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During the past 20 years, thousands of women age 20 to about 35 have experienced and are experiencing repeated rapes at night that all have certain things in common.  Some young men are also experiencing sexual fluid removal at night that leaves them exhausted and diseased.

Articles on the internet about sleep paralysis lie a lot and are designed to confuse. They conveniently omit that this is rape, filth, pregnancy, disease and brainwashing.




The goals of the program are:

1. High-tech human trafficking.  The goal is to produce whores, agents and rapists.

2. To spread sexually-transmitted diseases throughout the planet.

3. To spread horror and terror throughout the planet.

4. To weaken families and marriages.

5. To brainwash people into doing the will of the perpetrators.

6. To further certain political ends by telling those affected they must vote for Democratic party candidates in America and liberal or left-wing candidates in other nations.


The women and men affected are strictly told not to talk about it or they will be murdered.




The ordeal begins with a daytime rape.  During this rape or after, the rapist places a small electronic signaling device in the back of the neck of the person. 

It is located on an acupuncture point so that, when activated by a radio signal, the person becomes paralyzed and cannot move or speak.  This acupuncture point and acupuncture anesthesia, as it is called, is well known on earth.

The rapist often tells the person to go straight home after the rape.  There the person finds that his or her home has been entered.  The home is tagged electronically for future visits.  Also, any pets in the home are implanted with the same anesthetizing device in the neck so that they can be paralyzed and not interfere with future rapes.  Usually, a simple dart containing an anesthetic is used to subdue animals in the home in order to implant the device.

The same rapist usually then appears in the person’s bedroom during the night, usually before about 3 AM.  The first thing he does is fire what looks like a small weapon at the person in the bed.  This is a fancy on-off switch that activates the implant and causes the person to be unable to move or speak.  The rapist then does the same to any pets in the home.  Then he pulls back the covers, undresses the person and proceeds to rape the person for about an hour.

The rapist often communicates telepathically with the person in the bed, giving instructions and answering a few questions.  He always does standard professional rape techniques such as pulling back the head and installing points.  To understand these techniques, read Rape on this website.

Pregnancy and filth. Women always report they are purposely infected with sexually-transmitted disease, and they often become pregnant.

Conditioning.  After about 10 of these rapes, which often occur about a week or so apart, she is ready as one of their agents and whores to receive orders to do whatever else the perpetrators want. 

For example, she may hear that she must go to a certain location where she will meet a man and say special words to him, and then take him to her home and have sex with him, or even kill him.  They may or may not know the man previously.

Secrecy.  The person in bed is told she or he must never tell anyone about the rapes or they will be killed.




While it may sound outrageous, the perpetrators of this science-fiction horror is a group that is not from the earth, although they have plenty of agents here.  For details, read The Rogues on this website.

The overall plan seems to be to take or retake political and social control of the earth through brainwashing, influencing elections, weakening people with sexually-transmitted disease, and destroying the fabric of human societies around the world using high-tech versions of old-fashioned methods of instilling terror and brainwashing.

The same group has been active for years on earth.  This is just their most recent attempt to control planet earth.




To keep the truth from the people of earth, and to confuse everyone through deception and “blaming the victim”.



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