about 100 times the speed we were going before.

The way this is possible is that space contains “waves” of ether. It is possible for a creature or a space ship to jump from the top of one wave to the top of the next wave and thus move very fast. This type of movement in space is called skipping. Yaway can skip over at least 50 waves at one leap. This is faster than any movement possible with a space ship, we believe.


3/21/20. Today our earth forces found many prisons inside of Yaway, the angel-like being in which we find ourselves. We are opening them at this time. This is releasing millions more “immune creatures”.

Their names are very similar to the names in English such as neuts (neutrophils), basos (basophils), eoes (eosiniophils), fages (phagocytes), and others. If you don’t know these names, we suggest you consult the internet or a medical dictionary. Look under White Blood Cells.

As a result, Yaway is much healthier. She is glowing and, at times, happy, unlike before. She is also moving much faster through space. This is going to shorten our journey to the area where she belongs.

We are inside of her, so we are “along for the ride”. You won’t feel it because most of the planets and stars in space are moving with her, as well. However, you may notice odd things about the earth right now. Here is a list of them.


3/21/20. Changes we see coming to earth are:

1. More rain. This is because more water is being brought to the earth. The reason is a bit technical, but it had been stolen from the earth. Most affected will be drought areas such as the deserts of the world. They will “green up”, making it possible to grow more food and able to be house people easier.

2. Governmental changes. Many governments on earth are poor quality and corrupt. They are controlled by the Rogues. They will go away, replaced by better ones.

Don’t be afraid of this. There will be some chaos, but the munes, (the white blood cells of Yaway), are here to help. These are fine-matter creatures such as angels, elves and others who can’t be seen by most people, but will keep the people calm and help put in place better leaders.

3. The Chinese virus will fade away. It will kill a few people in every nation who are old and ill. This is how life works, and that is all. There is no need to hoard toilet paper or anything else.

Everyone will go back to work, although there will be some changes to help prevent another similar incident in the future. We hope more children will be schooled at home and that people will be cleaner.

4. New technology will come to the earth. It is already here, but it is not used. Cars and power plants do not need to pollute at all. Electric power can be made at the point of use. Cell phones are harmful and will not be used. Instead, there will cable-based cell phones that are much safer and simpler.

5. Purer food and water, and more. There is a general cleansing of the earth that will affect many areas of life. It is an exciting time to be alive. So everyone relax and do your best to enjoy it.


3/20/20. This lesson discusses the fourth letter of the Ebre language that is spoken throughout the cosmos. This language was brought forth on earth about 6000 years ago by Sarah and Abraham, founders of the Hebrew people. However, it became altered. The purpose of these lessons is to restore it.

The fourth letter of this alphabet is de and it corresponds to the letter D in English and in many languages on earth.

Appearance. The letter de looks similar to our capital letter D, except it is a little wider.

Gender. The letter de is a feminine letter. In Ebre, the letters alternate between masculine and feminine. Feminine letters have a softer sound.

Pronounciation. This letter is always pronounced. The sound is similar to our letter D.

Meaning. Words that begin with or contain the letter de have to do with the fourth energy center of the body. This is called the heart center and is located in the middle of the chest at the level of the lower sternum. This energy center has to do with enjoyment, especially that involving social matters, such as friendships.

Application. A particularly beautiful word in both English and the Ebre language is the name Deborah. It means one who is very loving in a social and happy way. Another beautiful word is the name David. It is pronounced Dahvid (soft A) in Ebre. It means a social type of leader.

The word dog is the same word in the Ebre language as in English. Dogs are very friendly creatures and must have a rather social life to be happy. Another word that is the same in the Ebre language is drive. It means to move about, especially with others. Another is delicious, meaning enjoyable. Another similar word is dollar. It is a medium of exchange in the Ebre language, which is a social function.

As with all the letters, there are many words in English and in biblical Hebrew that are not the same in the Ebre language. The reason is the earth languages have been mixed with other languages over the years.


3/19/20. We now believe that the world’s leaders are overreacting to a viral condition that rarely causes any problems for anyone under the age of about 80. Shutting down a large portion of a society to save a few elderly people makes no sense whatsoever. It does much more harm than good by depriving people of work and learning opportunities. The news is also reporting an increase in crime due to people’s inability to buy alcohol or other goods. Even worse, government and media actions are causing extreme fear and panic that can result in much more sickness than that caused by this virus.

We sincerely hope that the world’s leaders recognize this. We now believe they are being used by political forces that want to disrupt and destroy the industrialized world, and who wish to impose totalitarian rule.

We see the world’s leaders violating basic human rights by shutting down businesses, schools and other parts of society. We do not accept the communist idea that governments should have this power. The rule of law must be paramount, as follows:

In a society ruled by laws, everyone is responsible for his or her actions. The government may advise people. However, a decision such as whether to open or shut a business should be up to the business owner.

The owner needs to understand that if harm occurs, he or she could be liable. If a claim is made against a business, the determination of innocence or guilt should be made by a jury of peers.

For example, the jury must understand that when one eats at a restaurant, flies on an airplane or boards a ship, there is always some risk of catching diseases – many of them, in fact. Common sense dictates that the owner of a business should not be held liable for risks that everyone takes when one patronizes certain businesses.


3/19/20. The news today is that a combination of two older drugs has healed 40 out of 40 patients in France of the Chinese virus. This is welcome news because it helps relieve people’s panic. Also, it means that this is not the “killer” virus that the media makes it out to be. For details of how it works and our suggestions regarding this method, read the Corona Virus.


3/18/20. The author has visited Italy and it is lovely nation with wonderful people. We will use the example of Italy as a way to teach proper nutrition.

Italy has had more problems with the Chinese virus than most other nations. Some say the reason is the communist Chinese are secretly buying up assets in Italy. As a result, more Chinese are in Italy and brought the virus to that nation.

The Italian population is also somewhat older than the populations of most other nations. Since the Chinese virus almost exclusively affects elderly people, this may be a factor. However, a few features of the Italian diet are also problematic:

- Italians love fresh food. However, they eat few cooked vegetables. Instead, they eat a lot of salads. Human beings cannot extract much nutrition from raw vegetables because we cannot break down tough vegetable fibers.

Ruminant (grass-eating) animals such as cows have multiple stomachs. They also throw up their food and chew it again – called “chewing the cud”. This is the only way to extract most of the nutrition from eating raw vegetables. This is one reason why we recommend cooking all vegetables.

- Many Italians drink strong coffee. The words cappuccino, latte and expresso all come from the Italian language. These are harmful beverages.

- Many Italian smoke cigarettes. This weakens their lungs and their entire body.

- In most European nations, people eat dinner late at night. Restaurants often don’t even open until 8 PM. Dinners are often slow and leisurely. As a result, people go to bed late. Going to bed after 9 PM is quite harmful for health.

- Italians eat a lot of white bread, as do most people around the world. Bleached, white flour products are one of the most toxic and nutritionally deficient foods on earth - guaranteed to weaken the body.

- Many Italians eat a “continental” breakfast of just coffee and a sweet roll. This is another health-killing habit since it is junk food that provides very little nutrition.


3/17/20. Let us continue learning the spiritual language used throughout the cosmos. We have discussed the first two letters, the A or al and the B or bet. The third letter is gi.

Appearance. The gi looks like our letter C. We know this is confusing, but all the earth languages are confused. This is the work of the rogues.

Gender. The letter gi is a masculine letter. The letters in the Ebre language alternate between masculine and feminine.

Sound. The gi is pronounced with a hard g sound, such as in the words get or go. It is a hard sound because it is a masculine letter. It is never pronounced with a soft g sound as in the word ginger. That is a more feminine sound.

Meaning. The letter gi corresponds to the third energy center. This center has to do with power, control and basic mental activity. Therefore, in the older Ebre language, words beginning with the gi or containing it have to do with these aspects of life.

Application. The names Gabrielle and Gabriel in English and other languages are also names in the Ebre language. They are very ancient and very beautiful names that mean a guardian or protector of some kind. Hence, the names begin with the letter gi.

The word guard in English is also a word in the Ebre language. It has to do with control of something or someone, so it begins with the gi. The word guarantee is also a word in the Ebre language. It is a type of control to help you feel safe when you buy something. This is why it begins with the gi.

Other words in English that have to do with power and control and are similar to words in the Ebre language are gate, goal, grab and grade.


3/16/20. White blood cells are an essential part of the immune system of any being. For example, we are checking on the people who have died from the Chinese virus. So far, all of them have a deficiency of healthy white blood cells.

To keep these cells healthy, a proper diet with plenty of cooked vegetables is essential! The vegetables provide hundreds of nutrients the white blood cells require. We have not found a substitute for cooked vegetables in the diet.

Also, a few nutritional supplements are essential for the immune system because the food is low in these nutrients. They include calcium, magnesium, zinc, omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D. Some people also need extra selenium, and vitamins A and C.

The fine-matter group on earth is very sad that the government leaders of most nations do not tell their citizens how to use diet and nutritional supplements to prevent and heal the Chinese virus. We conclude that they are quite stupid in this regard. We hope better leaders will someday arise.

The news is reporting that supermarket shelves of vitamin C are being cleaned out. This means that the people are smarter than the government.


3/16/20. Please do not use detergents. All of them are somewhat toxic, even those labeled “all natural ingredients”. One absorbs some of the toxins just by touching anything washed with detergent. This is slowing down development in many people. Newer washing machines don’t agitate the clothes enough, so more detergent remains in your clothing, making the toxicity worse. Do not throw away old washing machines. Better to fix them.

Alternatives to detergents include plain castile soap and for dishes, Bon Ami works well. It is a scouring powder that is quite non-toxic. Another very good product is called Extreme 18. It is a concentrate made of soap nuts, with a little added oregano oil and grapefruit seed extract. Its only problem is it is more expensive. Other companies may offer a similar product. For details, read Detergents.


3/15/20. A cleanup is taking place on earth. You may or may not notice a few changes as this occurs. We are able to see more of the devices and bases that the rogues placed on earth and fine-matter creatures are removing them.

We are also getting rid of more sats. These are human-angel hybrids who think and act abnormally. We also call them the living dead because they are not healthy, they are psychopathic and basically terrorize the earth population with their lies, stealing, raping and more. Clearing them from the earth we hope will make the earth a much better place to live.


3/15/20. We are moving to a different web hosting company and we encountered problems. Some of the pages of the website are not working. We apologize, and we are working to fix everything – hopefully within a week.


3/14/20. The Chinese virus, as we call it, is still spreading and it seems like the whole world is in a panic. Sadly, there is very little focus on that which we consider most important – one’s diet and nutritional supplements. We discussed diet in earlier posts.

Nutritional supplements. These are essential for a strong immune system. We divide supplements into daily needs and remedies. Daily needs for a sound immune response include, at minimum vitamin D, about 5000 IU daily for adults, omega-3 fatty acids, about 900 mg daily for adults, zinc, at least 15 mg daily, calcium, about 600 mg daily for adults, and magnesium, about 350-400 mg daily for adults. MORE IS NOT BETTER, EXCEPT IN CERTAIN CASES, AND CAN UNBALANCE THE BODY.

Diet. The above amounts of nutrients assume that you are eating a diet with plenty of cooked vegetables. These provide some vitamins C, E, K and hundreds of other nutrients. Particularly good these days is eating carrots, cooked until soft, every day, preferably organic and ideally from a farmer’s market.

Children need less, based upon their size. These supplements are needed mainly due to problems in our food supply. They are part of every development program.

Remedies. So far, in just a few cases, extra vitamin A, about 50,000 iu daily for adults, appears to be helpful if one becomes ill with the virus. Other natural remedies are not as effective, so far. We also believe the use of a reddish heat lamp sauna would be very helpful, though this has not been tested on this virus.


3/14/20. Some positive effects are:

Cleanliness. The corona outbreak is causing companies such as airlines, bus lines, and train companies to clean up their vehicles. This is very necessary and long overdue!

Buses, aircraft, trains and ships are not clean enough and spread disease. For example, seats should be sprayed with hydrogen peroxide after each use, floors should be washed, and more.

Schooling. We do not believe children should be herded together in government schools. This is a very outdated and inefficient teaching method! It also teaches regimentation, exposes children to diseases and bullying, exposes girls to extreme danger of rape, and takes children away from the authority of their parents.

Thus, the closing of many schools and the effort to set up online classes for millions of children around the world we see as very beneficial. Many children view it the same way!

Concerts, etc. The cancellation of concerts, sports events and other gatherings we also see as an opportunity. Many such events are a waste of time. We hope that instead, people will cook more food at home and spend more quality time with their families.

National borders. The recent closing of the borders of some nations is beneficial because it reminds people that a nation must control its borders and be able to shut them, if needed. Those who oppose efforts to protect the borders in all nations are being exposed as stupid and treasonous.

Financial upset. While we believe in capitalism, the upset of the stock markets of the world is showing many people that they ought not put their money into this corrupt institution. Much better to put it into gold, such as GLD (a stock that just buys and holds gold bullion). The price of gold has remained steady, so far, and will most likely increase due to the corona virus situation.

Chinese products. The corona virus is showing people that it is not best for one nation to produce most of the world’s goods, as is now the case. In an emergency, every nation needs its own factories and farms.


3/12/20. Today, an older man called on the telephone who is following a development program that we set up. He told me that everyone around him at work was sick this winter with colds and influenza, but he never caught their diseases.

Thousands of pages of medical studies reveal the connection between diet and nutritional supplements, and their ability to boost the immune response. I read about them every month.

The ignorance (or lying) of our medical, public health and political leaders about how to prevent and heal disease with diet and nutritional supplements is truly stunning!!! An earth worm knows more about nutrition than do these leaders! For more details, read The Corona Virus.


3/12/20. As of today, Mr. Sanders, one of the Democratic Party candidates for president of the United States, is declining in popularity. He calls his beliefs “democratic socialism”, but this is not the truth. He says America should be just like Denmark and some other European nations.

However, he spent his honeymoon in the former Soviet Union and liked this nation. He refuses to speak badly about socialist dictatorships such as the Communist China, the USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics), Cuba and Venezuela.

We are pleased that many Americans realize that socialism is just a modern word for totalitarian government control. It is a horror, and a throwback to times past when kings, queens and other thugs ruled the world. We are happy that many Americans can see through his lies.


3/11/20. We picked up two more angelic types of large fine-matter beings who were imprisoned in space near our solar system. They appear to be twins of two of the angel-like beings in our group.

Twins mean that the main souls of the two beings were born at the same time from the same egg. One is male and the other is female. This is how souls are birthed.

Twins are very good to find. Twins communicate easily between each other. So we are positioning one twin on one side of our group and the other on the other side. They speak to each other and this forms a primitive, but effective communication system.

Also, twins heal each other more easily using down sex. This is a healing method is not well known on earth. It works between any man and any woman, and it works best with twins. We want to teach it to the people of the earth. For details, read Down Sex.

Warning. Twins are extremely rare among human beings on earth. Do not be fooled by people who say “We think this person is your twin”. This gets many people into harmful relationships. Twins are common among fine-matter beings, but very rare among human beings.

Correction (3/18/20) – the twins turned out to be different creatures than our angelic being and we let them go.


3/10/20. One of the themes of this blog is to introduce the idea of the soul. In the Western nations, people know about the soul mainly from the old testament of the Bible. However, the Bible is quite vague about the structure and nature of the soul. So here are a few more details.

Souls are the seat and source of consciousness. The body is just a shell. Souls enter it starting about the second day after conception. As the unborn child grows, more souls enter it. This is why the notion that an unborn child is just a “hunk of flesh” or a “cluster of cells” is incorrect.

An adult human body contains about 100 trillion souls. They operate every system of the body and they , without which the body could not survive.

Souls are composed of a spark, which is at the end of a very thin wire or cord. Around the spark are gathered 21 extremely tiny “bodies” or sections. These are made of a tough, crystalline, fine type of matter. This is the basic structure of a soul.

We are told that scientists can view souls using a type of electron microscope. However, the rogues, who still control many things on earth, do not want people to know about souls. They are able to prevent scientists from developing a powerful enough microscope to see them. We hope this will soon change. Once people really understand the souls, they will have more love for themselves and for each other.


3/10/20. Lesson #4 is about the second letter of the alphabet. The first letter was the AL and is written like a narrow X. The second letter is the BET.

Appearance. The letter bet looks like a stick with a sort of hook on the top. It looks something like our letter r, only the long stick-like part is a little longer.

Sound. The bet is pronounced like our letter B, except that it is softer and almost sounds like a V.

Gender. The letter bet is a feminine letter because the letters alternate gender. This is why it has a softer sound.

Meaning. The letter bet refers to the second physical energy center. This center is the sexual center that has to do with new life. The reason it is shaped like a stick with a little hook on it is that it is meant to look like a plant with a new bud on one side.

Applications. The first word of the Hebrew Bible begins with a bet and is pronounced Beresheet. In the older Ebre language, this word means There was to be a new beginning” (future tense).

Most Hebrew scholars believe this word means “In the beginning”. However, in the older Ebre language, the meaning is as we have said above. This means the Hebrew Bible is not about the creation of the world. It is about a rebirth, which is why the word starts with a B. If it was about the original creation of the world, it would start with an A.

Offensive. We do not mean to offend anyone. We are only teaching a different language that we say is the original version or dialect given to Sarah and Abraham. If what we say is true, it changes the meaning of parts of the Bible, and this is one of them. We think it will make the Bible all the more exciting, readable and accurate.

A beautiful word in modern Hebrew is usually written beth. It is pronounced bet with a very soft T sound at the end. It means a home or house. It is the place where new life is born, so it begins with the letter bet.

Words in English starting with B such as begin, beginning, benign, base, basic, bell, best, breast, bone, brother and many more are based on this concept. However, not all words in either modern Hebrew or English refer to new beginnings because modern languages are a mixture of ideas.


3/9/20. We have many requests for more information about our group. It now contains about 1000 trillion fine matter creatures of all sizes, from microscopic to the large angelic beings. At present, we have 24 of these beautiful, enormous creatures. We don’t call them angels because we are not sure if they are angels.

Correction (3/18/20) – all of the angelic beings, except Yaway, turned out to be different beings and were getting in the way and have been let go from out group. Now only Yaway remains.


This post sounds negative, but you might as well know the truth. Most of the fine matter creatures in our group are very unhealthy. We found them in rogue prisons – starved, beaten, raped and full of spikes in their brains. This is how the rogues torture them and dull their minds.

The rogues use the same methods on human beings. Most people on earth are starving for nutrients. The rogues steal vital minerals from our planet such as zinc, calcium, magnesium and others.

They are also responsible for junk food and the corruption of the government agencies whose job is to protect the people from junk food. For example, the American and other Food And Drug Administrations allow people to eat bleached, white flour – a terrible product. They also allow people to eat refined sugar – another terrible product. For details, read The FDA – A Very Corrupt Agency and The Regulatory State.

The rogues also teach people to eat salads. However, they know that human beings cannot absorb the minerals in raw vegetables very well. Vegetables must be cooked to break down their tough fiber! They also teach people to overcook meat, which wrecks that food. This adds to the starvation caused by eating refined flour and refined sugar.

The rogues also are also responsible for most rapes, although it does not seem that way. For details, read Rape. They also put implants and spikes in every baby shortly after birth. To learn about this, read Implants.


3/8/20. Let us continue with these important lessons that began with a blog post on March 4, 2020. We have said that the ancient dialect spoken throughout space has 21 letters that look similar to Biblical and modern Hebrew letters. The letters are in 3 groups of 7 letters each. Each letter corresponds to one of the energy centers found on a human being or creature.

The energy centers are known on earth, but not well understood because they are not easily visible with current earth technology. Soon, however, we expect this to change. For more details, read The Energy Centers.

Language lesson #3 is about the first letter of the alphabet. It is named AL.

Appearance. The al looks like a sort of narrow x, like this: X. The first letter in modern Hebrew, called the aleph, looks similar. Many languages on earth such as Arabic, Latin and English have a first letter that looks or sounds somewhat similar.

Sound - A silent letter. In this language (and in modern Hebrew), this letter is silent, meaning it is not pronounced at all. The reason is that it refers to the void that occurred before the creation of the world. This is also the reason it is shaped like an X, which indicates a negative or non-existence.

Gender. The first letter is masculine because it is about mere existence, a basically masculine concept. The feminine gender is about new life and rebirth. In the Ebre language, the gender of the letters alternate gender.

Meaning. Words beginning with the al refer to the first physical energy center. This center has to do with grounding and centering, but also with very basic spiritual matters and/or beginnings.

The older Ebre language is primarily a spiritual language. This is one reason we are teaching it at this time – humanity needs this orientation very badly. So words beginning with the al might refer to God, creation, the heavens, or other spiritual matters. Many words in this language begin with this letter.

Applications. Words in English of this type include all, almighty, auto (which means to move itself), and there are many more. In the modern Hebrew language, a beautiful word for God that begins with the al is Adonai. In the older language, it means the One who created everything”.

Offensive. Modern Hebrew scholars translate this word to mean the Lord, but we say this is not the original intent of the word Adonai. The original intent is that adonai means the first one. You will see there is a very simple logic to the older language.

Another beautiful word in this language is abba, which means father. Today, this word refers to one's earth or biological father. However, the meaning in the older dialect is the Father in Heaven or a spiritual father figure, meaning the very first Father.

In the older dialect, there is a separate word for one's biological father. It does not begin with the letter al because it is not the first father or one's spiritual Father.

Remember, the letter itself is silent. When this letter appears in a word, one only pronounces the vowel sound that is written with the letter, such as the sound of an A, E, I, O, or a U.


3/7/20. Our group includes many fine matter creatures or fines. Fines have many roles on earth and in space. They patrol space and the earth, control the climate and the orbit of the earth, assist the plants and animals, protect human beings and all the creatures, and much more. In fact, the planet could not exist without the fines.

Climate change. Fine-matter creatures are in charge of the climate. They vary it according to the needs of all the plants and animals. Earth could not maintain her climate for even a week without them. This is why talk of climate change is total nonsense, mainly designed to frighten people, wreck the economy and elect socialists and communists.

Seeing them. Most adults cannot see the fines because their bodies are composed of a low-density type of flesh. However, many human babies and girls up to the age of about 10 see them. Often they become their “invisible friends”.

Many fines are beautiful, including the angels. A few fine matter creatures look unusual and can scare children. These creatures usually stay away from children.

Size. Fines come in all sizes - from microscopic to enormous. Quite a few look like Walt Disney cartoon characters - and are definitely funny-looking. This may be why young children often like the Disney cartoon figures.

The truth about fine matter beings has been suppressed. A rare exception is the delightful movie, Fairytales: A True Story (1997). It is the story of two English school girls who photographed elves in the garden behind their home. The film needs a bit of editing for children. However, with an all-star cast and filmed on location, it is a must-view for anyone who wants to learn about fines.

Some movie reviewers on the internet claim the girls’ photos were faked. We say this is a lie designed to hide the truth. Photographic experts were brought in from thousands of miles away to authenticate the photos, which were eventually released to the public.


3/7/20. Everyone is concerned with the Chinese virus. However, at this time, you are much more likely to be killed in a car. Safe driving can reduce this possibility a lot. For details, read the new, short article, Driving Safely.


3/6/20. Let us continue with language lessons. Recall that lesson #1 was that the old Hebrew dialect spoken throughout the universe has 21 letters. They look similar to modern-day Hebrew letters. Also, the letters correspond to the first 21 energy centers on every human and animal body.

Lesson #2. Lesson #2 has four parts:

A. All of the Ebre letters combine to form words, just like in English.

B. Unlike English, however, there are no vowels.

C. The vowel sounds – A, E, I, O and U – are made by putting little dots underneath the Ebre letters.

D. The dot system is not the same as the dots under modern Hebrew letters. However, the idea is the same.


3/5/20. Please read a new article, the very short Biography of Rachel Carson, one of the most influential scientists and writers in history.


3/5/20. This is a wonderful day. The group of souls and creatures on earth figured out that six of the seven physical energy centers on Yaway, the very large angelic being in our area of space, were spinning incorrectly.

Her energy centers numbers 2-7 had the wrong solar systems in their central locations. This was causing health problems for her, just as it causes illness for human beings.

The correct solar systems were all within her, but in the wrong locations, thanks to the rogues. Today they were moved back into their proper locations and she feels and functions much better. As a result, the earth and all of her inhabitants are also healthier.

The earth is now the central planet of her seventh energy center, which is deep in the her head, near the pineal gland. She wishes to thank everyone who helped with this effort.


The medical and scientific community on earth ignore the energy centers because the centers cannot be seen by most people. However, they are real - and are critical for health.

Healing and increasing the size of the energy centers is the primary goal of a development program. This is the amazing process called Development. For more details, read The Energy Centers.


3/4/20. Yaway, the enormous fine-matter angelic being within whom the earth is located, says that learning her language is important for everyone on earth. The language is called Ebre.

She tells us her language is millions of years old! Most fine-matter beings in space and some human populations on other worlds speak it.

Abraham and Sarah, the couple that started the Hebrew religion, were given this language. Sarah actually received the language. Her husband was busy leading the people. Sarah wrote down all that she was given, a lengthy process that took several years. The name, Sarah, means the writer in the ancient language.

Over time, the ancient language became mixed with the Sumerian, Phoenician and other older earth dialects. The intent here is to restore the original form of the language. This is important because learning it will help unite all the people of earth and will help everyone understand their bodies and how the universe works. It is fairly easy, so let us begin.

LESSON #1. Lesson #1 has two parts:

A. Ebre has 21 letters that resemble Hebrew letters. You can easily find pictures of Hebrew letters on the internet. However, do not memorize them because they are not the same as the Ebre letters, which are simpler.

B. The 21 letters correspond to the first 21 energy centers of every human being and animal. For details about energy centers, read The Energy Centers.


3/3/20. As scientists learn more, new precautions are in order. Apparently, people can be infected and show no symptoms at all – but they are spreading the virus. Also, apparently people can have the virus, heal from it, and then become reinfected. These traits means that it could spread more widely than previously thought.

The following are not as important as following a development program to strengthen your immune response. However, they may be wise ideas. For the full list, read Cleanliness.

Some of the precautions seem drastic. We are not sure how needed they are. We mention them because many people want to take more steps to protect themselves and their families:

- Diet. At the very least, completely avoid sugar and sweets. Sugar in all forms, including syrups, honey, fruit, fruit juices, ice cream and other sugar-laden foods weakens the immune system. There is much more to an excellent diet, but that is start, along with eating lots of cooked vegetables every day.

- Sunshine. Sunshine kills germs and getting some sunshine every day for about half an hour is very good. Opening blinds so that sun shines into your living space is also a very good idea every day.

- Children. Japan has already closed ALL of their schools for the next month or so. We recommend educating and keeping children at home. This means no schools and no daycare, both of which tend to be filthy places. If this means one parent must quit a job, try to do this. It is best in many ways! See the articles on Daycare and Home Schooling.

- Clothing. Wear light-colored clothing (so you can see the dirt) and wash clothing frequently. In public places, always cover up the body with long sleeves, long pants and a jacket in case someone touches you or you brush up against infected objects.

- Washing. Wash your hands many times each day with soap. Leave the soap on your hands for 10 seconds or longer. Also, when showering or bathing, leave soap on for 10 seconds or longer.

- Travel. If possible, avoid travel on buses, trains and planes (all filthy). If you must travel, bring some wipes or a spray bottle of hydrogen peroxide and spray everywhere you sit and touch.

- Touching. Ideally, avoid handshakes, hugs and kisses. Just tell people you are being careful at this time. Open doors in public places like bathrooms using a towel or glove, rather than touching public door knobs.

- Crowds. Ideally, avoid crowds, such as in theaters, stadiums, concerts, restaurants, and indoor sports events. Also, do not visit hospitals and nursing homes, if at all possible.

- Food. Wash or at least rinse all food when you bring it home and cook all food. We suggest avoiding salads and fruit completely. Some food sold in America, in particular, is grown in China today. Try to buy food grown in your own nation.

- Face masks. Some people are using these. The problem is they quickly become dirty and infected. Then they are worse than no mask at all. As a result, we don’t recommend them much except for health care workers, who change them frequently.

- Money. Cash is not particularly clean. A cleaner way to do business is with a credit or debit card. It is less private, but cleaner.


3/2/20. This word means a creature that has both male and female genital organs. As a result, it can reproduce without having a mate or other creature.

This is not the same as gender confusion or gender dysphoria. In our experience, gender dysphoria and transgenders may be in poor health. In our experience, when a person who has gender dysphoria follows a development program, the gender dysphoria often diminishes.

Hermaphrodites on earth include the earthworms found in everyone’s backyard. The clownfish is another example, and most earth plants are hermaphrodites.


2/28/20. Over the past few days, a number of our clients in Europe, Australia and America reported headaches and fatigue. We found it was due to the Rogues. It was stopped, and most people who experienced symptoms now feel better.


2/28/20. We don’t want to call the new virus “corona” virus because we believe this name is just a politically correct word and not truthful enough. It is the communist, socialist Chinese biological weapons virus.

However, the media and others want to elect a left wing socialist or communist as president of the United States soon. We think the name “corona” is used so as not to blame the communist Chinese who started it with their biological weapons laboratory “accident” in Wuhan, Red China.

President Trump talked about it in a press conference yesterday. However, he failed to tell people to eat better and to use saunas to boost the immune response. We hope he will do better in his next speech.


2/28/20. The Chinese virus is still spreading. There are a lot of souls who want to be freed from their human bodies, so we expect there will be more deaths from it.

Even if it spreads further, panic is not helpful at all. One of our clients called in a panic today because her son suddenly got a fever, diarrhea and a rash. That is not the Chinese virus.

Even if it were that virus, most people can heal from it with simple, natural remedies. Take vitamin A (about 5000 iu daily for a small child and about 25,000 iu daily for an adult. Do foot and hand reflexology, use a reddish heat lamp on the abdomen, eat the development diet with cooked, not a lot of raw vegetables, get plenty of rest and sleep. As we learn more about it, we will let you know if other measures are needed or helpful.


2/27/20. Love is not sex. Love is caring, respect, kindness, honoring, and gratitude toward everyone and everything, not just toward your family and friends.

Another kind of love is the radiance of the Creator. It is all around and through us. For details, read Love As Radiance.

Earth needs more love by the humans, the creatures, the plants and all the fine matter as well as the coarse matter beings. Then the earth will survive. If not, the earth may not survive and we will explain in this blog why this is so.


2/27/20. Truth is absolute and real. Disregard and avoid anyone who teaches that truth is “relative” or that truth does not exist. These people are incorrect, even if they have advanced university degrees.

The Democratic Party candidates in America and the socialists, progressives, communists and liberals around the world all lie about their intentions. They care more about power and control than they care about the people. Do not elect them if you want the earth to survive and thrive.


There is no global climate crisis. We discussed this in earlier posts on this blog. The climate on earth is carefully regulated and must be in order to maintain the proper orbit of the earth. The “crisis” is all lies to scare and fool the people into giving up their freedom and electing socialists. Do not be fooled!


2/26/20. The angel-like being the earth and the entire solar system appear to be inside of tells us her name is Yaway (emphasis on the second syllable). In her language, the name means the one who shows the way. We think she is telling the truth, but who knows.

The reason we question the name is that it is similar to Yaweh (emphasis on the first syllable). This name in the old testament of the Bible refers to God. The two may be related, and it is an interesting coincidence.


2/26/20. We are told that for the safety of the earth, we need to focus our attention on love for all, truth, and the basics of religion. For the details about basic religion, read Religion.


2/25/20. Among the human beings we have found in prison are several masters. These are women and men who are developed so that they can send and receive messages telepathically. The rogues had captured them and used them to send and receive messages.

The idea of masters is known in every religious tradition on earth. Most are over 1000 years old. Some lived in convents or monasteries on earth. There they followed a strict diet and healthy lifestyle in order to become masters. One or two were married and lived in families when they became developed.

The earth needs many more developed masters. We are told that the development program offered through this website is the basic training that is needed.

Many books on earth discuss masters. These include books about the Catholic saints, the five-volume series, The Life And Teachings Of The Masters Of The Far East by Baird Spaulding, and the Hebrew and the Christian Bibles.


2/24/20. We have found trillions more souls and creatures imprisoned in space around the earth. Bringing them back to earth is greatly improving our ability to protect the earth from the rogues.

The prisons. These masters, souls and creatures were difficult to find. The rogues have a very high-tech prison system. They can beam souls and creatures into electrical force fields that trap the souls and creatures. Then the rogues surround these “electronic prisons” with another electric force field called a cloak.

What is a cloak? Those who have watched the Star Trek television series or movies are familiar with cloaks. They are absolutely real and a powerful way to hide objects.

A cloak is an advanced type of electrical field that either bends light rays around itself or projects an image. Either way, one cannot see whatever is behind the electrical field. Instead, one sees empty space or one sees a projected image.

The earth forces do not use electronic prisons. Some of our space vehicles have cloaks.


2/23/20. The rogues are quietly locking up important creatures that were freed from prison in space. They are putting them back out in space, away from the planet. This threatens to undo all the gains we have made over the past 24 hours.

This is occurring because instead of focusing our forces on defending the recently released creatures, too many of our forces have now moved on to assist other large beings in space that are similar to the large being inside of which the earth is located. This is very foolish! Our forces need to return to the earth at once.

The rogues are using a very old method to defeat us – divide and conquer. It must not be permitted. Bringing our forces home is not selfish. It is the only way we will succeed. The earth forces must first defend and secure the earth. To our forces, please listen and bring our forces back to the earth.


2/22/20. A movement began today that we never anticipated. What began as bringing back to earth a number of creatures who were on fake journeys in space has turned into a torrent.

We found literally thousands of what the rogues call crystals in space around the earth. These are really just prisons. They are full of souls, creatures and more that belong inside and on the surface of the earth.

Today we learned how to see these cloaked prisons and how to rapidly bring the trapped souls and creatures back to the earth. Here are just a few of the benefits:

- We are bringing back trillions upon trillions of souls and fine matter creatures to the earth. They belong here and want to help clean it up, heal the planet, get rid of corruption in government and industry, and more.

- We are returning many tons of stolen minerals to the earth. This will help the agriculture of earth tremendously. Returning gold will also stabilize the monetary system of the earth, which is based upon the price of gold. That is what we suggest people buy as an investment right now.

- We are bringing back a lot of water to planet earth that the rogues also stole and put in the prisons. This may sound strange, but it is true. The water will also go into the atmosphere and bring more rain to our deserts and our drought-stricken areas such as the Southwest United States.

The water will not flood the coastal cities, as some fear. The level of the oceans is carefully controlled, as explained in the Climate article.


2/21/20. Most news outlets are not reporting the truth about the ideas of the Democratic Party candidates for president of the United States, so we will help out.

Some people will think that this blog post is too negative. We believe it is too positive. We think the truth is that things would be much worse than our description of their positions on the issues. For details, read Comments On The 2020 Election.


This election, and similar ones around the world, is not so much between political parties or “left and right”. It is a contest between two moral value systems. Voters will decide if they prefer:

- The Biblical value system embodied in the Ten Commandments and the Golden Rule, OR

- The older, authoritarian moral system called moral relativism, in which telling the truth does not matter. What matters is gaining and holding power.


2/21/20. We are very happy that we figured out that there was no real movement through space. We were just “treading water” near the earth. The rogues had set up hundreds of these artificial journeys in order to distract us and split our forces.


2/20/20. Earlier posts reported that we had separated from the large, female, angel-like being in space. However, we have now figured out that this was a trick of the rogues and we never really moved very far in space. We were just inside a gigantic “theater”, like a huge planetarium, so that we thought we were moving.

We have gone back and corrected a number of blog posts below to reflect this new situation. Some don’t like that we change the blog this way, but we have many new readers and we don’t want them confused.


2/19/20. The latest change has been to set up a communication system using twins or twin souls. Twin souls communicate between each other very easily and accurately.

The communication system uses one twin soul in one location while the other twin remains elsewhere. They pass messages between them quickly and accurately. Groups of souls are at ‘hubs’ so that messages can be spread to other twins easily, to be relayed elsewhere.

The only problem is that twin souls like to be close together, not on opposite sides of the earth. So we rotate them, giving them a break each day when they can be together.


2/18/20. New figures from China indicate that the corona virus or Chinese virus is still spreading in China. More people in other nations are also infected.

We hope this situation will cause more people to pay attention to their health. The following is a repeat of an earlier post, in case you missed it.

To stay safe, go to bed by 9 PM, get more rest and sleep, eat only fresh, high quality food. Beyond this, the most powerful method of handling disease we know of is a development program. While we do not have experience with the corona virus, based upon similar infections if you can follow a development program, you will be safer. For details, read Introduction To Development and Introduction To Development Programs.

Beware of all other healing programs. Many are not good, no matter how much people tout them. They can cause symptomatic improvement, but do not heal as deeply.

We find that many popular programs are harmful in the long run. These include homeopathy, chelation therapy, most herbs (toxic), raw food diets, vegetarian diets, the Mediterranean diet, the Weston Price diet, the keto diet, the paleo diet, and others.

Development science teaches that properly cooked food is better than raw food, except for raw dairy products which are good in moderation. It also teaches that vegetarian diets, fruit-eating and smoothies or shakes are harmful, no matter how nutritious they are, because they make the body too Yin in macrobiotic terminology.

In addition, the healing and detoxification procedures we suggest build health and can help protect the body against viral infections. These are the red heat lamp sauna therapy, reflexology, the spinal twist, coffee enemas and the pulling down exercise. Others are called The Accelerators.

Other common sense preventive measures at this time are to avoid all international travel and avoid crowds. This means avoiding places such as movie theaters, sports stadiums, concert halls and all crowded places.

Stay clean, wash your hands often with soap, and wash clothing often. These simple steps can greatly reduce the risk of viral infections.

It is a bit scary that so many of our products come from China. President Trump is taking the lead on changing this situation in America.

While we believe in international trade, socialist China has cheated for years in order to get everything manufactured in their nation. They have done this with government subsidies and by artificially controlling their currency so that goods are cheap from China.

This is ultimately a ruinous financial policy. However, in the meantime, other national leaders need to adopt the same policies as Mr. Trump in order to start manufacturing more products in their own nations.


2/16/20. To assure the safety of the group of souls and fine matter creatures in and on the earth, we require that anyone who wishes to join our group must sign what we call the pledge or covenant. It is the agreement with our Creator, or so we believe, about how one promises to behave in order to receive the protection of the Creator. Anyone who does not sign the covenant may not join the group. Here is the essence of the covenant:

1. I promise to obey the Ten Commandments that were given to Moses on Mount Sinai. I also promise to obey the Golden Rule – to behave unto others as I would have them behave toward me.

2. I also promise to develop myself, meaning to follow the correct diet and to do the development procedures for at least two hours daily. I also promise to teach development to others at some time in the future or in the present.

3. I promise to be guided by God, Holy Spirit, One or Source in all my decisions, and to check frequently with this source of information. I realize it is often not easy to get clear answers to prayers and questions, but I will continue to ask. As I develop, I know that I will be able to access this source of information more clearly and easily.

4. I understand that all beings are equally loved by the Creator and therefore of equal value as I am. All of them require my respect at all times.

This includes all human beings, regardless of their race, color, creed, religion, beliefs or actions. This does not mean I will never go to war against those who harm others. However, I will always respect life in all its forms, including life in the womb from the moment of conception. I am not in a position to judge exactly when “life” begins.

This part of the covenant also applies to all animals, all plants and even the air, the water, the rocks and other features of the earth. This does not mean that I will never move a rock or kill a bug. However, I will always respect all of the creations on earth and the planet herself (planets are usually given the feminine pronoun by convention). In fact, as written in the beginning of this blog, the earth is a living being that is hermaphroditic – meaning male and female at the same time.

4. I agree to love everyone. This means to be helpful, kind, respectful, and honoring toward everyone, not just my family and friends. It does NOT mean have sex with people unless you are married to the person, and it does not mean allowing people to take advantage of you.

5. I will always seek and speak the truth. This is a principle, but can be complex in practice. For example, one can lie by omitting vital information or by embellishing the truth.

The only exception to this rule is when speaking the truth would immediately endanger myself or others. For example, if someone is looking for a friend of mine and has a weapon and intends to harm that person. In that situation, I have permission to lie to save myself or another.

This is the only situation in which lying is allowed. Lying to comfort others, to avoid offending others, for convenience, to make money, or to maintain your position or job are not allowed.


Some day, I am told, all human beings on earth will be required to sign the covenant. Right now only the fine matter beings need to sign it. If you are interested in signing, however, you can do it mentally and just keep the rules uppermost in your mind by reading them daily.


2/14/20. The souls and the large female being who are writing this blog say that five major cleanup project are underway on earth at this time. There are others, but these are the main ones.

These do not require many new laws. Instead, they mostly require the repeal of hundreds of bad laws. So beware of anyone who wants to increase government intervention in society. Government intervention is most of the problem, not the solution. For details about the five projects, read the first part of Healing The Earth.


2/12/20. Souls tend to be somewhat lazy. The reasons are they don’t need much to eat and drink, they can eat many kinds of food, and they don’t need houses, clothing or vehicles to drive in. As a result, they don’t have to work too hard to stay alive.

This trait affects all creatures because souls operate all the bodies. This is one reason why the free enterprise economic system or capitalism works well, and why socialism does not work.

In a socialist economy, the government provides free health care, free child care, free education, and even a guaranteed income. You will hear politicians talking about this during this election season.

It all sounds wonderful, but it does not work because the people become lazy. They are given little incentive to work hard or to accomplish anything.

As a result, work or production slows down and poverty follows. Also, health care, child care, and education all cost money to provide, so the government must confiscate most of people’s money in taxes and in other ways order to provide these services. In other words, nothing is free and any politicians who claims to offer anything for free is lying.


2/10/20. We find there are serious problems with genetic testing. These test scare people needlessly. Some women even get their breasts cut off because a genetic test shows they might get breast cancer. This is wrong and completely unneeded.

Here’s the problem: The test does not measure what you have been taught. In truth, the test measures not only the DNA, but also the ability of the body to copy the DNA to make RNA, and some steps in making chemicals from the RNA. The “defects” the tests detect are mostly in the RNA and synthesis, not the DNA.

And guess what causes problems in the RNA and in biosynthesis? Nutrient deficiencies and toxic metal excess.

In other words, the cause of most, if not all the “genetic” problems are not caused by “bad genes”, but rather nutrient deficiencies and toxic metals that you can correct.

We know this because the tests can change if one follows a development program. This would not occur if the problem were in the DNA. But doctors don’t tell you that and instead you are left scared and discouraged that your DNA is defective when this is not true.

Also, and more egregious, only about 3% or less of the genetic code has been decoded. The other 97% is called “junk DNA” and scientists have no idea what it is for. The idea that all of the genetic code is understood is a total lie! Look up Junk DNA to confirm this!

Much of the “junk DNA” has to do with development. It is not junk! It is just more difficult to decode. For details about genetics, read Introduction To Genetics, Genetic Defects and Genetic Testing.


2/8/20. The large being of which we are a part is still improving her health. It will be a long process because she was starved badly. However, we are learning more about her and her husband.

Our area of space seems to have a lot of rogues and they do nothing but cause trouble! We still do not understand exactly who they are, but they seem to be like a disease of some sort.

This blog earlier reported that we were moving through space, but now we do not think so. It seems like an aspect of the earth was and is moving, but not the real, physical planet. We know this is confusing, and we don’t understand it.


2/5/20. Today the United States Senate voted to clear president Trump of all wrongdoing in connection with the impeachment that took place last month in the US House of Representatives.

We don’t like everything about Mr. Trump, such as his vindictive tweets. However, we are happy about the end of the impeachment because the charges were false. The truth is the president did nothing wrong. In fact, he is required by law to investigate corruption of foreign governments to whom the US gives aid. It does not matter who the corruption involves.

He also did not “obstruct Congress”. When asked to testify, he went to a judge who ruled that he did not need to testify, so he did not. That is not obstructing. It is following the law.

The Democrats vowed to impeach him from the day he took office three years ago. The reason is that he loves America. The Democrats hate America because these days they are socialists and communists. This is a recent development in the past 40 years or so.

We, the souls who inhabit the earth, say that Mr. Trump has done an excellent job and should be re-elected.


2/5/20. President Trump, the American president, gives his entire salary of $400,000. per year to charity. He has to give it to government agencies. Here is where it has gone:

1st quarter 2017 to The National Parks Service for repairs, 2nd quarter 2017 to the Department Of Health And Human Services to fund a summer camp for poor children, 3rd quarter 2017 for research into the opioid drug epidemic, 4th quarter 2017 to the Department of Transportation to fix the roads of America.

In the 1st quarter 2018 he gave his salary to the Veterans Administration for their programs, the 2nd quarter to the Small Business Administration to help small businesses, the 3rd quarter 2018 for alcoholism research, and the 4th quarter 2018 to Homeland Security. In 2019, he gave his salary to: 1st quarter 2019 for agricultural research, 2nd quarter 2019 to the Surgeon General’s Office.


2/5/20. The large, female being we are inside of is feeling better at this time, and is telling us more about herself. She says she has helped the earth for many years and is sorry she cannot help us more.

She says she was involved in the life of Abraham and Sarah, founders of the Hebrew religion. She was also involved in the life of Jesus.

She says that both of these events were set up to help the people of earth, and they have helped. They are not enough, however, and people today must eat better, she says, in order to be healthy.


2/5/20. We have become aware that the above brands of red heat lamp bulbs are dangerous! If you have them in your sauna, please throw them away immediately.

SaunaSpace is telling people that the shielded wiring in their sauna stops any EMF from their bulbs. We don’t believe this is true, even if it cannot be measured with an EMF meter. We no longer recommend SaunaSpace saunas, although the sauna unit itself we think is okay.

Use only the standard brands in the hardware stores such as Sylvania, GE, Philips, Feat, or Havel Sli - not Westinghouse, right now.


1/31/20. This is a historic day because Great Britain, also called England and The United Kingdom, is officially no longer part of the European Union. This is important because the European Union has weakened the sovereignty of its member nations.

The European Union, based in Brussels, Belgium, has been responsible for policies that have weakened the cultures of the member nations. Among these are unrestricted immigration from the Middle East that has brought with it rape and other horrors. This is the main reason the British people voted a few years ago to get out of the European Union.

Many British politicians did not want to respect the vote of the British people. However, in this case the people persisted and finally the leaders gave in. Bravo to the British people, and a good lesson for us all!


1/30/20. The so-called corona virus should be called the Chinese virus. It is apparently the product of a bioterrorism laboratory located in Wuhan, Communist China. The virus got loose and is spreading quickly among the people living in the area.

The Chinese authorities knew about it months ago and suppressed the truth about it because it made the government look bad. Lying to the people is a common practice in communist and socialist nations.

We hope the virus was not spread deliberately to “test” a bioterrorism weapon. This is something else that goes on routinely in communist and socialist nations because they really don’t care much about the people, no matter what they claim.

President Trump in the USA is handling the outbreak well, so far, by quarantining anyone who has traveled to China for two weeks. To quarantine means that the person must stay in a hotel or other facility for a period of time to make sure they are not sick and cannot spread disease to the rest of the population. Some people also think he should ban all travel to communist China until the outbreak is over.

Disease outbreaks like this always burn themselves out. They kill the weak people and the rest of the people survive and that is the end of it.

We have had a series of these outbreaks. Some people remember the swine flu, the Asian flu, the Ebola virus and others in the recent past.

Almost exactly 100 years ago an influenza virus killed millions of people around the world. This has not occurred again since then, but we would not be surprised if this one kills thousands because people’s bodies are so toxic and malnourished.

This type of virus is not the most lethal. However, it can cause death in weak, malnourished, toxic bodies. This is a major reason to begin and continue with a development program.

We don’t have experience with the corona virus. However, based upon experience with similar infections, you will be safer if you can follow a development program (not just any health program). Some people are unable to follow a full development program, in which case it will not be effective.

It is best to begin now because it takes time to build up your nutrition and your immune response. Also, you never know when you might be exposed to the virus.

Avoiding air and ship travel, especially to Asia, is also a good idea at this time. For more protection, avoid crowded areas, stay very clean and warm, and get plenty of rest and sleep.


1/30/20. Finding the large beings in space makes us wonder who is in charge of outer space and why it is such a mess. It looks like a Star Wars movie with the Empire in charge!

So far, we have no definite answers. We are getting lots of help when we ask for it, but we do not know who is actually in charge.


1/30/20. This beautiful being has been kept in a semi-coma so that she will not upset the activities of the rogues or trophs.

The rogues have poisoned her, driven spikes into her body and brain, and beaten and raped her repeatedly to keep her very weak. They have also damaged all of her organs. It is truly disgusting.

Usually, the rogues just kill anyone they don’t want around. However, we guess that the rogues do not want kill her and her husband. They are somehow needed in the universe.

At this time, this is all we know about why her life has been spared. This is also all we know about why the earth has been spared because the earth is part of her, we believe.


We have now found another large being in space near us who we believe is the husband or twin of the large female being in whom we find ourselves.

He is about the same size as she, with the exact same body organs, except that his reproductive organs look like those of a man.

We have learned that most fine matter beings are twinned or married this way. Twins, by definition, have main souls that were birthed at the same time – one male and one female. They tend to get along very well and work together well.

Twinning can occur among human beings on earth, but it is very rare. When it occurs, it makes for a wonderful marriage. One’s twin soul can also be in one’s mother, father, child, brother, sister or just a good friend. However, all of these are uncommon.

Some people have their twin soul inside them. These people often do not marry and are fairly happy living by themselves. For details, read Twin Souls.


1/30/20. The earth is currently in the solar plexus area of a large, female being in space. This area is between the third and the fourth physical energy centers. For details, read The Energy Centers.

Previously, this blog reported that the earth was located in the area of her body called the triple hearts. This is right in the middle of the upper chest and almost at the level of her throat. We were incorrect about this.

The function of the “triple hearts” area of all bodies is to connect the physical body with the etheric and other so-called upper “bodies”. These are not really bodies. They are energy fields that are very large and grow larger as one develops. For details, read The Hearts and The Energy Bodies.


1/30/20. We just realized that the earth is part of a huge, female, fine matter being who lives in our area.

She is so large that our entire solar system is about the size of her pinky fingernail. She looks sort of human with two arms and two somewhat short legs. She has two lungs, two kidneys, a large heart, a liver, a spleen, a pancreas and a small and large intestine. She has the same type of reproductive organs as human females.

Unlike human beings, however, she does not have a bony skeleton. Also, she has an unusual structure in the middle of her chest that is a propulsion unit or power unit. She uses it to move in any direction she wishes.

She also has two large wings that emerge from the area of her shoulder blades. These are also used to move around.

She seems to be very sick. We are trying to help her heal by feeding her the proper, cooked food, giving her vitamins just like we give to human beings on a development program, and cleaning up rogue bases and rogue poisons that are all over her.

She is very grateful and tells us that planet earth belongs to and is part with her. This is part of the biological theory of space. For details, read Outer Space and Bodies In Space.


1/30/20. The earth is definitely being assisted to survive by very powerful benign forces. Anyone who believes otherwise is incorrect. This is why the climate change scare is nonsense.

Without assistance, planet earth would have been turned into a socialist slave planet many years ago. This would make climate change problems look mild. Yet this has not occurred.

Instead, the earth is progressing, both technologically and spiritually. There are many problems here such as pollution, the 5G weapon and spy system (that is really what it is), malnutrition, disease and bad governments.

However, things could be much worse on earth. Many planets are desolate wastelands, and ours is not.

Do not listen to doom and gloom predictions. These are just designed to scare and discourage people and get people to vote for tyrannical socialist governments.


1/30/20. The worst governments are the communist, socialist and Marxist governments. Please know that these are merely code words for one-party, totalitarian, tyrannical rule.

In these nations, the people don’t matter much and the government does what it wishes. This always lead to poverty and, eventually, to war.

These governments have been responsible for the death of over one billion people on earth in the past 100 years. They started World War I and World War II. After the wars, Josef Stalin murdered over 70 million people in Eastern Europe. Mao Tse Tung murdered about 60 million Chinese people. By comparison, Adolf Hitler in Nazi Germany ONLY murdered about 12 million people in Europe, although he started World War II that cost many more lives – about 500 million lives, in total.

Do not be misled by anyone who suggests that socialism or communism are good systems of government. Remember always that the Nazi party of Germany is short for the National Socialist Party. Also remember always that the Soviet Union, another evil regime that killed over 60 million of its own people, was known as the USSR or Union Of Soviet Socialist Republics.


1/29/20. There are two basic types of bodies in the universe:

Coarse matter bodies include the bodies with which we are familiar – human, animals and plants. They also include bacteria and fungi and yeasts.

Fine matter bodies are of a lower density, so most people cannot see them. Examples of fine matter beings are angels, elves and souls. Some young girls can see angels and elves. They are definitely real.

For a true story about elves, we suggest watching FairyTale: A True Story (1997). It is the story of two English girls, about age 10, who lived about 100 years ago. They saw and photographed elves near their home. The photos were authenticated by photographic experts.

Fine matter beings live very long lives and can live in outer space and deep inside the earth. In space, they can find enough food and water. In space, fine matter animals can also find enough oxygen to breathe. Fine matter plants can find enough carbon dioxide to breathe in space, as well.

Fine matter creatures vary in size from microscopic to enormous. They all can move about using a ‘power unit’ located in the area of their chest. They have many shapes. Some look human or similar to earth creatures. Others are unique-looking, such as a few that look like dragons. For more details, read Bodies in Space.


1/28/20. Fear is a serious problem on earth. The trophos teach fear in hundreds of ways. The goal is to weaken and discourage the people of the earth. This makes the planet much easier to control. Here are a few examples:

The medical profession spreads fear. We know that if people eat correctly and follow a development program, most diseases would disappear.

The television, radio and other media outlets often focus on bad news, while ignoring happy news.

The trophos use rape to terrorize women. To read all about it, read Rape. A more subtle method is the use of radionic machines that broadcast fear into everyone. For details, read Psychotronics.


1/28/20. Babies are not healthy enough today. The trophos want more daycare, which wrecks the health of babies. Daycare has many problems, such as picking up infections from other children and from daycare workers. For more details, read Daycare.

President Trump is proposing a way to fix the daycare problem. He wants to require all businesses to give a woman who gives birth one year off work without firing her.

The company does not have to pay her while she is off work. But they must rehire her after one year if she wishes. If the company does not want to do this, they do not have to hire young women. They can hire men or women who are older who won’t have babies. This legislation is needed in America for the safety and health of our babies.

In Canada, new mothers are actually paid 55% of their work salary to stay at home with their babies for a year or a year and a half. The money comes from unemployment insurance that is taken out of a worker’s paychecks.


1/25/20. For optimum health and development, one needs to have the right values and attitudes. We find that the only values that work to sustain a society are Biblical values such as the Ten Commandments of Moses and the Golden Rule (see The Twelve Commandments – Ten Of Moses and Two More) and The Golden Rule.

Modern “liberal”, “progressive”, “democratic socialist” and “left wing” values do not work! They have been tried many times!!

Most people are not old enough to remember the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (or USSR in Russia), the National Socialist Party in Germany (NAZIS) and many others. They murdered millions of people. Their thinking always lead to poverty and war.

Do not be fooled by slick advertising by Mr. Bloomberg and others. These people are one-party rule tyrants underneath. That is the real way they do things, and it could happen in America. Read Socialism, The Irony Of Socialism, Basic Economics and Words Used To Confuse People.


1/25/20. Go to bed by 9 and sleep at least 9 hours a night. Otherwise, you will develop very slowly.

Ordinary sex with sexual fluid loss slows development and weakens the body. Keep it to a minimum. However, Down Sex is excellent for health. You can do daily if you wish.

Certain detoxification procedures are excellent for healing and development. We recommend six basic ones. For details, read The Detoxification Procedures.


1/24/20. Avoid all powders, shakes and smoothies. They are bad food combinations and mix too much liquid with the food. Also, avoid all juices except 10-12 ounces of carrot juice for adults. More than this and other juices are too yin, and thus harmful even if you feel better on them.

You can, however, blend vegetables in a powerful blender that chops up the vegetables and heats them so they cook. We are still researching this method. However, do not cook the vegetables for more than about 30 seconds – just until they are chopped and cooked. They will cook very fast because they are all broken apart. Also, use as little water as possible because mixing liquids with meals dilutes the stomach acid and greatly impairs digestion.

The only recommended raw foods are up to 4 ounces daily only for all dairy products - milk, cheese, yogurt and kefir. Butter and oils such as sesame oil or olive oil are best raw. Do not heat olive oil! It turns to a poison.


Many will not like this recommendation. To feel well and become younger inside, cook almost everything you eat. It kills a few vitamins, but it kills germs, too, and the minerals are unlocked from the vegetable fiber.

Cook with water! Pressure cooking is best, but with this method care is needed to avoid overcooking. For example, vegetables just need about 2 to 2.5 minutes – just enough so they retain some of their color, and are soft, not crunchy. You can also steam food, or stir fry and then add water and steam for 15 minutes more.

A crock pot can be used, but is not quite as good because it overcooks food.


Stay completely away from all foods made with white flour, white sugar, corn syrup, artificial sweeteners and other chemicalized food. Rice is also not healthful, although we do not know why. This even applies to organically grown whole grain rice.

Stay away from fruit. It is too yin and interferes with development. For details, see Yin Disease.

Also avoid all pig products. They often contain parasites even when well cooked. Avoid duck, bison or buffalo, and even duck eggs. They seem less compatible with our bodies.


Organic almond butter and organic roasted tahini are excellent and needed for development. The tahini from Israel is best, if you can find it. Sprouts Markets sell it in the Western US. This is a part of the diet that many overlook and it slows development and healing.

Blue corn chips are also most helpful for development. They are somewhat salty and greasy, but we can’t find an alternative to them at this time. Corn cereal or tortillas are not as good. However, if you cannot find blue corn chips anywhere, then yellow organic corn will provide some of the same chemicals.


We find that vegetarian diets are killers and will shorten your life, no matter how good you feel on them. Have some animal quality protein twice a day, but only 4 to 5 ounce portions for adults and less for children.

Good ones are lamb, chicken, grass fed or organic beef and sardines. Rotate animal proteins so you are not eating the same ones all the time.

Eggs are good in moderation. Prepare eggs by poaching or soft boiling for 3 minutes so the yolks remain runny. This is important. Women can have up to 6 eggs per week. Men can have 8 eggs per week. Otherwise, they become toxic.

Eight ounces of plain goat yogurt per week is also very good. Do not eat much other dairy products for the fastest development and healing. It is not needed and can interfere.


Development requires a careful diet. For the long version, read Food For Daily Use, Food For Occasional Use, and Forbidden Foods For Development. Here’s the short version:

Diet: Eat a mixture of certain vegetables with each meal – all cooked properly. This is to obtain more of their minerals, mainly. Minerals are not damaged by cooking.

The needed vegetables are carrots, all types of onions, shallots, leeks, red cabbage, Brussels sprouts, daikon (white radish), broccolini (also called baby broccoli or broccolete), and just a little horseradish root, celery, garlic, ginger, and golden beets.


This website is the original and real nutritional balancing website. We suggest avoiding the others, unless they are websites of our Approved Helpers. The trophos have many fake nutritional balancing groups and websites who teach nutrition incorrectly, on purpose, to keep people from getting well.

Now we call our work development. It is the science of youth and long life. If you want to stay young, this is the place. To read more, read Introduction To Development and Introduction To Development Programs.


The next set of blog entries is all about healing. It will include lifestyle, diet, cooking, child care and more.

Deep healing is needed by everyone on earth today. The goal is to eliminate toxins and replenish nutrients, particularly minerals. Done properly you will find that most illness goes away and you will live a long time.

In our experience, this requires what we call a development program. Other natural or medical healing programs are much less effective.

In fact, we find that many natural healing methods are harmful in the long run. These include the use of herbs, homeopathy, chelation therapy, IV vitamins and taking loads of supplements. Also bad are vegetarian diets and raw food diets. They may help for a time, but they unbalance the body.


Everything about your life needs to be about service – to others, to the planet or to humanity, in general. This unselfish way of looking at life will bring you more success than any other approach to life. Only service sustains the planet.

This does not mean to overwork or become exhausted. You need to take care of yourself, as well. Include yourself in the circle of your love. However, whether it is in the area of business, friendships, marriage, education or anything else, think service first, not money or other selfish motives. Ask - How can I serve?


Many fewer humans are starving today. This is due to the spread of the free market economic system. Please know this is the truth! The main country spreading this is America.

Free market economics, also called capitalism or the free enterprise system means private ownership of land, laws to protect that ownership, and freedom in the economic sphere of life. People are allowed to start businesses and produce goods and keep the money they earn. Capitalism works beautifully when the laws are fair and are enforced.

When this is done (not done enough), prosperity, happiness, and a cleaner planet are the result. Anyone who says or teaches otherwise is a trophos or influenced by them. For details, read The Free Enterprise Economic System and Command And Control Economics.


The oceans and rivers of earth need cleaning up. The worst problem is mercury and other toxic metals (not plastic bags). Most of the mercury was brought to the planet by the trophos to damage the food supply.

There are bacteria that convert mercury into healthier elements, but we don’t yet have enough of them. To read how they do it, read Biological Transmutaton.

Until the oceans are cleaner, we do not suggest eating most fish. Only eat very small fish such as sardines. Three or four cans of sardines per week are very healthful.


The topsoil of the earth is a precious resource. Trillions of tiny creatures such as earthworms live in the soil and make it fertile and able to grow food.