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            Here are articles that may be of interest to teens:


The Big Picture


 The Lightworkers

  Suicide And Suicidal Thoughts

Survival Basics

 To Heal The World, Heal Yourself

 Fun, What Is It?

 Marijuana, Mental Illness And Violence

How To Get Along With Others


Accomplishment And Its Components

Creative Thinking

Chemical Poisoning And Its Correction

The Free Program – The Healing Lifestyle

Dress Modestly, And Why Not Dress Down

How To be Unsexy

Gratitude, One Of The Most Important Decisions You Will Ever Make

Lies And Secrets, And Why Avoid Them

 Lie Techniques

 Medical Marijuana – A Bad Idea

 Non-violent Communication

 Sleep And Rest, and Their Importance

 Four  Steps To Taking Positive Action

 The Ten Commandments For Modern Times

 Healthy Thinking

 Fast Foods For Development Programs

 Understanding Stress

 Vaccines, One Of The Worst Horrors Of Drug Medicine

 The Warrior’s Creed, And How To Be A Warrior Today

 Weight Loss Safely

 Women And Men, Their Differences

 Your True Identity

 Hypnosis And Brainwashing

 Cults And Terror Societies

 Forgiving – What Is It Really?

Forgiving Your Parents

 How People Are Influenced Mentally And Emotionally For Manipulation And Control

  Digestion, And How It Works

 The Path Of The Warrior

 The Secret Society Of Loving, Light-Hearted Warriors


Trauma And Its Reversal


Healing After Rape

Sexual Molestation And Its Healing

The Stockholm Syndrome (why some people take the side of those who abuse them)

Understanding Stress

Crying, Its Significance And Use For Healing

Hints For Thinking Correctly

Undoing Past Mistakes And How To Proceed

A Message Of Hope For The Children Of The World by R. Buckminster Fuller

Co-Dependency And The Family

Contraceptives And Your Health – Avoid The Pill, The Patch and ALL Hormones

 Deep Loving Relationships - 1

 Deep Loving Relationships - 2

How To Mature And Grow Up Faster

Having Health Children

Healthy Living And Its ‘Side Effects

Life Choices

Love And Relationships – An Energetic View

Sex And Intimacy Talk For Men Only

Letting Go

Sex Is Not Beautiful, Of Itself

Training Leaders

What Is Wrong With The Public Schools?

Why Are Many Women Angry?

Angels And The Angelic Kingdom – Important Information For The Future Of The World

Integrity, What Is It And What Does It Mean To Live In Integrity

The Real Self (a short spiritual book)

 Addiction And How It Works




 “Thy Will Be Done”, And How To Use This Prayer

 Christian Thinking And Its Power

 Feeling Connected To God

 How God Works

 Is Nutritional Balancing ‘New Age’, Satanic, Or Devil Worship?

 The Lord’s Prayer – An Unusual Translation

 Truth, Its Qualities



 The Constitution And Limited Government by Edward Erler

Socialism – What It Is

Communism – What It Is, And How It Works Today

The Tea Party Movement In America

Words Used To Confuse And Deceive People – Populist, Liberalism, Progressivism, Democracy And Social Justice

Justice – Equal or Social?



 Basics of Money And Banking

 Financial Health

 Freedom And Capitalism

How To Cut The Federal Budget And Save America And Europe From Debt

 Closing The Gap Between The Rich And The Poor

 Inflation, The Terrible Hidden Tax On The Poor

Taxes, A Primer

What Is Charity?  What is Compassion?


America’s Socialized Medical System

 Answers For Crime And Violence

Basic Politics

How To Pay For Health Care

Deregulating Medical Care

Either We All Get Along As Brothers And Sisters, Or We May All Perish




 Freedom – What Does It Mean? 

 Health Care For The New Millennium

 Nicola Tesla – 20th Century Discoverer of Nature’s Secrets

 The Case Against Medical Licensing

 The New Age Of Love And Healing

 The Future Medical Care

 The Great Shift And Social Change

 Alcohol, A Deadly Poison

 The Nutrition Curriculum

Fourteen Ways To Disguise Vegetables In Your Cooking

 Kissing - What It Is And What It Is Not



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