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            We offer Basic and Advanced Helping education.  The goal is to prepare our dedicated clients to help others with a development program.


            Not for most doctors and health professionals.  Many doctors and other health consultants would like to add some or all of our concepts to the work that they already do.  However, our current training program is not set up for this purpose.

The problem is that combining a development program with other healing methods usually negates the development program, so we donÕt allow it.  The training is only for those who wish to offer our development program to others.

The Basic Helping Program is described below.  To learn about the Advanced Helping Program, click on Advanced Helping Program in Nutritional Balancing Science.






You need to complete at least one year on a full development program with one of the Approved Helpers.  Following a program on your own or with other practitioners, or some other type of nutritional program, is not acceptable.

To begin a development program with an Approved Helper, go to the Helper Referral Page, where the helpers are listed.  More details about going on a program are on this page.

The reasons for this requirement are:

a. Self-healing.  We insist that our Helpers all be on a full development program themselves before and when they assist others.

b. Practical experience.  Following a complete program yourself introduces you to development science in a way that no academic course can do.  It is the ÒpracticalÓ part of the Basic Helping Program.

c. Able to teach others.  Following a program yourself enables you to discuss the program much better with others.




The program consists of three home-study courses.  Each course involves a study guide, a book, and an examination that you complete at home and mail in or email to us for grading.

The subject matter of the courses is as follows:


COURSE #1. BASIC NUTRITIONAL BALANCING SCIENCE.  This course covers a wide array of topics and is the largest course, with 210 exam questions.  Topics include theory, mineral basics, basic interpretation of the hair mineral tests, understanding diet, lifestyle, basic supplementation, detoxification, healing reactions, and more.

The book for this course is the 2010, 2014 or preferably the 2016 edition of Nutritional Balancing and Hair Mineral Analysis by Dr. Lawrence Wilson.


COURSE #2. SAUNA THERAPY.  This course is about the use of hot air and heat lamp therapy for healing.  Topics include the theory of sauna detoxification, physiological effects of hot air baths, cautions, protocols, contraindications and procedures for sauna use, sauna design and construction, and more.

The book for this course is the 2006, 2011 or 2016 edition of Sauna Therapy by Dr. Lawrence Wilson.  The exam has about 100 questions.


COURSE #3. LEGAL GUIDELINES. This course discusses many aspects of how to avoid legal and other difficulties that can occur if you wish to help others.  They apply whether one is licensed or unlicensed.

Topics range from understanding the structure of occupational licensing laws, legal and business options for working, common errors people commit that can cause legal problems, record-keeping, how to respond to health authorities, and more.

The book for this course is Legal Guidelines For Unlicensed Practitioners, 2016 or earlier editions by Dr. Lawrence Wilson.  It is for licensed or unlicensed people.  The exam has about 100 questions.

The three courses are designed to provide basic knowledge of development science.  They do not teach the details of how to set up a nutritional balancing program, as this is much more complex.  Instead, the Basic Helping Program is to be used in conjunction with the Advanced Helping Program. 


Other peopleÕs programs.  Following a program that you or someone else set up is not sufficient because it wonÕt be the same program as ours.




The fee for the Basic Helping Program is $450.00 US dollars.  This does not include the cost of the three books (about $75.00), and it does not include the cost of going on a development program yourself.

Discounts:  Members of the US Military, NRA, Oathkeepers, Liberty International,, Smart Girl Politics, Students For Liberty, Second Amendment Foundation, CCRKBA and Tea Party groups: you may take $30.00 off the fee.




When you complete the Basic Helping Program, you will receive a Diploma In Basic Development Science from Westbrook University, an accredited distance learning college in the United States.  It is not a certification and we do not certify people in development science.

With the Diploma, you can open your own hair mineral analysis account at Analytical Research Laboratories.  This is necessary in order to go on to the Advanced Helping Program.




The Basic Helping Program is not a certification, registration or licensing program.  It also does not prepare one to offer development programs on oneÕs own.

It is intended for our most dedicated clients to enable them to help others with a development program.

When one completes the basic Helping program one is NOT a Helper or practitioner.  That requires being in the Advanced Helping program.




If you fulfill the prerequisite discussed above, you can apply for the Basic Helping Program by sending an email with your request to: Send An Email with:

a. Your full name.

b. Your full address, phone number and email address.


When we receive the above, we will acknowledge your application, decide if you are suitable for the program at this time, and give you further instructions.

If you send your information by email and donÕt receive a reply from us within a few days, please call Dr. Wilson at (928) 445-7690 Pacific Time Zone, in case your email was misplaced.




How long does it take to complete the basic helping program?  You may take up to a year to complete the three open-book examinations.  Some people finish in as little as two months, while other take longer.  It depends mainly upon how much time you spend with it.


How are the exams scored?. To pass the exams, you must score 90% or better on all three examinations.  This score is not that difficult to achieve because these are open book exams.

If you do not score 90% or better on all exams, we will mail your exams back to you and you will need to correct the exam answers that were incorrect and mail the correct answers back to me for regrading.

If you donÕt pass on the second try, you will need to wait 6 months for another regrading.


Do we give out the correct answers to the exams?  At this time, we do not give out the correct answers to the questions you missed.  We give you your grade and we mark the questions that were answered incorrectly.



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