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Strontium (symbol Sr) is a soft, whitish toxic metal that is widely distributed in the environment.  It is the sixteenth most common mineral on earth.  Strontium is currently sold as a food supplement.  This is discussed below.

The reason strontium is everywhere is due to the use of nuclear power for electricity generation.  Strontium-90, a highly toxic strontium isotope, is a waste product of all nuclear power plants.




Strontium is a less preferred mineral that can replace calcium when the body is deficient in calcium.  This is possible because strontium is located just below calcium on the Periodic Table Of The Elements.  This means that strontium “looks like” calcium at the atomic level.  Like a key that will fit in a lock but will not open the lock, strontium can “fit” in locations in the body that require calcium, such as the bones.  However, strontium is a subtle poison.

A problem today is that most people are deficient in calcium.  As a result, strontium toxicity is a growing problem. 


A destroyer.  The alkaline earth minerals, of which strontium is one, are rather interesting.  They occupy one of the columns of the Periodic Table Of The Elements.

While calcium and magnesium seek to prolong the life of the body, the other minerals in this column of the Periodic Table tend to destroy life.  They include strontium, barium and radium.  For more details, read Barium.




Strontium has an unusual property.  It seems to fill a person with hatred or at least encourages this thought.

Hatred is an attitude or idea.  It is a complete aversion to someone or something.  Hatred is not the same as feeling angry, which is associated with a high level of iron. 

Hatred develops when the emotion of anger moves from the second energy center or emotional area of the body upward into the third energy center, which has to do with fixed ideas or attitudes.

Hatred is a very negative thought that always ruins health and slows or stops development.  Our Helpers or practitioners spend a lot of time and effort encouraging our clients to let go of hatred if they wish to heal and develop quickly. 

Hatred is bad for health because at a deep level we are all one – we are all children of God.  It does not matter what one has done or not done to another.  A complete aversion to a person, or even to a place or thing, contradicts the truth about our connectedness. 

For this reason, holding on to hatred undermines health and slows or stops development.  This is a large part of the importance of knowing about strontium and removing it from the body as quickly and as thoroughly as possible.  It will help anyone let go of hatred.




About 300,000 tons of strontium are mined every year.  It can be used to extract sugar from sugar beets.  Strontium is also used to make fireworks and other explosives.




Some holistic and naturopathic doctors recommend people take a supplement of strontium to strengthen their bones.  We believe this is a very bad idea.

Since strontium is a heavier metal than calcium, it will make bones appear to be more dense on x-rays.  However, it is not clear that it actually strengthens the bones because it is a toxic metal.  In fact, it is associated with bone diseases such as bone cancer.




Foods.  Strontium is found in certain spices, in sea water, seafood, and some is found in calcium-rich foods such as milk.  Strontium is also found in some vegetables.  Vegetables also contain many protective nutrients that compete with the strontium.

Rogues.  The rogues spread strontium around to instill hatred in people and to promote authoritarian political ideas.  They may add it to water supplies, for example.

They can also put it in women’s bodies during rapes.  What occurs is the stress of the rape quickly lowers the level of calcium in the body.  The rapist may have strontium in his body that is transferred via sweat during the rape to the woman, or he may force her to drink a vial of liquid that contains some strontium.

Nuclear power plants.  Strontium-90 is a radioactive form of strontium that is a waste product of nuclear power plants.  It is one of the more dangerous radioactive particles and one reason that nuclear power must never be used if we wish to have a healthy population.  Nuclear power is not needed, very costly and very polluting.

Some so-called environmentalists favor nuclear power because it does not add carbon dioxide to the atmosphere.  However, it pollutes in other ways, including increasing strontium-90 in the environment.




These include weakness and pain, especially deep pain in the bones.  Strontium also causes cancer of the bones, the blood (made in the bones), and elsewhere.  Hodgkin’s disease and other lymphomas are particularly related to strontium toxicity.

Side effects of strontium ranelate supplements include blood clots and heart attacks.  Other symptoms are serious skin reactions, disturbed thinking, seizures, liver inflammation and low red blood cell levels.

Emotionally, strontium can increase aversion and hatred.  Interestingly, we find that higher strontium levels are associated with left wing, liberal, progressive, socialist and communist political attitudes.  The increase in these political attitudes may be related to the higher level of strontium in the environment.  Holding thoughts of hatred seems to open one up more to strontium poisoning.




Changing your thoughts.    Letting go of hatred for anyone or anything will assist in the removal of strontium from the body.

Antagonist therapy.  This means taking calcium and perhaps other nutrients that compete with strontium for absorption and for utilization in the bones and elsewhere.  It is helpful, but not sufficient to remove most strontium from the body.

Chelation.  Chelation therapy can remove some strontium.  However, it does not work nearly as well as a development program and is always somewhat toxic.  For details, read Introduction To Development Programs and Chelation Therapy.

A development program.  Strontium removal occurs automatically and deeply with a development program of the type recommended on this website.  This is the only way to remove most strontium from the body.

A development program uses antagonist therapy, mild chelators such as vitamin C, strengthening the eliminative organs, and about 20 other methods together in an integrated way to remove strontium and replace it with calcium, which is the preferred mineral in the bones.   Otherwise, it is not easy to remove.




A simple and helpful preventive method is to keep one’s calcium intake high by eating lots of cooked vegetables, almond butter, and sardines.  Dairy products are helpful, but only if they are not pasteurized.  Pasteurization damages the calcium compounds in milk, cheese and yogurt and make them less usable by the body.

Calcium supplements.  Another way to increase calcium intake is a supplement of calcium every day.  We suggest about 600-700 mg of a calcium supplement every day for all adults.  Children require less.

Adults who are anxious or who have a calcium shell pattern on their hair mineral test often require more.  Those with a four lows pattern on a hair mineral test require about 1400 mg daily or more.



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