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Definition of Ether

Basic Physics

Word Confusion



Who Proposed The Ether Theory?





1. Intrinsic Ether

2. Environmental Ether

3. New Ether



Which Foods Have The Most Ether?


Which Foods To Eat Raw

Ether Vampires

What Does Ether Do In The Body?





Definition.  Ether, as used in this article, is a general term for certain high-vibration molecules.

Ether cannot be seen with human eyes because it is not very dense.  As a result, some scientists deny its existence, while others accept its existence.


Word confusion. The word ether in this article is not the same as the word used to describe one of the subtle human energy fields called the etheric body.  The latter is an electrical field surrounding every human being and animal.  It has nothing to do with the ether described in this article.




There are two beliefs about ether in the world of physics.  One belief is that there is an ether (sometimes spelled aether) that permeates all of space.

The other belief is that there is no ether.  This is based on an experiment by two scientists, Michelson and Morely.  They claimed to have proven that there is no ether.  However, there were problems with their experiment, so really it proved nothing.

This article takes the position that there is an ether.  It is a simple position, but it explains many things in space and on earth, from gravity to certain strange anomalies in space.

To repeat the theory, it is that there is an ether or substance in a plasma state, that permeates all of space.


Relationship to nutritional balancing. The idea of an ether is mentioned in other articles on this website in relation to nutritional balancing science.  Examples are:


- Higher-etheric foods

- Higher etheric food supplements

- Intrinsic etheric energy we are born with.

- Environmental etheric energy we get from our food, water and air, and by cooking food.

- The idea of bringing in new etheric energy using the Pushing Down Mental Exercise.  These are discussed later in this article.




Many scientists have expressed interest in this theory for several hundred years.  Unfortunately, Albert Einstein, during his lifetime, did not subscribe to this theory, and he has influenced many scientists for the past 100 years or so.  Below is the basic explanation.




1. The theory says there is an ether or set of tiny chemical particles that fill all of space.  It is not visible and it is difficult to measure.  It is so fine, for example, that it passes right though our bodies undamaged.  It also passes through all solid matter without a problem.

              2. This ether obeys the same laws as other sets of particles.

3. One of these laws is BernoulliÕs principle.  This states that moving air or ether, in this case, exerts less pressure than still ether.  A more exact statement is that the faster the ether moves, the less outward pressure it exerts.

(By the way, this is how an airplane gets off the ground.  The upper side of the wing of the plane has air moving faster over it than the lower side.  For this reason, the air pressure above the wing is less than the air pressure below the wing.  As a result of this pressure differential, the plane moves upward.)

4. Another principle is that all matter absorbs and needs etheric energy to maintain itself.  This includes our bodies.  We must absorb etheric energy to stay alive.  In other words, the ether is a nutrient for us.  This idea is explained in another article on this website, The States Of Matter. 

One reason nutritional balancing is very effective is because it powerfully increases the amount of etheric energy a person absorbs.  Nutritional balancing can be said to be an ether science of health and nutrition.

5. Another ether principle is the ether that is all around us swirls in a spiral motion.  The spinning motion occurs because the planet is spinning fast on its axis.  This creates vortices similar to the vortex or whirling motion of water going down a sink or tub drain.

6. As the ether moves closer to a planet or to anything, the ether moves faster and faster.  This is because as the planetary body absorbs ether, it leaves a small vacuum, and this creates a negative pressure that attracts even more ether to it.  The negative pressure or vacuum pulls on the ether and makes it move inward faster toward the planet.

7. According to BernoulliÕs principle, the faster moving ether then exerts less outward pressure.

8. For the reason above, when we stand on earth, the ether pressure above our heads is higher than the ether pressure at our feet.  As a result, we move downward and we call the effect gravity.

To help understand this, it is the opposite of the airplane that moves upward because the air pressure above the wings is less and the pressure below is greater.

9.  That is all there is to gravity.

10. This theory explains things such as that the force of gravity is less on the moon than it is on the earth.  If you saw the picture of the astronauts skipping along on the moon, they weighed less than half what they weigh on earth.

This is because the mass of the moon is much less than that of the earth.  It is a much smaller body in space.  So it attracts much less ether.  Less ether pressure means less gravity.

The same is true in reverse on larger planets.  If you were to visit Jupiter, for example, you would weigh hundreds of times more than you weigh on earth.  You could hardly move, in fact!  That is because Jupiter is much larger than the earth, so it has a lot more mass and it attracts a lot more ether to it.  More ether means more gravity.

The ether theory also explains many other anomalies of space.  Now I would like to relate the ether theory to our health.




This is a repeat of material that in the article entitled Etheric Energy.  I donÕt usually like to repeat information, but this is so important that it bears repeating.

Our bodies can obtain the nutrient called ether in three ways:


1. Intrinsic ether.  This is ether with which we are born.  It is a fixed supply, and as we age, it diminishes.  When it becomes too low, the body sickens and dies.

This is the main source of ether in most people, and for the animals and plants, as well.  These bodies are born with tiny sort of batteries in the nucleus of each cell that come fully charged with ether.  The batteries slowly run down as we age, and then we die.  This explains aging in a nutritional sense.

  However, we can recharge the batteries, as explained in the next paragraphs.


2. Environmental ether.  This is ether found in our food, water, and air.  It is also found more in certain locations on earth.

We absorb some of this type of ether whenever we eat, drink, breathe, and from where we live.

In general, the fresher and higher quality the food, air and water, the more ether they tend to hold or contain.

Deep breathing.  Another way to increase environmental ether is to breathe deeply.  This is one reason we recommend it to everyone.


3. New ether.  A third type of ether comes into the body if one does the Pushing Down Mental Exercise.

Tibetan monks and other groups have known about this exercise for millennia.  It is used to restore and maintain health, and to extend the life of the body by recharging its batteries, so to speak.

It does this by moving ether into and through the body at a rapid rate.  This is why it works.  One does this with the mind with this exercise.  This is the most powerful way to bring in more ether to the body. 

If you do this exercise enough, you will regenerate your body.  That is how powerful ether is as a nutrient and healer.  This is a deep secret that is not taught in many places openly on earth, but it works and that is why it is strongly recommended in all nutritional balancing programs.

If your practitioner omitted this, please let me know.  Some of our practitioners do not understand the importance of this exercise, so they donÕt talk about it much. This is a huge mistake.

Also, most of our clients do not do the exercise enough, and vigorously enough.  This is also a huge mistake.  They think they are too busy, in a hurry, and it is a waste of time.  In fact, nothing could be more important for your future! 




WHICH FOODS HAVE THE MOST ETHER?  In particular, the ether is found in the alkaline reserve minerals in our food.  This is one reason why junk food that is demineralized is very stupid to eat or drink.

Such demineralized items include white bread, all white flour products, white sugar, white rice, and common whitish table salt.  All have had some or most of their minerals stripped away.

Demineralized beverages include distilled and reverse osmosis water.  Unfortunately, most soda pop, and even reconstituted juices are made with reverse osmosis water, so they are all of little value.  All have had their minerals stripped away, so they contain much less ether and are not as good to eat or drink.  I suggest avoiding them all.


Salads. Salads have minerals, but human beings cannot absorb the minerals very well because they are lodged in the hard-to-digest fiber.  So I do not recommend salads, no matter how tasty and attractive they are.  Some day food scientists will realize that salads are very over-rated and are not good for human beings.

Animals must eat raw vegetable food because they cannot cook their food.  So they have to have four stomachs, in many cases, and they Òchew the cudÓ, which means to throw up the raw food from their stomachs into their mouths and chew it some more.

Also, many of them they spend all day chewing to derive enough nutrition from grass and other plants.  We donÕt do any of this, so we waste most salad.  It is a source of fiber, but that is about all.  Anyone who eats a lot of salad will eventually demineralize the body.  Do not eat salad if you want the best health.


Fruit.  Fruit is also a very low-ether food.  It has some minerals, though not as much as vegetables.  However, it has other problems.  It grows fast and is high in sugar.  Sugars impede the absorption of ether.  Sugars are ring structures and the ether seems to go around the rings and not stay within them.

The high sugar content of most fruit also upsets calcium metabolism, upsets blood sugar, rots the teeth and bones, and has other nasty effects.  Do not eat fruit if you want good health.

In summary, the nutritional balancing diets do not include junk food, salads or fruit.  One reason for this is their low ether content.




An interesting fact about ether is that cooking most food properly increases its ether content.  Cooking does this by breaking down the fiber, which helps us absorb more alkaline reserve minerals that are in the food.

Cooking has many other advantages, such as:

1. Cooking adds an energy to food that warms it and attracts certain souls to the food.  This is quite esoteric, but it works well.

2. Cooking properly destroys certain bacteria, viruses, and parasites that get in the way of our ability to digest and absorb the food.  This is more important than you think.

These are often the same bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites that can make us sick.

3. Cooking concentrates certain foods, such as vegetables, so that we can obtain more minerals from the same volume of food.

4. Cooking warms our food nearly up to body temperature.  This makes it much easier to digest.  Otherwise the body must expend energy warming the food, which is a waste of time and energy.

5. All of these reasons are examples of why I use the phrase, ÒCooking makes the food more yangÓ, as the reason for cooking it.  Yang means warm, more compact, and more concentrated.

I find many of our clients donÕt understand any of this, so they waste their time and their stomach capacity with salads that do little to nourish their bodies. This slows down or even stops their progress with nutritional balancing.  So please pay attention to this section of this important article!


What about ruining the vitamin C and the food enzymes by cooking?  In our experience, these are much less important!  In fact, too much vitamin C is not good, and food enzymes are highly over-rated. They are not needed for digestion if one has enough digestive enzymes, so we donÕt worry about them.  We also suggest that everyone take a powerful digestive enzyme tablet to assist digestion.




Two categories of foods should be eaten in the raw or uncooked state.

1. Fats and oils.  The other group of foods that need to be eaten raw or only lightly cooked are fats and oils.  First, they donÕt contain a lot of alkaline reserve minerals or fiber, so these reasons for cooking do not apply.  Secondly, they contain fatty acids that are damaged a lot by heat.

This is why the nutritional balancing diets emphasize eating fats and oils raw or lightly cooked only.  So ideally, do not cook your butter and oils!

If you must cook fats and oils, do it quickly to preserve their goodness.  This is how it is done with the blue corn chips, and with stir-frying, an ancient Chinese method of cooking food.  Never eat fried food, ideally, because the restaurants leave the oils cooking for hours or even days!

  The main fats in our diets are dairy products such as butter, oils such as olive, sunflower, safflower, peanut and other vegetable oils, and meats and eggs.  Let us discuss each of these separately, as they are all somewhat different.

Butter.  This is best eaten in the raw state.  Unfortunately, this is illegal in most states in America, Canada and most of the world.  This damages all butter.  Some day I hope this changes, as raw butter is a better food.  Do not eat ghee, if possible, as it is a more cooked and therefore more damaged fat.

Vegetable oils.  Most vegetable oils are sold already somewhat cooked.  This is not all bad.  While cooking damages some of their properties, it also preserves them.

Otherwise, they go rancid extremely fast except for olive, coconut, and palm kernal oil.  These are often always sold in the raw state because they are the only one that stay fresh at room temperature.

All the others go rancid and must be refrigerated, although even there they go bad very fast!  Never eat old raw oils or old nut butters, for example, for this reason.  They are quite poisonous.

Fruit oils.  The problem with olive, coconut and palm oils is they are made from fruits.  Fruits are extremely yin, especially tropical fruits such as coconut and palm.   Yin means cold, expanded and not healthful today because our bodies are all too yin.  So go easy on olive oil, and I would avoid all coconut and palm oil foods, even if they are tasty and otherwise nutritious.

Meat, poultry, fish and eggs.  These foods have a high ether content because the animals from which the foods come absorbed ether, and it finds its way into the flesh and the eggs of the animal.

The ether and other physical nutrients from animal products are very helpful for human beings, which is just one reason why I do not recommend vegetarian diets!

However, the ether and some food chemicals in animal products are also somewhat toxic for human beings.  For this reason, one needs to limit the amount of these foods that one eats.

This is why on a nutritional balancing diet, we only allow animal protein twice daily, and only 4-5 ounce servings for adults - and less for children.  It is also why we only allow 8 eggs per week for adult men, and only 6 eggs per week for adult women – and less for children.

            Red meat, poultry and fish also contain some fat, so they must not be overcooked.  Never cook them more than one hour, except baking which is slower and requires more time.  Overcooking meat damages the fat a lot, and makes the meat less nutritious.

            Meats could be eaten raw, as animals eat them, but they are full of bacteria, viruses and parasites in most cases, and will make a person very ill or can kill a human being.  So please do not listen to some people who say you should eat meat raw, just eared, or barely cooked.  Cook meat and eggs until the white (not the yellow) of the egg is semi-hard, and cook all meat until the color changes from bright red to a dull red color.

            The topic of ether and foods is extensive. The article entitled Food and Development on this website discusses it in more detail.


2.Probiotic foods.  These contain beneficial bacteria for the intestines.  They must be eaten without cooking because cooking would kill the bacteria in them.

These foods are not needed much if a person follows a proper nutritional balancing program.  At times, a client needs them, but usually not.  Acceptable ones on a nutritional balancing diet are sauerkraut, miso, cheese, yogurt and kefir.

Please avoid all other fermented foods such as kombucha tea, kimchi, and fermented vegetables and fruits.  For the reasons why, please read Fermented Foods on this site.




Energy vampirism, as discussed on this website, is really ether vampirism.  For example, anyone who tells you that the pushing down exercise or a nutritional balancing program is too time-consuming or a waste of time and money is either very ignorant about ether, or he or she may be an Energy Vampire.

Earth is populated with millions of these people, as the article explains.  They may include parents, relatives, friends, doctors, nutritionists, media moguls, spouses, or others. 

These people steal ether from other people, and it can be deadly.  So beware, especially if you do not feel good after being with certain people, even friends!  This is a very important ether topic.




The ether charges the batteries of the body, causing an electrical potential that is necessary for life.  The presence of the ether also attracts more souls to the body.  They, in turn, heal the body in the following ways:

1. They open channels of energy.

2. They help remove certain toxins.

3. They help move nutrients to where they are needed.

4. They coordinate all glandular activity in the body.

5. They direct what are called the switches, which are electrical circuits that help control the body.

6. Other, such as repairing damage to the cell walls, the nucleus and other tissue structures.

This is why the concept of the ether is at the heart of nutritional balancing.

A number of articles on this website discuss various aspects of ether or etheric energy.  These include:


1. Sexual Rejuvenation

2. Food and Etheric Energy

3. Etheric Energy



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