by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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            This is a fairly common problem today.  Here are several reasons for sexual addiction and a focus on sexual thoughts, dress and behavior that may not be obvious:


1. Sexual fluid craving.  This is much more common in women, and not really a craving for sex, but only for the sexual fluids.  Those with this problem know this, and will say it.  They need ‘hot’ or at least ‘warm’’ fluid, and they may seek it outside their marriage, if needed.  It is a serious condition for this reason.  For more on this, read Sexual Fluid Craving.


2. Vampirizing for fun or other reasons.  This could create an addiction to sex.


3. Weak adrenal glands.  This can create all kinds of addictions.  Anything that stimulates the adrenals for a time, but leaves them weaker, as does most sex, can become addictive.  For more on this, read Addiction on this site.


4. Rape or perhaps other traumas.  In some odd way, experiencing rape can cause a sexual addiction in some cases.  It may be motivated by anger, by a desire for revenge or to harm others, to spread sexually-transmitted diseases to innocent people, or due to some type of confusion or nutritional imbalance.  For more on this, read Rape on this site.


5. Hormone imbalances.  High levels of testosterone, in particular, can cause a constant need for sex.


6. Use of sex as a drug or escape.  Some use sex to run away from problems, or for romantic fantasies, and this could lead to a sexual addiction.


For other reasons why some people just love sex, read Why Some Love Sex, Even When It Is Unhealthful.



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