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The genital bath is one of the most powerful healing procedures imaginable.  It is helpful for overall health, and not just for alleviating vaginal, bladder, uterine and even prostate difficulties.




Overall benefits.  The genital bath powerfully spins all of the seven physical energy centers correctly.  This benefits all the energy centers and all parts of the body.  For details, read The Energy Centers.

1. Physical effects.  The genital bath greatly increases blood flow to the lower abdomen and genital areas of the body.  This is more if you use cold water.

This is helpful for healing all conditions affecting this area of the body.

For example, many people have some degree of what we call pelvic syndrome.  This is congestion and often infections in the pelvic area.  Common sites of infection are the bladder, urethra, labia and genitals.  For details, read Pelvic Syndrome.

There is also often structural tightness and congestion in this area.  Also, some people have trauma to the area from molestations, rapes, beatings and accidents.

The procedure may also help with menstrual difficulties.  The genital bath is helpful to resolve and eliminate all of these conditions.

2. Emotional benefits.  Women, in particular, report that the genital bath gives them a happy feeling.  It is like experiencing sex without all the problems associated with sex.  These are finding a partner, transmitting diseases, becoming pregnant, being embarrassed and humiliated, picking up toxic metals from menŐs sweat and sperm, risking rape, and more.

Men can experience this benefit as well.  However, menŐs genitalia are outside the body so they may not feel the benefit as much as women.

Women may also use a vaginal object to get this type of benefit.

3. Basic mental benefits.  The genital bath helps move subtle energy downward from the head to the feet.  This assists oneŐs mental control and power over the body.  In other words, when subtle energy flows upward, the body tends to control the mind.  When subtle energy flows downward, the mind controls the body. 

4. Social benefits.  The genital bath, by providing a happy feeling, helps some women to stay out of poor quality relationships.  This is quite a benefit for some women.

The happy feeling also assists with all social interactions.

5. Expressive benefits.  The happy feeling of the genital bath can help with expression, in general, and with work, marriages and other areas of life associated with the fifth energy center.

6. Mental benefits.  There is a correspondence between the first and second centers and the sixth and seventh centers.  The genital bath directly affects the first and second centers and, by correspondence, affects the upper centers.

7. Subtle energy and development.  By helping to focus a person downward, the genital bath helps one move subtle energy downward.  This is the proper movement of energy through the body and it causes development and healing.

It also helps spin the lower dantien faster, which assists healing in the entire lower part of the body.  For details, read The Dantiens.

The genital bath also helps open the central channels or in acupuncture, the Conception Vessel.




The basic idea is to splash water just on the genital area.  To do this, one can wear a shirt, as the water will be directed only at the genital area.  Two ways to do the procedure are:

1. Sit down in the shower.  You will need a shower massager for this.  Turn on preferably cold or cool water.  Either hold the sprayer and direct the spray to the genitals, or place the sprayer in its holder and sit underneath it to the spray hits the genital area.

Ideally, use the pulse position on the shower massager.  If this position is too stimulating, use a more gentle spraying option.

We formally recommended doing this procedure for only 10 minutes per session.  However, for some purposes, it is better to do it for 20 or even 30 minutes per session.

2. Sit on the side of a bathtub facing into the bathtub or sit on a stool placed in the bathtub.  Use a washcloth or a shower massager to splash cold water on the genital area only, (not on your entire abdomen).

3. Other.  One can do the procedure standing up, but this is not as relaxing and for this reason it may not be as effective.  One can also do the procedure while lying down, and this is fine.


Temperature.  Formerly, we wrote that the water must be cold.  However, we are finding that the procedure also works with tepid or even warm water.  However, cold is better if you tolerate it.    

How often.   You can repeat the genital bath procedure up to seven or eight times daily.

The genital bath can be used forever, we believe, with no ill effects.




            So far, the genital bath is very safe.  It is a very ancient natural health care hydrotherapy procedure with a long history of safety.

Children.  The genital bath is safe and very helpful for children.

Elderly.  Thus far, anyone can do the genital bath safely.

Lactation.  The genital bath is safe while breastfeeding.  In fact, it is helpful for mother and child.

Menstruation.  One can do the procedure during the menstrual period without any problem.

Pregnancy.  We do not believe there is a problem doing this procedure during pregnancy.  However, we will research this and add our findings to this article.






The genital bath is one of the development low body procedures.  This is a group of procedures, each of which seems to be very helpful for healing and development.  For details, read The Low Body Procedures.




The genital bath is one of the procedures that can be done while one is bathing the body.  One can sit down comfortably in the shower and aim the water spray at the genital area.  While doing this, one can bathe the entire body.  Combining procedures is very helpful to save time.



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