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I. The List of Approved Helpers

The people listed below are the only people we recommend anywhere in the world. Others may claim they know our method and they may say they offer the same program, but it is not true. A few of our Helpers prefer not to be listed on this page, so if you are not sure about a practitioner, you can email me and ask. BEWARE!

II. Other Information About The Development Program:

Imitators And Imposters

What Is Development?

How The Development Program Works

Who Sets Up Your Program?


Working Long Distance

How Long Before Healing Occurs

Symptom Relief

Purification Reactions

Do Not Combine Programs

Who Does Best On The Development Program

Reporting Problems

Rules For Helpers

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The Helpers listed below are the only ones we recommend anywhere in the world. BEWARE!.

Click below to go to your region:

UNITED STATES (including Puerto Rico)






* Judy Hazelett, BS, LMT, Phoenix and Payson, (928) 474-1162, or Email:


* Jennifer Corte, LAc., NC, Elk Grove and surrounding area, Phone: (650) 436-7855, Email:  (Assisting Women, and their Children and Animals)

* John Himinkool, DC, Los Angeles and San Diego, Website: or Phone (858) 715-9400 or


* Chris Blair, NC, Central Florida and the whole state, phone: (813) 474-1733 or Email:


* Isabella Martins, NC, Atlanta/Dekatur area, Phone: (770) 331-8631, Email:, or Website: Spanish And Portuguese). NOT TAKING NEW CLIENTS AT THIS TIME.


* Mary Grace Pennella, DC, Fishers/Indianapolis, Website:, or (317) 863-0365.

* Brandy Todd, NC, Fort Wayne, Website: Email:

* Amy Walz, NC, Dale and central Indiana, (917) 721-3164, or website: or


* Vicki Nelson, ND, Novi, Email:


* Lisa Rufsholm, NC, East Bethel and all of Minnesota, (651) 462-1555 or Email: or Website:


* Bonnie Friehling, MD, Columbia/Southern Missouri, (573) 446-1200 or Website: or Email:

North Carolina 

* Vincent Polito, NC, Raleigh and surrounding area, (631) 987-7233 or Website: or Email: NOT TAKING NEW CLIENTS AT THIS TIME.


* Linda Fitzpatrick, NC, whole state, (717) 468-7057.


* Diane Leto, 847-925-8854 or Website:, or Email: (animal testing, as well).


* Dante Berry, NC, Houston area, phone: 832-258-6302 or Email: or Website: NOT TAKING NEW CLIENTS AT THIS TIME.

* Michelle Castiglia, CNC, Houston area, phone: (702) 354-1688, Email: or Website:

* Amy Mashburn, NC, Dallas-Fort Worth, (630) 254-6653.

* Derinda Oufnac, NC, Houston area,

* Regina Renken, NC, Houston area, (281) 813-3682 or Email: or Website:


* Ilona Brandt Hatch, NC, Springfield/Northern Virginia, phone: (703) 569-2354 or Email:, or Website:


* Paul Bosio, NC, Wisconsin and beyond, phone: (920) 527-0560 or Email:



* Cecilia Martell, B.Sc (Biology), M.Sc (Environmental Toxicology), MBA, NC, Ontario/Quebec (parle Francais, se habla Espanol), Website: or NOT TAKING NEW CLIENTS AT THIS TIME.

* Josephine Zanetti, NC, FDN, RHN, British Columbia and Quebec, Website:   or Email:


United Kingdom

* Will Houghton, NC, Dip. Nutrition, Dip. Smart Relax, Surrey area, Phone: +44 07921 357 590; Website:


Australia/New Zealand

* Catherine Dove, NC, entire nation.


* Rhodri Whitehead, BA, NC. Chiang Mai area and surrounds, Telephone: 0884 508 918 (Thailand), +66 884 508 918 (International) or or

Languages: English/Français/Espanol.

- End of Helper Listings -



Beware! Many websites advertise nutritional balancing, functional medicine, naturopathy, holistic care, development or other healing programs. Some say they studied with Dr. Wilson, that they are “certified” and that they know our work. Some say they have improved upon our work.

However, they are often lying and deceptive.

If a person is not listed on this web page, there is a good reason for it. HeWe have a few Helpers who prefer not to be listed, so if you are not sure, you can send me an email. However, most who are not on the list are not administering the development program correctly in some way, and are best avoided. Their programs are not at all the same as our.

Also, the computer-generated programs from Analytical Research Laboratories and those of other laboratories are not the same as our development program and not as good. Beware!


Development, as the word is used on this website, is a unique science and a unique system of healing. It is an ancient science and a life path. We have updated the science in order to handle the challenges of life in the 21st century on a toxic planet with nutritionally depleted food.

A genetic therapy. Correct nutrition activates genes that are not normally active in most people. This strengthens the body and helps extends life.

A life path. The development program is extremely holistic with physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects.  It is a life path rather than simply a healing program.

For many more details, read Introduction To Development and Introduction To The Development Program. Development is also a slow process that goes on for years, with continuing improvements in one’s health.

History. The Bible and other older texts contain many stories about people who lived a long time and who had special abilities. Many of these abilities were due to development.

Which health conditions can benefit from a development program? The development program is excellent for most health conditions. If you are not sure if a development program would help you, send us an email and we will advise you further.

Not a remedy science. The conventional methods of healing used by medical and natural healers of all types is to give remedies for symptoms and diseases. The development program does not work this way. Instead, it is about deeply renourishing and detoxifying the body and changing other qualities of the body. These lead to the reversal of the conditions that originally caused the symptoms or diseases.


History. The development program is a combination of many healing sciences. Some of these sciences are ancient, such as metabolic typing, balancing warm and cold forces sometimes called yang and yin, and what is called the Pulling Down Mental Exercise. I read about these and have applied them to my own health problems for 42 years.

The methods also include tissue mineral testing, very recent research on nutrition, and the stress theory of disease of Dr. Hans Selye, MD. These sciences are needed in our toxic world today. We hope medical and natural practitioners will learn and apply them because they alone work.

The development program consists of a diet, a healthful lifestyle, about eight nutritional supplements, and several powerful healing and detoxification procedures. The program is “mechanical” in that the more of the program you do, the better the results.

We offer two programs:

The basic or free program. This is a starter program that one does on one's own without supervision. There is no charge for this program.

Many people begin with this program, especially with the diet, Food For Daily Use, a few supplements, a better lifestyle and perhaps a few healing procedures. As they feel better, they change to the complete program. The basic program is found at The Free or Basic Program.

The full or complete program. We also offer a more powerful, personalized and supervised full program. This program includes regular tissue mineral testing and consultations with one of our Helpers in person, or by telephone or email.

Applying for the complete program. To begin the complete program, contact one of the Helpers listed earlier on this web page. He or she will have you fill out a general information sheet and a symptom sheet. We also require joining our private member association. This is a legal step to protect the program.

Most of the following applies to the full program.


Our Helper guidelines are that Dr. Wilson sets up the programs for all of the Approved Helpers listed on this website. Dr. Wilson has been doing this work for 42 years.

Dr. Wilson does not work with anyone directly. Please do not send an email asking if you can work with Dr. Wilson directly.  He would love to work with everyone directly, but it is not possible.


The non-refundable application fee. Our Helpers now require everyone wishing to begin a complete development program to pay a non-refundable application fee of about $100.00 USD.

The application fee includes a basic hair mineral analysis and a short consultation.  When the test comes back from the laboratory, we check and decide if you qualify for the complete program or for the basic program. 

The basic program.  If we decide you are best with only the basic program, your Helper will have a short consultation to explain it to you.

The complete program.  If we accept you for the full program, your Helper will charge a extra fee for a long consultation to set up the complete program and to answer questions that arise during the program.

We require a retest mineral analysis and short consultation every 6 months or earlier to check progress and update your program.  The fees for retests and consultations to assess progress and update the program are usually less.

The other main cost is nutritional supplements. For an adult, if one takes the supplements three times daily, the cost is about $250.00 to $350.00 US dollars per month.

If one takes supplements twice daily, the cost about $150.00 to $180.00 monthly. Taking supplements twice daily instead of three times daily will work, but progress may be slower. For some people, however, taking supplements only twice daily works better.


Most people do the program long distance by telephone, mail and email.  Most Helpers offer this service, and it works well.


Many people notice improvement within a few days to a few weeks.  However, for deep and permanent correction of body chemistry it is best to remain longer on the program. Rebuilding a body takes some time.

In fact, development continues for as long as life goes on.  Your health and wellness will tend to continue to improve as long as you remain on the program.


With the development program, symptoms go away in the body’s own order and timing. This is very important to know.  Symptoms may not go away in the order you would like.

One reason for this is that many people have latent or sub-clinical conditions such as a hidden cancer that needs to be healed first, before the body addresses other symptoms.

Symptoms may not go away in the order you wish is that a symptom you consider very important, such as headaches or a skin rash, may not be life-threatening.  However, a symptom you consider less important such as a minor ache or bump may, in fact, be a sign of something more serious.

The program will address the more serious condition first.  While perhaps frustrating, this is a safety measure - one of many advantages this program offers.


During the development program, one may experience temporary aches and pains, colds, sore throats, flare-ups of old injuries, anger, or other symptoms.  These are called healing or purification reactions.

As your energy increases, your body automatically begins to cleanse and repair itself.  These temporary symptoms are evidence of this healing.

Causes for these reactions include:

1. Healing of chronic infections.

2. Removal of toxic metals, toxic chemicals, or medical drugs.

3. Rebuilding of tissue.

4. Other shifts in body chemistry.

Contact your Helper if these symptoms are annoying.  If symptoms are very intense, stop the supplement program until you speak with your Helper.  Ask your Helper to have Dr. Wilson check your program.  Symptoms can usually be alleviated by making changes in your program over the telephone.

Note – if you have been through a trauma, the trauma may surface again to be properly healed.  This occasionally causes emotional ups and downs.  This is just another kind of healing reaction.


One cannot combine the development program with other vitamin, mineral, herbal, or homeopathic programs. Adding other supplements or foods usually ruins the development program.

Exceptions are quality chiropractic or osteopathic manipulative care.

Prescription medical drugs can also be combined with the development program if they are absolutely needed.

Many drugs can be discontinued after a few months to one year on a development program. HOWEVER, DO NOT STOP PRESCRIBED MEDICATION UPON STARTING A DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM.  This can be dangerous.

AVOID OTHER FOODS, SUPPLEMENTS AND HEALING PROCEDURES. This is very important. The Warning Section of articles discusses the reasons to avoid many of these products and procedures.


Certain personality qualities are helpful for success with the development program:

1. Open-minded.  The program is somewhat unusual, compared to most healing regimens.

2. Self-disciplined.  The program requires following a diet, taking a number of nutritional supplements and hopefully doing the procedures on a regular basis.  The most time-consuming part is preparing the vegetables using a pressure cooker or steamer. 

WARNING: Recently we found that some electric pressure cookers are damaging the food.  At this time, (December 2020), do not buy an electric, plug-in pressure cooker.  Until further notice, we ONLY suggest a Presto stainless steel, stove-top pressure cooker.  You can cook once daily, although the more often you cook, the faster you will develop.

3. Not too squeamish.  For best results, the program involves foot rubs, sauna use and coffee enemas.  While not absolutely required, for best results one needs to do these.  Most of our clients come to love them.

4. Willing to follow orders.  The program is integrated, powerful and specifically set up for you.  If you alter it by omitting some of it, adding to it or changing it, it usually will not work nearly as well and may not work at all.

5. Willingness to move through purification reactions.  An unusual feature of the program is that old symptoms will flare up and then go away.  This can be annoying and occasionally scary.  We will help you move through these healing reactions.

6. Willing to forgive.  At times, the program will bring up and release old traumas that are within the body.  When this occurs, feelings and thoughts may arise that are unpleasant and perhaps upsetting.  To move through these mental/emotional purification reactions, forgiveness of yourself and of all others is necessary.  If you don’t want to forgive others, then this is not the program for you.

The reason for forgiving is that one does not know why one went through a trauma.  Perhaps you needed to learn something, or needed to help another, or to balance out something that you did earlier in life.

No one can know all the reasons for traumas, so one needs to let go of judgment and resentment.  This does not mean one should condone bad behavior or that you must make amends with someone who harmed you.  It means letting it all go so that you can move on with a happier life.


You should receive excellent service from any Helper you find on this web page. They all agree to:

1. Review all hair tests with me to make sure the programs are correct.

2. Administer the programs exactly as they are set up, without changing any recommendations.  An exception is if you wish to take the supplements only twice daily, or even just once daily for financial or other reasons, that is okay, although it might slow down healing and development.

3. Return phone calls or emails within 24 hours.

4. The Helpers should be fully on the program themselves.

5. Conduct their business in a totally ethical and professional manner.

Please contact us to let us know if any of the Helpers are not fulfilling these requirements.


Updated November 30, 2019

The following helps keep us all safe and focused clearly on helping others. If we believe that someone is not meeting the requirements below, we will not add the person’s contact information to the referral page, or we may remove the person’s listing from the referral page. We may also discontinue their Advanced Helping Training. We may also need to notify everyone of this change in the New Earth Newsletter to avoid confusion.

A. Procedures:

1. We prefer to use Analytical Research Labs for hair testing, and to order Profile 2 or Profile 4 when ordering a mineral analysis.

2. Review all hair tests with your coach.  This is to provide the best program, and for safety and research.

3. Administer the program just as your coach sets it up for you. Do not omit, add or change products, dosages, the diet, procedures or other aspects of the recommendations.  The exception is that some people can only afford to take the supplements once or twice daily, or they are very sensitive and need to reduce the amount of supplement doses.  

4. Diet. The most updated development diet will always be found at a link on the home page of, not in the ARL booklet.

5. Call your coach if you need help answering questions from clients. Questions you are not sure about are best passed on to Dr. Wilson. Don't just guess.

6. With all clients, use a disclaimer, disclosure and consent form. This is necessary for basic legal protection.  It need not be fancy or involved, and we will help anyone to formulate these statements to protect you and all of us from frivolous legal attacks.  Samples are found in the Legal Guidelines For Unlicensed Practitioners book.

7. Use our General Information Sheet and Symptom Sheet. We need these two sheets filled out to set up the programs.  You may use other forms in your office, as well, but the two above are the ones to send to your coach.

8. Use a Client Letter with every consultation.  This is to make sure you cover all aspects of the program during your consultations, whether they are in person, on the phone, via email or using a CD or DVD.  The letters are found at  Some Helpers separate the first long consultation into two parts, focusing on the diet and lifestyle in the first part, and adding the supplements and procedures in the second part so as not to overwhelm the clients.

9. We prefer to use mainly products from Endomet Labs.  These work the best, and they have correct formulas.  Other brands of products often do not work well, even costly brands.

10. No Facebook Groups.  At this time, we do not allow our Helpers to participate in a nutritional balancing Facebook group.  The reason is that here is absolutely no privacy on Facebook, no matter what they claim.  You and all of us can get in a lot of trouble from random posts on Facebook, and this has already happened.  However, you may have a Facebook page, if you wish.

B. Professional conduct:

1. Conduct your practice legally, professionally, ethically, and responsibly. Do not commit fraud, negligence, misrepresentation, making false claims, impersonating a medical doctor, lying, disparaging other Helpers, or engaging in any other unprofessional or illegal conduct. A more complete list of professional considerations is listed in the Legal Guidelines For Unlicensed Helpers book.

2. Update and increase your knowledge of development science. Study regularly and often the articles at

C. Personal conduct:

1. Personal life. Conduct yourself in a manner consistent with the highest regard and dignity for the advanced soul that you are. This means avoiding selfishness, greed, lust, all drug use, alcohol use, junk food, and anything else that compromises your integrity, your safety, or your health. We consider this very important for you, and to maintain the integrity of this wonderful program.

2. Remain on your own development program. This includes the diet, supplements, drinking water, and procedures – daily coffee enemas, daily red heat lamp therapy, and daily use of the pulling down mental exercise. Also, do foot reflexology, the neck pull and the spinal twists daily.

Retest your own hair at least every 6 months, and be sure to send your tests to your coach for review by Dr. Wilson. This is so that you will heal and develop as fast as possible. It also will make you a better coach for others on all aspects of the program. We consider this very important.

D. Presentation of the program on websites and in other written, oral, video or other promotional and informational materials.

1. Be accurate, clear and professional. You may use material from our website to clearly describe the program.  Be sure to include a sentence on the mental and emotional benefits of the program.  These are critical, yet many Helpers do not mention them. 

2. Use the words development or development science on your website to describe this program. Do not make up other names for the program, or omit these names.  This is mainly to avoid confusion among the clients. It is also important that other healthcare Helpers and the public understand what you offer in a clear way that does not confuse them.

3. Link your website to www.drlwilson.comWe are an online community.  This website is the hub or portal that connects us.

4. Do not intermix other modalities in the same paragraph or section of your website our program.  If you offer other healing modalities such as chiropractic, bodywork, electrical machines, or other methods, preferably devote a separate page to each of them.  This is to prevent confusion.

5. Reprinting articles. You may use articles from our website, but please give credit for authorship, and include a link back to if someone wants more information.

6. Avoid contradictory and confusing information.  For example, we do not advocate eating raw vegetables or fruits.  If you are selling or offering programs with raw foods, this is directly contradictory to our program and is extremely confusing for clients.

7. All photos need to be wholesome looking – no low-cut blouses, poorly-combed hair, etc.

8. Be sure your website has the following disclaimer and disclosure, or something similar:

Development programs are a means of reducing stress and balancing, strengthening and restoring body chemistry.  When this is done, many health conditions improve.  It is not a means of diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure for any disease or condition, mental or physical.

9. We may ask you to change the colors, design, setup or wording on the development page or section of your site if we feel it is not wholesome or correct. This is for your benefit, as well as that of the reputation of development science.

10. Please keep your site updated as this science expands and changes.

11. Ideally, offer a Resource Page or Resource Section on your website. This should include a link to, and perhaps basic articles such as Retracing and others.

12. Ideally, offer a page, or a section, about yourself - your background, training, etc.

E. Other

1. Integrity Agreement. If a dispute arises that we cannot resolve via email, regular mail or telephone contact, you agree to submit it first to mediation, and then to arbitration.  However, you will not use attorneys. This is for our mutual protection, as the legal system is costly and often dysfunctional today.

2. Confidentiality. All client information and other matters discussed between you, your coach, Dr. Wilson and others is confidential, unless previously agreed upon otherwise. This is to protect everyone from gossip and rumors, and to protect the privacy of client information.

Also, never leave ANY client information lying around your desk, on computers or on phones in a way that others might spy upon it or look at it at all.

I have read and agree to the above rules.

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