by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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Brainwashing is the systematic, and always violent, but not always conscious, distortion or conditioning of the mind of a person for selfish or other harmful purposes using operant conditioning.




This is a core article on this website because our research is that everyone on earth has experienced some degree of brainwashing from the alien group we call the rogues on this website.

Without understanding this group and their influence on our world, you will not understand many world events and situations.

Is this just conspiracy theory?  No.  Nor is it just paranoia.  It is the truth.




This website explains that there has existed on earth for about 10,000 years or longer a group of aggressors and invaders who are not from this world.  They are very clever, very technologically advanced, and very brutal in their methods of brainwashing and control.  As a result, they have had an extremely powerful influence on world events for thousands of years.

We call this group the rogues and explain them clearly in the article, The Rogues, and others.  The Bible calls the same group Satan.

They use very advanced brainwashing to control many of our leaders, and many others on our planet.  For details, read Rape, The Rape Planet and Beatings.

The rogues have also turned the internet, the education systems of the world, the entertainment industry and others into brainwashing tools.

For example, the internet search engines now censor and block articles that are critical of vaccines, articles that discuss the massive cheating in our elections, some articles that praise religion, and some articles about health.




I suggest that everyone rent or view the movie, The Manchurian Candidate (1962), starring Angela Lansbury.  It will teach you a lot about brainwashing, and about how our world really works today.

There is also an older film about a Russian KGB training camp for young women.  I do not recall the film’s name.




The main reason is this is the only way to understand events in our world.  It is also needed to understand yourself.  It also helps explain some of the reasons for the development program and why it helps many people heal.


- In a milder way, this is what is happening to your children if they go to school.  It is a critical reason to educate children at home today, if at all possible.  For more problems with the school system, please read The School System.


- It also occurs at almost all colleges today.  It is a critical reason to stay away from most colleges, even religious ones, especially for women.  Much better to go to college on line, if needed.  For more, read The College Trap on this site.


- This can occur in dating situations.  It can be especially harmful for teenagers and young women in their twenties.  For details, read the Dating and Rape articles.




Prisoners.  In a prison setting, one person has all the power and often a lethal weapon, while the other person is locked up and perhaps starving.  Brainwashing is very easy under these conditions.




Juries.  Some attorneys and even judges are quite adept at manipulating the minds of the jurors.  The way this is done is:

1) The attorney disqualifies and gets rid of all prospective jurors who seem to have a mind of their own and would be uncooperative

2) Specific words, phrases and actions are used during the trial to condition the jurors

3) During the closing arguments, just before the jury goes in to deliberate the case, the attorney will return to his cue words or themes to reinforce the brainwashing he has hopefully done on the jury.

4) Later, when the jury is deliberating behind closed doors, some jurors may find, for instance, that they just cannot return a guilty verdict because it makes them strangely uncomfortable, even if the facts are clear.  They do not realize they have been conditioned or brainwashed during the trial by a skillful defense lawyer who has, with his voice, or his look, or something else, associated stress or pain with a verdict of guilty.

5) Skillful attorneys and even judges can even sometimes hypnotize and brainwash witnesses, policemen, and others involved in the case by planting false evidence and hundreds of other tactics.

This fine art is practiced all of the time by slick attorneys and even some judges.  To prevent it, the practice of allowing attorneys to throw out jurors they don’t like must be stopped immediately.  It is often the only safeguard.  Televising the trial is helpful, too, as the attorneys may be caught in the act so they may tone down their rhetoric.


Bureaucrats and bosses.  These people can often condition employees or those under them using standard brainwashing methods.  Here no one is locked up or facing starvation. 

However, the victim is the one who wants to keep his or her job, so the bureaucrat can often easily employ a reward and punishment system to control the lower level person’s behavior.  It can be as simple as giving promotions to those who “cooperate”, or it can involve subtle intimidation, threats of censure, giving the best assignments to those who cooperate, and so on.

Bureaucrats also often do this to their clients or customers.  An important advantage of a capitalist economy over a socialist, bureaucratic economy is that the customer has more choices.  This way, if a customer feels he has been treated badly, he simply patronizes someone else. 

This tends to greatly reduce the power of the bosses and bureaucrats to mistreat clients.  In socialist nations, the people have no other choice than the government health care, welfare, food stamp programs, so abuse is rampant.

Reversal.  Now and then, the underlings, employees, and even customers learn how to brainwash the boss, the store owner or their leaders, with skillful use of the same techniques.  This definitely occurs, as well. 


Parents and Children.  Children are very dependent upon their parents, so they make easy targets of brainwashing.  In fact, some of the worst hypnosis and brainwashing occurs in families.  It varies in severity and might just be simple conditioning of the child to act or speak in certain ways.  Too often, it is far worse and involves beating, humiliating, embarrassing, and raping children at a young age.  This is especially the case in Russia and the Middle Eastern nations.

At times, clever children turn the tables and effectively train their parents to do exactly as they child wishes by throwing temper tantrums and other tactics.  Such children often have a hard time as adults because adults are harder to manipulate using temper tantrums.


Students. Grading, special favors, put-downs and other methods are used in most schools to punish and reward certain behaviors and ideas.  The horrendous effects often last a lifetime.

Millions learn in school, for example, that they are inferior, stupid, incompetent, untalented, uncoordinated, ugly and failures thanks to careless or intentional brainwashing by teachers who are usually themselves brainwashed.

Students also learn not to be creative, not to question authority, not to do things differently from the accepted way, and so on in most schools today.  Secretly, they fear punishment and humiliation that occurred when they were in school years before.  That is how effective the “training” is in most schools.

This is why some people never learn much as adults.  Schooling has been associated with pain and suffering.  This syndrome affects millions around the world and stunts their intellectual growth.  It is why home schooling and learning from computers, while perhaps unorthodox, is often much better.

At the professional level, this problem commonly causes doctors, attorneys, counselors and others to develop a narrow-minded, and often cynical outlook and a stern resistance to learning new ideas and new techniques such as nutritional balancing science.


Doctors.  Doctors often brainwash their patients.  The patient (note the word patient) is at a great disadvantage because he or she is often in pain, frightened, does not understand illness, and does not understand medical lingo that is designed to sound mystical and complex.  Why else call joint pain “arthritis”, or call heartburn “GERD” (gastric esophageal reflux disease)?

Many doctors take advantage of this to reward patients who “comply” and punish those who ask too many questions or who do not follow orders.

A few patients know how to manipulate their doctor to get more drugs or more operations.  So it can work both ways, but usually the patients lose.


Politicians. Politicians routinely brainwash their constituents.  They do this by acting in confusing and conflicting ways to create stress.  Then they reward those who vote for them with money or other perks such as construction contracts.  Politicians such as Adolph Hitler, Joseph Stalin and Mao Tze Tung were masters at using violence, threats of violence, well-chosen words, and rewards for the loyal ones to control huge numbers of people in really quite amazing ways.


Men and women. Brainwashing occurs all the time in the sexual and relationship areas.  A separate section below discusses sexual aspects of brainwashing.


More serious mass brainwashing.  The brainwashing described above is bad enough.  However, some is worse, carefully orchestrated by very sinister individuals and groups that exist throughout the world and who have billions or trillions of dollars at their disposal.  A well-known example is Mr. George Soros, who I believe is a man of this type.  He has several hundred media organizations and has spent countless millions of dollars to buy influence with the major media, according to a recent news story on television.  He implants suggestions, intimidates his foes, lies about his enemies and his intentions, and confuses the heck out of his readers and listeners with half-truths and exaggerations.  If one is not aware of how brainwashing works, it is hard to escape the grip of his media empire.

Dictators, by the way, often do this to their entire population by controlling all the television and other media, broadcasting lies and confusion, and worse by systematically starving, beating, raping and otherwise oppressing the people until they give up the fight and act just the way the leaders want them to.  This situation probably affects half of the population of the earth at this time.

Another group that does this in a more sinister way are many gurus, and cult leaders, including religious leaders around the world.  Their methods can be quite subtle and almost impossible to detect unless one has a firm grip on reality and can catch them in their lies and their methods of twisting the truth.

While it occurs across the political spectrum, today liberals and leftists in America and Europe are among those who understand these techniques the best.  Many have been traumatized by it themselves as children, and they seem to understand how to do it to others.  They target the young and the uneducated, and constantly love to stir up trouble to further their own ends.

Sinister groups often use environmental issues, for example, to stir up and frighten people.  Then they use these same gullible types to further their own usually socialist and communist agendas.  It does not matter that the behaviors they seek have little to do with environmental problems.

Those behind the scenes have no scruples, are extremely angry underneath their smiles, are totally cynical and power hungry in most cases, and will say or do anything to stay in power and to confuse, upset and therefore subtly torture their populations in an effort to control them, use them and vampirize them, meaning steal some energy from them.  Many have done it for so long they have little idea of the harm they do or how they do it.  Yet these are among the most effective brainwashers.

If you try to make sense of their arguments, you will become confused, and that is the intent.  If you try to argue with them, you will lose or become frustrated, and again that is the intent.  Their logic is not sound, but they are usually very glib and intellectually so brilliant and convincing, that average people who listen to them do not stand a chance of learning the truth. 

The brainwashers mix little lies that change the meaning of words and ideas, and these are very hard to detect for anyone except one thoroughly trained in this subject or one who has an excellent coach to check every statement the brainwashers make.  They will torture and twist a person until the person agrees, and then the person is rewarded in subtle ways and they are hooked, unless they can be deprogrammed, literally, by another force of greater magnitude.  This is how brainwashing works in everyday society.  The only defense is a very common sense approach to life that sends up red flags at any unusual statements and just tunes them out.

I realize this is very different from the type of brainwashing many read about that takes place in prisoner of war camps and similar situations.  In these places, actual torture is used to break a person’s will and force the acceptance of foreign and untrue ideas.  Every means of physical, sexual, mental and emotional torture is used to destroy the will of another person.  Women and men are raped repeatedly, burned, prodded and so on.  This horrible violence is used by every spy organization on the planet, including the CiA and the KGB, to train assassins, sex slaves, traitors and spies.




1. Brainwashing requires an operator and a victim. The operator is an authority figure or the person in charge of the situation.  The operator must act in certain ways upon the victim, who by definition is not in control and not in authority.

In other words, brainwashing cannot occur between two equal in power.  If they are equal, then brainwashing will only occur if one of the people convinces the other that he or she is a victim and must do as the first person directs.

This means if you can stop being a victim, brainwashing often stops working.  It is a key to avoiding brainwashing, though it is often done so subtly that one hardly realized it.


2. It helps if the victim is unaware of the process of brainwashing.  In other words, it is much more difficult to brainwash someone who knows what you are trying to do.  This is why soldiers are often trained in brainwashing tactics, so at least when they are captured and forced to do odd things they will know why it is so and it may help them resist, though certainly not always.

I have read, for example, that some American soldiers undergo a little torture to train them what it is like to be brainwashed.  The hope is that it will help them learn to handle it better and avoid their giving in too easily.


3. An important step in brainwashing is the operator applies some kind of stress, such as pain, on the victim.  This may go on for a few minutes or it can be done slowly for years to achieve the desired outcome.  The word pain or stress can be of many types, such as:


Į  Actual physical violence or pain.  This is used in cults, prisons, rapes, and other common situations.  Torture is “standard practice” in some nations if a person is arrested, for example, and the captors need a confession or are just in the mood for some fun with the female victim.
            Methods include rape, one of the best to condition a person, or starvation, or inflicting loss by knocking out teeth, cutting off a finger, or painful sodomy that ruins the anal sphincter for life.  Generally, women are raped in front, while men are raped in back, although both men and women are often “penis-whipped”.
            Other common methods are freezing a person, depriving a person of sleep or water, forcing a person to eat feces, dirt or pieces of glass, removing all the clothing and beating the person, especially the genital organs.  Still other common methods are defecating or urinating on a person, letting rats, mosquitos or other animals bite the person until they bleed all over, applying electrical shocks to the body, pulling hard, stretching or even pulling off limbs or other parts of the body, burning the person with matches or a soldering iron, especially in the private parts, hanging a person upside down naked, shooting off guns right near a person, inflicting stabbing or other wounds, shining lights in the eyes, forcing a person to swallow knives or spoons, pouring scalding water in the mouth or elsewhere, or other tortures.

Į  Emotional violence or pain.  This includes just stripping a person’s clothing off and staring or photographing the person, yelling at a person who is held captive, spitting, insulting, humiliating or just confusing another person.  These methods are also used commonly in some cults.

Į  Mental torture, which involves threats, intimidation, confusion, embarrassment, deception and/or lying.  This may not seem as violent as beating or raping a person, but it can be every bit as bad in some ways.  For example, parents often lie to their children and their spouses, teachers lie, confuse and embarrass students with odd requests and punishments, corrupt politicians routinely lie with a smile while secretly oppressing the people, and salesmen and advertisers often lie or tell half truths to their customers.  It can be done with words, body language, body size, and other subtle means.


4. Applying the stress of torture reduces the victim’s adaptive energy or vitality level.  This is a must for all successful brainwashing. In other words, for the torture to be effective, it must upset a person’s life at deeper levels, not just at a superficial level.  To resist brain washing, by the way, is to keep the torture at a superficial level so the mind stays focused and functioning well.


5. At the same time, it is important that the operator reassures the victim that all is well, the person is acting normally, don’t worry about anything, and similar ideas. 

This is all a lie, of course, and it further confuses the victim.  But it is helpful so the person will not suspect what is really going on – namely, the slow destruction of the mind and perhaps the body.


6. We’ve recently found that during some brainwashing, the operative also implants devices in the subject’s brain that make forgiving and letting go of the trauma or incident much more difficult.  This sounds very high-tech, and it is, but it occurs fairly commonly on earth at this time.


7. Making the stress or torture of the brainwashing rather horrible, disgusting, humiliating or embarrassing in some way can help fix the brainwashing trauma so it cannot be easily removed.  This works because most people do not want retrace and process a particularly disgusting experience.

This is an important reason why rape is an excellent tool for brainwashing.  It is quite filthy, disgusting and humiliating.  Rapists know this and make it more humiliating and ugly by forcing the person to undress completely, lie on dirt or in filth, spit and urinate on the person, and much more. 

The person just wants to forget it as fast as possible, and usually minimizes it.  This is okay, but makes it impossible to fully retrace and process the event, and as a result the person never fully heals from a rape.


8. Ideally, the torture or stress should cause brain damage that affects memory and cognitive or processing ability.  The reason is the same as above – it makes it very difficult for the person to retrace and process the event.  As a result, the brainwashing lasts a long time.  The brain damage can occur due to beating the body, or just due to nutritional depletion.


9. In some cases, brainwashing works a little better if the person experience some pleasure during the process.  If the experience is purely negative, it actually has less impact on a person.  This is another reason why rape of a woman is very effective for brainwashing.  It does not work as well for a man because men do not experience the same pleasure from sex as do women.

Mixing some pleasure with the pain also further confuses the person and keeps some souls present for the attack, which is helpful for brainwashing.  This keeps the person conscious, which is also needed for some brainwashing.


10. At some point, a reversal takes place in the mind of the victim.  This is the real key to brainwashing.  In order to better endure or relieve the pain or stress, the victim decides it is not worth fighting the operator.  This is a crucial step in all brainwashing.  This point is usually reached early in the process, but it could take a few years to occur depending on the person involved and the type of torture.

For example, in school situations, it usually takes the public school system about five years (about fifth grade) before a bright, loving child is turned into a little parrot who does only what the teacher wants, does not think creatively, and becomes scared or ashamed of thinking differently than the operators, teachers and administrators want them to.


The Stockholm Syndrome. This reversal is sometimes called the Stockholm Syndrome.  It is named after a kidnapping occurred in Stockholm, Sweden.  A young woman who was taken captive, and beaten and starved, to everyone’s surprise suddenly began to side with her captors against the police.

What happens is that to relieve the stress, the victim starts to believe that the operator is his or her friend, instead of an enemy.  This, of course, is not true.  But it is a way of coping with the stress and pain that the operator inflicts on the victim. 

In most cases, this step or alteration of consciousness is totally unconscious, meaning the victim does not realize that the switch or change has taken place.  In fact, if he or she does realize it, brainwashing will often be less successful.


10. Once the alteration known as the Stockholm Syndrome has taken place, the operator moves on to imprint new ideas in the head of the victim, who is now more “cooperative”.

The operator then uses operant conditioning methods to implant new ideas or new behaviors in the victim.  Operant conditioning is a blend of fear, shock, punishments and rewards that are timed and intertwined in certain ways to upset, further unground, and alter the mind of the victim, and at the same time to hide the real process so the victims remains unaware.

Basically, the operator inflicts pain or suffering when the victim opposes or rejects the new ideas, while rewarding the victim when new behavior or ideas are accepted.  In other words, a series of rewards and punishments are timed properly to reward some behavior and discourage other behaviors.

There is much more to operant conditioning, in which the operator can associate or pair certain rewards and punishment with certain behaviors in more complex ways, but this is the general strategy.


11. Effective, brainwashing always involves lots of testing and often ways to reinforce the brainwashing or hypnosis.  The operator must continually check to see if the new ideas are taking hold.  Testing in school, for example, may achieve this goal.  It is not just the facts that need to be tested, but also the willingness of the victim to participate and accept the testing process.  Obviously, if the victim is not learning well, or not accepting the process of brain washing too well, then the tactics must be altered to correct the problem.

Deepening the brainwashing is done by repeating the punishment and reward sequences whenever the operator thinks it is helpful.  This can include such harsh methods as beatings and rapes, or simpler means such as recognition in school or even withholding and giving “love” or attention to a child.


12. Maintaining the brainwashing is done by causing the person to feel intense anxiety if he or she ever questions the “new ideas” that the operator has implanted.  This anxiety just seems to come out of nowhere if questioning thoughts arise.  This is one cause of so-called post traumatic stress disorder or PTSD.

 Since most people do not understand brainwashing, at this point most people will stop their opposition and fall back into their conditioned behavior.  This, of course, is the objective of the brainwashing process.  It means the operator has achieved control over the mind of the victim not just temporarily, but for life.




1. Soul loss.

2. Physical damage – beating, cutting, breaking bones, etc.

3. Mental damage – humiliation, embarrassment, staring, etc.

4. Powerlessness or loss of control – restraint, forcing with weapons or muscles, nakedness, etc.

5.  Some pleasure – tickling, orgasms, jokes, licking the body by a dog.

6. Intimate knowledge – name, address, family members, work location and type, birth marks or other.

7. Horror - prevents future processing that would undo the brainwashing.




Step 1. Awareness of the problem.  A first step, and the purpose of this article, is to become aware that operant conditioning has been used upon you.  This is often the most painful and important recognition.  In other words, your mind, with its emotions and thoughts, is not exactly your own, though it appears that way.  Rather it has been conditioned or used by others.

Allowing yourself to understand that you have been conditioned, however, can be a great relief.  It can help you understand why you are not happy, at times, why you may feel lonely, depressed, alienated and unsure of yourself.  It can help you to understand why some activities, people or situations cause unusual stress or pain for you.  This can be anything, such as money, schooling, a job, or interacting with the opposite sex.

You must allow yourself to realize that your mind is not your own and that it has indeed been damaged, somewhat like a computer that is not working quite right.  You may have thought the computer was okay, but that was just because the authority figures who brainwashed you told you so.  In fact, this is a key ingredient in brain washing procedures.  Part of the conditioning process can be to convince the victim that he or she is, in fact, normal or sane, when this is not the truth.


Step 2. Begin to challenge the brainwashing by reading, listening to or discussing new ideas.  Once the awareness is clear that you are conditioned, begin to focus on restoring your mind by ridding it of its false ideas and conditioning.  It is not that important, usually, that you know just how you were conditioned.  It is much more important to expose the lies you were taught and release them.

The essential procedure at this stage is to entertain new thoughts and attitudes that will necessarily conflict with the conditioned ideas.  You do this by reading this article, for instance, and perhaps others on this website.  By learning new things, it will help bring perspective and this, in turn, makes it easier to challenge long-held beliefs that may be false, and to move forward with your healing.


Step 3. Know that anxiety, shame, and other VERY uncomfortable feelings and thoughts will arise when you challenge your programming or conditioning.  Reading new ideas that challenge your programming will cause intense anxiety or pain that is designed to stop you from continuing the de-programming process.  The anxiety is designed to hold you in your brainwashed state. 


4.  Keep on moving through the anxiety.  The trick is not to be stopped by the uncomfortable feelings.  This is the most difficult and most important key to success in de-brainwashing or deprogramming a person. 

Eventually, the anxiety and mental pain will stop and you will be free.  But it is not fun while it goes on, which must happen if you are to get through your conditioning and be free.  In other words, it is essential to put up with the fear or anxiety, which is temporary, in order to break free.

Always use your tools, gimmicks and other methods to keep you moving forward with deprogramming.  Any therapies or procedures that might help you do this are good.  Specific therapies that may help include:


1. A complete nutritional balancing program.  This will strengthen, balance, support the body and the brain in many ways.  Besides increasing the adaptive energy or vitality level, can will help strengthen your will, improve your memory, speed up your brain’s ability to think and process, calm the nervous system, and much more.

In addition to the diet and lifestyle, the healing procedures are very helpful.  These are use of a near infrared light sauna therapy, daily coffee enemas, rubbing the feet and hands (reflexology), twisting the spine daily, and the Pushing Down mental exercise. 

We mention them separately as they can be extremely helpful!  Do not hesitate to do more of these procedures if you feel anxious, irritable, or otherwise out of sorts.


2. Exercising the will.  To de-program and to re-program yourself often requires strengthening the will.  You will need a strong will to keep on moving through the anxiety, and perhaps some physical or emotional pain that is bound to occur during the de-conditioning process. Just deciding to do a nutritional balancing program will help, as can other daily routines such as doing some mild exercise.

Also, do your best to avoid people, places, and other situations that weaken your will.  For example, avoid naysayers and avoid any activity that weakens your resolve, tires you out needlessly, confuses you, discourages you or depresses you.  I know this is not always easy, but it can be critical. 

You may be best on your own, for example, rather than in a relationship with someone who does not support your breaking your programming. 


3. Religious conversion as a counter-stress. Giving your life to God or to Jesus is a method of counter-stress.  One must surrender or give in, just as was the original trauma or shock. 

The idea is to become a “slave” or really a servant of a God who is presumably more benign than your previous master – your programming.            The benign master then “takes your sins away” and guides you to a safer, saner life.  This is one way to understand the sometimes amazing healings that occur in churches and at revival meetings.

Religious conversion does not, of itself, free you from all of your programming.  However, it can start the process of freeing you and it helps a lot.  It can also change things so that “programming” to God becomes a positive trait.


Invoking the Father energy as a method of de-hypnosis and de-brainwashing.  The Christian concept of the trinity, particularly the Father energy, is helpful to remove some brainwashing.  One of the roles of a strong father is to protect the children from evils of all kinds. 

The Father energy on planet earth is real.  This energy is a more yang type of love, of the type Jesus displayed, as well as figures like Moses and Abraham in the Old Testament of the bible.  One can invoke and pray to this energy and one will receive help in perhaps unexpected ways.


Is religious conversion just another form of brainwashing?  Some people accuse the Christian church or others of brainwashing its members with these techniques.  This critique only has merit if the religious conversion experience is not voluntary, which is rare.  In fact, the concept of undoing brainwashing and trauma by applying a counter-stress of turning one’s life over to God is frequently a very positive way of dealing with often deep and entrenched conditioning.
            After such an experience, one often talks about it in ways that might make someone suspicious that a new brainwashing has occurred.  However, instead of closing the mind and heart, it tends to open the mind and the heart, so I would not consider it brainwashing, but rather education and retraining the mind and spirit.

Satanic and other cults.  An exception is when a person joins a “spiritual group” that is, in fact, satanic.  Satanic means that it does the opposite of what it promises.  This is a characteristic of Satan, as described in the Hebrew and Christian Bibles.  This can deepen brainwashing. 

Thus, before joining a religious or other group, or giving over one’s life to any group or process, one should investigate rationally exactly who and what is involved.




Body work.  Deep body work such as Rolfing, emotional release work or very deep massage, which is similar to Rolfing, can be helpful to break free of brainwashing.  The reason is that operant conditioning often moves a person out of touch with the body.  Helping a person get back in touch with the body helps the person move back to reality. 

Also, touching specific places on a person’s body can trigger old memories.  Bodywork, in some cases, also helps one feel loved and attended to, and this is helpful.  Bodywork may bring up traumas to be released for other reasons, as well.


12-step programs.  Addictions are often a result of brainwashing.  Instead of facing the ugly truth about oneself – that one is not in control of one’s mind – many turn to alcohol, drugs, gambling or other distractions to deny the truth. 

The basic idea of the 12-step programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous is to expose the programming as much as possible.  One faces it head on with the support of others who are doing the same thing. 

This is a great help for thousands of people to move through the anxiety that always occurs when one challenges one’s operant conditioning from the past.  This is probably why the 12-step programs are a a very successful formula for many people.


A strong personality is required to break free of brainwashing.  Usually, only the strong in society are willing to put up with the anxiety and other unpleasant feelings that occur when one challenges one’s childhood programming.  These individuals are often our heroes who hopefully become wise leaders to help others break free of their conditioning or brainwashing.


Those who resist brainwashing.  In times past, those who did not succumb easily to programming by their parents, teachers and others were frequently beaten or even murdered as rebels, witches, and religious zealots.  Today, such people are still sometimes kicked out of schools, fired from jobs, and defamed in many ways, even though they often harm no one.  They just express their feelings and don’t follow the crowd.  Some would call them “politically incorrect”.

Real freedom of thought and initiative, while given lip service, is still not well accepted in modern human societies.  Traditional societies are usually the worst offenders in this regard, but the principle applies everywhere.




The elites versus the individual in society.  There is a clear and determined effort by a group of planners, whom we call the Rogues, to move the entire planet earth away from many traditional Western and Christian values.  These include the values of hard work, Biblical principles such as the Ten Commandments, honesty, limited government by a Constitution, and individual freedom.

This group prefers a society run by college-trained elites, based on a new set of political and moral values.  Among the new values are that feelings matter more than facts, homosexuality is good, truth is all relative rather than there being right or wrong, and nothing is absolute.  This value system is called “liberal”, “progressive”, and “socialist”.

This value system is ALL nonsense.  However, it confuses people and confusion is helpful to weaken people to make them easier to control and brainwash.  They have no use for Orthodox Jewish people and Christians who simply won’t go along with the homosexual agenda and the moral relativism agenda.

The rewards and punishments used today by the planners, as I will call them, are often of two kinds.  One involves messages that human beings are killing the planet.  I call this apocalyptic environmentalism.  This is a lie, by the way.  The earth is not dying, and in fact is in much better shape than it was 100 years ago when wood was the main fuel and building material and toxic chemical dumping was far more common.

The second area of punishments and rewards having to do with money.  Instead of rewarding effort and hard work, which is what happens in a free market, capitalist society, the planners hand out money through government welfare and other programs to those who go along with agenda.

Meanwhile, they impose fines or high taxes on those who don’t go along.  Oil companies, coal companies and other are labeled as “polluters”, and are singled out for even minor infractions of their myriad of laws, and others.

This has a chilling effect on all business activity since anyone potentially can be found guilty of using too much oil or coal or something else that they claim might not be good for the planet.  While the idea of punishing polluters is good in theory, it is taken to extremes for the purpose of upsetting everyone, especially the smarter and more productive members of society, who are usually also the wealthier people and the ones in need of being controlled, according to the planners.

Other, more sinister ways to control people today is for the government to take over their health care and their education.  This, of course, is exactly what has occurred in Europe and to a lesser degree in America, as well.

Another method is to pronounce dire consequences to our present way of life, all of which are lies.  I studied the work of Buckminster Fuller in the 1970s, as he was one of the first to challenge the doom-and-gloom “green” experts who said we would all be dead of pollution in 15 years.  Dr. Fuller turned out to be correct.  He said that humans are wise and the free market finds solutions for technical problems such as pollution, which he said is nothing more than a resource in the wrong place or time. 

However, the prophets of doom are out in full force these days, scaring people about every single aspect of modern capitalist society.  This, however, is mainly an old brainwashing tactic, since one must stress the people and upset them in order to control them.

The planners already control the “old media” – television and newspapers, mainly, another old-fashioned brainwashing method.  They also control the public schools through unions and other methods, which is why they vigorously oppose home schooling and private schooling of the young.

All tyrants take control of the media and education of the young for this reason.  Thus one should always be suspicious of anyone who suggests more government funding of education, health care, the media, and all schemes such as “net neutrality”, “fairness doctrines” and other government intrusions into basic freedoms of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of religion, and freedom of the press.


An old conflict that is coming to a head.  The battle for people’s minds is not new on earth.  It is just getting more obvious as the old order is fading, somewhat.  There has always been a conflict between the rights and freedoms of the individual versus the rule of elites who seek to control others.


The Republican Party model of society versus the Democrat or liberal, socialist or communist model.  America was to have been the shining light for the rights and value of the individual, personal freedom and Biblical values.  This is the essence of the American model of society, as written about clearly by the founders of America.  It happens to be the best cure for some forms of brainwashing and even hypnosis.

Things went well for about 100 years, but the elites planted the seeds of destruction in this nation, as well.  We will see if she can regain her values and her limited government in the years to come.




Roy Masters rightly points out that the same brainwashing methods used in prison camps are used by authority figures throughout modern society.  For example, one may rightly say that the hidden goal of all welfare states is to make the people dependent upon government handouts so that the political class can control them and therefore brainwash them much easier and more thoroughly.  In contrast, brainwashing citizens who have money, Constitutional rights, guns, and political power is far more difficult.

For this reason, when the state-run Soviet Union collapsed in 1989, the people had a terrible time thinking for themselves, and they still are having a problem some 20 years later.  They were used to lies and deception from the government, and had grown hardened to the brainwashing tactics that are commonly used in all closed or tightly controlled society.  This is a great hidden benefit of a capitalist, free market, laissez faire type of society - the people are generally far more healthy, vital and happy.

Brainwashing still occurs in the more capitalist societies, but the political class has a much harder time doing it so it happens much less.  This is also one reason why a free and competitive press, freedom of speech and assembly, freedom of religion, freedom to travel and free access to the internet are critical in society today.






Soul loss, weakening the body and making it more yin always causes entity attachment and possibly entity possession of a body.  This can be an important part of the brainwashing process.

All entities prefer a more yin and weaker body to attach to.  This is why making the body much more yang and stronger with a nutritional balancing program helps break through one’s brainwashing.  For details, read Entity Attachment And Release.




Sometimes these become confused.  Here are a few of the main differences:


Į  Learning and training are done with the full consent of the person.  Brainwashing always has either an obvious violent component or a hidden agenda component to it.

Į  Learning and training are often done by equals.  This means there is no operator and there is no victim.  Instead, two people come together to simply exchange information and experiences in a way that one instructs the other.  Brainwashing is always at least an attempt to control and manipulate another who one believes is inferior or less powerful.

Į  Brainwashing always involves a negative, nefarious or evil process.

Į  Training and teaching another person can involve controlling the student, such as teaching a person how to fly an airplane with the teacher at the backup controls.  However, with training the control over another is for good purposes, whereas brainwashing always involves degrading another.
            For example, soldiers are trained to take orders.  However, this is presumably to help save their lives, not to degrade them and hurt them.

Į  Brainwashing always involves inflicting pain and damaging another.  This is, of course, not the case with learning.

Į  Brainwashing always involves operant conditioning to instill ideas in another person so they will be recalled at a later time.  Learning and training may or may not use operant conditioning.

Į  Learning and training are usually designed to open, expand and strengthen the mind.  Brainwashing is always a process and an attempt that seeks to close, diminish and ruin a person’s mind.

Į  Learning often results in improved self-confidence and a higher vitality level.  Brainwashing can seem to improve self-confidence, but in fact always results in damaged self-confidence and a lower vitality level.  Indeed, raising the vitality through nutritional balancing science is often a necessary key to breaking free of brainwashing.




Brainwashing always:


1. Lowers people’s vitality level.

2. Stunts mental development, learning ability and creativity.

3. Reduces self esteem and self-confidence.

4. Causes incompetence, nervousness, irritability and fearfulness.

5. Ruins families and relationships.

6. Depletes a person nutritionally in almost all cases.

7. Seriously damages a person’s ability to cope with stress for all the reasons above and others.

8. Leads to chronic anger, depression, cancer, diabetes and hundreds of other diseases and disasters for people and society.

9. Many attempt suicide, and some attempt to kill or harm others whom they blame for the problem.


ADD, ADHD and Autism.  One sad group in whom this is happening today are bright children.  Many become labeled ADD and ADHD, and even autistic.  Some turn into rebels and delinquents, and many are depressed.  Rarely, one picks up a gun and often targets the school where the brain washing took place.  The child only understands that something went wrong in that school.  Preventing such events, and helping children to retain their natural curiosity, intelligence and initiative is one of the main purposes of talking about this difficult subject of brainwashing and hypnosis.


Attractive young women.  This group is also disproportionately affected by sexual brainwashing, rape, intimidation, threats, seduction, hypnosis and other horrors.  It is as if society has a prejudice against these often lovely women because they are attractive.  It often begins in the family with emotional abuse, inappropriate touching or even rape or incest.  The women are made to feel ugly, dirty, stupid and worthless.  This affects all of society indirectly.




These include:


1. Brainwashing always involves operant conditioning methods, while hypnosis may not.  Hypnosis involves relaxation first, which is the opposite of the stress of brainwashing.  Then it involves altering the deeper mind or “operating system” of a person in some way.


2. Brainwashing is often more superficial than hypnosis.  The latter usually depends upon very early childhood experiences, including even experiences in the womb.  Brainwashing may use early childhood experiences to inflict pain, but the method is not dependent upon early childhood experiences, and in this sense is more superficial.  Brainwashing can be very deep and complex, however, with the creation of multiple personalities, for example, each one layered on top of another.  This is more advanced brainwashing but it does occur.


3. Hypnosis does not need to be coupled with punishments or rewards to be effective or remain viable.  Brainwashing is always associated with stress and pain.


4. Hypnosis or brainwashing often work better on different kinds of people.  For example, a person who has been abused as a child is a better subject for brainwashing, but not necessarily hypnosis.  This is because the person has experienced pain and is usually running from it.  The threat or infliction of more pain is a more powerful motivator for such a person.  This is why cults, at times, attract people who have been abused more as children.

Immature and unthinking people make better hypnotic subjects because they are just not thinking about things very much, so it is easier to relax them and get inside their heads, so to speak.


5. Hypnosis is often a much faster process.  A post-hypnotic suggestion can be implanted in a 30-second TV commercial, for instance.  Brainwashing, in contrast, usually takes more time than this, and sometimes takes months or even a few years.


6. Post-hypnotic suggestions often affect the emotional level of the brain, while brainwashing is more about the intellectual level.  This is not wholly the case, but is generally so.




Fears and phobias are simply conditioned or reflexive responses to various stimuli.  They may be a result of brainwashing, but may be due to many causes.  Phobias often occur accidentally, for example.  If a child, for example, is bitten by a dog at a young age, the child might grow up terrified of dogs.  This is a type of conditioning, but it is not due to classical operant conditioning methods, as described above.  The child may, indeed, be “brainwashed” to be terrified of dogs, but it was accidental.

Brainwashing, as usually understood, is a very deliberate and precise process of altering or conditioning another person’s mind, in most cases, even if it is done unconsciously by a parent or teacher, for example.




Parents, in particular, but also teachers, doctors, politicians and anyone in authority will often unconsciously use operant conditioning upon their “victims” or charges.

I found in medical school, for example, that insane teaching methods are still used, although they make little sense.  For example, students and interns were made to work 24-hour shifts or even 36-hour shifts.  This makes little sense as a way to provide excellent patient care, but the practice goes on anyway.  When I would ask why, often the answer was that the senior staff member had to do it, so I must do it, too.  However, I later figured out that working a very long shift or doing menial tasks in school are ways that stress is applied to students for brainwashing purposes, even if it is done unconsciously or somewhat so.

Parents and teachers do this to children on a regular basis as well, though not usually in such an extreme way.  The child asks a question and instead of thinking through a logical answer, the parent or even a teacher will respond by saying “because I said so”.  Another common answer is “this is how we do things around here”, or “just keep quiet and do as I tell you”.

All of these non-answers inflict pain upon children’s delicate minds.  When the child goes along, he is rewarded by the parent or teacher.  However, if the child objects, the “punishment” gets worse until the child capitulates.  This is how a lot of children lose their center, lose their grounding, and lose their common sense by the age of 10 or even younger in some cases.  Then we wonder why people do not question authority and cannot think clearly about issues that concern their lives.


The sad situation in the schools.  Sadly, the unconscious or semi-conscious brainwashing in public schools often gets worse, with silly rules in school that mean little to the child, and a process of forcing certain knowledge upon children in an order or sequence that makes little sense.  The child is given no choice in the matter, and pain is coupled with objecting to “the system”.  This is why education around the world is not working well.  A separate article on this website addresses this topic in more detail called What Is Wrong With The School System?.




All of those reading this article have been subjected to at least some brainwashing as children.  Some of it is quite inevitable, even in the best of homes.  It is rare to find a parent who refuses to use punishment and reward to control a child’s behavior.  Parents who were treated this way generally just repeat the behavior unconsciously, or semiconsciously.

The only alternative to this is to sit and confront a child with facts, reasons and so on each time something is asked of the child.  This is ideal, but is not common.  As a result, almost all of us are somewhat conditioned in this way.

The hope for our children and the next generations therefore lies in our ability to undo or reverse our own conditioning so that we do not unconsciously pass it on to the next generations, reducing their vitality and joy, and continuing the vicious cycle of unconscious or conscious brainwashing.




Some people say that human beings are like an empty freight car.  In all cases, they are controlled by some force.  In other words, no one is really in control of himself or herself. 

The only choice is to decide who or what will be your master.  The Bible states this idea as “No man can serve two masters”.  The father energy is a master that is benign and that tends to undo many of the eddy currents that are set up by hypnotic suggestions and brainwashing.  It is therefore very helpful for many people.




            This discussion may seem far-fetched, but men and women routinely use classical brainwashing on each other.  The process is given all sorts of fancy names such as courting, flirting, dating, hooking up, or finding a mate. 

However, much of what goes on is very similar to, if not identical to the steps described above regarding brainwashing and even implanting post-hypnotic suggestions.  This is an important cause for divorce and other marital problems.




Cajoling. Here is a very common example.  If a man wants to get a young lady to have sex with him, he teases her, calls her, bothers her, pleads with her, brings gifts she doesn’t want, and so on. 

If she resists, he does it more.  He also tells her that if she will have sex with him, he will let up the pressure. 

In too many cases, she tires of the torture and finally gives in.  When she does, after they have sex, the man lets up the pressure on her for a while.  She effectively learns that if she has sex with him, he will leave her alone for a while. 

He has now “conditioned her” to do exactly as he wants.  She often will not realize that this is a form of brainwashing, since he will often tell her he is so “in love” with her, when it is all just brainwashing.


More complex brainwashing.  Some men further confuse the woman by mixing rewards with punishments or odd behaviors.  For example, a man might invite the woman out, but then embarrass her, hurt her feelings intentionally, or be rough in a sexual or other way.

Rarely, a man will even try using physical force or violence.  Women often do not realize that these behaviors are often planned and calculated to upset, confuse and irritate the woman until she gives in to his wishes.

At first, most women resist the advances of such men.  But after a time – perhaps weeks, months or even a year - a funny thing happens.  The woman may surprisingly “change her mind” and decide that the man is not so bad after all. 

She usually has no idea why this happens, so she goes with it and begins to “love” the man more.

What has occurred is the Stockholm Syndrome.  The lady has experienced a particular type of stress response in which she reduces her stress by ‘going along ‘with the brainwashing operator - the man, in this case. 

In this way, many men get the sex or marriage they want from women who don’t realize until years later, or may never understand, why or how it happened.  The woman often ends up extremely unhappy and depressed without a clue as to why she suddenly “fell in love” with this particular man.




At times, aggressive or just clever women use brainwashing techniques to intimidate, upset and therefore alter the behavior of a man with whom they want marriage, or perhaps just a sexual relationship.

Methods used by women usually include flirting with the body, teasing the man sexually in ways that frustrate him, disrespecting his intellect or doing other little tricks to upset his delicate ego.  When he “goes along”, she may reward him with gifts, making his favorite dinner, dressing sexy, or even having sex with him.

To relieve the stress,  the man slowly or perhaps suddenly finds himself “loving the woman”.  He usually does not understand this.

Once again, a system or rewards and punishments is set up that the other person is barely aware of.   One occasionally hears men say “I can’t live with her, but I can’t live without her”.  He is describing the Stockholm Syndrome again, but does not understand it.   Often such a couple’s dysfunctional relationship is unconsciously taught to the children, and the cycle goes on.

For details about how rape is used for brainwashing, a very important topic, ead Rape on this website.




An esoteric understanding of brainwashing and hypnosis is that all brainwashing is upward movement of etheric energy.  All healing and de-hypnotizing and de-brainwashing is downward motion of this same energy through the human body.  The reasons for this are quite technical.  An article on this website, Downward Motion And Healing, explains this interesting subject in more detail.

It is not by accident that a person who is confused is often said to be “mixed up”, “screwed up”, “messed up” or “fu….. up”.  A person who is relaxed and confident may be described as “calmed down”.   

These somewhat slang terms describe a feeling of motion of energy within the body that many people can feel.  The feelings may relate directly to the effects of brainwashing and hypnosis upon a person.




            All brainwashing involves setting up an alternative reality that stresses the victim.  This can be called a virtual reality because they share some qualities.  Both are contrived, and often both are set up with ulterior motives that are made as invisible or hidden as possible.  Also, because both are contrived, both are easily manipulated by the operator or designer of the reality.

            For example, a simple type of virtual reality occurs whenever one person lies to another person.  This is all that is meant by a virtual reality.

A more subtle type of virtual reality occurs in schools.  The classroom, as most people know, often has little to do with the real world.  Schools also set up artificial ways to evaluate people such as odd tests that also have little to do with real world success.
            It is no accident that many brilliant people such as Bill Gates of Microsoft, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, Buckminster Fuller and hundreds of other geniuses did poorly in school and often dropped out.

I found myself disliking college because I could see they rewarded silly or non-creative behavior, while punishing those who were independent thinkers who did not happen to go along with the ideas of the professors.

I am not so much blaming the schools and colleges for this.  It is just the fact.  Often, neither the parents, the teachers, nor the administrators realize fully how the schools create a virtual or fake reality that makes it extremely easy to brainwash the students with false ideas.




            Drugs and alcohol open the mind to invasion by discarnate entities and make it much easier to brainwash a person.  In fact, most brainwashing today that is done by the military, for example, involves powerful drugs to speed the process.

            The effects of drugs.  These vary, of course, depending upon the drug used.  However, they include:


Š           Dulling the mind.  This is one of the most important uses of drugs to literally dumb down the person and prevent rational thought and resistance to the operator’s ideas.  This can save months of time for the operator and is less messy than physical torture and other ways to wear down the victim.

Š           Lowering general vitality through toxicity or other means. This is another common use of drugs in brainwashing.  It is easier than depriving a person of sleep, or beating a person to reduce his energy or vitality.

Š           More specific effects. Some drugs excite the mind, while others alter perception, cause anxiety, cause horrible sleepiness, and so on.  Drugs such as Haldol, thorazine and others are commonly used for brainwashing.  These have just been found to help the process, while others are less helpful.


More on drugs.  The continuous use of even prescription drugs such as anti-depressants or tranquilizers are often used by operators to prevent victims from breaking free of brainwashing.  The drugs work by maintaining a lowered mental acuity level or by depressing the victim’s mind in some other way. 

Some drugs, such as LSD, mescaline, Ecstacy or others are claimed to have the opposite effect - to “open “the mind or “expand” the mind.  However, among friends and clients that have used these drugs, and some still use them, I have not seen this happen to any significant degree.

Perhaps they are more open-minded, and this is a slight benefit.  However, it is offset by the sometimes very toxic effects of these drugs on the delicate brain centers.  If they are “breaking free” of their brainwashing, it is unbalanced, and quite unhealthy and even dangerous for them.

Shamans have used mushroom extracts and other hallucinogenic plants for various reasons for thousands of years.  Here the situation is different, in that the drug is used in a context of a culture and civilization that understands the drug thoroughly and has a lot of experience with it.  However, I would warn everyone against using this method of unwinding or breaking free of brainwashing.

The effects could be erratic and unpredictable in Westerners whose bodies are different from the native people.  This is why I prefer nutritional balancing, a very solid, safe and perhaps slower method to open the mind and promote spiritual development.


Marijuana or cannabis.  Some claim that cannabis will expand the mind.  Once again, that is not my clinical experience.  Those who use this drug more than once a week, perhaps, are usually much less sharp mentally, often much less motivated.

It dulls the mind, in all cases .  None of this promotes health and well-being, even if it causes some pain relief.  While it may relieve pain, overall the effects are negative.

This discussion is important as more states consider “medical marijuana laws”, which are often just a back door way of legalizing pot smoking.




            Another article on this website discusses Energy Vampirism.  This is the phenomenon whereby one person can steal energy from another person by upsetting the other.

            This is related to brainwashing, in particular.  In almost all cases, the operator in a brainwashing setting is an energy vampire, sometimes called a psychic vampire.

The entire process of brainwashing is often intended to create easy vampire victims by thoroughly upsetting the victim in a way that will go on for years.  This is the main connection between vampirism, which is a pycho-physical-energetic process, and brainwashing, which is more of an intellectual and controlling process.

Hypnosis, by the way, is more of an emotional process, though it too is used by psychic vampires to rob people of energy.  For much more on hypnosis, please read Hypnosis on this website.




            In the past 50 years or so, electronic methods of brainwashing have been developed that are quite effective, especially against some people.  They are more effective against those who have a weak mind, a weak will, and those who are more ill, more nutritionally deficient and more toxic with heavy metals.  As this is a large subject, a separate article on this website entitled Psychotronics And Radionics discusses this important subject and how to combat it.




            The answer, we would maintain, is no.  That is why this article has been written.  Unless we see and understand the phenomenon of brainwashing, it will just continue to cripple intellectually and emotionally millions around the world.  Ending it is not easy, but it is slowly happening as people develop themselves spiritually and the truth becomes known.




            Ridding the mind of its programming, conditioning and brainwashing is often the single greatest key to tuning into guidance.

In fact, a goal of hypnotic suggestions and brainwashing is to separate a person from his or her own knowing, intuition, common sense and guidance.  It is as if everything a person thinks and even feels is always filtered or processed through one’s brainwashing.  This is sad but true.  For much more on this topic, please read Guidance on this site.




The Hebrew and Christian Bibles may be discussing brainwashing and hypnosis when they declare that “We are all sinners”.  This could be interpreted to mean that, to some degree, at least, our minds and hearts are not our own.  They have been altered and distorted or twisted by certain forces.

A somewhat similar idea is found in A Course In Miracles, a controversial, but interesting religious book.  It states that we are all perfect children of God, but we are all confused.




            The answer is no.  Torture is just inflicting pain of some kind.  Brainwashing is a precise mixture of pain and rewards that are timed perfectly to alter consciousness in very specific ways.

Torture is always part of brainwashing, although the torture could be very subtle, such as confusing a child with odd requests.  However, torture by itself is not the same as brainwashing.


For more insights about brainwashing and hypnosis, read and listen to the work of Roy Masters.  These are available from the Foundation Of Human Understanding, in Grants Pass, Oregon, USA.



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