by Dr. Lawrence Wilson and Friends

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Who Wrote This Article?

Both Women And Men Experience Rape

Why Does God Allow Rape?

Baby Rapes

Rape Stories And Minimization

A Graphic Article

Healing Rape

For Husbands And Other Friends

How Common Is Rape?

Reporting Rape

Who Experiences Rape?

Reading The Internet About Rape

Four Misconceptions About Rape

The Word Victim And A Wake-Up Call


Healing From Rape

Rape Touches Many Areas of Life



General Terms

Overall Definition 

Legal Definition Of Forcible Rape

            What Rape Does Not Legally Include

            Statutory Rape

Kinds Of Rapes







Baby and Child Rape    


Other Words That Often Mean Rape

            Domestic Violence          


            Sexual Abuse

            Sexual Assault

            Sex Offence

Related Actions





Misogyny And Misogynist




            Sex Due To Threats And Lies


Sexual Harassment



Who Is Behind These Rapes?

Rogue Goals Of Rape






The Smack

No Resistance


No Reporting








A. General Effects – a summary

Damage Levels


B. Physiology Of Rape – Physical Effects:

            1. Nervous System Effects

            2. Musculo-skeletal Effects

            3. Nutritional And Toxic Effects

            4. Endocrine Or Glandular Effects

            5. Immune System Effects

            6. Subtle Energy Effects

            7. Reproductive Effects

            8. Cardiovascular Effects

9. Soul Effects

            10. Effects On Unborn Children (or Transgenerational Effects)


C. Emotional, Mental or Psychological Effects:

- Personality Changes

- Horror

- Shame

- Fear

- Silencing

- Anger

- Pleasure

- Mix-up

- Humiliation

- Discouragement

- Producing Energy Vampires

- Phobias, Paranoia And Other Scars

- Loss Of Faith In God

- The Hatred Body

- Eating Disorders

- Minimization

- Promiscuity

- Sexual Imbalances And Sexual Identity Problems

- Lying And Living A Double Life

- Loss Of Dignity And Trust

- Desire For Pregnancy

- The Masturbation Habit

- Conversion To Political Liberalism

- Marriage To The Rapist



Common Symptoms Of Rape

Degrees Of Severity Of Rape

Minimizing And Denying Rape

Wearing Rape On Your Shoulder

Turning Rape Over To God To Use



The Most Common Rape Situations

Rape Situations – about 40

Non-Rape – But It Feels Just Like A Rape

Sex, Yes – But Is It Rape?

Is Rape Ever A Woman’s Fault?



Should You Resist?

Rape Self-Defense

What To Do After A Rape



Minimizing Risk Factors For Rape

Reversing The Energy Centers

Radiate, Rather than Absorb

Ways Women Invite A Rape

Cautions To Help Prevent A Rape


Errors Parents Often Make

Checking You Daughter’s Vagina


Other Ways To Prevent Rape

Preventing Another Rape



A Brief History Of Rape Punishment In Early America

Proving Rape In Court

Why Is Punishment For Rape So Light?

Doing Away With The Death Penalty

Private Property Rights And Rape

The Handout or Entitlement Mentality And Rape

Privacy Loss And Rape

Religion And Rape



Social Media And Rape

Women’s “Liberation”

Sociological Effects Of Rape

The “Liberal” Or “Loose Sex Culture”

Why Rape Is Increasing

Understanding Rape Philosophically

Metaphorical Rape

Women’s Dilemma



Hair Analysis Patterns With Rape




Beating The Head During A Rape

False Rape Accusations

Understanding Rape Philosophically

Is rape Ever Your Fault?

Real Men Don’t Ever Seduce Or Rape

How Rape Is Forced On People

Rape Of Men

Dreams About Or After A Rape

Other Signs And Symptoms Of Rape


CHAPTER 12. BENEFICIAL OUTCOMES OF RAPE  (by those who have experienced them)










Who wrote this article?  A large group of people helped with it, and they continue to make suggestions and improve it.  When changes are made and new material added, a new copyright date is placed above so you can check the new material.

Both women and men experience rape.  Most of this article is about women.  However, to read about the rape of men, click here.

Why does God allow rape?  This is a vital question because rape turns many people against God and against the Bible.  They think, “If there were a God, God would not allow this.  So there must not be a God, or God no longer cares about us.”

This becomes an excuse for the person to remain full of hatred and fear for the rest of her life, instead of forgiving and moving on.  This is a real problem when one embarks on a development program to heal from rape.  This program will undo the effects of rape. However, one must forgive and move on.  Holding on to resentment will stop the program!

God may not “allow” rape.  God allows free will.  God is love, but humans are permitted to learn lessons.

The soul might choose rape for some reason.  We never know all of our deepest motives, or the reasons for the actions of others.  Anyone who pretends to know these things has a big ego!

A rape could save your life by ending the late-night dating or party scene for you and teaching you other lessons, as well. 

For instance, you might learn to stay away from junk food that makes it hard for you to think.  You may learn to avoid alcohol, marijuana or other drugs that make you more vulnerable to rape.

God might weep for girls who go to parties when it is best to stay home and go to bed early, or who do not check out their dates sufficiently before going out.

God also may weep for parents who teach their daughters that pre-marital sex is fun, that dating is about sex, that it is okay to dress and act sexy, or that it is okay to taunt and play with men sexually.

Sexually transmitted diseases or STDs are destroying civilization.  If one listens to the news, one would think STDs are not a big problem.  However, they are a huge health crisis in most all nations.  There are over 100 of them, they are impossible to heal in many instances, and they destroy the ability to think clearly and logically. 

Rape is the main method used by the Rogues to spread them, and it is extremely effective.  Women who experience rape carry them around and spread them to their boyfriends, husbands, friends and their future children.  For details, read STDs.




A little-known and rather unbelievable topic that we must include in this article are baby rapes.  Enough parents and children report these to us that we must take them seriously. 

Rogues can take babies out of their cribs at night and transport them electronically to usually underground locations.  There they molest and/or rape the babies and young children.  When finished, they transport them back to their bedrooms and drug them so they sleep through the night.

The result is to weaken and damage babies and young children, both girls and boys.  For details, read The Takings.


Minimization and rape stories.  A warning is don’t minimize your rape.  This means don’t make up a story about it that is a lie.

Minimizing rape is understandable to reduce the hatred, intense fear and anxiety that result from it.  However, if a person later embarks on a development program, the real feelings surface.  If a person has lied to herself for years about what occurred, these feelings will often stop her from just moving through the feelings to undo the trauma.

For example, some tell themselves that the rape really wasn’t so bad.  Some convince themselves that it was even sort of fun, exciting, different, “a real experience”, or just weird.

Some also make up a lie to explain what happened.  They say “I had an accident”, “a head injury”, “I was sick”, ”There was a family emergency”, “I was called away to help a friend in need”, or something similar.

A few women view the rape as a win.  This is called the Stockholm syndrome in psychology.

Some counselors advise people to make up these lies.  They may seem to help one cope after a rape.  However, they can stop the deep healing of rape.

When one embarks on a development program to heal rape, the real feelings surface for retracing, processing and release.  If you have lied to yourself for years instead of working on forgiveness and gratitude, you will not be able to handle the anger, fear and more.  Many quit their development program at this point, and never heal.

Don’t minimize rape.  Instead, really turn it over to the Universe, to God or to Jesus, stay in gratitude that it was not worse, and stay honest about it.  Start the forgiving process at once, asking for all the help you need, and more.

This may seem difficult, but it pays off in the end.  Seek out solutions such as a development program that will literally undo the trauma rather than cover-ups or suppressive solutions.  This article, especially the last section about the possible benefits of rape, can help a lot.

Graphic.  Some will find this article upsetting, disgusting in places, and violent.  That is the nature of rape.  One cannot write about it accurately without some violent passages.  Parents should check this article before allowing their children to read it.

Healing with this article.  To help heal from a rape, we suggest reading this article from start to finish 10 times or even more.  Read it until it is boring.  The idea of this is to retrace your experience in a safe and controlled manner.

The goal is to become very familiar and somewhat bored with the entire subject.  This helps some people move on from a rape experience.




Many women would like men to know some basics about women’s bodies in regard to rape:

1. Never “go long”, or continue with sexual intercourse for even a minute after your partner has said she has had enough.  Always listen to your partner and always obey immediately!

A woman hates it when you go on after she has had enough.  If the man wants more sexual thrills, he can masturbate.  She can use her hands to help, if needed.  But never go beyond what your wife wants, even for a few seconds.

            2. Her body is much more delicate than yours, especially the sexual organs.  Please always be aware of this and never treat the area roughly.

3. Rape is an ever-present danger for all women, particularly those under 30.  All men need to understand this and must protect women, all of the time. 

This is greatly appreciated by all women, including your employees, friends, strangers you meet, and, of course, your partner.  Never just tell a woman, “I am busy.  You can walk home alone.”  Give her a ride or accompany her, or find a way that she does not have to be alone.

4. After a rape, your partner needs you to be there for her.  A good partner is extremely helpful for healing from rape.  Please just do what she asks as she heals from her trauma.

She may not want to have sex for a while.  Please put up with this and understand that her body has usually been seriously injured, and she needs time to recover.  More on this general subject is found in the article entitled, Intimacy Talk For Men.

              5. Men who seduce women are just like rapists, only they do it using trickery instead of brute force.  Don’t seduce!




This article is advice and information about rape from those who have experienced it.  Its goal is to stop the epidemic of rape on planet earth.

The information in this article is difficult to find for all the following reasons:

- Rape is a silencer, especially the technique called “the crack”, which is explained later in the article.  It is a torture technique that is among the most painful and horrifying.

- Most of the time, women who experience rape are warned that they must never tell anyone about it, or it will happen again and it will be ten times worse.  Some are told that if they tell anyone, the rapist will kill their entire family.

- Rape is very embarrassing and shameful for most women to talk about.

- Almost all women minimize their rapes, and may deny them altogether, to help keep their sanity.

Reporting.  Government statistics estimate that 20-30% of women experience rape.  However, only about 5% or less of rapes are reported.  Combining these two statistics yields a much higher number of rapes.

Really, how common is rape?  We estimate that 70-80% of all women in the Western nations have experienced rape.  In the Islamic nations of the Middle East, rape is legal and 100% of women experience rape and multiple rape.  However, there are no areas that are completely safe from rape.

 Who experiences rape?  Rape occurs most commonly in the age group of about 13 to 25 years of age, but is not limited to that age group.  It is a crime that cuts across all racial, national, cultural and socio-economic lines like no other.

The Internet and other writing about rape.  There is much lying about rape by those who want to minimize it, cover up the real extent of it, and/or wish to reduce the punishment for rape.  These websites and publications can appear very professional and are purely malicious.




1. Rape can be benign.  This is always a lie.  Some believe that rape is sort of a prank that men play upon women for fun and pleasure.  The truth is that all rapes are awful, especially for sensitive women.

2. All rapes are the same or similar.  This is not true.  A rape can be mild or extreme, a little fun or pure torture, short or long, total filth or somewhat clean.  Also, the same type of event, such as a date gone wrong or a rape at a party, can be perceived very differently by different women.

3. Rape means that someone forces a woman to have sex, and that is all it is.  This is a big lie.  The light punishments for rape in most nations are based, in part, on this lie.

Actually, in a majority of rapes, a woman is violently assaulted, injured, forced to strip completely naked, beaten and otherwise abused, violated horribly – and sometimes killed.

4. Rape is often “an accident”.  This is not true.  In over 90% of rapes, the event is well planned and executed by professionals who know exactly what they are doing.  The attack often leaves few physical scars, but it damages the body and brain in specific ways that the rapist completely understands.  It fills her with diseases that can remain for life, knocks out director souls, devastates her nutrition, damages her spine, shames and humiliates her, and disables her for life.


The word “victim” and a wake-up call.  The word victim never appears in this article.  The reason is that it is not a useful psychological stance.  You are always a person of dignity and sovereignty.  Also, you are always loved completely and deeply by your Creator.  This is always the truth, and no one can change it, no matter what occurs or what they do to you.

It is also wise to always view a rape as a wake-up call.  It may seem completely senseless, cruel in the extreme, or unbelievably horrible.  However, there are other perspectives to consider.  One view, discussed later in this article, is whether the soul agreed to a rape for some purpose.  Many people do not believe in the soul, but it is real.

Resist.  Another theme of this article is the truth that there is absolute value to resisting rape, talking about rape, and taking action against it.  This does not mean to be stupid and physically try to resist a person who is twice your size or weight.  This will often result in your death.

However, there are many other ways to resist.  The simplest is often to tell lots of people about your rape.  Rapists do not like this and often will leave anyone alone whom he thinks will talk about it.  This is one reason Christians experience less rape.

This is related to a political idea that there is an absolute value to liberty.  Never give up your liberty for some supposed benefit.  This is why certain cultures, such as the Arab cultures that deny liberty and permit rape of women, are always morally inferior cultures.

The belief that all cultures and all societies are morally equal is wrong and a vicious lie.  Societies that legally permit rape for any reason, such as the Islamic nations, are among the worst.  This needs to be understood and taught widely.

Healing from rape.  This article describes rape.  Healing from rape is the subject of a separate article, Healing Rape. 

Touches many areas of life.  Rape is a complex crime that has to do with every level of human functioning from anatomy and physiology to sociology and religion.  For this reason, and to keep this article shorter, we include links to companion articles on this or other website that explain some issues in more detail.






Legal definitions.  These vary from state to state in the United States, and are somewhat different in every nation.  However, essential elements in the definition are:

1. A type of attack or assault.

2. The attack is directed to the area of the pelvic floor or between the legs, either in front or in back.

3. Involves penetration of a body.

4. May involve a penis.  Some say that rape is penetration of the vagina or rectal area with any object at all, while others say it requires a penis.  They contend that the use of other objects is a sexual assault, but not rape.


Related acts


Assault.  This is an attack on another, but not usually a penetration of the body and often not in the groin area.  Rape is usually considered a more serious crime than assault.

Seduction.  Seduction means joking, solicitation, bribing, tickling, and using other methods to induce a woman to have sex.  Girls and adult women are no match for a good seducer.  The only answer for a woman is to stay away from them. 

We consider seduction the same as rape because it is so easy to seduce a woman or girl. 

Seduction can be very sophisticated.  Some sexual predators are even somewhat psychic and just ask the soul what she would like him to do that would feel really sexy and fun.  She then becomes his easy prey.   

Forced sex.  Some would say that rape is forced sex, or sex without a person’s consent.  However, difficulties with this definition are:

1. What constitutes consent?  What if a woman silently goes along with a sexual advance out of fear?  Is this consent?

2. What if an object that is not a penis is placed in a woman’s vagina?  This is not sexual intercourse, but some would say it is rape.

Forcible rape is a legal term that means rape between two adults.  This definition may apply to sexual intercourse that begins in a consensual way and then turns forcible.  For example, after consensual sex has begun, the woman says, “I have had enough, please stop”.  If the man keeps going, it becomes rape.

In most cases, sex that begins consensually and turns into rape cannot be prosecuted in a court of law unless there is obvious harm and damage, especially since it is one person’s word against another’s.  If it is prosecuted, it may be charged as assault, rather than rape.

Statutory rape.  This is a legal term that means any sexual intercourse, even consensual sex, between an adult and a minor child (someone under 18 years of age).  The reason it is a crime is that according to the laws of most nations, a minor is not capable of making a conscious, informed decision about whether to have sex or not, even if the minor child initiates and/or consents to it.


What rape may not include.  A number of situations are similar to rape, or can have similar effects.  However, a court of law may not regard them as rape.  Often, they are classified as molestation or assault.  They include:

1. Penetration of the vagina or anus with a finger, tongue, or any object.

2. Whipping the penis or vagina.

3. Physical or psychological torture without sexual intercourse.

4. Stalking, seduction or other predation (discussed below).

5. Electronic or simulated rape.  This is a dream given to a person during the night that one is experiencing a rape.  These are common and have some of the same effects as an actual physical rape.


An energetic definition.  Rape is an assault on the first energy center of a human body.  Human bodies have seven major energy centers.  The first energy center concerns survival, grounding, reproduction and the source of life energy.  For details, read The Energy Centers.




Solo rape.  This is rape by only one attacker.

Assisted rape.  This is a rape that involves a second attacker who assists the primary one.  However, the secondary attacker(s) do not rape the person.  They only assist the primary attacker to carry out the rape.

Gang rape.  This is rape in which more than one attacker actually rapes the person.

Group rape. This is rape in which more than one attacker rapes more than one person during the ordeal.

Random or haphazard rape.  This is rape through a random encounter with someone who is intoxicated with liquor, or on drugs, or just psychopathic.  It is rare, and to be contrasted with professional rape described below.

Capture rapes.  These occur when a woman is grabbed and abducted or kidnapped.  She is often raped, and then warned that she must live with the rapist or be severely beaten or raped again ten times worse.  She may be locked up in a room or basement, or she may just be forced to live in a man’s house.  Usually, there are repeat rapes with him, and maybe with others.

Repeat rape.  This occurs in capture rapes, rape marriages, cults, and many other situations.

Professional rape.  It is vital to know that almost all rapes are premeditated and carried out by professionals.  These rapes are used to control planet earth by a group of people who are not from this planet.  The next chapter, entitled Professional Rape, discusses this topic.

Passive or unconscious rape.  This is any rape in which the person is unconscious or semi-conscious, so that one cannot resist and usually does not know for sure what is going on.  These occur with some date rapes and party rapes and others in which a person is given alcohol or drugs to render her less conscious.  She may fall asleep or pass out during the rape.




Domestic violence.  Rape is a form of domestic violence if the participants are married or living together.  Domestic violence may be defined as any abusive, violent, coercive, forceful, or threatening act or word inflicted by one member of a family or household on another.

Incest. This is sexual relations or marriage between two people who are forbidden to marry by custom or law.  Incest can be of several types.  Traditionally, it is the rape of a child by a parent or by one of the child’s siblings.  It is a felony or serious crime in most nations. 

The basis for making it a serious crime is partially genetic.  Babies born to close relatives often bring forth genetic defects that would not otherwise be brought forth, causing unnecessary hardship for families and for society.

Incest, however, can also consist of sexual play between brothers and sisters.  This is quite common.

Sexual abuse.  Rape, or forced sex, is always a form of abuse.  This means it involves an intent to do harm.

Sexual assault.  This is a general term that means any attack on the private areas of the body.  Rape is a sexual assault.  However, sexual assault also includes unwanted touching, stripping off the clothing, forcibly placing fingers or other objects in a woman’s vagina or in a person’s anal area, whipping the penis or genitals, soiling the person, or beatings of various kinds.  These are not technically rape because they do not involve sexual intercourse.

Sexual offense.  This is a general term that often means a rape.

Sexual trauma.   A trauma is an incident or situation that is so severe that one cannot resolve it easily.  Rape is almost always a trauma, and usually a serious one.  It often remains a burden for the rest of one’s life.  It affects one’s thinking and actions for a long time, often causing neurosis, post-traumatic stress disorder, and other problems.  A complete development program can help a lot, however.  For much more on trauma, read Trauma Release on this website.




Brainwashing.  This is the systematic science of changing people’s thoughts and behavior against their will.  For example, rape is used to indoctrinate women with the idea that they are worthless slaves.  Brainwashing always involves violence.  For details, read Brainwashing.

Capture.  This is when a person is basically enslaved to another person.  It often begins with a hard rape.  It occurs everywhere, and is not that uncommon.  For details, read Captures.

Conditioning.  This is the act and science of getting a person accustomed to something.  For example, rapes, especially repeat rapes, make a person accustomed to abuse, humiliation, pain, embarrassment and more.

Molestation. Molestation is the act of subjecting someone to unwanted or improper sexual advances or activity, especially women or children.  This could mean just touching a child’s genitals, placing a finger in the vagina, spreading a child’s legs apart too far, forcing a child to watch a sexual act, especially a rape, or even just speaking to a child in a sexually related way.  For more details, read Molestation on this website.

Pedophilia.  This is perverted sexual feelings in which children are the object.  It can also mean sexual acts such as rape with children.  It is a serious crime in most nations.

Seduction.  To seduce means to lure or entice.  The authors’ view is that seduction equals rape in every case.  The reason is that women and girls are very easy to seduce by predators who understand how to do it.  Interestingly, even if a woman seduces a man, if he takes the bait and has sex with her, she may feel it as a rape.

More on this topic is found later in this article under the heading of “Types of Rape” and “Rape Prevention”.  More details about seduction are also found in the article entitled Dating.

Sex due to threats or lies.  At times, sexual intercourse occurs due to verbal threats or deception, but no physical violence or restraint.  In other words, a lady or even a man, was “talked into having sex”.

Technically, this is not rape because the person consented to having sex.  However, the effects upon a woman, in particular, are very similar to that of rape, in that she is left angry, diseased, perhaps pregnant, energetically imbalanced, and more.

Sodomy is anal or oral sex with someone of the same or the opposite sex.  Forced sodomy is considered assault, in most nations.

Stalking.  This is any unwanted attention given to a person for any reason.  It is not rape, but it can be a precursor.  It terrifies women, and sometimes it is done for this reason alone.  A man may follow a woman to her home, to work, and even when she goes on dates or out with friends.

One can get a restraining order, which means the person is not allowed to come within a certain distance of you.  However, for this she must know his name and perhaps have evidence of stalking, which may not be easy to gather.

Sexual harassment.  This is a crime in the United States, at this time, and in some other nations.  It is milder than rape or assault.  Unfortunately, it can be a matter of perception and some people lose their jobs or have a criminal record who should not have one because of the vagueness of these laws.

Slave.  A slave is a person who is controlled by another and must act and speak as others dictate, rather than acting and speaking freely.  One goal of the rape program on earth is to convert women into slaves of rapists.

Torture.  Any act by which one intentionally inflicts severe pain, mental or physical, on another person for any reason.  Rape often involves physical and mental torture that is used to silence a person, change a person’s beliefs, and to frighten and weaken the body.






This section will upset many people, but it is the only way to understand what is going on in regards to rape today.  The truth is that almost all rapes are carried out by professionally-trained criminals.

This is not “conspiracy theory” and it is not paranoia.  It is the truth.  A group of people, whose leaders are not from the earth, use rape as part of their program to control life on earth.  Almost all rapes, called professional rapes in this article, are their doing.

Exopolitics.  The leaders of the criminals are very technologically advanced and are not from this planet.  However, they control most activities on earth.  If this sounds far fetched, it is not.  The technical word for the situation is exopolitics.

Rape is an important part of their plan for planet earth, which involves enslaving everyone on the planet, particularly women.  Rape is effective to achieve at least 15 purposes of this group.  These are described later in this section.  For details about the perpetrators of this crime, read The Rogues.




            Rape is part of a campaign to enslave the people of earth.  The rogues identify five stages of enslavement:

1. Shut.  This means a person is not a slave.  In other words, the person has sexual and moral standards and is not easy to manipulate for sex. 

Men who are in this group we call terrific.  They are unselfish and always protect women, even from themselves and from the man’s sexual desires.  They will not take advantage of a woman, no matter what she does.  These are the ones to look for if you seek a husband.

2. Open.  At this stage, a woman’s standards are weakening, and she can often be manipulated to some degree.  This stage can occur after one rape, in many cases.  The rape upsets and filthes the woman to such an extent that she figures her standards are silly now, and she should “relax” more about sex.  She is also terrified and thus more likely to go along with requests for sex, even from strangers.

We sometimes call these women prostitutes because they will often have sex on a date, even if they don’t really want to.

Men who are in this group are called good.  They are not predators, but they will take advantage of a woman who says she wants sex outside of marriage.

3. Accepting.  At this stage of enslavement, a woman is much easier to manipulate for sex.  She has given up her standards and morals to some degree, and will often quickly consent to having sex on a date, for example.  This stage occurs after several hard rapes or a dozen or more gentle ones.  The woman has become conditioned and often addicted to sexual pleasure.

Men who are in this group are called ordinary.  Given the opportunity, they are sexual predators, although they may seem like nice men.

4. Agreeing.  Here a woman heartily agrees with sex or even rape.  She is basically a stooge for the criminal element, who can get her to go along with almost anything they wish.  This stage occurs often after about 20 rapes.  These women are sometimes called bunnies.

Men who are of this nature we call rogues.  They have no standards are best avoided.

5. Initiators or whores.  These women have been turned into rogue agents and operatives.  They will help plan and carry out horrible attacks on other young women or on men, and have no conscience or remorse when they harm others.

Men who are in this category are rapists and psychopaths.  They don’t care a bit if they harm or even kill another.




Forging is the idea of using various types of violence, chemical poisons, drugs, electrical implants, and other methods to “forge” or mold a person to a desired slave state of existence.  Rape is one of the most commonly used methods of forging slave-like populations.  For more details, read Forging.

Professional and thoroughly scientific.  By “professional”, we mean that the rapist has been well-trained and has plenty of experience.  The rapists are slaves that have been severely beaten and raped themselves, often for years. 

They do not act on their own, but instead carry out explicit orders given to them by a supervisor.  They are a part of an enormous criminal organization that is found in most nations on earth.

Extremely high-tech. The perpetrators of rape on planet earth have quite amazing technologies.  Here I will mention just three of them.  They sound like something right out of Star Trek or Star Wars:

1. Artificial life support.  This is a tiny electronic device implanted in a person’s head.  It keeps a person alive when the abuse they have endured would otherwise kill them.

Life support implants are used because they take away a person’s will and make the body much more yin, two of the  goals of the professional rapists.  The person looks and seems to act quite normal.  For more on life support, read The Walking Dead.

2. Teleportation.  The professionals are able to lift a human being out of bed, for example, and move him or her to a nearby underground base or other location for a rape.

3. Cloaking. The rape perpetrators have electronic devices that can cover up their movements so they cannot be seen.




Some of the goals for rape will sound very unusual to many readers.  However, they are quite important, so please do not prejudge or dismiss them.  The goals of rape are:




The stress of a rape quickly depletes the woman’s calcium, magnesium, zinc and other vital minerals.  This starts to occur within minutes of the beginning of a rape. 

This is called the fight-or-flight reaction.  It is how our bodies respond to severe stress.  For details, read Understanding Stress.

Once depleted, these minerals are difficult to replace unless one follows a development program.  Just eating well and taking mineral supplements is not enough.  For details, read The Concept Of Preferred Minerals.




            This is a way to destroy the men because the women start demanding more sex with male orgasm and sexual fluid loss than the men can handle safely.  Conditioning a woman this way is not difficult to achieve for a professional rapist.

If he causes enough fluid loss in the woman, she will feel depressed and sad unless she gets a regular dose of male sexual fluid.  Hard rapes do even more damage and require more frequent orgasms in a woman in order for her to feel better.  This is all explained later in this article.

In some cases, the rapist administers a “fun rape” with a lot of tickling and tricks and the goal is just to make the woman a lot more interested in sex.  This can also ruin a marriage because she wants so much sex.

Men, if your partner starts wanting a lot of sex, most likely she has been raped secretly.  However, the rogues can achieve the same result by giving the woman a sexy dream, stimulating her interest in sex. 

During the dream, the rogues may also teach her tricks or techniques her husband can use to pleasure her.  They can tune into her souls and literally ask them what kind of tickling or kissing she would most like.  When she wakes up in the morning, she then may insist her husband do what she was taught in her dream.

Some women are told during their professional rapes or even during sexy dreams to leave their husbands or boyfriends if the latter will not give them sex every few days, or at least once a week.  This is more fluid than many men can afford to lose and still maintain their health.  Some men go along and the best of them say no.

            Kind women understand the problem and work with their husbands.  The selfish ones just want sex and leave if they don’t receive it. 




This is a critical reason for the use of rape.  It usually stops what we all development on this website.  This is the unfolding of the full genetic potential of every human being.  It is almost wholly unknown on earth today and this needs to change.  We discuss it in a number of article on this website.  Development is your birthright!

In particular, women who develop become a powerful force for good on earth.  When they don’t develop, as occurs today, they actually become a regressive force in the world. 

Too often, it is women who elect the liberals, socialists and communists out of fear.  Most women also don’t think clearly, which often wrecks their marriages and their families.  This must be corrected and corrected fast.

For details, read Raising Girls, Introduction To Development and other articles on development on this site only.




Once depleted of vital minerals, a woman’s body easily absorbs toxic metals and toxic chemicals.  The toxic metals replace the minerals that are lost due to the stress response.  Many rapists understand all this physiology!

Rapists usually insist that the woman be completely naked.  One reason for this is to make it easy for him to fill her body with toxic metals and toxic chemicals from his body.

Rapists spread these toxins to her body through sweat, semen, spitting, kissing, and touch.  At times, he will urinate or defecate on her.  This spreads even more toxins to her naked body.  Occasionally, he will insist that she drink a vial of poison, as well.  The rogues are experts at the use of poisons! 

This addition of filth to the women’s bodies adds to the other important reasons why most people on earth are nutritionally depleted and toxic.  For details, read Everyone Is Toxic And Depleted.




Rape is the best way to infect a person with up to 100 sexually-transmitted diseases!  That is not an exaggeration.  The diseases are very subtle, but man damage the brain.

Raped women take these subtle diseases home and infect their boyfriends, husbands and children.  Raped women also spread the diseases everywhere when they touch things, hug and kiss friends and family, shake hands, handle food in the supermarket and at home, touch books at the library, and in hundreds of other ways.

This is a massive public health crisis.  Medical and natural doctors, as well as most public health authorities the world over, are either not well-informed or are told to ignore it.

For example, do not send your children to schools, if at all possible.  They are all filthy and very hard to clean up.  Teach your children at home, not elsewhere, and keep the house very clean.  Use hydrogen peroxide as a spray and use it everywhere.  For details, read Hydrogen Peroxide.

Keep an ozone generator or two running in your house to keep the air clean.  Ignore the lies about the dangers of ozone.  The rogues don’t want it because it kills germs.  For details, read Ozonator/Ionizer Air Purifiers.

It is also wise to avoid all public transportation just for this reason.  It is not clean.  If you must use it, it is helpful to wear simple vinyl gloves until this problem is resolved.

Always wash your hands after using any bathroom and wash them often during the day.  Always shower daily and keep towels and clothing very clean.  Use thin towels that you can wash every few days rather than thick towels that sit on the towel rack for a week or longer.  All cushions should have simple covers you can take off an wash every week. 

Never wear black clothing because you can’t see the dirt.  Always wear light colors that show the dirt.  Very few people understand this crisis, which is caused largely by rape.  For details, read STDs, Clothing Color and Cleanliness.




Depleting women nutritionally and adding toxic metals, sexually-transmitted diseases and toxic chemicals to Their bodies assures that their future children will be weak and sick.  This makes them much easier to control.  This is the situation of our babies and children today!  For details, read Baby Attacks.




A hard rape is often devastating for the spinal column.  It easily causes chiropractic subluxations, which are subtle misalignments of the spinal vertebrae.  These can be very  difficult to correct, even with chiropractic care.  Medical solutions are worse.

This horror just weakens women even more and causes them to use pain killers that further damage their bodies and those of their future children.  For details, read Chiropractic.




Rape is superb for this purpose.  This is discussed in several places in this article.  Fear damages women much more than one might imagine, and it is permanent! 

Fear slows down women’s development, damages the brain and body, ruins marriages and damages all the women’s future children.  Most children today are born afraid because of the rapes of their mothers.  This is a powerful cause of diseases and disabilities of children today.

Fear is one of the main weapons used to control the people on earth.  It is an ancient method of keeping people enslaved.  Fear and terror, both features of rape, damage the mind and body in a hundred different ways.




              This is most important for women to understand.  Rape is a deliberate attempt to paint all men as mean, cruel, unfeeling, sexual animals who only want to harm women.  Some women express this openly.  Most, however, don’t say what they are thinking.  Even raping a few women sends the message to all women that men are unsafe to be around and all are “jerks and pricks”.

This damages women and it damages society far more than one might imagine.  It weakens the bonds of marriage and friendship between the sexes.  It damages the life of all boys, whose mothers resent them.

It also damages the life of all girls, who are taught lies by their mothers.  It is an important reason why there needs to be a man in the home to counter the lies and hatred than many women spew all day long to their children.




              Rape is a simple way to kill a woman almost instantly, or in a year or five years if the rapist prefers that.  It leaves no marks other than bruises to the vaginal area, and these only if the rapist wants it.  The cause of death is obscured and that is the goal.




Rogue agents are under tight control by their supervisors.  Raping is used to control them by depleting their sexual fluid.  They are also checked to see if they remember all the vicious tricks and techniques used before, during and after the rapes.

Rape of attractive women is also used as a reward for going along with their supervisors’ orders.




Rape is excellent for this.  It leaves few scars, instills fear and terror rapidly and permanently, can be used for brainwashing, and all this can be done very rapidly – in an hour or less.

A man or woman disappears from work one day for an hour or two, or even just goes to bed one night, but the next day he or she is a changed person.  There are no other techniques that are as effective and fast.  For details, read Brainwashing.




For this purpose and others, a special sling is often used to hold a person upside down, naked, with legs spread wide apart while the rape goes on.  This is a very vulnerable and uncomfortable position that adds to the torture.

Usually, there are also beatings, cutting the skin and face, burning and freezing the skin, intense itching, breaking the nose and limbs and more horrors to obtain information.

That which makes the news such as water boarding is just the beginning of what goes on in many nations.  Many governments, especially communist governments, use rape to wring information out of political and other prisoners.




This is a very specific process of brainwashing and torture process.  It requires about 100 rapes. 

It converts a person into a complete automaton under the control of an operative or pimp.  The person can then be used for many purposes.  These include serving in the legislatures, operating all kinds of businesses, and becoming someone’s wife or husband or friend.

However, they can just as easily be used to beat, rape, torture, kill, steal, lie, act in filthy pornographic movies, infect people with diseases, and more.

Most people have no clue how this works so it continues unopposed.  The person looks normal and can speak normally, but he or she is not normal at all.  Trafficked people are hard to detect unless you know what to look for.  We will write more about this subject.




This is an important goal of the rogues.  Rape does this in many ways.  It sickens millions of people.  It instills fear instead of love in the individuals and families.  It also makes the societies much less safe, causes women to hate all men, weakens the next generation, and confuses everyone.




This is just one use of the torture of rape, but it is an important one.  The rogues do their own “matchmaking” and force many women to enter what we call rape marriages.

This is done to control some men, to produce certain types of children, to keep women subservient and more. 




Rape is an easy and very effective method to do this.  It is a common practice.  It is important for the rogue takeover of the planet because it upsets the normal people, forces them to change their views, and such people always spread a lot of disease because they are very unhealthy.  For details, read Homosexuality and Why Not Homosexual Marriage?


Other unusual reasons for rape:


Souls are real and are the units of consciousness of human beings and animals.  We are not just flesh and blood, as the liberals teach all the children in the schools today.

Once a person loses the controllers and other advanced helpers, he or she becomes much less intelligent and much easier to control.  A woman also gives birth to defective children, which the rogues also like because it is more torture and expense for the society, which they want to weaken.


This is somewhat unusual, but it makes controlling a person much easier.  The rogues have electronic methods to sustain life, which we call artificial life support.  It helps turn a person into an agent of theirs.  For details, read Artificial Life Support.


During any rape, a woman will release an unusual subtle energy called yin energy.


During a long rape, the rapist can develop certain mental abilities that are amazing, such as the ability to move objects through solid metal, and to put curses and cast spells on people.


The reasons rape works well are somewhat complex and have to do mainly with female anatomy and physiology.  They are:

- Women are weaker, smaller and more fearful than men, so they are generally easy to handle.

- Women experience multiple orgasms easily, and lose control of their bodies easily with repeat orgasms.  This is used for brainwashing.  This does not occur in the same way with men.

- Women generally remain conscious during rapes, which does not occur with men.  This is due to the pleasure of the rape experience.  Staying conscious is helpful for brainwashing.

- A woman’s energy field opens when she orgasms.  This is used to “attach” a woman to the rapist, one of the primary goals of some rapes.  This phenomenon is explained later in the article, and does not occur as much with men.

The “women’s system”.  Rape is an important part of what the rogues call the women’s system.  It includes a series of attacks on women’s bodies that begin while baby girls are still inside their mothers.  They include the use of hormones, implants and other electronic devices that damage the brain and other organs.  The attacks also include placing aberrant souls inside the girl’s body while she is still inside her mother.

The attacks continue after a girl is born.  They include a long series of little molestations and then rapes while she is a baby and a school girl.  About half of all girls (and boys) are lifted out of bed at night and taken to underground bases for this.  Parents usually do not have a clue about it.  Don’t think this cannot be done.  It is quite simple to do with the right teleportation machine.

In addition, most girls eat bad food, are given medical drugs, vaccines, and toxic body care products such as nail polish, toxic body creams, soaps and makeup.  For these reasons, most women are a shell of their real self, and this makes them much more willing slaves.

Normalizing rape.  The rogues also want rape decriminalized and, in fact, accepted as “normal’.  They control most of the mass media, through which they promote a socialist, liberal or progressive value system and a loose sexual value system that includes a lax attitude toward rape.

Appearance. Their agents can have any appearance.  Some are large, brutish men.  Others look like high school boys.  Some even work as policemen (never open your door for a policeman who comes to the door.  Just ask what they want.)

Occasionally, even a babysitter or a grandfather and grandmother team are used to commit rape.  It all depends upon the purpose of the rape and the situation.

            Often, they often use big, tall men.  They do this because these men are best to:

- physically control a woman

- scare a woman

- handle “trouble”, meaning someone trying to stop the rape.

- they look down on her and see a lot due to their size.

- often handsome

- seem protective to women so they trick women easily.

- have large penises that enable them to hit the back of the vagina.  This is useful to disorient and harm a woman.

Psychic.  Many of these rapists are psychic and receive orders during the rape as to exactly what to do next to carry out the purpose of the rape.

In other words, the rapist is just a stooge.  The real perpetrators are more sophisticated criminals who are in the background.  If the rapist goes to jail, they just employ someone else to do their dirty work.

Also, it means the rapist can easily know exactly how to pleasure a woman in ways that make her extremely excited.  This is very confusing to a woman.

Speech.  While some rapists sound like everyone else, some speak Russian to each other.  Others speak a Spanish-sounding language.

Training. They are trained in how to excite and cause pleasure, how to inflict pain, how to humiliate, how to instill fear, how to brainwash in many ways, and how to maim and kill, if needed, if the woman is not “cooperative”.

Methods of capture.  Professionals know hundreds of methods of capturing a woman.  They range from pushing a woman into a waiting car to arranging a “chance meeting” at a party or elsewhere.  At times, the idea is to carry out the rape so rapidly and violently that the person is hardly aware of what happened.  It can feel like a horrible nightmare.

A common method is to set up a fake date.  Women, you must check out your dates carefully before going out, especially with handsome strangers!  Most of us are so flattered by the attention of a handsome man, we don’t do this thoroughly enough.

Never agree to meet a stranger.  Instead, ask for his phone number and call him.  Ask a lot of questions by phone, not in person, and check out the truth of everything he tells you.  Rape operatives are usually liars.


Baby or child molestations or rapes.  These are very common in many parts of the world, including the United States.  Babies and children are teleported from their beds at night and taken to usually small, hidden underground bases where they experience beatings, molestations and older children are raped. 

Children are taken as early as age 1, and they are usually taken once every few weeks for many years.  The children are conscious during the experience, but at the end they hit the child on the side of the head in a certain way and the child will not consciously recall the experience.  If a child does recall the experience and tells a parent, the parent usually dismisses it as fantasy because teleportation is not used on earth.

Major effects of these rapes are inducing fear, filthing up the bodies, nutritional depletion, and soul loss.  Because their lives are compromised after the first or second encounters, the rapists implant life support chips in the babies to keep them alive and functioning.  Today, millions of babies and children are on artificial life support.

The children are cleaned up before being returned, so there are rarely any marks on their bodies.  However, a number of parents have reported waking up at night and walking into their child’s room, only to find the child missing.  When she wakes her husband or someone else, the child is returned, as they are watching for this problem.  The person who discovered the problem is called ‘delusional’, but it is no such thing.

Yin energy rapes.  This type of professional rape is designed to release a lot of yin energy, a type of subtle energy, from the woman.  The rapes are usually done every day or two.  They are hard and long, lasting an hour or more.

The woman has been cut and conditioned so she has few orgasms, as these get in the way of this type of rape.  Her vagina has become scarred and hardened to withstand the long and frequent rapes.

Brainwashing rapes. This begins with pleasuring the woman’s breasts and thighs until she is fully aroused.  Then he inserts the penis and hits the back of the vagina hard with the penis.  This quickly disorients and numbs a woman.  They call it the smack.

The smack is effective because of the vaginal reflex system.  The back of the vagina reflexes to the head area.  This is very important to understand.

Occasionally, the rapist smacks too hard and perforates the back of the vagina.  The woman may bleed to death as a result, sometimes by the end of an hour-long rape.

The operatives consider this an unfortunate mistake, but it is not really a problem.  They just move on to someone else.  They have many ways to dispose of the body, or they make the death look like an accident.  For rapes of important people such as politicians and entertainers, highly trained professionals are used that rarely make mistakes.

After the smack, the professional rapist can move on to the real business of the rape, which is about brainwashing.  Rogues want all women to want sex, to have loose morals, to vote liberal, and more.  These and other ideas are inculcated during the rape.

The whip.  For brainwashing and trafficking women, the rapist rubs the woman’s breasts hard while raping her.  It is quite painful.  After a few minutes, each time he rubs the breasts, she orgasms hard and deep.  It feels just like a blow from a whip that cracks at the hips and shoots up the back.  There is no pleasure in these orgasms.

This is the most frightening experience imaginable.  It hurts badly, and more than a few whips can easily cause the heart to stop and life to end.  Many women die of it.  It is true torture.

This is when the rapist says to the woman, “Will you do exactly as you are told?” or “Will you sleep with anyone we order you to sleep with?”  If the answer is not a swift yes, the whips continue.  If she holds out, she dies.

Most women agree quickly.  If she ever changes her mind, she gets more whips until she is dead or her will is completely subdued.  The rapist now has complete control of her, and it usually lasts a lifetime.

Understanding this is vital or a person cannot understand how a sex act that is usually pleasurable for a woman is used for utter violence, filth and brainwashing.  There is no pleasure in the whip.

Most trafficked women require “tune-ups” once a week or so to maintain their programming.

No resistance.  In a professional rape, there is work to be done.  The operative usually tolerates no resistance, and may kill a woman who resists.  This policy is partly to make it safer for the rapist or rapists.  They don’t want to be scratched, for example, as that would later provide DNA evidence of the rape.

They also tolerate no resistance because they want the woman to surrender and relax.  This way she will orgasm faster and deeper, which helps accomplish some purposes of this type of rape.

Quiet. The operative almost always demands that the person keep quiet during the rape.  This is so the attacker can concentrate on the business of the rape.  With the baby and child rapes, they may like the child to scream and cry, however.

No reporting.  The attacker demands that the woman never tell anyone about the rape, on penalty of death.  This is a key element in most rapes.  For the reasons why this is so important, read Reasons For Rogue Secrecy.

Diet. At some point near the end of the rape, the rapist often tells the woman very seriously to eat a certain way for the rest of her life if she wants to reduce the likelihood of another rape.  She is usually told to avoid red meat, to eat some fruit every day, and to have tuna fish daily.

This dietary advice is to keep the woman weak and poisoned with mercury for the rest of her life.  Beware - any book, website or other material advocating this type of diet is phony and designed to weaken you.  The rapists operate hundreds of medical and nutritional websites with similar advice.

Along with this diet, the person is also often told to use aluminum-containing antiperspirant daily.  Many are also told to drink rooibos tea or ‘red tea’ daily.  Antiperspirants poison a person with aluminum.  Rooibos tea poisons a person with nickel and lead.  For more details, read The Cult Or Rape Diet on this website.

Politics. As part of the brainwashing, the rapist often also tells the person to always vote for the Democratic Party candidates in America, or the Liberal Party candidates in Europe, and that this may protect her from future “incidents”.  Otherwise, she is seriously warned, life could become very “tenuous”.

This helps explain why some people swallow the lies and garbage put forth by the liberal media around the world.  Journalists are almost all raped and made to “report liberal”.

The test.  Near the end of a professional rape, a woman is given a task to do to see if the brainwashing of the rape has had its desired effects.  One may be asked to do silly things, such as putting the left shoe on the right foot.  If there is any resistance, the rapist continues the rape until orders are followed exactly and quickly.  This means the rape was “successful”.

The 7 system and professional rapes.  Professional rapes can be organized as follows:

1. MILD – SEVERE.  The first level or first energy center of the body is associated with life versus death.  The roughness and severity of professional rapes are carefully calculated to achieve their intended goals.

2. SHORT – LONG.  The second level or second energy center of the body has to do with emotions and time.  The duration of a rape determines how much exhaustion, weakness, soul loss, nutritional depletion, toxic metal accumulation, and pleasure will occur.  Longer rapes are also more likely to produce pregnancy and diseases.

3. ROUTINE – ABUSIVE.  The third level or third energy center of the body has to do with power and control.  Some rapes are less violent.  Most, however, are accompanied by verbal and physical violence, beatings and other tortures to achieve certain purposes.

4. DONE ALONE – WITH OTHERS.  The fourth level or fourth energy center of the body involves other people.  Individual rapes by one person achieve certain goals such as brainwashing.  Gang rapes and group rapes such as rape parties are used for other purposes discussed later in this article.

5. DONE OPENLY – SECRETLY. The fifth level or fifth energy center of the body has to do with open expression.  Some rapes are done openly and legally, especially in the Middle East.  In many other places, rape is illegal and is a highly secretive crime.  These are mainly nations where people practice the Christian or Hebrew religions.

6. CLEAN – DIRTY.  The sixth level or sixth energy center has to do with knowledge, but also with clarity.  Clean or pure rapes leave few marks or diseases on the person.  Condoms or special underwear is used to catch semen, and special care is taken to treat the person gently.  They are used for soul replacement, warnings, and some types of brainwashing.

Dirty rapes are far more common.  The rapist intentionally transmits diseases genitally or by scratching, bloodying, spitting and other ways.  Some people are forced to drink a vial of infected liquid.  These rapes are generally better for brainwashing due to the shock, surprise and horror they provide.

7. RAPIST KNOWN – UNKNOWN.  The seventh level or seventh energy center has to do with the connection to others in a spiritual way.  For example, rape by one’s father or brother has a particularly shocking effect on a young woman.  Rape by a total stranger has a somewhat different effect.



Two extremes.  Some rapes are intentionally done so as to cause few, if any symptoms.  Condoms are used to prevent diseases and pregnancy.  The rape is made “fun” or pleasurable, at least to a degree. 

Also, the woman is put on artificial life support (an electronic brain implant) during the rape so that even though she is exhausted and toxic from it, she feels very much like she did before the rape.  She is also often brainwashed to believe that the rape was not bad, and in fact it was fun and would be okay if it happened again.

The other extreme.  A young woman sent me an email message, saying she had been a bright young college student, but now she can hardly function at all.  It happened after her boyfriend “went too long and too hard” sexually with her.  A one-hour rape caused everything listed below:

- Unbelievable anger and a deep hatred

- Outrage (What is wrong with men?)

- Brain fog - feeling spacey, dazed or “out of it”.  For more on this, please read Brain Fog on this website.

- Trouble thinking through situations (especially reasoning through a problem to a conclusion).  The brain works more slowly, does not process information as well, and with less accuracy.

- Short-term memory problems.

- Overall cognitive impairment.

- Depression/bipolar symptoms.

- Chronic fatigue.

- Broken ribs and feeling “crushed”, literally.

- Reduced creativity and more apathy.

- Lack of coordination

- Feeling "slow” - slower reactions and slower thinking.

- Trouble concentrating or focusing.

- Harder to write essays and even sentences.

- Disoriented.

- Dizzy and shaky at times.

- Numbness and, at the same time, some tingling and hypersensitivity in the vaginal area.

- Paranoia and phobias.

- Some urinary and possibly fecal incontinence.

- Anxiety.

- Indecisive.

- Speech impairment, at times.

- Reduced self-confidence or zero self-confidence.  This is often caused by soul loss and soul replacement.  For more on this topic, please read Soul Loss And Soul Recovery on this website.

- Intense sadness, at times.

- Physical symptoms are many, and include more premenstrual tension, ovarian problems, back, hip, neck and leg pain, and infections such as cystitis and herpes.

- Strange new cravings for: male sexual fluid, masturbation, flirting, promiscuity, whoredom, and for pregnancy.

- Strange cries or screams that occur at random times.  (These are called rape cries and have to do with retracing and clearing rape trauma.)

- She was told to follow the cult or rape diet to avoid another rape.  For more on this, please read The Cult or Rape Diet.

Now let us discuss the effects of rape in more detail.  Remember, however, that the use of artificial life support can mask many symptoms.


The Basics:  A rape causes a fight-or-flight reaction in a woman.  This immediately depletes some calcium, magnesium and zinc from her body.  This is elementary Stress Theory, which is not yet taught to doctors in medical or in naturopathic school.

In addition, all orgasms deplete nutrients because they involve muscle contractions and other effects.  (This is why women and some men feel depleted and dirty after all regular sex.  Down Sex does not have this effect.  This is one of about 15 reasons why we much prefer it instead of regular sex for all women and men.)

Once mineral depletion occurs, the woman easily picks up:

- The hatred mineral – Strontium

- The HardenersIron, Cadmium, Nickel and chromium

- The fear mineral – Copper

- The anger minerals – Lead, Arsenic, and The Amigos – Iron, Manganese And Aluminum.

- Others.

Her body absorbs these minerals easily during a rape if the rapist touches, kisses, hugs, spits, urinates, or defecates on her.  She also gets them from his semen and his sweat.  This is one reason why professional rapists always want the woman completely naked.  He may also force her to drink a vial of toxic metals.

 In this way, rapes give one immediate toxic metal poisoning.  It can be done within ten minutes if one knows the right techniques. 

The filth of rape.  Besides, strontium, other rape toxins are cadmium, lead, arsenic, copper and up to 100 sexually-transmitted viruses, bacteria and parasites.  It can be worse if he urinates or defecates on her.

Other toxins are even worse.  Most professional rapes involve placing tiny implants in particular places in the woman’s brain that make it harder for a woman to forgive.  Together, these toxins are sometimes called the filth of rape.

  Removing the filth.  The filth of rape will not come out on its own.  It is designed that way.  A development program will remove them, but it takes at least five years on a complete program to accomplish this.   Chelation, herbs and other methods are not nearly as effective and are dangerous.  For details, read The Hatred Body, Strontium, Toxic Metals and Chelation on this website.

Effects On The Body Systems.  Rape affects many body systems:

1. The voluntary and the autonomic nervous systems. 

2. The musculo-skeletal system.

3. The nutritional system.

4. The glandular or endocrine system.

5. The immune system.

6. The subtle energetic system.

7. The reproductive system.

8. The cardiovascular system.

Let us discuss these in more detail.


            General.  After experiencing rape, most women report a variety of brain and nervous system problems.  The most common are foggy thinking, memory loss, irritability, anxiety, and fearfulness.  Here are more details about several nervous system effects.

Brain fog.  Thinking may become foggy, unclear, and slow.  One may feel disconnected from reality, which is sometimes called depersonalization.

Hypersensitivity or numbness.  Many women report that parts of their body such as their breasts and inner thighs become hypersensitive to touch or become numb.

Often the women were beaten in these areas during the rape and were given Points in these areas.  This has to do with brainwashing.

If they are hypersensitive, they can experience an orgasm at the slightest touch of these areas, such as bumping the chest into a wall or post.  This is very annoying and can prevent them from going out in public, in some instances.

“Emotional” thinking.  Some people report that they begin to “think emotionally” or think with their feelings after a rape.  This, however, is not really thinking or processing with the higher brain centers.  It is really just reacting in an emotional way to whatever is going on.  Often it is oppositional, meaning opposed to whatever is asked or told to them.

Distracted. Causes for this include having to live differently.  After a rape, most women take many more precautions because the threat of another rape often hangs over their head.

In addition, one is often fuming mad, and this is distracting.  Also, some who experience rape spend a lot of energy pretending that all is well and compensating in other ways, as well, in order to function fairly normally.  Nutritional depletion from a rape can also contribute to distracted thinking. 

Disturbed brain architecture.  Brain architecture refers to the position of the brain within the skull or cranium.  Blows to the head, or any shock to the body can upset this delicate positioning.  It can cause odd symptoms ranging from confusion and memory problems to blackouts, fatigue and more.  Another effect is to feel very disconnected or spacy.

Disturbed brain architecture does not respond well to medical, chiropractic or cranio-sacral therapy.  For more on this problem and how to correct it, read Brain Architecture on this website.

Unusual mental derangement.  In a few cases of rape, something goes very wrong with the brain.  These unfortunate people are left with severe mental disorders.  They may be misdiagnosed as having Asperger’s syndrome or Down’s Syndrome.

Since the rapist usually tells the woman that she must not tell anyone about the rape or be raped 10 times harder, often she does not tell doctors and counselors what really occurred.  Most doctors and counselors never figure it out, since there are usually no physical indicators of rape.

It is not clear whether these occurrences are intentional, or whether they are “accidents” that can occur during any prolonged rape.  In either case, a complete development program can often help.

Pain.  Many people are left with chronic pain after a rape.  Back pain occurs from chiropractic misalignments.  Often there is pelvic pain from sexually-transmitted diseases, structural misalignment of the pelvis and other trauma to the area.

In addition, there can be head and neck pain due to “breaking the neck” during the rape, or from beatings during the rape.  Other types of pain are also possible.

This is an important symptom because it is extremely depressing and discouraging.  Unrelenting pain is an important cause of early death.  The person also may become addicted to pain medication in an effort to live a normal life.  This has other serious consequences such as hearing loss and liver damage.

Addiction to pleasure.  Some rapes cause so much sexual pleasure that a woman may become selfish and want it all the time.  It is the intent of some rapes.  This can ruin marriages and make a woman promiscuous.

Rape cries.  These are short, loud screams or cries that occur spontaneously in those who have experienced rape.  They appear to be a release of tension or pain that was suppressed during the rape.

Some people describe the sound of a rape cry as similar to the cry of a wounded animal.  It may be described as a loud, short shriek.

Note: Rape cries are a normal part of the healing process from rape, so do not stifle or suppress them.

Why does rape have these effects?  The reasons are a combination of the following factors:

1. Trauma, by its nature, affects thinking.  See the article entitled Trauma Release on this website. 

2. Nutritional depletion and other biochemical changes, which always occurs with rape, affects thinking.

3. Sexually transmitted diseases often affect thinking because many of them go to the brain.  For more on this topic, please read Sexually Transmitted Diseases on this website.

5. Aberrant souls that one picks up during a rape can affect thinking a lot.  This topic is discussed below.

6. Sexual fluid loss deeply affects thinking.  This is discussed later in this article.

7. Chiropractic misalignments of the spine and cranium affect thinking.

8. Depression, despair, hatred, anger, rage, terror, fear, shame and blame from a rape always affect thinking.

9. Maneuvers during some rapes such as slapping or pounding the head, pulling the head back, beating the breasts, and others can affect thinking.

10. Other abuse during a rape that can

affect one’s thinking includes kicking, beatings, defecating or urinating on the person, pulling the legs apart, hitting, cutting, spitting, yelling, shooting a gun near the head, and insulting or humiliating speech.

11. Banging the back of the vagina with the penis, which often occurs with a professional rape, always affects the brain.  The back of the vagina reflexes to the brain.  It has a numbing effect on the brain, and is a standard technique used by professional rapists to harm women.

12. More than about 12 orgasms during one encounter stresses a woman’s brain and nervous system.

13. Soul loss, which accompanies most rapes, deeply affects one’s thinking.

14. Toxic metals, absorbed from a man’s semen or sweat, may have a negative effect on the nervous system.

15. Some women who experience rape are given hypnotic suggestions during the rape.  These can also impair logical thinking.

16. Brainwashing that occurs during professional rapes affects the nervous system, in all cases.

17. Moving subtle energy upward, which occurs with all rapes, impairs thinking.

18. The intense pleasure of some rapes, combined with the horror of the experience, can affect one’s thinking.


            Physical exhaustion.  Orgasms in a woman cause a lot of muscle contraction.  More than 10 or 12 cause physical exhaustion.  Long rapes are particularly exhausting and can lead to death from exhaustion.  Exhaustion also causes loss of many nutrients from the body.

Twisting the spine.  Severe twisting of the spine often accompanies rape.  This is called subluxation of the spine in chiropractic theory or a twist in osteopathic theory.  It causes chronic pain and affects movement, thinking and often the ability to rest and sleep.

Correcting the spine is essential for full recovery from rape.  This is not easy, even for a skilled chiropractor or osteopath.  Some of our clients report being more successful correcting the spine themselves using the exercises in the Spinal Twist article.  Also, read the companion article to this one entitled Healing Rape.

            Why is the spine twisted during a rape?  The reasons are:

1. The pelvis is shoved or smashed inward or upward toward the abdomen.  As a result, the back becomes more arched, creating an exaggerated lumbar curve that is sometimes called a sway back.  The spine is also compressed.

2.  The rapist sometimes twists the neck forcefully to one side to purposely create subluxations.  The effect is upset thinking and cause continuous neck pain.

3. The attacker may intentionally lift the neck and push the person’s head back and to one side to damage a cervical intervertebral disc.  This is called breaking the neck.  It leaves one side of the neck in continuous pain and leads to an ugly cringing posture.

Damage to a cervical spinal disc reduces the nerve energy going to a large part of the body.  This reduces a person’s overall energy level, which can damage health in many ways.

Soft tissue damage.  This occurs, in part, because a woman’s genital area is extremely delicate.  The male sexual organs, by contrast, are more hardy.  Rapists know this well.  They often purposely cause bleeding and tearing of the vagina for its horror effect, to inflict pain, and to make sure the woman becomes infected with many sexually-transmitted diseases.

Energetic damage.  Rape also always causes energetic blocks that slow or even totally prevent healing of the vaginal area.  This is another horror of rape.  It can take months for simple cuts to heal in this area. 

Generalized muscle tension in the body.  This is often due to fear, anger, hatred, nutritional depletion, adhesions and other factors.

            Possible disfigurement – or looking strangely normal.       After a rape, some women gain weight in the pelvic and hip areas.  It may be due to glandular, nutritional, structural or psychological effects.  Some women intentionally gain weight in an effort to look ugly to avoid another rape.  This is sadly very common.

            Other women look fine after a rape.  This is because the woman is put on Life Support.  This is helpful in that one can continue one’s life without everyone knowing what happened.  However, it also causes problems, such as:

1. Police, attorneys, counselors or others may see a woman soon after a rape and they will say “She looks fine, so it couldn’t have been so bad.”  Some even believe that it didn’t happen at all.  This is extremely frustrating to one who has experienced rape!

2. It is often easy to lie to oneself, one’s parents or others, pretending that the rape did not happen, or that it was not that bad.

3. The woman may look beautiful in a court of law, so the judge or jury may not believe her story and the rapist goes free or gets a very light sentence.  In fact, rapists know this and can perform the rape to produce very few physical changes in the woman.

Pelvic syndrome.  This is a general tightness in the pelvic area due to sexually-transmitted infections and trauma.  This, in turn, can cause constipation, diarrhea, bladder infections, rectal problems, adrenal weakness, ovarian and uterine dysfunctions, pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), and more.  A separate article entitled Pelvic Syndrome describes this in more detail.

Factors that further slow healing of the tissues.  These include:

1. Nutritional depletion from the trauma.  Nutrients needed for healing may simply not be available.

2. Upward movement of subtle energy due to the rape.  This weakens the entire body.  This topic is discussed later in this article.

3. Minimizing rapes.  After a rape, many women shut the whole episode out of their minds in order to try to function normally.  However, this can slow healing dramatically.

To help restore consciousness to the vaginal area in a gentle way, daily vaginal coffee implants are excellent.  These are discussed in the article entitled Healing Rape. 

4. Other previous biochemical and structural imbalances.  Most young women today are not healthy to begin with, no matter how healthy they appear.  Rape just adds to their pre-existing malnutrition.  It can be the final blow that causes their health to take a sharp downturn.

5. Anger, fear and unforgiveness.  These all tend to slow healing.



Rape always affects a person’s body chemistry.  For example:

1. Rape always depletes the vital alkaline reserve minerals.  These include selenium, zinc, manganese, chromium, copper and perhaps others.  They are lost during stress, from exhaustion, and in sexual fluids.

2. Rape always increases the amount of toxic metals in a woman’s body.  These include cadmium and toxic copper.  They also often include others such as arsenic, mercury, aluminum and nickel.  This occurs through body contact with the rapist, including absorbing his sexual fluids.

It also occurs whenever a person depletes their alkaline reserve minerals.  When this occurs, toxic metals are able to replace the lost vital minerals, to some degree.  This is known as the Concept of Preferred Minerals.  It is a very important nutritional and biochemical idea that is rarely taught.

Other nutritionally-related issues are sexual fluid craving and a need for charging.

Depletion of vital minerals occurs because:

1. Extreme stress.  Stress always rapidly depletes nutrients such as zinc, calcium, magnesium and many others – beginning within minutes of the stress.

2. Sexual fluid loss.  Rape usually depletes a woman’s sexual fluids to some degree.  There are two female sexual fluids: a light-colored secretion of the Bartholin’s glands of the vagina, and a thicker, darker fluid called amrita or urine fluid, due to its color. 

Urine fluid should never be depleted, ever, but it may occur if a rape is long or severe enough.  This is called being “dried out”.

Sexual fluids are very hard to recover and their depletion leaves a woman feeling very weak and depressed.  This is a deliberate tactic of some rapists who wish to harm a young woman.  It also usually causes her to crave male sexual fluid for its nutrient content.

Male sexual fluid is a mixture of prostatic secretion and sperm from the testis.  Loss of any of this fluid is very damaging for a man.  While women can reabsorb some of their lost fluid, reabsorption is harder for a man.

Sexual fluids are very rich in special compounds of zinc, selenium, B-complex vitamins and other nutrients.  In many cases of rape, these nutrients are lost, and they are not easy to replenish.

Sexual fluid loss occurs even during ordinary sex, but it is almost always much worse during a rape.  Only Down Sex does not deplete sexual fluids.  This is the only type of sex recommended on this website.

3. Infections acquired from a rape deplete nutrients.  They force the body to use up nutrients fighting the infection.  They may also damage a person’s digestion of food and/or absorption of nutrients.

5. Physical exhaustion causes nutrient loss.

Toxic metal accumulation occurs because as nutrient minerals are lost from the body during a rape, they are always replaced by less preferred minerals.  These are toxic metals such as cadmium, lead, arsenic, nickel, copper and others.  These are abundant in male sexual fluid and other secretions such as sweat that women are exposed to during a rape.

The toxic metal can substitute in critical enzymes in place of nutrient minerals.  This phenomenon is called The Concept Of Preferred Minerals.  It is a critical nutritional concept that is rarely taught.

The accumulation of these and other toxins is a very important part of the effect of rape –and just eating well does not fix the problem!

Once the toxic metals are get into the enzyme binding sites, and elsewhere in the body, special measures are required to dislodge them safely, replace them with the correct minerals, and eliminate the toxic metals from the body.

A complete development program excels at this.  Chelation therapy to get rid of toxic metals is much less effective, in my experience.

Sexual fluid craving.  Nutritional depletion from most rapes causes a woman to get a zing from ingesting or even touching male sexual fluid.  This is an unusual phenomenon, but true and understandable from a nutritional standpoint.  She just needs her nutrients!

Women who were formerly not that interested in sex can find themselves suddenly wanting sex at least once a week or more to feel okay.  Otherwise, they feel depressed and anxious.

Some will seek out men just for their sexual fluid and little else.  This behavior further exposes the woman to more rapes.  Fortuantely, a properly designed development program will help anyone overcome the craving for sexual fluid.  For details, read Sexual Fluid Craving.

            A need for charging.  Some women feel “charged” after having sex, and the feeling lasts up to two weeks.  In fact, this phenomenon is due to being nutritionally depleted.  Women who are well-nourished do not experience charging.  Rape often causes a need for charging, and this can make a woman promiscuous.  For details, read Charging.


The last straw.  Many women are so depleted nutritionally that a rape can “push them over the edge” nutritionally.  This can cause a nervous breakdown or leave one with severe mental and physical imbalances that seem actually out of proportion to the severity of the trauma.

This is a very important problem today having to do with all types of trauma, not just rape.  It can occur after a seemingly minor flu episode, after having a baby, after a car accident, a loss of a loved one, or even the loss of a pet.  It happens commonly after a surgery, or after a course or two of antibiotics or taking some other medical drug.

Almost any type of stress can leave a person with a type of brain fog that is nutritional in nature that requires a complete development program to correct, not just a few vitamin pills or a new diet.  It is a fact that just makes rape and other traumas even worse for many people.


Glandular exhaustion. Rape almost always results in adrenal gland exhaustion or insufficiency, and in many cases contributes to or causes low thyroid.  To learn about these, read Adrenal Burnout and Thyroid Disease on this website.

There can be many other effects on the glands from a rape depending upon nutritional damage, toxic metal accumulation, structural damage, soul loss or other effects of the rape.  For example, instilling fear in a woman by itself affects the adrenal glands and thyroid gland.  Having to compensate and living a lie as a result of a rape also uses up energy.

The end result is a drastic reduction in a person’s energy level.  The principle that traumatizing a person reduces her energy level is used in cults and in all brainwashing situations to keep control of a person.  For more on energy, read Restoring The Body’s Energy Systems on this website.


Infections acquired from rapes. Infecting people on earth with infections that are difficult to heal is a primary goal of those who control the planet.  During rapes they are spread in three main ways:

1. Sexually-transmitted diseases (STDs).

2. Forced to drink vials of germs.  Another way some women report that they got STDs and other diseases is they were forced to swallow vials of liquids during or after a beating or a rape.  Some were even told that these contained bacteria or viruses that would make them sick or even kill them.

3. Other body contact.  This is also a way diseases are spread during rapes.

Let us discuss STDs in more detail because the medical and naturopathic professions do not discuss them honestly.

Sexually-transmitted infections.  Most who experience rape get a number of sexually transmitted diseases.  They usually occur not only on the genitals, but in the mouth, in the eyes, and elsewhere. 

Besides causing shame, they always weaken the body a little, or perhaps a lot.  It is done very deliberately for this purpose.  The perpetrators also know that if they infect the women, that the women, in turn, will infect most men in society, thus weakening everyone.

In our experience, these can be healed, but it takes plenty of healing work with a development program only, in my experience.  Other remedies simply do not work well enough.  For details, read Healing Rape.

Lies about STDs.  Three lies dominate the media discussions of sexually transmitted diseases.  They are 1) sexually transmitted diseases are mostly benign, 2) sexually transmitted diseases can be effectively treated and cured with drugs, and 3) men and women suffer equally from them.  Let us briefly debunk these ideas.

The truth is that sexually transmitted diseases are all dangerous.  The worst are some strains of gonorrhea and syphilis that are quite resistant to antibiotics and spread to the brain and all other vital organs, compromising a person’s health in many subtle ways.  Even simple herpes viruses are not benign and spread to the nervous system and elsewhere.

A second truth is that many STDs cannot be stopped with drugs, or with herbs or vitamins.  First, the bodies today are seriously malnourished from eating junk food.  Secondly, anti-viral drugs are not that good.  In fact, the drugs are toxic and often wreck your health.  This must be taught to all young women and young men.

A third truth is that sexually transmitted diseases are worse for women than they are for men.  This has to do with simply with anatomy.  Sexually transmitted diseases flourish much better and spread much faster in the warm environment of the vagina than they do on the colder, outer genitals of men, although men are not immune from them, of course.

This lengthy discussion section is also designed to alert anyone who is having or contemplating casual sex to stop at once.  It is sheer insanity today.

DO NOT believe any sex partner who says he or she does not have any diseases.  You are placing your life in danger for a half-hour thrill.  Wait for marriage, or at least to be in a committed relationship.  We recommend against having boyfriends at any age!

Hot tubs and pools.  Today, many people acquire STDs just by sitting in a hot tub or by going into a swimming pool.  They are everywhere.  Wise people stay away from all hot tubs and swimming pools for this reason.  The worst are public tubs and public pools found in places such as hotels, cruise ships, resorts and also places such as the YMCA, athletic clubs, high schools, colleges and spas.

For many more details about STDs, read Sexually Transmitted Diseases – An Epidemic.


Energetic imbalances are derangements of the subtle energy systems of a human body.  These mainly include the energy centers, the reflex systems and the meridians or energy channels.

This topic not well understood by conventional medical doctors or counselors, so this section of the article may seem unusual.  However, subtle energy problems are very real and often caused by rape. 

Many women who have experienced rape will testify to this fact.  They feel 100% better when their energetic imbalances are corrected, which is not easy in most cases.  Many say, “I am finally back to my old self”.  Acupuncture treatment, for example, is not nearly enough.

Here are a few common energetic problems caused by rape:

1. Moving energy upwards from the feet to the head.  Normally, subtle energy flows from the head to the feet in a downward direction.  Rape tends to reverse this flow.  This is expressed in slang phrases for sex and rape such as getting “knocked up”, “f….. up”, “messed up”, “screwed up”, and others.

The Pushing Down Exercise, which is part of every development program, helps heal rape because it corrects this subtle energy problem.  For more details, also read Downward Moving Energy And Healing.

2. Central channel effects.  Rape slows movement of subtle energy through the conception vessel in acupuncture terms, also called the central energy channel of the body.  This energy channel runs down the front of the body along the midline to the pubic bone.  Then it move back and goes up the back along the spine.    It is important to keep it open for optimum health.

Reasons for this are damage to the spine, congestion due to trauma of the abdominal and pelvic area, diseases in these areas, and intense fear, anger or other emotional disturbance.

3. Reversed spin of the major energy centers.  During a rape, the seven physical energy centers of the body are made to spin in reverse and too fast.  This exhausts and will kill the person if the rapist does not stop in time.

The energy centers spin incorrectly for several reasons:

1. Orgasms, in both men or women, spin the energy centers backwards and faster.

2. A woman’s orgasms open her energy field, causing her to pick up the vibration or energies of anyone who is near her.  Rapists have their energy centers spinning in reverse, so the woman picks up this energy by an inductive process.

3. In some rapes, the rapist intentionally visualizes her centers spinning in reverse to enhance sexual pleasure and to upset her body.

In these cases, he takes advantage of male-female blending that takes place whenever two bodies are in close proximity.  The more powerful one, usually the male body, can influence the energy centers of the less powerful one. 

Male-female blending can be beneficial, but is not beneficial during a rape.  For details, read Male-Female Blending.

4. Slowing the dantiens.  The dantiens are three important energy centers located in the head, the chest and the pelvis.  Rape generally slows the spinning of all three of these, but particularly causes the lower dantien to slow down.  This is due to damage to the Leydig gland. 

Beating the breasts and chest can cause the loss of souls needed for the operation of the middle dantien.  Beating the head during a rape removes souls needed for the upper dantien.  Slowing the dantiens slows or stops development.

For details, read The Dantiens, The Leydig Gland and Introduction To Development.

5. Reflex effects.  The vagina has a reflex system. This is similar to the reflex system that is on the bottom of the feet, and on the hands, the ears, and elsewhere.

For example, the reflexes from the bottom wall of the vagina go to the abdomen, while the reflexes from the top or superior aspect of the vagina go to the spine.  However, most important for rape are the reflexes from the back wall of the vagina.  These go to the head.

Rapists often bang the back of the vagina, damaging the brain and central nervous system.  Fortunately, this can usually be corrected with a development program that renourishes and balances all systems of the body.  To learn more about reflex systems in the body, read Reflexology on this website.

6. Making the body more yin.  Yin is a Chinese word that refers to a physics phenomenon.  Yin means cold, expanded, centrifugal and more broken apart or entropic.  Today, it also usually means weak and sick.  That is because most of the bodies are yin to begin with. 

If one experiences rape, the body is made much more yin, and this always means more ill.  The yin effect of rape is a combination of all of the energetic effects above, and the physical effects described in other sections of this article.  For details, read Yin And Yang Healing, and Yin Disease on this site. 

7. Upsetting the connection between the two subtle bodies or energy fields called the etheric bodies.  This can occur if the rape lasts more than about half an hour.  Besides weakening the body, a woman with this problem will want to have sex very often and will usually become promiscuous, as a result.  This is desirable for the controllers of the earth.

The reason is that joining of the two etheric energy fields occurs with orgasm.  If the natural mechanism has been damaged, having orgasms is the only way the two fields can come together. 

8. Penetrating the electromagnetic field.  Rape, by definition, is a penetration of the boundaries of a woman’s body.  When it is done by force and/or without voluntary consent, it violates the integrity of the body and gives rise to intense fear, anger and insecurity.

9. Energetic attachment.  A woman will become somewhat “attached” or under the influence of anyone who is near her when her energy field opens due to having orgasms, especially many orgasms.

This fact is used by the rapists and by others who want to “recruit” and “attach” young women to their group.  It is also used by young men who rape women on dates, knowing that often this will cause the woman to accept a marriage proposal, even if she had previously rejected the man.

10. Other subtle energy effects.  Rapes usually involve beatings to other areas of the body such as the breasts, thighs, arms and head.  These injuries are very deliberate and designed to alter the subtle energy systems of a human being.

Correcting the energetic imbalances caused by rape is a great secret of healing rape completely.  Otherwise, the rape trauma cannot be thoroughly healed. 


Fertility and childbearing. Most women still cycle and can conceive children after rape, even multiple rapes. Occasionally, however, rape disables a woman so she cannot bear children.  This may be caused by infections in the pelvic area.

Rapes usually leave a woman with sexually transmitted diseases that she passes on to her babies. This is one goal of rape used as a way to damage the future of society. 

In addition, hardening and scarring of the vagina from rapes makes childbirth more traumatic for both mother and child. 

Another common situation is that a woman can reproduce, but she cannot care for her children adequately because she is always tired, and/or she cannot think clearly.

Some women want to have children more after a rape.  This can be due to a hypnotic suggestion implanted during the rape, a hormonal effect, or due to other factors connected to the rapes.  Having children, by the way, is somewhat protective against future rapes.

Fortunately, a complete development program can permit a woman to lead a fairly normal life after a rape, even if the healing program is undertaken 20 years or more after the incident.


Rape is traumatic for both the physical heart, as well as the emotional heart center or fourth energy center.  Rape is often felt as a profound shock, betrayal, and horror.

Rapes can cause a rise in blood pressure, especially if one holds too much anger or fear.  In most cases, however, it results in low blood pressure and more sluggish circulation due to adrenal and thyroid weakness as a result of the rape or rapes.

Other possible cardiovascular effects are cold hands and feet, and even heart attacks.


This section may seem unusual.  However, rape is often done to affect a person’s souls.  It can be used to 1) trap and damage the coordinator soul, 2) remove souls, and 3) to bring in new, aberrated souls into a person.  These are sometimes called entities or demons.  Let us discuss these three effects in more detail.

1. Trapping the soul. Rape is one of the few types of intense experiences during which the main soul or coordinator soul does not leave the body.  Rapists use this fact to influence and often damage this soul.  Damaging souls is necessary for the controllers to be in charge of our planet.

2. Soul loss.  This is one of the main functions of a professional rape.  Soul loss occurs with most rapes.  The longer and harder the rape, the more souls are lost from the body.

Soul loss can easily ruin a person’s future and turn a fine individual into a drug addict, a criminal, a sex fiend or something else in the space of a few hours.  Soul loss also leads to health problems, confusion, inability to think and depression. 

3. Entity attachment.  Another goal of most rapes is to add aberrant and diseased souls to a woman’s body.

This may seems unusual, but it is not.  The Hebrew and Christian Bibles refer to such souls often, calling them “devils”, “satans”, and “demons”.  Jesus removed them, at times, to help people get well.

They are also discussed in the scriptures of other world religions, and they are known in the field of psychology, as well.  A well-written scientific psychology book about them is The Unquiet Dead by Edith Fiore.

Rarely, the souls completely replace the director souls of a person, causing a large change in one’s personality.  Usually, some of the person’s original director souls remain, however, meaning that the person still has some control over his or her body, and just does not feel right or function well. 

However, the brain does not function correctly, the body may become awkward, dull or ill, and the person’s face may become sad or distorted in some way. 

One can release some of these souls by improving one’s nutrition.  Thinking only wholesome thoughts is also helpful.  A development program works well to strengthen the body and mind.  For more details, read Soul Loss And Recovery and Entity Attachment And Release.



A major goal of professional rapes is to weaken women, and thereby weaken and sicken their future children.  Here are some ways this occurs:

- Rape always causes nutritional deficiencies in a woman that are passed on to their children.

- Rape causes the accumulation of toxic metals in a woman and these are passed on to their children.

- Rape causes a more difficult birth for many children.  The vagina is hardened by even one rape and does not stretch as easily.  This involves zinc deficiency.  This causes a more painful delivery, a slower delivery, more resentment in the mother and more birth trauma to the baby.

- Sexually-transmitted diseases acquired during a rape weaken the mother and may be passed on to their children during their birth.

- Unborn children intensely feel the fear, anger, hatred, mixup, horror, shame and other feelings caused by rape.  This carries over into a child’s life after birth.  It is the hidden cause of many physical and psychological problems for children.


Many women lose their lives during or after a rape.  Reasons for this are:

1. If a rapist goes too long or too hard, the woman will die of exhaustion.  Many rapists stop just short of death to brainwash or torture a woman.  A little sloppiness easily results in death.

2. Resisting a rape is very dangerous.  Most professional rapists demand absolute obedience, and they don’t mind killing the woman if they don’t get it.

It is true that kicking a man fiercely in the groin sometimes scares him off.  However, if it does not stop him, the man will be much more angry.

            3. Infections contracted during a rape often shorten life.

4. Death can occur due to bleeding and puncture wounds to the back of the vagina or other areas.

5. Some women become involved with prostitution after rape, which leads to their death.

6. Depression after a rape causes a few women to take their own lives, especially when it occurs during the teenage years.

7. Discouragement, shame, anger, fear and depression can shorten a person’s life.

Near-death rape. Near the end of a hard rape that lasts an hour or more, a woman will often be near death.  The same occurs with a man if he experiences whipping of the penis and ejaculates more than about 7 or 8 times.

At this time, the coordinator soul will separate from the body to a limited degree.  The soul often flies up above the body a few feet and observes the rape. 

The feeling one has while observing the rape from above is absolutely frightening, as though death is inevitable.  This is unlike other near-death experiences in which the person is usually at peace with the entire experience.

The rape near-death experience also differs from most others in that one does not experience moving through a tunnel to “the other side”.

If the woman dies from the rape, the soul does not return to the body.  If she survives, the soul usually stays away until the rape is over, and then returns to the wrecked body. 



            One fairly short, hard rape can change a woman’s personality.  The change is usually permanent unless she understands this section of the article.  Here is what occurs.

Stress of the trauma depletes calcium, magnesium and zinc very quickly, within minutes.  This is part of the body’s normal stress response.

The body then becomes “hungry” for replacement minerals.  Since these are not available, the body then becomes absorbs less preferred minerals, which are toxic metals.

Less-preferred or toxic minerals are available in the sweat of the rapist’s body, which is in contact with the woman’s body.  The toxic metals always include cadmium, copper, lead and perhaps others such as mercury and nickel.

While it is not well known, minerals affect personality very powerfully.  For example, we call zinc the gentle strength mineral.  During a rape, one loses a lot of zinc due to the stress response.  It’s replacement, cadmium, we call the ‘macho’ mineral or pseudo-masculine mineral because it hardens and toughens the body and the personality.  It is also associated with sexy and violent thoughts.

So with one rape, which does not have to be that severe, a young woman can and often goes from a confident and sweet personality to a tough, selfish, sexy, and perhaps even a violent “broad”.   This is the basic mechanism of personality change that occurs with rape.

Each toxic metal such as mercury, aluminum, lead, nickel and others affects the personality somewhat differently.  Professional rapists understand this phenomenon well and “tailor” their rapes according to the desired outcome.

Some of our clients report that they were also forced to drink a cup of poisoned tea or water to make sure they got plenty of certain toxic metals from their rape.

The personality change can be undone, but cognitive therapies alone will not suffice.  She must follow a development program long enough – at least a few years – to remove the toxic metals and put back the healthy minerals in her body.  Also, we find that chelation therapy will not work, and, in fact, will make her worse.  For details as to why, read Chelation Therapy.


            Many rapes cause an intense feeling of horror that lasts a lifetime.  The incident seems completely insane, vile, and filthy beyond belief.  The rapist may urinate or defecate on the woman at the start, and she may be forced to lie in it for hours.  The room or situation may be filthy, such as a bare floor, or the woods, or on dirt or gravel, and perhaps covered with bugs.

Clothing often is ripped off, torn up and bloodied.  Blood is often everywhere. 

Filthy hands paw the body, and cut the body.  Sharp and dirty objects such as screwdrivers are used to inflict wounds.  Fingers go into eyes, ears, nose and mouth to inflict pain and suffering.  Beatings are dirty, with dirty rags, broom handles, and more.  Spitting into the face, eyes and elsewhere often occurs.

            Rapists often scream, swear, threaten, and stare and grab the body while shouting obscenities.  This is all calculated in a professional rape to add horror and “emphasis” to the rape.


Unlike most other crimes, such as having your car stolen or even your jewelry taken from you, rape is utterly and totally embarrassing and humiliating for a woman.  It is an invasion and assault upon the most private area of her body by a hostile, foreign force.  This may sound dramatic, but it is not at all. 

Rape is a horrible bodily invasion and nothing less.  For this reason, it is usually extremely violent to her, and it causes severe shame in most women for the rest of their lives.  Some woman spend the rest of their lives attempting either to compensate, or to forget about the experience.

There are ways, however, to lessen or perhaps even altogether erase the trauma of rape discussed in the companion article, Healing Rape.

The shame of rape may include many components:

1. It was her fault.  This is a common response to rape.  It is so horrible and  disgusting that many who experience it think they must have done something terrible to bring it on.

Actually, some women do encourage it by acting foolishly.  However, rape is a horrible crime that is never justified.  If you put yourself in a compromised situation, change your behavior but do not assume a rape was your fault.

2. The shame of the diseases.  Even if they are treated with drugs or other methods, many women worry about whether the diseases are really gone or not.

Often, the diseases are not gone.  They may become chronic, and may continue to spread throughout the woman’s body and weaken her for the rest of her days.  This need not be the case if a woman will follow a development program in its entirety. 

3. The shame of pregnancy and perhaps an abortion.  All women want to decide when to have a child, and with whom.  This is one of women’s most prized and cherished decisions.  Rape rips all this to shreds. 

Most women who experience rape find themselves pregnant.  This occurs because prolonged, hard sex drives the sperm everywhere in the uterus and the fallopian tubes, and can even fertilize an egg that is just leaving the ovary.  It does not matter that it is not the woman’s fertile time of the month.

Abortions.  The decision whether to have an abortion is often difficult after a rape, especially for teens and young adults.  Most young women today opt for abortion.  It is easy, quick and it is over without much pain – and it all sounds so simple.  The friendly doctor or nurse will even anesthetize the young lady if she is feeling anxious about it. 

However, as some women know, it is not that simple, in many cases.  Women have an instinct to become pregnant and to carry the baby to term.  The instinct is certainly not to get pregnant and then kill the fetus.

When a woman becomes pregnant, a series of hormonal changes occur that encourage her to keep the baby and do her best to enjoy having a little child growing in her belly.  Abortion seems simple, but it interrupts this cycle in a rather abrupt and sometimes devastating way.  For details, read Abortion and Abortion Syndrome.

4. Family or social shame.  This can be intense in some families, with blame placed on the young woman and other problems.

5. The shame of being so angry and confused.  Many women are absolutely furious after a rape.  While the anger may seem “justified”, it haunts some women who may despise themselves for being so angry.  They often don’t know what to do with the anger and other feelings that result from rape. 

6. The shame and confusion of feeling intense sexual pleasure with a strange man. Rapes can produce intense sexual pleasure plus a certain thrill of being “wanted”, “loved”, sexed and pleasured by a complete stranger. 

7. The shame of a rape-based marriage.  Some rapes end in marriage, as explained in a section elsewhere in this article.  When this occurs, it causes intense conflict and shame in most cases. 

Shame is one reason that few women report rapes to the police, and rarely track down the rapist, who then is free to do it again – and most of them do it again, ladies, unless you stop them.



Rape often instills deep and permanent fear in a woman or man.  Indeed, this is often one of the goals of a professional rape.  Women, in particular, are often left with fears and phobias about all sorts of things, from going to sleep to going out on dates, and even fear of hating all people.

Some women cannot leave their houses, and all report becoming afraid of all men, even those in their family.  This fulfills another goal of rape, which is to divide men from women.

In some cases, the women deny the fear and become promiscuous.  The reasons are discussed elsewhere in this article.  Some, however, withdraw from society to some extent, at least, and live out their lives in a withdrawn and depressed state.

In fact, having survived a rape is many young women’s dark, hidden secret.  These women are terrified to share it with men they date and even their closest girlfriends, at times.  For this reason, the secret colors their entire lives and often makes them miserable, distant, distracted and unhappy.

Fear caused by rape may also have a cascade or domino effect.  That is, the trauma of the rape leads to more fears and more trauma for the woman or man.  It is as though the rapist started a process of destruction keeps on going long after the rape has ended.

The rape fears.

1. Fear of ever going to sleep (because you might experience rape again).

2. Fear of suffocation (from men putting their hand over your mouth during a rape or just from the weight of a large man’s body on your chest).

3. Fear of dying young of strange diseases and filth diseases.

4. Fear of passing diseases acquired during a rape on to your husband, and especially to your children, and killing all of them too young.

5. Fear of death and of dying a horrible death.

6. Fears about pregnancy.

7. Fear of the intense shame connected with all rapes, of all kinds, even the mild ones.  Your private parts are sacred and should be private. 

This also means fear of talking about it with anyone, even a counselor, a parent, or the police.  All of them can be insensitive, unkind and even corrupt in some cities.  They may not even believe you if you don’t have lots of DNA evidence.

8. Fear of losing your mind.  This has to do with the seeming insanity of rape.  However, rape is not insane.  It works very well for brainwashing, for silencing a person, and for other nasty purposes.  However, this is not taught in high school or college psychology classes.

9. Fear of a terrible loneliness and insecurity that can set in after even a mild rape.  It is even more intense after repeated rapes or worse with gang rapes,.  It makes you want to just do whatever other people want you to do – to be the perfect slave. That is the goal, sadly, of a lot of rape, and not just sex trafficking rapes.

10. Fear of your injuries such as broken teeth, broken ribs, broken arms and legs, eyes popped out, body parts cut off or damaged, backaches, and more.

11. Fear of your own hatred and unforgiveness.  Fear that your anger will haunt you the rest of your life.  You feel like you might just kill or hurt all men because they allowed a few to rape.  It is fear that you might kill your loving husband, maybe your father, or someone else whom you don’t want to hurt.

12. Fear of exhaustion.  After a rape, often a deep fatigue or exhaustion sets in that is unrelenting for a while, though it may wear off after a time.  It is frightening, especially to a young woman not accustomed to it.  How will you ever succeed at anything when you can hardly get out of bed?

13. Fear that no one will believe you, or even if they do, they will not be able to help you.  This is very, very important because it happens often.

Your male friends, in particular, may not know at all how to react, what to say, how to help you, and a few may just run away from you, so be careful about talking about it too early in a relationship.

We do not recommend spilling your guts about your rape on the first few dates with a new person.  If a man really cares for you, he won’t mind your telling him later.  Early in a relationship, however, most men don’t know what to do with that information, so it is often not useful.  For most men, the idea of rape is just as disgusting and despicable as it is for you.  Please always remember this!

Going on a complete Development Program – and not other nutrition or herbal programs – is amazing to help you process your trauma so you can tell others about a rape without falling apart, and without sounding or feeling like a loser.

14. Fear of ruining your marriage and family due to all the above.


            This is directly related to fear, but is somewhat unusual and different.  A person who experiences rape may feel silenced or shut up in a special way.  In fact, cults and political operatives often use rape to silence people, to keep them from speaking what they know.

            In this way, rape makes a person timid and “cooperative”. It is used repeatedly on a person, in some cases, to maintain secrecy for illegal trafficking, for example, or prostitution, drug running, weapons dealing, bribery, or other crimes.


Intense anger, either consciously expressed or hidden, is a common response to a rape.  It can manifest as declining grades in school, a lack of interest in anything, and often aberrations in regard to sex and relationships. 

Some who experience rape lose all interest in sex, have too much interest in sex, or begin to engage in depraved sex of many kinds.  Other young women develop a host of other symptoms that are either subtle expressions of anger, or compensations so the person will not feel the anger so much.

For example, some women become very sweet and loving, but underneath they are seething with anger.  Others become very loose sexually.  This can be a rebellion against their parents, perhaps, who failed to protect them or, in a few cases, performed the rape.

Rape causes a culture of anger and hatred.  In some Middle Eastern cultures where rape is common and legal, the women’s anger is transferred to her children.  The children, both male and female, are full of rage and hate from the time they are born, or soon after.

This begets a vicious cycle of hatred and prejudice.  The habit and ritual of cultural rape perpetuates this cycle of hatred like no other act.  This may be an important factor in Middle Eastern politics in our world today.  For more on anger, read Anger on this site.

Anger and resentment are the basis for many human relationships.  Anger always tends to bind you to the one with whom you are angry.  This is the reason that making a woman angry is often a goal of rape.


Many professional rapes are designed to cause intense pleasure.  Professional rapists, which is almost all of them, know how to do this. 

The ways include exciting the woman sexually before inserting the penis using salves, touching, odors or other means.  Rapists also often know how to cause intense Charging.

They also know how to spin a woman’s energy centers mentally to cause more pleasure, and how to clean the prongs and the wells, which is pleasurable.  He may also give her a vial of liquid to drink that contains certain nutrients or stimulants that make her feel good.

After she is exhausted by the rape, he may turn a knob on a small box and she suddenly feels strong again.  This is called life support technology, and is an electronic implant that has previously been inserted in her brain.

The effects of the intense pleasure include:

1. Damage to marriages and partnerships.  Very few husbands are as adept at causing pleasure as the rapist, so women who experience rape may be less happy with their husbands.  Some women will leave their partners and shack up with the rapist, in fact, to get more of it.  Some will become promiscuous and have affairs.  Destroying marriages is a goal of some professional rapes.

2. Intense sexual pleasure from a professional rape makes some women more selfish.

3. Loads of confusion.  A woman wonders how a vicious and violent attack could be so pleasurable.  She also may realize for the first time that another man, indeed often a total stranger, can fully satisfy her sexually.  This is a shock to many women, although to others it may seem obvious.

Many women think they must be “in love” to experience sexual pleasure.  It is not true, ladies.  Sexual stimulation is purely physical and nothing more.

4. A few women become addicted to sexual pleasure.  The real reason is the woman is now exhausted, depressed, unable to think clearly, and craves sexual fluid.  Having sex gives her a little relief.

5. Easy brainwashing.  An effective method of vampirism and brainwashing is to cause intense pleasure in another person, mixed with pain.  For more on this, read Energy Vampirism on this website.

An expression used by professional rapists is: “Hurt her with her pleasure, and then hurt her with her anger”. 


            Rape often leaves a woman very mixed up.  The reasons are that it is an intense experience that combines horror with pleasure, filth with feeling cleaner (if the prongs and wells are cleared), and horrible fear with a sense of relaxation.  This is why rape can seem crazy and insane.



Rape is designed to ruin a woman’s self-esteem, and it can happen in an hour or so.  This is devastating and many women never recover fully.  Especially if the rape is dirty, some women become hysterical, hopeless and thoroughly humiliated.  Rape when one is a virgin is just more devastating for teens, in particular.  While some girls don’t care much whether they are virgins, others care a lot.


This is a very deep effect, perhaps at the soul level.  Most women feel a deep sadness and discouragement after a rape.  In large part it is due to nutritional depletion and other damage to the body.  Multiple rapes just make it worse.  Indeed, this is one of the goals of most professional rapes.  Fortunately, a complete development program can clear a lot of this feeling, in time.


A rape can turn a gentle lady into an energy vampire.  This is a common occurrence.  An energy vampire is a person who cannot contact her own source of energy or life force.  As a result, she attempts to steal energy from others.  Reasons it may occur after a rape include:

1. The seventh energy center is damaged during most rapes.  This energy center normally connects a person with “god” or the “higher self” - a source of power, energy and inspiration.  When it is blocked, a person feels so lonely and weak that the temptation is great to “steal” energy or life force from others.

2. Rape lowers one’s energy level.  Some people then learn to take energy from others.

3. It can be a way to direct one’s anger.

For more details, read Energy Vampirism.


One or more rapes can cause any or all of the above symptoms.  Unless and until a woman learns how to forgive and forget, she will usually be plagued by a degree of these symptoms.

Post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD is a condition in which a person has flashbacks to an earlier life trauma that interrupt her life at odd times and places.  It is a miserable syndrome when it involves rape, and contributes to depression and even suicidal thoughts.  A development program may help reduce or eliminate it completely.

One who experiences rape may also develop a phobia regarding sex, or even about being around men, possibly.  Every time she has sexual intercourse after her rape, it may remind her of the rape so she will avoid sexual intercourse, even if she is married.  This is hard on marriages.  It takes a lot of compassion on the part of the husband, and it usually goes away with time.  For more about this, read Why Some Women Fear the Rod.


            Many people believe that God protects them from traumas and misfortunes such as rape.  When rape occurs, there is a definite loss of faith, unless one can go deep within and try to understand why it might have been allowed.  A later section of this article discusses possible reasons.


            Many women who experience rape, if not all of them, develop a hatred body.  This is a physical and emotional condition that can dominate their lives for years.

Strontium.  At a purely physical level, accumulation of the toxic metal, strontium, causes feelings of hatred.  During a rape, strontium can easily be passed from the man’s body to hers through sweat.  It is one of the main reasons rapists want the woman naked.  For details on exactly how this is done, read The Physiology Of Rape at the beginning of the Effects Of Rape section of this article.  For details, read The Hatred Body, Strontium, and Toxic Metals.


These may occur due to nutritional depletion from a rape, or because compulsive eating, binge-eating or even bulimia may allow a woman can feel more in control of her damaged body.  At least she can control what goes into her mouth.


Women almost always minimize their rapes.  That is, the story that they recall and may tell others about their rape(s) is much milder than what actually occurred.  In fact, in a few cases, she may recall it as mainly fun and pleasure.

Women do this for several reasons.  First, the rapist demands that she not tell anyone what really occurred.  Minimization can also help a woman handle her trauma.  It can reduce her fear, shame, anger, hatred and other intense feelings.

For example, she may say that a man knocked on the door and came inside.  He talked with her for a few minutes, and then insisted upon having sex with her, which was gentle, and then he left. 

The reality was that a man burst through the door, slapped her, screamed, kicked her and beat her until she bled.  Then he pulled off her clothes and viciously raped her for an hour and she nearly died.

Rapists count on minimization to reduce the chances that a woman will tell the police or a counselor the details of her rape.  Since she has changed the story for herself, she usually changes it if and when she tells others about it.

Problems with minimization.  While minimization gives symptomatic relief, it severely reduces a woman’s ability to fully heal her rape trauma.  It also causes counselors and the police to minimize the rape, since they depend upon the woman’s description of it.

We have learned to assume, in all cases, that women minimize rapes.  When a woman follows a development program, often the truth surfaces, along with very uncomfortable feelings such as anxiety, fear, anger and depression.  This uncovering of the truth is unpleasant, but very necessary to help retrace and resolve the trauma of rape.

The rape cover stories.  Along with minimizing the rape, many women make up a disease or accident to explain why they can’t think clearly, have no energy, are depressed, and have other symptoms.  Common made up illnesses include a head injury, a bad car accident, multiple sclerosis, Lyme disease and chronic fatigue syndrome.

The Stockholm Syndrome.  Minimization is somewhat related to the Stockholm syndrome.  This syndrome occurs when a person who experiences a crime “changes sides”.  Instead of opposing the oppressor, or rapist in this case, one starts taking his side and defending him.

This is quite common, and is an extreme form of minimization.  For more details, read The Stockholm Syndrome.

Identity exchange.  This is a related psychological fact that can occur after a rape or other severe trauma.  I am most grateful to Mr. Roy Masters who first explained this in his writings and on his radio program.  It is an energetic exchange that takes place during a rape in which the woman gives up some of her innocence to the rapist, who enjoys the false feeling that he is the innocent one.

She, in turn, absorbs some of his evil quality and his despicable nature, so she comes to believe that she is the oppressor or the guilty party in the rape.

Identity exchange can convert a woman’s mind and turn her anger and hatred against herself by instilling in her a false identity placed there, perhaps even unconsciously, by the rapist.  This contributes to brain fog and poor thinking, and destroys her innocence and her sense of her own identity.

Until society comes to realize and appreciate this fact, rape will not be punished harshly enough.  In fact, one reason rape is not punished more harshly is that, in some cases, women who experience rape who do not realize what has been done to them are the very ones who oppose the harsh laws.  The women secretly feel so guilty and so afraid of rape that they “go easy” on the rapists, instead of punishing them harshly.


Increasing promiscuous behavior is a major goal and effect of many rapes.  Promiscuity weakens men and women by spreading disease, damages marriages and families, ruins the morals of the people, and degrades the society.

Promiscuous behavior can occur after a rape because:

1. Rape can induce extreme fear.  This causes many women to “go along” with any man who wants sex.

2. A way to deal with anger.  Promiscuity is a way some women express or cover up their anger toward men.  Sexual pleasure can simply be a drug to temporarily forget the anger and other emotions.

3. Revenge. Some women who experience rape decide to turn the tables on man-kind, and to infect men with the same diseases they got from their rape.  A few become sexual predators, seducing and infecting virgin men just the way male predators seduce and infect virgin women.  This is a dangerous lifestyle.

4. A way to cope with shame and depression.  Engaging in more sex may help a woman cover up her feelings of guilt and shame.  Her logic is that sex is wonderful.  Therefore, even the rape was really okay at some level.

5. Heightened sexual desire.  This can be due to:

A. Twisting the lower back.

B. STDs from the rape.

C. Scarring of the pelvic area.

D. Numbness that often occurs after a rape.  The woman wants to feel something down there.

E. Addiction to pleasure, discussed below.

F. Need for charging.

6. Sexual fluid craving. Rapes often cause sexual fluid craving.  The rape depletes certain nutrients from her body.  Without these nutrients, she feels constantly lonely, depressed, anxious or even suicidal.  Absorbing some male sexual fluid takes away this feeling temporarily.

As a result, the woman wants unprotected sex often – at least once a week or more – as a “fix” to relieve the fluid craving.  The desire for sex is not about love, pleasure or anything else, other than to absorb male sexual fluid.

This craving can slowly be overcome by eating a lot of red meat and by following a development program.  A separate article discusses Sexual Fluid Craving.

7. The prostitute mentality. Depending upon her upbringing and religious training, a woman who experiences rape may feel like she has become a tramp or a slut.  Her attacker may tell her this, too.

She may come to believe that no decent man would ever want her, although this is totally false.  Her only option, she thinks, is to live as a slut and enjoy sex, but not true love. 

8. Lower vitality reduces a woman’s will to resist sexual temptation and sexual advances.

9. Upside down thinking.  Rape and the brainwashing that occurs during it, can turn a woman’s thinking upside down, and often does.  As a result, she may decide that what she previously thought was bad is now ok or even good.  In this case, loose sexual behavior, which she previously avoided, now seems acceptable and maybe even fun.

10. Reduced fear of sex and of sexual diseases.  After a rape, most women feel dirty inside.  A “benefit” of this is they are less afraid to engage in sex, especially with men they don’t know.

11.  More relaxed about sex.  After a rape, particularly if it is violent, some women feel they have experienced the worst, and survived.  So why not take a few chances and have some fun with the men.

12. Conditioned to sexual pleasure.  After some rapes, the women is “hooked” on sex, and wants more.

13. Etheric damage.  After a long or violent rape, the two etheric energy fields of a woman do not merge properly.  This merging is critical for optimal health.

Oddly, having an orgasm is one of the few ways to overcome this problem.  This can give rise to a strange need for orgasms, which a woman may easily confuse with a need for sex.

14. Pure brainwashing.  At times, during a rape, a woman is told repeatedly that she will want more sex, and this suggestion is reinforced with standard brainwashing methods.

Very few women understand the above.  We hope this short section will help change this situation.  At least, if one understands the problem, steps can be taken to remedy it.

Promiscuous behavior is also a cause of rape, and this topic is discussed in detail elsewhere in this article.


Not surprisingly, many people who have experienced molestation or rape have difficulty with relationships and may have physical or other health conditions related to the sexual organs, sexual functioning, and sexual identity.


Rape often causes young women, in particular, to live a lie and perhaps live a double life.  They appear normal and may seem to live a normal life.  However, in fact it is a lie.  They are actually petrified of life, often take all sorts of precautions that impair their normal lives, and often they lie to themselves or others about who they are and how they live, for this reason.  For more on this topic, read Lying on this website.


A rape can definitely cause a loss of trust and dignity, and this is much worse when the perpetrator is a family member such as an older brother or father, for example.  This is not easy to restore, if it ever can be restored.  Of course, one could argue that it should not be restored because such a person is never to be trusted again.


At times, a woman wants to have children after a rape when she did not before the rape.  Possible reasons for this are: 

1. Having children helps her regain her dignity.  It is a more mature role for a women.

            5. She may unconsciously want to exchange part of her ruined identify for the innocent identities of newborn children.  Identity exchange is unusual, but it does occur.

6. Having children helps offset feelings of fear, loneliness and depression.

7. Having children around is somewhat protective against another rape.


At times, a rape results in a masturbation habit.  Possible reasons for this are: 1) unhappiness, 2) fear about relationships with anyone, 3) shame and fear of spreading diseases to others, 4) the presence of souls acquired during the rape who excite the genitals and cause masturbation, 5) nervous system effects of some STDs.


            Some women who experience rape turn into liberals and left-wing activists.  Rapists often demand this or they say you will be raped again.  Some become “professional victims”, which is associated with left wing politics and the Democratic Party in America.

Among the attitudes of this group are a subtle hatred of men and male authority and a desire to destroy Western society.


A consequence of rape for some women is they marry the rapist.  She may become his “toy” if it is forced, or she at least resents her marriage.  This is more common than one might imagine.  Here are reasons this can occur:

1. The rapist may essentially force the woman to marry him by threatening to kill her or to rape her again if she does not.   Some women are so traumatized by the rape that they go along, lying to their family and friends that they have “fallen in love”, when it is no such thing. 

2. When a woman experiences rape, her mind is always deeply affected.  Some women develop a sexual attraction to the man who did it.  As a result, when he asks her to marry him afterwards, she accepts.  However, she often does not understand that it is not based on love, but rather on a strange brainwashing or a sort of hypnotic trance that can easily result from a rape.

3. Some women mistakenly believe after a rape that they are “ruined” and “filthy sinners anyway”, so their chances for a normal life and marriage to a good man are destroyed.  This may help her decide that marrying the rapist is not so bad and maybe it is her “fate” or “punishment” in some way.  This is total nonsense!

4. She may also find herself pregnant with his child and marry for this reason. 

5. Many women are extremely angry after a rape.  Oddly, marrying the rapist is a type of loser’s way to feel better about herself by being in close contact with someone who is obviously more despicable than herself, which can make her seem more worthy by comparison.

The effects of a rape depend upon the situation, severity and goals of the rape.  This is the subject of the next chapter.



Many of the following are signs and symptoms of trauma, but most apply particularly to the trauma of rape.  They are:

A sad look

Feet turned inwards (pigeon-toe)

Pelvis tilted, more often forward but also possibly backward

Pelvis closed left to right

One leg twisted (this is often the result of the closed pelvis and/or pelvic tilt

Crossed eyes

Kyphosis or hunch back

Cringing posture


Sexual or relationship problems such as phobias and others

Obesity – at times, 100 pounds overweight or more

Very skinny


Here are some principles regarding the degrees of trauma of rape:

1. Rape can vary from a mild experience to a devastating and lethal one.

2. The intensity, horror and harm that occurs from a rape is somewhat individual.

3. The severity of a rape depends upon:

Age.  Generally, the younger one is when it occurs, the more severe the impact.  For example, women over about 25 or 30 generally handle rape better.  They are more mature and fewer are virgins, as well.

Child rape and baby rape are the worst.  In some nations, child rape is standard practice to instill fear and hatred in the people.

The purpose and rape situation.  These are discussed in detail below.

The person’s personality and response. Some women handle rape better.  They may have read a book or an article about it, or they may have a friend who experienced it and confided in them.

Most, however, are completely shocked, totally unprepared, and as a result are unable to let go of their disgust, anger, confusion and humiliation.

A woman who keeps her rape secret from her family and friends is likely to be more scarred by it.  One who goes to the police, informs her family and friends, and takes positive action against the rapist usually does better.


            Common attitudes about a rape are to minimize it or to deny it occurred altogether.  These are understandable to minimize the horror, shame and other effects of rape.

They are also understandable because standard medical and psychological interventions can rarely undo the trauma.  As a result, one is forced to live with the trauma for the rest of one’s life.  This is not the case with a development program, which, in many instances, actually undoes the trauma of rape.

            Minimizing a rape is okay psychologically, or not too damaging.  One may live in a slight fantasy world that all is well when it is not.  However, one can usually live a decent life.  Denying that the rape ever occurred is not wise, on our view. You will be living a lie if you do this, and it will taint your entire life in a number of ways.  Among them are:

- You may learn to lie about other things – a very bad habit and one that tends to ruin your success in many areas.

- Believing in lies often causes one to make poorer quality decisions based upon fantasies, rather than reality.

- Lying takes its toll on your health.

- If you later want to retrace and undo your trauma, it is much harder because you have covered up the truth and usually have believed your own version of reality.  When the real version surfaces, it is very difficult to accept.


            ‘Wearing rape on your shoulder’ means telling many people about your rape, and perhaps going public about it such as writing a book or doing radio or TV interviews about it.  It is rare, but more women are opting for it.

            Benefits of taking this attitude is there is a need for the public to understand rape a lot better.  This is the reason for this article.  Rape is almost always a very secretive crime, and most women are told they must never tell anyone about it.  So exposing the whole thing is helpful for society.

Another benefit of talking openly about your rape is to be truthful with yourself and others.  Another benefit is that if you sincerely ask for help, telling others can bring unexpected help.  Help might come in the form of an unusual counselor, a wonderful man who becomes your husband, or just a dear friend who will work through the trauma with you.

            Problems with going public are that you may expose yourself to danger from those who want the truth about rape kept secret.  You will also alienate some people who don’t want to know about it or be reminded of it, or who just don’t know how to react.  A final problem is that going public might keep you from really undoing your rape trauma because you now have a new identity – the rape victim.  It somewhat depends upon your personality, and on the type and nature of the rape situation.


            A wonderful Christian expression is “God can use it.”  It definitely applies to rape.  Never doubt this.  Turning your situation over to God to use does not mean that you do not take action yourself to rebuild the body and to start a new life.  However, it adds a dimension, and is something to think about if you experience rape.


Rape can occur in many contexts and situations.  This section is divided into the following categories, which can overlap:

I. The most common rape situations: date rape, party rape, rape parties, campus rape, and office or work-related rape.

II. Rape by someone you know. These cause intense feelings of betrayal that are difficult to overcome.

III. Rape by a stranger. These can be devastating, but there is usually not a feeling of betrayal, which is helpful.


            A. Yin energy rape.  This is a hard, long rape that is repeated once a day or every few days to produce yin energy.  It is discussed elsewhere in this article.

            B. Brother-sister rape.  This may seem unusual, but if a brother and sister are of similar age, rape of the girl is not uncommon.  We will include here rape by a cousin or someone else very close to the family.

This section is extremely important for parents who have a boy and a girl who are near the same age, or perhaps an older brother and younger sister if the boy is not a high-quality person.  Reasons for brother-sister rape include:

- The opportunity brought about by proximity, “normal” kissing, hugging, touching, play, fighting and normal curiosity about sex. 

- There can also be a desire to learn about sex, possibly a desire to experiment with sex, and perhaps a desire to show off the body. 

- There is often some exposure of the body between brothers and sisters.  It is much worse if they share a bedroom, or even a bathroom. 

- The cause of the rape can be “friends” of the brother who are at the house, for example, or who go along on a trip with the family.  Usually the “friend(s)” are other boys, but it could be a girl who helps hold down the sister. 

- It is difficult for parents to keep a close eye on the brother and sister at all times, especially if there are other younger children in the family. 

As stated earlier, the girl will often experience sex as a rape even if she starts it and basically seduces her brother.

            C. Date Rape. There are several types of date rape:

a) Fake dates that are really just professional rapes.  These are by far the most common.  In these cases, the rapist pretends he wants a date in order to lure a woman.

The rapist has often studied the woman’s habits and knows her interests, her likes and dislikes, and more about her.  As a result, he appears very friendly and knowledgeable in her areas of interest.  Handsome men are used for these rapes, and this is an added temptation.

The date might go well until he forces himself on her.  In other instances, she might be talked into having sex with him.  He turns on her when they are having sex, and consensual sex becomes rape.

In many cases, he has a few accomplices waiting at his apartment or home who “assist” holding her down or gang raping her.

b) Rape with intent to marry.  This is a sick variant on date rape, in which a man deliberately rapes a young woman he is interested in marrying.  Soon after the rape, he asks her to marry him.

c) Rarely, rape occurs between two who have been dating for a while, or even two who are engaged to be married.   This is much less common.

Devastating effects.  Date rape is one of the worst types, even if the rape itself is not too violent.  The woman is suddenly terrified of men and cannot trust her own judgment about whom to date.  This causes depression and loss of self-esteem.  How will she ever find a mate?  Teens and even pre-teens may be afraid to go back to school because of the rape.

A legal challenge. Date rape is often impossible to prove legally, in part because the woman “consented” by accepting a date.  Of course, she did not consent to rape, but it is often her word against his.

If she presses charges, the man will say it did not happen and she is lying.  It becomes one person’s word against another, with no witnesses, usually, and no other proof.  A lie detector test may help determine guilt or innocence.

Courtship.  Instead of standard dating, courtship is a better concept.  Start by getting to know each other by telephone for a few months.  Ladies, you can tell the man why you need to date or court this way.  A good man will be happy to go along.  Rapists and other sexual predators usually won’t like it and will move on to easier prey.

Get to know the person slowly, and listen for any “red flags” at all.  If your family does not like him, or your friends do not like him, listen!  They probably see or hear something you do not see.  For details, read Dating.

D. Party Rape.  This is quite common.  Professional rapists often set up parties to rape unsuspecting young women.  They often use a rented house, and target a few teenage girls or young women.

These are some of the easiest rapes of teenagers.  There are no parents around, and there is often plenty of alcohol, marijuana and other drugs.  Often all the food contains marijuana.

Women are often scantily clad at parties, making them easy to undress.  They resist less when drugged and because it is usually night time, so they are tired.  Loud music covers up any cries for help.

The rape targets are usually invited to the party by a very wholesome-looking “Christian-type girl“.  However, she is really affiliated with the rapists.  She has recently become a “friend” to the targets.

Unfortunately, no girl or woman is safe at a party unless she knows everyone there.  Going with a man is better, but she must stay with him the entire evening, at all times!  Going to parties with other women is not very safe, as they can all be drugged or grabbed.


E. Rape parties.  This is a disgusting tactic used by professional rapists.  Once a week or so, a group of 10 or so men and women are told to go to a house where they are forced to undress and take turns having sex with each other.  The people are often forced to lie on a filthy tile floor, lying in their own excrement and urine. 

A thug looks on with a loaded gun, which he might use on anyone who is uncooperative, or “just for effect”.  This means he may shoot one of the group and just leave him or her there, naked and bleeding, until the person dies. 

Before beginning the rapes, the thug pours gasoline over the participants.  This causes a tingly feeling.  It also poisons everyone with manganese and other chemicals.  The thug may hold a lit cigarette lighter as a warning not to try to escape or disobey.

The purpose of the rape parties is to terrorize the people, spread disease, embarrass, humiliate and degrade the people, and weaken the people with repeated orgasms and diseases.

F. Campus rape.  Women are never safe on college campuses today, even in the privacy of their dormitory room.  There is a “culture of rape” that is kept secret by some college administrators, although some others are starting to fight back.

Most college campuses have become a cesspool of expensive liberal, socialist indoctrination, and many women experience rape at college.  It is part of the secular, loose sex mentality, discussed elsewhere in this article.

We recommend that young women completely avoid college campuses.  Go to college online if you think you need their version of education, which today is often filled with false teachings.

G. Work-related rape. Rapes occur at the work site, or another worker or the boss can easily follow a woman to her home.  There are few good solutions to the problem of work-related rapes unless you stay home, work from home, or if you know all the people at the office or other location.  It is best for young women to stay at home!

Example.   Health clubs and spas are very unsafe places for women to work or to visit.  Women are spotted there for rape, taken to a closet or office for a “meeting”, perhaps, and come out a changed person.  If they are pretty, they may be told it will happen again and be ten times worse if they don’t “help out” by continuing to come to the health club in scanty attire to attract new customers, and perhaps to act as prostitutes.

Others are recruited to participate in other rapes as helpers or objects, and others are just used for “fun” by the bosses.  At times, rape is a “work requirement” at these places.  It is a rape culture, as they call it.  Stay away from these places!

Sex at work.  The professional criminals who control the earth own thousands of businesses of every conceivable type.  Often, they look normal on the outside. 

However, when a young woman or even an older woman begins to work at one of these businesses, one day she is suddenly told, “Have sex with me if you want to keep working here, or if you want to get a promotion”.  This is sometimes called “the office rule”.

To make it harder to say no, a rapist boss will wait a few months until the new employee has settled in and is enjoying her new job.  He may also take the woman into a small room, locks the door, and she is given five minutes or less to make up her mind.

Many female employees give in because they don’t have time to consider the risks such as diseases, pregnancy, and death.  Female employees may also be told that it will be a lot of fun, and “we all do it”.  This is a lie.

Sadly, some women go along and consider sex with the boss “just the price she must pay” to hold down a job.  However, it is extremely dangerous.  The sex easily and often turns into rape. 

These rapes are very rarely reported because the professionals who do them severely threaten the woman about ever reporting the rape.  A woman must ever go along with a request for sex at work, and working from home is much better!


These include:

1. Peer-caused rape.  This can occur in several ways.  At times, a group of teen or even pre-teen girls are jealous of another girl who is a virgin, or not promiscuous, or they are being mean for some other reason.  They may “arrange” with one of their boyfriends to have the girl experience rape at a party or elsewhere, often while they hold her down and cheer her on.

Rape is also sometimes used as an initiation rite in high school cliques and college sororities, supposedly as a way to bond a new girl into the group.  In fact, professionals use these peer groups for their own purposes.

2. Incest. Incest can involve parents and children, siblings such as a brother and sister, or other close relatives.  It is usually a horrible crime because it involves children, and perhaps because the perpetrator is the child’s parent, older brother, uncle or cousin. 

It is very secretive because it occurs within the confines of the home.  This makes it much more difficult to investigate and prosecute.  It can result in strong feelings of hatred within a family.

This type of rape can be unconscious.  For example, a girl may have to sleep near her father or brother and she awakens in the morning and realizes she has had sex.  This unconscious rape is less severe in its consequences.

A common type of incest begins with sex play between minor children when the parents are not home or are distracted.  Even if the girl consents to having sex, or even if she initiates it, it may still be felt as rape.

This can be quite difficult to stop unless the parents are willing to closely supervise their children at all times.  They must also tell babysitters never to allow their children to play together unsupervised ever!  Unfortunately, there is a natural curiosity about sex that parents need to know about and control.

A very sick type of incest is when two parents cooperate to rape their own child.  Usually mother holds the child down and helps father rape the daughter.  In some bizarre cases, the father will hold a male child down and the mother will have sex with the male child.  This is part of cultural rape in some nations.

3. Spousal rape.  This is rape among people who are legally married or de facto married, meaning living in a close relationship.  Two main variants are possible.  A husband may just continue sexual intercourse after his wife or partner has said she has had enough.

Another scenario is if the husband is drunk, for example, or high on drugs, and turns on his wife and rapes her.  According to statistics, spousal rape can leave even deeper scars than rape by a stranger because it is a breach of trust, in addition to all the other problems caused by rape.

4. Grandfatherly-grandmotherly type and babysitters.  This is a sad situation in which parents leave their daughter with a babysitter or with grandparents, who force the child to have sex with them.

Few parents suspect that relatives would do such a thing.  However, usually the grandfather had sex with his daughter, and now he does it to her daughter.

5. Underage marriage.  In some non-Christian nations, especially India, girls are forcefully married as young as age 5 or 6.  In part, this is done so their family will not have to support them, financially.  The girls are then forced to have sex with their husbands, who are also often underage.  While it is not called rape, it is rape.  The devastating effects of sex at a young age are very similar.

The girls usually become virtual slaves in the homes of their husbands.  They are expected to work for the husband’s family as a servant, and are usually not allowed to go to school.  This practice is officially illegal in India, but not in some other nations.  It continues in rural India and in other non-Christian nations of the world, even where there are laws against it.

6. Friendly male-female rape. In this scenario, a man and woman are “having some fun”.  Often they are scantily dressed, and may be completely undressed.  They may gently push, kick, poke or shove each other around in a joking manner.  However, the man will become aroused and thinks the woman wants sex, so he obliges.

This can be a matter of a woman sending mixed signals to a man, or mistaking simple play for sexual foreplay.  It can happen at the beach, at a party, in a co-ed locker room at high school, or in a college dorm room, for example.  It could also happen during a date, during a massage, or during some type of therapy session.

Ladies - the point is don’t fool around this way, even if it seems like loads of fun.  It is very easy to arouse a man sexually with it.  He may believe you want sex when you just are having fun playing with him.

7. Media-induced rape.  Teenage boys and girls often watch stupid, sexy movies, both apart and together at parties.  Some of these movies falsely depict rape as just fun play.  This can lower a girl resistance to seduction, which we consider very similar to rape.

Those who would ruin our children and our society often hold key positions in the media and in Hollywood.  They know that graphic images on the television, in movies or on YouTube can influence teen behavior, in particular, and the behavior of the entire society.  Graphic scenes are often falsely rated as PG or R when they should be rated X. 

Also, from some movies and videos, girls learn that it is okay to dress slutty and “fool around”.  Some boys learn that it is okay to “jump” and “hump” the girls, just like in the movies and videos.  Some girls accept this behavior rather than call the police. 

8. Satanic rape.  The word satanic, as used here, means something that is the exact opposite of the way it is portrayed.  For example, a young lady is told that by joining a group of some kind she will be joining a happy, united family.  They also explain that having sex with the leader is just fun and part of the “family atmosphere”.  When she agrees, they rape her, often violently and perhaps repeatedly.  Never agree to having sex as part of joining a group of any kind.

Witchcraft and wicca often involves rape. Teenage and pre-teenage girls who are lured into it are not told about this aspect.  Professionals often use wicca and witchcraft as “fronts” for raping.

A few churches are satanic.  This means they preach Christianity, but secretly endorse or even promote rape of their members – the exact opposite of Christian principles.

9. Oriental and Arab Cultural Rapes. In some nations of Africa and Asia, and in most Arab nations in the Middle East, by law all girls experience rape at about age 4, and again at 8, 10 and later as well.

Also, all boys are penis-whipped at age 2, 8, and about 10 years of age.  The parents may do the deed, or professionals are brought in to do it.

This horror is not mentioned on the evening news, but it is true.  It fills the people with hatred and is a major cause of strife in the Middle East.  It gives rise to generation after generation of sick, enraged women and men who cannot think clearly.  This is a story about the Middle East and a few other places that needs to be told widely.

10. Paganism.  Rape is used in some pagan cultures as an initiation rite and/or for tribal blending.


Rape by a stranger occurs in many situations, a few of which are discussed below.  Rapes by strangers are usually horrible and can easily cause death.  However, they may be easier to heal from than a rape by someone you know because there is no sense of betrayal and therefore less anger.  Here are some common types of rape by strangers:

Boyfriend rape.  This is quite common! The rape is not done by the boyfriend.  What occurs is one or more of his friends come over to the house and decide to have some fun with the girlfriend.  The boyfriend might go along or might be forced to go along.

The boys usually block the exits and tell the girl they won’t hurt her.  They just want to have a little fun.  If she feels trapped, she may grudgingly say okay.  If she objects, they grab her and do it anyway.  If she screams and fights, she might get out of it, but often not, as the boys are bigger than she is.

The worst situation is if five boys are in the house with the one girl.  They usually don’t wait for her response, but just grab her and then take turns raping her.  They may have threatened the boyfriend to get him to agree, or they may just show up and force it on him, too.

All women need to stay away from boyfriends!  They do not care as much for you, as a general rule.  Having a husband and a wedding ring is much safer and better in many ways.  Do not live with a man if he won’t get married.

Gang rape.  This is rape by more than one person.  Usually, one or more attackers holds the person down, while another rapes.  They usually take turns, and it can go on for several hours.  It happens at parties, and in many other situations.

Gang rapes can be worse than just one rapist due to more humiliation and embarrassment, more infections, more chance of pregnancy, more soul loss, picking up more aberrant souls, and more chances for severe injury and death.

Also, gang rape exposes the person to not one aberrant energy field, but to the energies of several people.  This is even more confusing and disorienting than rape by one person.  Some women become slightly cross-eyed as a result, although this can happen from a rape by one person, as well.

Less rape fantasy possible.  Another reason for the severity of gang rape is that rape fantasy is less likely.  Rape fantasy occurs when a woman diminishes her pain and humiliation by imagining that the rape is not all bad, and perhaps the rapist actually “loves” her.  Some rapists claim this is the truth.

However, with gang rape, such fantasy is not possible.  For this reason, gang rape is extremely hard on teens, for example, who are more prone to fantasies and less grounded than adult women.

Mob psychology.  Gang rape is also often more violent because mob or crowd psychology takes over when there is more than one rapist.  Mob psychology causes “normal” people to literally lose their humanity and to do things that they would never do if they were alone.  For example, a woman might be kicked, beaten, whipped, tortured and bloodied in particularly nasty ways.

Well-planned.  Almost all gang rapes are well-planned and well-executed by professionals who know exactly what they are doing.  The goal may be to filth up the person or brainwash the person, for example, or to turn her into a prostitute.  They may have other motives such as political control or just extreme humiliation.

At times, a gang rape is used to train new male recruits or agents.  Participation in a gang rape can also be a “reward” for “cooperative” rogue agents. 

In other cases, a rogue leader talks a group of teenage boys into participating.  He might call it a “teaching situation” so they can learn about sex.  The boys would never do such a thing by themselves.  However, they might agree when it is a group.  Often, these boys are embarrassed, but they go along with the group.

Homosexual rape of women.  Usually, a sweet, usually somewhat older women puts her arm around a lonely-looking young woman and offers to show her “a good time” without needing a man.  She assures the younger woman that she knows what a woman really wants, and that she is clean (a huge lie!).  In fact, the older woman is often also part of a rape gang and she is “recruiting” and conditioning the younger woman to become part of the gang.

She convinces the younger woman to come over for a night of fun.  After a little conversation, she suggests undressing.  The older (and usually stronger) woman will usually excitedly admire the younger woman’s beauty and loveliness.  Then the older woman explains very scientifically, perhaps, how she will just gently stimulate the clit and the pleasure will be wonderful.

If a young woman agrees to this, she will experience a type of rape that can be as bad as any other.  The older woman is adept at starting gently, until the young woman has a few orgasms and starts to lose control.  Then she rubs harder and harder until the orgasms come so fast and deeps that the young woman goes completely out of control.

The “fun” may go on for an hour or more until the young woman is exhausted and loses some sexual fluid.  It has been a rape in every way except there was no penis – and it is not necessary.

In practically every case, the young woman now finds herself weak and sad, for some reason, and now finds herself craving more of this kind of pleasure.  In other words, she is hooked on sex and often prostitution follows.

Explanation of what occurs.  When one has too many orgasms, the body becomes exhausted and more nutritionally deficient.  At times, one also loses a lot of sexual fluids.

This cause a special kind of sadness and depression that is temporarily relieved by more sex.  It causes an addiction to sex.  Eating a lot of red meat will help overcome the problem, although the best solution is a complete development program.  Without these, however, a woman who has suffered this way feels miserable.  So do not “experiment” with sex at all, with anyone.  It is a powerful force and not be played with.

Police rape.  While uncommon, occasionally a policeman comes to the door and asks to come inside and discuss a disturbance or other matter.  Once inside, he rapes.  Most police are excellent, so this is unfortunate.  Do not allow police inside your home!  Talk through the door but don’t let one in.

Cult rapes.  Rape is used often in cults to initiate new members, especially women, and to “attach” the members to the cult leader.  Rape is also used for the leader’s fun, and also as a hypnosis and brainwashing technique.

In some cults, members are not exactly forced, but rather “informed” that sex is necessary to keep everyone together and to make sure the leader is cared for.   Young women raised in the cult are taught from a young age that having sex with the leader is their duty, should be their pleasure, and is important for the community.

In some other groups, women may also be told that regular sex with the leader is the price they must pay for their security, and their room and board.  At times, the sexual intercourse is mild, but other times it is clearly too often, too hard or too long.  This is using rape for brainwashing.

Once young women are “initiated” in this way, they often continue the behavior their entire lives, unless they are rescued and deprogrammed.

            Women easily “attached” to the leader.  When a woman has orgasms, unlike those of men, the woman’s energy field opens very wide and she picks up the energy of her partner very strongly.  It literally colors her thinking and feeling up to two weeks.

Thus, if a cult leader or anyone else rapes or just has sex with a woman, she is often “under his spell” for at least a week or two.  Usually, she cannot understand why she seems to “like him”, even if she was forced, seduced or fraudulently induced to have sex with him.  This is a very important concept.  It is also an important reason why sex before marriage is rarely a wise idea for women.  For more details, read Hypnosis and Brainwashing.  Also read Cults And Terror Societies.

Rape for political control.  Legislators, judges, mayors, department heads, doctors of all kinds, and others in positions of power are often raped to control them and influence their decisions.  Rape is used because it is:

1. Very fast.  An hour or less may be sufficient to create a slave.

2. Very effective to inflict mental and emotional harm of a special type.  In particular, it reduces courage and willpower, and causes a person to go along with the will of the attacker.

3. Leaves no visible scars if done right.  The person can look perfectly normal, in fact.  It is thus very difficult to detect.

4. Effects can be permanent, or at least quite long-lasting.

5. Easily kept secret in most cases with the right threats combined with most people’s embarrassment and shame about it.

6. If the person does report the rapist, the crime is difficult to prove in court, so the thugs often go free.

7. If convicted, the punishment for rapists is relatively light, and then they are back on the streets.

Taken together, these seven factors make rape a mighty weapon used by rogues and thugs throughout the world.

Human trafficking rape.  This is the use of rape to create prostitutes and sex slaves.  Professionals typically grab a cute teenage girl and rape her viciously and often repeatedly over a period of days or weeks.

The specific intent is to “convert” her into a prostitute.  After a number of episodes, they break her will, induce extreme fear, cause her to be unable to think clearly, and cause her to crave male sexual fluid.  In this way, the attackers have created the perfect prostitute or sex slave.

This is the standard method used to create sex slaves and “escorts” used around the world in spas, hotels, casinos, and elsewhere.  Such women also are “hired out” for modeling jobs, advertising jobs, and roles in pornographic movies and videos that pay the pimps extremely well.  Health clubs, gyms, fitness centers and health spas are also favorite places where the prostitutes walk around to advertise their wares.

Recruitment.  At times, the women are “recruited” by advertisements in women’s magazines promising good jobs, college educations, and even a husband in America, for example.  When an attractive young woman answers the ad, she is instructed to go to an office where the raping begins.

An alternative scenario is that she is given free passage on a ship to America or Europe for a job or as someone’s bride.  However, once the ship is at sea, the raping and beating begin to “prepare” or “condition” her for her new life as a prostitute.

To cover up their real profession, some  prostitutes are given standard jobs.   Common “front” occupations are cleaning houses, massage therapists, physical trainers, interior designers, delivery drivers, portrait artists, and company representatives.  In each case, the woman has a reason to “visit” her clients in a legitimate way so she cannot be accused of prostitution.

Human trafficking is still quite common in many nations, including America.  It is said to affect 27 million young women worldwide.    It is done very “professionally”, carefully and effectively. To learn more, go to www.AllWeWantIsLove.org.  This was founded to assist young women who experience human trafficking, some of whom became sex slaves from putting their photos on the website, www.Modelmayhem.com.

Rape of a child (an example of pedophilia) or anyone under age 18.  In the Western nations of the earth, this crime is called statutory rape.  In contrast, rape of a child is perfectly legal in most nations of the Middle East, though not in Israel.

Many articles on the internet discuss the horror of sex with a child.  It often leads to intense anger, problems with one’s sexual identity, difficulty making friends, smoking and other addictions, and masturbation.  It is difficult to release this trauma and forgive it.

Raping a child is easy for a strong adult.  Children are also very innocent and easy to talk into things.  Sometimes they will consent to sex with an adult, which is still considered statutory rape in the Western nations.

Even touching a young child’s genitals can traumatize the child.  Playing with a child’s genitals should never be done, even in fun, even if the child seems to smile and enjoy it.  It is still traumatic.  Fathers and mothers, or family friends should never bounce a child on their leg, for example, while the child straddles the leg.  This is just as bad. 

Parents must also watch carefully with whom they leave their children.  Never assume that aunts, uncles, brothers, brother-in-laws, babysitters, teachers, doctors, dentists, camp counselors, girlscout leaders, or anyone else is innocent today.

While it is more work, the best parents accompany their children everywhere, and stay with them at the doctor, the dentist, the piano lesson, the school, and everywhere else they go.  Even other children the same age as your child can be a problem in our secular society.

Any adult such as a dance instructor, tennis teacher, piano teacher or anyone else who tells a parent they should leave and not remain with their child during a lesson must be suspected of wanting to harm that child.

Please take this advice to heart and protect your children with your life and your time.  I know it is hard to do, especially when two parents work all day.  However, it is worth checking on everyone very carefully who will be with your child for any amount of time at all.

The takings often includes molestation or rape of babies and children.  For details, read The Takings.

Virgin Rape. This is rape of a virgin that does not break the hyman.  It is done by inserting a small object into the vagina such as the blunt end of a pencil or pen.  It is moved back and forth until the girl has an orgasm.  However, it does not affect the girl’s virginity.  This method is used, for example, to rape young girls when one does not want to leave any evidence of the act.

Rape using weapons or extreme violence.  This type of rape is often one of the worst because the presence or the use of a weapon like a knife causes even more fear.  Sometimes the rapist will rip off clothing with a knife or scissors, for example.  Another possibility is he will shoot off a gun near the person as a warning to do as he says.  Other times he just points the weapon at the woman, and this is scary enough.

Rapes with extreme violence are sometimes used intentionally for torture, for political “persuasion”, for brainwashing and hypnosis, or to recruit “agents” or cult members.

Grossness with rape.  These are rapes accompanied by kicking, cutting, bleeding, slashing, burning, freezing, whipping, loss of hair, teeth or even eyes, tearing the skin, breaking bones, and use of restraints like ropes or chains.

Other gross acts are defecating or urinating on the person, spraying with a hose, yelling, filthy surroundings, licking by animals like a dog or cat, biting, and inserting foreign objects into body compartments such as spoons or knives.

Still other gross acts are forcing one to eat live insects or lizards, torture with fire, heat, electricity, ice, near suffocation with a pillow or submerging in water, inflicting slavery such as forcing a person to walk for miles naked, stoning, stomping on a person, and more.

Rape used for torture or control.  Rape is commonly used to “turn” police, government employees, judges and business leaders into their stooges.  At times, this is much better than simply murdering a person who is in their way.  Raping leaves no obvious scars, and they gain an “agent” inside of the government or perhaps inside the police department.

Rape is also used to create double-agents as spies.  A soldier or an FBI agent goes missing, and is found apparently okay.  However, in reality he or she has been “conditioned”, using rape, to think differently and to be a double agent.

Simple torture.  All rape is a form of torture.  However, rape is specifically used in many nations as a means of torture, both physical and psychological, with both women and men.  It is quite effective, in fact, as most people cannot stand repeated rapes for too long.

This area of the body is quite delicate and most people will give in after just a few sessions.  This method of torture is also used by governments, spy agencies, blackmailers, pimps, and others.

Concert rape.  An easy place to rape young women is at or after concerts.  Usually, the parents are not around, the girls are often scantily-dressed, and there is so much chaos it is easy to grab one or more and push them into a waiting car, for example.

War rape.  Rape has been used for centuries as a method of psychological warfare and just plain cruelty against the enemy.

For example, few people know that rape was standard for the Nazis and for the Russians during World War II.  The armies of the United States, England and France did not practice rape.  Arab armies have always practiced it.  The Israeli army strictly forbids it.

Nazi rapes.  The Nazis placed pretty Jewish girls and other young female prisoners under age 20 or so in a special camp.  The women were fed fairly well to give them pretty breasts and bottoms. 

During the day, the women made bombs and tanks in a filthy factory.  After work, the officers picked a few women for rape every night.  This was a standard practice for the Nazis.  If a woman became pregnant, they beat her stomach and breasts enough to kill the fetus.

Rapes were often of the gang type.  The woman was tied down first before the officer entered.  Then the officer came in, disrobed her, and did the deed.  Sometimes, he would call in one of his friends and he would have a go at it, too.  This was standard Nazi protocol.

Girls were also physically abused, punched, beaten, spat upon, defecated upon and anything else the men wanted to do to them.  Then the women were sent back to their camp, late at night, and expected to work a full 12-hour day at the factory.  Half the young women brought to these camps died due to this lifestyle.  About 1 million women died this way during World War II, though very little is written about this horror.

When the Russian army invaded Berlin near the end of World War II, they rounded up a hundred or so young German women, locked them up in an old hospital, and spent a few days raping them for fun.

More recently, rape was common in the recent conflict in Libya (2011) and was standard practice by the Iraqis in the two recent Gulf Wars.

Kidnapping rape.  Some women are kidnapped, locked in a room, and experience rape daily – often for years.  Several high-profile cases of this type have been in the news recently.  The women are often tortured as well, and the news media often “sanitizes” or omits the more horrible details of these cases.

The women may be held in leg irons, or just locked up in a basement.  Some are held in filthy conditions, and forced to live in their own urine and feces.  Most are murdered when they reach the age of about 35, or allowed to die of infections, starvation, or as the result of brutal torture.

Sex slavery.  Rape is commonly used to produce sex slaves.  A sex slave is someone who is willing to have sex on demand with anyone whom her controllers choose, and as often as they decide she should be used in this way.

Such women are basically sexual robots, but they are human.  They are often extremely attractive, and they thrive on sex, feeling better with more of it.  The reason for this is somewhat complex and discussed in the Promiscuity article.

Examples of sex slavery occur with rape marriages, most prostitution, and what are called “street walkers”.  This is not normal prostitution.  Instead, brainwashed and well-trained, sexy young women are used to get in close to men who may be difficult to approach.  The women attract the men and offer them sex.  The women are told to infect the men with diseases, perhaps “dry out” the men, or even to kill the men during a sexual encounter.

Other sex slavery situations include “repeat rape” discussed below.

Rape With Memory Obliteration. In this situation, usually a pretty teenage or college girl wakes up one morning and is not the same person.  She may suddenly swear a lot and may begin to wear sexy clothing.

In fact, she was accosted, taken to a house somewhere, experienced a violent rape, and then brainwashed so she would not recall the experience.  These rapes can leave no visible scars at all, and the experience is quite bizarre.

Although there is no conscious memory, the person’s values can change overnight, school performance often declines, their friends change quickly, their moods are bad, and they want tattoos, sexual encounters, bad food in some cases, and cannot think clearly any more.

This situation is very difficult for parents or others to understand.  It might be revealed under hypnosis, however.  Please know this, parents of teenagers.  You MUST know where your teen is at all times, and with whom.

Early curfews are by far the best, every single night.  Do not allow the “overnights” and camping trips unless you are there with your children.

If this happens in your family, know it was a rape and this article is for you.  Your teen can hopefully recover, but must follow a complete development program for a few years.  This means working with one of the Approved Practitioners on this website, and no one else.  Unfortunately, most doctors, including naturopaths and holistic healers, do not know how to reverse the damage.

Repeat rape.  Many women experience more than one rape.  Rape marriage is a special case of repeat rape discussed below.  Women are targeted for repeat rapes for several reasons:

A. Checking.  The professional rapist wants to check on the woman’s brainwashing and programming.

B. To install new points.  Points are very sensitive places on the body or numb spots on the body.  They are needed for brainwashing, and they can disappear.  To understand this better, read Points on this website. 

C. To reinforce her points.  This means to make them deeper and more permanent.

D. To get rid of more sexual fluid.  This is done to keep the woman weak and tired, and often to make her want more sex.

E. Terror.  Repeat rapes are very scary, just as are the first one.  Repeat rapes are therefore used to continue intimidating, threatening, humiliating and angering women.

F. To give her new diseases.  This may be to weaken a woman or otherwise damage her body or brain.

G. As part of “training” for prostitution, sex slavery or other agent training.  This conditioning requires a number of rapes to deepen and safeguard the brainwashing and programming.

H. To keep a woman off balance and properly “attached” to her operative.

I. For fun.  At times, repeat rapes are used as rewards for agents who find a woman very attractive, for example.

Rape of the anal area (sodomy rape). The word sodomy comes from the Biblical story of Sodom in the Hebrew Bible.  The city was destroyed by God because of its immoral practices.  While there is some controversy regarding what these practices were, anal sex and homosexuality were probably among them.

This is a particularly nasty rape because the anal area is not designed for sex.  The opening is too small, and the muscles and tissues are delicate.  As a result, it is very painful, and usually causes tearing, infection, and perhaps other problems in this area that can be difficult to heal.

It also weakens the resolve of the person in a very distinct way so that the person usually just wants to die.  One reason for this feeling is the person usually needs to wear diapers forever.  The area tends to bleed a lot, and bowel movements are often very painful and hard to control.  The person must usually live on laxatives to keep the pain down, and even then it is painful ever after.

Surgical repair.  The anal sphincter muscles are difficult to repair surgically, and the injury to the low back from the rape reduces the vitality in this area of the body.  There is a surgical procedure involving the placement of a rubber ring that is sewed into the sphincter that may work fairly well, but otherwise it is a difficult injury to repair.

Development can be helpful to heal this area of the body after a sodomy rape.  Also read Anal Fistulas And Fissures on this site for more healing suggestions.

Anal rape does not usually cause a woman or man to have many orgasms, so she or he will not lose vital sexual fluids.  Some rapists use this type of rape when they want to maintain the intelligence of the target person.  A woman can experience both types of rape in one session.

Mutual rape.  In some situations such as rape parties discussed earlier in this article, a man and a woman, who may not even know each other, may be forced to have sex with each other.

Rape marriage.  This is a form of sex slavery and repeat rape.  It is rather common.  A man rapes a woman and then insists that she “marry” him, meaning that he moves in and lives with her.  In many cases, she is also forced to have children with him and to call him her “husband”, although really he is just her rapist.

The woman, in these marriages, may stay with the rapist for years – perhaps her whole life.  Reasons for this are:

1. She has been told in no uncertain terms that she will experience a brutal rape or be killed if she leaves him. 

2. The rapist usually tells her that he has “friends” at the local police department, in case she wants to report the rape marriage and have him arrested.

3. The woman is so exhausted and so damaged by the first rape that she has little energy left with which to fight back - and this is the plan of the attackers.

4. She also experiences rape repeatedly by her “husband”, which keeps her weak.

5. She is often forced to drink red or rooibos tea, eat tunafish and fruit, and perhaps must follow other rules or procedures such as the gasoline ritual that keep her weak and sick.

6. Leaving can also be difficult because the woman may lose her home to the rapist, for example, if she just leaves.

7.  In some cases, she is forced to have children with the rapist, and does not want to leave the children.

Shelters for battered women can be helpful, in these cases, as can very forceful and brave attorneys.  However, a woman might have to live in a shelter for weeks or months until the rapist is apprehended and sent to prison.

A complete development program is also very helpful to restore the woman’s energy, assuming she can follow the program, which is difficult if she is living with a rapist who wants to keep her weak.

The “husband” may also have experienced rape or torture, and this may be continuing.  In some cases, the “husband” is ordered to rape his wife in an ongoing way or face serious consequences.  So both may be trapped by political operatives who use this method to control families around the world.

The children of the rape marriage are also usually beaten and raped.  This all sounds bizarre, but is not that uncommon.

Gentle rape to manipulate a woman through her anger and through sexual pleasure.  These are less common, but do occur.  They are gentle rapes done by professionals who know how to cause a lot of pleasure through touching, kissing, massage, and sweet but phony words whispered in a woman’s ear before or during sex.  The rapist also understands sexual Charging very well, which most women and men do not understand.

These rapes are used to confuse women, break up marriages, or as subtle warnings.

Sleep paralysis rape.  This is a newer high-tech horror in the past twenty years in which young women and a few young men experience repeated rapes at night.  The rapist literally beams into the room, shoots the person with an on-off switch that activates an implant that temporarily paralyzes them, and a rape follows.  For details, read Sleep Paralysis.


Certain situations are not technically rape because a penis or other object was not placed inside a vagina.  However, they feel like rape and have similar effects:

1. Accidental touching. A young girl or even a teen is joking around or even tussling with her father, who is seated.  He gets an erection from playing with his daughter.  She jumps on his lap, breaking the hymen or, in some cases, the penis rubs against the vagina through her underwear.

While there is no insertion of the penis in a conscious manner, the girl can feel that something went wrong.  She is not as innocent as she was before.  She will often blame her father for “raping her” as a child, even though this was not the intent at all.

Meanwhile, the father may not know what happened and why his daughter is now angry and distant from him.  If he figures it out, he often feels horribly guilty, even if he was not strictly at fault.  However, he can usually do little or nothing after the fact, except apologize, which may help a little.

Fathers, do not roughhouse with a girl or young woman, ever.  You may feel very guilty about it for years, and she will hate you if you accidentally break the hymen.  Ladies and girls reading this article, do not “play” with men this way if you are wise, even if he encourages it, which he should not.

2. Psychic, virtual, simulated or electronic rape.  In these common situations, a woman has a dream in which she experiences rape.  She wakes up, thinking it was real.  She may have orgasms and be quite exhausted from it.  Some women experience these episodes while still a child, or even in infancy.

These are high-tech and nasty.  They are used to condition women and terrify them.  They are done with electrical equipment that connects with the person via implants in her head or a radionics machine that “broadcasts” the information to her while she sleeps.  This technology, called psychotronics, is described on the internet and in an article on this website entitled Psychotronics.

It is not technically rape because it is all done electronically.  However, it can have some of the same effects.  It can feel just like the real thing, including suggestions that if the person wants to avoid future rapes, she had better do whatever she is told.

3. Female genital mutilation and cutting.  These two horrendous practices are often lumped together, but are actually quite different.  Neither is technically rape, but we include them because they have some similar consequences for a girl or an adult woman.

Female genital mutilation.  This is the partial or total removal of the clitoris.  It is very common in the nations of the Middle East, except for Israel.  It is thoroughly disgusting, totally humiliating, and makes sex very painful for the rest of the woman’s life.

The girl or young woman, who is usually between about 4 and 20 years old, is held down by her mother, sprawled naked on the kitchen table, with the other children looking on.  The father usually does the deed with a dirty knife and no anesthesia.

Many girls and teenagers die from the procedure from heavy bleeding and infection.  For more on this Middle Eastern horror, read Female Genital Manipulation on this site.

Cutting.  This is placing small cuts in the clitoris, often with a dirty kitchen knife or blade.  It leaves scars on the clitoris, and makes the woman fear sex, or to crave it.

Statistics indicate that at least 200 million girls and young women have experienced female genital mutilation and/or cutting.

4. Sexual predation.  This includes stalking a woman, seduction, and harassing her with sexual intent.  Sexual predators are not just found at bars, health clubs, or elsewhere.  Some are professionals who hide their tracks, who tap telephone lines and internet connections, and have hidden TV cameras in hallways of hotels and motels.

 Some use radionic machines to influence a woman’s thinking and emotions, and they can destroy a person this way.  They also use accomplices, who may be extremely attractive young men or young women, in order to lure and seduce a woman.

This is why every young woman must pay attention to where she lives, where she stays, where she undresses, and with whom she shares any information about herself.  Definitely avoid the “touchy, feely”, “artsy”, “upbeat”, and “feel-good” apartment complexes, health clubs, groups and organizations, even supposedly religious ones.

Never share personal information with anyone unless required by law, and then check it out carefully.  Also, never allow anyone into your room or home you do not know.  Also, do not share a lot of information on social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter.  Preferably, stay off social media, which is loaded with sexual predators.

This applies especially to young women who have a somewhat sad or melancholy personality, as they may crave attention, “love”, male companionship, and social activities more than some others.


1. Sex due to threats or intimidation.  These may not technically be rapes, but the effect is the same.  For example, a man might induce a lady to come into his bedroom on some pretext.  When she tries to leave the room, he blocks the door and “pretends” or otherwise indicates that he will keep her in the room and rape her.  In fact, however, he is not planning to rape.  It is just a bluff.

However, it often works.  The young lady is so frightened that she agrees to have sex with him, even though she could have resisted and would have been okay.  This type of bluffing also occurs at bars, in hot tubs, at pools, or anywhere that sexual predators encounter their prey.

A similar technique is used, at times, in cults and other gang settings, and even in family settings.  Essentially, a young woman is deceived and told various lies until she agrees to have sex.  This may include threats and other intimidation.

If the rapist is caught, he can claim in court that he did not restrain the woman or force himself upon her.  She was free to go, and yet she consented to sex, so it was not rape.

If you feel threatened in this way, you must firmly but quietly tell the man to get out of the way so you can leave.  Say it even if you are frightened.

2. Seduction.  We consider seduction rape in every case because women are no match for predatory men who know hundreds of tricks to pleasure and assault a young woman at the same time in order to get her to consent to having sex.

At a young age, some young men seem to develop the ability to manipulate women.  Many are rogues, meaning they are trained in seduction techniques and are, in fact, professionals, although they may look like high school boys or even younger.

Let us discuss the way this is accomplished in detail because most young women are very naēve about it.  Seduction usually involves assaults, lies, distractions, subliminals and hypnosis:

1. The assaults.  These can include kissing her, touching her, poisoning her food or drink, putting a finger in the vagina and more.

2. The seduction lies.  Predators usually use one or more of the following lies to get a woman to have sex:

1. He lies that he is a “straight arrow”, an upstanding citizen, or even a Christian, when this is hardly the case.  In reality, he is a liar, and often a practiced con man and rapist.

2. He lies that he has not had experience with women.

3. He lies that he wants to marry the woman.

4. He lies that he just wants to “get to know you better” before he marries you.

5. He lies that he does not have any sexually transmitted diseases.

6. He may lie about his age, saying that he, too, is a teen or just turned 20.  In reality, he may be almost 30 or even older and very experienced at rape.

7. Others.  He may lie to get the woman to have some alcohol or drugs, or he may spike her tea, water or other beverage.  He may lie to get her to go to his apartment, to get her to take off some or all of her clothing, to lie down, to make out, or to sleep over at his home.   

If he senses a woman is upset by the sex act, he may add more lies, such as:

1. “Life has its risks.”

2. “You are now ready for real life.”

3. “This is the price you pay for being young and pretty.”

4. “Everyone does it sometime.”

5. “It is really no big deal.”

3. The Distractions.  Distracting a woman is often important in order to get her to go along with sex.  Some men are very good at smiling a lot, talking a “good line”, telling juicy, dirty jokes, or flattering a lady to take her mind off what is really going on.

Other common distractions are wanting to show her his paintings, his pets, his bedroom (look out), or other things while he is sizing her up to find her weak points.  In fact, the entire date can be one big distraction, ladies, so beware.

To reduce the chances of distractions, do phone dating only for 6 months and then meet your dates at public places like coffee houses, and don’t leave with him. 

4. Subliminals.  These are words that a man speaks very softly, or thoughts he sends out that are not verbalized.  For example, a man may whisper or put out the thoughts, “You will have a great time if we have sex” or “Let me take off your dress and tickle you”.  Some men learn to project these thoughts into another human being.

5. Hypnosis.  Some predators can hypnotize a women quite easily with soothing words and gestures.

A related technique is neuro-linguistic programming, a modern and powerful type of hypnosis.  For example, a man might touch a woman on her knee, hand or back of the neck while speaking words such as, “We will have a good time”, or “I really love you”.

This is actually a set-up.  Later, during a kiss, he touches her in the same spot.  The thought “We will have a good time” or “He really loves me” arises automatically in her mind.  In this way, he can put her into a light hypnotic trance, and getting her into bed is then often easy.


What to do.  The above methods, especially used together, are practically impossible to overcome.  The only answer is to follow the instructions for dating in the found in the Dating article.



Some people suggest that all women, especially, should take self-defense classes to learn to how to fight and kick a rapist or other attacker.  One can also carry a gun at all times.  This is a two-sided issue.

On one hand, it is true that if you scream and resist enough, a rapist may give up and run away.  On the other hand, if you resist and you are subdued or overcome, the rapist may be even angrier and may kill you, for example, or rape you twice as long or twice as hard.

It never hurts to take some karate or other self-defense lessons.  A skilled fighter can do a lot of damage to a rapist such as breaking his arm or leg.  However, even with self-defense training, you will have to use your judgment as to the best course of action.  It depends upon:

1. The size and strength of your attacker.  Most rapists are big and bulky, but not all.  Almost all are professionals.  He knows exactly what he is doing, and is prepared, often with weapons.  He is likely to kill you if you resist.

2. Whether your attacker is armed.

3. Where and when the incident occurs.  In some places, you can scream for help, but this is not helpful elsewhere.

4. Your temperament.  Some women love to kick and fight and don’t care about the outcome.  Others are not oriented this way.

5. Try to tune in, in the moment, and obtain guidance as to what to do.

Many books suggest that if you are abducted and about to experience rape, it is best to relax and go along with it.  This sounds like a defeatist attitude, but it saves many lives.  Some even suggest that you lie to the rapist and tell him you are enjoying it, but you have had enough and will do it again for him if he stops now.

A woman can also fake passing out, rolling her eyes upwards and playing dead, and some rapists will stop when this happens.  Some women can also threaten their way out of a rape, or if there are people around you can try screaming, but this often does not work because the rapist puts his hand over your mouth and may kill you by twisting your neck.  This is why going along can be the best idea. 

Meanwhile, observe the rapist’s clothing, odors, and facial features.  Try to obtain as much evidence as possible to be used in court against him.

Resisting in spirit.  A very important idea, no matter what you choose to do, is to resist rape in the spirit.  This means that when it is over, go home and pray for strength and guidance.  Do not be defeated.  Even if you never tell anyone and never go to the police after multiple rapes, do not give up hope and do not give in spiritually. 

Keep your faith in God and hold on tight, no matter what happens to the body.  This, I believe, is a key to recovery.

Another way to resist.  An alternative for those who are attacked is to stand tall and say, “In the name of Christ, I do not go along and you will be killed if you harm me at all.”  While it may sound strange, it works in some cases.  It does not matter if you are undressed, or lying down, or anything else.  Just say it and keep saying it or thinking it if you can’t or are afraid to speak out.


            If a woman knows she will experience rape, there are some things she can do to make it less damaging and perhaps shorten it.

1. Make the man have more orgasms.  A way to do this is to visualize pulling on his penis.  This could shorten a rape.

              2. Methods to have fewer orgasms yourself.  The reasons to prevent orgasms if you experience rape are:

a) Once a woman starts having many orgasms, she loses control of her body, making the experience much worse.

b) One can die from too many orgasms during a rape due to fluid loss and exhaustion. 

c) Having multiple orgasms confuses women, as it mixes pleasure with the humiliation, shame, horror and anger of the rape.

d) A woman’s orgasms open her energy field to the energy field of whomever is close to her.  This is almost always a bad idea during a rape.

e) Orgasms spin the energy centers backwards.  This contributes to weakness and ill health, in all cases.  Here are several methods to control orgasms:

1. Imagine cutting off the head of the penis.  Besides physical contact, there is also mental contact between penis and vagina.  Visualizing the penis without a head on it breaks that connection, and it works to limit orgasms.

Cautions. One must keep up the visualization during the entire rape for it to work.  Also, once the orgasms get going, this method does not work well.

If you want to know this method, you must practice it with your husband, or alone with a dildo or fake penis.   Try to practice under difficult conditions such as with loud music playing, or with other disturbances in the background.  With practice, you can become very good at it.

2. Send the penis into the sheets.  As the rapist’s penis moves inside you, imagine it moving downward toward the bed sheets or the floor, or toward the anal area and away from your vaginal area.  

This can reduce orgasms and causes subtle energy to move in the correct direction for the woman, not the rapist.  It can also cause the rapist to become tired out sooner, which can shorten a rape.

Cautions.  The visualization must be done during the entire rape to work well.  Also, it must be done forcefully.  For more details, read Energy Vampirism.

3. Strengthen the vaginal muscles.  The vaginal area has muscles that are usually not used, so they are weak.  If a woman learns to control the vaginal muscles, it will do several things during a rape:

a) It tightens the vagina a lot.  This causes the man to have many orgasms quickly.  As a result, he will get tired out and stop the rape sooner.

b) It hides the clitoris, somewhat, which reduces orgasms.

c) It also gives the woman a sense of control that is almost unbelievable to most women.

She can tighten around the penis and may even be able to prevent it from going in as far, which is most helpful during a rape.  She may also be able to give the man an orgasm, which greatly helps her sense of control and power during a rape. 

d) Tightening the muscles around the vagina keeps her energy focused downward in the proper way.  Upward movement of subtle energy during a rape is unhealthy and can kill a person.  To understand this much better, read Downward Moving Energy And Healing. 

The procedure is simple.  Buy a dildo or fake penis.  It has to look just like a penis and be about the same size.  Lie down comfortably and insert it deeply in the vagina.  Then squeeze it tightly.  Move it in and out, continuing to squeeze it. 

Do this for at least 10 minutes daily.  A good time to practice is in the morning upon awakening, when you are not tired.  You can also practice with your husband or partner.  With daily practice, the muscles around the vagina become much stronger.

Cautions. To strengthen the vaginal muscles requires practice, so this exercise is not for the lazy.


1. Save every scrap of evidence you can, even if you are feeling terrified to do anything about the rape.  It might come in handy later.  This means save clothing stained with blood or semen, save strands of hair, wipe some semen from the vagina onto your clothes or even your arm so you can save it.  It is still fine if it dries up.  Some women intentionally scratch the attacker so they will have skin scrapings.

Perhaps take photos of the scene before cleaning it up if it is your home, for example.  Also, get a good look at the rapist and make a rough or detailed sketch of his whole body immediately while the impressions are fresh.

2. Douche thoroughly with soap and water.  This may reduce the risk of pregnancy. 

3. Make fresh garlic juice and paint it on any areas the attacker touched.  Use plenty and use it around the vagina, mouth, breasts or wherever he touched.  This will stop some sexually-transmitted diseases.  A full description of how to do this is found in the article entitled Healing Rape.

4. Start your rape rehabilitation program immediately.  This is also described in the Healing Rape article.

5. We suggest going after the rapist.  In almost all cases, the rapist threatens to kill the woman if she tells anyone, but if you do not report the rape and go after the attacker, he will often strike again – perhaps against you or against some other innocent and lovely woman.

Know, however, that in some cities the police are paid off by the rape gangs, so you may not get the help needed from them.

This is an individual decision.  Try to confide in a trusted friend or very mature adult about the issue.

6. Some women who experience rape do not trust the police, who may be corrupt and paid off by a rape gang.  They prefer to “handle the situation” without involving the police too much.  They hire a good private investigator to find the attacker, which is often easy if you can give a good description of the person and if you have DNA evidence.  Once they are sure they found him, some women hire an assassin to kill him.

More and more people are sick and tired of the lax rape laws and the stupidity, ignorance and sometimes the corruption of the legal system and even the police.  They are also sick and tired of being harassed, and of listening to sad stories of rape from their friends and acquaintances.

We also mention this option as a warning to anyone who would consider raping anyone, and thinks they can get away with it. 

Restoring energy. Particularly if a rape was prolonged or hard, you will feel very tired afterwards.  A development program is required, but also see the article entitled Sexual Depletion And Rejuvenation for more on how to restore the body.



            The first bit of advice is sad to have to say and depressing to have to hear.  It is that young women are never safe. 

Some girls and young women instinctively know this.  You are right!  You are never safe.  Anyone who tells you that you are safe is either ignorant or a liar and a predator.  Don’t listen for one moment.  It does not matter if all the doors are locked and you are with big strong men who like you.  Someone can break in and kill them all.

This is a scary way to see things but, in our experience, it is the only way that teenagers, in particular, will pay attention.  Always assume you are in danger.  The prettier you are, the more danger.  The less clothing you wear, the more danger.  The sexier you wear your hair, clothing and so on, the worse it is.  Please pay attention!

Based on this advice, what can one do.  The answer is lots!  Here is some simple advice that will help any young woman avoid rape.


            Reducing risk factors greatly reduces the chances of rape.  Some of the following may seem old-fashioned or otherwise distasteful, but they have been proven to work and are very wise:

- Care for your health.  This means stay warm, go to bed early and get plenty of rest.  Eat very nutritious food - as recommended on this website and not on others.  This means avoid vegetarian diets, raw food diets, fruit and other diets that don’t work well.

- Dating.  Preferably skip dating or bring your father or another man along with you on the date.  Think in terms of courtship, not dating.  Definitely avoid dates with strangers.

If you insist on dating, begin with phone dating and then do no-touch, no-talk dating only.  This will protect you against sexual predators and seduction.  It will also stop some rapes, though not all of them.

It means there will be no touching on dates at all.  This means no kissing, no hugging, no tickling and definitely no finger in the vagina.  It also means there will be no talk of sex at all.

You must tell this to your date beforehand on the telephone when you plan your date.  You also tell your date that if it begins, you will go home immediately.

Once on the date, if the touching or sex talk begins, leave immediately.  Program the phone number of a reputable taxicab company into your phone and call at once, or call a friend. 

Also, always tell at least one good friend that you will be on a date that day or evening, and please stand by in case you run into problems.

- Strictly avoid sexy, aggressive boys.  Sadly, these are often the ones the girls like the best.  Some of this is due to their odors.  For details, read Odors And Your Health.

These boys and men are the ones that:

A) Cannot take their eyes off you, and scan every curve on your body

B) Comment about your clothes and maybe your beautiful breasts or legs.  They know the words to say to turn you on and get you to let down your guard and go on a date with them.

C) Come around or keep calling you with flowers, candy, fancy cars to drive around in, fine-smelling cologne, and who often dress very slick and smartly.

D) Tease, flatter, and tickle you until you can’t help laughing.

E) Are the touchy-feely ones, the smooth talkers, the ones that smile a lot, and the ones that dare you to do this or that with them.  Usually, it involves kissing, touching or taking off clothing.

F) Are the good dancers and the “ones with hands”.  This means they know how to stroke your hair or even just touch your hand in a way that excites you sexually and makes you want more.

Before you know it, they are touching your sensitive areas, often under your dress or in your pants or blouse.  None of this kind of attention is at all helpful for you.  It often ends in rape, or in a very sad sexual affair in which the boy gets his lady, and you just get a sexual disease, total embarrassment, and maybe you get pregnant.  They tell all their friends about you, and soon you are branded as a whore.

If this has already occurred in your life, learn from your mistake and avoid these boys.  The nerdy ones are far safer and nicer.

- Parties.  Avoid all parties unless you know every person at the party, and even then you must be careful.  Never have a drink at a party, except out of a sealed bottle of spring water, as it is too easy to poison drinks.

- At school and work.  Don’t go away to college, and never live in a dormitory.  These days they are very unsafe.  College today is often a huge waste of money and very unsafe for women.

Also, never agree to have sex because of, or to remain in, a job, a school, an organization, a club, or anything else.  This is almost always a setup for rape.

            This can be tricky.  For example, you may be enrolled in a wonderful educational program for a year.  Then, one day you are told that having sex with someone is required to complete the program.

            Alternatively, you may work at a job you love for 6 or 12 months.  Suddenly, you are told you need to have sex to continue working there.

            Do not agree, no matter what you have to sacrifice.  Do not believe that it is “just sex”.  It is often rape.  A number of women deeply regret going along with this ploy.

Also, beware if someone wants to pay you more than you know a job is worth.  It can be very difficult to resist a job offer by a man who will pay you more than the job is worth.  It is an old trick to keep a pretty woman around to stare at, or worse, to rape.

As stated in a paragraph above, do not stay around anyone who you do not trust implicitly, no matter what they offer to pay you and no matter what other benefits or perks they offer.  This trap catches millions of women each year, so be careful of it.

A variant of this is to avoid going out with or befriending rich men who offer airplane rides, yachting vacations, ski lodge weekends, and so on, unless you absolutely trust the man.  These are often setups for rape.  Once the rape occurs, you may find yourself strangely attracted back to the man and unable to escape.

            - Boyfriends.  Absolutely do not have a boyfriend!  Statistically, boyfriends do not provide protection from rape.  In fact, they increase the chances for rape.  The reasons are:

- Boyfriends are not as committed to you and your welfare as a husband.

- Boyfriends can bring over their friends and gang rape you.  This is the truth.  Husbands rarely if ever do this, but it occurs fairly often with boyfriends.

            - Living with a man.  Do not shack up (live with someone to whom you are not married).  If you wish to live with someone and have sex, get married.  If the person will not agree to marriage, do not live together. 

- Your values.  Adopt traditional Biblical values. This value system reduces the chances for rape.  It means do not get abortions, do not engage in homosexual or bisexual behavior, do not lie, do not steal, do not covet or be arrogant, do not cheat people, do not hate anyone, honor your mother and your father, and certainly do not murder.

Also, do not drink alcohol and do not use drugs of any kind, including marijuana.  Also, do not engage in sexual activity outside of marriage.

Also, always dress modestly, which includes no bikinis.  Do not show off the body, and never flirt, tease, or intentionally upset boys or men.

Also, stay away from all left-wing, liberal, secular, humanist and progressive ideas and attitudes.  These are definite triggers for rape, although it may sound strange.  Perhaps it is because they are often based upon ideas of victimhood, lying, political correctness and other false ideologies and dogmas.

- Join a church or orthodox synagogue and wear a large cross or Hebrew symbol around your neck.  Rape is most often a very secretive crime that depends upon the person not reporting the crime to the police or to someone else.

Christians and orthodox Hebrew people (not other Hebrew groups) are much more likely to report rapes than others.  Members of these religious groups are less afraid than others, more difficult to terrorize, and they often have a community of interested and sympathetic people around them whom they will tell of the rape.

In contrast, sharia law of Islam does not prohibit rape, so people in this religious group are not protected at all.  Also, do not join a new age church such as Unity, Science Of Mind, Unitarian and perhaps a few others.  These do not offer much protection.  For more details, read Christian Thinking.

- Get married if you can find a good or decent man to marry. Statistically, marriage helps protects women from rape for all of the following reasons:

a) More maturity.  Marriage is a big step and it matures men and women.  Marriage generally means commitment.  Marriage means deciding who you want to spend your life with – a serious decision.  Marriage means sharing time, space, money and more with another person.

All of this forces people to mature, meaning to think about themselves and their future carefully.  Shack-up is not the same!

b) No more dates (because one is married) means no more date rapes – a common type of rape.

c) Married women, if happy, are not on the prowl - doing things that young maidens should not do.  For example, married women usually dress more modestly and take fewer chances with their lives.  They are much less likely to go for a run with the “boys” in short shorts and a tank top, or go dancing dressed scantily.  That is for kids, not married people.

d) Married women, if happy, like to spend their time with their husbands.  This is much safer than spending time with girlfriends, boyfriends, or alone.

e). Married women often have children, which tends to discourage rape even more.  Rapists are afraid a child may be hiding nearby and may scream or tell others.  Some rapists know that children are unpredictable and quite psychic, often knowing when something is wrong or unsafe.

f) Rapists don’t want angry husbands pursuing them.  Single women are much easier to threaten, intimidate, and control to prevent them from telling the truth about a rape.

- Disguises.   If you are very pretty, some women report they feel much safer using disguises to alter their appearance.  For details, read Women’s Disguises.

- Your location.  If you live in a place where rape is common, do all you can to get out fast.  This is sad to have to say, but some areas are not safe at all, especially for single, young women.  This includes many large cities such as New York City, Chicago and Los Angeles.

We never suggest living in these areas.  Too many women make the mistake of being attracted by the glamour of a high-paying job or other attractions of the city, not realizing the dangers.

Also, don’t live, work or go to school where sex offenders (meaning rapists) live, if possible.  Before you move somewhere, go to school, or even take a job in a new location, it is wise to check for known sex offenders in the neighborhood where you, or perhaps your child will be.  It is not wise to live next door to, or have your child attend a school near where a sex offender lives.  The list is available at www.nationalalertregistry.com.  It does not mean you will be safe, but it might help.

Other nations may or may not have a similar directory.  The problem is that rape is punished very lightly.  Most rapists are in jail a short time and then back out on the streets.  So the national directory can at least warn you of known offenders if you live in the United States.

- Sexual habits. Avoid sex during high school, and no sex without marriage.  Live your life quietly in high school and college.  Do not ”experiment” with sex with anyone, even if everyone around you is doing it.  Definitely do not fool around with your brothers or sisters, by the way.  This seems to be a sure invitation to rape.

- For high school girls, never disobey your parents and go off with boys by yourself.  Your parents should know where you are at all times, (and preferably be with you).  I know it sounds boring, but teenage girls are at the highest risk for rape.

- For parents.  Educate all children at home.  Don’t say you can’t afford it or don’t want to.  It is easy these days.  Give up the new car or the large house, but keep the children at home!  Too often, schools are the breeding ground for rapes and other crimes against children.  High schools are among the worst places for young women.  They are more like cesspools of sexual innuendo today, with liberal-minded teachers and principals teaching that sex is great, and the more the better.

Condoms are handed out to make it all “safe”, which is a lie.  Condoms help avoid pregnancy and some disease, but they don’t stop rape.  They encourage it!  This is all disgusting, in our view, not because we are prudish, but because it is harmful for teens.

The horrible moral environment at public and even some Christian and other schools today puts a lot of peer pressure on the young boys and girls to conform to the lowest standards of conduct with each other.  School dances and other events are also often horrible ‘meat market’ events.

- Always tell someone when you go out exactly where you are going, when you will be there, and when you will return.  If someone accosts you, tell them immediately you are expected somewhere and you left instructions to call the police immediately if you are not there on time.  This may not stop a rape, but may shorten it and might even stop it.

- Boys should all be circumcised.  This is Biblical and used to be standard practice in America.  It reduces rape, among other benefits.  For details, read Circumcision.

- All boys need to learn:

A) Never, ever harm, seduce or force themselves on a girl, ever, for any reason at all. 

B) Do not to lie to girls, particularly on dates.

 Too often, coaches and other adults encourage boys to “spread their wings”, “sow their wild oats”, “get some experience”, “break a few virgins”, so they will feel like a man.  This is really sick, but often very true.  Fathers say the same thing to their sons too often.  Even mothers say it to their boys!  “Have some fun before you get married”, they say.  “Have a fling or two”, and “rip them good”.

The parents may not say that rape is okay, but the message is clear that a boy can be aggressive if he wants a woman, and that the word ‘NO’ spoken by a girl does not really mean no.  It means maybe, and it might mean yes.

Girls and women, you must understand this well.  It affects even the nicest boys, even the Christian boys and others that you might think are somewhat better than average.

- Program 911 into your phone and be prepared to call it if trouble arises.  This may not prevent a rape, but it could, and it could shorten it, which can save your life.

- Watch your phone and internet habits.  Stop texting and emailing boys and men a lot.  They often take it as a sign that “she really wants me, sexually”. 

If you receive a lewd or sexy text messages or phone call, definitely do not answer it.  That is what they want you to do.  Either ignore it or better yet, call the police.  If you can, definitely tell your parents and ask them to intervene and stop it.

Also, be very careful putting photos and other information about yourself on Facebook, MySpace, Instagram, Twitter and other websites.  We suggest that teens have nothing to do with Facebook, for example.  We know that sounds horrible, but it is much safer. 

If you must put a photo up, keep it very simple.  Stop advertising, in other words. 

Better yet, keep all photos of yourself off the internet.  The problem, ladies, is that for hormone-driven young men, any little acknowledgment of their sometimes subtle sexual advances can be taken as a sign that “she really wants me”.  This, in turn, is the green light for a date rape or other type.

- For teens, always tell your parents if you are having trouble with a boy, or if you experience rape.  This is very important.  Otherwise, the scars of the rape will usually fester inside, and turn to anger and depression after a few days to a few weeks.

If you are very embarrassed, you need not go to the police, although this is best.  But go to your parents if you are young and living at home, or friendly with them.  Or tell a preacher or someone else you trust.

- Look for danger signals that a situation is not right.  Most rapes are planned, though not all.  This means that the rapist has usually thought it out in advance to make sure, for example, that he is alone with you, you are vulnerable in some way, perhaps out of screaming range of others, that you are scantily dressed, or unclothed, or nervous, afraid, or off guard. 

Therefore, if you find yourself in any situation in which things do not feel good, take action immediately.  Do not wait!  It might be getting in the car with a male acquaintance or boyfriend, or visiting a doctor’s office, or a situation at a school, or anywhere.  Women often report that they had a feeling something was wrong, but did not take action – which usually means to leave at once, cancel your appointment, or change your plans.

We know this is difficult because things might be fine, and your hunch that trouble is brewing could be wrong.  However, it is better to err on the safe side of things, even if it is embarrassing, or you lose a job, or you fail a test in school, or you seem to be paranoid.  It is not paranoid, but good sense, in most cases.

- Always lock all doors behind you.  These include bathroom doors, closet doors if you go inside and have to stay in there by yourself at work, for example, car doors, house doors and others.  Do this immediately.  Get in the habit now!  Do not take chances.

Before you go into a bathroom at a hotel, for example, look around.  Make sure you are not being followed.  The same is true about getting into your car or even your apartment or home.  If someone is following you, do not go home, or do not go into the bathroom.  If possible, report the person as well.

- Read, and then do what is recommended in the following articles:

- Dating

- The Young Person’s Manual

- Survival Guide


            The following may help, but are not primary methods of preventing rape:

1. Learn to kick a man in the testicles.  This is not that hard.  Some books describe the technique.  Rapists don’t like it, and you can kill a man if you get good at it.  It works.  You must practice every day to really develop the ability and keep it up.

2. Carry a gun.  Purchase a firearm if you can.  Any nation or area that does not permit personal gun ownership, or has a lot of gun control laws, is a rape haven.  A few notes about guns:

a) You must take lessons on how to use the gun properly and lethally.  Otherwise, you will likely not use it correctly. 

b) You must practice.  Otherwise you can get out of practice.  I would shoot at least 10 rounds at least once a month.

c) You must not hesitate, you must go for death and not wounding, and you must not allow the attacker to take the gun from you.

d) Be careful with a weapon because if the attacker takes it from you, you are finished.

e) Of course, be very careful with a loaded firearm around your home, especially if you have children.  Keep it far out of reach of children and keep the safety on, but learn how to take it off quickly, if needed.

f) In America, if your state does not have a concealed carry law, join a gun group and lobby for a concealed carry law.  Some women carry a concealed weapon even if it is not legal.  The worst that will happen if it is discovered is you will be cited for a gun violation, but it may save your life.

If you live in a nation that does not permit gun ownership, get busy changing the law!

3. Other weapons.  Weapons such as knives are usually much less useful, as they take strength to use, which most women do not have.

Pepper spray is not lethal, but temporarily blinds a person, which can be helpful.  If he takes it away from you, at least he can’t kill you with it.

4. Carry a loud whistle with you at all times that you can reach quickly.  This is not foolproof, but might stop a rape.

5. Get a large or medium-sized dog.  They are quite helpful to have around your house.  Ideally, have more than one, since one can be shot more easily than two.  Dogs must be trained, or they are often useless for defense.

6. Panic buttons. These are of three types:

- A very small battery-operated siren that one wears as a pendant or bracelet.  When activated, it makes an obnoxious noise that cannot be turned off even if the rapist stamps on it hard, throws it in water or against rocks.  It must stay on for at least 10 minutes or longer.  It is better if it does not have any method to disarm it, since a rapist will demand that you stop it, if that is possible.

This is often quite effective if you are near other people and outside.  It is no good if you are alone in the countryside, or even at a party where someone can just flush the alarm down the toilet or place it under a lot of pillows.

- A second type is a silent alarm that connects to an alarm company.  The alarm company supplies a radio-controlled pendant or a wrist band with a panic button.  Pushing it alerts the central office of the alarm company, who will then call 911 or the police.  The pendant that you wear must be connected to a GPS device, so they will know where you are, unless it is designed only for home use.

- A third type is an alarm that comes with a few smart phones.  Pushing a special button makes noise or calls 911 or an emergency center, or both.  The phone has GPS so the authorities can track your location.  I don’t recommend this option because you have to have access to your phone, which is usually not possible.  No rapist will allow you to pull out your phone.

Panic button systems are good for some situations.  Here are the problems with them:

1) You must be able to push the button.  This is not always possible if you are grabbed from behind, for example.

2) If the button notifies police, it will usually take at least 10 or 15 minutes for the police to arrive, and perhaps longer.  This is not ideal.

However, this device could shorten a rape and thus save your life.  Also, if a rapist knows you pushed the button, he may stop sooner so he can get away.  In a few cases, pushing the button might stop a rape entirely.

Anti-rape underwear.  Several companies may soon be offering underwear or shorts that are difficult to take off.  They are made of a tough carbon fiber material and require a key or combination lock to get them off. 

This might stop some rapes, but certainly not all of them.  The rapist is likely to threaten to break your arm or do other harm if you do not unlock the underwear.  A bolt cutter could also be used to open the underwear.  It would slow down a rape, however, and might give you time to scream, bite or kick the attacker.  Here is a video by one company developing this underwear: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=751851544830369.

The trap (We are not sure of the name).  This is a plastic device shaped like a hollow cylinder that a woman inserts in the vagina.  It has metal barbed hooks on the inside.  If a man puts his penis inside her, it goes inside the cylinder and the barbed hooks pierce the penis.  It is painful, and he has to go to the hospital to have the device removed.


After a woman experiences rape, she is often threatened with the possibility that it will happen again.  Sometimes the rapist tells her he will be back.  Other times, she is just afraid of a repeat situation of some kind.  This alone can be quite a burden.

Repeated rapes, or related incidents, are devastating for many women and for some men, as well.  They come to believe they are jinxed or cursed somehow.  This leads easily to a deep depression and despair.  Some never want to go out of the house, or just want to crawl away and die.  Therefore, if you can prevent a second, third or fourth rape or incident, it is well worth doing. 

Basic steps to prevent repeated rape are:

1. Go after the rapist the first time.  Tell a lot of people about any rape.  Of course, tell your parents if you are a teen.  Also, go to the police even though it is embarrassing.  Even tell your friends if you know who did it, and ask for help finding him.

2. Take more precautions.  These include everything listed above.

3. Try to find the lessons in your rape and learn them well.  For example, perhaps you were flirting, dressed inappropriately, or were in a place or situation like a party that was not wise.  Correct these improper behaviors or attitudes at once, and don’t make excuses or exceptions.

4. Work on forgiveness, prayer, gratitude and asking for proper guidance at all times.  These are spiritual measures, and they can have a great impact on how safe one will be in the future.

5. The 20 people method.  This method works is excellent for any situaiton in which you have been threatened in any way, including threatened for telling anyone about a rape.  It can also work well in repeat rape situations, or even with a nasty husband or boyfriend. 

It works because attackers such as rapists love secretiveness.  It is also helpful for you, because learning to resist all terror and threats is a good principle to live by.

Here is what to do.  Without telling the person who has threatened you, write on a piece of paper all the details you know about the person.  Include his address, phone numbers, websites, email addresses, Facebook page, information about his friends or gang members, and more.  Include a photo, if possible, and even DNA evidence if you have it.

Make at least 20 copies of this letter.  You must make at least 20 copies.  Put each one in an envelope and seal it.  Then fold these sealed envelopes and put each one into another envelope with a note, saying not to open the sealed envelope unless something happens to you, such as a kidnapping, a terrible car accident, or murder.

Now, give or send the letters to 20 people that know you.  People at work will do, or anyone who knows you.  They do not have to be friends.

Also send copies to the local police, the county Sheriff’s office, the state police and the federal Marshalls office nearest you.  You must send it to ALL the police forces in your area, not just one or two because rapists often have some control over certain police, but usually not all of them.

After you distribute the letters, tell your attacker you have done this.  Often, the rapist will leave you alone.

Cautions.  Do not just send 20 people an email with an attachment to open if something happens to you.  This does not work as well.

Also, some rapists or their gang leader are psychic.  They may figure out that you are writing the letters to 20 people.  You may then receive a phone call or visit where they sternly warn you not to continue or there will be dire consequences.

To limit this problem, do the whole procedure right now and do not “think about it” much.


            Various groups offer seminars and retreats for those who experience rape.  We have not attended these, so we don’t know much about them.  One group that offers retreats around the United States is Cedarbrake Catholic Retreat Center in Belton, Texas (near Austin) at (254) 780-2436.


A secret way to reduce the chance for rape is to correct the spin of the seven physical energy centers of the body.  Most women attract sexual attention due to the spin of their energy centers.  This occurs regardless of your physical attractiveness and is a purely energetic phenomenon.

To change the spin of the centers requires some effort, but it works.  For details, read Raising Girls.


Another secret to preventing a rape is to shift your attitude from one of absorbing or attracting, and consciously radiate love and light.  This is difficult for some women who pride themselves on their natural ability to bring to themselves whatever they need.

Many women are naturally attractive, so they believe this is how they should conduct their life.  However, a much safer attitude is to radiate into the world, rather than attract and absorb from the world.

This sounds philosophical and it is.  The Bible tells us we are to act as God’s presence on earth, and we are here to shower it upon the world and upon everyone.  However, this is not only philosophical.  It is also very practical.

An exercise.  Sit comfortably, close your eyes, and visualize a bright light bulb in the middle of your chest shining outward in all directions.  When you can do this easily, practice doing it with your eyes open.  When you can do this easily, practice it while walking around or while talking to others, and during all your activities.  It will help you remember to radiate, rather than absorb.

None of the above methods are foolproof.  However, they can be helpful in specific situations.  Law enforcement officers would probably say that a dog and a gun are the best, but we not sure about this.


Rape is never, ever justified.  However, some young women make themselves easy targets.  The following section of this article will seem very awful and restrictive to some women.  However, we include it as one perspective on a serious problem that has no simple solution at this time (2017).  Ways women make themselves targets for rape are:

- Going places or doing things that are not wise.  These include going to the movies alone, the bars alone, hiking alone, picking berries alone, in dark alleys alone, or in badly lit parking garages alone.  Other errors are staying late at the office alone with the male boss, going on dates unless you really know the man, exercising alone, going on camping trips unless you absolutely know the people, and driving alone in bad areas.

Still other errors could be going to a doctor alone, and going for a massage, especially if you go alone.  These are not safe.  Also avoid living or traveling in unsafe neighborhoods, even with others.  Other places to avoid are all “meat market” situations.  These include all health clubs, workout gyms and YMCAs.  They also include some spas, hot springs, health resorts and some hotels.  Anywhere people are parading around half-naked tend to be places where rapists look for prey.

It is best to have a curfew of 9 PM, no matter what your age.  If you must go out in the evening, go with at least two friends, and, if possible, with a man.  However, one must observe the rule that the three or more friends must stay together at all times.  This means that if one needs to go to the bathroom, if all are women, then all three go to the bathroom at the same time.

If one of the friends is a man, he stands outside the women’s bathroom until his friend or friends come out.  If he has to go to the bathroom, his female friend should go to an area where others are gathered and stand there until he returns.  The above may sound horribly restrictive, but it is not worth taking chances.

Flirting or otherwise “playing” with men.  This means flirting in any way, smiling too much at them, frowning at men, staring or eying them.  It also can mean commenting too much on their clothing, their hair, eyes, glasses, shoes, or anything else.

It definitely includes smiling at their crotch or their chest, asking personal questions when it is not appropriate, and inviting them out unless it is a party and you invite others – and you tell them that others will be there.

“Playing” with men also means going on dates for fun when you are not interested in marriage.  It can mean lying to a man ever, unless you must do so to save your life.  Men are often just as clever as women.   Women who think they can “pull the wool over his eyes” or just “twist his dong a little” are idiots, and asking for trouble.  Some men will decide, “Fine, you won that round, but I’ll get you later” – and they usually do.

“Playing with men” also means working for a man you do not respect.  This is quite critical.  Women often work for such a man because he pays a high salary (usually so he can stare at your breasts or elsewhere all day) or tells you how pretty you are, or promises other “benefits” such as free health care or retirement benefits.

This is a common trap for single young women who are looking for employment and want to “cash in”.  They are easy prey for attorneys, doctors, and many others that offer high-paying jobs, or sometimes just offer any job at all.

This is difficult when the economy is bad because one may not really want to work for a low-quality man, but she needs a job, or so she thinks.  It is far better to live at home with your parents and take a low-paying position or be unemployed, rather than work for someone you are slightly afraid of or do not respect.

An exception is if living at home is really hellish, but this is rare.  It may just not feel good because Mom and Dad may impose rules that you do not want to follow.

Also, never tell a man you love him when it is not the case, and never tell a man he is handsome so he will buy you dinner and a movie.  Also, avoid telling a man he is great when he is not, but you want his love or attention.  Finally, never ever try to get a man away from another woman, especially his wife, but also his girlfriend or just his friend.  Men can often figure out what you are up to and may react with hatred and violence.

Also, do not lead men astray.  Women lead men astray with flattery, intimidation, lies, yelling, smooching, sex without love, innuendo, gestures, sweet smells in their deodorants, perfumes, hair gels, and other ways.  Many women seem to enjoy this for fun and pleasure.

Movies and TV shows often glorify clever women who control their mate in this way.  Don’t try it.  This sets a woman up for rape in every case, ladies.

You might ask, why would young women do this?  In part, it is training to control their future husband or boss, or it can be testing out her power of persuasion and maybe her sexual powers over men, and it is common.

Women are less physically strong than men, so they may compensate by learning how to manipulate men in this way.  Be careful.  It is not worth it, and if the man figures out what you are doing and gets angry, he may retaliate with something tenfold worse against you involving physical and sexual violence.

Also, avoid inviting men over to your home when you will be alone, even for tea, study sessions, a discussion group or even a religious service, I would say.  Never assume because a man is wearing a wedding ring, or you know he is married or a father, that he is safe to be with.  This is sad to have to say, but true.  Get to know him first.

Other obvious activities to avoid are riding in cars with strangers or even “friends” you don’t know well.  The worst activity of this kind is hitchhiking, even hitching a ride with a woman driver and no man in the car.  You don’t know if someone is hidden in the back seat, or if the woman will pull out a gun and take you to her boyfriend’s house and they will rape you there, and then kill you and dump your body in a garbage dumpster.

Showing off.  This is never wise.  If you are very smart, talented, or something else, try not to let it go to your head.  Showing off in any way, physically, mentally, intellectually or even spiritually or religiously, makes others jealous and angry.

This is difficult if you are a performer, artist, musician, news anchor or even a teacher, lecturer or other occupation or avocation in which you are out in front of the public.  We can only warn pretty young women that this carries danger, in all cases, even if you try not to stick out too much.

Holding resentments against men, particularly your father.  This will sound odd, but it is quite dangerous for a young woman to remain angry at her father, for any reason at all.  It causes her to be less centered and grounded, to take more risks, to act in a more rebellious way, and to be angry and upset with other men.   All of this sets her up for a rape.

Always forgive your father immediately, no matter what he does.  Being angry at your mother does not seem to be quite as important, but learn to forgive her, as well.

In fact, your attitudes and emotions cause physical changes in the body, including changes in your posture, your face and even the odors you emit.  While it may sound strange, all of this can attract a rape. 

Talking back to men in an angry way.  This may seem unfair, but women must watch their language around men.  It is wise to do this, no matter how idiotic a man behaves.  Talking back, losing your temper, “Letting him have it” or “Giving him a piece of your mind” is foolish.  Too many men take it as a dare and decide they will have the last word.  Find other ways to release your frustrations.

A principle that may be helpful is if you have lower expectations of others, you will become less frustrated with them.  We call many people “poor slobs”.  It is not a derogatory term.  It just is the way things are and helps keep us from getting too angry at people who are crude, rude, incompetent or otherwise act badly.

Taking advantage of others or being selfish, especially with men.  This is a difficult one for some attractive young women.  They want the high-paying jobs, the responsible positions, the attention, the recognition, the appreciation, and so on – just like everyone else.  However, if you cause others to envy you, even women, you are asking for trouble.

Humbling yourself is far better.  You can know inside what you are capable of.  But do not take unfair advantage based on your looks or your brainpower.  In addition, never intentionally step on the toes of those around you.  It just creates enemies for you.  If possible, stay polite with everyone.

Playing tough or tomboy.  Many young women enjoy sports and banter with men.  They enjoy playing touch football, softball, volleyball on the beach, throwing around a frisbee, jogging together, riding bikes together, playing with a man’s dog, or otherwise just enjoying the company of athletic and outgoing young or even older men.

However, young women who do this end up raped, in almost every instance.  All the reasons are not clear.  However, it is just not wise, even if it seems harmless, so be careful.

One reason is that athletic clothes today are almost all sex appeal, so skip the halter tops, the tank tops, the slick skin-tight shorts and slacks, and the other workout clothes and workout locations like spas and health clubs.  These are often exactly the places where rapists meet their prospective targets.

There is also a certain lack of dignity about the workout rooms, athletic clubs and sports arenas that does not seem to work well for women today.  Remember, the tomboys get hit a lot, often when they least expect it.

Being a little too aggressive or “friendly”.  It would be nice if an attractive lady could just walk up to one man or a group of men who are having an interesting discussion or engaging in a harmless activity like playing cards, and just join in.  However, it is very unwise, no matter how gentle or sincere the men appear.

The same is true of walking up to strangers at bars, lounges, restaurants, college libraries, classrooms, auditoriums, theatres or anywhere else.  It is not that you will experience rape at that location, but you can be followed home easily.

If you want to join in with a group of male strangers, do it with a friend, preferably a male friend, and ideally carry a fake wedding ring and put it on.  This sounds phony, but it is safer.

Feeling sorry for people, especially men.  An old rapist’s trick is to cause a woman to feel sorry for him so that she does something she should not do.  The rapist may fake a limp, or lets one arm hang lifelessly by his side.  Then he gently asks her to open the door to his home or apartment, carry in his groceries for him, or he might ask for a ride home.  

He may fake a speech impediment, or mental dullness, or just unsteadiness.  It is all designed to throw a young woman off her center.  She decides to help and it all seems so nice until he is in your car, or has you where he can push you down.  Many women experience rape in this way.

The correct way to handle a sad-looking or perhaps disabled man is to find another man to come over and help the disabled-looking one.

Feeling sorry for women is less of a problem, but still dangerous in this way.  Many rape gangs work with women who fake illness or disability to lure in young women.

Fantasizing about sex or rape.  Some young women fantasize about rape with a gorgeous man who rips her clothing off and ravages her for hours.  Such thoughts have various sources, such as television, books and movies.  They can also be an attack that we call a virtual or electronic rape in which thoughts are broadcasted into your head electronically.

Do not think this way.  If such thoughts arise, observe them and do not continue them or indulge them.  Do the pushing down mental exercise daily and this can help control these thoughts.

If you either indulge rape fantasies (meaning play with them) or deny them too forcefully, this can set you up for rape.  You may send out silent messages that you are fascinated or even just “interested” in learning about it, and someone may pick up on this interest.

Also, if you meet someone who looks handsome and reminds you of your fantasy, you may suddenly go off guard.  This can make you vulnerable to seduction, or just not able to react quickly enough.

This is why sexy movies or videos, for example, are all very bad.  Unfortunately, that is most of them.  They are all about fakery, false romance, and often they are just stupid.  However, they are portrayed on the screen as truth.  Woman meets man and they live happily ever after - but it is all completely fake.

The same is true of sexy novels and even non-fiction, when written in certain ways.  Such reading or viewing material, sometimes called soft porn, evokes fantasy thoughts in the reader and is best avoided completely.

Hollywood movies and Broadway shows, today, are often stupid and sexy trash.  This is the sad truth about the movie industry, although it was not always so.  We hope it will change again someday.  Meanwhile, we suggest skipping most movies and shows.

Holding other impure thoughts and emotions.  When a woman daydreams about subjects such as penises, going around naked, or having sex with strangers, for example, she is more likely to experience rape.  Some men seem able to pick up the “vibration” of impure thoughts.  So watch out for this bad habit. 

We also suggest avoiding others and “friends” who think or talk sexy or dirty.

Many people, at one time or another, have impure thoughts.  However, wise women observe these thoughts and let them go quickly.  If you hold on to, wallow in, entertain, ruminate about or “research and experiment” with impure thinking and emotions, you are on the wrong road.

The worst thoughts, in terms of attracting rape, tend to be those of revenge, biting or cutting off a man’s penis, illicit sexual pleasures, or imagining having sex with a particular man just for fun.  Others are holding hateful thoughts toward anyone, opposing God and the Bible, burning a Bible, or even thinking malicious and punishing thoughts toward anyone, even a woman such as your mother or a sister.

In contrast, wearing a large cross is an excellent idea.  It is not a sure way to prevent rape, but it can help.  Rapists often avoid devout Christians and Orthodox Jewish people because members of these groups are more likely to report a rape.

Masturbating more than about once a month.  Occasional masturbation is okay.  However, doing it more than about once a month is associated with more rape.

Feeding your mind impure information.  This could include printed matter, movies, videos, audio, items on the computer or your phone, or even cartoons and jokes. 

Staying too sad or lonely.  One may say that this is not a personal decision, but we disagree.  A woman can keep herself busy, uplifted and even inspired through reading great books, listening to inspiring tapes or CDs, and other things.

If one is too “down” and “lonely”, it invites trouble.  One starts to believe that going out with just about anyone would be better than being alone, or that a little sex for fun is okay, or that a little undressing with a man to “experiment” is okay, and so on.  So beware of the problems with allowing yourself to become too despondent and depressed for any reason at all.

If you look too down and depressed, it also attracts a certain type of predator.  They feed on sad-looking, usually basically attractive young women by offering them comfort, companionship, dates, or just friendship.  The woman accepts, and it all seems so wonderful until the predator gets you alone or where he wants you.

Always guard yourself against this by knowing that you are loved by God at all times, even if you don’t believe in God.  You are totally loved, no matter what you have ever done or not done, and no matter how you feel inside.  You do not need the company of others unless it is perfectly wholesome and safe.

Allowing yourself to become too run down or malnourished.  Allowing your body to become run down or malnourished opens you to physical and mental illness, but also to “accidents” such as rape.  This will sound preposterous to some people, but we know it is true.

Eating candy bars and junk food, for example, will give you brain fog and you won’t be able to think clearly on your feet, especially in an emergency.  Brain fog can be corrected with a development program, in almost all cases, so do not despair if you are not thinking clearly.  Take steps to correct it by embarking on a development program, and not most other health regimens, which don’t work nearly as well, in my experience.

Taking good care of yourself is not a guarantee of safety from rape, but at least your mind will be sharper, you will be more alert, stronger, happier, and you will be less likely to be perceived as “prey” by rapists.

The concept here is that just as bugs prey upon dying carcasses and germs feed more upon sick bodies, rapists often look for “easy marks”.  These are women who look weak, sad, lonely, upset, or otherwise not healthy.  They are just easier to grab, to overpower, to seduce or to persuade.  This is a critical concept in rape prevention, in fact.

Sexual fluid craving.  Many women crave male sexual fluid.  This attracts many women to sex and, at times, to promiscuity, which greatly increases the chances for rape.  The cause is always malnutrition, which is almost universal.  For details, read Sexual Fluid Craving.

Disrobing anywhere, for any reason. Many attractive young women love their bodies, often because they are adored for them.  They often become distracted just a little when they undress, or even just change their clothes.

When young women change their clothes, they often focus on how lovely they are, rather than whether they remembered to lock the door tightly and to check to see if anyone followed them.  In this way, they take chances. 

Some also like show off a little skin, just a little, you know – for fun and excitement - and to make the penises rise a bit.  This is always unwise.

So watch out if you go into the woods to change into your bikini, which should never be worn in public, anyway.  A one-piece bathing suit is much harder to rip off the body.

Also watch out at gyms, health clubs, and spas.  These places are all best avoided, as they are often hangouts for sexual predators.  Be careful about disrobing or changing clothes at the beach, in the car, at doctor’s or nurse’s offices, and at studios or offices where people offer bodywork, massage, exercise classes, pilates or yoga.  For more details as to why avoid yoga, read Yoga.

Going with the wrong friends.  It is wise to avoid friends that like to hang out at bars, sleep around, talk sassy and sexy, make crude jokes, gossip - especially in a sexual way - and those who tease penises.  This can mean they enjoy getting men riled up, showing some breast or thigh to upset the boys, tickling the men literally or figuratively for fun, or to be a little cruel, perhaps.

Also avoid friends who love to talk tough with the boys, make crude jokes, ride on the boy’s motorcycles or bikes, sit with their legs wide open in front of men, wear their pants too tight and too short, those who leave their bra at home, or leave sexy clothing around a man’s house.

They think all of this is just great fun, and it is for a while, but easily goes too far, or it upsets the wrong man who sees what is going on and decides he’s tired of it and he will teach the girls a lesson they will never forget.

In addition, stay away from all hustlers, selfish types, arrogant people, and unkind or cruel people.  They are not worth having as friends, and they can get you in trouble.

This applies even to family members.  If a brother, sister, father or mother is this type, you are often best off distancing yourself from them, at least to a degree, if you possibly can.  They are not good people to have around.  Also, their friends or buddies are more likely to make trouble for you.  This is a very important principle.


Projection is an interesting psychological process that involves two steps.  The first stap is that one denies something.  For example, one might deny having illicit and violent sexual thoughts.

The second step is that one sends these thoughts out of one’s head to get rid of them.  Often, one attributes them to others as a way of avoiding the truth that the thoughts were inside of oneself.

Projecting in this way can contribute to some rapes.  The reason is that when one projects one’s denied thoughts, another person can pick up those thoughts and act them out.  This may sound very strange, but it happens.

Denying your goodness.  Some women do not just deny their violent thoughts.  Some deny their own worthiness and goodness.  This can be a setup for rape, as well.  For example, if you deny that you are a worthwhile human being, you may be left with thoughts of low self-esteem, unworthiness, filthiness or a whore mentality.

Though you may not realize it, this is what you send out to the world, and the world may send back messages or events that confirm your view of yourself.  So avoid denying and projecting either your sexy thoughts or thoughts of worthiness and dignity.

Instead, just observe all of your thoughts in a non-judgmental way, neither indulging them nor denying them.  Doing the Pushing Down Exercise helps you do this easily.  The thoughts will tend to slowly fade away.  Another way to handle this problem is to replace negative thoughts with healthier ones through prayer.

Mental extension.  This can also set one up for rape.  For example, a woman walks by a cute man and sends him the thought that she is really hot and why doesn’t he ask her for a date.  This is not projection because the woman did not deny anything.  She is just having fun mentally.  She often does not realize that some men will pick up her thoughts and decide to have some fun with her.

Men also often use mental extension.  For example, a man might see an attractive woman walking down the street.  Some men will send her the thought that he would love to tear off her clothes and have sex with her.

At times, a clever man can cause a woman to feel that these thoughts are hers, even though they are not.  This is one reason it is important to have a set of moral values that you always follow, no matter what thoughts enter your head.


At times, parents speak or act in ways that increase, rather than decrease the chances of rape:

Dress.  Many parents allow their daughters to leave the house dressed in sloppy or “slutty” clothing, insufficiently covered up, see-through pants or blouses, tight blue jeans, or other provocative styles of dress.

Footwear.  Many parents allow their daughters to leave the home in flip-flops or other footwear that does not allow them to run away or kick, if attacked.

The pill.  A horrible crime against a child is putting her on the birth control pill or patch because, “She will have sex anyway, and I don’t want her getting pregnant”.  This is a terrible insult to a young woman.

Crude, dirty, or sexy talk, and even cursing by parents.  This always teaches a girl or boy bad lessons.

Drug and alcohol use.  Some parents allow or even introduce their daughters to drugs or alcohol.  This should be a crime, as should using these things in the presence of children or all ages.

Emotional abuse.  Yelling at children, acting hypercritical, cruel words, or confusing a child often causes rebellion and hatred in a child that can lead to trouble with rape.

Modeling bad behavior. Some parents do this by the way they dress and talk, to eating junk food, staying out late at night, bringing home strangers for sex if the parent is single, or even playing loud and sexy music.  Parents also should not walk around the house unclothed or very scantily dressed.


            If a parent suspects that his or her daughter has become sexually active, there is a way to check.  The vagina of a girl who is not having sex is very small, even as she grows taller and develops sexually.  However, the vagina grows much larger as soon as she has sex.

            A parent, usually mother, can easily inspect the vagina once every few months, and especially if the girl starts behaving in unusual ways.  If the vagina becomes larger, usually your daughter is having sex or at least engaging in heavy petting or kissing.

The idea is not to spy upon your daughter or trap her in a lie.  The idea is to keep her safe.  Be sure to explain this to her.




            When America began in 1776, the nation adopted the British Common Law as her legal system.  This included the death penalty for rape.  This view of rape came from the Old Testament of the Bible.

            Soon after the founding of America, a few states lessened the penalty for rape, although it was still harsh.  It varied from seven years in prison to life in prison.  Also, the person was often whipped and sometimes exiled from the state.

            From 1777 to 1820, there were 139 recorded cases of rape in America.  Of these, 100 were punished by death.  Twenty-one were punished with prison sentences.  The others received whippings and/or exile.

            Until 40 years ago, some states in America punished rape with death.  In 1977, a US Supreme Court decision, Coker vs. Georgia, prohibited the death penalty for rape of an adult woman.  This decision was part of a trend toward light punishment for crime by the left-wing United States Supreme Court of the time.

            Since the time of this decision, the prison sentences for rape have been getting shorter and shorter in America and in socialist Europe.



A problem with many rapes is they are difficult to prove in court.  Usually, there are no witnesses, and many rapes leave few, if any visible scars that are clearly connected to the rape.  Professional rapists know how to clean up the scene so as to leave little evidence of the crime.

Therefore, it can become a matter of one person’s word against another’s.  This is not sufficient evidence, in most cases.

The difficulty of proving rape is one reason rape is such a common crime.  DNA evidence is helpful in cases of rape by a stranger, but is not helpful if the rape occurs on a date, between ‘friends’ or spouses, or even at a party where the rapist can claim that the person became intoxicated, for example, and desired or consented to having sex.

Also, some women “consent” to having sex because they are threatened in order to avoid something worse, such as being stabbed or shot.


One wonders why the punishment for rape is so light, when rape is obviously an extremely violent crime that leaves deep scars and can cause a woman’s death.  This is especially odd in Christian and Jewish nations where people read the Bible and should know the biblical penalty for rape.  Here are our thoughts:

1. Most societies do not value women’s safety highly enough.  We believe this to be a bias against women that must be corrected in all societies of the world.

2.  Lax punishment for rape is part of the liberal value system that has infected the nations of the Western world.

From this perspective, the real problem is the rise of liberalism, progressivism and socialism.  These doctrines oppose all capital punishment and often oppose all harsh punishment for crime.  In fact, some liberals wish to “normalize” rape, meaning make it a minor crime or not a crime at all.

Those who support and promote this agenda want society to be less safe and more animalistic.  They also want the people to be weaker and more diseased, which are the results of most rapes.  This way the people are easier to control.  They also want to set women against men to more easily control the population.  They must be voted out of office.

3. Some women and men are so horrified by rape that they do not want to talk about it in a rational manner.  This can leave the field open for the deceivers to step in and make the punishment far too lax.

4. Unlike some other violent crimes, one may emerge from a rape looking normal, rather than all beaten up.  The damage is hidden from view, so it does not appear to be as violent a crime.

Regardless of the reason, the rape laws need to be changed.  Rape should be punishable by death, or at least by 50 years in prison with no parole.  This would reduce the incidence of rape and save many lives.  This is the law in the state of Israel, but in very few other places.


One argument against the death penalty for rape and other crimes is that most criminals can be rehabilitated if we just spend enough time and money on them.  However, this idea is fantasy and does not work well.

In fact, when a rapist is incarcerated, he is often jailed with other rapists.  They usually exchange techniques and other “secrets”.  As a result, when the rapist is freed after just a few years, he is even more dangerous.

The police know that rapists rarely reform.  Once out on the streets again, they often rape again.


The erosion of private property laws in Europe and in the USA, in particular, may be a factor that increases the chances of rape today.   Rape may be considered an extreme form of trespassing upon or even theft of a person’s most intimate form of property – the body.  A legal and moral climate that does not support a person’s absolute right to privacy and control of one’s property therefore may incite or allow more rape to take place.