by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

© July 2014, L.D. Wilson Consultants, Inc.


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The human brain, in some metaphorical way, is a type of muscle.  This means that it can be used to exert a force on one’s own body, on the bodies of others, and on any object in space and time.  This idea may sound odd, at first, but really one does it all the time.  One wills things to be and the body moves itself accordingly.  One also wishes and prays for things to happen, and to a certain degree, they do happen. 

There is more to the phrase, “the brain is a muscle”.  Over time, one can develop the mind and the muscle becomes “stronger”, and more capable.  When this happens, you can bring in healing energy to the body, and eventually you will transform the body completely.  This is where life becomes much more interesting and exciting.  Life also becomes much more fun, as well.




The key to developing the brain as a muscle is the Roy Masters mental exercise with my modification.  It really has nothing to do with Roy Masters, except I learned it from him.  He does not do it quite right, but I like giving him some credit for my mental strength. 

Really, the exercise is ancient, and has been taught to monks and nuns for thousands of years on earth, and perhaps on other planets, as well.

If you want to really develop your brain as a muscle, do the Pushing Down Exercise every day for at least one hour and preferably for at least two to three hours.  That is the secret.  You can do it sitting, lying down, and it is excellent to do it when you are holding a coffee enema.

We are not exactly sure why, but doing a coffee enema or a vaginal coffee implant for women, at the same time you do the pushing down exercise makes it much easier.  Don’t let anything get in the way of your “spa morning routine” including pushing down.  Be determined to build up the brain muscle, and you will be well rewarded.



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