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What Is The Center For Development?

How This Website Is Organized







The mission of this website is to bring more truth to our planet and to introduce or expand upon a number of little known sciences.  These include the science of development, the seven physical energy centers of the body, the concepts of systems theory, cybernetics, and much more.

This information can help one to:

- Live healthfully and extend your life.

- Be happy most or all of the time, even when your circumstances are not ideal.

- See the true nature of life and love.

- Understand events in the world.




            Dr. Lawrence Wilson has desired to assist people with nutrition for 49 years.  He initially did this with a private nutrition office, and writing many articles and several books.

This website began soon after the debut of the internet in the late 1990s.  At first, it offered mainly articles about nutrition and healing.  In 2002, the author began receiving information about other topics besides nutrition that a group of planetary helpers wanted to share.  These were added to the health and nutrition articles.

            Around the year 2010, Dr. Wilson became aware of the idea of development.  This is the unique process of fulfilling the complete genetic potential of a human being.  It requires excellent nutrition, and this “turns on” certain genes that cause beneficial changes in the body. 

Development is an ancient science and mainly taught secretly.  We teach it openly.  In the past five years, development has become the main focus of the website.

Another more recent focus of the website has been understanding the importance of Biblical teachings and how they contribute to health and happiness.






Development is the unique process of activating one’s complete genetic potential.  Most people, including most scientists, do not realize that human beings have greater genetic capabilities than what most people demonstrate.

Examples of development are stories in the Bible of very long-lived people, reports about some of the Catholic saints, and reports about Tibetan and other monks who have long lives and develop unusual abilities such as telepathy and clairvoyance.

Development is your birthright.  However, it does not occur in most people to any appreciable degree due mainly to the twin problems of nutritional depletion and toxicity of the bodies.

How to achieve development rapidly is not taught much on earth because those who are in control of the earth do not want it.  Developed people are freedom-loving and smart, and thus much more difficult to control.

For more details, read Introduction To Development and Introduction To Development Programs and other articles about it on this website.

The opposite situation.  Knowing about and achieving even a small degree of development helps a person to be much healthier and much happier.  Without it, life is more limited and can be quite sad and depressing for some people.

Development programs.  We offer through the website precise programs that can cause much faster development.  They require a specific diet for a number of years, specific nutritional supplements, a healthful lifestyle and about six detoxification, healing and development procedures.  For details, read Introduction To Development Programs.

Research and updates.  We also research development and we add new information to this website often.  For the latest changes, read the Updates page.




This was the original theme of this website.  This truth has been largely stripped out of the high school and college curricula, and out of medical education.  The result is the current epidemic of diabetes, cancer, heart disease, mental illness, autism and many other preventable health problems.

There is no substitute for quality food and proper diet.  This website teaches that vegetables need to be cooked, not raw, in order to absorb their nutrients.  It also teaches that vegetarian diets are killers, and the answer is not the paleo and keto diets because they do not include enough cooked vegetables.

We also teach that one must eat three meals a day, and to avoid fasting, intermittent fasting and other harmful ways to lose weight.  One’s weight usually normalizes easily when one follows the proper diet and eats only quality food.

Food and diet are keys to physical and mental health, including intelligence, good judgment and wisdom.  One may say that there are wise people who eat badly.  This is true.  However, they would be even wiser and live even longer if they ate correctly.

The opposite situation.  Ignorance about the importance of food and diet leads to weakness, feeble-mindedness, brain fog, disease and a premature or early death.

            For details, read articles such as Everyone Is Depleted And Toxic and The Food Situation.




            This is a newer focus of this website.  We believe that the Old and New Testaments of the Bible are excellent moral guides for conducting one’s life.  We believe they are needed today more than ever to guide society and individuals to live in the best way possible.

We do not believe the Bible was written by God, nor do we believe it is 100% correct.  We know this upsets some people.  However, the historical evidence is quite clear if one checks the history of the Roman Catholic Church.  Therefore, we offer suggestions to make the Biblical teachings even more correct and relevant for our time.




Another recent focus of this website is the importance of souls.  We have received a lot of information about souls, some of which will sound controversial.

Souls are the basic units of consciousness.  They are the basic creatures of life and they animate and give consciousness to us all.  Human beings are not just fancy machines with computers in the head.  We are elaborate DNA configurations run by souls.

Seeing souls. Trillions upon trillions of souls exist.  We cannot see them because they are tiny and because their bodies are made of a low density material called fine matter that is difficult to see.

We believe that in the future they will be seen with scanning electron microscopes if the right stain is used.  Until that time, we rely on our guidance for information about them.

The most well-known source of information about souls is the Hebrew Bible.  However, Biblical descriptions of souls are vague and we do not believe that souls just live in one body.  They tell us they live for millions of years and go from body to body.  This explains, for example, why some people seem to know a lot as children or have special abilities as children without needing much instruction. 

In reality, one’s life is about one’s souls and their needs and desires.  This can help one understand many things.

For example, a soul may want to learn about accidents, rape, illness, poverty or something else.  The souls then set up situations that otherwise do not make any sense.  If you truly understand this, you will better understand why certain events occur upon the earth.

The opposite situation.  If one does not accept the reality of souls, one is left with the idea that we are just bodies with a computer-like brain.  This is not only depressing, but incorrect.  For details, read Soul Science and the other articles about souls on this website.




              Another more recent theme of this website is that there exists a type of love that never disappoints or abandons you.  It is the radiance of what some call God, the Source, the Creator or whichever term you prefer.

            This love is real and it is our true energy source.  Without it, we would not exist for even a minute.  It is a vibration or frequency that literally feeds us and heals at all times.  It has nothing to do with sex or romance.

It is an unconditional love.  This means it never leaves and it never favors one person, one race or one group more than any other.  Knowing about it brings much happiness and joy.

            The opposite situation.  If you are unaware of this love, you will often be envious, disappointed and sad.  You can learn how to receive more of it.  For more details, read Love As Radiance.




This is a newer theme of the website since about 2010.  Some of these sciences are directly related to the nutritional science on the website, such as the concept of the stages of stress, the oxidation types, and the importance of moving energy downward through the body.

Other less-known sciences concern the seven physical energy centers of the body, the three dantiens or energy centers and the channel system of the body.  There are also articles about basic physics, the ether theory of gravity, and many other interesting topics that are not taught in school or colleges.

We find these are necessary to learn in order to have a well-rounded education.




Finally, on this website we discuss a group of beings who have been in control of our planet for many years.  We call them the rogues.  The Hebrew and Christian Bibles describe the same phenomenon as Satan or the evil ones.  This is not conspiracy theory or speculation.

Modern society denies the reality of the rogues, but we insist they are real.  The word Satan in Hebrew means the secret ones and that is how they prefer to operate, so of course, they don’t want us believing in them or discussing them.  They prefer we blame our problems on other people, governments, corporations, money or anything but them.

The opposite situation.  If you do not understand the rogues, it is difficult to understand many events and situations on earth.  For details, read The Rogues.






The Center For Development, Inc. is a small, educational, religious and charitable foundation incorporated in the state of Arizona, USA in 2007.  Its activities are:

- Offering healing and development programs for human beings and animals.

- Conducting a lot of research about health, nutrition, consumer product  safety, mineral testing, laboratory techniques and development science.

- Financial support for children and young women who cannot afford a healing program.  Someday, we hope to be able to assist older women and men, as well.  However, our resources are limited at this time.

We welcome donations to the Center For Development.  They are much needed so that the foundation will grow.  For more information, click here.




The home page of the website is the site map.  To read all the articles, go to the Read Articles page. 



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