by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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We are all concerned with the “side effects” of various types of health treatments.  Many times it is easy to forget that healthful living and following a nutritional balancing program also has important side effects, though they are not adverse effects.  Here are a few of them.




Clients on nutritional balancing programs find they are generally healthier, with fewer colds and other infections, and much less need for doctors, hospitals, medical drugs, and medical tests.  One client went for a colonoscopy at age 76 and was told his colon was in such good condition that he never needed to return to the doctor for another colonoscopy.  This client continues to do coffee enemas on a regular daily basis.

Mental health is also usually much better as well.  This means a better memory, better cognition and a happier disposition in most cases.




An important “side effect” of nutritional balancing programs is they are preventive.  This should be a byword in our medical culture, as it is in the world of engineering of bridges, highways, aircraft and other complex machinery. 

Unfortunately, however, in medicine today prevention means vaccines and fluoride in the water.  The ability of allopathic care to actually prevent cancer, diabetes, heart disease and other scourges is actually very minimal, as proven by disease statistics.

The worst diseases, by the way, are not possible to vaccinate against.  These are the degenerative diseases such as cancer, obesity, diabetes, heart disease and others.  Vaccines do nothing to protect people against these, and they do not build stronger bodies.  In fact, it is quite the opposite.  To read more about this, read Vaccination on this website.

Natural methods of eating and living is the only way to obtain truly high resistance to disease and wellness.  Vaccines and drugs can never do this, as they are poisons, basically. 

Also, nutritional balancing programs often reverse what are called latent or sub-clinical disease conditions in the body.  This is also extremely preventive, as these subtle conditions can easily become full-blown problems later if they are not dealt with in their early stages.




Farmers and ranchers know that the health of the parent animals directly impacts their young.  Sadly, medical doctors do not understand this well, or if they do, they do not often share this fact with their patients.  Nutritional balancing programs prepare young men and women to have much healthier babies who will not be as plagued by today’s epidemics of birth defects, ADD, ADHD, chronic infections, and others.  Many parents have commented that their children who were conceived and developed while they were following a health program are in much better condition than their other children. 




I have found repeatedly that clients who begin a nutritional balancing program report that they function better at work or at school, even though their original complaints had nothing to do with this.

Natural living can produce smarter children, better athletes, and a much better ability to think and reason.  Better performance also means fewer accidents and mishaps at work, at home and on the roads.

            In contrast, the chemicals in commonly-used pharmaceutical drugs, shots and other medical procedures are toxic to the brain, the muscles and many other body systems.  Many carry warnings not to drive while taking them, or to avoid tasks that require great concentration.

While the toxic effects may be obvious, often they are subtle and slip by unnoticed except for a general decline in the individual’s ability to reason and think clearly.  This leads to societal decay, not upliftment or development.




Caring deeply for the body can often enhance personal relationships.  Most people are social beings.  However, when they are ill or just tired, they often want to be alone and cannot or do not want to interact in healthful ways with others.

In fact, many become hostile, rebellious, short-termpered and at times, even violent.  This often interferes with happy relationships and can ruin marriages and families. 

When healthy, most people are far more outgoing, social, happy and convivial.  Also, with more energy, people are far more positive.

In contrast, toxic medical interventions such as vaccines can easily worsen or ruin interpersonal relationships.  An example is the sad epidemic of autism.  Previously normal children suddenly withdraw and become difficult to handle.  A foolish public still falls for the falsehood that toxic vaccines and other medical procedures are good for them.




Nutritional balancing programs always produce some mental and spiritual development, as it is defined on this website.  This appears to be a hard and fast rule today, and is quite amazing.  It means that these programs develop finer brain centers that promote health, long life and the development of one’s innate abilities to a greater degree.

Some minerals have special effects on the brain, such as zinc, selenium, manganese and others.  These are absolutely required in the right amounts and the right balance in order to develop one’s full potential. 

Spiritual development, however, goes far beyond getting good grades in school or doing well at work.  It also has to do with developing special abilities we are all capable of, such as our intuitive abilities, telepathic and empathic abilities and perhaps others.

In contrast, using medical drugs, exposing oneself to a lot anesthesia, vaccines and other toxic interventions often do subtle damage to delicate areas of our brain.  For example, bypass surgery, which is a lengthy surgery, often causes some cognitive decline, perhaps due to the anesthesia drugs or for other reasons.




As individuals begin to care better for themselves and improve their health at the deepest levels, the entire community benefits as well.  Health care costs will decline, and the rates of drug abuse, alcoholism, domestic violence, and other social problems often declines.  This is the case with some groups already such as the Amish in Pennsylvania, the Seventh Day Adventists in California and the Mormons in Utah.

In contrast, the mentality of taking a drug for every ailment has lead to a legal and illegal drug culture, in which people use and abuse pills, shots and more just to wake up and to feel better each day.  This is the opposite in its social effects.  It is just a small step from running to the doctor or the drugstore for pills and getting into something a little stronger, even if it is illegal.  There is no question this has contributed to much social unrest and societal problems.

Sadly, the medical profession and even the public health authorities continue to look for new pills, not a new lifestyle.  These are misplaced priorities.  Caring for ourselves naturally with a high quality diet and lifestyle is always the first answer if we want a healthful community and society.



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