Updated June 2014



1. P. 53. AVOID aromatherapy. It is too yin in Chinese medical terms and for this reason not helpful, even if it gives symptomatic relief.  The essential oils are similar to drugs and one must be very cautious about them.


2. P. 58. AVOID high-dose niacin. (error is in the 2006 EDITION)  Recent research is showing that it is not necessary, and it is toxic and hard to remove from the liver.  I know that others use it, but please avoid taking more than about 120 mg daily, and many people do not need even that much.


3. P. 65. Add TMG or trimethylglycine to a more complete healing program. The dosage for adults is up to about 3000 mg daily, with less for children.  This supplement can help with toxic metal removal.  Read about it at TMG or Methylation.


4. Using a sauna with breast implants.  We have not had any reports of problems using a near infrared lamp sauna if one has breast implants.  If you are concerned, wear a bikini top or bra in the sauna, and this will protect the area from the penetrating infrared light.  Anyone, by the way, may wear a bikini bathing suit in the sauna and this works fine.


5. P. 156. Country Ray Saunas new phone number is (814) 349-5212, extension 4.  Also, L.D. Wilson Consultants, Inc. no longer offers saunas or sauna parts.