by a women in the United Arab Emirates

updated October 2019


            Note by Dr. Wilson: Over the past five years, we have set up nutrition programs for about 600 women and a few men and children who live mainly in Saudia Arabia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Kuwait and a few in Qatar.

One of the women sent me this article.  The women want their story told, and the Western media is not reporting it.
























Society in these nations is divided into two classes.  The upper class women stay at home and raise their children.  I am one of them.

We are very rich, with large homes, many cars, and shining office buildings where our husbands work. These are the buildings you see on television in the programs about Dubai, for example.

Most of us have up to 10 children before we reach the age of about 45, at which time our menstruation usually stops.

Only a very few of us work outside of the home, in part because women are not allowed out of their houses until after dark.  The few professional women who have jobs are allowed to leave the home, but no one else.  In Arabia, this is the rule.

Curfew.  In the evening, the women are allowed out for about two hours, from about 7 PM to 9 PM.  There is a curfew at 9:30 PM in most of the countries.  If a woman is seen out of her house after that time, she is severely beaten and raped by the police.

Her husband does not care, or so he says, and he would also say she deserves it.  If the woman becomes pregnant, she must have the policeman’s baby and it is added to her other children.

Entertainment.  We watch CNN all day, a television station we secretly own – along with other stations such as NPR.  It is pure Arab propaganda and all lies.  That is how we are taking over America.




Women like to socialize in all nations.  These nations are no different.  What is different is that the women are given almost no money to spend by their husbands, although these are very wealthy upper class women.  Only a handful of Americans have this kind of wealth, and we live in the lap of luxury, as you say.

All women, by the way, wear the burka all the time.  It is hot and smelly – a black cloak over the face and head in a nation where the average temperature is over 100 degrees F.

But the burka is the rule.  Any woman who shows her face is immediately raped and beaten, and again must have the baby of the policeman and raise the child.

Back to socializing.  Most upper class women are given an ‘allowance’ each evening by their husbands that is about the equivalent of $3.00 US dollars to pay for dinner and entertainment.  It is just enough money for a snack at an American-style fast food restaurant.  These are a little nicer than McDonald’s fast food, but not much.  A few lucky women get up to $5.00 for dinner and go to a better quality restaurant for a bowl of soup.  Food is expensive in our nations because it must all be brought in.

There are no vegetables to speak of, and often it is just the usual hamburgers and French fries.  But we love these restaurants because we secretly hope that someday the Americans will take over our nation and outlaw rape and beating of women.  For details about cultural rape, read Rape.

The talk is always about family and children and friends.  There is little talk of the husbands, however, because there is little to say.




All marriages in this social class are arranged by the fathers.  Two fathers meet up in a bar and one says “I have a handsome son.”  The other says, “I have a pretty daughter.”  They shake on the deal and it is done.  There is no questioning, no options, and no alternatives.  The marriage usually takes place shortly thereafter, and there is absolutely no divorce.

About rape.  A woman who even asks for a divorce is beaten and raped.  Rape is a standard punishment, like getting a traffic ticket in America or Europe.

It is painful, it is embarrassing, it is humiliating, and one almost always gets pregnant.  This is because the sex is done hard and for a long time – an hour or more.  There is no consideration of the woman’s feelings or her body.  Many die during the rape.

Two men hold her down while a third does the deed.  Then they switch places and continue.  Then they switch again and continue.  Each of the three must rape the woman or young girl – some of us get it first at age 3 or 4. 

And remember, we are the upper class women – married to the sheiks and other notable and wealthy men.  That is no joke.  Actually, we think it is a joke – it is no way to live.  The West is so much better that it is not funny.

Now back to raping.  This gang rape almost always guarantees pregnancy.  Each man must have at least two ejaculations, so the woman’s vagina is overflowing with semen at the end, and she is completely exhausted.  This is to teach her a lesson.

They tell us the rough treatment is to prepare us for jihad when we will conquer America and Europe, so we must be “tough”.  However, it is really just about total control of women.

Escape is very difficult, by the way.  Any woman caught trying to leave the country is severely beaten, raped, of course, and perhaps put to death.  Murder is not against the law according to Sharia.  “Honor killing”, another joke, is quite common, in fact.

When a woman receives a rape punishment, her husband says he does not care, and cannot interfere.  If he does, he is raped, and this is worse, the men tell me.  He is penis-whipped for hours until all his sperm is on the floor.  Most cannot move for hours.  This practice is also explained in the Rape article on this website.




A few of us work outside of the home.  We are all educated, by the way, often at Western-style universities.  However, the education is limited to Islamic teachings, Islamic law (sharia) and so on.  It is all about raising children, for the most part, as that is our role.

A few of us are attorneys or doctors if we beg and plead, and have sex with the right men.  The rest are given almost no education beyond what is needed to raise the children, and even that is not much.




            These are women who come from poorer homes, generally.  There are many of these in the Arab nations.  They are used as whores, basically.  They are forced to go every day to stinky brothels.  The upper class men visit there during their lunch hour, if they wish.  Many of them go, as they are unhappy with their arranged marriages and usually have little in common with their wives.

The women are beaten daily, and then used for sex.  This spreads sexually-transmitted diseases far and wide, which the men bring home to their wives and also their children.

At night, the lower class women go home to their husbands, who also beat the women, and who get the diseases from that day’s sex of the women, and they spread it around, as well, since they are free to go to lower class brothels during their lunch break.

Lower class men.  These men work the laboring jobs such as digging trenches, building homes and offices, and so on.  You call them blue-collar workers.  They are better off, in some ways, because they are not under as strict observation as the upper class men.

They do not treat their women as badly, and many are able to marry for love, rather than having arranged marriages.   While it sounds strange, many upper class women envy the lower class women who have married for love and at least have some marital happiness.




All people and even animals are under sharia law, which is a joke.  It is not law.  It is just a few male judges who administer rapes and cut off hands, and cut out eyes, occasionally, as they see fit.  It is nothing at all like Western law.  Do not let anyone confuse you on that subject!!!




Upper class men often have sex with their daughters if the men want it.  The daughters have no say in the matter.  If they resist, which all of them do, they are beaten severely with a stick and then raped twice as hard and twice as long.

The rapes of the daughters often begin when the girl is 3 or 4 years old.  The penis doesn’t even fit in, but they do it anyway.  The pain is intense, and the fathers like it because it is “conditioning for the future”.  Sound crazy – it is!!  Don’t ever allow incest to become legal in your countries!

Female genital mutilation.  If a girl still resists, she gets the female genital decapitation, as it is called in our language.  This is an “operation” done at home with a kitchen knife and no anesthesia, in which the father cuts off the girl’s clitoris.

First he gets her sexually aroused, usually by rubbing her breasts until she has a few orgasms.  Then he cuts hard and long and slow, in many cases, to drive home the point of the operation – conditioning.

The clitoris bleeds heavily, and some girls die as a result.  It is filthy, dehumanizing, and disgusting to the maximum.  Few girls can handle this painful mutilation without giving in, and that is the goal of the procedure.

Mother is required to hold the girl down for the procedure.  This, of course, makes the girl hate both parents with a great passion, and that is another goal of the procedure.  It is a hatred-based society from top to bottom.  For more details, read Female Genital Mutilation.




            Many upper class families have house boats.  These look beautiful and cost one million American dollars, or even more.  We have plenty of money, by the way.  We own oil wells, work in banks, cheat the West out of billions in foreign aid, serve the US army troops and charge them 10 times what is should cost for rent and other services.  It is all lying and cheating in business.

Back to the boat.  We go there on the weekends, often.  It is our vacation, but not for the women.  The women take care of the 8 or so children, do all the cooking and cleaning, and then have sex with the men at night.  It is no vacation.

Nannies.  Some of us have nannies to help care for our children.  They are usually 20-year-old girls who are not married yet.  They also get raped, by the way, by our husbands at night if he wishes.

They must go along with the rape, or they get the decapitation procedure right on the boat.  If they die from the bleeding or infection, it was Allah’s wish and it is too bad.  Some are thrown overboard with no ceremony if they are found dead after a rape or after a decapitation.




Everything in this article is real and true.  The reality is worse, and I have spared you the “gory details”, as you say in your language.  Many of us speak English, by the way, as is the case around the world.

We like the language because we like you.  We like everything Western, in fact, because we wish we were like you.

We really like Mr. Trump, the only president of yours in many years who has not bowed down to our corrupt leaders.  He might save your country from our attacks, which are increasing.

We also envy the Israeli women because rape there is punishable by death.  That is how life should be.  We say we hate the Israelis, and our fathers and leaders blame them for all the rapes, but we really envy them.

In fact, we wish the battleships in the UAE harbor would turn their guns on us and utterly destroy our nation until the Americans can take it over and stop the raping.

This life we live is a crime against all of humanity and it is time to stop it.  Please listen, and please help us – now!



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