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Human beings are similar to all the animals in that we are often guided by subtle odors.  Everyone has watched a dog or cat sniffing its way through the grass, for example. 

Most people also use smell a lot in their daily life.  However, unlike the animals, human beings often do not know much about what they are smelling.  This article is designed to help you identify common odors.  Knowing this can help:

1. Keep women safe from rapes and violence of other types.

2. Move you along faster on your journey through life.

3. Bring you love, careers, and much more.


Women, in general, are more oriented toward odors and more sensitive to odors.  This accounts, in part, for “women’s intuition”.  However, too often this ability works against  women. 

For example, a young woman might smell a very high testosterone man and think he is sexy, which he is, but this is not good for her.  She would be far safer and happier marrying a less sexy man who is more spiritual. 

This is how odors can mislead people and animals.  We all know that predators cloak their scent and those who wish to hunt animals use scent to lead animals to where they can be hunted, for example.

To use scent in a positive way you must first become aware that you smelling something, and you are responding to odors, whether you are conscious of them or not.  Then, and only then, you can decide what to do about your insight or discovery based on scent.

To help with this, here are some of the common human body odors.




1. Pleasant odor.  This is a good sign of decent health and usually decent attitudes and emotions and thoughts, as well.  Most people look for this unconsciously in others they work, live or play with.

2. Sour odor.  This often indicates fear and negativity of some kind.  Most people do not like to be around people with this odor.

3. Bitter odor.  This indicates bitterness, which means a vengeful and very angry attitude and often vengeful thoughts.  If you are around someone like this, be careful and preferably get away and do not associate with such people.  They are likely to stab you in the back, rape you if you are woman, or do something else similar such as take your money or your property.

4. Yeasty odor.  This is common in women.  It is related to a slow oxidation rate, copper toxicity, excessive anger and selfishness.  It can be found in some men, as well, but fewer than in the women.  It is somewhat like the smell of wine, beer and cheese, which are yeasty or fermented products.  This does not mean that anyone who eats cheese or wine is selfish.  However, if the person smells like this, it is an indicator of selfishness.

I would avoid such women as partners, as they often do not blend well and are too selfish for a good partnership.

5. Sweet and a little bitter odor.  This smell is called “dedicated”.  It is seen in some scientists and anyone who is dedicated to a cause.  It means the person is basically very good, but a little angry and distant because this is required to be dedicated to a cause.  I would avoid such people as partners unless you, too, have the dedicated mind and want to partner with another dedicated person.

For example, if you are the selfish type, you will not get along with a dedicated person.  The latter is often willing to sacrifice money, fame, or other things to promote his or her cause.  The selfish person wants none of this, so the two rarely get along.  This is how one can use odors to help decide whom to partner with in business and in life.

6. Sexy.  Women who are sexy smell like estrogen, which has a sweet, somewhat sickly smell.  The women may or may not realize they are putting out this odor.  Some perfumes duplicate this odor and are used to attract a mate or sex partner.

Men who are sexy tend to smell like testosterone, which is a “testy” and somewhat musty odor.  It can remind one of the smell of beer or tobacco smoke.  Many women love it and flock to these men, although most of them are not good men at all.  They merely have a lot of testosterone and look good and smell like “real men”, when they are not strong and good men at all.  So ladies, watch out for this one!!!

7. Foul or “shitty” smell.  These people are either ill, or they are sad and lonely.  This smell is common among some women, for example, who are lonely and don’t like it.  They think the world “sucks”, and they use this word a lot.  What does this word mean to them, you might ask?

It means that they want to suck their thumb, or maybe they want to suck a penis for sexual fluid (see the article on Sexual Fluid Craving), or they simply want to be an energy vampire and suck on others for money or “love” (see the article on Energy Vampirism).  That is what they mean. 

I would avoid anyone who talks this way, as they usually believe the world is a bad place where people just suck on each other.  That is not the truth about our world.  It is filled with love and giving and service, but they can’t see it for some reason.  So they just want to be like everyone else and suck off others like you.

8. Harsh odor.  This is seen more in some men.  It denotes a harsh personality, at times, with lots of male hormones and not a lot of love and compassion.  I would also avoid these people, if possible.  You will find them in bosses, at work, for example, among both men and some women, today.  They are tough and hard, and often good bosses, but usually not the nicest people.

9. Marijuana-like smell.  Make no mistake about it.  Some people love the smell of marijuana or pot.  It is a pastoral or grassy smell mixed with a cadmium or hard odor.  The grassy odor is a yin smell, something that everyone should become familiar with.

Sadly, this is a very bad combination odor.  The grassy smell is very yin, while the cadmium in marijuana is very toxic. I would avoid people with this odor at all times.  Most of them smoke pot, and even if they do not, they are often lazy and angry inside, as are most pot smokers.  Sorry to have to say that, but that is our experience.  Pot is not the answer to your problems, no matter what anyone says on television or on the internet.  Please read Hybrid Marijuana - A Bad Drug on this site.  Also please read The Marijuana Society And Nutritional Balancing on this site for an unusual observation we have made.

10. A chlorine bleach odor.  These people love bleach, often, and use a lot of it.  They may also swim in chlorinated pools or hot tubs, and they may drink heavily chlorinated water in some cities.  Chlorine comes out through their skin and gives this odor.  Chlorine, unfortunately, is a very toxic element, and these people are ill in all cases.  They may be perfectly nice people, however.

11. Old man odor.  For some reason, old men take on a type of foul odor as their health declines, usually with age.  They are sick in all cases, although many are perfectly nice people.  Women do not seem to have this odor as much, though some definitely have it.  If you want to smell it, go and visit a nursing home, particularly in a poor section of your city where the home is not cleaned as regularly.  You won’t smell it if they saturate the home with Lysol or some powerful disinfectant, but it is a common smell in nursing homes and some hospitals.

12. The hospital odor.  Hospitals often smell of disease and death.  The most common one is a cancer smell.  This is a somewhat nasty smell that you can almost taste.  Visit a terminal cancer ward if you want to experience this odor.  There are many other smells in different parts of hospitals.




1. Fruit.  Eating a lot of fruit gives one a fruity and yeasty odor, in many cases.  Recall that fruits are expanded ovaries of plants.  Fruit is therefore a very yin and female-oriented food, and this may relate to its unique odor.  The odor is sour and bitter, and largely depends on how much is eaten.  It is an unhealthy odor, in all cases.

A fruit-eating odor is different from just eating sugar, although the sugar content of the fruit or fruit juice definitely feeds yeasts throughout the body that cause the odor.


2. Meat.  Eating a lot of meat, or even a small amount of red meat, definitely imparts an odor to the body.  It is somewhat of a rotten odor and is due to meat that is poorly digested and therefore putrefies to a degree in the intestines.  It can be a strong odor if one eats a lot of meat, or if one’s digestion is weak.

This odor is common among Americans and some Europeans, who generally eat more meat than those in the Orient, for example.  It is not too important, though it is not as pleasant as some other body odors.  Oriental women, for example, find it very irritating.  American women are used to it and usually don’t mind it. Their fathers had it, so they are accustomed to men with this somewhat foul odor.


3. Grains. Grains should be converted to monosaccharides or certain sugars when they are digested.  However, many people today do not convert them well.  Instead of digesting, grains can ferment and feed yeasts and other organisms in the intestines.  This often causes somewhat of a yeasty odor mixed with a more yang odor because cooked grains are definitely a yang food.

This applies to bread, as well as to eating a lot of rice, millet, corn, pasta or other grains.  Most people need to limit (though not eliminate completely) grain foods due to an inability to digest them properly.  As their health improves, they handle them much better and the odor disappears.


4. Beans or legumes.  These are starchy, and more yin foods.  They also are difficult for most people to digest properly, so eating a lot of them often causes a somewhat foul and yeasty odor that most people are familiar with.

The inability to digest legumes properly is one reason I suggest limiting their use in the diet to only about twice a week.  The easiest to digest are often lentils.


5. Dairy products.  These are quite yin and often also cause a fermented smell, either because of the sugar content of milk, or the fermented nature of all cheeses and yogurt.  Butter has a different odor that is very aromatic and pleasant, in general.  Based on their odors, butter and cream are among the best foods for people.


6. Alcohol.  Most are familiar with the rather stinky and yin smell of alcohol.  Alcohol vaporizes easily, so the body removes it through the breath, and others smell it easily.  It also comes out through the skin, however, and affects the sweat.  It is a sick odor of a sickly person who uses this poison.  I do not agree that a glass of wine or beer is wonderful, as some nutritionists say.  While all foods have positive benefits, alcohol is one of the most damaging chemicals known to mankind.


7. Fermented foods.  These cause differing odors depending upon which ferments are in the food, and how much sugar is in the food.  The sugar serves to feed the yeasts and bacteria in the fermented foods.

Fermented foods are often touted today as being very helpful to improve the intestinal flora, and perhaps for other reasons.  However, our research is that many of them cause Aldehyde Poisoning, so please limit them.  Raw cheeses, yogurt and sauerkraut are among the best.  Kombucha Tea, for example, is quite toxic and harmful, even if it makes you feel good.  To learn more about these foods, please read Fermented Foods on this site.




This may sound unusual, but minerals have odors.  You may notice this during a nutritional balancing program.  For example:

1. Zinc and selenium – called the spiritual minerals – have a generally pleasant odor.  Zinc is sometimes used to improve a person’s body odor, for example.

2. Copper has a female, estrogenic or yeasty odor because copper overload in the body is highly associated with hidden yeast infection, usually in the intestines, although it can be elsewhere, as well.

3. Calcium has a chaulky odor.  Calcium is used in cement and concrete.  If you have never done so, smell some wet concrete to learn about this odor.  You will occasionally smell it on some people who have a calcium shell pattern, which is an excess of certain forms of calcium that are not too different from the calcium carbonate used in cement and concrete.

4. Aluminum has an unpleasant metallic odor.  This is hard to discern unless you live or work in an aluminum structure.

5. Lead has a definite unpleasant odor found in some people who were exposed to a lot of lead, and whose bodies are high in lead.

6. Mercury has a slightly fishy odor.  For some reason, mercury and iodine have an affinity for the oceans, and accumulate in fish, in particular.

7. Cadmium also has an unpleasant odor.  It is related to the odor of tobacco and marijuana.  Cadmium is a very hard and nasty toxic metal, and the odor is a kind of bitter one.  You might detect it in smokers.

8. Nickel has a mild metallic odor that is hard to identify without practice.




1. Fast oxidation in an adult.  Fast oxidizers who are fairly healthy often have a more musty or male odor, whether in a man or a woman.  The reason is they are usually not yeasty, as are many slow oxidizers.  They also often have higher levels of testosterone.  They are also more yang, a male trait even in a woman.


2. Fast oxidation in a baby.  This is normal and healthy and these babies usually smell fairly sweet.


3. Slow oxidation in an adult.  This is more coppery, more estrogenic, and more yeasty, in general.  This is particularly true of very slow oxidizers, who often also have a foul odor due to illness, impaired digestion and elimination, and an accumulation of toxic metals.




An older method of understanding odors is found in ancient Chinese medicine.  We don’t think it is the best, but it can be helpful. 

In this system, there are five major odors: sweet, bitter, sour, pungent and salty.  Everyone is a mixture of these.  However, one of the odors tends to predominate.

Each of the five odor types has advantages and disadvantages, although we believe a sweet odor is best.  Here is a summary:

Sweet:  This person is usually pleasant, easy to get along with, and kind.

Salty:      This person is often a faster oxidizer.  This is helpful in some cases, but not always.  Faster oxidizers are often more centered, more yang, and not depressed.  However, if the odor is very salty, the person is usually egotistical and somewhat uninterested in others, including you.

            Bitter:    Not too good.  This person may be ill and is often a bitter person, meaning angry and resentful.  Often this person has a higher cadmium level, which hardens and toughens the personality and the body.  Also, other toxic metals are usually present in greater amounts.  Cancer patients often have a bitter odor.

Sour: Not too bad if it is mild.  It often means a person is emotionally strong.  This can be associated with more zinc in the body, which is good.  However, if the odor is too strong, it often means the person is harsh or angry.  Yeast overgrowth causes a sour odor, as well, and is associated with copper overload and zinc deficiency.

Pungent or spicy:  This person is often more emotionally mature.  If the odor is too pungent or spicy, the person is often ill or very tired.



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