by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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The kelp wrap is an ancient healing procedure that quickly improves the nutritional state of a body.  We consider it as one of the auxiliary or Accelerator Procedures of the development program.  However, for many babies, children and adults, it is absolutely wonderful to speed up healing and development.


How long.  Many people can use kelp wraps daily for up to one year.  After that, very few people need them because the body has been remineralized well enough that simply eating correctly will maintain and continue to improve mineral nutrition.




Where to do it.  The procedure is a bit messy.  Therefore, the best places to do the wrap are either sitting in a bathtub, or perhaps spreading a plastic shower curtain on the bathroom or other floor to catch the kelp that will inevitably fall on the floor.




Kelp can also be used as a body wrap to allow a person to absorb more minerals, perhaps to absorb other phytonutrients, and to help remove some mercury and copper through the skin.  It works!  So far, women seem to need it more than men, for some unknown reason.  Perhaps it is because women are higher in copper, so they benefit more than men.  This procedure and the kelp bath may particularly help those with electromagnetic field sensitivity or EMF sensitivity.

Also, most people can benefit a lot from this procedure when beginning a nutritional balancing program.  Most need the procedure every day for 6 to 12 months.

One can wrap the entire body, which is best but is somewhat messy.  One can also wrap just the feet and legs.  This is not quite as good, but it is less messy and can allow a person to move around more easily with the wrap on.



1. Kelp.  For one wrap or one bath, you will need about 1 pound of powdered kelp.  Brands that are acceptable include Frontier Herbs, Starwest Herbs and Monterrey Bay Herb Company ( in the USA, which is the least costly, I believe.  Other brands of powdered kelp are probably okay, as well, but these are definitely very good.

2. Water.  You will also need about 4-10 cups of water.  You can use tap water, spring water or distilled water.

3. Whole Wheat flour.  You will need a few tablespoons of flour to make the kelp wrap more sticky.


Preparing the wrap: 

1. First bring about 4-10 cups of water to a boil.  Then turn down the flame to simmer. 

2. Slowly add about 1 pound of kelp powder.  Stir it in slowly to prevent it from burning. 

3. Let the mixture simmer for one hour.  Check on it from time to time, stirring so that it does not stick to the bottom of the pot and burn.  Break up any lumps of kelp. Add a little more water if it gets too dry.  The cooking is important to make the kelp more yang and to kill any bacteria and other micro-organisms that may be mixed with the kelp.

4. Add a little whole wheat flour at the end of the cooking to make the kelp more sticky so it will stick better to your skin.  Usually, about 1 to 2 tablespoons of flour are all that are needed.


Applying the kelp.  This is a little messy, but hopefully you can make it fun.  Undress and apply the kelp all over the skin.  You can wear a bikini bathing suit if you prefer.  You may need to bring a space heater into the bathroom to keep the bathroom nice and warm.

To make it easy to reuse the kelp later, spread a plastic shower curtain liner on the bathroom floor and stand or sit on it.  You may also apply the kelp while sitting in a bathtub, or lying or sitting on a towel on the floor.

If you plan to do coffee enemas while you have the kelp on your skin, do not apply the kelp to the buttocks and back of the hips.  Also, do not apply it to the elbows, knees, and underarms as it will not stay on very well.  Once the kelp is spread on the skin, let it stay there for at least 2 hours and up to 3 hours.

If the kelp dries on your skin, it will be hard to recycle and reuse it.  So it may be better to apply a thicker layer that will remain moist for the two to three hours.

If you need to move around, of just for cleanliness, you can put clear food wrap over the kelp, wrapping it around your legs and trunk.  A simpler method is to buy some cheap, plastic “body bags” or lightweight plastic jump suits used in clean rooms.  Slip into one of these and you can also walk around without leaving a trail of kelp wherever you go.


            Coffee enemas, the pulling down exercise, and red heat lamp therapy with a kelp wrap.  This is a very efficient use of time!  Spread a vinyl shower curtain liner on the floor of the bathroom, or on a yoga mat, or wherever you do coffee enemas.  Apply the kelp first.  Do not put kelp on your large joints and buttocks.

Then lie down and do one or preferably two coffee enemas back to back, as this is more powerful.  Do the Roy Masters meditation, while doing the coffee enemas.  The meditation is definitely easier with the coffee inside you.  You may also shine a reddish heat lamp on your abdomen while doing the wrap and the enemas.  The light will not penetrate the kelp too well, but it is still somewhat helpful.

Doing two enemas back to back will take about one hour or a little more.  After finishing the second coffee enema, relax with the kelp on you for another hour.  You can continue to meditate, or you can do some work or other activity such as talking on the phone or reading.

After 2 to three hours, brush off the kelp or use a spatula to collect it.  Put it in a container, and place it in the refrigerator to reuse it the next day. 


            Reusing the kelp.  If you sit or lie down on a plastic shower curtain, you should be able to collect most of the kelp.  If you wish, add some water to it so it is not too thick, and store it in a container in the refrigerator until the next time you do the wrap. 

To reuse the kelp, put it back on the stove and warm it up to near body temperature.  You can boil it quickly to kill germs if it is contaminated or sweaty.  However, you do not need to cook it more.  You can reuse the kelp up to 20 times.




Many babies love the kelp wrap.  They love rubbing the warm, mushy kelp all over themselves and they love the nutritional effects.

Materials needed.  If you do the kelp wrap on the floor, you will need an old vinyl shower curtain to spread on the floor.  If you do it in the bathtub, you will need 3 or more rubber yoga mats to cover the bathtub so it is soft and non-slip.

You and baby will remain for a while, so you will need to bring toys or games for the baby.

Of course, you will need the kelp itself -prepared by boiling powdered kelp and some water for one hour, with a little added whole wheat flour to make it more sticky.


Location.  The easiest place to do a kelp wrap on a baby is often for mother or father and baby to get in the bathtub together.  An alternative is to spread a vinyl shower curtain on a carpeted or other soft floor.

If you use a bathtub, pad the bathtub with two or three rubber yoga mats so if the baby falls or rolls around he or she will not be hurt.

You can sit on a rubber mat or washable cushion.  A low stool is actually the most comfortable method.  A shower stool set on the lowest level is very good.


To begin.  Make sure the bathroom is warm.  You can leave a diaper on a baby or remove it.  Parents should wear a bathing suit or underwear.  We don’t recommend getting naked with babies. 

After preparing the kelp, carefully get in the tub together and start rubbing the kelp on your baby.


Once applied, the kelp needs to remain on the baby’s skin for at least one hour and preferably two hours.  So now it is playtime.  The baby may also want to nap with the kelp on.  Breastfeeding with the kelp on is also fine, although a bit messy for mother.


When you are done.  After at least one hour and preferably two hours, it is time to finish up.  Kelp can be reused up to 20 times, so to save money you may want to collect the kelp that you can and put it into a bucket or other plastic container.  Using a few large plastic spoons to gather up the kelp is helpful.  These are sold as beach toys for children.  Gathering up the kelp can be fun for a baby, as well. 


Cleaning up.  Cleanup is easiest in the bathtub by just turning on the shower.  Having a shower massager attachment to your shower makes it easier.

Drying off in the tub will reduce the chance of slipping in the bathroom.  Also, before leaving the bathtub, be sure to wash all kelp off your feet so that you don’t slip.  Putting on a pair of flip flops is also helpful to avoid slipping if the floor or your feet have any kelp left on them.


Problems.  Fussy babies. A few fussy babies may not like getting all ‘dirty’ with kelp.  However, our experience is that most babies are fine with it, especially if mother or father does it with them.   You may have to begin slowly the first few times until they are comfortable with it.  It is basically “playing in the mud”, something most babies enjoy.

Throwing the kelp.  A few babies may want to throw the kelp around the room.  The bathtub is better if this occurs.  Kelp is easy to wash off the walls, but less easy to wash out of carpets, for example.


Effects. Babies will look better, calm down, behave better, learn faster, and heal their eczema and other problems faster if you are willing to take the trouble to do kelp wraps with them.



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