by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

© February 2021, LD Wilson Consultants, Inc.


All information in this article is for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.


            This is a short manual for getting on and staying safe, happy, and healthy.




            1. SAFETY.  This is needed just to survive.  Safety touches on all areas of life.  It is about your school, lifestyle, job, hobbies, friends and social life, where and how you live, and more.

Safety is also an attitude.  Whenever you think about anything, first ask yourself if it is safe.  Whether it is to drive somewhere, meet someone, enter a college or program of any kind, do anything at all - always ask yourself if it is safe.

Many activities are not very safe!  Driving or even riding in a car is not that safe, so don’t do it more than necessary.  Meeting strangers, especially if you are a woman, is not that safe.

Hobbies such as skiing, skating, dipping in swimming pools and hot tubs (due to bacteria), and flying in planes are not that safe.  So try to think safety first.  It may sound boring, but it is worth doing.

Rest and sleep. Most people do not get nearly enough rest and sleep.  You will not get far on the path if you do not get enough rest today.

Many people do not sleep enough because it does not make them feel better.  They do not realize this is just a symptom of adrenal exhaustion or burnout.  The answer is not to sleep less because it is “a waste of time”.  The answer is to follow a development program that can restore your energy.

Millions of bodies today are like dead or dying batteries.  They do not recharge well at night, when one sleeps.  So people do not bother with enough sleep.  But this stops development, stops healing, and always shortens one’s life.

Shuffling.  Safety also includes shuffling.  This may sound odd, but be careful when you walk.  If you trip and fall, you can injure yourself a lot.  So walk slowly and do not lift your feet too much, as this can cause a fall.

It can appear to others as if you are shuffling, instead of walking.  In fact, you are being careful so as not to trip and fall.

Clothing.  This is mostly for women, who are less careful with dress and subject to unhealthful fashions.  Always dress modestly.  Dressing sexy always attracts the wrong kind of attention, no matter how much fun it is to dress this way.  Also, always keep warm, and always wear flat or close to flat shoes that fit well.  This is so that your feet are comfortable, and you can run fast if needed.

These are just a few examples of how to think about safety in your life.


2. A DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM.  Get on and stay on a complete development program.  This is required because the bodies and brains are not healthy today – none of them! 

Don’t fool yourself into thinking you don’t need it, or it is not worth the trouble or the money.  If money is very tight, do as much of the program as you can.  Take the supplements only once a day if that is all you can afford.  Everyone needs it.

              The other chapters in this article all relate back to the development program, and are part of it.


3. RESPONSIBILITY.  Take full responsibility for all your behavior.  This is critical for maturity and sustainability.  The world respects people who take responsibility.  These are the people who get the good jobs, the good husbands and wives, and who succeed.  There is no substitute for it.


4. SELF-DISCIPLINE OR SELF-CONTROL.  This touches all areas of life.  However, it is particularly important in the areas of food and sex.

Food.  Food and diet require self-discipline.  It is a must with all the junk food available in most places.

Stay with the development diet.  This means cooked vegetables with each meal, three times per day.  Don’t even consider a vegetarian diet.  However, eat animal protein at most twice daily, and only 4-5 ounces per serving.  Stay away from fruit and wheat, which we find are not good foods today.

Don’t make excuses such as that you are traveling, or that your friends don’t like it, or you don’t like vegetables, or you don’t have time to cook.  None of these excuses are helpful, ever.  Just do it and you will be happy you did.


Sex and relationships.  Limit dating.  Most is not safe for women.  Even if it could be made safe, one can lose sexual fluid for no good reason, so it wastes one’s life energy without earning you much of anything.  In other words, it is a waste of time (see marriage below).

Friendship is fine, but dating is usually about sex, not friendship.  Definitely do not date when you are in high school or even in college.  It is a rather stupid waste of time in which people stay up late at night, mix with others who are sick, pick up sexually transmitted diseases even just by kissing or holding hands, and it accomplishes very little or nothing.

Marriage.  If you wish to marry, which is helpful for some people but not all, look around at your friends, work colleagues and perhaps other acquaintances, to find the right person.

Some people use online dating services, and these can work, as well.  Just be very careful with this method to make sure you get to know the person very well. 

It is fine for a woman to suggest dating to a man.  At times, a man may just be shy and it is important for a woman to pick the right man, and not settle for whoever comes along.

Marriage is not necessary, but it can be helpful for development, so consider it.  A few people are ready to marry at 18 or 20 years of age.  However, most are not ready.

Your judgment is often not good enough when you are twenty.  We know this from speaking to many people.  In this case, just wait and relax, and mature before marrying.




5. CARING. This means taking notice of and interest in all people, all objects, all animals, all plants and other things as well, such as situations and events.

Caring is not the same as taking responsibility.  Caring is more about noticing and giving attention to things.  It is not about your relationship with these things, except to the extent that you take an interest in them.

Caring is related to a later suggestion to have an attitude of good will to all.  However, caring is an earlier step in the maturing process.


6. LEARNING.  This is most important in the areas of food and sex, activity and rest.  It is needed to support all the other steps above.  However, it must be more than this, and it must be the right kind of learning.  For example, it does not mean going to college!  Here are some examples of right learning:

The Bible.  This book is the entire basis for Western society.  It is the basis for our legal system (The 10 Commandments of Moses), and it was the basis for our education system, when it functioned well.  Read both the Old and the New Testament of the Bible. 

If it is too much to read, at least read the articles on this website about the Bible.  The most important of these are:


The Bible As Society’s Guide

Biblical Lessons About Health

Serving God To Oppose Brainwashing

Christian Thinking And Its Power

Feeling Connected To God

God – How He  Works

Prayer – Its Importance And How It Works


The Cardinal Sins And Development

The 23rd Psalm – An Interpretation Of It

‘Thy Will Be Done’ And What It Means

The Ten Commandments And Their Importance Today

Circumcision And Its Relevance Today

The Merkaba and Merkaba Science

The Kosher Laws And Why Many Make Sense Today

Why Not Homosexual Marriage?


              Read this website.  Some of the best learning right now is to read this website.  It is getting broader in its coverage of different topics, from physics and relationships to health.  It is also more truthful information than most college catalogs contain.  It is definitely better than surfing the internet for hours, or reading the news at most news sites.

            Biographies.  Another good type of learning is to read biographies of respected and wonderful people.  These will inspire you.  Often, the finest people did not start out happy, healthy or privileged in any way.

So read biographies to be inspired.  This website has a few articles about people and groups who have inspired me, such as Inspiration, The Cancer Pioneers, Nikola Tesla, R. Buckminster Fuller.  Others are Bushmen Of The Kalahari and The Mutant Message From Down Under.  More are in the Biography Section of the Read Articles page.

Science.  Read about science, as well.  However, beware that a lot of science is either wrong or changing.  I suggest articles on this website entitled The Ether Theory Of Gravity, Development Theory, plus the many articles about health, wellness and nutrition.

Always remember the Biblical idea: “Seek and you shall find”, “Ask and it shall be given”, “Knock and the door shall be opened”. 

So whatever you want to know – ask for it in prayer, sincerely and constantly, and it will be shown to you.


7. CLEANLINESS.  This is an aspect of safety, and extremely important. 

Infections. Most people do not realize that many things we do and touch and have are quite infected with bacteria, viruses, parasite eggs, and more.  These easily find their way into the body and cause disease.  Make no mistake about it – infections kill - even if it takes years.

              The mass media and the doctors spread the lie that they can cure most infections.  It is not true!  Their antibiotics work on some bacteria, and that is all. 

Today, there are more and more antibiotic-resistant bacteria.  Also, the antibiotics are so toxic they are almost as bad as some infections for the body.

There are also many viruses, which medicine has few answers for, and which kill every bit as much as the bacteria.  So don’t believe their lie.  Their current methods are not sustainable.

Also, don’t believe the natural healers who say they can cure anything with oregano oil, colloidal silver, grapefruit seed extract, or other natural products.  That is not true, either.

            We find the only way to get rid of most infections is to strengthen the entire body, which can take several years.  We do love the use of hydrogen peroxide such as the Vaginal Peroxide Implants. 

The brain.  Many infections spread easily through the body and end up in brain, where they affect one’s thinking and one’s longevity.  So try to be careful – much more careful than the average person – about where you go, what you touch, whose air you breathe, where you eat, and with whom you are intimate or even friendly.

There is an opposite culture that teaches that a little filth is fine, and fun.  Try to avoid this philosophy and these people.  Know that this attitude is a death attitude, the opposite of where you are going.




8. GOOD WILL TOWARD ALL.  This is a key to a long and healthy life.  Wish everyone well and you will benefit.  Do not hold grudges and resentments.

Also, do not hate anyone or anything.  This does not mean to “love” everyone when they are crazy, cruel, mean, or nasty.  It means do not make a fetish out of hating and disliking anything or anyone.

Good will or loving kindness toward everyone also means do not cheat and steal.  Many people do this, thinking it does not matter, or that everyone does it a little, or who cares.  None of these attitudes are helpful or true.

Realize that at some level we are all one in this world.  Also, nothing is hidden from God or the angels, so your little ploys are being watched, and you are judging yourself for them, as well.  It is not worth it.

If you feel you must lie and steal just to stay alive, that is sad.  In this case, try to change your life - whom you are with, where you live, or something else so you do not have to live a lying and cheating existence.

Also, do not mooch off the government. Some leaders encourage this attitude of laziness, cheating and “living off the rich”.  Don’t fall for it.  It is not wise.

If you must get unemployment insurance, government food stamps or disability payments, stop them as soon as you can.  You will feel better.  Turn in your food stamps as soon as possible, rather than think you “deserve them” for some reason, or some other excuse for taking handouts that the nation really cannot afford.

An exception to this at this time is that if you need to stay home to do the development program, then accepting government help is okay and even good.


9. HAPPINESS.  You must decide to be happy.  Also, decide to be grateful and full of love and faith.  All of this is happiness.

Happiness is a decision first.  Always remember this.  It is a decision and a commitment to follow through on your decision and stick with it, no matter what.

Happiness is not having a million dollars, a big car, a lot of friends, or a lot of sex.  None of these bring happiness, in fact.  Happiness is first a decision.  Abraham Lincoln, a man worth reading about, once said, “A person is about as happy as he or she decides to be.”

This sounds incredible to some who are weekend warriors and fair weather people.  They depend on the right circumstances around them in order to be happy.  Don’t be like them.  Be happy, no matter what.  It works.


10. LOVE THE SELF.  This is another important concept if you wish to live a long life.  You must come to love yourself, no matter how you feel, how smart or stupid you are, how beautiful or ugly you are, and no matter what is going on in your life.

Loving yourself means that you accept yourself.  It does not mean you indulge yourself.  It means you accept yourself as you are, although you are working to improve yourself.  It does not mean you are satisfied with the way you are, but it means you accept yourself, you embrace yourself, and you love your self.


11. RELAX AND THINK LONG-TERM.  Relaxing and thinking long-term are similar, in the sense that one must not become too caught up with events in the present.  Instead, realize that all things change, and “this too shall pass”.

This statement is not always true.  However, it is important to relax and remain relaxed as much as you can to heal the body and brain, and thinking long-term is one way to assist this process.

Another way to say this is that you can learn to outlast your competition, your enemies, and other obstacles in your way.  This is not just a theory!

If you live longer and are healthier than they are, you will indeed outlast them.  They will be retiring and dying when you are just getting going.  You will have to see this for yourself, but it works.


12. GIVE SERVICE. This is related to the earlier section about good will toward all.  If you really care about people and about your world, you will naturally want to be of service to others.  It actually comes naturally.  Living a selfish life becomes much less interesting if you are going to live a long time.

            The type of service you do is less important than the idea of being of service.  You can own a business, or work for someone else, or help out friends, or volunteer somewhere, or do research, be a parent, or do a hundred other things.

The main point is to think in terms of service.  Whatever you do, think of it as your service, not just as a career, a job, a way to make money, or something to fill your time.  This is the key to this aspect of the manual.




            It often helps one to understand something by considering its opposite.  The opposite of this sustainability manual is found in some common statements one hears:


1. “Rest and sleep when you’re dead.”

2. “You only live once.”

3. “The doctors will take care of my health.”

4. “It is better to burn out than to rust out.”

5. “Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we may die.”

6. “I’m paying for medical insurance, so I might as well visit many doctors and take their drugs.”

7. “Let’s get ‘wasted’ for fun.”

8. “I just want a pill to feel better.”

9. “A little filth is good.”



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