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     Lawrence Wilson, MD

 As developed by Dr. Paul C. Eck



What Is Nutritional Balancing?


Nutritional Balancing joins religion with science, old healing methods with new ones, drug medical care with natural healing, mental healing with physical healing, East with West.  This synthesis is based on the tetra concept, a unified approach to the body and brain, its purpose and functions.

Remineralizing, balancing, detoxifying and restoring the body occurs rapidly due to a very careful choice of modalities.  Symptom relief often occurs quickly, but may not if hidden problems need attention first.  This is much more helpful and economical than the symptom-based methods used by conventional medical and naturopathic physicians.  It can often succeed when other methods fail.

Paul C. Eck established the basic whole-system principles of nutritional balancing about 40 years ago.  It is a universal science.  This website continues where he left off.

This site also discusses taboo subjects such as rape, brainwashing, psychotronics, and the life of service.  Some have objected to this.  However, if one reads carefully, it will become apparent why, and that there is a unity about the information and the science.





If you don’t like reading on a computer, all computers can be set up to read articles to you (it is called text to speech).  All Apple computers come with this feature, and it can be added easily to all Windows computers.


1. TMG or Trimethylglycine, An Excellent Addition To A Nutritional Balancing Program

2. The Love Tetra Of Nutritional Balancing.

3. Marijuana – A Bad Drug

4. Obamacare, The Worst Piece of Legislation Ever.

5. Smart Meters And Microwave Generators – A New Threat

6. Sexual Fluids

7. False Child Abuse Cases – An Epidemic.  The Children Are Crying Out.

8. Read All 900+ articles




Book Corrections and Updates for:

1. Nutritional Balancing And Hair Mineral Analysis: 2010 Edition and the 2014 Edition.

2. Sauna Therapy

3. Legal Guidelines For Unlicensed Practitioners


Contact Someone Who Is On A Nutritional Balancing Program




1. The Call To A Nutritional Balancing Program.

2. Christian Thinking.

3. The Ten Commandments And Their Importance Today.


This website accepts no advertising.  This site is a project of the non-profit

Center For Development.

We offer discounts for military, NRA, and Tea Party members.




Disclaimer and disclosure.  Nutritional balancing is not a means of diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure for any disease or condition, mental or physical.  Instead, it is a means of balancing, strengthening and restoring the body chemistry.  When this is done, most diseases and health conditions improve on their own.


The Center For Development is a non-profit, tax-exempt foundation established in 2007 to help promote nutritional balancing science and a specific type of mental development.  It has some funds available to help children and young women to afford a nutritional balancing program.  Your donations and contributions to The Center For Development are most welcome to help with this endeavor.


* Dr. Wilson has a medical degree, and prefers to work as an unlicensed nutrition consultant.



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